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Elizabeth’s face

Richard and I were walking together back to my courtyard. It was a little dark so he escorted me back.

We were getting near my courtyard when someone shouted my name.

"Alicia!" A familiar voice shouted.

When I look around I saw Elizabeth fuming in anger walking towards me. She lifted her hand and was about to slap me when I caught her hand mid way.

"You bitch!" Elizabeth screamed. "How dare you come back!" She was struggling to get free.

"I have just come back after two years and you welcome me like this sister." I said with a cold tone. "What have I done to you now to receive your anger." I threw away her hand and she stumbled on the ground.

"How dare you!" Veronica came just in time to see Elizabeth stumble.

"She was the first one to attack me. I just defended my self." I said.

"She is right sister. Elizabeth is the one that attacked us out of nowhere." Richard defended me.

"How dare you take her side?" Elizabeth said. "She was the one that scarred my beautiful face."

"Scarred your beautiful face?" I asked sarcastically. "As I remember it was a cat that scarred your face, not me."

'Well technically it was really your 'will' that made me scratch her. But I really do wanted to ruin that beautiful face of hers even without your will.' I heard Snow's voice. She was just around the area hiding.

"It was you who tampered with the medicine that was given to me by the doctor, I know it." Elizabeth said. "Because of that my face rotted away. It was ruined!"

Elizabeth took of a thin layer of skin like a mask from her face. Then I saw how horrible the scars that was left from the wound she got. The scars go so deep on that it contorted her face. It made me shudder in fright.

"You did this to me!" Elizabeth yelled.

"How absurd!" I shouted back. Elizabeth and Veronica were taken aback by my words.

"I have been away for two years. How can I do such a thing to you?" I asked.

"You... you have instructed someone to do it." Elizabeth said.

"Haha. Don't make me laugh." I said. "Everyone in this palace are your people. If someone is in danger inside this palace, it would probably be me."

It was silent for a while. My siblings seemed surprised from what I have said. Even Richard was in shock.

"Do not accuse me of something you don't have any evidence with." I said. "If you don't have any other thing to say, I am going. Come Richard." I turned around and walked away.

"Y-Yes sister." Richard followed.

"You bitch." I hear Elizabeth yell.

"You did great sister." Richard said. "I can't believe you stood up against them."

"Of course I will. I won't let them step on me any longer." I said.


I was taking a walk at my courtyard's garden that night after eating dinner. The air was still cold even though spring was starting.

"What are you doing here?" Leon said while walking towards me.

"I just wanted to walk after eating." I said.

"Here." Leon wrapped me with a coat. "It is still a little bit chilly at night. Spring is just starting and there is still some winter air lingering at night."

"Thank you." I smiled.

Leon embraced me from behind after wrapping me with the coat.

"What are you thinking?" Leon whispered in my ear.

"Were you the one that tampered on Elizabeth's medication?" I asked.

After what Elizabeth said about her medicine being tampered, I already thought about Leon. I know he can be very cruel to his enemies.

"Yes, it was me that ordered it." Leon said. "She has hurt the girl I love. Of course I won't let her get away with it. She needs to pay the price ten times more."

I was silent for a while processing his words. I can feel his embrace tighten gently.

"Are you afraid of me?" Leon's voice was a bit shaky. "I wouldn't want you to be afraid of me."

I shook my head. I turned around to face him.

"I am not afraid of you." I said while looking thru his eyes. "I knew you did it because of me."

Leon rubbed my cheeks gently.

"I don't mind the whole world to be afraid of me or tell me that I am cruel. But I don't want you to be afraid of me, not you." Leon said.

"Do not worry. I don't think you are cruel. She just got what she deserves." I said. "But please tell me the next time you do something, okay?"

"Hmm, okay." Leon nodded. I held his cheek gently. He held my hand and kissed it. "Thank you."

Leon slowly inches towards my face. I can feel his warm breath in front of me. I closed my eyes and felt his lips on mine. His kiss was gentle and sweet.

"I will be leaving tomorrow." Leon said after we ended our sweet kiss. "But do not worry, I will see you again. Don't forget about our bet okay."

I nodded slowly. A tear dropped from my eye. Leon wiped the tear for me.

"I am going to miss you too." Leon said. "But we will see each other if you find me." He kissed my forehead. I started to sob in his chest.

I am starting to feel lonely now, just by thinking he will be away from me.

