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✍️✍️✍️✍️ Hellbound With You Chapter 136 - 140 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Chapter 136 Last play

Abi and Kelly spent the entire morning rehearsing with the children. Once noon break came, they let the children rest and get some food in them, while the two of them and a few staff from the orphanage helped them with the stage decorations.

Abi and Kelly had not had any time for a casual chat that day, so Abi forgot to mention to Kelly that the four guys, living at Alex's mansion at the moment, were all coming to watch the play so the girl was clueless about it.

"Your family is here, Abi!" Kelly exclaimed when she spotted the three of the four kindest people she had ever known, make their way down to take their seats. Abi's family held a very special place in Kelly's heart and she actually couldn't act like the bitchy rich kid that she was in their presence. It was not because she was hiding her real face from them, it was just that they were just really nice people that she just subconsciously refrained herself from cursing and being bitchy when she was with them, as a sign of respect. It was not an exaggeration but whenever she was with them, Kelly somehow wanted to be nice too, even for just a while, like how a good kid would behave when they went brought along to go to church.

Abi's family were that type of people who would actually stop or divert the traffic to let a mother duck and its ducklings cross the road, and Abi was like that too. Kelly could not believe it when she saw Abi do exactly just that for the first time, when they had just started to become friends.

But Kelly really liked this family even though it was super awkward for her when she first slept over in their house. Their house was peaceful, free from all the dramas that every family in this world was probably going through. They had this quiet and super loving family that Kelly never knew still existed in this world. Sometimes, she would feel a little jealous but that feeling was a fleeting one. It would always be replaced with gratitude that at least her friend had such an awesome family and that she could be a part of it.

"Hello Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa!" Kelly called out with her loud sweet voice and waved her hands at them as she and Abi approached them.

"Oh, hello, Kelly, dear. It's been a while." Abi's dear old grandma embraced her before she too embraced her grandchild, Abi.

"How's everything? Do you guys need any help?" Abi's grandad chimed in.

"No, no… we're almost done, gramps. You three should just go to your seats and relax." Abi grinned at them as she led them toward the front seats.

"You guys came too early," Kelly playfully told them as she helped the old grandma to her seat.

"Why not? We are our Abi's number one fans so of course we wanted to grab the best seats! And of course, we are fans of yours too, Kelly," the old grandpa replied and Kelly grinned widely.

However, in the back of their minds, even Abi's, was the ever present thought of Abi's illness. They were there early because they all knew that this would probably be Abi's last play. In fact, Abi herself just knew that this would probably be her last and that was why she was doing her very best.

Time passed and the finishing touches were just about done. The two girls were hurriedly getting everything ready and by the time the doors were ready to be opened to the general public, everything was in place.

The hall started to fill very quickly. Because she had been too busy with the final practise and the preparations, Abi almost forgot about the four guys she had invited, if not for Kai's message to her.

Kai's message said that they were already outside the venue so Abi quickly walked out of the hall. There was still about half an hour before the play started so she voluntarily asked them to wait for her outside. Well, Abi was kind of worried that Alex would enter the hall like the king of hell, so she wanted to go out there first to make sure that everything was alright, that Mr. Alexander Qin wasn't in a mood.

Gladly, the moment she saw him leaning by the car with his usual majestic look, she was relieved. The jellyfish looked really calm today. In fact, he was shining like his normal self which made Abi's heart fill up with gladness as she smiled at him.

"Alex," she called out as she ran towards him with a wave.

The man looked at her and he froze for a moment when he saw her face. His little fruit was wearing make-up?

"I thought you're only a producer," Alex asked, his eyes glued to her face. She was still dressed in her normal clothes but her makeup, which consisted of dreamy colourful glitter, told him that she might be playing some sort of mythical creature like a fairy.

"Ah, I'm playing as the fairy godmother." She smiled but she sounded sad as she said it. "Little Betty couldn't make it today so I had to fill her place." Her voice became a little weak, and sounded so heartbroken, but she forced herself to smile again. "Where are the others?" she looked inside the car when, suddenly the car window rolled down and Xavier's face appeared.

