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♾️馃崅The kiss and now,
our AFTERGLOW?♾️馃崅

By: @AvisMens (Kels)

[223] of the LIFE SERIES.



"What did you talk to Vlad about when we left?"

"Nothing much. He just offered to get me a restaurant which I politely declined. You know me."

"That's kind of him."


"I think he's a good man."

"You always think everyone is good Mariana."

"That is what I've seen."

"Well, I won't agree with you until I see the consistency of his character."

"Alright. So what of your mom's issues? Won't you forgive her because she's pregnant?"

"What do I have to say? Vladimir deserves a child just like any husband. I won't take that from him."

"Oh." I used the comforter as a cover and closed my eyes.

' Vladimir deserves a child just like any husband.' the words keep repeating, haunting me.

"What did you want to tell me?" I asked him.

"There's no need again."


"Not gonna tell."

I turned to look at him and he had a smile on his face.

"That hurts." I pinched his sides and he turned over, laughing.

The sound of his laughter is so smooth and good to hear. There's something about it. It's so clear and there's happiness behind it.

I turned away from the beautiful sight. "I'm sleeping if you don't wanna say."

"No, don't." He rolled on top of me, his eyes pointing directly to mine. The dark mysterious smoke always around his eyes seems to be clearing.

"I just wanted to say I love you." He brushed my hair from my face and touched my cheeks gently.

"It's a lie."

"It's true. I don't want you to feel jealous because of what Ellie did. I didn't expect you to do that."


"But I love that you didn't make a big deal out of it when you saw me with her again."

"I saw your face. It told me immediately that you didn't do anything so I had to return. I also trust you but I just don't like that she touched you."

"You know what I loved most?"


"When you kissed me in front of that girl."

"What about that?"

"I like it when my bae is protective of me. You showed her that I'm yours and that really made me feel good."


"I feel like flirting with girls around so you can always do that."

"You're mad." I pushed him off and hit a pillow against his head. He pulled me back on top of him, his arms wrapped around me and my face on his chest, a perfect angle for me to admire this breathtaking man.

"You're not going to do that."

"Please..let me." He whined.

"That's crazy Novan."

"You make me that. You refused to let me get close to you."

My face dropped and I tried to get down from him. "You're gonna flirt with other girls because I am not allowing you for now?"

That hurts.


"You just said it."

"Come on, I was only joking. Other girls disgust me and loving you is habitual. I'm never going to do that to you."

I pecked him and tried to get down again.

"Please let's sleep like this. Please, please please please.."

"Okay okay.." I laughed.

"Thanks, I have a surprise for you."

"You do?"


"I can't wait." I pulled the pin out of his silky hair and buried my hand in it, massaging it softly and he closed his eyes.

"Soon." He whispered.



Watching Novan hug his mom then smile at her as he walked out made my heart swell and swell in joy. I can't believe everything is over now, the fights, the resentment, and the bitterness.

"I wish you'll stay with me permanently," Tricia whispered to me when I was hugging her for the last time while Novan is already outside waiting for us.

"Now that I know where you are, I will be coming often I promise."

"Yeah, I know you won't get back on your word."

I smiled. The past three days have been wonderful. We visited a place in Russia and had the most beautiful time with the Salvatores. Ellie didn't come because she had a shoot and I didn't care if she came or not but I am actually glad she couldn't make it. Tricia also took me to the presidential spa where I got special treatment. When we got back, the mirror became my friend for the first time. I couldn't help not admiring myself and I was all Novan see.

"Thank you so much, Mariana." Tricia pulled me out of my thoughts.

"What for?"

"Don't play ignorant. My son is happy today because of you and me? You completed my happiness. Everett's forgiveness is all I've always hoped for and look, it has all worked out. I am so thankful to you. I owe you my life, Mariana.."

"Don't say such things."

"It's the truth. My son's forgiveness is all that ever matters to me. I have dreamt of it for so long that I lost all hope but you came along and made a way. You're a rare gem."

"If you keep saying these things I won't come here again."

"You won't dare." She smiled and hugged me again. "I love you."

"I love you."

"Take care."

"What are you two still discussing? We're going to be late."

"I'm coming."

"Take care."

"You two."

"Do come to visit again and again Mariana."

"I will."

I stepped back and Nervisa who was in the car came out to hug her mom again before trying to run back when her stepdad appeared from nowhere and carried her on his shoulders again.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked.

"Going back to Australia. Wanna come?" She giggled.

"I would love to. Just to come see you."

"Bring Tricia along."

"I've heard you. Where's your brother?"

"I'm here." Novan came in and they shook hands.

After the emotional goodbye, we hit the road and this time, I looked around without sleeping till we got to the airport.

"Nova, hope we'll spend Christmas in Australia."

"I'm not sure about me but if you want to spend it there, then I have no problem."


I looked at him but he looked away. Why is he not sure about where he'll be spending Christmas?

We used their stepdad's private jet and the journey wasn't awkward or boring. There was good food and entertainment that kept me up again until we got to Canberra.

My car was in the parking lot waiting just where we left it. Novan got the keys out and opened the door for us to enter.

"I want to take you somewhere." He tried to put his hand over my thigh but retreated.

"Is that the surprise?"

"Yeah, but we will be taking the plane. We can go now after I've dropped Nervisa if you don't mind."

"Let's go tomorrow."


My parents were not in the house when we arrived and Betsy and Morgan were still on campus so I just freshened up and stayed in my room since Novan also left for his old house and Nervisa is also busy asking every servant where Marion is.

I called Tricia to tell her that we've arrived and we spoke at length just about anything.

My parents arrived in the night and were surprised to see us. "You came back early." My mother said while hugging me.

"I missed you."

"It's a lie." She stepped back and I walked to hug my dad.
We had dinner together and Novan n

I went back to my room and when I woke up, there is, Novan laying beside me.

"Good morning." I greeted and formed the next question to ask after he answered this.

"I came not long ago. Are you ready for the surprise?" He answered my internal question and asked another.

"Very" I got up sleepily, stretching my arms with a yawn.

"I will wait for you to get ready."

I raised my thumb with a nod before disappearing into the bathroom. When I came out Novan had already selected what I should wear on the bed. There's a simple straight white lace dress, matching hot pink bra and panties then toms. Such weird selections. It takes me back to when I was leaving on the coasts of Augusta.

