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Chapter 422 The Next Generation (2)

In the afternoon, the palace was bustling with people. Because of the ball that was postponed due to reasons that was not disclosed to the public, the ball was held the next day.

Rows of carriages were lined up from the palace gate to the entrance was quite a distance. The carriages were adorned lavishly for the occasion. Each carriage shows the family crest that owns it.

The carriages stop one by one at the palace entrance with people form different families of nobility alighting. All of them were wearing suites and gowns fit for the occasion. They were made and tailored just for today.

All of the guests have their individual invitaions that are presented at the palace entrance before entering. The palace was strict for the safety of the event, its guests and especially the imperial family that are the hosts of this occasion.

One by one the guests are checked and ushered to the reception hall were the ball will be held. The guests were at awe looking at the palace decorations set up especially for this occasion.

The guests that arrived at the reception hall were ushered to their respevtive seats by attendants waiting there. The early commers were given appetizers by servers.

While the noble guest wait for the ball to commence, they started tl chat with one another.

"Have you heard that the imperial prince and princess are spitting images of their parents?" One lady asked.

"Really? I would not have know because the imperial highnesses have not yet debuted into high soceity." One lady replied.

"I heard that the imperial children are only allowed to play with their cousins their age." One lady added.

"Oh, how I wish that my children could become play mates of the imperial highnesses." One lady replied.

"I know right. Having to form a connection this early with the imperial children could be beneficial. We can be in laws with the emperor and empress in the future, hahaha." One lady laughed.

The noble people had not yet seen the imperial children due to not having debuted in high society yet. Many noble families wanted to have a connection with yhe future of the Astley Empire. Some had pure intentions while others have high ambitions.

The hall was filled with chattering and gossiping when they were called to attention.


The sound of the horn was heard, signaling the start of the ball.

"All rise to give greetings to the royal family!" The herald announced.

The hall became silent and the noble guests stood up and faced the door where the imperial family are to make their entrance.

"All hail the emperor and empress of the Astley Empire!" The herald said. "Emperor Regaleon Yosef Astley, first of his name. Side by side with his wife, Empress Alicia Roselyn Astley."

The doors opened and the imperial couple emerged. They walked down the red carpet hand in hand. They were wearing regal clothing best for the occasion. The couple still looked so young even after years have gone by since the start of their reign.

The imperial couple walked with grace and regality towards the thronse area, which made the people inside the reception hall cower in their presence. All of them bowed at the sight of the imperial couple.

"Presenting the first prince of the Astley Empire, Prince Alphonse Edward Astley, first of his name." The herald announced.

The guests looked back at the door with upmost curiosity.

By the door, the young Prince Alphonse emerged. He was wearing a black suite with silver trimmings. He started yo walk down the red carpet. He had his silver hair as bright as the moonlight tied in a ponytail that is carefully placed by his shoulder. His black suit was a good contrast with his silver hair.

The ten year old prince looked very handsome that even the noble girls in their teens blushed seeing him. This was the first time the eldest prince had his first admirers.

"Presenting the first princess of the Astley Empire, Princess Aerith Luna Astley, first of her name." The herald announced.

Next to emerge was non other than Aerith. She was wearing a light blue gown with diamonds trimmed all over making her gown shine. Her silver hair was beautifully braided with diamonds as hair ornaments. She was so beautiful that many young boys blushed in her presence. Like her brother, this is the first time she started to have admirers, and the number will gradually increase as time passes by.

"Presenting the second prince of the Astley Empire, Prince Leonhart, first of his name." The herald introduced.

Last but not the least was the youngest of the imperial family. The little one was a spitting image of his father the emperor. Leonhart was wearing a white suite with gold trimmings. He had his black hair styled up. He looked dashing like his older brother and father.

The guests were at awe seeing the imperial family together in one place. They were a picutre perfect family.

"Thank you for coming to my children's tenth birthday celebration." Regaleon started to address the people. "We are sorry of it was delayed for one day due to some reasons, but we are now able yo celebrate it today. This ball is for you to enjoy!"

The guests applauded after hearing the emperors words.

"As my husband had said, this ball is being held to celebrate our twin's tenth birthday. We would like to celebrate such joyous event with you all." Alicia said. "There are food, drinks, music and dancing. Please enjoy this night with your hearts content!"

The guests also applauded after their empresses words.

The music started and some started to dance. The food was now being served with drinks. All had a merry start.

Nobles started to line to greet the imperial family. All of them introduced which family they are from and presented their gifts to the imperial twins.

From the line, they recognized some envoys from different countries. The country of Rabanasta sent an envoy and a gift to show their good will.

