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Chapter 166 Warning

Chris' eyes immediately flew to the man sitting next to Abi, holding her hand and he was again, shocked.

This man, he recognised him. There was no way he could ever forget that face. This guy was the cause of one of his co-actor's suicide just a year ago. Dianne Xin was an award winning actress and she was Chris' female counterpart. They acted alongside each other since they were still newbies and became close friends. That was how Chris knew about this mysterious man. He had seen how Dianne became crazy for him. He knew he couldn't put all the blame on this man but he had seen how heartless this man was towards his friend. He was a man without empathy or even a little care. If he showed even a little care for Dianne, maybe, she would still be alive right now. But he was inhuman, someone without any emotion, and above all, he was simply a shady character and the epitome of danger. And now, he was actually here and even calling Abi his girl?!

Chris looked at Abi with wide eyes filled with questions.

"Abi, what is he talking about?" he asked her.

"Uhm… this is Alex, Chris. He's my boyfriend." Abi introduced and Chris's lips could only part in disbelief. "Let's take a seat please. We can't disturb the others. Also, please cover your face, Chris. People might recognize you and then you'd be done for!" Abi whispered before she sat down and pulled him down with her. "Let's finish the movie first and talk later. It's about to end anyway." She smiled at him and Chris could only sit again, with a million thoughts and questions running through his mind.

It was then that Alex suddenly wrapped his arm around Abi's shoulder and pulled her closer to him, acting like a possessive boyfriend. His lips were touching Abi's ear as he spoke.

"Didn't you say you two aren't friends anymore? Why do you still want to talk to him? Huh? Abigail?" Alex whispered. Abi turned to look at him and saw the sharp glares in his eyes as he glanced at Chris.

She tilted her head slightly as she blinked at him. "Alex, are you jealous?" she asked but a second later, she just grinned at him. "Kidding, hehe. If you keep acting like that, I would think you're jealous, you know?" she teased. "Even though we were separated for many years, he's still the best friend I had who had been with me since I was young so, of course, I would still want to talk to him," she explained.

Alex stared at her and the next second, he let go of her and quietly leaned his face on his knuckles. He focused his eyes on the screen but his mind was absolutely not on the movie at all. He almost looked like he was sulking like a little child who didn't get his way.

Seeing that Alex seemed to have understood her point, Abi turned to Chris, but Chris was also focused on the screen. Although, like Alex, his mind didn't seem to be focused on the movie either. He also seemed to be thinking about something complicated.

Abi decided to focus on the movie until the end. She stretched her arm and then reached out to hold Alex's hand. The man just glanced at her for a split second.

"Ah, that was nice. Even though I've read the book many times, it still makes me emotional," Abi said after the movie ended. She turned to Chris and her eyes sparkled. "You're amazing Chris! Your acting skills are really great!" she praised him sincerely. She always knew that Chris was born to be an actor and she was the first to encourage him to pursue acting.

Chris softly cleared his throat. He had been constantly bombarded with people saying how awesome and talented he was for a while now that he started to think that these were all fake words people said to him to flatter him. But when this girl was the one saying it, he felt pretty good.

"If you didn't ditch the audition that day, I'm sure you would have been playing my leading lady right now," he mumbled, and it was then that Abi realized that the man was still upset over it. "I haven't forgotten, Abi. I waited there for you for hours. I even begged the directors to wait for you. That day… where did you go? I went to your house but no one was there."

Abi fell silent. She didn't know that he came to look for her at their house. She didn't know that he even begged the directors to wait for her. She had no idea about all the things he had done for her at that time.

The reason why she didn't meet him again was because she had been admitted into the hospital since that day. She kept it a secret from him because she didn't want to give him any reason to hold back. Back then, all she wanted was for him to go and chase his dream without looking back.

At that moment, Alex stood up from his seat, pulling Abi's attention away from Chris. She too, stood up, holding Alex's hand again.

"Uhm… Alex, can you give me a moment to speak with him? Just a little while?" she asked him as she clung onto his arm.