"How many days are we going to take?"

"You can decide if we get there."

"Why this particular clothing?"

"I haven't seen you wear something like this before."

"You know I won't buy that but I am keeping quiet." I dropped the towel and I can swear I heard "shit" escape from his mouth.

I put the pants on then the bra. All I feel is Novan's eyes all over my body. When I looked at him, he didn't bother to look away. His bottom lip is in between his teeth as he sucks and bites gently with his pupils dilating.

I looked away and put the dress over my head then, pulling it down. It hits above my knees, a bit loose but okay. My feet went into the toms then I sat in front of the mirror to curl my hair. I looked more alive than I was a week ago so I didn't have much to do to my face. Lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara then I am up to go.

I picked my phone and the same cash I only used a few from in Russia. I think it's about time I start fighting Novan to pay for some of the things when we go out. I don't try to pay. Simply because, I think he'll feel bad that I am just flaunting because I had in abundance. I also do that because he feels good when he pays for our expenses but that is all enough now.

We got out and into my car with my mind racing helter-skelter to find out where Novan could possibly be taking me.

When we got to the airport, Novan put an earphone in my ears so that I won't hear where we're going. It was in my ears till the plane was landing and when I tried to look down, Novan fucking blindfolded me.


"I'm sorry. If I don't do this it's not going to be a surprise anymore."

"Okay." He walked me out of the plane and to the parking lot where he helped me sit in a car.

When he closed my door to round the car, I tried to look under the blindfold.

"That is not fair Mariana."

"What can I do?"All my patience has run out.

"Wait a few more minutes and we'll be there."

"Okay." I pout in anticipation. I resulted in nail-biting in my darkness until he stopped the car.

"Are we there yet?"

"Yes." My heart thumped and I smiled. "Well then take it off."

"Patience." He chuckled and I heard him get out then opened my side of the car and helped me out.

He untied the blindfold from the back and when it left my face, I waited for some minutes with my heart beating wildly before slowly, I opened my eyes.

For a moment, I was confused then I turned around to look more closely and that was when I lost my breath finally.

"No, no, no..tell me this is not the place. You didn't bring me here."

"It is." He leaned on his rental classic car with a smile.

I kept looking around and my eyes didn't fail to recognize familiar things. "Oh my God, you actually brought me here."

"Did I do the right thing?"

"Of course, of course. What can be better than this?"


♾️馃崅The kiss and now,
our AFTERGLOW?♾️馃崅

By: @AvisMens (Kels)

[224] of the LIFE SERIES.



Memories after memories flood me and eventually, my lips break into a smile. I never knew I will ever come here and despite Toby being dead, this is the best place I could ever be.

I reached for Novan's hands and pulled him from the car. "Welcome to my place and while you're here, I'm your boss."

He laughed. "Alright my boss lady."

Now I understand why he made me wear this. It's the same type of dress I wore when I lived in this town.


I got to be the happiest person now to see Mariana so happy and back to her old self before Toby's demise. The town is small yet beautiful. Mariana did well to walk me through every corner and while on it, she gave money to anyone that calls her and more to the children and aged. She talked as we went, telling me everything about the place and things that happened.

"This was Betsy's house." She pointed to an old house. "When we take this route, we'll get to where I used to live."

"I would like to see."


We passed a narrow way and neighborhoods till we got closer to the shore.

"My house was over there."

"Where?" I couldn't see anything but the angry waves hitting against a shore.

"It got flooded and we lost everything so you can't see."

"Oh okay."

"I have somewhere else to show you."


"Come." She held my hand again. After walking some hilly rocky areas for about five minutes, I heard something else like water falling at our front.

"Is that a waterfall?"


We kept walking for another two minutes and we met the water falling from high to low.

"How do you see it?"

"Really nice." My eyes scanned the cave-like area with the tall trees around that throw a shade over the place and nod again. It's peaceful and beautiful.

"There's a lagoon too."


"Yeah but right now I want to swim the sea and I'm not taking no for an answer. Catch me if you can." With that, she took to her heels and I followed her. Any flowers she passed by, she plucks and throws it at me while laughing. It's her area so she's moving easily while I am finding difficulty.

Mariana didn't wait for me to get to her before she began to take her clothes off and I have to quickly look around. Luckily, we seem to be the only people in sight now.

Once she was done, she began to walk inside.

"Take care. Call for my help if you need any." I picked her dress and flat shoes up before letting my butt hit the soil. Mariana dipped into the water that only her head was up for me to see. Gradually, it also disappeared and the wave was all I saw. I got on my feet at once.

"Mariana are you there?"

No response.

I gave her one minute and she still didn't surface. Another minute and I still couldn't see her. Now I'm scared a little.

I began to take my boots off when she shot up from far with a wave at me.

"Join me!" She shouted. Even if she didn't invite me, I was coming anyway. I won't fucking sit here and let her rip my heart off with her constant long disappearance under the water.

I got my clothes off and used a stone to secure them in place and also prayed that there are no thieves around.

This should be fun though I haven't swum much in the sea. I walked deep then dived into it. My eyes were on her as I swam to meet her. Before I could get to her, she swam away after pulling her tongue out. I'm trying to catch the fuck up with her but damn, could she be anymore faster?

When I finally caught up with her, she's laughing and I kissed her. She didn't try to resist and instead she kissed me back so I put her legs around me then hold her for more even if it's just salts I can taste. Her lips alone on mine and kissing me back is enough. I can't remember the last time we did this.

"I so much fucking miss you," I whispered as I kissed her slowly.

"I just realized." She mumbled back. "Let's swim some more then we can come out."

"Okay." I pecked her and dropped her from my waist.

"Let's swim a little to the front then back to shore."

"It's going to be too deep Mariana."

"Then you can go back. I will go." With that she headed forward, swimming.

I followed her then took her hand, entwined it as we swam together. We returned again the same way and I sighed in relief when we got to shore safely and our clothes were still present.

"Salts everywhere. I'm going to wash it off."

Before anything, she's already out of my sight.


I picked our clothes and chased her again that led me to the waterfall. She jumped into the clear water and dropping our things, I followed suit.

The water is better here, I feel the salt wearing off. We stayed longer in it kissing and swimming together than we did in the sea.

When we came out I gave my shirt to her to clean up then looked on the way in case any pervert is coming or hiding around.

