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Volume 3 Chapter 179 Power Couple 1

Heaven woke up with an aching body. She had been in pain for several days after her injury on the battlefield and she couldn't quite remember what happened and how exactly she got injured. Her days of recovery were all a blur in her head. She could only remember the agonizing pain that made her wish she was dead. 

Biting her lips in pain, she tried to turn in bed and found a man sleeping next to her. 

At first, she became shocked but when she saw his face she realized who he was. It was her husband, Zamiel. He had been with her every moment during her recovering. She knew he was always around, taking care of her, talking to her even if she couldn't see him or hear him clearly. But she should know what her husband looked like and at this moment, she wasn't sure what the man lying next to her looked like. 

She frowned, feeling uneasy, and then she became frightened when he shifted in bed and his hair moved out of his face. Her breath hitched. This man was… breathtaking. 

Heaven blinked a few times, stunned by the sight. She had to shake her head after staring for too long. This man was her husband. Why was she in such awe as if she had seen him for the first time? 

Still unable to stop staring, she loomed over him, forgetting that she was injured and causing herself pain. She groaned but quickly pressed her lips together. Before she could retreat, Zamiel opened his eyes, and she found herself looking into a pair of silver eyes. 

Eyes that were familiar and mesmerizing. She couldn't tear her gaze away from his. 

"Heaven," his voice was husky from sleep and a frown settled between his dark eyebrows. 

He pushed himself up, grabbed her shoulders, and gently pushed her down on the bed. "You need to rest," he told her. 

As if she had swallowed her tongue, she just nodded. 

He leaned over her. "How is the pain today?" 

Heaven stared at his face, that was so close to hers. Her heart began beating fast, and she forgot what he had just asked. 

"Heaven?" He looked worried now. 

"Yes," she said, her voice strained. Her throat felt dry, as if she hadn't spoken for many days. 

Zamiel removed the blanket away from his body and crawled out of bed. Heaven followed him with her gaze as he went to the table. She watched the movement of his bare upper body as he poured her some water from a jar and came back with the cup. He sat next to her on the bed. 

Heaven forced herself to sit up despite the pain, and then he handed her the cup. Her arm felt weak as she took the cup from his hand and drank the water. The cold liquid felt so soothing against her sore throat. 

When she emptied the cup, she gave it back to him. 

"Feel better?" he asked. 

She nodded. 

He placed his hand on her thigh, yet she could feel his touch through her dress and the blankets. He was cold. 

"What…" she cleared her throat because her voice was still hoarse. "What happened to me?" 

"You fell off your horse and hit your head," he explained. Then he looked down as if not liking what he was going to tell her next. "It seems like the head injury killed your human side. You are a demon now." 

Heaven blinked a few times. She was a demon? Not half human anymore? Her eyes darted nervously, not knowing how to react to this situation. 

Zamiel studied her while her head imploded with different thoughts. When she tried to remember anything, it was all a blur and her head began to hurt. She grimaced in pain. 

"Don't think too much. You need to recover first," he told her. 

As she tried to lie down again, the memory of her children struck her like lightning. 

"Nadine! Eugene!" she called, sitting up again. 

Zamiel smiled, "they are sleeping now. I'll bring them here as soon as they wake up."

"I'll go to them." She said, removing the sheets. 

"I think they will worry less if they see you less tired, bathed and in no pain." He told her. 

Heaven paused. He was right. They must have been worried already while she was recovering. She missed them so much and naturally she tried to see their faces in her head, but… there was some kind of fog covering them. She couldn't see their faces, couldn't remember what they looked like. 

Zamiel noticed the panic in her eyes. "Is something wrong?"

She shook her head. "No!" How could she tell him she couldn't remember what her own children looked like? 

Embarrassed and guilty, she lay down again. She was going to remember. She had to. 

After a lot of thinking and trying to remember, that led to a headache, she fell asleep again. When she woke up, she felt steam in the room. Turning around with every muscle in her body complaining and her head throbbing, she found a bathtub filled with hot water in the room. 

She pushed herself up into a sitting position as Zamiel walked into the room. He smiled when he found her awake. Heaven stared at him again, enthralled by this silver-eyed stranger. 

He wasn't a stranger to her, but to her eyes, he was. She saw him in a completely different way. She could detect every line, every shadow and every movement of his flawless face, and the uplifted corners of his mouth brought butterflies to her stomach. 

