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Chapter 411 Last chance

Meanwhile, Alicia was busy looking into the crystal ball, methodically looking down a map of the country and surveying each area, mentally memorising the places where she was not able to see anything. Zeke merely sat on his chair, eyes closed as if he was asleep but Alicia knew that he wasn’t. He was probably calculating their next move, as always.

After some time, Zeke knocked on the door to the room where Alex had taken Abi. Zeke was expecting Alex but Abigail was actually the one who came out.

With a slightly narrowed eyes, Zeke asked, "don’t tell me that guy passed out?"

Abi nodded. "Mm. He fell asleep."

Zeke was speechless. Sleep was now necessary to the modern common vampires but the vampires who still drank blood, like the royal family and Alex, should be fine even without sleep. They were able to last for days without having any sleep. Sleep was just a form of relaxation for them, not to mention that Alex just slept for hours yesterday.

"What did you do to him this time for him to fall asleep so easily like that?" Zeke nonchalantly asked but Abi just walked over towards Alicia, unbothered by his words.

"I didn’t do anything!" she puffed her cheeks at him.

"Are you sure? That guy seems to be doing all these unusual things whenever he’s around you."

"Fine. Yes, I cast a spell on him. Happy?"

"So you want to become a witch, huh?"

"That’s right. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? I also want to become powerful like you guys!"

She ranted when Alicia piped up. "It’s okay, Abigail. You are powerful in your own way, believe me," she smiled so encouragingly at Abi that Abi couldn’t help but feel better. Why did she feel like Zeke was riling her up for no reason sometimes?

"Thank you, Alicia," she said to Alicia before her eyes fell on the crystal ball. "Did you finally find something?"

"Mm. Almost."

Abi focused her attention on the map. She had seen the map of this country from the last time she and Alex visited this place.

"So these unmarked places are safe?"

"Hmm... for now yes. I was able to spy on these places and I couldn’t find any unusual activities. The only place I can’t see is here." She pointed to the easternmost part of the country. "I believe they have a hideout somewhere out there. There’s also a hidden place here in this western part."

Abi’s gaze zeroed on the places Alicia pointed to like she was looking for something and then she lifted her face and looked at Zeke. Gone was her relaxed expression and the lines on her forehead appeared again along with her worried expression from a while ago. Both Alicia and Zeke felt her unease and fear once again.

"Zeke... about what I said a while ago. I am really worried. I..." she stammered, causing Zeke to speak with impatience.

"Just say it, Abigail. What are you trying to say?"

Abi looked at him as she swallowed.

"I think... it will be best if we can be sure that something like that will not happen to Alex before we go into the enemy’s lair."

"We are already in the enemy’s lair, Abigail."

"But they still don’t know that we’re here, right?"

"If they have the witch queen, they will already know we are here. And they might even be waiting for us now."

"So you are saying we are still going despite knowing that an ambush might be waiting for us?"

Zeke sat back, folded on knee over the other and rested his face on his palm.

"That’s how we always work. Vampires don’t play defensive wars. We are always the ones who attack," he told her as a matter of fact. "And Alex... this was how he had done things and that won’t change."

"But Alex isn’t in his best condition, Zeke. And you don’t know what kind of enemy is waiting for us. And like I said, what if they end up taking Alex from us?"

"So you want to go back now? Retreat? And then what? Waste more time? Did you forget that Alex is running out of time, Abigail?"

"I’m not saying we should go back, Zeke. And no, I haven’t forgotten. I am very well aware of that."

"Then what exactly are you planning to do?"

Their exchange of words finally paused. Abi’s gaze at him was serious and her intensity actually surprised Zeke. ’Such a little brave human talking back to him so fiercely like that... how amusing’, he thought.


"I will bring his memories back first."

Silence followed Abi’s words. She had said those words with such conviction and unwavering will, but Zeke’s lips simply lifted up slightly at the corners.

"You’ve been trying to do that for days now, Abigail, and he is still in the dark."

"But it is working, Zeke. What happened last night was a good sign. He even remembered where he threw the toys. Re-enacting the things that we did together seems to be paying off. I think that with a little bit more push, he might remember everything and once that happens, he will not be in danger anymore," Abi explained.

"But what if that won’t work?" Zeke retorted. "You know that things aren’t always that simple and straightforward, right?"

"I know," her voice weakened. "I know that this isn’t simple or straightforward to solve. If it was, he would have his memories by now. I know there is no easy road. But..." she looked up, eyes filled with emotions. "I want to try it... one last time."

The room was once again enveloped with silence. They could feel Abi’s desperation. It was almost as if she was going all in on the cards she had been dealt, giving her everything to one last gamble, as if this was her very last chance. The game was ending and she would either win big or lose everything on this bet.

"Give me a day, Zeke. Just a day..." she added. "That’s all I am asking."
Chapter 412 Solo

Zeke gazed at Abi with discerning eyes, as if he was trying to deduce something from her expression. He knew something must have happened to Abigail and that was why this woman was acting like this. She used to always trust his instructions and his plans or she would be placated by Alex’s words of comfort and reassurance but it seemed that even Alex couldn’t calm her down this time. Zeke finally confirmed that there must be a reason for her to do all this. That fear and unease she was exuding must certainly have some source and she just didn’t want to say it, not even to Alex.

"A day, huh?" he echoed and then added. "Fine. Do what you want."

Abigail looked so relieved while Alicia quickly glanced at Zeke. Both wonder and disbelief flashed in her silver eyes for a moment. Zeke had just told her that they were not going to do anything for now and that they would wait until tomorrow night. He also said that she was to stay with Abi and Alex while he investigated that place in the west.

She had questioned Zeke when he told her about this plan because he had told Abigail ’yes’ when she had asked if they were going to move that night but all Zeke replied was ’don’t worry about that’.