I got out of my boxers and wore my black jeans without it.

"Are you going to feel comfortable?" She asked, looking down at me.

"It's better than having it wet and wearing dry jeans on it so I will manage."

"Okay." She pulled the dress over her head and pulled it down.

I checked for my wallet before we set off. Mariana picked flowers into her hair which I didn't fail to capture.


I took my bag from Novan when I saw some kids coming in my direction.

"You've turned into a mother Christmas."

"If you were to tell me, I would've got something else for them."

"It would've ruined my surprise for you."

"Yeah yeah. Then keep quiet."

"Done." He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth then looked away with his hands in pocket.

I chuckled as I dished out bucks for them. Eventually, it got finished. I didn't actually bring a lot of cash.

I went against my plan of not taking Novan's money and asked him for cash.

He opened his wallet without a word and brought out some cash for me.

"Thanks." I smiled. This should be the first time I am taking money directly from his hands.

"You're welcome." He put the wallet back in his pocket.

All too soon, it finished and I had to ask. He raised his eyebrows at me before getting his wallet out.

The money he brought out wasn't much but I took it all.

Getting out of the town, we walked along the road. Same road I always walk to school. We passed the local hospital where Toby was once admitted and they asked for huge money so I had to go sell my necklace. It was what made me see my parents.

Morgan saw the necklace and went to say and they came here, traced, and did not find me but Aria because of how cunning she was. That lady almost killed my Toby, tried to take my place, my man, and remains a bitch forever.

"I'll eat that." I pointed to a joint by the road and Novan scrunched his nose up.

"That's going to be disgusting."

"No no. It's nice." I held his hand and we crossed the road to the other side where the joint was.

"The place is also hygienically poor."

"It's the food I care about."

"I care for my health madam."

" Okay. Here we can get a meat dish."

"I won't eat." He said like a child.

"Alright," I ordered mine. It was chicken stewed in tomato sauce with pasta. I washed my hands and sat on a rock, facing the road.

"Everybody is going to look at you."

"Let them watch." I began to eat and the taste is still as it was before and delicious.

Biting into the saucy chicken, I delivered a low moan.

"Is it that good?" He asked and I nodded.

"More than my dick?"

I gasped and looked around. Those around seem to mind their business but I know it's a lie.

"Have a taste then you can tell." I got up and raised the meat to his lips. They were tightly closed.

"Open up. Come on."



"Uh uh. Not gonna take." He turned away.

"If you do this I will never take your dick."

"Huh?" He sharply turned back to me.

"Yeah. You'll fuck me no more."

"I didn't say you shouldn't give me a bite. See, my mouth is opened."

I smiled and fed him. He made faces before it went neutral as he gently chewed.

I raised my fingers to lick when he got hold of my wrist. "Let me."

One after the other, he licked my fingers and I couldn't help not moaning.

"Now this is what people are going to watch Novan."

"I don't care."

"Of course you do." I snatched my hand away a licks the rest before taking another chicken. Actually the last one.

"Let me take that." He asked.


"It's nice."

"Told ya." I gave him the plate with a smile and he took the only chicken left and gave me the pasta.

"Spicy. I love that." He winked and I chuckled.

Even when he's eating, he's sexy. I love the way his wet hair is all over his face and the way he tucks it behind his ear but not how girls were staring at his tattooed muscled chest because he didn't have a shirt on.

"Have some." He offered.


"Come on."



I opened my mouth and he fed me the remaining piece. I put the bowl dowm and asked for money to pay.

"How much was it?"

"I didn't ask. Just give me some money."

His hands went into his pocket and dragged a folded note out. He looked into the other and brought another out.

"This should be enough or?"

"Let's check." I took it from him to the vendor. I was given a change.

"What's that?"

"2c." I showed him the tiny silver coin.

"Let me have a look. I didn't know it's still in use. It's hard for you to see it in the city."

"Yeah." I gave it to him and he tossed it in the air before catching again.

Taking my hand, we walked away. "I want to believe that you've shown me everywhere there's to know in this town so we're going home."

"Yes, but we can stay around a little."

"We'll use the car."

"Alright but you know I will be the one driving right?"

He laughed. "Okay. Because I don't know the ways."

"Clever boy." I pat his back with a grin and he just laughed harder.

When we got to the car he opened the trunk and pulled a wriggled shirt out.

"How did you?"

"I let them buy it for me when I rented the car two days ago."

"Oh okay."

"Keys." I opened my palms and he dropped it in. "Give it a scratch and you're dead."

"Ha-ha." I mocked and got behind the wheel while he sat by me.

"Whoa!"I exclaimed once I put the key in the ignition and it came smoothly to life. Novan gave me a proud look.

"How do you see it? Better than your Lamborghini right?"

I nodded. Then he began to sing which made me laugh.

"I'm a classic man
You can be mean when you look this clean, I'm a classic man
Calling on me like a young OG, I'm a classic man
Your needs get met by the street, elegant old fashioned man
Yeah baby I'm a classic man

I burn through the hood like whoa
When everybody's feeling so cold
I cool like Nat King Cole
And niggas get a bit of my glow
I got charm like a leprechaun, mummafunka
Now y'all fucking with the wrong mummafunka
Chief be like a don, mummafunka
And we don't live by the law, mummafunka."

I slowed down and got down from the car.

"Hey what?"

"Continue singing. I feel like dancing."

He laughed but sang anyway and watched me dance while keeping the speed of the car.

I got back in when he stopped singing and drove at speed on the street only for his tank to give me a red light.

"Novan we need gas."


"Yeah." I began to look around for a gas station on the way.

"Turn around. When we were coming I saw some."

"Okay." I turned and after some minutes I stopped at a filling station.

"But there's a problem."


"My money is all finished."

"Don't worry. We can use a card right?"

He shook his head and looked away with a red neck and ears. I didn't push it further to embarrass him more.

"I got it." I rushed for my bag.

"That is what I don't want." He held my hand.

"You can pay me back when we get home."

He just groaned.

I got my card out and used it to pay for the gas.

"I will drive." He said and took the key from me. "And we're going home."


When we got to the airport there was no awkward moment as he had already paid for the flight back earlier.

"Spend the night with me?" He asked when we got into my car after getting down from the plane three hours later.

He wasn't looking at me so I shifted closer. "Miss me?"

