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✍️✍️✍️✍️ The Forgotten Princess Chapter 136 || 137...140 ✍️✍️✍️✍️


Cold Treatment, My Fault

After I have helped William bandaged his wounds, there was a knock on the door.

'Knock knock'

"Princess, dinner is ready." Tricia's voice was heard from the other side.

"Okay, thanks." I replied.

"You go and eat. I can manage to put medicine on my other wounds." William smiled.

"Hmm, okay." I nodded in agreement.

I stood up and walked towards the door. When I opened it, Tricia was standing in front. I gently closed the door behind me 

"Tricia, get Will's dinner and serve it to him here in his room. I am afraid that if he moves that much, his wounds would bleed again." I ordered.

"I understand." Tricia bowed her head. "Oh princess, prince Regaleon has arrived a while ago. He is waiting for you in the dining room."

"Leon is here?" I smiled brightly and trotted towards the dining room.

"The prince looked for you so I said that you have tended sir William's wounds." Tricia said while I was walking hastily.

I wasn't able to hear Tricia's words because I was excited to see Regaleon. If I have just heard her, I would have been prepared on what's to come.

By the time I arrived at the dining room, I see Regaleon sitting on his usual seat. I felt happy seeing him again. If I could, I would like to always be by his side. But I know that is not possible. Regaleon is a crown prince and has many work he needs to do.

"Leon." I called out to him while I walked towards him in a hurry.

Regaleon glanced and me and I was surprised with his cold stare.

"Walk slowly." Regaleon said with a superior tone. "You are a princess, so you need to always mind your manners and etiquette."

My body reacted instantly to his scolding and I walked with grace and beauty. I was a little confused. The Regaleon right now was a lot like when he was tutoring me, a strict teacher.

I take a seat on my chair gracefully, so that I won't be scolded again. I took a peak on Regaleon but I can't read his mood with his mask covering half of his face.

Regaleon and I eat in silence. All I can hear in the dining room are the sounds of the utensils on our plates.

'Did I do something wrong that made Leon angry?' I thought to myself. But I wasn't able to find a reason. He was okay just before I took a nap.

After finishing dinner, Regaleon got up.

"I will be taking my leave now." Regaleon said coldly.

A felt a pinch in my heart. "Leon, d-did I do something wrong?" I asked worriedly. My heart was feeling heavy, and the pain from it was spreading.

Regaleon looked at me with a serious and cold gaze. "I will give you time to think of what you have done and reflect on it."

After that, Regaleon walked away. I was left in the dining room in a daze. Tears started to fall from my eyes.

"Princess!" Tricia quickly walked beside me holding a handkerchief. She gently wiped away my tears. "I was afraid that this would happen." She heaved a sigh.

"Why, Tricia? What did I do to make Regaleon so cold towards me?" I asked. The tears are still flowing from my eyes.

"Princess, I know you are still young. This is your very first relationship and you are experiencing everything for the first time." Tricia gently said. "I know sir William is an important person to you and is your best friend. Maybe in the past when the two of you were still young, being in the same room alone is okay. But now, you are a young lady, and is also engaged. You cannot be alone in a room with another man other than your husband to be."

After Tricia's explenation, I understood why Regaleon was being cold towards me. I have done something wrong as his fiancee.

"I never thought of that." I said. "It was normal for Will and I to be together in the past. I never thought about it until you have explained." I have wronged Regaleon and have hurt his feelings.

"I understand princess. You are only sixteen years old. You will do a lot of mistakes and learn from them." Tricia patted my head and consoled me. "You just have to apologize to the crown prince and explain what happened. I am sure he will forgive you, he loves you very much."

"Thanks Tricia." I wipe away my tears. "I still have many things to learn."

"I am sure that you will learn many things in being a fiancee and a wife when you start your bridal training. For now, you just have to do your best." Tricia smiled sweetly at me.