Suspicion began to flood Alicia’s eyes as she looked at him. Had he anticipated this? Did he already know that Abigail would ask him to give them a day? But how did he even know? Or was this just a coincidence? Just his gut feeling?

"Thank you. Once Alex wakes up, we will leave immediately," she said and Zeke didn’t say anything.

"Just the two of you?" Alicia asked and Abi nodded.

"You said it’s safe in this place right?" she pointed at a place in the north.

"Yes, but, shouldn’t I be there to conceal you two from the enemy’s eyes?"

"You will follow them. You’re powerful enough to cover a large space, Alicia. You will stay along with my men in a nearby place," Zeke butted in and this time, it was Alicia that asked him.

"What about you? Are you not coming with us?"


Alicia stared at him for a long while before a soft sigh escaped her lips. It was impossible even for her to read him. What he was truly planning to do right now was beyond her understanding. Will he really go to the west? Alone? He knew that without her, the enemy would be able to clearly see him approaching the place, so why?

Feeling like she would get a headache if she kept thinking about this prince and his chess moves, Alicia could only shake her head and look at her crystal ball again. Abi, on the other hand, was talking to Zeke about the place where she wanted to take Alexander to, requesting for this and that.

Abi was still talking to Zeke, while Zeke just nodded with a bored expression on his face, when the door to the room where Alex was in, opened.

Alexander emerged, looking unhappy once he saw Abigail sitting next to Zeke talking to him so seriously.

"Abigail," he called out and Abi was quick to approach him.

"You’re awake!" She smiled as she approached him. Her fierce expression disappeared at the sight of him.

He bent down and gently bumped his forehead on her. "You actually ditched me while I was asleep? I think you deserve to be punished for that, Abigail. Did you forget that you’re not supposed to let me out of your sight?" he whispered, his cool breath caressing her face. but Abi was unaffected and she instead grabbed his wrist.

"Uhm... Alex... I want to take you somewhere tonight. Come with me," she quickly told him, smiling widely at him.

Alex only lifted a brow when Zeke spoke.

"We will start the mission tomorrow night instead, Alex. Alicia still needs to confirm some things," he said and Alex glanced at him, obviously unconvinced by that last line, but he smiled anyway as he returned his gaze to Abigail.

"And where do you want to bring me?"

Abi didn’t answer and just grinned at him. The next moment, she dragged him out of the room.

Zeke and Alicia stood up as well and followed the couple out of the hotel into the hotel’s underground garage.

There were a couple of cards ready and waiting for them when they stepped out of the elevator. Abi immediately rushed towards the first car and basically shoved Alex into it. Alex could only follow her lead.

Once Abi and Alex’s car was gone, Zeke faced his men.

"You will follow them and stay with Alicia," he ordered them, earning him a look of shocked surprise from all the soldiers.

"We are going to stay with the witch princess?" Riev asked, looking like he couldn’t quite believe the order.

"Yes. I am assigning you to protect her, Riev."

Riev’s mouth dropped. "W-w-why me?" he stammered. He was fine protecting the human girl but a witch? Riev knew this witch was not their enemy and she was powerful but still, a vampire protecting a witch was unheard off!

But Zeke merely ignored Riev and looked at Raven. "Stay alert. If something happens, protect Abigail. Don’t worry about Alex. She is your main priority. Don’t forget she can die as easily as an ant. I don’t believe anything will happen while they are there but don’t relax your guard."

"Yes, your highness. But what about you?"

"I will go solo. We will part ways from here. I will follow suit."

Raven hesitated for a moment but eventually nodded, knowing that all they could do was follow this man’s orders.

After watching Zeke disappear, the soldiers could only sigh and they all started leaping away as well, leaving Riev alone, standing beside the car where Alicia was seated.

He scratched his head and sat in the driver’s seat before he finally accelerated the car, chasing after Alex and Abi.
Chapter 413 In the snow

Abi had found out from Zeke that the little house in the snow was already ready for them. When Abi asked Zeke to send people to prepare everything because it had been three months since they were last there, the caretaker Zeke called had said that Alex had ordered them to attend to the house, even in their absence.

Knowing that made Abi happy because it was like Alex had been maintaining the place because he had planned for them to go back there again.

However, she didn’t intend on going straight to their little house in the snow. She wanted to replicate their journey as much as she could to give him as many triggers as possible. So she directed him towards the first place they stopped at.

It didn’t take long for them to reach that three storey mansion. Back then, Alex drove fast but not as fast as how he drove right now; not even close. She was still not aware about who he was back then so Alex must have been driving like a normal human being to not scare her.

Somehow, those thoughts made Abi smile subconsciously and seeing this fairytale-like house again made her feel so nostalgic. Back then, she thought she would never get to see this place again because she thought she was going to die soon, but here she was still alive and kicking and back here again with the man she loved.

Climbing out of the car, Abi held Alex’s hand and she led him inside the house. She could remember all the things he did and said during this entire trip.

"So this is the place you wanted to bring me to?" Alex asked, his mischievous grin was flashing so gorgeously as he pinned her against the door the moment they entered a room.

They were in the same room they had used the last time there were there and everything looked the same as back then.

Wanting to start re-enacting the things they did in this house, Abi pulled him towards the bed and made him sit on it. Alex was a little startled at being pushed onto the bed and he bit his lips as his mind started to churn. Did this little lamb really bring him here to...

Suddenly, she pinched his chin and stared at his lips. Alex was supposed to be the one doing this but maybe if she did the things he did, it might be more effective. Besides she really couldn’t just order him to do these things.

The next moment, her thumb caressed his lower lips and then, she kissed him.

She could still remember how intense their kiss was in this very room back then and she wanted for them to experience that again so she pinned him down on the bed as she continued kissing him. She did all the things he did to her, delving deeper inside and tasting every corner of his mouth.

The only difference was that Alex immediately responded to her and he kissed her back like a hungry beast until, before she knew it, he flipped her in one swift movement, without breaking the kiss, and she ended up being under him.

