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Chapter 831 - 12 Hours EaChapter III

Raphael said, "In Elizabeth's case, she had been misguided and had lost her path. You did too, Calhoun, but you changed in Madeline's presence. Your values are more humane, or should I say that the traits of your mother that had disappeared have appeared again. At some point, we are all put through trials, and sometimes it doesn't matter where we started but only the end matters."

He had always kept a close watch on Calhoun when he was a demon and even after he had gone back to Heaven. He had noticed the subtle changes in Calhoun while some of his traits continued to persist.

Everyone could change. Most of the mortals often didn't go to the depth of the things, unlike the angels and the archangels in Heaven, who looked beyond the person's character.

"I would have never guessed that you were an archangel," chuckled Calhoun, and Raphael smiled.

"I was surprised when I returned to Heaven, but I am glad that Madeline was able to return," replied Raphael.

"Are you going to stay here for some more time or will you have to return soon?" questioned Calhoun.

"The balance in the world has changed now. It isn't like before along with the demon and the angel dynamics," said Raphael, "I think this time, I am going to be here for as long as people exist."

While Calhoun and Raphael were catching up with things each of them had to speak, Vladimir appeared in the corridor and caught sight of Raphael.

"Look who we have here," commented Vladimir while being followed by his servant Odin.

"I must say, the demon aura looked more appealing on you than this angelic one. I have a couple of spare positions that are waiting to be filled. You are more than welcome to join me, little brother."

Calhoun smirked at the Devil's effort of trying to recruit people in Hell.

"Good evening, Vladimir. It is good to see you again," smiled Raphael, and Vladimir rolled his eyes. "Have you gone and met Constance in Heaven?"

"You're going to meet mother?" Calhoun's eyes snapped at Vladimir.

"It was a deal between one of the archangel's and me, that they would see to it that for a whole day I get to spend time with her in return for helping them," came the nonchalant words from Vladimir, when in truth he was excited to see his daughter. He had decided to save the day when he would get some free time from looking after his great-grandchild, but the little one had kept him busy.

"Switch it with me," came Calhoun's sudden words and Vladimir's eyebrows furrowed hearing his grandson demand.

The last time when Calhoun had gone to Heaven to bring back Madeline, he hadn't got a chance to even glance at his mother, who resided there. He knew the Devil loved his mother dearly, but being her son, he wanted to see her too. There were many things he wished he could do, but he hadn't been able to, as he was incapable when she had passed away.

Calhoun was Vladimir's grandson, but the Devil wasn't ready to give away the rare and precious opportunity of spending his time with his daughter. It wasn't every day he was invited into the Heavenly realm.

Raphael, who stood listening to them, proposed, "Why not split the day?"

A sigh escaped from Vladimir's lips, "Alright. You can take the first half and I shall take the second half."

Calhoun's eyes sparkled, and a grin appeared on his lips.

Raphael pulled out a gold card from his pocket that had twelve hours written on it, "This card will allow you to pass through when you want to visit her. Vladimir has already been allowed to visit her once, so I don't think you would need one."

"How exciting that we have everyone here. By the way, Cal, soon you shall have a grandmother," stated Vladimir.

"You are back to building castles in the air," taunted Calhoun.

"She has agreed to go to have dinner with me in the castle. It is only a matter of time before she falls for this Devil," one side of Vladimir's lips pulled up into a smile.

Calhoun wasn't sure how to view the family tree that was growing right now.

Raphael, his friend who was once a demon, had turned to be an archangel, who referred to the Devil as his lost brother. With Raphael's interest in Beth and the love that was growing between them, it was only a matter of time he would join his family. Then there was Helena, the Head of the High House, to consider her as his grandmother would possibly be the strangest thing.

Calhoun had left the two men's side and was on his way to Madeline. Reaching the room, he noticed Paschar holding the child in his arms while sitting next to Madeline while Beth was sitting in the chair.

"Have you decided on a name for him?" asked Paschar.

"I hope it is none of the existing names that we already know of," Vladimir appeared in the room with a sizzle of fire so that he could have his own time with his great-grandchild.

Paschar stood up before handing the baby to Madeline, only to be taken by Vladimir in eagerness. The archangel stepped away from his daughter, and soon he noticed Raphael arrive at the room. Madeline turned to look at Calhoun, who smiled at her before coming to sit next to her.

"If you haven't thought about any, how about Thomas?" said Paschar.

"If we are proposing names, then I would like Beezlebee," chimed Vladimir.

"My grandson is not going to have a demon name," Paschar narrowed his eyes.

Vladimir huffed, "And my great grandchild is not going to have an ordinary name."

Beth, who was quietly standing in the room, couldn't help but laugh while disguising it as a cough on seeing the two elders glare at each other. Everyone was amused, watching Paschar and Vladimir fighting to be part of the baby.

"Actually, Madeline and I have decided on a name," said Calhoun so that the Archangel and the Devil would not fight over the names. He put his hand around Madeline's shoulder and had her lean against him. "It is Morven. Morven Hawthrone."

"Strangely, the name reminds me of spiders. I wonder why," hummed Vladimir. He then looked down at the baby he held in his hand. "Little Morven."
Chapter 832 - Permission From The Parents 

Music Recommendation: Wish I could spend the day with you- Mychael Danna


Mr. and Mrs. Harris were in their room, waiting for the maid to leave the room, who had come to serve the morning tea. It was only a few minutes ago they were with their elder daughter Madeline before returning to their room.

Mrs. Harris saw her husband walk towards the bed and take a seat at the edge of it, a sigh escaping his lips, and she went to place her hand on his shoulder. The maid had left the room a few seconds ago after bringing them tea.

"You seem to be too tired. Did you not sleep well last night?" Mrs. Harris asked in concern.

"I haven't been able to sleep well for quite a while now. I don't know if it is because of my age or if I am just worried about the possibilities of the future of our daughters," replied Mr. Harris while staring at the clean floor in front of him.

Another tired exhale escaped his lips, and Mrs. Harris came to sit next to him.

"Why do you worry about them? Madeline has settled well in the castle and our son-in-law seems far more capable and understanding than we could ever imagine him to be. And Beth, she appears to be in love with the Archangel," Mrs. Harris stated the facts.