"Present!" the man cheerfully lifted his hand. Kai also stepped out at this point.

"Mr. Qin couldn't make it?" she asked when she couldn't see Ezekiel and that one question, made Alex's face turn a little sour.

"Would it be a problem if he wasn't going to make it?" Alex suddenly asked coldly, causing Abi to return her attention to him.

"No, but he was the first one to say he was going to come so I guess I just expected him to be here, too," she simply answered. Alex was about to lift his hand to pinch her chin when the girl's phone rang.

Chapter 137 Substitutes

"Hello? Kelly?" she said as she answered the phone and Abi's eyes slowly widened. "H-huh? Are they alright? Okay, I'll be right there!"

"What happened?" Xavier asked, seeing her panic but Abi just told them to go and find a seat inside as she rushed towards the back door where she came out from.

"I smell trouble," Xavier uttered. He then turned to Alex to ask him if they were going inside the hall but the man was already walking away and he was heading straight towards the door where Abi had entered.

Of course, Kai and Xavier followed him, like little puppies following their master.

Once they were inside, they found out that a few people who had drunk some of the drinks from a fast food delivery were now suffering from stomach aches. It seemed that something may have been something in their drinks. Fortunately, only four male staff had a drink and the aches weren't that severe. It was just making them run back and forth to the bathroom. Abi gave them some medicine to take but it would take some time to take effect so they were no longer in shape to do their tasks.

"Oh no, what should we do now? We're about to start! There's no time to go and get other people," Kelly was biting her lip as she panicked.

Abi, too, was feeling a little anxious now.

But it was then that her eyes fell onto the three men who just came and an idea lit up in her eyes.

Abi ran towards Alex and held his hand.

"Alex, uhm… can you grant me a request?" she was anxiously pressing Alex's fingers as she asked. "We need someone to replace them. Can I ask a favor and uhm… can you guys replace them? Please?"

Abi was feeling a little regretful. She had invited them to come and watch the play, not to be participating in it as a staff member, but now, with things being how they were, she had to ask them for help. She felt that she had no choice but to shamelessly ask them.

Meanwhile, Kelly was in shock from seeing the three creatures that Abi was asking to replace their fallen comrades. She was already shocked by their presence alone, and now, Abi was actually asking them to become their staff's substitutes?! And that guy in the middle was that hellishly mysterious king from hell, Alexander Qin! Oh god, Abi, are you serious right now?!

But, as she thought about it, she also knew that they had no choice. They couldn't possibly drag people from the audience because they were all old people and the task was something for agile men to do!

Kelly just silently watched as Abi begged the man and she couldn't ever imagine that Alexander Qin agreeing to do something like this. 'There's no way in hell he would accept to do this, Abigail! Just ask him to send his bodyguards if he had any!' she thought.

Kelly wanted to barge in because they were running out of time but she was scared of that guy!

"Uhm, Abigail… what kind of tasks are those men supposed to do?" Xavier butted in.

"It's not that hard. I promise, it's very easy."

Xavier's brows lifted up. He looked at Alex and he was about to speak when...

"I volunteer." A deep voice echoed and everyone looked at the man who just came in.

E-ezekiel Qin?!!!

Kelly looked like she just saw a ghost. She didn't know what was going on anymore. Not only was Abigail's devil here, now this Demon turned up out of nowhere! What the hell was this man doing here?! Did Abigail know him?

"Miss Chen, what do I need to do?" he asked as he walked closer to Abigail.

"Oh, Mr. Qin. Thank you so much. Uhm… you just need to –"

Before Abigail could explain, Alex suddenly wrapped his arm around Abi's shoulders.

"Tell me what I need to do first, little fruit," he uttered near her ear and Abi's head snapped to his face.

"You agree?!" she exclaimed, wide eyes.

"Yes, you need four men, right? Count these two in behind me as well."

Abi immediately hugged him. "Thank you, Alex!"

Everyone: ". . ." They only turned up to watch a play so how did they end up getting roped into becoming part of the crew?