"I am happy that I have you by my side, Tricia. I am still young and ignorant in many things. I hope you help me in the future." I said sincerly.

"I am happy to be of service to you princess." Tricia patted my head once again. "Now go and find your prince."

"Yes." I smiled.


I ran outside my courtyard to chase after Regaleon. I wasn't able to find him in the vicinity. It was already dark outside. I was contemplating in going to the courtyard he was residing now but thought that it would be best not to go.

We are not yet married. And it won't look good for a young princess like me visting him this late at night. I turned my back and started to go back to my own courtyard.

'Where are you going?' Snow jumped out of the bushes.

"Snow," I called to her. "Did you see Leon walked through here?" I asked.

'Oh, do you mean lover boy? I saw him walk past here a little while ago. He looked in a bad mood. Did you two have a fight?' Snow asked.

I heave a deep sigh. "It's all my fault." I confessed. "I want to apologize to him but I don't know where he is."

'Then why don't you sneek inside his room then?' Snow asked sarcastically. 'He does that all the time to you. Why not you do it this time?'

Snow's idea seemed good. I looked at her and smiled widely. "Snow, you're the best." I picked her up and hugged her.

'I know I am the best, but please don't squeeze me to death.' Snow complained.

"Oh, sorry." I giggled. "Do you know where Leon's room is? Can you help me sneek in?"

'Of course I know.' Snow said and jumped down from my arms. 'Follow me.'

I lifted up my skirt and followed Snow stealthly.
A Jealous Crown Prince

(Regaleon's POV)

I have finished eating and heaved a silent sigh to myself. I look at Alicia who had her head bowed down.

"I will be taking my leave now." I said with such coldness. I can't help myself from feeling this way, with jealousy.

"Leon, d-did I do something wrong?" Alicia asked with worried eyes towards me.

My heart skipped a beat with her beautiful face and pleading eyes. I want to hug her tightly. I want to bite her soft lips and lavish her whole body with kisses, an adequate punishment for her mistake. I want to bury myself inside her and posses her, making all of her mine. Others would know that she is mine and would never try to come near her again.

'This is not good.' I thought to myself. Because of my jealousy, I am thinking of bad things. I don't want her to hate me. 'I need to get some fresh air and calm down.' I thought.

I looked at Alica with a serious and cold gaze. "I will give you time to think of what you have done and reflect on it."

'And I need time to cool myself down.' I thought.

After that, I walked away in a hurry. I was not yet that far when I heard sobs from the dining room. I stopped in my tracks and clenched my fists hard.

Alicia's sobs where like daggers piercing my heart. I really want to turn around and comfort her, put her in my arms and shower her with kisses and affection. But in my state right now, I could only hurt her. I pick up my pace and walk away.


It was already dark outside, and the only light that illuminates my path is the light of the full moon.

I walk towards the remote lake found inside the palace. The stroll gave me time to think and calm myself.

I heaved a heavy sigh. "My Lili." I whispered to myself.

I was lucky to meet Alicia in her debutant party when she was fourteen years old. She was still a young girl back then but her beauty was already blooming. No wonder she attracts men like that William Cunningham.

"If I wasn't there at her party that time, would she be with that William now?" I said to myself.

The thought was unpleasant to me. Thinking that if I had not come that day, then Alicia would be engaged to that duke now.

I clenched my fists hard that the white bones in my hands are sticking out.

"No. I am now Alicia's fiance. She is my bride to be and my future wife, my princess consort." I said.

The fact that Alicia and William were close friends, I cannot change. "Alicia has a kind and pure heart, and I want her to stay that way. That is why she personaly tended to that person's wounds." I told myself.

I was telling this to myself, that Alicia was so kind hearted that she tended William's wounds herself. But just the thougth of Alicia holding someone gently makes my blood boil.

"I want to cut every place where Alicia touched that man." My temper was rising again.

I heaved another heavy sigh. If I continue this way, how can I calm down. I want to go to Alicia and be with her as soon as possible. I want my jealousy to be put in check as fast as I can.