"That is what worries me, dear. In the past, it was the worry to get them into families so that their lives could go with ease, but now. One got married to the Devil's grandson and another is with the Archangel. It is only now that they have been able to sort out the differences between them about their past, and I cannot help but worry about the possibility of what the future holds," replied Mr. Harris.

Mr. Harris loved both of his daughters, and the peace that was present around them worried him as if it would be short-lived.

At the same time, someone knocked on the door, and the Harris' wondered who it might be. Believing it was possibly one of the maids, Mrs. Harris went to open the door. Opening the door, she noticed it was Archangel Raphael, who had come to visit them.

"Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Harris," greeted Raphael.

"Good morning, Mr. Sparrow," Mrs. Harris bowed, and Mr. Harris gave Raphael a nod while wishing good morning.

"What brings you here, Mr. Sparrow?" asked Mr. Harris, standing up as the situation was a little confusing right now. It was because, on one side, Raphael was one of the archangels of Heaven. And on the other side, the man was also a person who had been hanging around his younger daughter, Elizabeth.

Previously, Mr. Harris hadn't been able to be strict and got the chance of weighing if the man was good enough for his daughter Madeline because of the King's power and position, but now with Beth, he didn't know how to approach. Therefore, he decided to keep a blank expression on his face.

Raphael had heard some 
things that Mr. and Mrs. Harris had been discussing earlier before he had knocked on the door.

Offering another bow without lifting his head, he said, "My apologies for showing up in front of the room without any prior notice. I wanted to speak about Elizabeth," and he raised his head.

Hearing their daughter's name, their eyebrows furrowed. Mrs. Harris asked, "Did something happen to Beth?"

"She's fine," replied Raphael. "Actually it's more about Elizabeth and me. I hope this is the right time to speak."

Mrs. Harris nodded her head for him to go on. She had seen the man before with his shabby clothes, but with the way he looked now, the man appeared to look like a prince.

"I was thinking about taking Elizabeth outside today, if you don't mind that is," requested Raphael. He had been in the company of the mortals and in the living world more than enough to know what the parents expected and how to go about things. As Beth was dear to him, he wanted to keep her happy while building a good relationship with her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Harris had not expected Raphael to ask them such a question, and Mr. Harris asked, "What do you think about my daughter, Archangel Raphael?"

"Just Raphael will be fine," smiled the Archangel. "I am in love with your daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Harris, and I believe it is the same for Elizabeth."

Mr. Harris had a grave expression on his face while he continued to stare at the Archangel, less daunted by the man compared to his current son-in-law and the Devil.

"I believe Mrs. Harris and I are thrilled about it, and even though archangels are allowed to love people, are they allowed to live next to each other?" questioned Mr. Harris.

From what Mr. Harris had heard, the Archangel named Paschar had been put under punishment for being in a relationship with a woman from the living world. He didn't want his daughter Beth to suffer.

Mr. Harris continued to speak, "Beth, she gets hurt very easily. Since she was small, her grandparents always told her to be a strong girl and not to be meek. She gets swayed easily and falls for things. Not to forget about what happened a few months ago, you should already know it better. But even after everything, she is still my dear daughter, a little naive and doesn't realize when people try to manipulate her. Making her an easy target."

"I would never do anything to hurt her, Mr. Harris," responded Raphael. "I understand what you mean, but I would like to give you my word that I would bring no harm to her."

"What about when you go back to Heaven? Do you think she is prepared for it?" asked Mr. Harris.

"I won't leave her side," Raphael bowed his head once again. "Currently the situation in Heaven and its dynamics with the living world has changed compared to before because of the exposure of our existence."

"Hm," hummed Mr. Harris, listening to Raphael's words and weighing on what to question him next.
Chapter 833 - Permission From The Parents II

Though Raphael wasn't here to ask Beth's hand for marriage, and he had only come to visit them to ask their consent to take their daughter outside the castle with him, Mr. Harris wanted to make sure to know what was on the archangel's mind.

"I heard from Beth that you are planning to stay in the living world as a priest. How is that going to work?" questioned Mr. Harris.

Mrs. Harris, who stood not too far from the door as she was the one to open it, couldn't help but wonder why her husband was asking these many questions. Not to forget, technically, it would be right to agree that this person in the room was far more superior than them, even though the Harris' family were the descendant's from the half-angel's bloodline.

Raphael met the old man's eyes, a small smile on his lips, and he answered, "I will be speaking to Gabriel who works in the nearby church. I will be able to help him in some way, while also being able to stay next to Beth."

"Without marrying her? Let me tell you, Beth has always been eager to get married. When she was twelve years old, she had already decided on how she wanted her wedding to take place. Do you plan to keep her with you without getting married to her?" the old man's eyebrows furrowed as he questioned this, an unhappy look coming to settle on his face.

"I did consider that, Mr. Harris. Which is why I said I would be helping him and not be the priest. There are also other positions to consider and I should be able to work around it. You have my word that I would never make Beth unhappy with my choices," promised Raphael.

Mr. Harris didn't respond to Raphael's words, and instead, he took more than a minute before he said,

"I don't know what to think about it. Things only get stranger day by day." He shook his head before he said, "Alright. I am entrusting you to look after my daughter, Raphael. I hope you can put a," he tapped his ring finger. "Elizabeth is a beautiful girl and she is now far more capable than she was in the past. Both my daughter's actually. But if you aren't quick, she will be stolen from you," Mr. Harris gave him a pointed look.

Raphael bowed his head, pleased with the answer.

"Thank you for your permission, Mr. and Mrs. Harris. I will take my leave now," said Raphael, and he stepped out of the room to find Beth, who stood against the wall next to the room. Her eyes had turned red and moist over her father's proud words for her.

When her gaze slowly met Raphael's eyes, a tear rolled down from her eyes, and the angel smiled at her.

"When did you turn into a crybaby?" he murmured, raising his hand to wipe the tear-streaked cheek of Beth.

Beth didn't enter the room of her parent's, and she walked away from there with Raphael next to her.

When strangers spoke ill about her, Beth cared less about it. But if it was her own family, she knew it would make her feel small. When Markus had been executed, and she was blamed for it, her parents had been disappointed with her, not wanting to talk to her.

As time had passed and after she had returned from the land of Warrings, her parents had forgiven her for the mistakes she had committed.

"Where are we going?" asked Beth.

