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Angels and Demons- Part 3

Calhoun had made his way through the gates, but some of the angels had arrived on time to stop him. Most of them looked at Calhoun with intrigue as he looked like a mixture of an angel and demon. 

"Why does he have feathers?" asked one of the angels. "Only an angel can have feathers on their wings." 

"He's the Devil's grandson," said another angel, watching Calhoun. 

"Lucifer's grandson?" came the shocked words of another angel, his eyes turned wide as he looked at Calhoun. 

Calhoun watched the five angels who had come to greet him. He could sense more angels making their way here, but it didn't matter to him. 

"Tell me where Madeline is, and there won't be a need for a fight to break in here," announced Calhoun. 

"Do you think we would let a demon-like yourself to be here? Go back to where you came from. This is no place for you unless you want an angel's staff to smote you to death," warned one of the angels with a stern gaze as he looked at Calhoun. 

"Do you think he is as strong as Lucifer?" asked another angel. 

"Lucifer is no more powerful," said the earlier angel, "He's a fallen angel who has fallen and made the underworld his home." 

While the angels were having a quiet and pleasant chit chat with each other about the former angel of Heaven, who was now the Devil, Calhoun raised his hand forward for the fire to appear in his fists. 

"I guess I will have to burn you fuckers to get an answer," came the low, threatening voice from Calhoun. 

"How dare you use words like that in here!" one of the angels looked upset and angry. 

Calhoun stared at the angel with a dead expression on his face, "Polite words didn't seem to work, so I decided to go back to the way I speak."

He remembered the words that Vladimir spoke to him before arriving near the gates of Heaven.

'There are angels guarding the front gates, but there are more angels inside to protect Heaven. If you are trying to go and get back Madeline, it is tougher than you expect because there are archangels who have abilities and immense strength. And apart from it, you don't know where they have kept Madeline,' Vladimir had informed Calhoun. 

'Where do you think they have kept her?' inquired Calhoun. 

'Probably in the heart of Heaven. Remember that Madeline's memory has been erased related to the life she once had in the living world. You cannot take a soul by force from here, that is not willing to leave. Which means abducting is not possible,' stated Vladimir. 

'Great,' cursed Calhoun.

Calhoun remembered the time he had taken in the past for Madeline to fall in love with him. Now with her memory erased, he would have to rebuild the memories which he didn't mind. But the problem was that if Madeline didn't want to come with him, stepping out of Heaven, he wouldn't be able to take her from here. 

The angels didn't play fair by erasing Madeline's memory, and it boiled his blood. Raising both his hands when the angels came at him, his hands released scorching fire that had the angels step away from him as they could feel the heat. Some of the angels who were brave, they went to attack the Devil's grandson, who was a sinner too. 

The angel's staff were quick to attack Calhoun, but he stopped it with his bare hands. He didn't need any weapon, and he used his demon abilities to hit and push the angels one after another who came at him like swarming bees. 

"We have been given the order to kill the demon. Don't hold back!" came another angel's voice from behind who had only joined the battle.

But no matter how many angels came and tried to attack Calhoun, the Devil's grandson was too strong for them to defeat. One of the angels threw the wire that was similar to the bolt of lightning to capture the demon. The wire moved back and forth Calhoun as they tightly circled around his body to stop him from using any more of his abilities. 

"Ha! I caught him! We angels are much stronger than the demons. The angels will always prevail," said the angel who had thrown the electric gold wires. 

"Good job, Luth!" praised one of the fellow angels who was nearby. "We need to take him-"

His words were interrupted when Calhoun's body started to break the wire, and the angels quickly threw some more wires on the demon. Something started to change within Calhoun as he tried to break himself free from the wires. 

Calhoun's eyes completely turned pitch black and the complexion of his skin looked paler than before, along with the little nerves beneath his skin that came into view. Something started to protrude from the top of his head like a stem that was growing and branching like a tree. It resembled him to look like the Salvette Mortems that had antlers. Even the wings that were on his back grew larger. 

With one push, the wires that had tried to keep Calhoun still had broken and turned ineffective. 

The angel's eyes widened, watching something they had never seen before. Did demons have antlers like that?!

"I have no time to play with you people," Calhoun glared at them, and when he moved his hand, the angels who were on his right suddenly flew away from their position because of the force produced by his one single movement.

The angels tried to resist him by bringing their staffs forward to stop them from being swept away. But when Calhoun raised his hand towards the angel and moved his hand, the angels were either blown away. 

"Calhoun," came the voice that Calhoun was familiar with since the High House had started functioning. His eyes fell on the archangel, who had arrived at the scene.

"Michael," Calhoun said the angel's name. 

"Heaven is no place for the Devil or for you," stated Michael. The archangel noticed the strange appearance of the King of Devon while feeling his power being emitted from where he was. 

One side of Calhoun's lips pulled up, "Don't worry, I don't have any plans to stay here. We will leave, once I find Madeline and take her back with me." 
And we meet- Part 1

The angels belonging to the lower level gave way for the archangel Michael to make his way to the front. The other angels were similar to the archangels with the wings and the staff in their hands, except that they had smaller wings with fewer abilities. It made Michael stand out in the crowd of the angels apart from Calhoun whose wings were as big as the archangel. 

"What makes you think that I would let you take an innocent soul from Heaven and allow the soul to leave with a demon like you?" asked Michael, his eyes were calm and his expression passive as he looked at Calhoun. "I would have never thought that you were a demon, less a Devil's grandson. You have been hiding it from everyone." 

"Trust me, I had no idea until Vladimir appeared in front of me," smiled Calhoun and the amount of fire that was in his hands only grew more prominent. 

Michael found it hard to believe. 

When it came to identifying level one demons, the angels and the archangels found it hard because they didn't have enough intel on them. With most of the level one demons dead thanks to the Devil, it had reduced most of their work. But the level one demons who still existed, they were hard to spot, and it had often put angels in a challenging position. 

He knew Calhoun closely as he had worked along with Paschar in the High House, and in that whole one decade, not once had it occurred to them that Calhoun was more than a vampire and King Laurence's son. 

"Where is Madeline?" questioned Calhoun. 

"It would be best if you leave this place now and forget about her," advised Michael, and he brought his staff forward. "We had nothing to do with her death in the living world. Her soul was brought here because it rightfully belongs to Heaven. I will give you a chance, Calhoun, just because I knew you in the living world, while forgetting you are related to the Devil. Leave Heaven and never come back because demons are not welcomed in here." 

A large gust of wind blew across the place where everyone stood, and Calhoun stared at Michael. 

A chuckle escaped from Calhoun's lips, and the angels looked at the demon with an apprehensive look in their eyes, "I am not leaving Heaven without Madeline, Michael. You either give her to me, and we leave in peace without causing any trouble here. Or I will take her by force while creating chaos in here. Why do you want to hurt your fellow angels?" 

A spark of fire lit in Michael's eyes by hearing Calhoun's words. 

Michael had seen many demons, but never had he seen anyone like Calhoun who now had antlers on his head. Even the Devil didn't possess an appearance like this, and Calhoun's presence only put a threat in Heaven. 

"Every soul that comes and passes through the gates of Heaven is given shelter. Madeline has found the peace and solace in her mind just like when she was a child, why do you want to disrupt her peace?" Michael tried reasoning, not wanting a fight to break in Heaven. 