Swallowing, she looked away. 

"Nadine and Eugene are awake. Your parents also want to visit you, so I thought I could help you bathe and change." He said, walking toward the bathtub with a towel in his hand. 

"It is a good idea," Heaven said, getting out of bed. 

On her way to the bathtub, she began to undress, but then stopped midway. She looked up at Zamiel. Was he going to help her bathe? The thought made her feel strange and nervous. 

Nervous? How could she feel nervous? They had been married for seven years and had children together. It was very strange that she felt this way. 

Putting her brave face on, she proceeded to remove her clothes. Avoiding to look at him, she entered the bathtub and sunk into the hot and soothing water. Once she was covered, she looked at him. 

Zamiel grabbed a washcloth, sat on the stool next to the tub before reaching his arm inside the hot water. When his cold fingers wrapped around her ankle, Heaven gasped and withdrew her leg. 

Surprised, Zamiel turned to her, "What happened? Did I hurt you?" 

Volume 3 Chapter 180 Power Couple 2

What was that? Heaven had never felt a touch like that before. His cold fingers around her ankle sent a warm tingling sensation up her leg, in a way she had never felt before. She had felt his skin against hers, so much that she could tell the texture and the exact temperature. It was strange and frightening. 

Zamiel waited patiently for her to respond. 

"No, I was just… your hands are cold." She replied, extending her leg again. 

"They are usually cold. Does it bother you?" He asked. 

"No, no." She shook her head with a smile. 

He nodded and then reached for her leg again. This time, he touched her even more gently. "Is it less cold now?" He asked. 

"Yes," the hot water made his hands less cold than what they were in the beginning, even though that wasn't what had shocked her. 

Holding her leg, he stroked the washcloth on her skin, but Heaven could only focus on his hand against her skin. Every time he moved his hand, his skin brushing against her own, she felt the same sensation as before. A warm tingling feeling that slowly traveled up her leg and as his hand moved upwards the more unbearable the electrifying feeling became. 

Zamiel noticed her stiffness and gazed up at her. 

Heaven's heart raced. What was he going to say? She was acting strangely. 

"I am trying to be gentle, but it seems you are still in pain," he said. 

Heaven didn't realize that she had been holding her breath when she finally exhaled. 

"No, I am alright. I can do it alone." She reached her hand out for the cloth. 

"Alright," he said, handing it to her. "I can help you with your hair and back." 

That would be better than her thighs, she thought, but she was wrong. 

His hands on her back were as distracting, if not more, and when he came around her shoulders and neck, a sigh left her mouth. 

What was this? This was more than arousal. This was euphoric. 

She had been curling her toes and straining the muscles in her legs until they became sore. Then suddenly came a sharp pain when he touched her head. She bit her lip to stop herself from complaining as he continued to gently wash her hair. Once she was clean, he went and held the towel open for her. Heaven got out of the tub and went to be wrapped in white towel. 

Zamiel then helped her dry her hair and comb it. Heaven watched him through the mirror. It wasn't the first time he had taken care of her like this. A few memories became clearer, and she remembered the time he bathed her and braided her hair. 

"I would like braids," she said. 

He looked at her in the mirror and smiled. "Anything you like," he said. 

Every time his fingers brushed her neck and shoulders, she almost shivered. It was like his touch ignited sparks along her skin. Did it always feel like this? She couldn't quite remember how his touch felt, which caused her to panic a little. She tried to recall their first k**s and their first time making l*ve. How did she feel? 


She couldn't remember. 

Her first k**s! She couldn't forget it. 

Hastily, she stood up from her seat and stared at herself in the mirror. Something was wrong with her. 

"What is wrong?" Zamiel asked. 

"Our first k**s. I can't remember it. I can't remember our first k**s? I need to remember it." She began hyperventilating and getting away from her seat. 

"Heaven," Zamiel approached her slowly, but she backed away from him. "You are tired right now and you have been through a lot. You died and came back. You need to give yourself time to recover."

She died, so she needed more time to heal. She knew that and it made her a bit calmer, but the panic was still there. What if she never recovered? What if she lost her memories the way she lost her humanity? 

At first she had only thought that she had forgotten faces, like Zamiel's face and her children's faces, but now it was even special moments in her life. 