"Calhoun said there were a few things that had to be brought from your house and I thought why not go there with you, spend some time together and know more of what you like and what you don't," proposed Raphael while they were already making their way through the corridors, passing one after another before walking down the front stairs of the castle.

"I don't think it is a good idea."

"Why not? You did wonderful earlier when you went to visit your village," commented Raphael.

"Y-you know about it?" asked Beth, a little stunned by this revelation.

"You will be stunned with the other things I know. Poor Pauline, did you really have to point out what she lacked?" Raphael chuckled, remembering it and Beth's eyes widened.

How did he know that?! Reputation still mattered to Beth, which was why her words came out only in certain times and when not many people were around her.

The carriage was already awaiting them with one more carriage prepared to put the respective things from her house. The coachman had already opened the door, waiting for them.

Raphael came forward to give his hand, and Beth felt her heart flutter. The angel smiled because he knew it was the little things that made Beth happy. She placed her hand in his and got inside the carriage. Making her dress proper, she took one corner of the seat, and Raphael followed her to sit on the other corner of the seat.

Once they reached the village of East Carswell, they went to Beth's home before the guards, who had come in the other carriage, started to load the things in the carriage. Once most of the essential things were loaded inside both the carriage, Raphael and Beth saw it leave while they stayed back.

Beth walked next to Raphael, heading towards the church which she had visited a few days ago.

"It is good to see you Ms. Elizabeth and Raphael," Gabriel greeted them both, his eyes coming to settle on his brother from Heaven. "Looks like your wish got answered, Ms. Elizabeth," his eyes shifted back to the girl who bowed at him in greeting.

"Thank you for helping us," Beth thanked the archangel, who offered her a smile.

"Who would have thought that things would come to turn this way," said Gabriel.

Gabriel would not have helped Beth if he didn't understand why Raphael had been sent to the living world, was not just because of the punishment. Though being an archangel, Raphael had ended up as a demon. He had befriended the Devil's grandson and helped guide him.

Raphael had fallen for Elizabeth Harris, and he had kept her dear to his heart. From what Gabriel had observed, even the girl had changed for Raphael's sake as if they were fated to meet each other one day.

With the balance in the world disturbed, new rules would be implemented, and until then, he would let things stay as it was.
Chapter 834 - Permission From The Parents III

It didn't seem like there was any harm in allowing Raphael to be with Beth as they seemed to be falling in love with each other. Heaven had always thrived for love, so why not?

Beth excused herself so that she could pray at the front and Raphael watched her kneel.

"I heard about your wish about wanting to stay here and helping me," said Gabriel, grabbing Raphael's attention, who turned to meet his eyes. "You can pick any other position, join the High House or help Calhoun by working in his court. Is it because of her?"

"Not exactly," replied Raphael, his words low for Beth to hear. "I don't think I want to be in the High House, especially with our other older brother there hovering over the woman. I did think about helping Calhoun, but I think it would be easier and probably better for me to guide people than create a domino effect through my words or actions."

Raphael enjoyed everyone's company in the castle, and he was more than happy to advise people when they came to him or when required. He was still an archangel, and he had his responsibilities to fulfil.

Hearing this, a pleased smile appeared on Gabriel's lips as if he knew this was what Raphael would say, "If you turn to be a priest like me, it will remove the possibility of you marrying her. Are you okay with that?" asked Gabriel.

Raphael had promised to keep Beth happy, and listening to Gabriel's words, his lips set themselves in a thin line.

"I guess I will be continuing my previous work of fortune telling," said Raphael.

"You seem to have been good at it. I am sure you will be careful with whatever you pick," responded Gabriel in confidence. Even when Raphael was a demon, he hadn't been able to pick a hint of darkness in him, and it might have been because Raphael was originally an archangel, who was the representation of light.

When Beth returned to where the two archangels stood, Raphael said to Gabriel, "I will see you soon."

"Of course," smiled Gabriel, "I hope you have a good day, Ms. Elizabeth. I will visit the Hawthrone's castle soon." His other brother Paschar had not left the castle and had stayed there either around his daughter or his grandchild, not to mention the Devil in there too.

"I hope you have a good day yourself, Father Gabriel," bowing her head in polite greetings, Raphael and Beth stepped out of the church.

"Why did you go to my parents to ask to go out? I don't think they would have minded for such a simple errand like this," said Beth, walking next to him while noticing people's eyes on her and the man who walked next to her.

"Isn't that how it is supposed to be?" asked Raphael as if he wasn't sure before a smile appeared on his lips.

"For marriage proposals yes," replied Beth, unable to stop herself from returning his smile. "Are you sure about it?" she asked him.

"Hm?" asked Raphael, not knowing what she was asking about.

"I mean about working as a fortune teller? Won't you be given other work from Heaven?" there was a hint of worry in Beth's voice.

"Silly girl, I have not been banned from entering and leaving Heaven. Even though I am here for you, it doesn't change my position in Heaven. At least for the time being," chuckled Raphael. "I will still be able to attend the work that is given to me. It is just that I will be spending more time here and I thought it would be good to have something else to do apart from showering you with my love and affections."

A smile came on Beth's lips which was shy and excited like a child.

"Come let me show you the places that Madeline and I used to visit," said Beth, looking ahead of her, and they started to walk forward.

Beth started explaining about the time of her childhood of what she and her sister did and what she liked to buy in the market, while walking on the side of the road. On their way, she noticed the villagers, who eyed her with a frown on their face. She wasn't immune to it, but she tried to put on a brave face as if it didn't bother her.

"And this is where we used to get our accessories. It isn't as good as the ones that are available in the town but they are of reasonable price," explained Beth, standing in front of one of the shops.

"How interesting. What do you like in these?" questioned Raphael as if he was about to buy her whatever she would pick.

Beth shook her head, "I don't wear them anymore." Since she had turned into a werewolf or part werewolf, her interest in the ornaments had disappeared. Not to forget, whenever her skin came in contact with silver, it burned her skin.

Raphael turned to look at Beth, "So it is just that one," he looked around her neck at the black thread and the flower pendant in it. "The hairpins look good. It would look pretty in your hair," he said, taking a look at one of them.

"Elizabeth?" came a male's voice from not too far behind from where they stood, and Beth turned around. She saw it was Mr. Danvers.

