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Side Story (Gladiolus)(1)(unedited)

When the five countries were united and the empire was established, Gladiolus was given the north to govern making him a grand duke. He was pardoned by the imperial couple over the crimes he had committed, but many Atlantians had lost trust in him after what happened with his mother Patricia.


The first few years he had worked hard with Dimitri to cultivate the lands of Atlantia. With the help of Carrick the black turtle and Virgil the blur dragon, they were able to bring back the once fertile land of Atlantia.


Within those years, Gladiolus was busy working to gain back the trust that he once lost. And because of guilt, he was not able to show himself to his family members especially Satiana his sister and Alicia his cousin.


When it was time the Atlaintians can come back to their home land bit by bit, some were reluctant to live at the north part where Gladiolus is governing because of the distrust that was built because of his mother's treachery.


At one of the caravans that was heading out to Atlantia, the group was assigned to head out to North Atlantia. Many had gone to the south and to balance the population this new group were assigned to the north.


"Are you okay to go to the north?" One man asked. "You know who is governing the north, right?"


"We have no other choice." One man replied. "We were assigned to go there to build our homes."


"He is her son. As the saying goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. What if he becomes crazy like what happened to his mother?" The man asked. "It would have been better if we were able to be assigned in the south. I heard that the grand duke that governs the south was the emperor's right hand. I believe he would be a better choice."


"I am not sure about you, but I am just happy to go back." An old lady replied. "I do not care about north or south. I just want to go back to the place we can call home."


"Yes, I understand what you are saying old lady." The man said. "But still, having to live under a man we do not know if will go mad in the future can be worrisome."


While the Atlantians in the caravan were debating, Anatalia was walking along. She was included to journey with the caravan to North Atlantia because of some matters regarding her species.


"Why would you judge a man from the sins of his mother?" Anatalia overheard some Atlantians talking bad about Gladiolus. "I am not sure about you, but I see that it is bad manners to talk about others on their backs." She had her hands on her waist with an irritated expression.


"I hope you do not think ill of my cousin Gladiolus." Alicia was just walking behind Anatalia.


"Your majesty the empress!" The Atlantians recognized Alicia at once and knelt in her presence.


"Please rise." Alicia said. "My cousin has worked hard with Dimitri to bring Atlantia back to life. North or south, Atlantia is now habitable thanks to them. I hope you give him another chance to prove himself. I myself have forgiven him for the sins he has committed against me after seeing his utmost sincerity. And the sins of the parent must not be passed down to their children. Gladiolus has done nothing wrong against you Atlantians, so I implore you not to see him as a bad person."


The Atlantians bowed down to hide their ashamed faces after hearing Alcia's words. The empress herself had forgiven Gladiolus.


"That is right!" A man in the group yelled. "I was a soldier under the prince. He is a good man that always thinks of his people. He is not like his mother that only used us for her revenge."


Some of the people in the group agreed with the man's words. The mood of the people in the caravan changed after. Alicia smiled seeing this.


"Here, give this to Gladiolus once you see him." Alicia gave a letter to Anatalia. "He has not come back even after years have passed. I hope this letter can make him come to see us once more."


"Do not worry Alicia. I will surely give this to him." Anatalia said with a proud face.


"Thank you." Alicia smiled. "I cannot believe that you have grown just after a few years have passed."


"You know that we sirens can live longer than the average humans. And as the sirens leader, I cannot stay and have a child like body for that long." Anatalia replied. "I can look young or old whenever I want to so do not get surprised." She smiled.


"I see." Alicia smiled back. "I hope you can come back before I give birth to this little one." She put her hand on her still flat tummy.


"I promise to be back before this little one comes out." Anatalia crouched to align her face on Alicia's tummy. "You just be a good boy or girl inside your mother's time until I come back, okay?" She stood back up again.


"Have a safe journey." Alicia bid Anatalia and gave her a hug.


"Do not forget what I have told you okay." Anatalia said. "Just follow my instructions and I am sure that you will be fine for the next nine months."


"Thanks." Alicia replied.


The caravan started to head out. Anatalia followed the caravan and waved goodbye to Alicia.




At North Atlantia, a new palace was built to house the grand duke. The first to have come here were a handful of employees who are Atlantians and also were under Gladiolus in the past. Jeremy also were one of the first who came and asked Gladiolus to be his assistant and right hand man.