'I love you very much.' I remember Alicia's words. I imagine Alicia's blushing face while saying these words. I smile crept on my face.

"My sweet and beautiful Lili." I said to myself.

That's right, she loves me. I am the one that she loves and the one she chose. I can't help the fact that men can be smitten by my fiancee's beauty, but still I am the one that in her heart.

I chuckled lightly. The thought of her loving me calmed me down.

"Yes, I can be jealous. This is a normal thing when loving someone, I guess." I said. "But I don't have to let this jealousy be in the way of our relationship."

'I can deal with this jealousy.' I thought to myself.

I have strolled a little far now. I turned back and traced my steps back to Alicia's courtyard.

"Your highness." It was Dimitri's voice from the shadows.

"What is it Dimitri?" I stopped in my tracks and asked.

"Are you going to the princess' quarters?" Dimitri emerged from the shadows and gave a slight bow of his head. He knows that I frequently visit Alicia in her quarters at night.

"Yes I am. What of it?" I asked in confusion.

"Well, your higness. The princess is currently in your quarters." Dimitri said with a shy tone.

"My quarters?!" I was shocked. Why would Alicia be in my living quareters this time of night?

"Yes your higness. The princess' familiar helped her sneak in unnoticed. By the time the shadow guards around the area noticed her, she was already in your quarters." Dimitri said. "I apologize for my subordinates incapabilites. Please punish me accordingly."

"No need." I simply said. Alicia's familiar Snow is capable of sneaking to places unnoticed. With her powers cloaking Alicia, no one can really detect her. "I will head towards my quarters immediately."

"Yes sir." Dimitri bowed and blended in the shadows once more.

I hurriedly walked towards my own courtyard. Knowing that Alicia was inside my quarters waiting for me made me excited that my heart was thumping fast.

Once inside the building, I rushed towards my quarters. I navigated the halls faster than I have anticipated and reached the door of my quarters in no time.

I stopped right in front of my door and inhaled deeply. After exhaling, I held the door knob and gently turned it. The doors opened, and my dark room was seen. The room was silent, the only illumination was the light of the full moon coming from the balcony door that is opened.

I walked inside and closed the door behind me. I scanned my room, searching for her. And there, on top of my huge bed she laid. The curtains from the balcony door was swaying from the wind outside. The effects of the curtain and the moon's light made her sleeping body mesmerizing. Alicia looked like a sleeping beauty, waiting to be kissed by her prince.

I walked quietly and slowly to her side. She was sleeping soundly when I see her shiver.

'She might be cold.' I thought.

"Silly girl." I smiled gently. "You entered from the balcony but you didn't close the door."

I slowly closed the door to the balcony, stopping the cold wind from blowing inside. Then I gently seat down beside Alicia's sleeping figure. Her face was rosy white but had a few stains from tears. My heart clenched in pain.

"I made you cry." I said guiltily. I softly traced her tear stained cheeks with my fingers.

Alicia stirred awake, her beautiful eyes fluttered gently.

"Leon." Alicia called.

"I'm here." I replied.

Kiss and Make-Up

(Regaleon'a POV)

"Leon." I hear Alicia's sweet voice call my name.

"I'm here." I replied with a smile.

Alicia hurriedly sit up from bed when she heard my voice.

"Leon, I'm sorry. Please forgive me." I heard Alicia's pleading voice. "I didn't mean to make you angry. I didn't think first before I made my actions."

Tears started to stream from my princess' eyes. I wipe those tears away gently with my fingers.

"You know what you did wrong?" I asked in a gentle voice. My jealousy has subsided by now and I don't want Alicia to cry anymore than this.

"It's because I was alone with William inside one room." Alicia replied. "I know that it isn't an excuse for being ignorant. I should have thought of your feelings more. I know I have hurt you when I tended Will's wounds in his room alone. As your fiancee, it is wrong for me to be with a man alone. Your reputation may also be tarnished because of this."