The last thing she wanted right now was to meet men whom she had rejected in the past, and there were too many in the village. Not to forget the harsh and arrogant words she had used against them.

"Good morning, Mr. Danvers," she bowed her head. "A surprise to see you here."

"Indeed it is a surprise. The last I heard about you, you had left Devon," replied Mr. Danvers. His eyes fell on Raphael, and a slight smirk appeared on his face. "Seems like you are doing well with a new man to play with."

The blood in Beth's face drained, and she turned pale.

"It would be better for you to keep your thoughts to yourself," advised Raphael. "If the King were to hear about one of his family members being ill-treated in public, he wouldn't take it too kindly."

Mr. Danvers huffed, "I am telling it for your benefit. I believe you don't know much about Ms. Elizabeth Harris' habit here. She is a woman who likes to hop from male to male, while trying to climb up on the social ladder on picking whichever suits her. You will only end up being left behind."

"Forgive me for my previous actions, Mr. Danvers," Beth apologized to him.

"I thought you were a wonderful woman, but never would I have thought that you would be someone who would fall so low," said the man before looking back at Raphael. "I am telling it for your sake and not mine. I don't care about her."

Raphael saw Beth clutch her dress because in the past, she knew she had been in the wrong. He said,

"Then it is good that I am in the highest position," Raphael politely smiled at the man, who blinked at him. "We have nothing to worry here."
Chapter 835 - Goodbye

Music Recommendation: In the Origin, we breathe (I)- Kisnou


Mr. Danvers stared at Raphael with a look of disbelief on his face over the words Raphael just spoke. He had never seen this man, who right now stood next to Elizabeth. By looks, the man looked like he came from a wealthy family and was probably close to the King.

"You know what? You don't even look as good as before and it seems like age is quickly catching up with you," commented Mr. Danvers, looking at Beth.

The first time, when he had met Elizabeth Harris on the Eve of Hallow, he had fallen hard for her, and he had decided to make her his wife. She was the perfect woman to be beside him, but never would he have thought that she would show her disinterest the next day through a letter.

Beth felt a little insecure by the words uttered by Mr. Danvers, not to forget, a crowd had started to form around them, to see the drama that was taking place right now.

"Mr. Danvers," spoke Raphael, "I think I already told you there is no need for any more ill words and it in fact it is very assuring that you feel that way for Ms. Elizabeth," saying this, he put his hand around Beth's waist.

Mr. Danvers gritted his teeth. He was trying to save the man, and instead of listening to him, the man was taking Elizabeth's side.

"Looks like you are completely under her spell. Don't fall for a woman like her, I am sure every man in the village can agree with me on how coquettishly she behaves before moving to her next prey. I doubt any dignified person would even want her as his wife, not to forget the attempted treason against the King," stated Mr. Danvers.

Raphael let go of Beth's waist, and he took a step forward. The smile on his lips had fallen, and his gold eyes looked straight into the human's black eyes.

"You know, just because you have a mouth doesn't mean you need to keep speaking. Especially when you don't have anything nice to say," Raphael's words were serious and cold. "Sometimes keeping your mouth shut helps others much better than opening it and speaking hurtful things."

The crowd that had formed around them started to murmur things about Mr. Danvers, Beth and the stranger who had been seen standing next to Beth.

"How pitiful."

"It is true what he said, I heard about the treason from someone. What is she even doing here?"

"Who is that man? I don't think I have ever seen him here."

"You know what they say, girls who are pretty usually like to take advantage of men."

The whispering and murmuring continued around them. Raphael said, "I would like for you to move on from how you feel about the lady. You are a fairly decent
man to look at, I am sure there are many willing maidens who are eager to be your wife, Mr. Danvers."

Mr. Danvers huffed at the plight of the man for falling for a woman who wasn't worth it. Turning around, he left the place without sparing another word.

Raphael looked at the people who had gathered and smiled at them, offering them his charming smile, "The same goes to everyone. If you don't have anything nice to say about someone, please keep your words to yourself rather than turning this place hurtful."

Soon the crowd that had gathered started to disperse, and when Raphael turned to look at Beth, who was supposed to be standing next to him, he saw the spot to be empty.

"Hm? Beth?" he called her name, but she had disappeared from there.

Beth had gone back to her parents house, sitting in the backyard and on the steps with her knees pulled close to her chest.

She knew it would be difficult, but she didn't know she would be humiliated in front of Raphael. She was sure that Raphael would look at her differently, one day realizing how dark her heart truly was.

"I thought you would be here. Why did you leave?" questioned Raphael as he came around to stand in front of her. "We weren't finished watching the other things in the market. Come on."

Beth shook her head, "No," she whispered.

"Why not?" asked Raphael before bending down to sit on his heels right in front of Beth. "Are you already tired?" he asked as if nothing had happened a while ago.

"I don't think I can do it," said Beth while staring at the muddy ground. "You already saw what happened back in the market. Everybody hates and despises me."

Raphael stared at Beth for a long minute before he spoke to her, "People have their own perception but that doesn't mean it has to be always true, does it?"

"Does it matter," she whispered again without meeting his gaze.

"You feel hurt because you have acknowledged what you did was wrong, and though you did, it doesn't mean you are the same person, Elizabeth," said Raphael, his words gentle and soothing to her ears. "Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone tries to fix it. If you are going to run away now, people will only believe it to be true. Instead, why don't you try to change people's mind on what they think of you?"

"The damage has already been done. Too much-"

"That doesn't mean you cannot fix it. Everything can be fixed and I am right here with you, which is why you don't have to feel you are doing it alone," Raphael had placed his hands to rest on his lap while he looked at her. "You have come this far, and it would be such a waste for people to not see who you truly are. Don't give up, Beth."

A shuddering breath escaped from Beth's mouth as she tried to calm her nerves that she had felt while being in the market, in the presence of Mr. Danvers and his sharp words.

"Why did you decide to help me, Raphael?" asked Beth, her eyes slowly moving to meet his eyes.

"I guess I knew there was a diamond in the rocky surface," smiled Raphael. "You don't have to worry about anything. There is more than one person who believes in you, so it is worth it. By the way, I have something for you."
Chapter 836 - Goodbye II

Beth saw Raphael fish something in his trouser pocket before bringing his closed fist in front of her. She wondered what Raphael wanted to show her, and when he opened his palm, she noticed a delicate silver chain that laid in his palm.