Gladiolus was sitting in his office with a stack of documents on his desk in front of him. He was lookin into them with a serious face. Jeremy was helping him arrange the documents that he was finished with and signed.


"Why don't you get some rest for a while my lord?" Jeremy asked with a solemn tone.


"I cannot rest now. There are still many things to look in to." Gladiolus replied while his eyes were still on the paper he was holding. "There are still so many land titles that needed to be signed. How about the food stocks, aren't they be arriving before the first caravan arrives? And the seedlings to start the farming and the farming animals that have been gifted by the imperial couple have gifted, have they arrived?" Gladiolus was going through documents on his desks, searching for the documents.


"My lord, I have all of that under control." Jeremy gave Gladiolus a pat on his shoulder. "Here are the documents you are looking for. I have filed them neatly so that you can find them by category."


"Thank you Jeremy." Gladiolus sighed in relief. "I do not know what will happened if you are not here to help me."


"I will always be here to help you my lord." Jeremy replied. "All of the deliveries are on track as I last checked. And the first caravan had departed Grandcrest. They will be here on schedule, so rest assured that all are set when they come."


Gladiolus put down the document he was holding and sighed. He pinched his temple with his fingers seeming tired.


"I am nervous Jeremy." Gladiolus said. "What if they do not like me? I know what the Altantians are thinking about me, the son of the one that used them and left them to die."


"My lord, you are not your mother." Jeremy said, as if he has been repeating this sentence to Gladiolus for a number of times already. "I know that you will make a good leader that you are born to be. Do not let the sin of your mother hover over you."


"Thank you Jeremy." Gladiolus replied. He looked outside his window deep in thought.

Side Story (Gladiolus)(2)(unedited)

The time of the first caravan's arrival had come. Gladiolus was just done wearing his clothes and looking at himself in front of a full body sized mirror.


"How do I look Jeremy?" Gladiolus asked. "Do I look okay? I do not look intimidating or anything? Do I give off a domeniring aura?"


Gladiolus was wearing an slick gray suit that is not too flashy. It is in the borderline of being sophisticated and eligant at the same time.


"You look find my lord." Jeremy sighed. "Do not worry too much. I am sure everything will work out well."


"You think so?" Gladiolus looked a little nervous. "What time will I be meeting them?"


"Actually the caravan had just arrived." Jeremy opened up a document he was holding. "You will meet them an hour from now and you will give them the speech you have made."


Days prior to the caravan's arrival, Gladiolus has been busy contructing the speech he will give after meeting the first Atlantian caravan that will be arriving in the north. Jeremy had seen him work so hard, crumpling papers when the words seemed a bit off. After many attempts and cumpled paper, Gladiolus was able to make the most best speech he was able to conctruct.


"I hope everything will go smoothly." Gladiolus said. "I am sure that some will have ill feelings towards me, and I pray that they will not make a scene."


"Do not worry my lord, we have guards stationed at the place you will give your speech." Jeremy assured. "Nothing bad will happened."


"I am not worried about my safety Jeremy. I just do not want anything bad to happened to others." Gladiolus sighed. "I just wish they will be able to give me another chance to prove myself worthy as their lord and protector."


"You will do fine my lord." Jeremy said. "Oh by the way, after you are done with your speech you have a meeting with the leader of the sirens. Her majesty the empress had asked us to host her stay here."


"Is that so?" Gladiolus replied. "I have met her I guess at the wedding and coronation of the imperial couple. Okay, please make sure that she will be given the best acocmodations."


"Understood my lord." Jeremy bowed and exited the room.


"So, a siren is coming here?" A voice said.


From Gladiolus' sleeve sleethered out a blue snake. The sankes scales were brightly colores as if they were gems. The snake coiled up from Gladiolus' arms and around his neck.

"You are awake Virgil." Gladiolus said.


"Yes, I had a good nap under your clothes." Virgil replied. "I like sleeping at a warm place."


"I do not mind you sleeping under my clothes. Just do not move that much because it is ticklish." Gladiolus joked.


"Sheesh, I am not that kind of a sleeper you know." Virgil replied. "Well anyways, the siren girl."


"Hmm, what about her?" Gladiolus asked.


"Well it is not everyday I can meet someone that lives under water like me." Virgil replied.


"So, you want to meet her?" Gladiolus asked out of curiosity.