" A lot." He turned to look at me then looked away, biting his lips.

"Park the car?"


"Just pull over." I unbuckled my seat belt and when he stopped I moved onto his lap.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing we haven't done before."

"Yes but the last time your...I mean I don't have condoms."

"It doesn't matter. My car is still tinted."

"We can go home."


"Okay okay." He kissed me, it was rushed, spelling out how much he misses me.

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine." His hands bury into my hair, mine into his and tugging at the roots.

This time it wasn't even a parking lot. Beside the road and as cars sped by, Novan's long fingers found their way to my pants, pushed it to the side then he began to touch me in the only way only he can.

I pull my dress up for him and he gropes my tits with his free hand while I grind on his finger inside of me.

I unzipped him and he removed his hand to pull his jeans to his knees. I moaned at the sight of his thickness and longness.

Kissing him, I pushed my pants further to the side to get on him.



"It's going to hurt..been a while."

"Don't worry." He let me and I went down slowly, very slowly on him, shuddering at each contact. It's like he's been gaining weight or I am only getting tighter.

I shut my eyes as tears pulled at the ends of my eyes.

"Are..are you..fuck okay?" His voice is a mixture of worry and pleasure.

"Ye...yeah." my walls stretched to take him in as I swallowed him till complete and I gasped at the deep penetration.

"Don't..take me all at once."

I nodded, biting my lips. I listened to him and got up a little. I kissed him to muffle our moans and also to distract me as I go up and down on him. His hands were digging into my waist then went beneath to grab my ass. With that, he guided me on him and that made it a lot easier for me. Very soon I picked up pace as Novan found my neck, licking and sucking, heightening the sensation and driving me absolutely crazy. I wanted to do him some so I licked his neck, kissed it severally, biting and finally licking his ear and twirling my tongue in it.

"Fuck!" His hips buck from beneath and I hold his shoulders for dear life as he push inside me from below. When I mistakenly pinched him, he went wild. I couldn't moan his name without it breaking.

"No...Nov..van." I moaned. I can't even keep up with his pace anymore. So I allowed him to go.



"I love you." He replied.

"I do a lot, baby."

"Christ." He moaned and I feel him twitch inside of me. "I am near."


"I don't want to come inside you in the car." He uttered breathlessly.

"What does it matter?"

"Let's get home."

I frowned but agreed. I kissed him and moved slowly on him before getting down, wincing at the emptiness.

I got in my seat and got my panties out then my bra and threw them at the backseat, unable to wait for him to get us home.

We didn't talk, he sped into the night streets, and getting into his street, Novan made a wrong turn and hit the car against a brick.

"Damn! What did you do?!" I screamed.

"Sorry. Let me check." He packed and we got out.

"What did you do?" I whined.

"I'm sorry." He apologized.


"I'm so sorry."


"I think it's scratched."


"That's a bad scratch. I will try to fix it, I am so sorry." He pulled a band from his pocket and held his long hair.

"Oh, man." I took my phone and turned the lights on to check my Lamborghini. It's scratched badly at the front. So scratched.

I remembered a video I once stumbled across of the Biebers then childishly tried to act the same.

"Good thing you're friggin cute and you've got pigtails." I hold his pigtail and laugh.

"Damn, it's so scratched." He repeated.

"What happened?"

"Maybe I couldn't wait to get home so I could do more to you and I am so fucking hard right now."

"Let's go then."

"Yeah but I will repair it for you."

"You don't have to worry." I round the car.

"Still." He said when he got in beside me.

"Have it your way."

He started driving again and when we passed a Mart, I let him stop.


"I feel like eating something."

"Do I have to come in with you?" He looked down at his front. It's so tight with his cock perfectly drawn in it.

I chuckled and purposely said. "Yes."

He walked behind me when we entered with his arms wrapped around me from the back. I had to walk slowly because of our position which is because my husband is hiding his erection.

"This is rather drawing people's attention, Novan," I whispered.

"So what do I do?" He whispered back.

"Just walk beside me normally."

"Okay." He moved to my side but his hand was at his front which made me laugh.

I picked a box of ice cream and chocolates then used my card to pay for it. Novan kept the chocolate while I opened the ice cream to take on the way.

"Why are you dealing with so much sweet tonight?"

"I have no friggin idea."


"I think."


"No freaking way!"I yelled, not sure if it's the idea of me being actually pregnant or the idea that I'm never getting pregnant which is shocking me.

"Better." He laughed. "I don't want any baby now."

I sighed.

'I don't want any baby now.' It means he'll want it someday. Novan's mind seems to be changing all the time. The good yet also bad is that this man is willing to do anything for me. Though he won't like a baby now, for my sake, he might try to not let it be a bother.

"Want some?" I asked when we waited to cross the road to the other side of my car.

"It's a ladies thing."

"Oh please."

"Give me two spoonfuls."


I fed him one and he made that face before taking another.

A taxi which passed in front of us returned, stopped and the front door opened. Aria came out, dressed casually and decent for the first time ever.

"Hey." I greeted. "It's been a while. How are you?" I asked.

"Let's go," Novan whispered to me.

"Yes, I'm coming."

"No." He refused

"Come on. What is wrong with you."

"Aria is not your friend."

"I know but I can't walk her by without saying anything to her."

"Mariana." He groaned. "Just look at her."

I looked at Aria and she was throwing daggers at us.

"She clearly doesn't want your presence. Let's leave."

"Let me ask what is wrong with her first."

"No don't.."

"What's wrong Aria?" I already asked.

"Don't you get tired when you pretend to care?" Aria spit.


"I thought you'd never do this to me. If someone had said you'd do it, though I don't like you, I would've defended you."

"What? What did I do?"

"Because of a silly prank and I was even drunk, you threw my mom and me into the streets because it's your boyfriend's father's house. You fucking knew we had nothing."

"What? No!" I looked at Novan and he looked away.

Oh No! He did it. I told him not to do anything.

"You're out here chilling while I suffer. I thought you were better than this. Right now you have everything; rich parents and in-laws. It seems you'll never lack but wait till the day you lose it all then you'll know how it feels to be on the streets and all this even isn't your sweat but you want me to sweat for a couple of bucks. You've let it get into your head that you disgust.."

"Hey! You better watch.."

I hold my hand up to silence Novan. I turned to him, shocked.