Alex let out a silent sigh before he glared at Chris. "Fine, one minute."

"Eh? Five minutes, please?"

Alex was about to retort but he closed his lips and bit it. "Fine" was all he said as he glanced at Chris again, as if giving him a warning, before he walked away towards the exit door and leaned on the wall. His eyes were still focused on them like a strict guardian or like an eagle circling its prey.

Alex's mind was was in turmoil. He was doing his best to keep cool and not to go and snatch her away but it was damn hard. He couldn't believe that whatever this was that he was feeling towards that guy was actually worse than what he felt towards Zeke.

He suddenly had the urge to kill him, especially every time this outsider called his little fruit "Abi".

Chapter 167 See you

"Abi, look… I know I shouldn't be talking about this the moment we meet up again after all these years but… that guy, how did you even get acquainted with him?" Chris was wearing a black cap and a mask so Abi couldn't see his expressions but she could hear the obvious worry in his voice.

"Uh, don't worry, Chris. Alex may look very scary but he's a nice person," she told him and the man shook his head in disbelief.

"Look, Abi. How long have you known him for? Do you even know who he really is?"

Abi stared at him. Her brows creased a little. "Chris, are we really just going to talk about Alex right now? We only have 5 minutes to talk to each other and that's all you want to say to me? We still have plans so I need to go soon but I didn't want to just leave without talking to you, especially since it has been years since we last spoke to each other," Abi told him.

She thought that Chris was acting exactly the same way as Kelly did the first time she told her about Alex, although Chris seemed to be reacting far worse, as if he knew something about him.

Chris sighed. He seemed to have so much to say but he kept glancing at Alex and he seemed a bit wary.

"Abi, I… fine, can I come to your house tonight? It's been really a long time. I want to talk to you properly and I'd like to visit uncle Andrew and your grandparents, too," he told her and Abi was again speechless. She didn't see this coming.

"I'm sorry, but I won't be home tonight, Chris," she said and Chris' eyes widened. "How about you give me your number? I'll be home tomorrow so I'll just call you."

Chris didn't respond for a while.

"No. Can you give me your number, Abi? I'll call you instead," he said and Abi immediately gave him her number.

"It's really good to see you again, Chris. I'm really happy and proud for you, you know. I just want you to know that," she beamed at him but still, Chris seemed unhappy.

"Thanks," was all he replied.

"I have to go now. Let's talk again soon, okay?" she said and was about to leave when Chris held her wrist.

"We have met each other again after many years, Abi. Won't you give me even a single hug?" he suddenly asked, his voice suddenly sounded downhearted. Abi bit her lips. She would be lying if she said that she didn't miss this person. Back then, she missed him very much. She missed those crazy things they did together. She missed talking to him. She missed hanging out with him.

But maybe, over the years, seeing his face everywhere she looked and seeing that he was doing very well, made Abi slowly turn from a friend to a fan. She saw him everywhere so she didn't miss him that much anymore. She didn't even think that their paths would cross again and over time, she had become used to the idea that she would never get to see him in person or talk to him again.

But it seemed that Chris hadn't changed. He was like this before as well, asking for a hug from her every time they didn't see each other for a few days. This time was no different, maybe because unlike her, he never saw her within those years?

Abi smiled at him. "Sure," she told him and she was about to move to hug him but the man was quick to yank her into his embrace.

"I have really missed you, Abi," he whispered and Abi was so taken aback that she didn't know what to say for a moment.

Abi was about to tell him that she missed him too, when she felt a sudden chill run down her spine. Her eyes widened and she quickly pulled away from Chris.

"Uhm… I have to go now, Chris. See you!" she smiled and waved at him and then she dashed away towards the man who was now glaring at Chris like he wanted to kill him.

Chris' fists clenched slightly before he too walked towards them.

"Abi, say hello to uncle Andrew and grandma and grandpa as well, okay?" Chris said and once Abi nodded, he glanced at Alex one last time before he disappeared through the exit.