Michael had always spread harmony, and he had no interest to fight. But if Calhoun and Vladimir were going to create trouble, he would not hold himself back. The archangels were assigned to maintain order and to protect the people. He wouldn't allow a demon or a Devil to steal a soul from here so that they could taint it!

"Suit yourself," came Calhoun's next words.

Before anyone knew, the archangel and the demon with antlers clashed against each other. Michael used his golden staff while Calhoun had manifested a weapon in his hand, holding it, that looked like a burning iron rod covered with fire. 

The force that both of them used, it sent out a vibration through the wind and people around them could see the intensity with the way they fought. Sparks flew with every clash and crash, but neither stopped or held back in attacking the other in the sky. When both Calhoun and Michael moved towards the ground of the clouds, the gathered clouds moved away from their places because of their agility, sweeping them away. 

"The Salvette Mortem was supposed to bring her soul to Hell, but one of your angels brought her here," said Calhoun, blocking Michael's staff which he had brought up and above his head so that Calhoun's staff would not hit his head. "By doing that, you only waged war with me!" 

Michael used all his strength to keep Calhoun's attack away from him. Somewhere in the corner of his mind, the archangel knew Calhoun was strong, but he hadn't expected Calhoun to be as strong as him. 

"You know what the problem is with you demons? It is that you believe in snatching things by force and going against the rules," responded Michael. He pushed Calhoun's burning metal rod away and put all his might in his hand to swing his golden staff at Calhoun. 

The other angels who stood away from them, witnessed the impressive fight that was taking place in front of them. It didn't look like it would be getting over any time soon. 

"I don't care about your other souls here. The only person I want is Madeline," declared Calhoun, his movements persistent. Michael's body disappeared from the place, and in an instant, he came to stand behind Calhoun. Michael hit Calhoun with his staff, sending the demon flying to a distance before Michael caught hold of his footing in the air. 

The angels looked happy, noticing the blood that appeared from the demon's mouth that he spat it out. 

"It is not too late to leave, Calhoun," advised Michael with a small frown on his face. 

Calhoun ran his tongue around the corner of his lips, and he then looked up at Michael, "Do you think you are the only one with tricks?" he asked with a smirk on his lips. Like Michael, he was able to apparate from where he stood, and he came to stand behind Michael. 

Michael's eyes widened as he hadn't expected a person from the living world like Calhoun to be able to apparate. Soon enough, Calhoun had brought the burning rod to take a successful hit against the archangel. But Michael was quick to recover and the fight between the two looked like it was not going to end anytime soon. 
And we meet- Part 2

"I don't trust you," said Madeline, her eyes watching the angel named Raphael who had told her that he had come here to take her to meet someone. The only people she knew here were the archangels who had greeted her when she had arrived in Heaven, and she trusted them. 

Raphael pursed his lips, he knew this would happen, but he had hoped the lady would oblige to his words and would follow him. He knew his action of hurting Uriel would cost him later, but he believed that things would only worsen if Madeline was not taken to the front part of Heaven in time. The last thing he needed was people killing each other and dying in Heaven, which was considered a haven. 

Raphael didn't take any offence to Madeline's words. He nodded his head as if he agreed to her words. 

"The reason why I am asking you to follow me is that it is important," Raphael let Madeline know. "With the vibrations that I feel in the air, I can only assume that the fight between the angels and demons has begun. Right now, you are someone who will be able to stop that." 

"I don't understand," replied Madeline with a small frown on her face. 

"Long ago, God sent an archangel from Heaven to bring peace in the living world, because the innocent souls were turning corrupt. The angel fell in love and bore a child that I believe is a good sign. You are like a bridge Madeline, but you are only half of that bridge while the other half waits for you at the front place of Heaven," explained Raphael to her. "I understand that everything I am speaking is sounding strange to you, and it would have been easier with your memories still intact. But when you meet him, you will find your answers. I am Raphael, and we have met each other in the living world." 

"Why did you hurt him then?" questioned Madeline, her eyes looking at the archangel whose wings had disappeared from his back for the time being. 

"Some of my brothers are too rigid in their thinking, looking at things only as black and white. They are unable to see what is in front of their eyes, and I am hoping they will. We need to leave from here rather than wasting our time talking. You are the daughter of an angel, Lady Madeline," said Raphael before glancing at Uriel as the archangel could wake up any minute. 

Madeline pursed her lips, not knowing what to do. Though initially, she was suspicious, the man in front of her was an archangel and angels never hurt anyone. They never meant any harm, and she finally nodded her head. 

They heard another loud collision, and Madeline couldn't help but look far in the direction where they were now heading. 

"What is happening out there?" she asked Raphael, her heart starting to feel anxious. 

"A fight between the angel and the demon. Come this way, milady," he ushered her into a passage in the garden where the creepers crawled from one side to the top before they crawled down on the other side. There were little flowers that decorated the creepers, leaving a sweet fragrance in the air. 

Madeline noticed small creatures who had wings on their back. They hid behind the leaves and flowers, when they saw Madeline and Raphael walk by them. She wondered if they were fairies.

Their feet were quick, and before they could reach the end of the long passageway of the garden, Paschar came into view as he stood there, blocking their way. 

"What are you trying to do, Raphael? Did one punishment not suffice that you are looking for another one?" questioned Paschar with a deep frown and his lips setting itself in a thin line. 

Madeline looked back and forth between the two archangels. Seeing Raphael not stop walking, she followed him. 

"I am doing what I believe to be right, Paschar," answered Raphael, his feet finally coming to a halt, keeping five steps distance from Paschar. 

Paschar asked, "Do you think what you believe to be right is right? The orders were clear, and you heard it too. Innocent souls are not supposed to leave Heaven, and until now we have done everything to save them. It is the will of God, and you are going against him. Did spending your time in the living world make you forget who you are? Don't do this Raphael. You are an angel and not someone who works for the Devil."

Madeline couldn't help but wonder what was going on as from what she heard from the words between these two angels, it seemed that the angel who was leading her outside the garden of Owe was going against the rules. 

"Madeline, come with me. I will take you to a safer place," offered Paschar. 

"Don't tell me you want her here because you can keep her closer and watch over her. Would your actions be the same if you were allowed to go and meet her in the living world?" questioned Raphael. 

Unlike the humans and other creatures who belonged to the living world, Paschar's expression barely changed, and he continued to stare at Raphael, who was younger than him. 

"Madeline is my daughter, and she is under the protection of Heaven, which means we are here to protect her from evil that has stepped into Heaven," stated Paschar. "Maybe I wasn't able to protect her before, but I am going to make it up to her and her mother by looking after her here."

Raphael's eyes softened, "You don't mean it, do you? I heard that she refused to come to Heaven. Doesn't that mean that she has already made her decision? She doesn't mind going to Hell if it means she gets to stay next to him-"

"Guiding the souls is our responsibility," interrupted Paschar. 

Paschar was one of the mellowest angels, who often kept to himself. He had once defied Heaven, and it had cost his daughter to go through many difficulties. He didn't want to burden her more because of his mistakes. 
And we meet- Part 3

Raphael placed his hand in front of Madeline, standing in a protective stance. Madeline looked worried as she felt the pleasant atmosphere had suddenly turned tense. 