What happened that day was being repeated in almost exactly the same way; their intense and passionate kisses and even the way Alex’s hand began to wander around her body until they slipped under her top.

She also felt his bulge turn hard as a rock as he pressed it naughtily against her groin.

Abi knew she had to stop it here because if she didn’t then it wouldn’t be a re-enactment anymore. She was determined to follow all the things from her memory. Unfortunately, there was no knock to interrupt them this time, so without a choice, Abi pulled away from his ravenous kisses and caught his face.

Her resolve was very much stronger than her desire for him and even this would not make her forget her goal.

"Alex... this is not the place yet," she told him but Alex’s eyes were already flooded with desire.

"Oh, Abigail. You’re the one who brought me here and seduced me. Now you want me to stop?" He didn’t climb off her and instead buried his face in her collarbone and began his onslaught downwards. Oh no! This was not supposed to happen...

Before a moan could escape from her lips, Abi grabbed his head again and made him look at her.

"We’re leaving, Alex. At least, wait until we reach our destination," she told him, repeating exactly the same words he told her when she was worried about his Mount Everest that day.

She saw him crease his brows and she could only hope that something triggered his memories again.

Abi took that opportunity to slip away and she climbed off the bed. "Let’s go, Alex," she said to him as she grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the door.

Alex looked confused but before he closed the door, something flashed in his eyes as he surveyed the room one last time.


Finally, their car stopped on top of a certain hill.

It was already dark so the plateau-like, gigantic open space couldn’t be seen anymore. Nevertheless, Abi still jumped out of the car, exclaiming the word ’wow’ as she ran with her arms spread wide and twirled around in the snow.

The sight of her doing that made Alex smile and frown a little. In his mind, he saw a snowball being thrown at him.

"Alex!" she called out and then she threw a snowball at him. The next moment, she dashed towards him, tiptoed and then, cupped his face with snow in her palms.

Unlike the first time, Abi was unable to run away from him this time because Alex grabbed both of her wrists. His eyes narrowed and were filled with questions but that look made Abi happy, because she knew all this was having an effect on him, awakening something in him.

"Abigail... you are re-enacting what we did here in the past, right?" he asked but no answer came out of Abi’s lips. Her eyes just welled with unshed tears as she smiled. And then suddenly, she planted a kiss on his lips without warning.

"Let’s go, Alex. Let’s go inside the house."
Chapter 414 Password

Before Abi could turn to lead him to their secluded house made of glass, Alex stopped her by grabbing her wrist. He was staring at the open space with narrowed eyes.

"Alex?" she called his name and she craned her head to look at his face. He looked at her and then suddenly, he swooped her up and leapt from the ground.

Once he landed, Abi looked at where he brought her and she gazed at him in surprise.

He slowly put her down after looking around as Abi just gaped at him. "This place..." he started as his eyes fell on the octagonal tent in the middle of a vast meadow covered with snow. "This was where..." he paused to look into her eyes. "You and I watched those lights?"

Abi took a while to respond. She was dumbstruck. "Y-you remember?!" she exclaimed, eyes opened wide.

Alex’s eyes roamed around once again, surveying the empty tent, the two outdoor chairs and the campfire. "I remember this place, the small campfire, and the lights."

"W-what else do you remember?" she asked, obviously thrilled, as she held her breath.

Alex narrowed his eyes again. "The password for the lights to appear," he said, as the lines on his forehead deepened.

"Do you remember what that was?" Abi’s eyes began to well as she asked. She remembered what he said that night, so clearly and vividly in her mind.

Silence reigned between them as their eyes locked on each other. The next moment, both of them spoke in unison.

"I love you," they both said, surprising themselves.

Abi gasped as she covered her mouth with her palm. Tears began to flow from her eyes. It really was happening. It really was working. It was finally coming back to him and she felt like her heart was about to burst. She threw herself at him and hugged him as tight as she could.

"Oh, Alex..." she cried and then, as if they were in a choreographed movie set, the sky began to light up. It was coincidentally the perfect time for the northern lights to appear but to them, it was magic. The password worked because they said it.

Both of them looked up and the breathtaking lights began to dance above them, as if the sky too was celebrating with them.

Alex hugged her from behind, heating her up with his body as they watched the brilliant light show majestically glowing above them. The memories began to flash within him. He started to hear some of his own voice as well but he still couldn’t see Abigail or hear her voice in these images. It was as if there was a formidable wall that was blocking him from seeing everything that he still couldn’t break through.

But what was happening with him was making him hopeful, because just like Abi, he was desperate to remember everything. He wanted to remember her and everything that they had done, because since he found out about all of this, he had been cursing himself for actually forgetting her, for leaving her.

After watching the northern lights for a bit longer, Alex carried Abigail and then leapt onto the ground, right next to the campfire. They lit up the campfire and sat on the chair, sitting in the very same position as they did back then as they watched the northern nights.

"Let’s go inside the tent, Abigail. It’s getting too cold for you," he told her when he felt her body start to shiver in his arms.

Abi immediately nodded and they both entered the tent. Alex began to turn on the lights, seemingly remembering where the light switches were and the memories of the two of them in this gorgeous little space flashed in Abi’s head. It felt like all those things happened just yesterday.

They then lay on the bed, cuddling each other as they looked up at the sky.

"Abigail..." he uttered her name and Abi looked at him. "Was this the place where we spent our first night together?" he asked her.

His question made Abi blush but she shook her head, causing Alex to look at her with curiosity.

"No Alex..." she answered, a little red. "W-we did spend a night here but, our first time happened in the house."

"The house..." he echoed, thinking deeply like he was searching every corner of his brain.

"Shall we go there?"