"Yes. I am quite curious about her species." Virgil replied. "I might be good to chat with her."


"Well, if she permits it then I guess there is no reason for you not to talk to her." Gladiolus said.


"That's great." Virgil replied. "Well I will just go and get some fresh air, and a dip when I am at it."


Virgil sleethered down Gladiolus towards the opened veranda door. He slithered until the end and dropped. Not long a blue light flashed and a big blue dragon was seen flying towards the open sea that can be seen in the veranda.


"Be carefull out there." Gladiolus said before Virgil was far.


Gladiolus had specifically build his palace near the eastern sea because of Virgil, because Virgil was a sacred beast that loves water.




"Come in." Gladiolus permitted.


"My lord, the preparations are done." Jeremy said.


"Then let's go." Gladiolus took his coat that was hanging and put it on. He took a deep breath and exited his room.




Glaidiolus was now standing in front of the Atlantians that were included in the first caravan that arrived. They will be the first citizens of North Atlantia and as the lord, Gladiolus was there to give them a welcoming speech.


Gladiolus had prepared his speech days before, but he was still nervous to see the eyes of the Atlanitans on him. He gulped and then opened his mouth to start his speech.


"Everyone, I welcome you to North Atlantia." Gladiolius started. "I know you have traveled a long way to get here, and I assure you I will not take so much of your time now so that you can rest."


The Atlantians in front of Gladiolus was silent and was looking at him with seriousness. Gladiolus can feel the pressure of him standing in front of them.


"Me and my people here worked hard to have all of your needs be readily available upon your arrival." Gladiolus said. "I know that some of you if not all have ill feelings against my deceased mother and maybe me as well. Firstly I would like to apologize for the hardships that you have faced because of my mother's plots and plans." He bowed half of his body in front of the Atlantian people.


The Atlantians were surprised and started to murmur around. Jeremy was just behind Gladiolus, giving the guards a knowing look to be prepared in case of emergencies. Gladiolus stood back up and continued his speech.


"I only ask of you all to give me a second chance to prove to you that I can be a better ruler than my mother was. I would like to make it up to you." Gladiolus said. "All I ask is. That we all work together to make North Atlantia prosper once more. I will need your help to make living here better for all of us."


Gladiolus ended his speech there. There was a short time of silence before someone clapped their hand from the crowd. After once person there was. Another and then another until all the Atlantians started clapping their hands and cheered.


"We believe in you grand duke!" One man said.


"You never left us in battle before and I know you never will now that you lead us." Another said.


"Let us work hard to lift Altnatia out from the grave." Another said.


The Atlantians started to cheer in front of Gladiolus. They were smiling with a light heart. This made Gladiolus emotional and light tears came out of his eyes.


Not long the groups was dispersed and were sent to their assigned houses. They they were given the right amount of land and was given farming and planting tools to start their lives here. These was all planned out for the future of North Atlantia.


Gladiolus and Jeremy was heading back to the office. When they opened the door, Anatalia was inside wearing a light blue dress that looked radiant from the suns rays. Gladiolus was momentarily mesmerized by the sight.


"Good morning Grand Duke Gladiolus." Anatali greeted. "This is not. Our first meeting but let me introduce myself, I am Anatalia the leader of the sirens."

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Side Story (Gladiolus)(3)

"Good morning Grand Duke Gladiolus." Anatalia greeted. "This is not our first meeting, but let me introduce myself. I am Anatalia the leader of the sirens."


Gladiolus was momentarily dazed after Anatalia's greeting that he was not able to greet back.


"Grand duke?" Anatalia looked at him with confusion.


"Oh… I am sorry for the discourtesy." Gladiolus replied with an embarrassed expression. "I was expecting to see a girl in her teens, but I see a fully grown beautiful woman in front of me that I became speechless."


"I never thought that the grand duke is flowery with his word." Anatalia giggled. "But thank you for the compliment."


Gladiolus' heart felt like it was hit by an arrow when he heard the melodious giggle of Anatalia.


"I-I am just stating a fact my lady." Gladiolus replied at once. "I am sorry if my words hit you in an unpleasant way."