"Why are you trying to defy the orders, Raphael?" questioned Paschar calmly without taking a hasty decision of attacking a fellow angel. 

"Because I believe people's misdeeds can be forgiven. Isn't that what Heaven is all about? We give people a chance to mend their ways. While I lived in the living world, I realised why father sent me there. It had nothing to do with the punishment because if it was, I would not be here now, but would have continued to roam in the living world or ended up in Hell," explained Raphael, "Our father is forgiving, and he wants people to live in harmony. Madeline's happiness lies on the other side of Heaven, and I understand it is not something that you approve of, but don't you think she deserves true happiness?" Raphael's eyebrows knitted itself.

"And you are ready to take the punishment for a second time," Paschar narrowed his eyebrows. 

"You have closely worked with him in the past, enough to know he makes your daughter happy. You know my reasoning is right," Raphael hoped Paschar would listen to him. If Paschar decided not to let them pass, there was no way he would be able to take Madeline to where Calhoun was and save the other angel's if they had involved themselves in the fight. 

Madeline was taken aback, when Raphael mentioned this angel who was in front of them to be her father. Paschar's eyes shifted from Raphael to look at Madeline, who was staring back at him. 

"Are you sure about this?" Paschar directed his question to Raphael. 

"Yes," answered Raphael, and Paschar took a step backwards before moving aside from the passageway. "Where are they?" inquired Raphael. 

"Not too far away from the gates," answered Paschar, and he then said, "I will come with both of you. If there are other archangels at the place, I doubt they will let you pass through." Having him would only put more weight on Raphael's explanation as he was one of the eldest archangels. 

Away from the garden of Owe, Calhoun and Michael continued to fight with each other without taking a break. Most of the clouds beneath them had scattered away, leaving nothing but space like sky below them. 

With sparks flying in the air because of their weapons clash against each other, Calhoun and Michael glared at each other. 

"Did you know that Paschar's lover was a demon?" taunted Calhoun, and Michael's eyes widened. 

"That's not true!" retorted Michael before making use of his angelic abilities, and he shot a beam of light with full force right at Calhoun. Calhoun tried to deflect the beam using both his hands, but being a demon from the living world, it left burns on him. 

"Paschar is unaware of it, but my sweet wife was the one who discovered the truth," said Calhoun with a smug look on his face that irked Michael, reminding him of the Devil's smile. "This means Madeline is not just an archangel's child but also the first level demon's child." 

Michael didn't believe what Calhoun just said. There was no way Paschar had been in a relationship with a demon. The angels had made a thorough check, and all they had found out was that the woman was a human.

"I don't care if Madeline is a demon or an angel's child anymore," replied Michael, his eyes steadily looking at Calhoun. "You must have already heard that we don't care about it anymore as the matter was already dropped. It is ironic, though, that fate played in a way to have Madeline end up in Heaven. Doesn't it mean that this is her destiny? We had nothing to do with her death."

"That I have gathered. It was the demon, and I don't care about it either. My only concern has been, where Madeline is." Seeing Michael not obliging to his words, Calhoun swung his hand to release a beam that didn't just go at Michael, but it spread out like waves from where Calhoun stood. The angel's who weren't as powerful as Michael fell on the clouds. 

"Weren't you in a relationship with Helena?"

"What about her? It was purely for work reasons," said Michael with his eyes that narrowed.

It took Calhoun a second before he started to laugh, "Oh, nothing."

"Don't make me angry, Calhoun. Return to where you have come from, unless you want to die here," said Michael, raising his hand up and to the side as if he was harnessing all the energy around him. 

"I have the same words to offer to you," replied Calhoun, and as he said that a dark shadow started to appear around him. 

Before both of them could clash against each other, their attention was diverted by the presence of two more angel's and the girl who was today's highlight. Michael's eyes narrowed, and he glared at his two brothers,

"What are you doing by bringing her here?!"

Paschar and Raphael had arrived at the fighting scene. Calhoun's gaze moved from Paschar to look at Raphael, someone who he had thought he wouldn't be seeing. But since his last three visits to Hell, he hadn't been able to sense Raphael in there. 

Calhoun's eyes then looked at the person who stood behind the archangels, and on seeing Madeline, his eyes returned to their red ones, and his gaze softened. 

The other angel Gabriel had already been there, and he had let Michael fight the demon. His brother seemed to be enthusiastic to fight. Gabriel had decided to stand on the sidelines and observe. 

Looking at Raphael, Gabriel asked, "Came to tour the lady around Heaven?" in subtle sarcasm. He could feel Michael's anger that was radiating from where he stood. 

"This is perfect," Calhoun stated loudly. "Hand me Madeline over, and all of us can continue our lives like this never happened."

Michael's anger was directed at Paschar and Raphael, who had defied the orders for the second time. "Have you forgotten whose side are you on?"

Calhoun didn't wait, and he quickly apparated at a speed that within the next second he stood behind Madeline. Feeling the sudden breeze, Madeline turned behind to look at the stranger, who had red eyes. 

"W-who are you?" blurted Madeline. 
Back in my arms- Part 1

Music Recommendation: Giverny by Remo Anzovino


Madeline stared at the stranger who was looking back at her. She didn't remember anything that had happened in the living world before she came to Heaven. That was why she didn't know a person like this existed, at least not one that had antlers on his head. 

Calhoun already knew this was going to happen, and no matter how much he would tried to prepare himself for this moment since Madeline's death, the blow of her words didn't reduce the crack in his heart. Madeline wore white robe that was similar to the other angels robes, and her wings were out for one's view. He noticed her gulp down, her throat moving up and down. 

The nerves that had appeared on Calhoun's skin slowly started to disappear, and the antlers slowly turned smaller and smaller until they finally disappeared. 

When a gust of wind blew across them, Madeline raised her hand to push her hair away from her face while she continued to stare at Calhoun.

Instead of using force that he was used to in the past, Calhoun knelt to everyone's surprise as they didn't expect the Devil's grandson to showcase such politeness. Calhoun was in a delicate situation where Michael had made it clear that Madeline wouldn't be able to leave Heaven without her will. Maybe if it was someone else, he would have agreed to leave the person here. After all, Calhoun never had an issue with people going to Heaven, but the person who had entered Heaven was Madeline, his lover and wife, and he wasn't willing to part away from her. 

With Calhoun's body back to normal and the antlers that had vanished, Madeline noticed the stranger was handsome and somewhere, she felt her heart skip a beat when he knelt in front of her. 

Without hesitation, Calhoun picked up Madeline's hand as if it was the most natural thing, and he heard her heart race. He pressed his lips on the back of her hand, a kiss that was gentle and enough to sway Madeline's heart.

"My name is Calhoun Hawthrone, the King of Devon in the living world, but most importantly, I am your husband and your soulmate," Calhoun's words were confident as he looked up at Madeline. 

The little gesture Calhoun showed was a big surprise to everyone who was there because until now no demon had appeared in Heaven and had knelt down on their knees in front of an angel. 

Madeline's eyes widened hearing these words. Was it true? With everyone's eyes that were on her and on this man who introduced himself to be Calhoun, it made her conscious, and she fell short of words. 