"Shhhh." Leon was consoling me while I was sobbing.

I have to win our bet. I have to find him sooner.

Meeting with the crown prince

The next day, Leon was really gone. He just left me a note in my bed side table. It said what he just said to me the night before.

I felt empty inside. This was the first time in two years that we have parted. Leon has always been by my side since the first time I met him.

'Knock knock'

"Yes? Come in." I said. Tricia came inside my room.

"Princess, Leon left early this morning for his vacation leave." Tricia said.

"I know." I showed her the letter I was holding. I forced a smile on my face.

"Do not worry princess. I am sure he will be back in no time." Tricia said. "Oh and I have to remind you that today your highness and your sisters will be greeting the crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest on his arrival."

"Oh. Is that today?" I had a lazy expression.

I am not really in to meeting the crown prince again. But I remember the day when we danced in my birthday ball. It was a magical moment, if I describe it. But that is all, just a moment.

"Let's prepare you now, your highness." Tricia said. "I do not want you to be inferior to your sisters. I will make sure you are the most beautiful princess the crown prince has ever seen." She made an excited expression.

I giggled. "You know that I am not really trying to get the crown prince's affection, right?"

"Yes, I know. Because you have met the love of your life." Tricia winked. "But still, I don't want you to be inferior to your sisters."

"Haha, I understand." I said. "But as I know, we only brought normal looking clothes and not the beautiful ones."

I remember before coming here that I don't want to catch so much attention. That's why I just let Tricia bring normal dresses.

"Oh do not worry princess. Your highness, prince Richard has gifted you beautiful clothes." Tricia said.

"Richard did?" I asked. "I can't remember he told me about this."

"The clothes just arrived early this morning." Tricia replied with a smile. "Here is a letter from prince Richard."

Tricia handed me the letter and I read it.

The letter goes:


Dear sister,

I can't help that much with your fight with our sisters, I am sorry. But at least I can help you with this beautiful dresses.

You are beautiful in any dress you wear. But I am sure if you wear beautiful dresses, your beauty will outshine any noble lady or princess there is.

Knock them out sister! I an rooting for you.

Your little brother,



I giggled after reading Richard's letter.

"Well, I don't want to disappoint my little brother." I said. "Come Tricia, let start preparing." I smiled.


After breakfast, we were called at the palace's hall. I was the first one to arrive, my sisters are not here yet.

I look around to see the empty hall but at a corner I see a young man standing, looking at some paintings hanging along the walls.

He was wearing a regal attire. A black long sleeves suit and pants. He had hair as black as night.

'I remember him.' I said.

"Crown prince Regaleon." I greeted.

The young man turned around. He was wearing a silver mask over the upper half of his face. His dark blue eyes met mine. By that time my heart skipped a beat.

"Third princess Alicia." Prince Regaleon smiled. "It's nice to see you again."

His voice rang into my ears. It felt familiar yet it was the first time I heard his voice after two years.

"Y-Yes, your highness. It has been a while." I stuttered.

"Oh, I have something for you." Prince Regaleon said. He get the blue rose placed in his coat's chest pocket. "This is for you my lady."

"T-Thank you, prince Regaleon." I feel a blush creep in my cheeks.

I know that the blue rose is Grandcrest's national flower and the symbol of their royal family. As a prince presenting a blue rose is a symbol of affection.

"The pleasure is all mine." Prince Regaleon reached for my hand and gently planted a kiss on it. I felt my cheeks heated even more.

"I am looking forward to spending this week with you princess." Prince Regaleon gave me a very familiar smile that I so much love. My eyes went wide.
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Selecting a Crown Princess (1)

"I am looking forward to spending this week with you princess." Prince Regaleon gave me a very familiar smile that I so much love. My eyes went wide.

The smile that prince Regaleon just gave me was so similar to Leon's bright smile I so much love.

'Can it be?' I thought to myself.

Prince Regaleon's deep blue eyes are looking at me with such passion. It was like he was sending me a message with them.

"L-Leon? Rega-leon?" I murmured. You don't need to be a genius to put two-and-two together to get such an obvious hint.

Prince Regaleon's smile change to a mischievous one. He blinked one eye to me and gestured with his forefinger touching his perfect lips to be silent.

I closed my mouth abruptly but I can feel that my surprise is still evident in my face.