"Did you? You did it right?"

He scoffed and crossed the road, leaving me behind.

Perhaps that was the wrong thing he did.

I took a taxi and left...


♾️馃崅The kiss and now,
our AFTERGLOW?♾️馃崅

By: @AvisMens (Kels)

[225] of the LIFE SERIES.



Why would he do that when I specifically told him not to do anything and he even had to promise me.


I am not surprised. Even when he was promising me, I knew he didn't mean it and my prayer was that he won't do anything bad to Aria.

Novan obviously had his own plans which in no way he was going to alter and that is what I dislike. Out of all the things I thought he's capable of, driving someone out and rendering them homeless is not one of them.

Aria's accusing finger was on me alone which means that Novan didn't do it himself but sent an order.

That's so bad of him and when I asked he walked away. What the hell.

I already said goodbye to my chocolate before I got home. There was no one in sight much to my advantage so I ran inside and pushed my door open only to see him sitting there on my couch.

"What do you want here?"

"We had an unfulfilled agenda to complete, remember?" He showed me my bra and threw it on the bed. Next is my panties, I expected but it never came.

"I don't want anything to do with you."I blurted.

"What? Say that again."he sat upright.

"Leave me alone." I removed my shoes and placed it on my multiple.

"I'm not going to apologize because I don't regret it." He rested back on the couch coolly, giving me the I don't give a fuck look.

"Then why the fuck didn't you let her know it was you?"

"Because I didn't want you to know." He's with no remorse.

"And what happened? I didn't know?"

"See. Think the fuck you want but I won't forgive anyone who tries shit with you not even your blood. Aria is lucky I didn't do worse like gathering gangs to fuck her up!"

I opened my mouth wide but quickly closed it. "That is low, even for you."

"I don't care."

"How can you do that to them?"

"It's my father's house."

"Oh, so now you know it's your father." I chuckled.

"Stop it." He frowned.

"Give it back to them."

"No fucking way!."

"Alright. I want to sleep." I said.

"You can sleep."

"No, I want..."

"You won't fucking dare kick me out, Mariana."

"I'm doing just that."


"Go back to America. Where you came from."

"I won't allow us to fight over that bitch."

"That bitch deserves a home no matter what."

"She doesn't."

"Look Novan, it's either you give her the house back or you leave. Choose one."

"Why the hell are you joking with us?"

"I am not."

He got up and took steps closer to me and I began to walk back.

"Don't go away I swear!" He yelled.


"You mean more to me than anything. Anybody who does something to you won't go unpunished, not by me. I just can't. Never."


He shook his head.

I walked away to the bathroom with my heart beating. When I finished and came out, I didn't see Novan and I knew.

I sat down quietly and began to think of him, how I am already missing him, and how I will solve Aria's issue.

Novan could've done something else than to sack them. That's mean and cruel but then, Aria's attempt was also cruel.

Yet still, he could've done something else.

I called Ronnie, took Aria's contact from him, and called her.

She didn't pick until the next day when I prepared to leave for work.

"Hi, Aria."

"Why did you call me?"

"For old times sake." She hissed and I can picture her rolling her round eyes.

"See, I don't want your trouble and I don't have the time to hear you brag. Just go the fuck straight to the point."

"I'm sorry."

She scoffed.

"Send me your current address please or you could tell me."

"What for?"

"Please Aria."

"Fine." She ended the call and after some minutes when I arrived at the airport, she sent the text.

I reached the company after some minutes then walked in. It's been so long since I was here. I hope no one has taken my space. Hell, my boss won't dare to do that to me.

When I got to my office it was locked since I came early and I didn't have the key so I waited.

Phoebe, my boss's secretary who doesn't stop to give me attitude arrived and gave me a surprising look after I greeted her then walked to open my office for me. "Long time no see," she said

Phoebe is a light-skinned brunette who's a few years older than me but doesn't cease to taunt me and I don't even know why.

" I thought the billionaire's precious baby quitted." She smirked.

Knowing that this is how she's been, I decided to ignore her and walked into the office once it's been opened.

It's the same way I left it but my things have been packed away from the desk. I found them in a box and began to arrange them back. Halfway through, I received a call from Phoebe that the boss is in and would like to see me.

I walked out down the hall, in front of offices before getting to his own. I knocked and waited for him to allow me in.

"Come in."

He's sitting on his chair with his back against me when I entered. "Good morning."

"Yes, you're welcome."

I waited a second before answering. "Thank you."

"If I may ask, how many weeks have you been away?"

"Uhm.. three."

"Is it because it's your father's company? You can go on unwarranted holidays?"

"What are you saying, Sir?"

"See, I know your father owns this company but I am still answerable to him for both good and bad things that occur and its effect to the company's progress."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't worry, you can go back to work but you know things won't go this way if the case was the other way round."

I just nodded, turned around, and left towards my office.

"Did you get fired?" Phoebe grinned at me before, as if realizing, she hit her palm against her forehead. "Oh no, how can you get fired? Your dad owns this place."

"Stop this Phoebe." I kept walking and she followed.

"I will but just to let you know, you're a very lucky girl."

"Yeah?" I am grateful for what I have but I laugh when someone tells me that I am lucky. I'm not. I got into my office and she followed yet again.

"If you were me you know you'll be carrying your shits out with eyes pregnant with tears as you take your walk of shame out of this company asap." She snapped her fingers.

I sighed. "And I am not you."

"Good. That's the point. You're not me and that's why you'll never survive it if you become me. You know no hustle and that's why I pity you if one day you should go out of the world without your solid supporters. Trust me, girl, it's not going to be easy and if you think I am a lousy bitch, go out and try to do something for yourself." She smiled devilishly and waxed away, leaving me to pound upon her words.

I sat down and took in deep breaths.

"and all this even isn't your sweat but you want me to sweat for a couple of bucks."

Aria's words hit on me then Phoebe's.

Phoebe is wrong when she says I know no hustle. That lady doesn't know me at all. She doesn't know what I passed through but she's right when she said if I was some other person, I would be fired.

Let's face it. I've been absent for weeks and if it's not that my dad owns the place I will be home by now. And it's true that occupationally and financially my parents are a big support. I haven't done anything for myself yet like other people who have to work their ass off all day to get a simple dinner. Even Novan does his own things.