When the angel named Raphael had mentioned that he was going to make her meet someone, someone who was waiting for her, the last thing she had expected was a handsome stranger declaring her to be his wife. 

Calhoun didn't move from his position, and he didn't let go of her hand. He saw the way an innocent blush appeared on Madeline's face as if she was not immune to his charms. His lips twisted, ready to smile over her reaction, but he still needed her to agree to leave the place with him.

"Are you ready to come back to the living world with me?" came the polite yet patient words from Calhoun. 

"She's not going anywhere!" Michael glared at Calhoun because the demon had dared to come and take away a soul from Heaven. For eons, the angels had been trying to keep the souls safely in Heaven. Providing them with a life that they deserved after the hardships they went through in the living world, which was nothing less to Hell. 

Gabriel flew from where he stood, making his way to where Michael stood, "The memory spell is too strong, brother. No one has ever been able to break it. You and I, with everyone else who is part of Heaven, are aware of it." 

Like other angels, Gabriel had worked in saving and protecting the people from the living world. At the same time, it was quite interesting to see a demon having a connection with an angel in here. Not to forget, the demon had entered Heaven knowing he could be killed. As much as evil prevailed in the world, the angels had always succeeded in guarding the children of God while trying to show them the right path. 

"Lucifer is here," informed Michael, and Gabriel raised his eyebrows. It had been years since he had last heard about their brother, who had turned to the dark side. 

"I don't think we should be surprised, considering how this one is related to him," came the calm voice from Gabriel. He turned back, looking at the sky and caught sight of the bat-like wings that swiftly headed towards them. "I wonder if we have more trouble," murmured Gabriel under his breath without a hint of panic in his voice. 

A deep frown appeared on Michael's forehead when he sensed Lucifer's presence not far behind them, and his grip on his golden staff tightened. 

While the angel's concentration was deviated with the Devil's arrival, Calhoun tried to woo Madeline like he should have rightfully done since the beginning they had met in the ball. 

"So what is it going to be, sweet rose?" Calhoun nudged Madeline by his words. 

Madeline's cheeks turned warmer as heat appeared to settle on her face. Both Raphael and Paschar had left the place to join where the other two archangels stood. 

"Were you the one who created the collision earlier?" questioned Madeline, and Calhoun nodded his head. "Why? Were you fighting with the angels?" With the knowledge that Madeline had, angels were the ones who brought light and protected the souls, while the demons were the ones to create an uproar and spread bad influence on people. "Are you a demon?" 

With her memory wiped clean, Madeline had only found Calhoun's appearance unusual, but she didn't judge him. 

"I am," answered Calhoun truthfully. "But me being a demon has nothing to do with loving you, Madeline. You are the most beautiful and kind woman I have ever come across in my life, and I treasure you above anything and above my very own life. I know it is hard to believe with your memories erased, but I mean every word when I say I will be lost without you next to me."

Calhoun could feel Madeline's heart skip a beat, but he didn't stop speaking. 

"You might not remember the time we have shared, but I assure you that each and every one of them is worth remembering, and I cherish them all. The one's where you smiled and laughed, the ones where you were angry and sad, the time when you cried, and all I wanted to do was to wipe them away while wanting to take the burdens that you have felt," said Calhoun. He got up from the place where he had knelt on one of his knees to stand tall and in front of Madeline. "I will build them all again because all I need is you with me. So...will you come?" 
Back in my arms- Part 2

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Madeline parted her lips. Though she didn't have a memory of this person or what he was speaking, she felt a strange familiarity in the way he talked to her. His words were sweet on her ears. 

Her eyes moved to look at the other people who had gathered around them. Most of the angels intently watched them, while the archangel's had a mixed response. Paschar and Gabriel looked at her with a calm expression, the angel Raphael had a faint smile on his lips, and Michael looked more than upset right now. 

Michael was unhappy with the turn of events as his brothers were letting an angel mingle with a demon who was the definition of catastrophe. 

"Have you all decided to side with the evil in the world?" questioned Michael. 

Being one of the eldest out of all the angels, he had always tried to set an example of how angels were supposed to be. The demons had caused nothing but trouble until now. The demons whispered things to the people in the living world, tempting them to do evil things before the same people who were tempted ended up in Hell. 

"This might bring in peace," said Raphael and received a glare from Michael. 

"By joining hands with the Devil and his grandson?!" Michael's temper shot up. "It seems like your punishment went in vain, and being friends with the demons has changed your vision." 

"I think what Raphael means is," Gabriel interrupted with a pleasant smile on his face, "That the evil in the world might reduce because of the demon and an angel's reunion." 

"It didn't before. How do you expect it will happen now?" Michael's eyes narrowed while he tried to control his voice. 

The other three archangel's frowned upon hearing this. Michael pursed his lips, wondering if he should tell it. But even though he didn't say anything more than that, it didn't take long for the other three angels to know that it was Paschar, regarding whom Michael was speaking about. 

Gabriel's eyebrows raised, and without commenting on Michael's words, he said, "Didn't you tell that Madeline had refused to come to Heaven, not because it isn't a good place, but because this isn't where her heart belongs?"

"Yes, and that is why we decided not to insist on the matter further. But you know she belongs here. Her heart is pure and untainted even after what took place in the living world. If you didn't feel that way, you wouldn't have brought her here," stated Michael, and he had a point there. 

Gabriel was quiet for some time before deciding to speak, "That was before I heard his confession. If you look at the records, he has truly loved and cherished her."

"I have no issue with them being in love," Michael rolled his eyes. "We cannot let souls leave from Heaven. Next thing you know, someone else will be at the gates of Heaven asking for their loved one's soul to be sent back."

Vladimir, who had stood away from them, cleared his throat, "About that, I was hoping to take Constance from here." 

The other angels narrowed their eyes at him. "Don't even think about it," glared Michael. "You have some nerve by showing up here after what you did." 

"Me?" asked Vladimir, placing his hand on his chest while looking behind him when there was no one. A chuckle escaped his lips. "I missed you," the Devil said with a straight face, and Michael's eyes hardened. 

Gabriel and the others were not too concerned with Calhoun being here, but with the Devil who had appeared, everyone looked at him in high alert. Everyone took their position so that if the Devil would strike, they would be ready to strike back at him. 

"Go back to where you have come from. You are no more welcome in Heaven," Michael turned himself to face Vladimir. 

A smile appeared on Vladimir's lips, "I have not come here to fight with anyone. All I have come here is to supervise the situation. I don't think anyone would like to see my wrath after hurting my children." Vladimir's eyes moved to look at Calhoun, who seemed unscathed. 

On one side there were the angels, and on another side was the Devil. On the third side, Calhoun had built his own space of bubble with Madeline so that he could capture her whole attention. 

Without any hesitation, Calhoun leaned forward and kissed Madeline right on her lips. He kept the kiss short without making it overbearing, leaving a breath of sweetness in her mouth. Madeline's eyes widened. 

"I know you feel it in your very soul, Madeline," said Calhoun, his red eyes piercing through her.

"That's enough!" said Michael, stepping forward. "As you can see, Madeline now belongs to Heaven. I can understand that it's hard to believe that she isn't in the living world, but you need to accept the truth of what has happened." 

Calhoun's eyes narrowed, looking at the archangel with the same intensity. "One way or the other, I am taking her," while saying this, a black fuming fire appeared in his hand. 