Alex stared at her and since the lights were already starting to fade, Alex rose and climbed off the bed. They both stepped out of the tent and Alex gathered her in his arms again. Abi didn’t tell him where to go and just let him go in whatever direction he wanted. She wanted him to find the place himself. She wanted to force him to remember where the house was located.

It didn’t take too long before he leapt and landed just in front of the house. The lights were already on and they could see the interior of the house.

Abi was happy because he seemed to have remembered this place, too.

"Come, Alex," she said as she took his hand and led him inside. As Alex looked around, he began to see himself, talking, laughing. But he remained alone, talking to someone invisible. Abigail was still not in the picture.

"So this is where we spend our first night together..." he said as he leaned against the door frame, looking at the empty bed.

Abi nodded at him, a blush of pink painting her cheeks again. Alex was dying to remember everything about that special night. To think that their first night actually happened here and not at White Falls Village... Alex once again felt like hitting himself. It was frustrating him to no end, not remembering. And Abigail was blushing, making him feel like she was enjoying a private joke, making him curious to death.

"This is frustrating..." he mumbled, causing Abi’s head to snap at him.

He walked over to her, eyes intense and he pinned her down on the bed. His fingers caressed her cheeks as he spoke with a voice full of need. "All the things we did here..." he started. "I want to know... make me remember, please."
Chapter 415 Desperate

Seeing that earnest look in his eyes made Abi smile. She remembered how Alex had held himself back for her, how gentle and careful he had been and how he made her first time as painless as possible. She remembered how she told him she wanted to make him happy as well by giving herself, all of her, to him. She remembered their word exchange because Alex had refused to touch her, even telling her that he was crazy about sex and would not be able to stop at just one time. How true his words had been!

As those memories played like a movie in her head, Abigail held his face and pulled him closer.

"I will do my best, Alex," she told him. Suddenly, she wrapped her hands around his neck. Their eyes locked for a while as sparks began to fly around them and then, Abi echoed the exact words she told him that night. "I want to do it with you here, Alex."

Those words made Alex feel that feeling of déjà vu, and he was now certain that this was the second time he heard it. His body began to heat up and his member was already rock hard, resuming the hardness she gave him in that hotel where they had stopped by.

His mind and body began to move in unison. He slowly recalled it - the things he had done in this place. He remembered gently bumping his head onto someone’s forehead, someone he still couldn’t see. He filled the missing person in his memory with Abigail and everything just felt whole, he felt complete when she was in the picture, when it was her face, her body, her voice that he used to replace the missing pieces.

Doing that made Alex feel like he was finally starting to solve the puzzle. The pieces were popping up one after another and the only thing missing now was Abigail.

"Alex..." she uttered his name as she looked at him with her dreamy eyes; those seductive eyes that always drove him mad.

With just that, Alex lost it and his lips slammed on hers. His tongue ravaged her mouth igniting the fire between them as his palm roamed all over her, feeling every corner of her body.

In no time, Alex had her already undressed. He stopped thinking - no, his desire for her had beaten his mind. But the memories were there, popping up one after another in his subconscious mind, as if he was looking at a photo album created from their time in this house.

The heat was a blazing inferno between them. Even though Alex was trying to control himself, to not completely get lost in this feeling, he felt like he couldn’t do that this time. Their feelings and their desire were just too strong at that moment. Alex had always had this knack for making Abigail wild for him but she had never felt that feeling to be as intense as what she felt this time.

She had been unable to keep up with his intensity and Alex understood because compared to him, Abigail was a human. But this time, she was different. It was as if she was as desperate as he was. They were both desperate for something and that was what was driving her to this extreme.

As Alex continued his onslaught, Abi didn’t even try to stop her moans from coming out anymore. Alex didn’t need to beg her to let him hear her seductive moans anymore and he was damn aroused because of her willingness. Abigail seemed to have fully given into him with pure abandon and that thought increased his desire for her. Even though he still wasn’t able to remember her fully, he now knew that she was his wife! That she loved him and he loved her, too. He couldn’t believe how that fact was able to heighten his want for her, his need for her.

Alex kissed her with a wildness that he had never felt before. He didn’t need to hold back. He didn’t need to worry about whether Abigail liked him or not because he now knew that she felt more than that. He was so overjoyed and that leaked out into his kisses. He just couldn’t get enough of her.

His eyes roamed downwards over her thighs before crawling back up to touch her there to find that she was already so damn ready for him. Her juices were flowing, inviting him to come inside. He pushed a finger inside her, as if to doubly make sure she was ready and he heard her moan through their kiss. She was more than ready. She wanted him bad. She even drew her leg back to give him better access and Alex took that as confirmation that she wanted him inside her just as much as he wanted to be in there.

"Abigail... I’m going in," he whispered, moving his face an inch away from her to look at her face. When he didn’t see anything but desire and need, he did as he said. His throbbing manhood finally entered her, inch by inch. He was damn big and hard but she was damn wet and slick and tight. Alex gasped and groaned as his jaw clenched.

He wanted to go slow even if it was just to start off with but that was just not possible. She had turned him into a painfully impatient beast. "I’m sorry, Abi, I’m moving," he told her when Abi caught his face, pulled him and planted a kiss on his lips.

She was smiling and tears were falling from her eyes. "You finally called me ’Abi’ again, Alex." she said, causing Alex’s eyes to widen. "It’s okay, don’t hold back," she added and Alex’s final restraint broke.

He began to move, pulling his length and then pushing in, giving Abi the taste of pure heaven with every thrust.

"Oh, god, Abi!" he moaned. He thought that he had experienced the peak of pleasure that night he first made love with her but this surpassed that; this surpassed everything and it made him wonder if this was exactly how he felt that night during their actual first time before he forgot her.
Chapter 416 Everything but her

Alex was sitting on the bed, staring at the sleeping Abigail. He had just experienced the best sex in all his life. Though those two nights he had spent with her before were heavenly, this night was truly exceptional. He never thought this kind of pleasure existed and he knew that the only one who could make him feel like this was this woman alone.