Alicia was sobbing. My little princess is hurt because of me. My heart aches while looking at her tears.

"Hush now." I comforted her. "I do not care about my reputation being tarnished, you know. And I am not angry with you. I was jealous." Isaid truthfully.

"You were jealous?" Alicia asked with wide eyes. Her tears stopped at last, after she heard me being jealous. "B-But why would you be? I mean there is nothing for you to be jealous about. Me and Will are just friends. And if you look at it, your looks are above any man I have ever seen. Your swords skills are on top of the charts. Not only that you are the crown prince of a powerful country. Many would die to get my spot as your fiancee and princess consort."

Alicia was giving me unending praises. This made me laugh. "Hahaha..."

"Why are you laughing?" Alicia looked at me in irritation. "Are you not taking my words seriously? I am serious when I say that you are the most eligable bachelor that most woman will sought for. I am very lucky to be chosen by you."

Alicia was looking cute and gullible, I pinched her rosy cheeks.

"Silly girl." I said with a smile. "You are over praising me a bit. You know that I wear a mask, so how can other people say that I am handsome. Only a handful of people have seen my face."

"W-Well, I don't know." Alicia lowered her head shyly. "I guess, even with your face covered, your presence and aura can magnet young women's hearts." She had her lips pouted out in irritation.

"Are you jealous when other women look and me and try to get close to me?" I asked, amused with what Alicia would answer.

"Of course I am. Especially my sister, Veronica." Alicia said with a high pitched tone. "Just imagining how she got her hands and arms around you while trying to seduce you infuriated me. I want to clean the places where she touched you with her dirty hands."

Alicia's face was red just by remembering the events that took place in our engagement party.

'My Lili is also jealous.' I thought. It made me smile. A warm feeling crept inside my heart and travled all over my body.

"That was what I felt when you were alone with that man." I caressed her rosy cheeks. "Just imagining you helping him tend to his wounds, carefully applying medecine to his body made me furious. It made me feel that I want to cut all of the parts you have touched."

A trace of shock ran through Alicia's eyes. Then her eyes calmed down and looked at me intently.

"So that was what you felt. I'm sorry, I didin't mean for you to feel that way. I will never do that again, I promise. I know how it feels and I don't want you to feel that way too." Alicia said with sincerity. She lowered her head with guilt.

"Oh Lili, I am sorry for being jealous as well. I just can't stand it when other men tries to get close to you." I cupped her chin and pulled her face up and her eyes met mine. "Do you know how beautiful you are? How many men also try to get your attention?"

Alicia shook her head. She was oblivious on how other men see her.

"My Lili, you are the most beautifyl girl I have landed my eyes upon, and I have met many women in my twenty years of existence." I said with sincerity. I held her beautiful face between my hands gently. "Your beauty attracts many men like that duke and also that prince from Jennova. I also feel that jealousy when they have their eyes upon you. If I can, I would like to pluck their eyes out from their sockets, just for looking at my fiancee with such longing."

Alicia looked at me in disbelief. She has been living with her step sisters that undermines her beauty, letting her think she is not beautiful.

"But the one I love is you." Alicia said softly. "You don't need to get jealous, because you are the one that holds my heart." She bowed her head shyly. I can see traces of blush in her cheeks.

My heart squeezed in ecstasy after hearing her words.

"My Lili. My beautiful and sweet Lili." I said to her softly. "I am the one who is lucky that you chose me. You are the only one that I would ever love."

Alicia looked up at me with twinkling eyes. Her blushed face looks so adorable, her rosy lips are rather tempting. I traced her blushed cheeks with my thumbs and ran it down to her rosy lips.

At last, I can't take it anymore. I pulled Alicia's face to me gently and landed my lips on hers.

"Hmmm." Alicia gave a surprise moan but in an instant took my kiss willingly.