"How will you take her when she doesn't even know you? Using the whisperings of the devil to sway her," Michael tched at the end. 

"That won't be needed," came Madeline's voice who stood beside Calhoun. She stepped closer to Calhoun, and she placed her arm on his. "I remember." 

The angels who gathered around looked at Madeline with a perplexed expression on their face. They wondered if Calhoun had done something to Madeline to make her utter words that she didn't mean. Soon whisperings broke in there by the angels who stood there watching the scene, 

"That's not possible!" 

"It's the Devil's work. He must have done something!" 

"No one has ever regained their lost memories…"

Clapping his hands together, Vladimir looked at Madeline, "It is good to have you back, Madeline."

Back in my arms- Part 3

"I won't let you-" Michael started only to have his other brother Gabriel, catch hold of his staff so that he wouldn't begin a fight that would cause the other angels any harm.

"Gabriel?" a look of shock appeared on Michael's face, and before he would misunderstand, Gabriel said,

"Let us try to resolve the matter without any fight. Bloodshed has brought no one happiness, and it would only make things worse. We all know it's not possible for a person's soul who has passed through the gates of Heaven to remember what has happened in the living world, and a demon's abilities doesn't work here. Why don't we clarify it?" suggested Gabriel with a smile on his lips. 

Raphael agreed with a nod, "Yes, why don't we? Maybe a true love's kiss awakened her memories?" A round of murmur took place around the angels again, and they wondered what would happen. 

Everyone waited on what Michael would say, and he nodded his head before asking Madeline, "Do you remember who killed you in the living world?" 

Madeline's hand that slipped from Calhoun's arm moved down for Calhoun to hold it in his hand in support. She didn't know how it happened, but right after Calhoun pulled himself away after the kiss, it was as if every single memory that she had from the living world had made its way back to her. 

"It was a level one demon, his name was Darian," answered Madeline. 

Calhoun had no interest in Michael's question, "This sorts everything. You cannot keep someone against their will. At least when you know where their heart belongs."

Michael was not happy with the unexpected development because in all these years, not once did a soul regain their memories. He wondered if it was because Madeline was Paschar's child. He stared at Madeline before his eyes fell on her and Calhoun's hand that had interlinked with each other. 

After some deep thought, Michael said, "It seems like the demon's love has already tainted her heart. I don't see it to be of any point in keeping her here. With her regained memories and the love that she seeks not being here, she will only wilt away…"

Michael continued, "And when it comes to love...It is hard to stand against it. But keep it in mind that this is the only exception and the last one." Hearing this, a smile spread on Madeline's lips. "I will let it go with the hope that demons can learn to love and be compassionate. Leave Heaven soon before I change my mind," and saying that, Michael didn't stay any longer there and left the place. After Michael left, so did Vladimir. 

Gabriel and Raphael smiled at Michael's decision, knowing even though Michael was strict with rules, he still had a soft heart. He was after all an angel. 

"I will see you in the church if you ever plan to visit," said Gabrie to Madeline. Raphael bowed at both Madeline and Calhoun. 

"Thank you for your help, Raphael," said Calhoun. They didn't need big words and long sentences to convey how they felt. Raphael smiled. 

"I was glad to be of your help, King Calhoun," replied Raphael, and before they knew it, both Gabriel and Raphael flew away to follow their brother Michael. Madeline looked at Paschar, who still stood there, looking at her without going back to the heart of Heaven. Calhoun let go of her hand, and Madeline walked to where Paschar stood. 

With most of the angels who left the scene and the issue about Madeline staying in Heaven resolved along with the memory that had returned to her, she didn't know what to say to her father. Not because she didn't want to speak to him, but there was a certain heaviness in her heart. She knew he cared. 

His grey eyes watched her, walk and come to stand in front of him. 

"You are free now, Madeline. You don't have to worry anymore," said Paschar. 

"Will you get into trouble? For not listening to Michael earlier?" Madeline didn't spend much time in Heaven to know how he would be punished for his actions. 

"Don't worry about that. That would mean Michael's decision was wrong too. And he did the right thing by letting you go," Paschar offered her a smile, "At the end of the day, we just want the others to be happy without causing any harm. He knew that the love you both share is special and not something that will hurt anyone. It just took him some time to understand."

Paschar was speaking about Michael. Madeline nodded her head. 

Then Madeline said, "I wanted to tell you something." Paschar tilted his head with a questioning gaze. 

"What is it?" he asked her. 

Madeline had never met her mother when her mother was alive, but there was a secret that they both shared. Not knowing, Michael had already dropped a hint about it earlier. She said, "Mother loved you a lot. You meant the world to her."

Paschar had not expected Madeline to say something like this. "I know." A smile broke through his lips, "You should go before the gates that Michael opened closes again," he advised, and Madeline nodded her head. Before Madeline was ready to go, she stepped forward and put her hands around Paschar. 

Her actions caught Paschar off guard, and after a second, he put his arms around her, "I will miss you," he said to her. 

"Me too," whispered Madeline to him. It was the first time she was acknowledging him as her father. "Do you think you will be allowed to visit the living world again?"

"Let's hope for it," replied Paschar, and he then dropped his hand as it was time for Calhoun and Madeline to return to the living world. Stepping away from Paschar, Madeline went to where Calhoun was waiting for her. 

While Madeline made her way to where Calhoun was, she heard the wings flap that told her that Paschar had left them alone now. Madeline took one last look at Heaven, the place she had stayed for the briefest time and a home to her father. 

"Ready to leave?" asked Calhoun, and Madeline nodded her head. 

Back in the heart of Heaven, Gabriel had taken a seat on one of the benches as if he was enjoying the warmth of the sun. The atmosphere had turned back calm and the angels had returned back to their usual duties. Raphael had gone with Michael.

Seeing Paschar making his way, Gabriel asked, "Did they leave?"

"They did. What are you smiling at?" questioned Paschar. 

"I can sense the heaviness in your heart, Paschar. If you didn't want her to go, you shouldn't have done it. She is your daughter," stated Gabriel. Paschar stared at the other archangel for long seconds before saying, 

"I don't know what you are speaking about," and Paschar left the place. 

Maybe Michael, Raphael and the other angels didn't notice it, but Gabriel was aware that Paschar had something to do with fixing Madeline's lost memories. Setting it to the time when Calhoun had kissed Madeline. 

Gabriel placed his hands back on the bench, leaning backward to face the bright sun before a faint smile appeared on his lips. 
Closure- Part 1

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Peace had settled back in the realm of Heaven as the fight that had started had stopped, and the people who had come to retrieve a person from Heaven had left, at least that is what people of the Heavenly realm presumed it to be. 

Somewhere away from the garden of Owe, a woman stood facing the mountains that appeared to be near but was in truth far away from the place where she was. Due to the quietness that prevailed back in the place, she had brought her canvas and the charcoal that was in her room out here to paint. 

Like many other souls in Heaven, Constance had no recollection of the memories that she had from the living world. She was completely unaware that her dear son had appeared nearby. She had started to draw the mountains when a person came to stand right behind her. The person looked at her drawing earnestly while getting lost in it. 