"I am the envoy from Rabanasta. I come here with good tidings." A middle aged man with almond colored skin greeted with a solemn bow. "I bring gifts to the imperial twins of the Asltey Empire. I hope they will be to your liking, your highnesses."

"Thank you." Alphonse replied.

"Your gift is well appreciated." Aerith followed.

After some few people greetings them, they noticed people from the country of Xing. The twins were on high alert after seeing them. Regaleon saw then as well and gave a nod to William who was standing near. William replied with a meaningful nod, meaning that everything was safe and the knights are on standby just in case.

The envoy of Xing cane forward and bowed in front of the imperial family.

"Greetings to the imperial family of the Astley Empire." A young woman lead the envoy. "I am the Xing country's representative. I am the fifth princess of Xing. I come here in peace bearing gifts to the imperial twins' birthday."

The Xing woman that identified herself as the fifth princess did not make any unusual movement that would warrant for any emergency, but Regaleon's gaze upon her was freezing cold. It was too cold that she can geel the hostility towards her.

"Tell me, fifth princess of Xing. Why would I welcome you, someone who was from the same country with the people that tried to kidnap my children?" Regaleon's words were as if they were coated with sharp ice that can pierce your heart.

"W-What...?" The fifth princess of Xing was surprised with Regaleon's words.

The people in the vicinity was not able to hear what words are being spoken between the envoy of Xing and the imperial family because of a sound barrier magic put around them. But they were watching the expressions intently, waiting for some juicy gossip.

"One of your own tried to kidnapped my son and lured my other children." Regaleon replied. "As per the investigation of my people, the main perpetrator was a prince of Xing."

"A p-prince... impossible!" The fifth princess replied trying to redeem her country. "One my brothers would never.... wait." She trailed off and was deep in thought. "If it was a prince of Xing then I can only think of one person. He is still in his tenn years but js very ambitious and would do anything to gain the power to take the throne!"

"If what you say is true, would you help us in caputring your so called ambitoud brother kf yours into custody? He had made a grave sin here in my empire." Regaleon replied. "If you di not, I will not have any second thougts in going into war with your country!"

The fifth princess was sweating beads with the hostility she was feeling now. She was in a tight hot spot because lf her brother's foolish behavior.

"I promise you, your majesty!" The fifht princess knelt. "I will go back to my country and tell this to my father. My brother will not be left unpunished. We would not want any conflicts with your empire." She shivered.

"That will do today." Regaleon's chilling aura started to calm. "Then please, enjoy your stay here today."

"T-Thank you for your benevolence." The fifth princess stood up and walked away in a hurry.

"Well that went well." Alphonse smiled to lighten up the mood. "Father, mother, can we go and have fun with our cousins."

"Of course sweetheart." Alicia replied. "You go with your siblings and enjoy the night."

"Be careful." Regaleon added.

"We will." Alphonse, Aerith, and Leonhart replied in unison.

The little children met with their other cousins.

"Hey, took you so long." Aliyah said with a grumpy look.

"She was so bored that she almost ate all of the platter of sweets in this table." Deimos chuckled.

"Sorry that we were late." Aerith replied.

"So many people cane and greeted big brother and sister, so we were held up a bit." Leonhart replied.

"Where is Thalia and Henry?" Alphonse asked looking around.

"They are still with their parents." Aliyah replied. "You know, they are still little kids. Good thing Leonhart is here." She ruffled Leonhart's hair.

"Hey! My maid worked so hard to style that. Don't ruin it." Leonhart pouted.

"Want to eat while waiting for Henry and Thalia?" Deimos asked. 

"Nah, I am still full." Alphonse replied. "How about you Rith, Hart?" He asked his siblings.

"I'm still good." Aerith replied.

"I guess I will eat a little." Leonhart said and his stomach made a sound and everyone giggled. "Waiting for the greetings to end made me hungry, okay." He said with an embarrassed expression.

"Then let us eat to our hearts content." Aliyah pulled Leonhart and led him to the table with food.

"I will go with them." Deimos said and followed.

"It leaved the two of us." Alphonse looked at his twin sister. "Wouls you like to dance, my lady?" He offered his hand to Aerith and smiled.

"I woulf love to." Aerith smiled back and took Alphonse's hand.

The twins walked towards the dance floor and startled to dance the waltz.

"I can see you have improved significantly." Aerith teased.

"I may be behind you in dance lessons, but I still do good by practicing." Alphonse replied.

The twins were dancing gracefully that every pair of eyes around them were watching their every move.

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