"Oh, no need to apologize grand duke. I am happy to be told I am beautiful, even though many have already told me such words. Coming from the mouth of the grand duke makes it more credible." Anatalia smiled softly. "And I cannot blame you to be surprised. The last time you saw me, I was in my teens. I am more older than what I looked like before, and I was just maintaining that image because of my own personal reasons. But now that I am taking the position as the representative of my race, I decided to have this form." Her hand gestured towards her body.


"Thank you for explaining my lady." Gladiolus replied courteously. "Please, take a sit. Jeremy here is my assistant and right hand man. He will be joining us in our meeting today, if that is okay with you?"


"Oh, it is no problem." Anatalia said and took a sit at the chair facing where Gladiolus sat. "I also have met Sir Jeremy briefly before."


"It is good to see you again Lady Anatalia." Jeremy greeted with courtesy.


"Please, call me Anatalia." Anatalia requested to Gladiolus and Jeremy. "I am not a noble lady or anything."


"If that is what you wish." Gladiolus replied. "What can we get you, Anatalia? I am sure you had a long journey. How about refreshments?"


"Tea will be fine." Anatalia replied.


"Tell the maids to prepare some tea and snacks to match." Gladiolus ordered Jeremy.


"Of course." Jeremy bowed and went out to do us he was told.


"Well then, Anatalia. I was informed in a letter from her majesty the empress of your visit." Gladiolus was in his business mode after having to overcome the first attraction he felt towards Anatalia. "What can I do for you?"


"Actually, I have been starting to build good relations with the rulers of every territories here in the continent." Anatalia started. "We sirens would like to have free use of the coastal areas all around the continent. Of course, we would like to also build communities by coast lines as well and live in peace with other people."


"I see." Gladiolus replied. "I am not opposed with such things. You are welcome to build such communities in my territory. I would just like to ask for you to cooperate and follow the laws we have here. I will accept your race as one of my people like all others if they abide by the rules and laws that is set for the peace of the territory."


"I will be sure to tell my sisters of your conditions." Anatalia replied. "But I am sure they will be sure to blend with the humans like always, that is if other humans do not give us prejudice because of our race."


"I am sure you will not have such problems with us Atlantians. We know what it feels like on the receiving end of such prejudice." Gladiolus replied. "I will be happy to have sirens as people under my territory and I am sure that others will also welcome you. I just want to say that if people stir trouble in my territory, siren, Atlantian or whatever race they are, they will be dealt with according to the law."


"I understand grand duke. I also do not want to have trouble living together with one another." Anatalia replied. "I can see that you really are a good man, contrary to what you have done before."


"I… thank you for the compliment." Gladiolus blushed hearing the compliment from Anatalia. "I am not as good as what you think, but… I am working hard to be someone that will be respected by others."


"And I think you are doing a good start and doing a good job." Anatalia replied with a smile. "You may have had a rough start, but I can see you are working hard towards your goal. Good luck with that."


Gladiolus was both surprised and happy to hear the words that Anatalia uttered. He really has been working hard day and night to build a home for the Atlantians that his mother had betrayed. Jeremy and the other employees had been there to help him by giving him encouraging words, but Anatalia's words telling him he was doing a good job was what he needed. His heart felt at ease with the words she had said and felt relaxed.


Both of them shared tea together and had some discussions about the communities and locations where to build until Anatalia left to take a rest from her long journey.




"You look more relaxed and refreshed after your meeting with Lady Anatalia, my lord." Jeremy said while arranging the documents in Gladiolus' desk.


The sun had just set and the work for the day was over. Gladiolus sat back on his chair with a smile on his face.


"Why do you say that?" Gladiolus looked at Jeremy in puzzlement.


"Well, at this hour you would have looked stressed and tired." Jeremy said. "But now, you looked more refreshed than ever before." He pointed out.


"Do I?" Gladiolus held his face as if not believing Jeremy's words.


"Look at you, having such a huge smile on your face." Jeremy said with a smile.


"Maybe because talking to her was quite refreshing."  Gladiolus replied with a smile. "She had so much ideas that I did not think of. Such as having medical facilities in every village. I only thought of building big hospitals in cities. It is true that having medical personnels in every village will help improve health and sanitation."


"Lady Anatalia is a medical practitioner herself, an imperial doctor at that. So it is not surprising that she will give some good suggestions in that field." Jeremy said. "If I can ask my lord, are you by chance entranced with Lady Anatalia's beauty?"