'How can that be? The crown prince of Grandcrest became my personal knight. He stayed with me for two years. And to top it off, we are in a relationship.' I thought to myself.

With that realization, I felt so embarrassed. I can feel a blush creep on my cheeks. I suddenly felt like I want to dig a hole and hide inside it. I put my hands over my face with embarrassment.

"Why are you hiding your face. You look so beautiful blushing." Prince Regaleon said and chuckled.

"I-It's because...I...I didn't know." I stuttered with my words, not knowing what to say.

Prince Regaleon gently held the hands that are hiding my face and pulled them down. I was so embarrassed that I held my head low and looked down. He gently cupped my chin and pulled it up so that we are looking at each other. My silver eyes met his dark blue eyes.

"Do you know why I came here officially as the crown prince of Grandcrest?" Prince Regaleon asked.

I remembered instantly the meeting that father held with the family.

"Y-You are searching for a bride." I answered truthfully.

"Not just a bride. A crown princess of Grandcrest." Prince Regaleon said.

"A crown princess!" I was shocked.

I know that the men of the royal family of Grandcrest practices concubinage to father any potential heirs to the throne.

For the crown prince of Grandcrest to search for a crown princess only means one thing. The one who is going to be selected would be the future queen of the kingdom of Grandcrest.

"Y-You mean..." I dare not finish my sentence. I am not sure if it is okay to have my hopes up.

"I know what you are thinking." Prince Regaleon said with a serious tone. "I will not take any bride and crown princess but you."

My eyes went wide with surprise. I can't believe what I am hearing.

"B-But..." I was about to state the facts. I am just an illegitimate daughter of the king. I am not qualified for the part 'crown princess'.

Prince Regaleon's forefinger stopped my lips from moving.

"I know what you are going to say. And now I am telling you that it does not matter." Prince Regaleon has read my mind. "I will make you my crown princess, whatever it takes. Do you not believe in me?"

I looked up at him again. All I can see in his face was determination and his love for me.

'If he is confident with me then why am I having doubts with myself?' I thought. 'What have I been doing this past two years? Isn't it to make better of myself. To be confident and to protect the ones I love.'

"I believe you." I answered simply and with a smile.

A smile crept from Princes Regaleon's face. He caressed my face gently. After while he let go and we maintained an appropriate distance.

"Good day Prince Regaleon!" Someone called from behind. I know well from who this voice came from.

Prince Regaleon and I turned around to see both my step sisters entering the hall. Elizabeth had a neutral smile but Veronica's face was beaming brightly.

'Like I thought, it was Veronica who called out.' I thought.

I remember clearly what she said the other day in our family meeting.


"I am willing to be his bride king father." Veronica said happily.


I clenched my fists hard remembering her words. If it was in the past then I will gladly let her be the bride.

But now, knowing that Leon is the crown prince Regaleon, I won't give in.

"I am Veronica, the first princess of Alvania. This here is my sister Elizabeth, the second princess." Veronica said. "I am so sorry for being late your highness, prince Regaleon. It's because my sister Elizabeth was a bit slow."

I looked at Veronica from head to toe and sighed internally.

'Who is she kidding? She is wearing such beautiful clothes just for the morning greeting with the crown prince. For sure she was late for dressing up to impress the crown prince.' I thought.

"Good morning." Prince Regaleon gave them a formal curtsey.
Selecting a Crown Princess (2)

"Prince Regaleon, king father has instructed us sisters to tour you around the palace." Veronica said with much enthusiasm. "If you just please follow me and..."

Veronica's sentence was interrupted by prince Regaleon.

"Thank you for the offer." Prince Regaleon replied. "But princess Alicia had offered to show me around first."

"I did?!" I was taken by surprise with Regaleon's words. I looked at him curiously and he blinked rapidly before anyone could notice.

"Oh yes!" I said, going with Regaleon's words. "I mean yes I did."

Veronica was shooting me daggers with her stare.

'It looks like I foiled one of her plans. Well actually it was prince Regaleon that foiled her plans.' I muttered.

Regaleon noticed how my step sister Veronica was looking at me.

"It would be best not to be late the next time if you had plans." Regaleon said with a regal and cold voice.

Veronica was startled with Regaleon's words that she cringed with fright. His words were polite but it was a scolding to her for being late.

"I-I'm sorry your highness." Veronica slightly bowed towards Regaleon. "Next time, I would definitely come early."