"This is for you," said Raphael and Beth looked back at him. "You said you don't wear any accessories anymore and I thought why not replace your black thread by a simple chain?" he smiled, saying this.

She didn't know how to react to it, half happy and half sad, "I cannot wear silver, Raphael. My body doesn't allow it."

"I know that," he said before his hands reached behind her neck to unhook the black thread-like chain in which the pendant hung. "This is a special chain which won't harm you." Sliding the pendant in the silver-looking chain, he asked, "May I?"

Beth nodded her head, and Raphael helped her to wear it. Her heart felt full, and tears brimmed back into her eyes. "I am just a little emotional right now," she said to him before he would call her a cry-baby again.

Raphael smiled at her words, and he came to sit next to her. "It is fine. You can cry as much as you want in front of me. I won't think badly of you. Here, I even brought a good handkerchief," he brought the cloth in front of her.

Beth laughed with her eyes still filled in tears, "I have never heard anyone encourage a person to cry."

"What can I say, this is a special case," replied Raphael.

"Thank you," whispered Beth, letting the handkerchief soak the little drops of tears before they would fall on her cheek. "For everything."

"You don't have to mention it. Like I told your parents, I am here for good and would like to stay here next to you," he stated before moving his hand to reach out for hers, and he held it in both his hands. "We haven't spent our time together like people usually do, but Elizabeth Harris, would you like to live here, in this village with this fortune teller?"

Beth stared at Raphael as the words sunk in her mind that he just said to her.

"You mean together?" asked Beth to clarify.

"Well, I didn't think about living separately in two houses, it would be very strange, especially considering how we would be spending our time together. I will speak about it with your parents, but if you-"

"I would like that," replied Beth to his words.

Right now, the castle, the big life with people of high status, didn't matter anymore to her. As he said, she would have to work and try to gain people's trust, turning the wrongs into right.

"I am glad to hear that," Raphael beamed with a smile, and Beth smiled back at him.

His hands felt warm and nice, just like the bright sun that blew away the clouds of doubt in her mind.

After a few seconds, Beth asked, "Can I request a card reading too?"

"You already have yours," replied Raphael, and when he let go of her hand, Beth felt one of his cards appear in her hand.

She looked down at her hand where one of the metal cards had appeared out of nowhere. Bringing it in front of her, she noticed it was the card of the fool, and there was an impression of a person with wings. Beth didn't ask what it represented, and she only smiled. Forgetting what happened earlier, she couldn't help but feel her heart grow lighter in Raphael's presence.

"I have the fool," she murmured.

"You do," agreed Raphael, and he nudged her shoulders with his own.

Both Raphael and Beth continued to sit in the backyard house in each other's company.

Back in the castle, Madeline and little Morven were surrounded by Paschar, Vlad, Odin, Lady Monique, Lucy and Madeline's parents.

"Don't you have somewhere to go? You have been holding him for far too long," complained Paschar, watching Vlad holding little Morven without giving him to anyone except Madeline.

"Maybe we should wait for some years before we get to spend time with him," murmured Mrs. Harris under her breath.

Lucy laughed, seeing Vlad keep little Morven to himself and being brave, she said, "Vlad, you should let us spend time with him too."

"I will be going to Heaven, you can have him at that time," Vladimir was quick with his response.

Madeline smiled, seeing the happy family that was in the room. With everyone taking turns to dote on the little baby, it gave no time for Madeline to worry about as she slept in peace while her family took care of him.

Calhoun had already left the living world to go to Heaven so that he could visit his mother for the very first time after many years. He had been in a deep thought before he had left, and Madeline Calhoun would be alright.

"Master, I think the baby has poo'ed," said Odin, who stood next to his master.

"Now where is the cloth to clean him and the scented powder?" Vlad asked his servant, and Odin quickly brought the things to spread it on the table. Mr. and Mrs. Harris had a dumbstruck expression on their face as they would have never thought to witness something like this in their whole life.

Far away from the living world, Calhoun stood in front of the golden gates of Heaven that were heavily guarded by the gatekeepers, who held a staff in their hands.

"What is the Devil's grandson doing here?" questioned one of the gatekeepers. "Heaven is no place for a person like you. Leave this place right away!"

Calhoun's black wings flapped in the air before he came to stand on the fluffy clouds beneath him. He raised his hand to show the card that Raphael had given him.

"I am here to meet Constance Lazarus," said Calhoun.

Chapter 837 - Goodbye III

The gates of Heaven immediately opened, and Calhoun stepped inside to be followed by one of the gatekeepers, who had decided to follow him to ensure he wasn't here to cause any disruption.

Many of the nearby angels sensed the darkness that entered the realm of Heaven, and though the deal that the angel and the Devil made was known to them, they sensed something else in the air that didn't belong to the Devil.

Calhoun entered the garden, his dark red eyes looking at the other souls, who seemed unfazed by his presence. Walking around the scented flowers, he finally caught sight of the woman, who stood in front of a canvas. She looked in a better condition than he had last seen her, and he could feel his heart thud against his chest. For a long time, he had yearned to see her, and now that he was here, he stood there stunned.

"Mother?" Calhoun called Constance, and he realized she didn't have any memory from the living world.

He walked towards her and came to stand to her side, for her to turn and meet his gaze.

"Did you come here to enjoy the scenery?" asked Constance.

Calhoun had many things to talk about and ask her, but she didn't have any answers to them, and he didn't know what was painful right now. For her to forget about him, or if it was good that she didn't remember the burden she felt while still in the living world.

A puzzled expression came to settle on her face. Calhoun looked at the canvas where she was painting the sky that must have already passed long ago, "I didn't know you were good at painting."

Constance smiled, "I didn't know that either. I guess we never know until we try," she said to him. "You seem a little sad, is everything alright?" she asked him.

"My name is Calhoun. I once knew you," Calhoun said to her without beating around the bush.

The smile that was on Constance's face lowered down, and she pursed her lips.

"Forgive me if I did something wrong," she apologized.

He shook his head, "You don't need to apologize for anything. You don't mind if I call you mother, do you?" To Calhoun, Constance was that one person he had always respected, and she held the highest affection and love because she was that person who had protected him.