"W-What do you mean?" Gladiolus was taken by surprise with Jeremy's question. "Well I mean…. Yes she is beautiful. But I was mesmerized more with her intelligence and how she speaks. It was like a breath of fresh air having to talk to her."


"I am sure that Lady Anatalia have good intentions, but… I want to remind you that she is a siren, my lord." Jeremy said. "Sirens can cast a spell on the opposite sex to get what they want."


Gladiolus' smile turned into a frown and looked at Jeremy with a sharp gaze.


"Are you telling me that I was in some kind of spell, Jeremy?" Gladiolus voice was as cold as ice that Jeremy shivered in fright.


"I-I am not saying that she did my lord." Jeremy bowed his head low, feeling Gladiolus' menacing aura. "I am just saying that sirens have such powers. I did not say that Lady Anatalia will do such a thing to you my lord. Please forgive me for my words. I was just thinking of the possibilities." He started to shiver with the aura coming from Gladiolus.


"Be careful with your words, Jeremy." Gladiolus stood up from his chair and walked until he was by Jeremy's side. "Lady Anatalia is her majesty, Empress Alicia's personal doctor and close friend. If word comes to her ears that you have suspected the imperial doctor, we can have problems with our relationship with the imperial family. The imperial couple trusts Lady Anatalia with their health and lives."


"I understand my lord." Jeremy replied with a shaky voice. "This will never happen again."


"Be sure that it won't." Gladiolus said with a cold voice. "I will take my leave first. I need a breath of fresh air. If you need me, I will be by the shore."


"Have a nice walk, my lord." Jeremy maintained his head bowed down while Gladiolus walked out of the office.

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Side Story (Gladiolus)(4)(unedited)

Gladiolus was walking at the sea's shore with the full moon hanging brightly above the night sky. The waves were gently splashing on the shore. He was sighing every moment, deep in thought why he got mad when Jeremy said something bad about Anatalia.


"Hah…" Gladiolus sighed once more. "Why am I feeling this way? Is what Jermey said true? Did Anatalia cast a spell on me to make me agree to her terms?"


Gladiolus was looking at the night sky deep in thought.


"But I don't believe she did such a thing." Gladiolus said. "I mean, there are no set backs in agreeing with the sirens terms. Having them as citizens in my territory gives me great benefits. Sirens are good healers and medical practitioners. Both sides will be beneficial."


Gladiolus was thinking of the benefits his territory will have by agreeing with having sirens live here as well. That was when he remembered Anatalia's beautiful face when he walked inside his office. He can remember how mesmerized he was when he saw her standing in the middle of his office, introducing herself. It was like he fell for her that instant.


"Did I fall in love at first sight?" Gladiolus tried to think. "Is this really love or was I just mesmerized by her beauty?"


Gladiolus thought that sirens were naturally beautiful to prey on humans, they were born that way. But the sirens now had sworn that they would never prey on humans again and would live together with them in peace.


"But they still got that power that can make humans of the opposite sex be entranced by them." Gladiolus said. "Did Anatalia cast a spell on me to her benefit? I do not know what to think."


Gladiolus was walking towards a part of the sea shore where there were huge boulders by the side of a cliff. His eyes caught a figure seating on top of the huge boulders. The figure had long wet hair being flown by the wind, so probably it was a woman who took a night dip in the beach. He was curious at to who it was and so walked carefully towards the boulders.


When Gladiolus was getting closer, he can see her features more clearly. That was when he realized that rather than two feet, he saw a fishtail underneath her upper body.


"A siren?" Gladiolus whispered to himself. When he looked at the face, he recognized her at once. "Anatalia." He called out.


Anatalia looked his way when she heard her name being called. But rather than greet Gladiolus, she was shocked and hid behind the huge boulders. It was too late when Gladiolus realized that Antalia was not wearing anything on her upper body.


"I-I am sorry!" Gladiolus apologized instantly. "I did not notice that you are… I am sorry." He felt so embarrassed.


"I-I apologize as well." Anatalia said while she was hiding behind the boulders. "I thought that no one will come here late at night. Am I trespassing?"


"No, of course not. You can come here whenever you want." Gladiolus said while blushing.


"Um, this is embarrassing." Anatalia said. "I left my clothes at the other side of the shore."


"Here, take this." Gladiolus took off his coat and gave it to Anatalia who was still hiding behind the boulders.


"Are you sure?" Anatalia asked. "Your coat will get wet."