Afraid of discovering what more she could have forgotten she didn't try to see if she could remember her wedding, or the day she gave birth clearly. She would be devastated if she couldn't remember those moments in vivid detail. 

"Why don't you get dressed?" He suggested. "I'll bring Nadine and Eugene." 

Zamiel knew that seeing their children brought her happiness even in her saddest moments. She missed her children, but she was afraid to see them. What if she didn't feel the same way about them? What if this change not only took her memories but other qualities of hers as well? 

Heaven worried a lot as she got dressed, but as soon as her children walked through the door to her chamber she forgot all her worries. 

"Mama," they ran to her and Heaven crouched and opened her arms for them. They ran into her embrace and at that moment she forgot about the rest of the world. 

She held them close, smelled them and k**sed them. The love for her children overwhelmed her and tears filled her eyes. How could she have forgotten the faces of her own flesh and blood? Her breath, her reason to live and her happiness. They were her everything. 

"Mother, are you still hurting?" Nadine asked. 

"No, my princess. "Mother is alright and strong as always." She assured her stroking her hair. 

Heaven looked at both of them, imprinting their faces in her mind so that she would never forget them again.

Zamiel just stood there, watching them with a smile. "Mother must be hungry. Let's eat together." He suggested. 

All four sat in their garden to have lunch. Heaven had been in her garden many times before, but it felt like the first time when she walked outside. She could feel the soft breeze against her face, smell the green grass and the flowers in a way she never did before. She could hear the birds chirping and feel the warm sunrays on her skin. Her garden looked more beautiful to her eyes, and everything seemed brighter and more colorful. 

The aroma of freshly cooked food filled her nostrils and she knew what they were going to have for lunch before the maids even arrived with the food. Even the taste of it felt different. She knew what every dish was made of and the seasoning used. Food that she had eaten before felt strange against her tongue and she had to force herself to eat. There was definitely a lot she needed to get used to, now when she was a demon. 
Volume 3 Chapter 181  Power Couple 3

After having lunch with her husband and children, her parents, Klara, Roshan, Gina, Zarin and her grandmother came to visit. They were concerned about her and wanted to see if she was alright. 

Heaven felt a little strange being around all of them. Her father and Zarin who had turned demon themselves, tried to give her advice on how to adjust to her new self but none of it seemed helpful at the moment. She was still in turmoil, but she knew recovery would take time. She was just lost and scared and even around the people she loved, she felt uncomfortable and stressed out. 

Her new heightened senses made her smell everything, hear voices from a long distance together with everyone's voices in the room. She could hear breaths and heartbeats, and it was overwhelming. She was slowly beginning to panic. It felt like everyone was talking in her ear and touching her everywhere. 

Her eyes searched the room, not knowing what she was looking for until she met his eyes. His silver eyes seemed to see through her and deep into her soul. He gave her an encouraging smile and she smiled back at him but he must have seen the panic on her face before that. 

He stood up and spoke to everyone, "thank you all for coming, but I think it is wise if we don't exhaust Heaven and let her rest." 

He was nicely telling them to leave, and they understood. They wished her a fast recovery and hugged her goodbye before leaving. Heaven was so thankful for having Zamiel or she might have run away from the room after a while. 

Zamiel came and sat next to her on the bed. "How are you feeling?" he asked. 

"A little confused," she admitted. 

He reached for her face and caressed her cheek. "It will get better with time," he promised. 

She hoped so. 

When the night came, they went to their children's room and Zamiel read a story for them like every other night. The feeling of lying next to her children and listening to Zamiel's calming voice felt familiar, but the memories of those nights were diffuse as well. Slowly she was getting more and more anxious and disappointed. She wanted her memories back. 

Heaven didn't know when she fell asleep, but she woke up to Zamiel carrying her to their bed. The bed that didn't quite feel like hers yet and this man also didn't feel like her husband, even though there wasn't a doubt in her mind that he was. 

The way her demon reacted to his touch, and even his scent, was undeniable. He smelled like earth after rain. It was her favorite scent. 

When he lay her down, she opened her eyes and still kept her arms around him. She looked into his silver eyes and he gazed back at her in the dark before leaning down and gently pressing his lips against hers. 

They were warm and soft, moving in motions that made her shut off her mind. Her body came alive instead, heating and tingling faster than before. But it was the creeping feeling under her skin that kept waking her mind and alarming her. Something wanted to take control of her body. 