My parent's name also made things very easy for me. If not that my faults are natural, I wouldn't have any worry.

I hate that, certain things which shouldn't be worked in my favor, are being done because of my parents. Just like any other person will be treated, I want the same. I stand for equality in all diversity.

Turning on my laptop, I typed my resignation letter, printed it out, and walked out of my office to the bosse's.

I walked in after he had responded to my knock. I gave him my letter foremost before he could open his mouth.

I watched him open the envelope and when he saw the caption, he became shocked and maybe scared.

"You don't have to do this. I'm sorry if I didn't speak well earlier." As he pleads I smile.

"You're fired as well, Mr. Scott."


"I won't repeat myself. You're fired for letting my status influence your decision. Without it, you could've fired me and I would've saluted you for that. President child or not, the punishment for our crimes should be the same. By firing you, I'm doing what you failed to do and I am not changing my mind." I walked out before he could try to beg me.

Sadly, I am doing this but it's because of people like him that our country is not better and a friendly place for all but just for the powerful.

Because I am rich or come from an affluent and influential family, society goes soft on me but hard on the poor and hopeless instead of vice versa. It's crazy.

Phoebe is always a bitch to me and I am glad that it never got to me. She talks her mind whenever she deems fit
even though she knows I can fire her at any time, she's not intimidated.

I called my dad and when he said he's at home, I took a flight home instead of the two hours drive.

I saw him climbing the stairs up once I got inside.


He stopped and turned. I walked to him and he also retreated his steps towards me.

"I resigned," I state.

"And fired my worker," Dad stated back.

"I did."


"Favouritism, I hate it. God or not, if this is my punishment for my wrongdoing, be fair and not biased."

"Okay, should I employ him back?"

"Then I'm not gonna decide or contribute anything concerning your work again."

"Okay okay. Please."


"Where do you want to work now? With me at the head office?"

"No. I don't want to work under you. I will look for another company that is not yours. That is not all, I want to fend for myself henceforth and I don't want you or Mom to interfere in anyway. I want to make something for myself."

"Whoa! Who challenged you?" He folded his arms against his chest and stared at me with a beautiful smile on his lips.

"No one." I turned around to leave.

"Wait. Is this yours?"

"What?" I turned and watched my dad pull a hot pink material from his pocket. When it came out successfully and I realized it's no other than my pant, I gasped.

"Dad? Where did you get it?" I walked hurriedly to snatch it.

"In your car."

Oh no! My face is red.

I snatched it and squeezed it in my hand while that hand went back to hide it.


Dad laughed. " I took your car to work today without realizing that it's scratched. I personally sent it to the workshop and while I was getting out, I caught a glimpse of it and brought it home."

"Is that why you came home?"


"What if it was not mine?"

"It's yours if not I will arrest your husband for cheating with another woman because your car is what he used mostly when he came so.."

I walked past him in haste. I want to pass out knowing my dad has an idea of what went on in my car yesterday with Novan. God.

"Sorry." He hollered.

"Dad please."

He only laughed more. I reached my room to dump it in the hamper of my used clothes when my eyes caught the stain mark of my wetness under it and groaned even more with my face burning.

Dad is impossible!

Without changing, I took my bag and rushed out to the address Aria sent me..


♾️馃崅The kiss and now,
our AFTERGLOW?♾️馃崅

By: @AvisMens (Kels)

[226] of the LIFE SERIES.



It's a poor neighborhood and as I walked through its tiny way, those who knew me or haven't seen me before came out of their buildings to look at me. I wave at them like I normally do until I get to a door I think belongs to Aria.

I knocked severally until I realized the lock on the door.

I called Aria and she said she's gone for work and that she didn't know I will keep my words that's why she left for work.

I stayed outside and waited for her until she came in the evening in the same clothes she wore when I saw her last night.

"Will you come inside?"

I nodded and followed her but then I have to bend slightly to be able to enter. The houses are short yet tiny.

"This is where I live. Care for water because that's the only thing I can offer."

"It's okay."

"Alright so why would you kick me out then come here? To mock me?"

"No. Where's your mom?"

"She'll be home soon maybe. I don't know."

"Okay. I'm very sorry."

"You said that already."

"Yeah. I came to give you this." I got the keys to my penthouse out. "You can stay there and this is the address."

She looked at the keys and to my face as if she doesn't believe me.


"Is it a nice house?"

"I don't know. Just check it out for yourself."

"I will." She took the keys.

"I will leave now. My regards to your mom."

She nodded. "This is a bad neighborhood. Let me walk you out."

No way! Aria didn't say that.

"See. Don't give me that look. I don't really care about you but this place is really bad and you're loaded. Getting kidnapped won't be funny." She looked away and chewed gently on her gum.

"If it's bad then why are you here?"

"The houses are cheap enough for us to afford."

"Oh okay."

She walked me out and truly, all the people we saw especially the men all were giving me chills and they looked creepy.

She walked me to the roadside and watched me get into my car. Still, Aria watched my car quietly and didn't leave. I drove away slowly but returned when I caught her looking at the back of my car.

"What?" I asked.

She shook her head.

"Want some money?"

Her head went sideways again. "I...I want to say that..that I am sorry."

"Is that it?"

She nodded.

I opened my bag and counted some money for her which she finally took after declining so many times and I drove off.

Aria didn't just say sorry to me.

The week until Christmas, all the company's I visited, in which most were my dad's competitors, none of them employed me in my disguise. But when I went in my real form, just by looking at my name or face, they gave me an internship.

So I changed.

I have a fake blonde that looks so real with a different identity. Nobody will accept me. Life is actually difficult when you're of no class.

"You know you don't have to do this Mariana. We're your parents and this is our duty to look after you." My mom will complain.

"I will manage mom. You also did."

"That is because I didn't have anyone."

"I just want to make a name for myself. I'm tired of everyone belittling me that I can't do without either of you. I want to make something for myself mom."

"I don't like this, Mariana. Why would you take people's opinions? It doesn't matter."

"They're not wrong. I just want to have something I can call my own."

"Your school is a mess, you don't want anything from us and now you're moving about for work and it's not even yielding. I hate to see you go through too much and there's already a lot you are facing at this young age.." She's crying and I hate it.

I got up and drove to Betsy's like an escape from my emotional mom.

"I can't believe you gave that bitch your penthouse to live in. How do you do it, Mariana? Why are you so foolishly nice?"