"Its okay." Gladiolus replied.


"Thank you then." Anatalia took the coat quickly.


Not long Gladiolus heard a splash on the water and he saw Anatalia at the shallow shore wearing his coat on the top of her body. He also saw her green fishtail shimmering under the moonlight. He wa in a daze seeing her so beautiful in her siren form.


"I am sorry." Anatalia said. "You might be shocked to see my siren form. I can go and…"


"No, don't go." Gladiolus replied instantly. "I mean… I am not shocked or anything." He blushed.


"R-Really?" Anatalia felt embarrassed. "I am not sure because some see me as horrifying in this form. I thought you would feel awkward."


"Horrifying? I think you are quite beautiful." Gladiolus replied. "Seeing you in your true form, I mean… you are quite beautiful." He said with an embarrassed face.


"T-Thank you." Anatalia replied with a blush.


There was a moment of awkward silence between the two until Gladiolus started to talk.


"Why are you swimming at a time like this?" Gladiolus asked. "Is it not dangerous?"


"I felt the sea calling out to me. I cannot just ignore it." Anatalia replied with a smile. "Do you like to come and join me? The water is quite warm."


Gladiolus took off his shoes and then his shirt and started to walk towards the water. He flinched first, feeling the water beneath his feet but then got used to it and started to go down even deeper.


Anatalia also swam forward until she was under the water and vanished.


"Anatalia?" Gladiolus called out. "Where are you?"


Gladiolus moved forward and dived under water. He can see underneath the water thanks to the brightness of the full moon. He was holding his breath and searching for Anatalia when he saw her swimming beautifully. She gestured to him to follow him and so he did.


'Thankfully I had some wind magic attribute.' Gladiolus thought.


Together with his water and wind magic he was able to make a bubble around his head, he can now breath under water. He swam towards Anatalia, and she grabbed his hand that startled Gladiolus.


"That is a good trick." Anatalia said pointing to his air bubble.


"Thanks." Gladiolus replied.


"Come, let me show you the beautiful corals here." Anatalia pulled him and they swam together hand in hand.


Gladiolus had his heart thumping faster than usual while he was swimming hand in hand with Anatalia. She was so happy to show him the great marine life under the sea in his territory, talking about good spots for fishing. Gladiolus was focused on her face while Anatalia was speaking.


"I-Is there something on my face?" Anatalia asked. Gladiolus was woken up from his own day dream.


"N-Nothing." Gladiolus replied. "I just thought you are pretty while talking?"


"Do you think so?" Anatalia giggled. "Some told me that I am rather talkative that it can be irritating."


"Yes, you are truly pretty." Gladiolus replied. "I think your voice is quite melodious that I would like to hear it all the time, especially your giggle. Its like you got me under some spell."


Anatalia's smile turned into a frown and let go of Gladiolus' hand.


"Do you think I put a spell on you? And I thought we were having a great time." Anatalia had a disappointed and sad look. "I never did something like cast a spell on you to my benefit. I approached you with pure intentions."


"No, I did not mean it like that." Gladiolus tried to explain but Anatalia swam away in a hurry. "Wait, Anatalia!"


Gladiolus tried to swim after Anatalia but she was more faster in swimming than him. That was when he used his water and wind magic to boost his speed. But to do that, he needed to cut off his air bubble. He had cut off his oxygen just to catch up to Anatalia.


'I need to explain to her.' Gladiolus thought. 'I do not want us to have such a misunderstanding. This something we have, I want it to continue.'


Gladiolus was able to catch up to the speeding Anatalia. He grabbed her by the waist and hugged her from behind.


"Let go of me!" Anatalia resisted. "I thought we had something special. I thought that I could something with you, but you thought that I casted a spell on you." She said angrily.


Anatalia trashed while Gladiolus hugged her from behind. He held her until she had calmed down. That was when Anatalia realized that Gladiolus was not talking back. When she looked around, Gladiolus was short on air.


"Gladiolus!" Anatalia was surprise seeing him breath his last and closed his eyes. "You fool!"


Gladiolus arms around her lost strength and fell. Anatalia instantly took him and swam up in a hurry.


Once at the top, Anatalia was desperately calling to Gladiolus.


"Gladiolus… Gladiolus…" Anatalia was shouting. "Wake up… dammit!"