Her lips were so soft and smooth that kissing her was such an indulgence. I can smell her sweet scent and my head swam with lust.

I parted my lips from hers, fighting away the lust I am feeling right now.

"Oh Lili, I want you. I want you so badly." My voice came out a little pained.

"Then take me." Alicia said with a soft voice.
🔞🔞🔞 Heated Night (1)

WARNING: Strictly for 18 years old and above because of adult and sexual content. If you are below 18, please skip this chapter.

(Regaleon's POV)

Her lips were so soft and smooth that kissing her was such an indulgence. I can smell her sweet scent and my head swam with lust.

I parted my lips from hers, fighting away the lust I am feeling right now.

"Oh Lili, I want you. I want you so badly." My voice came out a little pained.

"Then take me." Alicia said with a soft voice.

My eyes went wide with surprise. My body went stiff with the shock I got from Alicia's words.

"Lili, do you know what you have just said?" I asked in disbelief.

Alicia nodded shyly. "I would want to be one with Leon as well." Her cheeks were tinted red with her blush.

After her sentence, my last defenses were broken down and torned apart. My will power crumbled in an instant and lust filled my senses once more.

"Oh Lili, I hope you are prepared with what you had just said." My voice came out hoarse.

Alicia nodded shyly. I see her lips parted slightly and that made the fire inside me burn more intensely with desire.

In no time I captured Alicia's soft and sweet lips. I tasted them in my mouth. The kiss was not enough to satisfy my cravings and I gently parted her lips with my tongue, slipping in and tasting the insides of her mouth.

I found her tongue and played with them, hooking it with my own.

"Ahmmm..." I hear Alicia's sweet moan. It was just like electricity that entered my ears and bolted inside my body.

I pulled Alicia up instantly.

"Ahhh..." She cutely squealed and was caught of guard with my action.

The both of us are sitting on the bed facing each other.

"Turn around." I told her.

Alicia nodded curiously and turned around. Now, her back is facing me.

Alicia was wearing a dress with the buttons on the back, that is why I told her to turn around. I slowly unbuttoned the buttons of her dress one by one. Her white and milky skin emerged in front of me.

I gently pulled her long platinum blonde hair and swiped it to the side. Now, her bare back was seen. My body was heating up inside, my instinct only feels lust and love for her.

I slowly slip off her dress, caressing her bare shoulders in the process. I see Alicia's body shiver.

"Your skin is so smooth." I whispered right behind her ear and she felt ticklish.

Seeing her bare neck made my hearr flutter. I quickly licked it up and bit one of her earlobes.

"Hiyaahh~" Alicia squealed once again. Her voice beautifully rang in my ears.

"Ticklish?" I teased her. A smile was etched on my face.

"Hmmm." Alicia nodded.

"I want to explore all of the corners of your body, Lili. May I?" I said with hoarse voice. My wanting is very evident in my voice.

Alicia nodded shyly, her cheeks were burning red.

With Alicia's permission, my lips traveled from her neck down to her shoulders and back. My hands gently caressed her smooth white skin along. The hair on her arms are standing, her body trembling slightly.

I pulled her dress all the way down, taking it off of her in the process and tossing it aside. Now, my lovely girl is naked in front of me, aside from the underwear she was still wearing.

I continued to rain kisses on her back and neck, my hands hovered in front of her.

"Ahh~~hmmm." Alicia was feeling my caress and kisses, her body was submissive towards my every action.

My hands then found her twin peaks. I kneaded them gently and pinched her nipples hard

"Ahhh~~yaahh...L-Leon." Alicia called out my name seductively.

"What is it, my love?" I whispered behind her ear. "Do you like that?" I started to lick her ear.

"Ahhh~~~hmmm~ahh." Alicia was sensing pleasure with my actions. "I-It feels...good."

I smiled with her answer.

"Then I will do somthing else that will also feel good." I said playfully. "You liked it back then."