He thought back to the reason that she had brought him here - to regain his memories - but even this didn’t seem to be enough. Alex was troubled because Abigail was giving her all just for him. She even decided to go to these lengths just to do it and yet, the result was barely satisfactory for him. It seemed that the number of memories that he saw were increasing. He still wasn’t sure if he remembered everything, he saw the many things they had done in the last three months. He remembered the places they went to - the beach, the amusement park, the hospital. He remembered the play, his proposal, the wedding, the fight with Xavier, the surgery and even how he got those toys in a claw machine; everything except the words he heard and said, everything but her. Why couldn’t he remember the most important person to him? In his memories, he was talking to someone, looking at someone, holding someone who was invisible. He knew that was Abigail, so why? Why did she still not appear in his memories?

Alex closed his eyes and tugged his hair. He didn’t mind if he couldn’t find the answer. All he wanted right now was to remember her. That was all he was asking because he could see the pain and despair in Abigail’s eyes. If she woke up and found out that even this still didn’t work, she would cry again. She would think that she had failed and that was something he didn’t want to happen. All he wanted was to make her happy. For her not to cry again. He didn’t like her being troubled because of him.

Letting out a sigh as he let go of his hair, stared at Abigail again and carefully brushed the stray strands of hair away from her face. He bent and kissed her forehead and then, his eyes became intense as he looked outside the window.

He clenched his fists tightly. He tried to force himself to remember more because he remembered Zeke saying that the answer to what was wrong with him might be in his forgotten memories but strangely, he found none. All he found were some blurry memories between that time he was in the hospital until the blast happened in his mansion.

Alex climbed off the bed and stood by the window, thinking as hard as he could. He just stood there for a long while, closing his eyes, unmoving like a statue. His aura was calm but heavy.

When he opened his eyes again, their color was blazing gold. He looked like something had awakened inside him.

He swiftly moved like the wind towards Abigail and bent down once again to kiss her forehead, her eyes, her nose and her lips. A sweet smile curved on his face before he kissed her forehead again one last time.

"I’ll be back," he whispered before he left the room and leapt away from the house.


"Abigail... come to me..." that beautiful voice was ringing again, calling her.

Abigail knew this was the same dream - the same one she had while she slept in the plane. A woman was calling to her, telling Abigail she was waiting for her to find her. While this voice beckoned her, another woman’s voice was speaking to her as well, telling her to leave, to not come.

The two voices echoed after one another like an angel and devil in her head but Abi couldn’t tell which of the two was the angel or the devil. She couldn’t see anything that time and just asked them ’who are you’, but none of the two voices spoke again.

And then the nightmare started. Screams and cries began to echo in her ears. She knew who those cries came from, even if she couldn’t see anything but blood. It was from her. She was crying in agony, calling for Alex the whole time, telling him not to leave her.

Abi had experienced this before. When she last had these kinds of nightmares, she had somehow felt that they were telling her what was coming ahead and that feeling was proven true, judging from what had happened before where her nightmare actually became real.

So this terrified her. Her gut was telling her that something bad would happen if they continued their attack. That was why Abi was determined to delay them. Abi was terrified that Alex would leave her again, that he would get hurt again and that was why she wanted to try one last time to bring his memories back. She thought that if she could bring Alex’s memories back, whatever she saw in her nightmares might not happen because Alex would be invincible again. He wouldn’t come anywhere close to dying once he was back to his unbeatable self.

She couldn’t say all this to Alex before because she had the feeling that Alicia’s power wasn’t strong enough to completely shield them. It was as if someone stronger was able to break through the shield. The enemy already knew they were here and they might even be watching them, waiting for them.

Despite that, Abi still planned to tell Alex about the nightmare. She decided to wait until morning to tell him because she thought that, like her nightmares before where it became more vivid when she dreamt about it a second or third time, that same thing might happen again. If that happened, she might be able to get more detail from the nightmares and she might be able to get some clues from it - clues about people, unique items or places - something she could tell Alex in more detail so that he would be prepared for what might be coming.

And it seemed she was right. The nightmare was here again and like as she thought, it was becoming more vivid. This time, the woman began to appear in front of her.
Chapter 417 The right place

In her dream, a woman wearing a black dress with a black veil covering her face was sitting in a room, wearing an intricate golden crown filled with all sorts of precious stones. Her body was covered with gold jewels, from her ears, neck, wrists down to her ankles. The high slit of her back dress revealed her long and slender leg.

She didn’t look as surreal as Alicia had that first time that Abi had seen her. This woman looked like an ancient, human queen who was fond of gold and precious stones. Her face was hidden behind the veil but judging from her physique and the way she dressed, she looked like a seductive villain.

Abigail also noted that her hair was jet black, not an unusual color like Alicia’s silver hair.

"Who are you?" Abi asked. Abi knew that the woman she was looking at wasn’t the witch queen that Alicia was looking for because the witch queen also had silver hair, like Alicia. She knew that from when Alicia had replayed the events leading up to Alex losing his memories.

The woman rose from her golden throne and slowly walked towards her. And then, in a split second, she appeared right before Abigail, cupping her face, causing Abi’s body to become paralyzed.

"I am the one you’re looking for," she answered, her beautiful voice sending shivers down Abi’s spine. "Come to me and I will give you the answers you have been looking for."

Abi tried to escape her grip but she couldn’t even lift her hand to push the woman away.

"Tell me who you are first!" Abi retorted but the woman didn’t answer. Instead, she let go of Abi’s face and turned her back from her.

"If you really want Alexander’s memories to return..." she glanced at Abi over her shoulder. "Come to the old well in the forest. Alone. I will be waiting, Abigail. Or else, your Alexander will die."


The woman disappeared, leaving Abi confused. She really wished that she had heard that other voice too - the one who told her to stay away - but no more words came. The next moment, she blinked and when she opened her eyes, she found herself bathing in a pool of blood.