This is what Betsy has been saying since the day she learned that Aria lives in my penthouse. She wouldn't have known but she went to the penthouse and saw her there. Without asking me, Betsy beat her black and blue. If Aria's mom didn't have called me, Betsy would've sent Aria straight into a coma.

And now, she's still shocked that I did that after Aria tried to get me harassed sexually by some druggies.

"It's okay Betsy. She didn't have anywhere to stay."

"I won't buy that."

"Okay but I don't regret it okay."

"Novan did the right thing by throwing them out and now you fuckin picked them back to somewhere greater."

"Novan is crazy to do that."

"No, he's not. I'm glad that he chose the option to leave than to let Aria go unpunished. Trust me, I will do the same if I were in his shoes."

"Me too." Morgan walked out of the washroom in a towel. I didn't know he was here.

"We don't pay evil with evil, you all should know that."

"That's churchy and ancient. Now we go by, an eye for an eye." Her boyfriend said.

Nobody is giving me the peace I needed.

"I'll see you guys later."

"You're running away again."

'What can I do? You people keep judging what I do.' I thought to myself.

I walked out and called Marion to meet me in front of our gate. I met him there and picked him in my car.

"Where are you taking me?"

"I want to spend some time with you."

He sighed. "I can't believe that because of you, Nervisa had to leave me untimely. I woke up and didn't see her and meanwhile we planned a lot of things to do."

"I'm sorry."

"But I miss her."

"You love her?" I asked him absentmindedly.

"You keep saying and asking this. Nervisa and I won't be anything but friends."

"You're thirteen Marion."

"Yes and there's a girl I like in my school." I raised my brow at him.

"And you want to date her?"

"I'm thinking. She's cool."

"You don't like Nervisa then?"

"I don't know." He answered.

"You're confused."

"No. I love my friendship with her. I want it not to break."

"Okay but I don't want you to date her though."


"I'm married to her brother."

"So?" He hissed. "Nobody will stop me if I want to take it to the next level with her."

"Seriously?" My jaw dropped.


We kept quiet for some time. While I kept looking at him unbelievably. My brother is just thirteen yet he looked eighteen. And he looked so handsome. A perfect combination of my dad and mom. While I look so much like my dad, Marion took both of my parents features and the outcome is just wow.

"Where are you taking me again.?" He puckered his lips.

"I told you I want to spend some time with you but if you don't want I will go and drop you back at home."

"It's okay." He pulled his phone out.

"The last time you seemed to be fighting with Nervisa. What happened?"


"Before we left for Russia."

"She wants to be a model and I hate that."


"She'll start getting on unnecessary diets and become skinny. Then a lot of boys will lust after her since she'll be showing her body."

"Oh." I smiled and continued driving. "Someone is possessive."

"You always understand everything wrongly." He said and plugged in an earpiece. I took it out.

"What did you understand that I want to spend some time with you?"

"Not when you're misconstruing everything I say."

"Okay. I won't again."


"How's school?"

"Boring as fuck."


He laughed, showing his perfect set of teeth. "Sorry but school is actually boring but I get a lot excited when I go racing."

"You know you have to take learning seriously."


"Dad needs you in the company."

"Yeah. I wished they weren't so rich and I didn't have a directionless sis."


"Sorry." He laughed again. "I didn't mean to."

I nodded but I know he's right. Right now, my focus and direction are distorted. I am just like floating wood. The water can decide to land me anywhere.

"We're far from town. Where exactly are you taking me?"

"To a cabin. It's beautiful there so you'll love it."

"Oh okay. I hope there are horses we can ride."

"I think," I remembered my last encounter and my eyes moved to my wrist. Thank God my cream is the one that fades all scars.

Marion and I had a nice time before going back where I celebrated Christmas with everyone. Florencia came and that just did it for me especially. I spent most of my time with her in her room but that didn't fill my emptiness. We haven't talked since he mysteriously left and I miss him.


We haven't been talking and the only thing that kept me alive is her gallery that I have.

It's my birthday and I decided to take Nervisa to the park. While coming back she slept so I had to pick her in my arms to her room.

The room was dark when I opened it but since I've been living here for a long time, even without light, I can find my way. I also felt her presence but thought I was hallucinating since it's my birthday and all I've done is miss her all day.

I got her shoes off and her jacket then tied her hair before putting the blanket over her.

I got out and when I turned the lights on, I saw a figure with the back turned to me in the living room. My heart really skipped but out of thousands and even in the dark, if my eyes don't find her, my heart will so it actually skipped for her, bringing me back to life. Everything is dull without her including life. I've not been truly happy since or whenever we're away.


She turned and smiled at me which took my breath away and made me smile back shyly.

"You'll give me a heart attack if you give me a surprise like this." I put my hand over my chest and it's still beating so wildly.

"I'm sorry. Happy 23rd." She always manage to make it to all my birthdays.

"Thanks." I scratched my neck while looking at her, taking in all of her. I'm surprised and really happy that she's in my shirt. It means she's been here for a while.

She closed our gap and without a word she hugged me.

"How did you enter?"

"Through the door."

"I know but by what?"

"I took one of your keys the last time. You can check."

"I realized," I replied and hugged her closely.

"Where did you go?"

"To the park with Nervisa."

"All day?"

"Yeah. We were just out and I used the opportunity to fulfill all that she's ever wanted."

"Okay. Heard from your mom?"

"Yeah. Everything is just getting easy. We talk."

She raised her head to look at me. "Did I tell you how much I am proud of you?"

She did but I shook my head because I am a greed who's always in need of all her kindness, praises and attention.

"I am. Very. I'm really proud of you Novan. Really." She looked at me through my eyes with so much love and the evidence of what she's saying.

"Thanks." I felt the warmness on my cheeks and bowed. She got me feeling so giddy.

"How's work?" She asked again.

"Good. I've got an assistant who's also really good so I don't have to be at work every day. I've got new recipes that you'll also love. I can make them for you if you'd like to try."

"I can't wait. It's been awhile I ate your food anyway."


We stayed quiet, just looking at each other.

"How are you?" I whispered.

"I'm fine."

I don't think she is.

"How's work?"

She shook her head and we walked to sit on the couch.

"I resigned from work."


"Nothing but I just want to fend for myself so I am looking for a job somewhere else."

