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Chapter 764 - With Me

When Alicia was starting to flare up again, Ezekiel raised his hand as if to surrender, bringing Alicia's explosion to a premature halt.

"No need to get riled up over this Alicia. Aside from the fact that we don't have a choice, I don't really mind undressing before you."

She could not help but gape in disbelief. This damn…

"But I do mind it." She hissed back at him, her eyes shooting sparks at him.

"You can always choose not to look. I am not forcing you to watch." He shrugged easily as though it did not bother him whatever she chose to do.

His answer made her face heat up. But she quickly managed to retort. "Then how about me?!" she exclaimed, and Ezekiel paused. "I… I am not as sh… shameless as you to… to… undress –" she stammered so badly that Ezekiel had to press his lips tight, as if to suppress his laughter before it bubbled forth.

"I can always look away, Alicia. Or close my eyes." He answered smoothly.

"But… but how about when… when… oh gods!" she groaned, biting her lower lip again.

"If you're referring to about us taking a bath, then the solution is the same." His tone did not change.

"Not just that! What then if one of us need to…" she caught her lip between her teeth, unable to say what she was meaning to say.

"Ah," he sighed as if he had understood her. "Don't worry, none of us need to."

"W-what?" she blurted out, feeling confused. Does he actually know what she was referring to?

"You don't need to consume anything at all Alicia. Your body is not fully back yet, this one's still temporary. My power is giving you the energy and everything your body needed."

"Oh…" she was speechless once again. But that was truly a relief! "H-how about you?"

"Blood is all I needed. I am never fond of human's food anyway." He answered. Alicia knew he was telling the truth. Ezekiel had never consumed any human food since she started watching over him. Now that she thought about it, Ezekiel had always eaten the least among them when they were out on that journey to find the cavern to save her. "Any more questions?"

Alicia closed her eyes, sighing tiredly as she shook her head. This strange predicament she was in right now was something she had never thought would happen to happen to her in a million years! "Do what you want." She could only say, knowing that she could not even do anything about this nor have any solution to this problem at all. She was totally dependent on him right now. And that pissed her off to no end. But she could only hold her peace and have a truce between them for now.

"You will need to undress too and take a bath with me." This statement came out so flippantly that she did not register it in her mind for a couple of seconds.

However, after the words left his lips for a few heartbeats, Alicia suddenly whipped her head towards him again, eyes wide.

"Easier for us. I believe you wanted a bath anyway. Right?" He spoke as though they were conversing about the weather. Alicia did not know whether she should faint or strangle him to death!

He was right, Alicia did want a bath so badly. Maybe because it was strangely hot – which she believed was because of him – and maybe because it had been so long since she had one. Ever since her death. She missed the feeling of soaking in a warm tub. But a bath with Ezekiel? Just thinking of the idea was causing a massive headache for her now.

"You don't have anything to worry about. As long as you don't jump at me first, I can assure you nothing will happen." He said confidently. The way he phrased that just irked her to no end. Was he trying to say that she was so unattractive to him that even when she stood before him naked, it was something that he could ignore completely?

Something flared within her. How dare he…

That feeling she always had against him. This feeling of not wanting to lose to him surged again within her.

"You can open your eyes now," his voice echoed.

Slowly, her eyelids open. There were no signs of embarrassment on his features at all. What a thick-skinned fellow. "Your hand," she snapped testily, and he lifted his without delay.

Alicia grabbed it before retracting her hand that was at his nape. Then she turned, her back facing him.

"I need your help," she said. Her tone cool and casual. She was still dressed in her white medieval dress. The same dress she had been wearing as a spirit.

The dress' laces were tied tightly across her back and thus, she needed someone to help her untie it.

Ezekiel did not answer but before Alicia could move to gather her hair over her shoulders, he had already beat her to it.

She bit her lower lip and fought for calm as she felt his strong fingers brushed ever so slightly over her neck while he gathered her hair to the side. Bloody hell… she cursed within her mind, knowing that her heartbeat's pace was increasing rapidly and crazily. And the worse thing was that this vampire must have been able to hear it loud and clear.

His annoying triumphant smirk flashing across his face came to her mind and she took a deep breath. It seemed that it was impossible for her to act as nonchalantly as Ezekiel. And she loathed him utterly for that. How could he be so calm when she was…

"There you go again, Alicia." His slightly rough yet refined voice echoed in her ear, and she felt the goosebumps prickle down her spine.

"What?!" she groused at him. Annoyed at him but more so at herself. "Don't you dare tell me to calm down because I won't. I can't. I am not like you, Ezekiel." She griped angrily.

He did not speak any more and silence reigned.. Then her dress loosened up.