Kai felt like pinching the skin between his brows as he watched Zeke and Alex, while Xavier looked like he was being entertained to the max.

"So? What do you want us to do?" Xavier asked excitedly but it was then that Kelly bravely called out for Abi's attention.

"Abi, it's almost time. You still need to change into your costume," Kelly reminded her and Abi immediately jumped in panic.

"Please, just standby, I will tell you what to do once I return," she told the four men and just like that, she and Kelly disappeared, leaving the four men standing there, with Alex staring at Zeke with daggers in his eyes and Kai just staring at them.

Xavier's eyes were darting back and forth between Alex and Zeke while nudging Kai.

"What's going on with those two?" Xavier whispered.

"Don't ask me."

"What's Zeke doing? Is he seriously hitting on Alex's girl?"

"Shut up, Xavier. Zeke's not an idiot to do something like that."

"Then why is he doing this? Our mighty Zeke never acted like this before, you know that."

"Stop asking. How should I know? Go ask him, not me!"

"Could it be that he likes Abigail, too? Or is he just trying to provoke Alex? But he's acting very strange! That guy's never acted all nice like that before, not even towards his family! I mean, when did he even learn to become like that?!" Xavier continued rambling on and didn't notice that Kai had already walked away from him.

Kai walked towards the wall on the other end of the room from that noisy, gossiping auntie, and just leaned on the wall and closed his eyes, as if to block out the world for a second.

Somehow, it seemed that the world he knew had now been turned upside down.
Chapter 138 Epic

Finally, it was time for the play to begin. It had taken Abi longer to get ready so she didn't quite have enough time to instruct the men beforehand. Abi immediately went on the stage the moment the clock struck 3:00pm to start, so Alex and the others didn't see her.

It was dark so she carefully sat on the stool while the children with her, quietly sat on the floor.

And then, a single spot light was lit up, pointing at the beautiful fairy, dressed in a beautiful white dress and cute, white dragonfly wings. She looked so dreamy and was, at that moment, the definition of an ethereal beauty. The audience gasped upon the sight of her. They were expecting a cute adorable child but what they got was a breathtaking goddess. It was a real surprise.

Abi, the fairy, sat comfortably on the stool as she held a wand in her hand. There were three children sitting on the floor, looking up at her, ready to listen to her story.

"Once upon a time, there was a princess named Beauty," she finally started and her voice rang out clearly and with confidence. "She was the loveliest lady in the entire Kingdom. Oh, do you know how she became that lovely? Okay, let me tell you about it first. The king and queen of the kingdom are very kind and fair to their people. They treat everyone nicely and equally, no matter their circumstances. Because of their kindness, their kingdom prospered and the people were very happy. That was why a fairy - that's me - decided to give them a reward. I decided to make their newborn baby the most beautiful princess in the world and that was how Beauty got her appearance. But, when this beautiful princess grew up, she became the opposite of her name. And this is where our story begins."

The fairy lifted her finger and snapped it before the lights went black.

Abi ran to the back stage, shocking the four men with her goddess-like appearance, but they didn't even have the time to admire her longer than a second because Abi immediately instructed the men to bring out the props.

What? Props?

Before they could even understand what was happening, Abi pushed them onto the stage.

"Quick! Quick!" Abi led Alex and Zeke as they carried the big cardboard castle to the middle of the stage while Kai and Xavier held what looked like peasant's homes with both their arms.

It was dark so nobody, even Abi could see what kind of face the men were wearing right at that moment.

But the two who were squatting on the floor could hardly stop themselves from trying to escape from the scene.

"Stop nudging me, Xavier!" Kai almost wanted to kick the man next to him.

"Don't blame me, will you? Like… look… what the heck are we even doing?!" Xavier was doing his best not to laugh out loud. This was just too much! What the hell just happened? They actually became prop men? Oh god! He had been expecting that they were needed to play as kings and knights or princes but props men?!! It would even be a little better if he and Kai were the only ones doing this but… Alex and Zeke, too?!