She trembled as she looked down at her hands. "Alex... Alex... where are you?" her lips trembled causing her voice to waver as she called out for her husband. The darkness started to be swallowed by the light and then, she saw herself crying. Alone. She looked around and saw no one.

She was slightly relieved that she did not see Alex. She didn’t want to see him covered in blood again.

But where was she? Whose blood was this?

Another flash blinded her and what she saw next was a throne room. The throne room was enormous and it seemed to have been carved underground. There was a large, round window high above where the throne sat, letting the light inside the room. The room glowed a bright golden yellow as the light hit the golden throne, so bright that Abi had to cover her eyes with her arms to stop the light from blinding her.

She peeked from under her arm to look up at the throne, a colossal, magnificent looking thing sitting atop two flights of stairs. The throne’s arms actually started from the bottom of the second flight of stairs which made the base of the throne. From afar, the throne actually looked akin to a giant, golden angel wearing a long, golden robe. However, the wings didn’t look like feathers, they looked more like sharp, golden needles spread out into a winglike formation. They converged together to make up the backrest of the throne. There was even a small, circular halo design which started from the top of the backrest, ascending up towards the ceiling.

Abi’s eyes swept downwards and all she could see were the many steps which led up to the throne. There were at least a hundred of them, maybe more.

She looked back up and she saw that woman sitting on it, being worshipped by countless hybrid vampires. She looked at all the hybrid creatures and to her surprise, they all suddenly turned towards her, staring right at her with those blood-red eyes.

"No!!!" she heard her own scream.

Abi gasped sharply as she suddenly sat up on the bed, finally freed from the nightmare.


Alex swiftly landed on the snow. The golden hue of his eyes were blazing as he stood there. He looked like he was silently trying to hear or feel something as he looked around.

He was almost at the base of Frost town’s mountain ranges where the wind and snow were brutal. But he wasn’t bothered by the extreme conditions and he continued to stand there, unmoving like a statue.

Alex didn’t go there to scope the place out - this was one of the places that Alicia had mentioned might be the enemy’s lair. It seemed he had gone there knowing that this was the right place.

Closing his eyes, Alex calmly took a deep breath and when he opened his eyes again, countless of black shadows appeared in the snow. A sea of red eyes had surrounded him.

Alex’s grin widened as his golden eyes intensified. He was excited about this fight. His fists were itching for blood.

He felt incredibly powerful. The royal blood he had drunk seemed to have returned some of the vigor and power he lost due to purposely weakening and starving himself. And he felt so good. Fighting without going berserk was still the best because he could savor the fight as much as he could.

And these hybrid creatures were also strong. Not to mention their numbers. Alex could tell that the enemy had raised an army of hybrid vampires. This number was something he didn’t expect. He would even take a calculated guess and say that these hybrids might even surpass the number of rogue vampires.

Where did this enemy find so many vampire hearts to create an army this big?
Chapter 418 Unstoppable

Alex looked around him once again. His golden eyes blazed with a raging fire. The corner of Alex’s lips curved up and as if that was a signal, the creatures that surrounded him began to attack.

The hybrid vampires had him surrounded in a tight circular formation and they jumped at him all at once, hovering over Alex like a dark blanket about to smother him. However, before any of them could land on Alex, he squatted low to the ground and he leapt upwards, crashing through the small gap that was still there, hitting a few of the hybrid vampires in the face as he flew past them.

Alex landed on a small, flat area on the side of the mountain, crouched like a tiger, ready to attack. He didn’t have to wait long before the hybrid vampires leapt up towards him but at least this time, he didn’t have to watch his back.

Clenching his fist tightly, he punched the rock next to him, causing the mountain to shudder a little. It wasn’t his intention to smash the mountain, but he did want for it to shed some of its white coat down onto his enemies. A second later, a rumble could be heard as the blanket of snow, which had settled peacefully on the mountain, began to work its way down to the base of the mountain.

He punched the faces of the first two hybrids with his fist, using more power than he normally would against rogue vampires and his punch crushed the hybrids’ faces like it was made of clay. He then threw a roundhouse kick to the next three that came along, kicking them up towards the rolling field of snow where they were instantly buried under.

"This is fun..." Alex murmured as he watched his enemies being swallowed by nature and then he started to attack again.

Because of their sheer number, Alex knew that hand to hand combat would take too long so he opted for another strategy.

He leapt from his position onto the ground, putting the hybrids between himself and the mountain. He stood up and spread his arms out wide, palms open, and then with burning eyes, he brought them together in a flash. With a sharp sound of a clap, a strong gust of wind blew towards the line of hybrids coming at him which blew them about a hundred meters back.

The wind had actually brought countless of sharp ice crystals and they sliced through the bodies of the vampires, as if Alex had thrown a hundred shurikens at them. Their bodies landed at the base of the mountain, just in time for the snow to reach the bottom and bury them swiftly.

The scene made Alex smile. When was the last time he controlled the force of the wind? He couldn’t remember and he didn’t know doing this would actually felt this thrilling again. He had lost interest in all these things for thousands of years.

Alex advanced as he continued to fight these hybrids. He was looking for the place where the hybrids were coming from and he knew he was going in the right direction when he saw more and more hybrids appear before him.

Still, he wasn’t deterred. He didn’t feel tired and he had barely depleted his stamina.

However, these new sets of vampires seemed to have acquired some weapons and they weren’t afraid to use them. Some even held guns. They aimed all their weapons at Alex but Alex was just too fast. He was faster than anything and nothing could touch him.

When he landed on the ground, Alex smashed the rock mountain with his fist, causing small debris to fall. He controlled the wind again, sending a wave of small stones and rocks at the army, along with the sharp ice crystals, causing mass damage to the army.