From out of nowhere a huge gust of wind blew. Anatalia was surprised that the water around them started to vibrate and both of them hoisted up from the water. She was surprise to see that they were now flying in the air.


"Hello little siren." Virgil in his dragon form greeted. Anatalia and Gladiolus was in his back while they were flying up in the sky. "It is such a shame that we met in such a circumstance. But please save my master."


Anatalia was woken up from her surprise seeing the azure dragon and started to resuscitate Gladiolus and do mouth to mouth. Not long, he coughed out water.


"You fool." Anatalia was scolding Gladiolus with tears on her eyes. "What do you think would have happened if you died back there? Your territory would loose a good leader because of me." She started to cry out.


"I am sorry… I am sorry for scaring you." Gladiolus hugged the crying Anatalia. "I just…. I do not want you to misunderstand. What I am feeling, I know it was not because of some spell. I think I really have fallen in love with you at first sight."


"But… *sniff* we just met *sniff*." Anatalia replied.


"I know. That was why I said it felt like I was under some spell." Gladiolus said. "But I did not mean it in a literal way. Please do not misunderstand. I might have thought that at first, and I am sorry. But now, I know what I am feeling is genuine. Anatalia, will you accept my feelings?"


Anatalia sat up straight and wiped away her tears.


"I…I am not sure." Anatalia replied. "I am not yet sure of my feelings for you. Can we… start things slow? I mean, I will be here for quite some time. Let me give my reply after some time has passed."


"Then I will wait for your reply." Gladiolus replied with a smile.

Side Story (Gladiolus)(5)(unedited)

Six months have passed in North Atlantia. Winter season has started, and snow had just started to fall. In the six months that have passed, Gladiolus and Anatalia had become much closer to each other. Gladiolus was helping Anatalia on top of his duties as the ruling monarch of North Atlantia.

Some Atantians are happy to see Gladiolus working hard as a good leader, but some still has animosity because of what his mother, the late Queen Patricia had done to them.

"I am all done here, Jeremy." Gladiolus said while signing the last documents on top of his desk. "Is the carriage ready?"

The day is still early, and Gladiolus had a scheduled visit to a site at a shore near the border with South Atlantia. He is going to view one of the possible sites for a siren community. In the last six months, they have started some siren communities and are still building some more. Gladiolus and Anatalia had been working hard with one another to make this a success.

"Yes, the carriage is on standby. Are you going to proceed in your site viewing?" Jeremy asked with a worried look. "The sky is a bit dark this morning. It looks like snow is about to fall hard."

"I think we will be alright." Gladiolus replied. "I believe we will be arriving at the village near the site before the snow falls. We can take shelter there."

"Hah." Jeremy sighed. "Tell me the truth, my lord. You are just excited to be on a trip with Lady Anatalia." He looked at Gladiolus with a raised eyebrow.

"You know me too well, Jeremy. Hahaha." Gladiolus laughed out with such a bright expression.

"I am happy that you and Lady Anatalia have been getting closer. I am not against you having a relationship with a siren, my lord. But please bear in mind that not all of your subject is seeing it in a good light." Jeremy reminded.

"I do not know why they are having such thoughts against sirens." Gladiolus replied. "Sirens have helped us in many ways. They were also shunned like us Atlantians, and they have hidden themselves because of that."

"I completely understand you, my lord." Jeremy replied. "But some still believe in the old ways. They think it is okay not to continue the way of incest in the royal family, but they will still want you to marry someone with Atlantian blood."

"That is such bull!" Gladiolus said with anger. "Many Atlantians have married into other races. Why are they so against my relationship with Anatalia?"

"I think it is because she is not just 'some' race but one of the ancient beasts." Jeremy replied. "But I never thought that your relationship had leveled up on the next stage, my lord. I thought you are still courting Lady Anatalia?"

"Ahem…" Gladiolus coughed. "Well… I am hoping that this trip will change our relationship into a more intimate one."

"Then I wish you luck on that, my lord." Jeremy smiled genuinely. "But if you want the lady to see you in a good way, I suggest you get going. I believe the carriage is waiting for you. I am sure Lady Anatalia is already there. She is never late."

"Oh shoot. I better get going." Gladiolus quickly walked towards the door. "I leave everything to you Jeremy. I will be back after three days." 

"Please have a pleasant trip my lord." Jeremy bowed his head. "And good luck."