Alicia looked confused for a while. When she noticed where my other hand was traveling, she knew in an instant what I was about to do.

"L-Leon." Alicia looked at my hand traveling from her stomach and entered her underwear. "Ahhhhh...." Her neck arched back with the sensation.

My fingers entered her private part easily. I kneaded the insided gently while my other hand was playing with her breast.

"You are already wet." I teased her.

"T-That's because...ahhh~~hmmm~~~ahhh.." Alicia tried to supress her sweet moans.

"Let your voice out Lili." I told her. "I want to hear you feel good."

"Ahhh~~~L-Leon.." Alicia was clearly enjoying my fingers.

My own body was heating up just by looking at Alicia's face. I cupped her chin and move her toward me. I planted a kiss on her sweet alluring lips.

"Hmmm~~~mmmm. L-Leon..ahhh~~I'm~ahh." Alicia was clearly at her peak.

"Come Alicia. Come for me." I said. I made the motions of my fingers more faster, thrusting inside her sex.

"Ahhhhh~~~" Alicia screamed in satisfation.

I quickly pulled out my fingers inside of her and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Did you feel good?" I smiled at her.

Alicia's face was flushed. She nodded slowly.

"Are you sure you want to continue this?" I asked her. But I don't know if I can still stop myself from devouring her at this moment.

Alica didn't answer. She looked like she was still in a daze after her orgasm. I gently laid her on the bed.

I took of my coat and shoes and tossed it on the floor. I unbuttoned my inner shirt and like the others, tossed it out. I simply hovered above my beautiful sweet girl who had just orgasmed.

"My beautiful Alicia." I whispered to her.


🔞🔞 Heated Night (2)

WARNING: Strictly for 18 years old and above because of adult and sexual content. If you are below 18, please skip this chapter.

(Regaleon's POV)

I took off my coat and shoes and tossed it on the floor. I unbuttoned my inner shirt and like the others, tossed it out. I simply hovered above my beautiful sweet girl who had just orgasmed.

"My beautiful Alicia." I whispered to her.

I slowly unzipped my pants and my buldging manhood peaked out on its own.

Alicia's face was flushed red, she was panthing just after her orgasm. I traced where her eye sight was looking at, and it was no other than my thing down there. I slightly smiled with her reaction.

I gently caressed her thighs with my hands and worked my way up to the hem of her underwear. In just one thug, I pulled it out from under her.

"Aahhh.." Alicia was surprised with my sudden action.

After that, I kissed her toes and then her ankles. I trailed kisses upwards from her calf to her knees. I then started to lick her inner thighs.

"Ahhh~~hmmm~~ahhh." Alicia was moaning with every kiss I give.

I parted her legs genlty, exposing her private part before me.

"N-no...don't look. It's embarrassing." Alicia face looked very embarrassed. She tried to cover her private part. Her action made me smile.

"You don't need to be embarrassed." I told her. "I love every part of you, especially this part."

I held her hands that were covering her private area and slowly put it away. When I see her sex right before me, I inched my face between her legs and started to lick it.

"Hiyah~~" Alicia squealed in surprise. Her body was squirming on top of the bed. "Ahhh~~Leon." Her voice was seductive that it made me want to suck her more.

'Slurp slurp' the lewd sounds were clearly heard. My tongue was ravaging Alicia's inner walls.

"Hmmm~~ahhh..Leon...ahhh~~coming..I'm.." Alicia was feeling the pleasure that I was giving her.

Hearing that she was nearing her climax, I sucked her a little harder.

"Ahhhh..." Alicia came again, her body was convulsing on top of me.

When she calmed down, she was panthing very hard. I took my pants off all the way and tossed it aside. I held her legs and squeezed it close. I let her lay down side ways.

"L-Leon?" Alicia looked at me in confusion.

"I still don't want to penatrate inside you, Lili." I said with a husky voice. "But at least let me be satisfied with your body."