"I didn't know I had a handsome son," whispered Constance, and Calhoun smiled. "I wish I could remember my memories so that I would be able to know and relate."

"It is fine. Maybe they are not worth remembering," replied Calhoun.

"Let's take a seat. The canvas should dry by then," proposed Constance, and they walked towards the bench before taking a seat there next to each other.

"Some time ago, a man named Vladimir visited me. Raphael said the man used to be my father and he talked in fragments about my memories that were wonderful to listen to. It is our little secret here," explained Constance. "But Raphael has been busy and I haven't seen
him around much."

Calhoun wondered if it was allowed for an archangel to recollect memories of a person when the memories had been erased. Raphael had always been helpful, and he was glad to know that she had people to keep her company.

"How is the living world? I hear the angels whispering about it," said Constance, turning her eyes to look at Calhoun.

"It is troublesome, but at the same time, it is peaceful now. Surrounded by people with love. My wife, Madeline and I have a baby boy now. We named him Morven," Calhoun let her know.

"That is wonderful news. I am happy for you, Cal. I can call you Cal, right?" she asked for his permission.

Calhoun nodded his head, a faint smile appearing on his lips.

"That means I am a grandmother now," Constance smiled. "I wish I could see him, he must be as handsome as you. You know, I have very faint memories."

Hearing this, Calhoun's eyebrows furrowed. The souls that came to Heaven never had any memories. "What do you mean?" he asked her.

Constance looked around the place while making sure no one was listening, and she whispered, "Just some of them that are very blurry but something that makes me think about. It happened when the man named Vladimir was here."

Curious to know, he asked, "What do you see in them?"

She had a thoughtful look on her face as she stared at the clear sky, "I see toys in a room. Many of them, and the place is big. Like a castle with only a few people in there. I think I know why the name Morven sounds familiar now. I used to have a spider toy named Morven. I named it after this story that was told by someone in the castle. It was my favourite one."

'Strangely, the name reminds me of spiders. I wonder why.' Calhoun remembered Vladimir's words.

Calhoun knew the story that his mother was speaking about. It was also the same story she narrated to him when he was a small boy. Recollecting it, he said, "It was about the boy who lost his way through the woods and made friends with the animals."

Calhoun spent his time talking to her, sharing happy things with her even though she didn't remember it, while she nodded her head at what he said while responding to his words.

When the twelve hours started to come to an end, both of them stood up, and Calhoun said, "It is time for me to leave."

Constance nodded her head with a gentle smile on her lips, "Will I see you again?"

"One can only hope," said Calhoun, and he stepped forward before putting his arms around her while placing his chin on her shoulder. He didn't know if he would be allowed to see her in the future, and seeing her right now was nothing less to a dream, where the time to wake up was near.

And once he would be awake, he would only come to realize the painful truth that his mother didn't exist in the living world anymore.

Calhoun whispered, "I will miss you, mother."
Chapter 838 - Treasured Memories

Music Recommendation: Princess Margaret- Rupert Gregson


Constance watched the Calhoun as he left the garden, where they had been talking for hours. His back seemed lonely, and she didn't know why, but she felt an ache arise in her c.h.e.s.t. It was an unexplainable feeling, not knowing why wondering if it was because of the past that was tangled with this person.

Since she had gained her consciousness in Heaven, there was something that often tried to appear in her dreams. People who lived in Heaven had nothing but pleasant dreams, but recently when it came to her, something seemed to be scratching the surface, and she wished she could see it.

As Calhoun continued to walk, Constance noticed black wings appear from his back, and he turned to look at her. For a few seconds, he stared in her direction.

"We'll meet again," said Calhoun before disappearing from the Heavenly realm.

And though Constance saw Calhoun's lips move, she couldn't hear what he said. When he left, an emptiness came to occur in her heart, like suddenly the hollowness she hadn't felt before had appeared.

Feeling something on her cheek, Constance raised her hand to touch her face, and she pulled her hand back to look at it.

"You are sad," came a voice from behind her.

Constance turned around and saw it was Archangel Michael.

"It looks like I loved him very much when I was in the living world. It must be why I feel like a piece of me has been torn after spending time with him," replied Constance. The tear that had streaked down her cheek dried out. "Is it normal?"

"What is?" questioned Michael, his response quick, knowing the Devil would be here any minute.

"To feel this anguish that I feel in my heart. I don't remember anything, but I can feel that prick of pain as if my heart is being tugged. Does it happen to others?" questioned Constance.

Michael had a serious expression on his face, his face often without a smile as he was here to uphold the values and responsibilities. When he had found out about Vladimir splitting his time with his grandson to meet his daughter, it had surprised him because the Devil was greedy and didn't share with others.

But the boy was the Devil's family, and it might have compelled him to share his time. Not to forget, he now had a great-grandchild to occupy himself with.

Michael had hoped Constance's soul would not be disturbed with her precious memories, but it seemed like the Devil's intention was to stir her emotions. Even though Heaven had erased the memory of her time in the living world, she was no ordinary person.

It was because Constance was never supposed to be here. If he knew she was the Devil's child, he would have only kept an eye on her. But she had entered the living world, living amongst the people there, and Michael had ended up opening the path for her.

"Truth is that people often don't feel the turmoil of emotions," replied Michael. He wondered if he had made a mistake by allowing Calhoun or even Vladimir to meet her. "Though memories are erased, some of them continue to persist. What do you want, Constance?" he asked her.

Michael usually didn't ask this to anyone, but considering this was a special case where he was responsible for it, he decided to ask her.

Constance looked slightly puzzled at Michael's question to her, "What I want?" She repeated his words.

"Yes. What does your heart yearn for?" Michael's words were peaceful, like a still and calm water.

He knew if he mentioned to Vladimir about anything remotely close to him having shown the path to Constance to Heaven, there would be another clash.

The woman thought about it and said, "I want people to be happy. You too Michael."

The archangel smiled, "You are too kind." He didn't understand how a Devil could father such a gentle soul.

"Do you think he will be alright?" Constance asked, turning to look back in the direction Calhoun had disappeared.

"With time, everything heals. Even the scars turn dull and fade into the skin," answered Michael.

In the next second, a fire blazed between Michael and Constance. The archangel had a look of annoyance on his face when he noticed the Devil had made his grand entrance.