"Thank you." Gladiolus smiled happily before exiting his office.


Gladiolus was inside the moving carriage with Anatalia. Anatalia was looking outside the carriage window, looking at the moving scenery.

"Are you not cold?" Gladiolus asked. "I can ask an additional warmer for you."

"This is your third time asking." Anatalia replied with a giggle. "I am quite fine Gladi, thank you very much. I am wearing think clothes for this trip in anticipation of the cold."

With the six months Gladiolus and Anatalia had been together, they started to call each other without honorifics and with their nicknames, telling how close they have come.

"Oh, sorry." Gladiolus scratched his head in embarrassment. "I just want to make sure you are comfortable in our trip. We are still a few more hours away from the village that we will be stopping."

"I am really fine. We sirens have a natural ability to adapt with the cold." Anatalia replied. "But if you are really that worried about me being warm, then why don't you come seat beside me and become my personal warmer." She smiled sweetly.

Gladiolus brightly smiled and changed seats and seated beside Anatalia. Anatalia took of her gloves and Gladiolus' to hold his hand and feel its warmth.

"Hmm, that feels better." Anatalia hummed in satisfaction and rested her head on Gladiolus' shoulder.

At first Gladiolus stiffened but he relaxed after. They had a serene trip while snow started to fall from the sky.

The carriage was going through a road on a stiff cliff. The sea can be seen clearly on the carriage window.

"The sea looks like it is also cold." Anatalia said. "I am not sure if I can take a swim for a while."

"It would be better to refrain from going out for a while." Gladiolus replied. "It can be dangerous now that winter has started."

"I believe so." Anatalia replied. "Um Gladi… I have something I want to say." She blushed.

"Hmm, what is it?" Gladiolus asked.

"Well, we have been in a closer than a friend relationship for six months now." Anatalia looked down with a shy face. "I think it is time to…" Her words were cut off when the carriage halted into a stop in an abrupt way.

"What happened?!" Anatalia said with a shocked face.

"I do not know." Gladiolus replied. "What is happening out there?" He asked the soldiers that were escorting them from the outside."

"My lord, a tree just fell on the road and is now blocking the way." A soldier on horseback replied.

But then an arrow came flying and hit the carriage door.

"AN AMBUSH!" Another soldier shouted from the front. "PROTECT THE GRAND DUKE!"

The soldiers that were escorting the carriage started to scramble and defended the carriage. Enemies that were hiding in the thickness of the trees came out and started to attack the convoy. Swords clashing and arrows flying were heard outside. Magic clashing against one another is also heard.

"Stay inside the carriage, Ana." Gladiolus said and pulled out his sword my its sheath. "I am afraid that the ambushers are also Atlantians." He had a sour look on his face.

When Gladiolus was about to open the carriage door, Anatalia held him by the arm and prevented him from going out.

"Please… be careful." Anatalia said.

"I will." Gladiolus smiled softly and planted a kiss on Anatalia's forehead.

Gladiolus exited the carriage and with a blue flash, Virgil changed into his dragon form. In such a short time they were able to apprehend the attackers and caught majority of them.

Anatalia exited the carriage when she saw the ambushers kneeling on the ground with their arms tied behind their backs.

"We have apprehended most of them, my lord." A solider said to Gladiolus.

"Good." Gladiolus said. He walked towards the ambushers. "I know that you are all Atlantians and that you have a grudge against me and my mother. I will not kill you here, but you will have to pay for the crime of attacking a monarch. All of you will be into a fair trial and be given proper punishment."

Gladiolus turned around and was about to walk towards Anatalia when they heard someone from the ambushers laugh out loud.

"HAHAHAHA!" One of the ambushers laughed out. "What bullsh*t! You are just acting righteous to improve your image. You are just like your mother, a selfish brat that does not know any better. You are toying with our lives! You need to be punished!" And with a swift movement he stood up and started to glow.

"GET DOWN!" A soldier yelled. "HE IS GOING TO BLOW!"

"Gladi!" Anatalia rushed towards Gladiolus, but he was fast and hugged Anatalia in no time.


The ambusher had used his magic to ignite himself to make such a huge explosion that nearly wiped out the side of the cliff in where they stand.

Gladiolus used his body to shield Anatalia from the explosion and they both fell from the cliff and unto the cold waters of the sea.