I laid down behind Alicia, her back was sticking on my chest. I put my hard manhood in between Alicia's closed legs, near the opening of her sex.

"Hmmm~~ahhh." I squeezed my manhood in the tight space and rubbed it on her skin.

"Ahh~~" Alicia was feeling my hardness just between the entrance of her sex.

Even I am not penetrating inside her, I am sure she is feeling the hardness of my thing rubbing her entrance.

I started to thrust in and out between her tightly closed legs. The entrance to her private part is soaking wet that it made it easier to move.

"Your so wet." I whispered in Alicia's ear. "You are loving this?"

I continue my action on her private part, teasing her entrance slowly and kneaded her breasts gently.

"Ahhh~~hmmm" Alicia was moaning with pleasure. Her voice was sending warm signals inside my body.

I am feeling good with every thrust, I can feel something building up inside of me.

"Ahhh~~Lili. I'm at my limit." I was thrusting harder and faster right now.

"Ahhh~~Leon...please come." Alicia's voice was clearly seducing me.

With her words I put in more effort with my thrust. The lewd sounds that comes out from our bodies' contact was getting louder.

"Ohhh~~Lili... My Lili." I was at the peak of my senses. "Ngghhh..." I ejaculated at last. The fluid spitted out of my manhood.

"Ahhh..." Alicia found her own release.

The both of us are panthing heavily and catching our breath. Alicia closed her eyes, clearly exhausted with our prior movements.

"Tired?" I asked with a smile. I planted a kiss on top of her head and smelling the sweet scent of her hair.

"Hmmm." Alicia replied with a simple nod.

"Let me arrange the bath for you first. You will be more refreshed after taking a dip and washing the sweat off." I said.

I got out of the bed and walked towards the bathroom. Inside, I opened the hot water and filled the huge bath tub. I put in some liquid soap and mixed it in. Once the tub was halfway full, I turned off the water and go back to Alicia.

She was sleeping soundly on my huge bed. A smile crept on my face.

'I could get used to her sleeping on my bed.' I thought to myself.

I walked at her bed side and gently carried her in my arms. Alicia's arms instantly hooked around my neck, her face leaning on my chest. Her eyes were fluttering sleepily.

"Let's get you washed first to get the sweat off. Then you can sleep." I whispered to her. 

I walked towards the bathroom with her in my arms. Once inside I carefully place her in the huge bath tub and I followed after.

Inside the tub, I cradled her in front of me. I took the sponge from the side and gently scrubbed her body.

"Hmmm, that feels good." Alicia sleepily said. "It smells of you." She was talking about the soap I mixed inside the tub.

"You like it?" I asked in amusement.

"I like your smell. The smell of spring dew." Alicia turned around and looked at me with a smile.

"I am happy you like it." I said and smiled back.

After we scrubbed each other, we just sat there hugging. I was cradling her from the front, with my arms around her.

"I will be gone for a few days." I remembered to tell her. "I need to take care of some business."

"How long?" Alicia asked.

"Don't worry, it will only be a few days." I assured her. "I will be surely here before the grand parade."

The parade in the streets of the capital will be taking place five days from now. All the preparations have been made. We are now only waiting for the date to come.

"You only need to relax and wait for me to return." I pinched her small pointed nose.

Alicia was clearly irriated with my action. I chuckled looking at her cute irritated face.

"After the parade, we will be heading straight to Grandcrest. Once there, you will properly be introduced as my fiancee and future crown princess." I said.

"I am ready to take the bride lessons once we arrive there. I won't let you down." Alicia smiled.

"My little fiancee is still thinking such things. You don't need to impress anyone. Remember that I always got your back." I said.

After the bath I carried her once again towards my bed. The sheets have been replaced with new and clean ones. I gently laid her down and I take my place beside her.

"Sleep well my love." I drape the sheets over us and kissed her forehead. I pulled her close to my embrace. Sleep took us in no time.