Her demon. 

She was frightened, yet she couldn't stop k**sing him. Grabbing onto his shoulder, she pulled him down on top of her. A m**n left her l*ps when his hard body pressed against hers, pinning her between him and the m**tress. Even through the clothes, she could feel the heat of his body and the strength of his limbs. 

His lips moved to her jaw, k**sing and nipping his way down to her neck. Heaven reached for his shirt, but was too impatient to unbutton it. She tore it open, and he helped her remove it without taking his lips away from her neck. 

Her hands went to explore his back, chest and shoulders, feeling the movement of his muscles under her palm while his lips left a hot trace down to her chest. 

The creeping feeling under her skin increased, adding fuel to the fire she was already feeling. It brought a sense of urge and hunger she had never felt before. Her gums itched and before she knew it, she could see her claws digging into his back as he k**sed her stomach through the thin fabric. Heaven writhed, trying to control the feeling of urgency, but Zamiel grabbed her waist to hold her still. 

One of his hands pulled her dress up, revealing her thighs. When Heaven felt his hot lips on her thigh, her head spun. She closed her eyes, only focusing on the riveting sensation. The thing that was crawling under the skin seemed to give up as well, falling with her into the deep ocean of pleasure. 

When his lips moved to her inner thigh, Heaven arched her back and then he did something that sent her over the edge. He grazed his fangs against the sensitive skin of her inner thigh. Heaven gasped his name and was about to beg when he brought his lips back to hers. Her hands tugged at her dress, moving it upward. 

"Now you know how I feel," he spoke against her lips, but the taste of blood distracted her. She also felt wetness against her fingers and she smelled blood in the air. 

She was clawing at his back, and he stopped her by pinning her hands down. He also stopped kissing her lips because she was eating his and began to k**s her neck again. Heaven told herself to stop, but her body was against it. Her demon seemed to already have taken control. 

Zamiel pulled the dress above her head, baring her body for his eyes to see. 

"You are beautiful," he breathed, his eyes gleaming with hunger. 

She could also see his fangs, but unlike her, he seemed to be in control of his demon. 

"I want to bite you here," he said, his hand sliding between her legs and touching a spot on her inner thighs. 

Heaven opened her mouth to let all the air leave her lungs. Just thinking about it made her heart race. Before she could reply, he leaned down and ran his tongue over the exact spot where he was going to sink his teeth. He teased with his tongue and lips, letting the anticipation build until she was left breathless. 

He had never bitten her anywhere else than her neck and even though it was always painful in the beginning, the pleasure that followed was worth the pain. She wondered if it would feel the same down there. 

Zamiel grazed his fangs against her skin as a last warning before she felt the sharp pain of his fangs puncturing her skin. She grasped the sheets with a gasp. This was more painful than the neck, but the pleasure that followed was also more intense. 

She could feel blood flow down to her core, and the tingling sensation went all the way down to her toes. 

Her body gave in and before she knew it, he was in**de of h**. She w**pp*d h*r l*gs ar**nd him, unwilling to let go as he r***ed his h*ps i*to her, slowly but steadily pushing her over the edge. 
Volume 3 Chapter 182 Power Couple 4

Heaven woke up feeling sore all over, but mostly on the lower part of her body. She should have listened to her body last night, but she kept going. The pleasure had been more intense than the pain. She didn't even know how many times she had cried out in pleasure and now her body cried in pain. 

Zamiel was sleeping beside her, with his back to her. His bare back was covered in scars that she had caused, and the sheets were stained with blood. She didn't know how to feel about the whole situation with her demon and it taking control. She had learned to control it but now it was much stronger than it was before. 

It took complete control over her body and even though she had a great night last night, she still didn't like the idea of losing control entirely. It was scary. And thinking that she was like this when she had her children around made her worry. She had hurt Zamiel last night and still kept going, just thinking of having what her body craved. It was unlike her. 

And this time it wasn't flimsy scars that she inflicted. She had dug deep into his flesh. He had to pin her hands down several times so they could finish before there was a bloodbath. He had also avoided k**sing her on the l*ps, which she wanted him to do but she understood why he did it. 

Pushing herself up, she decided to leave him for a short while so he could heal, but just then he turned around. 

"Where are you going?" He asked. 