While placing one of the charcoal's sticks on the edge of the canvas stand, it slipped from there and fell backwards, making her turn. Before she could pick it up, someone had picked it up for her, and Constance saw a man who wore white robes, and his eyes weren't blue or gold. They were red, an unusual colour that she had not come across since she had come to live in Heaven. 

"Thank you," she whispered, noticing there was something strange about this person who stood out from the rest of the angels who were around. 

"What are you drawing?" asked the person who appeared to be in his thirties, his hair neatly combed back to show his sharp jawline. 

Constance looked back at her canvas, "It's the mountains. I have finished almost everything that is in here and decided to draw something using my imagination." 

"I can tell," hummed Vladimir, staring at the canvas that didn't resemble the mountains that were in front of them. Instead, it resembled the Belmount mountains. 

Earlier, before everyone had the opportunity to disperse, Vladimir had disappeared from the fight scene to come in search of Constance, his daughter, whom he yearned to look at. This might be the only opportunity and the time where he would be coming to Heaven, and he had grabbed the chance to see her without letting anyone know. He wore the white robes that were identical to the other angels robes, camouflaging himself in the surroundings. 

"You seem to be an expert in it," praised Vladimir, something he had often done in the past, and he caught sight of his daughter's smile. "Where did you learn to draw this?" he questioned her. 

Constance stared at the drawing, "I am not sure. It must have been from one of my imaginations or maybe from the dream that I often have."

"Would you like to share with me what you dream about? The mountains, I mean," Vladimir pressed for more information. 

"You seem to be very interested in it. Do you draw?" Constance questioned back at Vladimir, and the Devil smiled. 

"I do. Been an excellent artist," but he didn't stop his words there, "My daughter used to draw too. She acquired the talent for it from me. She used to see the paintings I made, and she would then carry a bunch of pencils along with her before scribbling something that was at first hard to understand, but she got better." 

Constance smiled, hearing this. For a moment, she was confused by thinking about how this person remembered things from the living world or if he was only dreaming. Nonetheless, she continued the conversation with the stranger, 

"She must have turned to be a good artist then," said Constance, hearing the man speak earnestly about his daughter. 

Vladimir nodded his head. Looking straight into her eyes, he said, "The best. She passed the talent to her son." Constance returned the smile, and Vladimir was reminded about how Heaven felt before he had decided to leave this place. The memories were bittersweet, but they were all history. 

He could hear the bird's chirp and felt the rays of the warm sunlight that passed through to touch Heaven. This was something that didn't exist in Hell, but he had made his choice. 

"Actually," started Constance, and Vladimir was pulled out from his thoughts. "The dreams I used to have are always so beautiful. Sometimes I wonder if it was from the life I once had in the living world before I entered Heaven. Every day I open my eyes with a smile on my lips, believing everything is alright and I am in peace with my mind. At the same time, I cannot help but wonder if I am missing something. I see people in my dreams, but not their faces as it is unclear."

"The angels sure love to erase my face," Vladimir muttered under his breath. This gained Constance's attention, and a questioning look passed through her features. He shook his head, "What else do you see in your dreams?"

Living in Heaven for so long, Constance had spoken to many people about various things, but the way this man questioned and asked her, she wondered if he was different from the rest of them. Probably special, like the archangels. 

Constance tried to recollect what she dreamt, "I see a person in my dream who wears black clothes. He has a stern voice, but it doesn't scare me. It feels like I was small because of how tall he looked. I try to go out, moving towards the window."

'Don't step too close to the windows, Constance. It can be dangerous,' advised the man, coming to pick her up in his arms from where she was. 

'I saw a bird that was flying outside. Do you think we could go and see it?' she asked him. 

'Birds? They are useless things, why don't I show you the horse.' 

Constance then said, "The person calls for someone who is smaller in size, and then says 'Constance needs a horse.' And the person who was carrying me puts me back down on the ground."
Closure- Part 2

Vladimir remembered it. He remembered the memory very clearly because it used to happen quite often and the memory went like this...

'Odin!' Constance hugged Odin's leg when he appeared in front of her. Odin brought his hand in front of his face out of happiness that the child loved him.

'There are no horses in the tower, milady, but I can be the horse,' said Odin before having the little girl hopped up on his back.

Having a faint recollection of her dream, Constance laughed, "I wonder if I was a troublesome child." The dreams were unclear, similar to a fragrance that was hard to hold on to, but she remembered it to be a sweet memory. 

"You weren't," Vladimir cleared her doubts, "You were one of the most well-behaved child when you were small, and the most loved."

A warm smile spread across Constance's lips, "Thank you for your kind words. If you ever want to borrow a canvas, you can ask me for it. I would be happy to share my canvas and the charcoals with you," she offered. 

When Vladimir had decided to come to Heaven to help Calhoun and find his way to Heaven, which was ironic, but that wasn't the only reason why he had agreed to help. He had hoped to take Constance from Heaven too. After all, she was his daughter. What were the angels thinking by keeping the Devil's child with them? 

Tch, kidnapping her, huffed Vladimir to himself. 

He was the Devil, and he wanted to live up to his name by taking Constance away from here. Being the Devil, he could do it. But he knew the pain and misery Constance had gone through in the living world before coming here. 

Calhoun wasn't the only one who had gone looking for answers about his mother, as even Vladimir had tried to get information about Constance, trying to know the life she had led. He had tried to hunt down who had hurt her in the past, but Calhoun had killed them all.

"Do you like it here?" questioned Vladimir, and Constance looked at him. 

Constance nodded her head, "Very much," and that decided what she wanted. In the past, Vladimir had forced her to live in his way, and it had resulted in her life taking the worse turn. He wasn't going to do something that she wasn't ready for. 

Vladimir exhaled and said, "That settles then. I will come back again, and I hope at that time, you will be able to remember more things."

On the other side, Michael and Raphael were taking a stroll next to each other, with Raphael intently explaining something as the other archangel listened to him. When their eyes fell on the person with whom Constance was speaking to, Michael's eyes narrowed. 

At the same time, Vladimir disappeared from there, and Raphael said, "He must have missed her. She is his daughter."

Michael's eyes hardened, "Make sure to check her memory as well as increase the number of angels to guard the perimeter and near the gates of Heaven." 

Raphael waited for Michael to say something more, but Michael didn't say anything more, Raphael let out an internal sigh of relief when Michael turned around and went back to the main tower. Right now, Raphael and Paschar were not allowed to step out of Heaven, but hopefully, one day, they would be able to go back to the living world. 

Back in the living world, in the Hawthrone Castle, Madeline and Calhoun who had returned to their room had locked the room's door. 

Madeline had made Calhoun to sit on the bed, and she tended his forehead that had a mark due to the wound that he had received while fighting with Michael. As it was a wound inflicted by an archangel on a demon. The mark had not disappeared the way it usually did and it continued to stay. 

She dabbed the wet cloth on Calhoun's forehead while standing between his legs, "Does it hurt?" asked Madeline with worry in her voice. 

Calhoun was not bothered with the wound or the ache that he felt on his back because of the archangel's staff. There was a smile on his lips as Madeline was back, and that is all he wanted—not caring about anything else. 

"Cal?" Madeline stopped dabbing the wound and looked straight into his red eyes. "Are you okay?"