"Looks like it is my time to spend with my beautiful daughter. I was caught up with changing your grandson's clothes-" Vladimir stopped speaking to Constance when he noticed Michael standing there. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I was speaking to Constance. Calhoun just left and I am leaving too," said Michael, giving the nod to Constance, and he started to walk away from there.

"That's good. I get all the time with Constance," and Vladimir offered her a bright smile. "How have you been? I was looking forward to seeing the painting you were working on during my last visit."

Michael could still hear the light chatter taking place between the Devil and his daughter, and when he passed quite a distance, he finally stopped. Turning around, he took a look at them before walking away from there.

When Calhoun returned to the castle, his heart had turned heavy, and he went straight to where Madeline was with their son, Morven. Some of the family members had stepped out of the room to give space for the mother, unlike the Devil who had been hovering around the baby.

Madeline had only finished feeding their son, dabbing the soft cloth gently on the baby's mouth.

"How is he doing?" asked Calhoun, bending down to pick up the baby in his arms while Madeline tidied herself up.

"He hasn't cried as much as he did yesterday. Everyone was around keeping him company, I think he liked it very much. Especially with Vlad," informed Madeline. She saw Calhoun carefully raise small Morven in the air before bringing him wrapped and using both his arms around the little one to hug him.

"My little lion. I cannot wait for you to grow up," said Calhoun to the baby.

Madeline's heart turned warm at the sight while she sat against the headboard with pillows that had been arranged for her comfort. It was good to know that everyone loved the baby, and Calhoun often paid equal attention to both of them.

"Did you rest?" asked Calhoun when a yawn escaped Madeline's lips.

She offered him a smile and a nod, "I did. How was your day?" she asked him.

"It was exceptionally good. So much that I wished it didn't end," said Calhoun and Madeline understood how much he must have wished for his mother to stay alive here, with him. He walked towards the bed, sitting next to the space near Madeline while continuing to hold their child. "But then I realized it was possibly the best for her to stay in a place that would not remind her of anything that has happened in this world."

Madeline had only heard what Constance had experienced, but Calhoun had witnessed it. Only he knew the pain his mother had gone through. She placed her hand on his arm.

"How are you doing?" she asked him.

Calhoun offered Madeline a grin. Leaning forward, he kissed her cheek, "Fantastic, especially with you and our boy with me."
Chapter 839 - Treasured Memories II

As the night continued to go on, stars spread in the sky along with the lone moon. Calhoun had taken his time to have Madeline sleep with the baby next to her with pillows kept on one side of it so that little Morven wouldn't fall from the bed.

Calhoun had got on the roof above the room, taking a seat on the roof while keeping an eye on his family.

He sat there for long minutes, both his hands placed behind to support himself. His eyes moved to one corner when he heard something sizzle in the air,

"Peaceful night, isn't it?" questioned the Devil, making his way towards where he sat.

"Did you finish talking to her?"

"Hm," Vladimir hummed in response. "No matter how much time is given, I realize it will never be enough. Isn't that right?" and he took the liberty to take a seat next to Calhoun.

Calhoun knew the time in Heaven and the living world didn't match because of the discrepancies between the two realms. He looked at the castle ground and the trees that had grown from one corner to another, touching the horizon. Some of the buildings in the towns and villages could be seen peeking from where he sat.

"What are you doing here?" questioned Calhoun as it was very odd for the Devil to be accompanying him in the middle of the night.

"Giving you company of course," came the direct words from Vladimir and Calhoun chuckled.

"I am not a child, Vlad. You don't have to worry about me," stated Calhoun, a smirk on his lips at the silly thought of the Devil being worried.

"Aye, you are right, but you are my family now," replied Vladimir. "While we are sad about the person who has left us, we shouldn't forget that there are people in the living world whom we love and care about. The words some say- Don't worry about the people that have gone, but worry about the ones who are here so that you don't end up regretting anything."

"Sounds strange coming from you," said Calhoun, but he didn't mean it in a hurtful way as the Devil continued to sit next to him.

"There are many times when I wish Constance to be here. Before I went to sleep, it didn't cross my mind that she would disappear from this world. To think that she is in Heaven, I knew I should have brought her up more harshly. Maybe having her kill someone would have earned her a free ticket to Hell and I could have brought her back," Vladimir shared his complaints he had with his grandson.

"I doubt she would have done that," replied Calhoun. His mother had been too kindhearted to hurt anyone.

There were times in the past Calhoun had wished she weren't like that. Wishing she had plotted against the King, but she was too soft and naive for this place.

"How did she turn out like that? You obviously are the Devil, did she turn out like her mother?" questioned Calhoun. A thoughtful expression came to fall on his face.

"Ah, Harriet," came the thoughtful words from Vladimir as if it had been a while since he had last remembered about the woman. "I guess you could say that. Harriet. She was a beautiful woman, who was passionate and spirited, who was against the vampires."

It seemed like Vladimir had a particular taste when it came to women, thought Calhoun to himself.

"She was a human of course. When the time came, there was too much blood and it turned complicated. Unfortunately, Harriet didn't stay long to spend time with Constance. But I guess you are right, Constance took after her mother's kindness," explained Vladimir. "I can give you some of the memories of her if you want, to look at it," offered the Devil.

"And what do you want in return?"

"I will take some of your memories to see the time she spent in the living world," Vladimir shrugged his shoulders.

Calhoun stared at Vladimir before he smiled, "I doubt you would want to do that."

"I am already aware of what has happened. I am only offering a give and take deal here, it is alright if you don't want it," said Vladimir, ready to get up from the place where he had been sitting in.


A pleased smile appeared on Vladimir's lips, "Great." And he brought his hand towards one side of his temple, placing his index finger there before pulling out a bright ball of light and giving it to Calhoun. "These are the most precious one's I kept of her, I am sure you will come to cherish them as much as I have."

The Devil then did the same by taking Calhoun's memories of Constance to watch it himself.

Once the Devil disappeared from the castle, Calhoun was left with a white ball of light that rested on the top of his palm. Bringing his hand towards his c.h.e.s.t, the ball of light disappeared within him, and he received a set of new memories that didn't belong to him but Vladimir.

"Papa! Look, there's a butterfly at the window!"

Calhoun heard a little girl's voice he believed to be his mother before the scenery he had been looking at until now changed into the Belmount castle.