His lips and neck were also scarred. 

"I thought I would leave for a while so you can heal." 

He wrapped his fingers around her arm and pulled her down. "Don't leave," he said.

Heaven moved closer, and he wrapped his arm around her. He k**sed her hair and she buried her face in his chest, smelling her favorite scent. 

"I love you," he whispered. 

Heaven was going to respond but felt strange saying she loved him too, as if she had never said it before. She searched in her mind for a memory where she told him those words but found nothing. Unwilling to give up, she searched again, feeling nauseated because of how anxious she was of not finding anything. 

All her past memories were diffuse. She could see vague images without voices and the feelings attached to them. 

Her first k**s, her wedding, the birth of her children, it was all a mess inside her head. It wasn't twenty or thirty years ago that she got married. It had only been seven years. That is yesterday in a demon's life. 

Her heart shrunk in her chest. She wanted her memories back. Those precious moments should never be forgotten. Turning into a demon should have intensified her already existing personality, but she felt like a different person in a different world. 


Zamiel could feel Heaven shrinking in his arms and eventually she pulled away from him. "I'll get dressed and see Nadine and Eugene." She said and left the bed without saying I love you back. 

Since she woke up as a demon, she looked troubled and confused. He didn't know what the change meant for her, but he thought that she could be grieving the loss of her human side and feeling strange being a demon. Her surroundings must feel different with her new senses, more different from what Lucian or Zarin experienced since she had been less demon than them. 

He didn't know how to help her. Hopefully, with experience she would feel more comfortable with her new self. Controlling one's demon could be difficult even for a full born demon. 

Zamiel gave her some space to spend time with their children and go around their home to get acquainted with the environment with her new senses. The soldiers had been worried about her health and Zamiel let them know that she was recovering well. They had thought she would die, which she did in some way, because her head injury made her bleed out, but they didn't know she was a demon. 

Many of them were relieved that she was alright and others a little disappointed. The Royal council took over the royal duties while she was recovering. Zamiel didn't want her to stress out about going back to work. 

As he watched over her, she seemed happy and calm while spending time with their children, so he left her alone for a while. When he came back to their chamber later that night after going by his work because he had missed many days, he heard cries coming from their garden. He rushed outside and found Heaven sitting on the floor, curled up and crying in her arms.

He hated to see her cry. It broke his head. He walked closer and went down on his knees in front of her. "Heaven." He called her name gently. 

She looked up, her eyes red and wet with tears. "I can't remember," she said. 

"What can't you remember?" 

"Our first k**s. Our wedding. How I felt. I can't see your face to know if you were happy or how happy you looked. I can't remember what I felt when I held our children for the first time. I can't remember all those things." She raised her voice in frustration. "How could I forget?" 

"Heaven, you hit your head and went through a big change. I am sure your memories will come back eventually and if they don't, I'll share mine with you to help you remember while we create new ones together," he told her. 

It looked like his words had no effect. She kept crying. 

"Everything feels different. I hear and smell things, my body doesn't feel like mine and… and I don't know. I couldn't even tell you that I loved you this morning. Something is wrong with me."

That had concerned him for a while, but then he had felt stupid for even worrying about it. He knew Heaven loved him and that she was just confused at this moment. She didn't know how to control her demon yet and block out the things she didn't need to hear, smell, or feel. 

Zamiel took her hands in his. "There is nothing wrong with you. You are just a demon now who doesn't know how to control her demon. You will learn with time and I will help you. It may seem like a bad thing to be a demon, but there are so many good things you might learn to like. To see the world from a demon's eyes can be both frightening and exciting." 

"It is only frightening." She said. "I feel like I don't know how I will react the next moment. When I am sad, I feel really sad and when I am angry, I feel like… " she clenched her jaw, "killing someone. I am afraid of… what if I hurt someone? I don't feel safe around our children." 

"No, Heaven!" Zamiel shook his head. "Never think such a thing. You would die but you would never hurt them."

"You don't know." 

"I know." He said with utmost certainty. "If I thought you were a danger to them, I wouldn't leave you with them. You are still you, just more demon. You are still the mother to our children and you are still my wife. You are still Queen Heaven." 

He wiped the tears away from her face, and she leaned in and wrapped her arms around him. Zamiel stroked her back. 

"I love you," she whispered, putting a smile on his face 

"I love you too," he replied.