"Perfectly fine. You worry for nothing," Calhoun caught hold of her hand, that held the wet cloth, and he brought it down. He took the cloth and put it down before making her sit on his lap so that he could hold and look at her. Cherish her even more than before. "Kiss me, and everything will feel better." 

Within a heartbeat, Madeline closed the distance between their lips and she kissed him. Pressing her warm lips on his, "If it doesn't feel better, I can kiss again," she whispered on his lips. 

Thinking back about the time where she had spent a few hours without knowing who Calhoun was, it somewhere frightened her. She knew the angels did what they had to do, but remembering the memories she had forgotten before gaining it back was something she was not ready to let go of. 

Calhoun's nose touched her nose, rubbing the tips. "I would like some more, maybe lots, but you already know how I feel," he said, pulling her closer and kissing her again. Madeline circled her arms around Calhoun's neck, and she pushed him to the surface of the bed to only have her positions changed with Calhoun on top of her as he had flipped her on her back. "When did you learn such things?" he asked her, his eyes fascinatingly looking at her. 

Madeline's lips stretched with a smile she couldn't keep to herself as she was happy to have Calhoun's presence near her. Her hands reached for him, her fingers tracing his cheeks and then jaw before it slid down to feel his broad shoulders. 

"There is a saying that when two people love and live together, they end up picking up each other's habits," said Madeline. Calhoun caught hold of one of her hands, kissing her wrist with his eyes closed before he opened them. 

"You learned it from me," Calhoun hummed in approval. His eyes fell on her face, staring deep into her eyes, "I was worried I lost you." 

"But you found me." It was a risky move for him while being a demon to enter Heaven. Not to forget, even if Calhoun wasn't Vladimir's grandson, he wouldn't be welcomed into Heaven because of the sins he had committed. "Thank you for coming to get me." 

Calhoun pressed his lips on Madeline's forehead, leaving a tender kiss before he said, "I would never leave you alone."

When he pulled away, tears appeared in her eyes, and he gave her a questioning look, "What's the matter, my sweet rose?"

Madeline smiled at him, "It's been a long journey."

Calhoun offered her a warm smile, "And there's more ahead of us. Now that we have the demons and the angel's out of our way, I think it's finally the time to have for ourselves." With one snap of his fingers, her angelic robes turned to white feathers before they disappeared from the bed. 
Bundle of joy

Months passed by, and with the news of the demons and fallen angels' existence being known by people, they were slowly trying to get used to it. Initially, there had been resistance by the public, but the High House had recruited some of the efficient and capable people to the higher position so that it could continue to function and not break the existing system that had so far remarkably helped to maintain peace. 

One of the High House headquarters had been built in the abandoned town that was now being brought back to life where people could start living there too. In the meeting room of the High House quarters, one of the men reported,

"The villages in the East side have calmed down about the matter, but there has been quite some commotion going on in the North side. Both the West and North sides have opposite conditions with the different kinds who have tried to colonize and hurt the others," the man had knit his eyebrows in worries. 

"What about the magistrates in there? I thought we spoke to them in the meeting that had taken place a few months ago," demanded Helena, who sat in the centre seat of the half-circle shaped table in the room. Her ever narrowed eyes hadn't changed, and she stared at the man with a stern look. 

"A rogue werewolf killed the magistrate in the capital of the North land," informed the man. 

"Does Sebastian know about it?" 

The man nodded his head, lowering his head, "He found the ones who killed the magistrate and killed them."

Helena leaned back, wondering what to do with the Warring King's temper. "Daphne," she called the fellow High House member, "Get the carriage ready. Both you and I will be leaving tonight and see how things are in there. Good job on the reports, Hammon. At least the East and South has turned calmer compared to the first time the news about the existence of demons had broken to them."

Looking at the pocket watch that she had kept open on the table, she said, "We'll meet you in the land of Warrings, Hammon."

"Yes, milady," the man bowed his head. The High House members slowly started to step out of the room, and Helena picked up the parchments on the table. When one of them fell on the ground, she went to get it when  someone else picked it up for her. 

One glance at the hand and the ring that was on the person's hand, a scowl appeared on Helena's face. 

"What are you doing here?" Helena asked, frowning at Vladimir. 

"I came to the Hawthrone's castle and thought I would make a visit to the beautiful lady," Vladimir offered a charming smile. 

Snatching the parchment away from Vladimir's hand, Helena ignored him and started to make her way towards the door. When she stepped out of the room, she saw Vladimir standing outside the door, "Where are you going?"

"To my grave," replied Helena, and Vladimir chuckled at her response. 

"I will make sure to welcome you with open arms and get a room prepared for you in Hell," Vladimir chimed with the same enthusiasm without Helena's mood affecting him. 

Helena looked at him from the corner of her eyes. After a few weeks of meeting this man for the second time, she had soon found out about who he really was. "I would love to accompany you, but then I am already...dead?" 

Making her way down the stairs, she heard the footsteps that followed her, and she asked, "Don't you have something more important to do than following me?"

"My my, following you? I am only doing that now, but how can I deny your wish if that is what you truly want," Vladimir responded to her. He had the worst ways when it came to wooing a woman, thought Helena to herself and with him around, it was like a constant headache that kept appearing in front of her. 

Helena didn't answer, and she made her way to the carriage that was waiting for her to get inside, and when she sat inside with the door of the carriage closing, she heard Vladimir's voice,

"You didn't tell me where you are going," Helena looked slightly shocked, her eyes closed as if she was trying to calm her heart. He had appeared inside the carriage sitting next to her. 

"What do you want, Vladimir, so that you will leave me in peace?" Helena asked, tired of dodging him.

"Invite me to dinner?" Vladimir tapped his finger against his leg, waiting for her answer. 

Helena replied, "I have nothing but rat poisons in the cupboard."

"Then let me invite you for dinner. Of course not in Hell, but in the castle in the living world, Belmount?" 

It seemed like the Devil had taken an interest in her, and she wondered if she ate one meal with him, if he would let her live in peace without showing up in the High House. It was something that had been occurring for months. To avoid him, she had also changed the location of the meeting, but Vladimir had found her. 

"One dinner," stated Helena, and Vladimir picked up Helena's hand. Like a gentleman, he kissed the back of her hand. 

"Wonderful, I shall see you later," and within a blink of an eye, the Devil disappeared, leaving Helena alone in the carriage. 

Vladimir flew away from the town, making his way to the Hawthrone castle and heard a little commotion. Though most of the servants continued with their work, on one side of the castle, in front of one of the rooms that had double doors that were closed, some of the maids stood outside, but they weren't all who were there now. Mr. and Mrs. Harris stood out along with Elizabeth, Lucy, and Theodore. 

The Devil appeared in the long corridor, noticing the crowd formed in front of the room. His shoes clicked sharply against the floor. The maids who saw him quickly scattered away, resuming back to their work while some brave souls continued to stand there. 

"How are things going on, Elizabeth?" Vladimir questioned Beth, who left her parent's side and had made her way to where Vladimir was. 

"The physician said it's going fine so far. King Calhoun is in there," answered Beth. At the same time, one of the midwives appeared from the other side of the door and said, "We need some more hot water."

Two maids quickly hurried away from the door to get the water, and the midwife disappeared behind the door again. 