Abi returned her gaze to Alex and she swallowed silently as she looked at his darkened face. He was emitting such a cold menacing aura that the people passing them by, subconsciously ran away like they've seen some killer running loose.

"Alex…" Abi called out and the man who was still staring at the exit where Chris had left, finally looked at her.

She wrapped her hands around his waist and smiled at him. "Sorry for making you wait. Shall we go?" she asked but the man just closed his eyes and cracked his neck.

It was obvious he was angry and he was suppressing it. Abi remembered when Alex told her before that he hated it when she smiled and looked at other men and she bit her lips. This man had been such a good boy lately that she nearly forgot about his rules.

Abi looked around and a few people were looking over them. There was no sign of Alex mellowing down so Abi closed her eyes, tiptoed and kissed his lips. She was embarrassed doing this in public but this was her fault. She shouldn't have agreed when Chris asked for a hug knowing how Alex hated even her just smiling at other men.

When she pulled away, Alex's eyes were already open, looking down at her.

"Alex, I –"

Before Abi could even form a sentence, Alex held her hand and dragged her out of the cinema. He was walking so fast that Abi had to run to keep up with him.

The moment they reached the car, Alex pinned Abi down on the backseat.
Chapter 168 Crazier

Abi gasped as Alex suddenly pinned her down on the back seat. Her eyes were wide as she looked at the ice cold glimmer in his eyes and she couldn't help but feel nervous.

"Ale –"

Before she could even form his name, Alex's lips slammed on hers. He kissed her hard, so hard and deep that Abi could taste blood. He was rough and untamed, as if the puppy had transformed into a dangerous beast. He was hot and damn wild, so wild he was almost not letting her breathe.

Abi moaned against his lips but the man didn't stop and continued kissing her hard, almost as if he was venting something in his kisses. Was it anger? Abi didn't want this… she didn't like Alex being like this…

When their lips finally parted, Abi gasped so hard, panting heavily as if she had been underwater for a long while. A single tear drop even escaped her eyes as she heaved for air. Her hands on his collar trembled and fell on her own chest, clutching her shirt as she took several deep breaths.

Alex on the other hand, froze the moment he saw her struggling to stabilize her breathing. His face became even darker. He watched her and didn't move until Abi finally caught her breath and was breathing normally again. She felt her lips become swollen and her throat became dry because of her gasping, since she had just run quite a distance before he kissed her.

Her eyes then moved towards Alex's face and she bit her lips. He was looking down, as if he wanted to hide his face.

Abi lifted her hand to touch his face but the man pulled away and sat back. He ran his fingers through his hair and his lips curved into a wicked smile.

He closed his eyes as he threw back his head.

Abi slowly rose and knelt on the seat as she approached him. She looked at the deep frown on his face and she carefully lifted her hand to touch him.

However, Alex caught her wrist before her finger could touch his skin.

"Abigail, are you not getting tired of dealing with me?" he suddenly asked. He opened his eyes and looked at her. There was an indescribable emotion in his eyes as he smiled coldly. "It seems that everything I do always ends up hurting you." He shook his head and sighed. "You should know by now that I am crazy, Abigail." He pinched her chin gently and stared at her swollen lips. "And it seems I am getting crazier by the day…" he trailed off before he let go of her and closed his eyes again. Abi reached out for him again but he quickly climbed out of the car before Abi could reach him, leaving her hand hanging in mid air.

Alex opened the door on the driver's seat and started the car.

"Your other two requests… I'll fulfill them tomorrow," he calmly said before he accelerated the car.

They arrived at the mansion early that night. Alex was seemingly calm again but he didn't talk much. He told her to eat more and then asked her to go to her room and rest.

Abi laid on her bed with millions of thoughts in her head. She wanted to tell him that he was not crazy. Or maybe even if he was, she didn't care and she would still love him anyway. She was busy thinking about the reason behind what he did and what made him react that way. Was it just pure anger? Was it jealousy?

Abi drifted to sleep thinking about the day. It ended a little bit unpleasantly but when she thought about the things that had happened since the morning, she smiled and her face became peaceful.