"Not that you coming early would make a difference anyway." Regaleon scoffed. "I would still be the one to choose who I would like to be with. No one can dictate me what to do."

I can see Veronica clenched her fists hard. She was trembling with anger and maybe regret.

"Now come princess Alicia." Regaleon turned around gracefully. "I remember you promised to show me around."

"Ahhh, yes." I replied instantly.

Regaleon was a few feet away from us now, walking outside the hall. I walked faster to catch up with him.

"Do not worry sister." Elizabeth said. "Let's go to father and tell him what happened."

"You are right." Veronica said, seething her anger. "I won't let Alicia get the crown prince."


We were at the palace grounds by the time I caught up with him.

"Your highness, please wait." I called up to him while panting. "Can you please walk a little slower?"

I wasn't used to running after him. It was alway him picking up my pace whenever we were walking together.

Now that I realize, this was the first time I was looking at his back. In the past, it was always him that is assisting me from the back whenever we were walking.

His back was broad. The past two years have made his body much more lean and muscular. His legs are long, no wonder I can't keep up with him.

"As the crown prince, I can't wait for anyone." Regaleon replied with a princely tone that caught me by surprise. "But by the time you become my crown princess, you can walk beside me."

'Crown princess.' I thought to myself. I am sure that the title will also come with great responsibilities. 'Is that why he was teaching me many things these past two years?'

While we are walking, I realized that Regaleon's pace become much slower.

'He just scolded me a while ago saying that as a crown prince he can't wait for anyone. But look whose walking a little slower now?' I thought to myself and giggled.

Regaleon may look cold in the outside, but I know he is kind in the inside. My heart squeezed with affection.


After the tour inside the palace, a steward came to inform us that we are being called by my father the king in the throne room.

And so we head back and made our way to the throne room.

When we arrived I saw the whole family with some royal ministers and advisers present. If I am not mistaken it was the time for the official presence of Regaleon to my father the king.

"Greetings to you King Edward Von Heist of Alvannia." Regaleon greeted with pride and dignity.

"Crown Prince Regaleon Yosef Astley of Grandcrest. Welcome to our humble palace." King father replied. "I hope you would enjoy your stay here in the palace. I heard that my third daughter Alicia showed you around."

"Yes." Regaleon said with a smile. "I saw her first in the hall and when we started chatting I asked her to show me around."

"Is that so?" King father shot a look at my step sisters that were in one side of the room. I can see Veronica seething in anger. Luckily I was standing behind Regaleon. If I have been at the center, I am sure that their stares at me could kill. Regaleon was shielding me from their death stares.

"I heard you came here with an official business, your highness." Prime Minster Murdoc said.

Prime Minister Murdoc was one of the highest officials running our country. He is already past his prime but still a strong fellow. As I remember grandpa Robert said, he is one that is loyal to the country and it's people and not to the king alone. As I see him, he is an honorable man.

"Yes prime minister Murdoc." Regaleon replied. "I am here to take a wife."

Officials started to murmur around us. Having a crown prince of the strongest country in the continent take a wife from the king's family is already an honor and great opportunity. Even if she is only taken as a high ranking concubine, the ties with Grandcrest will be without a doubt beneficial.

"Then do you have someone in mind?" Prime minister Murdoc asked.

"If I may suggest, the eldest daughter of our king would become a suitable wife for a crown prince." It was left minister Stanley that talked.

As one of the rising politicians, left minister Stanley is one that thirsts for power. Grandpa said that he is one of the ambitious ministers that has brains and also one of my father's lackeys.

"The first princess Veronica is of marrying age. She is smart, beautiful and talented. A suitable wife for a crown prince." Left minister Stanley praised. Veronica was smiling while hearing the words from the left minister.

Left minister Stanley was still about to shower Veronica with praises when father shot him a look. The left minister swallowed his words in the end.

I hear Regaleon chuckle.

"Thank you left minister for your suggestion. I am sure that princess Veronica would make a fine wife." Regaleon said.

Veronica's face beamed brightly with Regaleon's words. Maybe she has expected that the left ministers praises made up Regaleon's mind.

"Answering the prime minister's question earlier, yes I have someone in mind to take as my future wife and 'Crown Princess' of Grandcrest." Regaelon said with pride.

Everyone in the throne room gasped in surprise.