  They heard Madeline's scream from behind the doors before they heard an infant's cry. Inside the room, Madeline laid on the bed with many pillows placed behind her for support. She was covered in sweat, and her breathing laboured, feeling her body exhausted with her eyes that felt dizzy. 

Calhoun stroked Madeline's head, "You did well, Maddie. He's finally here," he whispered to her, his voice filled with love for her, and he kissed her head. 

With tired eyes, Madeline saw Calhoun leave her for a few seconds so that he could take their child from one of the midwives, who had finished wrapping the baby in a white cloth. Calhoun brought their child to her so that she could see and hold him. 

Her heart filled itself with joy by carrying the little one in her arms, "He's so small," she murmured. Calhoun sat next to Madeline, putting his one arm around her, while the other supported her hand in holding their child. 

"Thank you. I couldn't ask for anything more in this world than you and our child and future children," Calhoun thanked her for the gift only she could give him, and Madeline looked up at him with a tender smile on her lips.

Not soon later, the room's doors opened and in came the family members to see Calhoun and Madeline's newborn baby. Mr. and Mrs. Harris were the first ones who couldn't stop gushing looking at their first grandchild. 

"He's beautiful, Maddie!" exclaimed her mother, who had already begun shedding happy tears as their children had grown up so quickly and that they had turned to grandparents. Beth was the next one to hold the baby, who was followed by Lucy who held the baby boy. 

"Look at those hands. My nephew," said Lucy as she gently rocked the baby gently in her arms. When she handed the baby to Vladimir, who seemed to be waiting for his turn after everyone so that he wouldn't have to pass the baby to the next person immediately.

Theodore who stood next to Lucy said something in her ears that had the vampiress' eyes turn wide before she coughed. 

Holding the baby in his arms, Vladimir couldn't help but remember the first time he had held Constance in his hand after he had turned to the dark side. "What a wonderful feeling to have my great-grandchild in my arms. I can tell he will grow just like his great-grandfather," he proudly announced. "Have you decided what to name him?"

"Yes," answered Calhoun and Vladimir raised his eyebrows. 

"What is it?" asked the Devil. 

Calhoun answered, "We were thinking about the name Michael."

"You are joking," Vladimir's eyes narrowed, and Calhoun chuckled on seeing the Devil's reaction. "You have terrible jokes to share."

"We are still deciding," replied Calhoun. 

Vladimir reluctantly parted from the newborn baby, wondering if he should order Odin to shift his things from Belmont to the Hawthrone's castle so that he could bond with his great-grandson. And the minute he stepped out of the room, he had gone back to Belmont, declaring Odin that they were moving to the Hawthrone's castle for a few weeks. 

With the new member's arrival in the Hawthrone's family, the news was announced to the towns and villages before celebration took place in the land of Devon. People came to look at the royal baby while wishing Calhoun and Madeline for the happiness that was spreading in the castle and the whole Kingdom of Devon. 

The family members that Calhoun and Madeline had, stayed in the castle to spend more time and dot on the baby boy. Beth walked in the corridor, making her way to her room after providing her sister her company, who now had fallen asleep, and Calhoun was with her. 

On her way, she noticed Lady Lucy speaking to one of the male guests who had arrived at the castle two hours ago. Beth bowed her head to offer her greetings. 

"Mr. Harper, this is Lady Elizabeth Harris, Lady Madeline's sister," Lady Lucy introduced her to Mr. Harper, who was a handsome man wearing posh clothes. 

Mr. Harper bowed his head, "It is a pleasure to acquaint with you, Lady Elizabeth."

"The pleasure is all mine," Beth greeted back. 

Lady Lucy said, "Mr. Harper is from Borris. He was recently appointed as one of the High House members, and he is here for the High House's work." Lady Lucy was soon informed by a maid about her relative Aunt Monique who had only arrived at the castle and she excused herself, leaving Beth and Mr. Harper in the corridor. 

"Forgive me for my forwardness, milady, but I have never seen someone as beautiful as you. I was wondering if you-" Mr. Harper didn't get to finish his words as Beth bowed her head and said, 

"Forgive me, but I have somewhere to go. It was good to meet you, Mr. Harper," she offered him a polite smile before leaving from there. 

While Beth continued to walk, she walked past another person who seemed to be another guest, who wore high-class clothes. Not paying attention to it, she reached the front of her room and away from the crowd that she once craved for. She walked inside her room. 

Unconsciously, her hand reached for the simple chain with a pendant enclosing a small blue flower. Her hand dropped, and she fished in her dress pocket to pull out the card from it. 

"I think you have something that is mine," came a voice at the door of her room. 

Beth's head snapped around to look at the same person who she had walked past earlier, but in a haze to get to her room, she had failed to see the face. She felt her heart jump in her chest. 

He looked different but the same at the same time.

"You are here…"

She had heard from Madeline that Raphael was an archangel and not a demon. The more she thought about it, the more sense it made on why Raphael's behaviour was the way it was. 

Raphael made his way to where she stood, "We were granted permission to step into the living world. God is merciful and knows how important love is." His eyes then fell on the flower that was in the crystal-like pendant that she wore. "Paschar is on his way to meet Madeline and the child."

"She's resting at the moment," informed Beth, and Raphael nodded his head.

"He'll wait." 

When Beth was handing over the card, she noticed the plain card of the fool was not plain anymore as it had a picture of an angel with white wings. She softly gulped and turned her eyes away. 

"Are you here for a short visit?" she inquired before looking away. 

His appearance was nothing like the way he previously looked, and instead, it was the stark opposite. It was hard to keep eye contact with him because it had been months since she had last seen him. The last time she had seen him was when Calhoun had put him in the coffin. 

"The last time I was here, I believe I had left things unfinished, and I decided to come back here," stated Raphael, and Beth looked back at him and saw him stretch his hand towards her. The smile on his lips was gentle, and Beth pursed her lips so that they wouldn't tremble. 

Back in the castle's royal room, Calhoun took care of the baby while Madeline tried to catch up with her sleep as their small one had kept her awake. He had arrived in the room right after she had fallen asleep, thanking Beth for staying here with Madeline before she left. He took care of the baby as well as Madeline, letting her know he was right there next to her. After a short nap, when Madeline woke up, she caught sight of Calhoun who tucked their baby in the cradle. 

"Sleep some more," advised Calhoun.

Madeline hummed in response before a yawn escaped her lips and she sat up. She asked, "Did he just go to sleep?" 

"Yes," replied Calhoun, going to her side and pulling out the pillows to place it behind her so that she could lean against them. He kissed the side of her temple, "I missed you."

"I missed you too. When did you return?" she asked him.

"Nearly an hour ago," Calhoun replied before taking a seat next to Madeline, and brushing the baby hairs from her face. Instead of using the pillows, she preferred to lean against him by putting her hands around his arm and hugging it, whilst she looked at their baby boy they had been blessed with. 

So much had changed, thought Madeline to herself. She was not only a wife, daughter and a sister, but also a mother now. Interlinking her fingers with his, she whispered,

"Have I told you how much I love you?"

"Tell me again," Calhoun replied in a low voice without wanting to wake up the baby and he turned to face her. He looked at the innocent brown eyes that peered up to look at him. He smiled, "I don't think I will ever tire from hearing it."

Madeline returned the smile, "I love you, Cal."

"And I love you more every day, my sweet rose," Calhoun whispered back to her.