However, as the night became deeper, Abi's peaceful sleep started to be disrupted.

It was pitch black all around her but she saw herself, dressed in white, as she stood by the door. This was the door to Alex's room, and then, everything turned black again. Abi crawled in the dark for a long while until her throat ran so dry it was getting hard to breathe. She panted and gasped but she continued crawling until she saw a small little light ahead of her. She chased it, reaching out her hand to grab at it but she fell. It was a seemingly endless abyss, swallowing her up. Suddenly she saw blood all over her. There was blood in her hands and she was holding a knife. She started to tremble and she wanted to scream but she couldn't. She couldn't move no matter how she struggled. She wanted to throw away the knife that was stained with blood but it was stuck on her palm. Then, she looked up and saw Alex. He was smiling but there was blood flowing from his mouth which flowed down over his clothes, staining them red. His eyes filled with unbearable pain and regret and sadness as he reached out his hand to touch her.

"Ahh!" Abi woke up panting. She was sweating hard and slightly trembling. She hugged herself as she tried to calm her racing heart. It was that dream again. Why? Why was she having such a dream? Last night, her dream stopped when she saw Alex's face. But this time, it went on for a little bit longer.

Abi looked around and shivered, remembering those bloody images. She was scared. She climbed out of her bed and run out of her room.

She headed towards Alex's door and stood there before she knocked on it.

The door opened and Alex immediately stepped out the instant he saw her. Abi tried to glance inside the room before he closed it behind him, but it was pitch black.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" Alex's brows creased as he held her shoulders. He could see her wet face and her hand shivering uncontrollably. "Did you… did you have a nightmare again?" he asked gently and Abi nodded before she wrapped her hands around his waist and hugged him.

Chapter 169 Love
Alex found himself hugging her back until Abi had fully calmed down.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" she asked and Alex eyes widened a bit. But then, he cleared his throat immediately, realizing that this girl obviously didn't mean anything more than the literal meaning of her words.

Without a word, he held her hand and he led her back inside her room. He climbed on her bed and lay down as he gestured for her to lie down next to him.

Abi didn't hesitate and immediately climbed on the bed and lay on her side, facing him. Her eyes never left his face.

"Are you still angry?" she asked weakly. Her voice sounded a little hesitant.

Alex, who was staring at the ceiling, lifted his arm and covered his eyes with the back of his hand.

"I don't know…" he mumbled.

"I'm sorry, I –"

"No," he cut her off as he turned and look at her. He suddenly pulled her closer to him until their bodies shared each other's warmth. "I think I'm just angry with myself right now. So forget about it and get some rest."

"Why? Is it because you couldn't control yourself?"

Alex fell silent and then she felt him let out a small sigh.

"Abigail… I think… next time… when you see me starting to get angry, it's better for you to run away from me. Or at least try to hide away somewhere," he said, his voice velvety smooth.

Abi was surprised. She attempted to lift her head to look at him but Alex held her down and didn't let her, as if he didn't want her to see his face.

"I told you… I'm getting crazier by the day. Who knows what I'd do to you next time? So at least make sure to take precautions."

She shook her head and she pulled away from him. This was the first time Alex talked to her this way. His voice, his words and the way he held her at that moment… it was all just incredibly soft and warm.

The instant she saw his eyes; Abi couldn't help but fall in a daze. It was like the glaciers in his eyes had completely melted, like all the iron walls had been torched and once they reached their boiling point, they all melted down to the ground. She never saw him make such a soft expression before. His hard and cold, angry face had become immaculate, looking like a sad, fallen angel.

The expression he showed her at that moment was enough to wreak havoc inside her heart and mind and she couldn't speak. She felt like she didn't want to blink because she was afraid that once she did, his face would become hard and cold again. She wanted to just watch him like this, just for a while longer…

"Tsk, stop staring and sleep." He twitched as he lifted his hand and placed it on her nape, planning to pull her down. His expression was finally back to its usual unreadable state, although he still looked a tad bit softer than usual.