The hybrids wobbled from the shaking ground and they didn’t have time to recover before they were hit with the stones and rocks which were like bullets themselves.

Dead bodies began to pile up in the god of slaughter’s trail.

Alex kept going. He was unstoppable.

"I can’t wait to fight whoever created these minions," he again murmured to himself with a smile as he continued creating havoc. Until finally, his eyes zoomed in on an empty piece of land.

His grin widened. "Found you," he said. The thrill in his eyes was gushing out like never before.

However, before he could leap towards it, Abigail’s voice suddenly echoed in his head, causing his body to freeze and his head instantly looked back.


Meanwhile, in the small, wooden house a few miles away from where Abigail and Alex were staying, the elite vampires, along with Alicia, were making themselves at home.

"Riev, go and get the fire going," Raven ordered when he saw Alicia go towards the fireplace to start piling the firewood in. The house was cold, especially now that the sun had set, and even though they as vampires didn’t feel the cold, the same couldn’t be said for witches. Although this woman was a witch, she was someone that their boss was closely working with so they had to respect her in the same way they respected him.

Riev looked at his boss with a slight pout on his face but still did as he was bid. He was, after all, personally assigned to protect the witch princess by his master.

"Thank you," Alicia said to the two men as she moved away from the fireplace to give Riev some room. Once Riev finished piling the firewood in the fireplace, he went to look for something to light the fire. "Does anyone have a match?" he called out to his fellow vampires, who all just shook their heads. They had no need for one so they didn’t carry such things.

"It’s alright. I’ll light it up," Alicia said before she closed her eyes and started to chant. A second later, the fire blazed in the fireplace as if someone had put an accelerant in there and lit it with a match. It was so big and bright and it immediately gave the room some much-needed warmth.

Alicia grabbed her crystal ball and placed it on the small table set in front of the fireplace. When she started to work her magic, the vampires’ eyes were all focused on her and her magic. They never thought watching a witch while doing her magic would actually this fascinating. All their lives, they thought, witches were disgusting but at that moment, all of them suddenly couldn’t take their eyes off her.

However, the vampires were jolted awake when Alicia gasped in shock and alarmed at what she saw.

All the men looked in her direction, instantly on alert, curious to know what had caused those expressions on her face.
Chapter 419 Fireplace

Alicia’s eyes glowed from the reflected light that came from her crystal ball. Her heart was thumping hard in her chest as she watched the scene before her. But she couldn’t look away. She couldn’t snap out of her trance. It was like she was being drawn into that world but she couldn’t do anything about it. She was powerless.

Alicia watched Abigail wandering out there, alone in the dark, cold, icy world. Alicia had no idea how long Abigail had been out there and she couldn’t see her clearly through the crystal ball because a layer of mist had gathered around Abigail, obstructing her vision. Why? Why was she out there in the forest all alone? Where did Alexander go? And what was this thing that obstructed her vision? This had never happened before! Whatever that was, it was definitely not natural!

"Abigail..." Alicia muttered causing all the vampires’ eyes to snap and look at her. Raven finally spoke up, needing to know what was wrong.

"Witch, what is it?" Raven asked, sounding very firm and calm. However, the witch was still watching, unable to break her concentration, unable to hear his questions. He didn’t know if he should shake her awake or not because he didn’t know what effect that might have on her if he interrupted her, so he decided to act.

Feeling an urgency due to Alicia’s outburst, Raven immediately gathered his troops.

"We are going to check the perimeter of that glass house to make sure nothing bad has gone down there. If you see any anomalies, deal with it if it is an enemy, or report back to me if it is about Abigail or Alexander." He looked at each one of them before he turned to Riev. "Riev, you will stay here and protect the witch until we come back."

Everyone nodded, and in the next second, everyone scattered out of the house, leaving Riev observing the silver-haired witch with a frown on his face. He definitely had a bad feeling about this.

Alicia was still looking down the magic ball, searching Abigail’s surroundings for any distinct landmarks that would help them track where she had gone before she finally expanded her view to see if Alexander was close by. There was no sign of him. Instead, she saw them; a line of red slowly approaching the log house she was in.

Riev watched Alicia and waited for her to finish, anxious to know what she was seeing and his patience was soon rewarded. The witch finally snapped back to the present, her hazy eyes becoming clearer with each second that passed by.

"We need to get out of here. The enemies are coming and Abigail needs us!" she frantically said to the almost empty room. In her panic, she hadn’t realised that there was only herself and the vampire called Riev in the house. "Where is everyone?" she asked Riev, turning to face him.

"When you said Miss Abigail’s name, they all rushed out to check the house," Riev answered.

Alicia’s thudding heart somewhat calmed down after hearing that the troops had gone to check on the house. She knew that they would find an empty house and she hoped that they would then go out to look for Abigail. But, did they know where to look for her? What if, when they found the empty house, they assumed that she and Alex had left to go somewhere together? It didn’t matter! She would just have to go find Abigail herself and if they encountered the elite vampires on the way, then all the better. She would then be able to lead them all to Abigail.

"We have to go find Abigail! She is all alone out there but who knows how long for!" Alicia told Riev as she covered the crystal ball and quickly put it away. Her movements were rushed, as if there was no time to waste. "The enemies are coming. I saw them, many of them, heading our way. There were hybrid vampires and also hybrid w-" Alicia was cut off when she heard loud thuds coming from above, as if something landed on the roof.

Alicia and Reiv looked up before they looked at each other. Alicia thought that Raven and the others had come back when they found the house empty, looking to get answers from her but Riev carefully put a finger over his lips, indicating for her to be quiet. If these weren’t their allies, then it could only be their enemy. Had they already reached them? But that was way too fast! She thought they had at least five more minutes before they arrived!

Alicia slowly bent down to pick up her bag which carried her potions, holding them close in case they were needed.