"Just shut your mouth, Xavier. You don't have the right to complain when Zeke and Alex are doing this so seriously."

"Pfft! Doing it seriously you say… I bet those two are also wondering what the hell they just volunteered themselves into right now. Pfft! Damn! Even I can't believe this. Like, look… oh god."

Suddenly, the lights turned on. As the first scene started, Xavier bit his lips hard as he tried to steady his hands to not make the peasant houses he was holding onto, move as if there was currently an earthquake.

Fortunately, he managed to calm himself. However, the moment he lifted his face and looked at the two men behind the castle, his cheeks bubbled and a "Pfft!" escaped from his mouth. He was thankful that the music was already playing because it drowned out the sound that was involuntarily torn from his lips. 'Oh god!! This is epic!!' he cried. 'I wish I had a camera right now!'

Alex and Zeke were wearing the same expressions. Their faces looked so damn serious, as if they were paying attention to a board report that could make or lose them millions of dollars if they didn't listen carefully, and they stood as still as statues. It was obvious that they were utterly confused with what they were doing. Their brows knotted into a hard knot as if they were still trying to decide if they were still on planet earth or if they, the great Alex and the mighty Zeke, had actually transmigrated into a different world to the bodies of lowly peasants.

That was truly a sight to behold. Xavier even thought that this would be something he would always remember and laugh at even when he grew old. 'Damn, this is too funny! Pfft!' Who would have thought he would live to see the day when these two guys would do something like this!

As Xavier was busy laughing at the two castle men, the play continued smoothly with the princess wandering around in the village and belittling the peasantry despite them praising her beauty.

The kids were performing it so beautifully and their acting was almost on par with professional actors, especially the princess.

After the first scene ended, Abi, the fairy, then entered the scene again, and the two men behind the castle were left to become two gorgeous pillars.

However, once Abi was gone, Alex's sharp gaze flew towards Zeke, blatantly telling Zeke that none of this would be happening if it wasn't for him butting in and volunteering.

"Stop looking at me like that. You're the one who volunteered to do this," Zeke casually said and the castle moved a little.


Chapter 139 Only

Gladly, Alex controlled himself and made sure to keep the castle still again.

"Shut up, Zeke! Why are you even here?" he asked, seemingly pissed.

"Because Abigail invited me," Zeke replied and the castle moved slightly again. But in the next second, the fairy returned to her hiding place and smiled at the two of them. Alex's face immediately returned to normal. She looked up at Alex and asked him in a whisper.

"I didn't sound so nervous, right?" she whispered and Alex could only nod. Truth be told, he didn't even hear anything that she said because he was too busy accusing Zeke.

The play continued smoothly. The castle men and peasant's house's men remained in their positions. They were silently laughing at themselves but every time the audience clapped and laughed along with the play's progression, they slowly started listening to the play and they too ended up looking forward to what would happen next. Alex and Zeke somehow managed to keep their faces straight until finally, after six scenes, the setting changed and Abi led them out to the backstage.

However, their task wasn't finished yet! Alex soon became a door while Zeke ended up being a cabinet. Kai and Xavier were the ones who carried the chairs and tables on and off the stage every time the lights turned off.

The play was nearing its end. One of the last scenes would be of the fairy and the princess under a tree. They only needed one tree on the stage and one person could carry it.

"We only need one person to hold the tree," Abi explained.

The tree was beside Alex but he didn't move to get it. Abi was about to ask Kai to do it when again, someone volunteered first. Wordlessly, Ezekiel moved towards the tree and reached his hand out to grab it.

But, when he was about to touch it, Alex suddenly grabbed the tree first and tucked it away, as if he didn't want Ezekiel to even touch it, before he walked towards Abi.

"Let's go," he said and Abi blinked before the two of them hastily ran to the stage.

"Pfft!! My God! Haha!" Xavier finally let out a laugh while Kai was looking at Zeke's expression very intently.

On the stage, Alex, the tree, realized that he was the only prop on stage and he began to laugh inwardly. What the hell was he doing? How did the great Alexander Qin end up being a tree? He was shaking his head at the incredulity of the situation he was in at that moment. He couldn't believe what he was doing. He couldn't help but think that even those whom he put to sleep forever would turn inside their graves if they saw him doing any of this right now!