Abi let him pull her down but she placed her upper body on top of him, hugging him tightly. She really loved this man so, so much, so bad she could hardly contain it. The flame that grew in her heart every time she looked at him, every time she touched him, was becoming more and more fierce. She never knew that love could feel like this. It was stronger than she expected, tougher than she thought, and much more powerful than she ever imagined.

What she felt the longer she stayed with him and the shorter her days became, was becoming so intense she started to get scared. She felt like her heart had become a ticking time bomb with only ten seconds left. What would happen to it once the countdown reached zero?

Abi's grip on him tightened. She wanted to speak but then, she decided not to. She was afraid that the words would burst out from her lips and if that happened, it might open a can of worms.

"What's wrong? Are you still scared?" Alex lifted his hand and wrapped it around her back. "That… that was just a dream, Abigail. Don't think too much more about it," he whispered, although there seemed to be an undercurrent in his voice as he said his last two sentences.

"Please don't leave even when I fell asleep, okay?" she replied in a weak voice.

"I won't."

Time ticked by and the girl on top of him finally started to breathe steadily. He didn't move for a long time but when he was sure that she was in deep slumber, he carefully put her back on the bed. The girl was gripping his shirt in a tight fist and when he tried to remove it, her hand crawled around his waist .

Alex smiled seeing how stubborn she was even in her sleep. He stared at her face. His expression was indescribable although his eyes were filled with restrained emotions wanting to gush out. He closed his eyes, laid back and placed his hand on his head before he tugged his hair. He was obviously torn about something. He remembered what he did to her in the car and he grited his teeth. He didn't want to hurt this little fruit but he felt so wild back then that he couldn't seem to stop himself. Why was he finding it so damn hard to control his actions when it came to her?

He opened his eyes and saw that the moon was peeking through the window. He stared at it and spoke quietly.

"Tell me, what's happening to me? What should I do to..." he trailed off before he closed his eyes and laughed throatily for a second, as if he was laughing at himself for asking for advice from an inanimate object. Maybe he was crazy after all.

However, his smile disappeared when the sleeping girl's grip on his waist tightened as a few faint words escaped from her lips.

"Alex… I love you…"
Chapter 170 Occasion

Downstairs, Xavier was sitting at the foot of the grand staircase, looking at his watch impatiently.

"I don't think Alex will come down any time soon. Darn! Zeke won again. How did he know that Alex really won't leave Abigail even for a while?! Ugh… I don't know what's going on anymore," he mumbled and Kai, who was sitting near the fireplace, threw his head back and looked at the ceiling.

"I can't believe this. Alex is supposed to be torturing Eli by now, making him taste the worst kind of death but here he is, stuck in this house with his girl. It's really hard to believe that Alex is actually able to suppress his bloodlust," Xavier continued, shaking his head. "Sigh… I waited all night for nothing! I expected an action filled night just to end up counting the sheep in my head. T^T He should've told us beforehand that he had no plans to leave the house anymore!"

The sun had already risen and was peeking through the window when Abi opened her eyes. She blinked a few times, then yawned and then thinking that the one in her embrace was her pillow, Abi moved to bury her face on it. However, her face didn't encounter the softness of a pillow as she expected, it was met with hard muscle instead.

She lifted her head and saw that the pillow was actually Alex. He was wide awake and looking at her with his messy yet still gorgeous 'I just woke up' look.

"G-good morning, Alex," she greeted as she let go of him and sat up.

The man tilted his head and looked intently into her eyes.

"Did you… have a dream last night? I mean, a good dream, not the nightmare," he asked and Abi blinked, trying to remember. She was a bit curious about why he was suddenly asking that.

"I don't think I did. I think I slept pretty deeply after you hopped on my bed," she answered truthfully as she looked at him in curiosity. "Why?"

Alex averted his gaze and put his feet on the floor. "Nothing. You were just… snoring last night so I thought you were dreaming " he said before he cleared his throat and stood up.

"I was snoring?" Abi's eyes were wide.