They heard footsteps on the roof, many footsteps, spreading out to each corner of the roof, surrounding them and blocking off potential escape paths. Alicia walked closer to Riev. Riev pointed to the fireplace, gesturing to her in a way that told her that the fireplace was where they were going to escape from. It kind of made sense. The enemies wouldn’t come down from it while the fire was blazing and they certainly wouldn’t expect for them to use that to escape for the same reason.

Alicia nodded at Riev and began to chant a spell. This was a spell for fire protection, so that both of them wouldn’t get burned while they made their escape. Just as she finished chanting the last word of the spell, the enemies smashed through the roof down into the living area, surrounding the room with dust and rubble.

The moment before the enemies’ feet landed on solid ground, Riev grabbed Alicia in a bear hug and kicked them up the chimney to the roof. He then leapt out towards the forest with her in his arms but they weren’t able to get a clean getaway. Many pairs of red eyes chased after them and Riev knew it was useless to run. They would have to fight their way out of this. Besides, he didn’t want to be followed, especially if they were on their way to get Miss Abigail.
Chapter 420 Footprints

Riev took them further into the forest, hoping to lose some of the hybrids. He then landed on a tree branch, high up on the trees and placed Alicia down.

"I’ll go deal with them," Riev told her, obviously telling her to stay put.

"But there are too many of them! There’s no wa-"

"Please don’t insult me, witch princess. I am not weak. Raven is our captain because he knows how to lead but I am just as strong as he is," Riev cut her off.

Riev’s red eyes blazed as he made mincemeat of the hybrid vampires that came at them. Alicia provided back up by casting protection spells, healing spells and buffs on Riev. Riev felt unstoppable. His body felt light but stronger. He was somewhat amazed at the difference he felt with Alicia’s spells running through his body. It was actually kind of scary.

Alicia watched from the branch as Riev fought four hybrids at once. She saw him fling two small knives towards the foreheads of two of the hybrids and they made their mark with a swift sharp cut. The hybrids fell to the ground, dead. He then lunged towards the hybrid in front of him, savagely piercing this one in the throat with his sharp talons. The fourth one held a knife and lunged at Riev, aiming the point of the knife towards his heart, but Riev merely swatted the hybrid’s arm away with his left wrist before stabbing the hybrid in the heart with his sharp claw.

Alicia saw that another hybrid was about to stab Riev from behind so she quickly threw a potion towards its head, getting her target. When Riev turned to see what had happened, he saw the hybrid already on the ground, with only half a head left.

This was how they fought the hybrid vampires; Riev on the ground, with Alicia watching his back. He made sure that none of them passed by him to get to her - it was after all his mission to keep her alive - and she made sure to deal with the hybrids that crept up behind him.

The number of enemies were slowly dwindling and a large number of dead bodies were scattered all over the forest floor.

Riev looked up at where Alicia was standing. He was about to leap up to her when he heard another mob of hybrids running at him.

Alicia looked at this group and she immediately called out to Riev.

"Riev! Be careful. These are hybrid witches. Don’t look them in the eyes!" Alicia yelled but her warning came too late. Riev had already turned around and was frozen in place.

She immediately jumped off the branch, throwing several potions towards the hybrid witches, and landed in front of Riev with a soft thud. She closed her eyes and chanted another spell and when she opened her eyes, they glowed green. The ground beneath them shook and cracked underneath the mob of hybrids. Suddenly, many sharpened tree roots appeared from the cracks, stabbing the hybrids all at once in the heart. Every last one of the hybrids fell and a second later, the roots retracted back underground as Alicia fell to the ground, breathing heavily. That spell took all of her power to cast and she felt like she had no strength left.

However, she still had to save Riev. With what strength she had left, she pulled out a silver blade from her bag and cut a small line on the back of his hand. In the next moment, Riev staggered backwards, awakened from the hybrid witches’ spell.

Alicia was still on the ground as she and Riev looked at the carnage around them. A crazy amount of dead hybrids lay everywhere but it looked like they had finally finished them all off.

Without waiting for more of the damn things to arrive, Riev picked Alicia up and they left to find Abigail.


Dark shadows flew in the darkness, moving swiftly and silently towards the glass house. They surrounded the house and looked for any signs of enemies within the vicinity but all was silent. There was nobody out there and there was nobody inside or around the house.

Raven looked for signs of a fight, or anything to indicate that Alexander and Abigail were attacked and had been taken, but he found none. His relief was short lived, however, when one of his men called him over to look at an imprint on the snow.

He cursed and told everyone to quickly follow its course - the route that Abigail had taken towards the mountain - for it was her footsteps that were imprinted on the ground. What made him uneasy was the fact that Alexander’s footprints were nowhere to be found.

"Where are you going, Abigail? And where is Alexander?" he muttered to himself.

Raven and his team didn’t get very far before they had to suddenly stop because a sea of red eyes appeared before them.

"Sh*t!" Raven cursed under his breath before he told his men to get into formation. He and his team have been on many missions and they knew how to work together as a team. They had grown stronger and more efficient over time but looking at the number of enemies gathered around them, he knew this fight would take more than a few minutes, minutes he couldn’t afford to waste because he needed to find Abigail. He didn’t want to do this, but he knew he had to leave his men here to deal with these hybrids because he had another mission to fulfil. He had to find Abigail and protect her.

He turned to all his men and spoke in a voice full of authority. "I will leave these enemies for you to deal with. I will go ahead and look for Abigail. Follow after my trail once you’ve dealt with these monsters."

With that, Raven leapt up over the sea of red-eyed hybrids.

However, the enemy wasn’t going to let him leave that easily. A number of them leapt after him, intent on stopping his progression and he cursed again. Raven was about to stop to deal with them but when he looked back, he saw that his men had started to attack, starting with the ones that were following him. Raven’s lips curved up with a slight smile of pride. His men really could be counted on.

Thus, he leapt further away from the battleground, following the small footprints on the ground.