The little girl had her hair let down, and she peeked back and forth while Vladimir tried to take a short nap. The small girls appeared to be no more than five years old.

"Are you sleeping? You said we would be reading together," came the sweet voice of the little girl. "Are you?"

Vladimir, who had placed his forearm to cover his eyes, didn't move, except for his lips, "Of course, I am. Why would I be lying here for no reason."

"But you are awake," pointed the little girl.

"Argh. Fine, I am up," said Vladimir, throwing his arm to his side and sitting up. "What did you want to read?"

"Lost boy in the woods."

"Didn't we read that more than two hundred and seventy-two times already?" questioned the Devil. "I do not understand the fascination the mortals have towards such lame stories. There are no actual talking animals in the real world. Have Odin bring another book to read."

"Odiiiiii," little Constance disappeared from Vladimir's room while trying to get the servant of the castle.

After the Devil spent his time, unbelievingly reciting an entire book with his daughter, which was of no use to him, his daughter finally fell asleep during the middle of the day.

"Master?" Odin called his master for his attention.

Only Vladimir's eyes moved to look at Odin.

The demon servant bowed his head and said, "Are we going to stay in the living world longer, Master?"

"So it seems. Constance belongs to the mortal world and we need her to pass this life before she can enter Hell. I would have left her, but she looks too troublesome. Worse than you," stated the Devil.

Odin's eyes turned bright as if his Master had included him in being taken care of.

"Don't turn happy. It is nothing to be happy about," Vladimir rolled his eyes. "We will stay here until the right time comes, before going back to Hell."
Chapter 840 - Treasured Memories III

Music Recommendation: What if? - Guy Jackson


It was never his intention to stay in the living world where the mortals lived. Visit? Sure, but the Devil had never thought that he would be stuck in the living world for the next decades, not knowing what was coming his way.

Right now, little Constance slept on his l.a.p as if there was no pillow when in truth, there were many luxurious items that she could make use of. But she preferred to rest her head on his l.a.p.

"Tell me what this bewitchery is. I was here trying to take a nap and she woke me up to only sleep instead," commented Vladimir, without raising his voice so that it wouldn't wake the girl up.

"She looks like a cat, Master," added Odin.

"It's too big for a cat," said Vladimir.

He then slowly picked his daughter up in his arms. At the same time, his daughter put her hands around his neck, moving closer to hug him. "Looks like I won't be getting a chance to nap today," came the dull words from Vladimir's mouth. And even though he was unhappy about missing his short sleep, he put his arm around the girl so that she wouldn't fall while also keeping her near to him.

The scene that Calhoun was watching changed to a time where Vladimir had returned to the castle after finishing his small stroll in the village. He was greeted by his daughter, who had been surrounded by books. His two servants, Odin and Doughlas, as usual, had been babysitting his daughter.

"Papa!" his daughter came running to hug him with excitement as if she hadn't seen him in the last few months. His daughter was so adorable, thought Vladimir in his mind while his expression remained unfazed.

"Welcome back, Master," the two servants greeted him with a bow.

"Seems like you have been having quite a day. What is with this mess in the hallway?" he questioned the two servants who were with his daughter.

"Lady Constance wanted to read in the hallway today, Master. And there seems to be a spider that went missing," Odin explained with a serious face.

"So?" Vladimir deadpanned. "Kill it."

Odin looked a little troubled, and he said, "We did, Master, but we are unable to find the nasty thing. It seemed to have escaped."

"If people in the underworld are going to hear that the Devil's personal servant is unable to find one meager spider, even the little reputation is going to die," glared Vladimir. Turning to his daughter, he asked, "Where did you last see the spider, darling?"

"It was in my room, papa. This big," she opened her open palm, "With nine legs."

"What happened to the other leg? Anyways, Odin and Douglas, let's get the spider out," said Vladimir, walking towards his daughter's room and everyone followed the Devil.

Odin and Douglas got two brooms, and they started looking for the spider in every nook and corner. In the meantime, little Constance had inched closer to her father, tugging one of his sleeves.

"Did you find the spider?" questioned Vladimir.

His daughter shook her head, and she said, "Did you go to the village today ? When will you take me there?"

"When you grow big enough. The village is not safe for a small girl like you. I would rather say the forest is more pleasing compared to those imbecile fools. Now is not the time to talk about it, lest you want this spider to come attack you," Vladimir tried to change the subject.

Odin, looking for the spider, couldn't help but overhear what his Master just said, and he turned to look at his Master with a blank look on his face. Thinking to himself as if the Devil would ever allow a spider hurt his only child.

After a minute, Odin was the first to find the spider hidden behind the cot. He used the broom in an attempt to smash it, but the big spider only escaped and moved to another corner.

"AH! It is there!" the little girl screamed, hiding right behind her father.

"You. It is just a small spider. There's nothing to be scared about," Vladimir lightly scolded his daughter. "You are the Devil's daughter, you should be fearless."

Both Douglas and Odin tried to hit the spider, but it was much smarter than them, escaping before the broom could touch it. Hearing the clanking sounds in the room, Vladimir sighed and said, "Hand me the broom," he raised his hand.

Odin quickly passed his broom, giving it to his Master while standing in front of little Constance, where the girl hugged his leg with her small hands.

"How hard is it to kill one spider," Vladimir shook his head, pulling the desk and found the spider below it.

He raised his hand with the broom in it, and the next second, he hit the spider with full force.

But when he pulled the broom back, and though the spider was dead, little Constance screamed.

"M-master I think the spider was pregnant and its eggs were about to hatch," said Odin on seeing the tiny little spiders start to crawl on the ground. Vladimir raised his hand, and with one snap, the entire floor of the room filled itself with fire except for the place where little Constance stood, where an empty circle had been created.

"There, problem solved," said Vladimir cooly, but Constance was in tears.

"Master...you burnt down Lady Constance's things, the toys…" Odin's voice trailed, looking at the little girl who didn't utter a word, but she looked sad. It was because she knew her father didn't like her crying.

"I will get you better ones. Anyways it was time to clean this room," said Vladimir.

During the night, the little girl brought her pillow and blanket along with her, dragging it behind her before getting into Vladimir's room to sleep. She climbed into the bed, holding his hand and in a couple of minutes, the girl fell sound asleep in her father's company.