He cleared his throat again and glanced at her before he headed towards the door. Just like that, he left her room, leaving Abi speechless. She creased her brows because she felt that he was lying but she shrugged it off and climbed out of the bed.

She made the bed quickly and got ready in the bathroom before she went downstairs.

In the dining room, the others weren't around so they were the only ones eating. Abi was talking to him like usual, cheerful and bright, despite what happened last night. It almost seemed as if nothing had happened, like a ball of fire that kept on burning no matter how wet and cold the weather was.

"So? What're your requests? You have three for today," Alex asked as he leaned on his chair. He had already finished his breakfast, eating so little as always.

"Uhm… Alex, why do you eat so little?"

"Don't mind the silly things, little fruit, and tell me your request while I'm being good."

Abi pursed her lips because the man was being serious again. She gazed at him deeply and she thought she felt a sense of heaviness surrounding him but in the next second, that feeling was gone. She looked at him again and this time, he looked like his normal self. Abi sighed in relief and in then the next moment, she opened her mouth.

"Feed me, Alex. Ah ~"

Alex's lips parted. "This is your first request?"

She nodded and he twitched. But he still moved and began to feed her. Although his actions seemed forced, it didn't seem to annoy him.

Abi was smiling at him as she chewed her food. "Mmm… so yummy," she uttered before she opened her mouth again.

"You should have some, too. Here…" She soon took a spoonful of food and tried to feed it to him but the man refused.

"I'm already full, Abigail."

"But this is part of my request. My request is for us to feed each other," she explained as she stood up and put the spoon near his mouth. Alex looked like he wanted to leave the table but he didn't. He sighed and ate the meat as fast as he could while looking around, maybe to see if someone other than her had seen it.

Abi chuckled and picked up another spoonful of food.

"Last one, please," she begged, blinking cutely at him and Alex, despite the deep lines on his forehead, looked around again before he ate the meat as fast as a hungry hippo.

Too bad for him because that was the exact scene that the three men, who just walked in, saw.

Alex almost choked when his eyes saw them. He chewed the food and nonchalantly drank some water while Zeke casually walked over and took his seat. The other two were still stunned by the door.

"The other two, what are they?" Alex immediately switched gears and started to divert the topic back to her other two wishes, not minding that Zeke and the others were there.

"I am going home today, Alex, and I want you to come with me. My family also wants you to come," she said and Alex stared at her.

"Is there a special occasion?" Xavier was the one who shamelessly asked.

"Ah, yes. It's my birthday." She answered with a smile and…

"CLUNK!" the spoon on Alex's hand fell on his plate.

Everyone looked at Alex.

The man realized what happened and he cleared his throat.

"So there will be a celebration at your house?" Kai was the one who asked.

"My parents had been preparing for this day and they said they wanted to throw a simple celebration where all my close friends could come to celebrate with me" she explained with a smile when Xavier suddenly butted in.

"How about us? Can we tag along, too?" His eyes were almost sparkling, almost like that pet dog eager to tag along to go on a vacation.

"Of course you can come. You guys are totally invited, if you're not busy," she beamed and Xavier rejoiced.

"Yehey! Thank you, Abigail! We will definitely come. Zeke, are you gonna come too?"


Abi kept glancing at Alex but he didn't seem to be displeased that the three were tagging along which made her smile. Little did she know that the man was not listening to the current conversation.

Once Abi went back upstairs to get ready, the first to speak was Zeke.

"So you didn't even greet her 'happy birthday' yet?" he asked and the man, who seemed to be lost in thoughts since his spoon fell, finally looked at him. The answer was obvious on his face.

"Oh c'mon, Zeke. When did the great Alexander Qin ever greet anyone 'happy birthday'? He doesn't even remember his own birthday anymore," Xavier butted in and the atmosphere somehow became heavy.

Kai nudge Xavier to shut his mouth and Zeke broke the silence.

"Why don't you prepare something for her? You still have plenty of time," he said and Alex just gazed at him without saying anything.