Xavier could not stop laughing and he even went so far as to take his phone out and snap a photo of Alexander Qin, the tree. The only consolation was that Abi was also in the picture, looking like a real beauty. Xavier looked at the photo and despite Alexander's frown, he thought it was actually a really great photo of the two of them. He quickly put his phone away to stop the mad devil from noticing what he had done.

Finally, the play ended. The lights turned off so Alex, the tree, moved to leave when suddenly, Abi grabbed his hand.

"Stay here, Alex," she whispered and the lights turned back on again. All the cast, including the producers, Abi and Kelly, appeared on stage and they all bowed to the audience as the audience gave them a huge round of applause.

They then took a picture of the whole crew with Alex, the tree, still standing in the middle.

The play was a huge success. Every single seat in the hall was actually filled up and everyone was very happy and satisfied with the performance.

After the pictorial, Abi was busy congratulating the children for a job well done when Alex, the tree, finally moved to leave.

However, the kids stopped him.

"Mr. Tree, thank you so much for helping us!" they said, smiling at him in gratitude.

Alex's face was indescribable at the time but he managed to keep his calm. Well, looking at how happy that certain little fairy of his was right now, he couldn't possibly create trouble by making any of these children cry. Therefore, the man forced his dark aura into hiding and he even managed a little smile.

"Yeah, good job kids," he told them and then he quickly walked away after that. He was in such a haste because he didn't want the children to speak to him and call him Mr. Tree again. Who are they calling a tree?!

But again, the man was stopped in his tracks. Alex's face subconsciously darkened as he glared at the person who dared to stand before him and stop his escape. But his glare didn't even last a second the instant he saw who was blocking his path, because the person was the fairy godmother.

Since the beginning of the play, Alex didn't really get a moment to clearly see Abi in her full costume. It was a little dim behind the castle where she always hid with them and he couldn't stare at her when they were at backstage because she was too busy with the giving them props and making sure everything went smoothly. Also, Alex was too busy glaring at Zeke whenever he saw the damn guy looking at his fairy godmother.

So now that she was clearly in front of him, under the bright light, Alex couldn't take his eyes off of her. His eyes were just fixated on her as he stood there, still like stone.

"Thank you so much for the help, Alex," Abi beamed at him as she moved closer to him and held his hand. "I can't thank you guys enough. If you and the others weren't here, it would've really been a huge problem," she told him, as she looked up at him with pure gratitude written on her face.

"This was definitely not a free service, Abigail. I'll have to demand something in return," he replied after more than twenty seconds of silence.

What he said seemed to be something that Abi had already expected and she just grinned at him. "Mn. You and the others saved us today so you can ask me for anything once we get home, okay?"

Abi was just so happy that she didn't even notice that Alex's eyes widened slightly the moment she uttered the word 'home'. He fell silent while the girl continued talking, until suddenly, a middle aged man called for her.

Alex immediately saw the surprise written on her face the instant she heard the man's voice. She even turned like lightning to look at the man who called out to her. Alex creased his brows as he looked at the man but the moment Abi called him 'Dad', Alex didn't know why his body suddenly felt a little strange.
Chapter 140 Invitation

Andrew congratulated his daughter and his gaze quickly flew towards the man holding the tree. He had actually been watching his daughter for a while now and when he saw her hold the man's hand while happily talking to him, Andrew could already tell that this man might have been the one who made Abi became livelier and happier.

But when Andrew saw the man's face, he immediately felt uneasy. The young man was too good looking and not that just that, he had this noble and intimidating aura that nobody could ignore, despite the fact that he was acting like a prop man. Andrew could just feel that the young man was definitely not someone ordinary. In fact, he couldn't believe that his presence was far more incredible than this country's esteemed president whom he had once met by accident and even shook hands with. But it wasn't just because of that. Andrew felt uneasy the moment he saw how the young man stared at his daughter. That look in his eyes… it was…

"Thank you, daddy," Abi replied as she pulled away from her father's embrace. It was then that she saw that her father was looking past her. He was looking at Alex and Abi suddenly felt quite nervous.

"Who is this young man?" Andrew asked his daughter and Abi felt like her heart jump. She looked at Alex and the man just stared back at her calmly. His eyes gave nothing away and Abi couldn't get anything from them.

"Uhm… dad, this Alex," she told him, almost shyly, as she looked at Alex. There were questions in her eyes, asking if it was okay for her to disclose that he was her boyfriend to her family. She didn't want to lie to her family again so she was thinking of telling them the truth but she was hesitant. She was afraid that Alex might not like it.

Andrew leaned in on her daughter and whispered in her ear. "Abi, this is the man you like, right?" he asked and Abi blushed as she meekly nodded.

Her father then looked at Alex again. "Are you courting my daughter?"

Alex and Abi had the same reaction upon hearing the man's question. Alex's eyes flew towards Abi. Courting? Was he courting his little fruit?

Alex didn't court. He never chased any woman before and the word 'courting' had never appeared in his dictionary.

"No," he replied. Alex didn't know why he was acting strange, almost as if he was subconsciously being careful in front of this man. This man was ordinary, he could sense it with one look but for some reason, it was like he didn't even want to frown while the man was looking at him. It almost looked like he was trying to give him the impression that he was not a bad guy, even though he was, and he didn't know why.

"Oh, so you're Abi's friend…" Andrew was about to look at his daughter but the man spoke again.

"No," was all he replied, causing Andrew's eyes to slightly widen. He looked at his daughter with questions in his eyes. His daughter held this man's hand so intimately and yet they weren't even friends?!

Abi bit her lips hard as she stared back at her father before her lips hesitantly opened again. "Uhm… dad, he's my boyfriend," she meekly confessed as she kept glancing at Alex.

Andrew was surprised. This was something he didn't expect. He was sure that it wasn't even a month yet since she met this man. But somehow, he felt relieved that his daughter was in relationship with him. This was better than his daughter liking a man who didn't even see her as a friend.

"Alex, meet my dad, Andrew Chen," Abi continued the introduction, her eyes never left Alex's face. She could hear how loud her heartbeats were at the moment, as she waited for Alex's reaction.

But to her relief, Alex simply reacted like an ordinary person and greeted her dad. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Chen," was what he said in a calm voice.

"Oh, nice to meet you, Alex…"

"Alexander Qin." Alex filled in the blanks as he stretched out his hand for a handshake which was accepted by Andrew.

The two had just retracted each other's hands when an old couple had arrived in the scene.

"My, my, so you're the one behind my granddaughter's smile lately," an old woman approached them and she immediately took Alex's hand, like how a loving grandmother does to her beloved grandson.

Alex looked like he had stiffened a bit as he looked down at the old grandma, obviously confused or overwhelmed, but still calm as an untouched lake.

"What a good-looking child, but you complement my lovely granddaughter's beauty," she teased. "This grandma would like to invite you for dinner at our house tonight. So Abi, take him back home tonight, okay? We will go first so we can start preparing for the dinner. We will wait for you two. Make sure not to come home later than seven."

Just like that, the three left them without even letting Abi nor Alex accept or decline their invitation. Abi couldn't believe that her grandma decided all of that on her own like that.

Abi was biting her lips as she slowly turned to look at Alex.

"Uhm… Alex, I…" Abi pressed her lips in a hard line. "I was –"

"It's okay, it's just dinner," he cut through her and Abi's eyes widened in surprise. She grabbed the man's arms as she looked up at him with her big round eyes.

"Y-you're not angry?!" she asked and man frowned.

"Why would you think I am angry?"

"B-because I told them that you're my boyfriend without your permission."

Alex lifted his hand and was about to pinch her cheek but he stopped. Her face was still decorated with glitters and he didn't want to ruin it with his own hand.

Clicking his tongue, Alex grabbed her hand and pulled her with him as they left the stage.