"You haven't gotten any?"

"Not yet."

"And what do you mean you want to fend for yourself?"

"I don't want my family's support any longer."

"Break it down."

"I want to get an internship on my own, pay my own bills and stuff."

"Including college?"


I'm shocked.

"You're crazy. I didn't even pay my fees back in school with my fights with my dad. If I told you that I did then I lied. College is so expensive and there's no way I could've paid that. When I moved here to go to school, I broke. All my savings went into it."

"I didn't know." She mumbled.

"Yeah. So let them pay your fees because honestly, you're not really fit to do all that."

"Don't underestimate me." She glowered at me.

"I'm not but everything is just in a mess for you."

She sighed sadly.

"What happened? Why the change of mind?" Somehow I know I am responsible for whatever is happening in her life.

She began to tell me about the bitch at her office and all that happened that fueled her decision. Even though she didn't mention Aria, I knew It's the words of Aria that also worked towards her decision.

If I knew I wouldn't have taken her to Augusta but I still don't regret throwing Aria and her mother out. In fact, I am proud.

"I'm sorry." Right now her education is a mess, no job and she wants to fend for herself. How's she going to do that?

"You didn't do anything."

I know she'll never allow me to take the blame for anything so I kept quiet and just watched her.

"I'm really happy that you took me to Augusta. I didn't get the chance to thank you."

"It's nothing."

"It was a lot for me. And I am so grateful."

"I'm glad." I smiled at her and she shifted closer to put her head on me.

"When did you arrive?"

"An hour before you came."

"And have you eaten?"

"Yeah, I ate all your meat in the oven."



"No problem." I actually have a lot of meat there so if she said she has eaten all, then she actually opened it and took some.

On second thought, I asked, just so I can kiss her.

"Let me check?" I raised her chin.

She smiled. "You can say you want to kiss me."

I laughed and actually kissed her. I love that she reads me so well sometimes.

Her lips are soft and haven't lost its sweetness or how it makes me feel. I kissed her then hugged her, kissed her then hugged her again. When I couldn't take it anymore, I took her in my arms to my bed and undressed her.

I got my clothes off as well and got in bed beside her, then gathered her into my arms. I just want to feel her close to me.

The quietness around us is comfortable and I am thrilled to match my breathing with hers and to be able to caress her soft skin at all places.

My hands paused on her tattoo but I kept rubbing it while her hands traced on the quotes I got for her. I'm sure she has finally read them now.

"I want to tell you something, Novan."

"Tell me...."


♾️馃崅The kiss and now,
our AFTERGLOW?♾️馃崅

By: @AvisMens (Kels)

[227] of the LIFE SERIES.



"When I said I wanted to get a tattoo for myself, it wasn't entirely the truth. I realized I was only deceiving myself."


"I don't actually love tattoos...I mean on my body."

"I influenced it?"

"Not really. I was just tired of people judging you by your looks so when mom saw it, though she didn't like it, I was happy because, for one, she won't judge you with tattoos again since her own daughter has one."

"Hmm. Is this what you wanted to tell me?" I was expecting more.

"This and more but not now, not today."

"When exactly?"


"You don't trust me?"

"I do, with my whole being."

"Then what is it?"

"You won't be the same to me again if I say all of them now. Some won't allow."

"I'm fucking sticking with you for life no matter fucking what."

She looked up at me with a smile.

"Uh, people change, circumstances change. But God always remains the same. I can't afford to take a chance." She quoted the last part of Justin Bieber's song, changes. Thanks to her, I know all of that kids song but I am not a Belieber.

"Nothing is ever going to change the way that I feel about you. Nothing." I said, hoping she knows it's not a lie.

"That is what they say." She looked down on my chest but her hands have stopped moving.

"Take it. I'm your God. I will always remain the same. Never changing."

"My God." She repeated and looked up at me again with yet another smile different from the first. She leaned up and pecked my lips. "I will remember this the day I tell you. It is only then we'll see if you're really my God."

"Yeah." I don't know what it is but I felt a slight panic. I don't really have the strength to be battling against any more forces to have my girl that is why I drove my own forces away. I just want to be with this lady for the rest of my life.

One look at her and I knew something is bothering her that is eating her up. "Mariana, are you okay?"

"Yes." She nodded and put her head on my chest with a deep sigh.

I'm not convinced. Maybe she's stressed up again. For almost two hours, we just lay in tranquil silence and only our breathing is heard.

Mariana is facing something and the root of that can only be me. Her indulgence with me is what led her parents to interfere with her school. Since then, nothing has been the same for her. No, since she met me or I forced myself into her life.

She didn't know me. She didn't love me. I should've stayed away but I made her fall for me and it has all been pain. A pain she won't admit. All her plans are being ripped apart and tossed in her face and she just stays around like no damn shit is going on in her life with a huge smile that gives dysfunctional people like me a lot of hope and happiness.

"I don't know why sometimes good people tend to suffer a lot. Good things don't come to them as it's supposed to."

"Is it?" I asked but it's true. I'm no good but I got something good as her which for the rest of my life I will be thankful for.

"I think I want to be bad too."

"What? No. Don't change for me."

She laughed but there's no emotion behind it. I wonder what pushed her to travel all the way to America. It's more than her missing me.

"Why did you come here?"

"It feels like everyone is just hating on me. Suddenly, I don't have the peace of mind that I need."

"I'm sorry."

"No. It's the fault in my stars that need to be sorry for everything it's doing to me. Karma isn't coming for me in the right way Novan. It has never been."

"Don't say that. You're the nicest person I've ever come across."

"Am I ?"

"You are."

"It's not true. We reap what we sow but I haven't reaped anything I sowed, Novan."

"You're scaring me if you keep going on about negativity babe."

She didn't say anything again other than look at me then look away after a second. She kept doing that.

"Let me help you." I play with her waist chain.


"Kiss me."

She raised her chin and attached her soft lips to mine. I traced her spine then drew circles at her back as we kiss.

"Come sit on my face."


"Come." I tug on her waist. As much as I want this, I want to relax her so she needs this just as much, and knowing her, she won't say straight to me.


"I know you want this too."

She looked away shyly and bit her lips. "I didn't want to but.."

"It's okay. Come." I got up and since we're already naked, I carried her.


I didn't know when I got on a flight and to America and entered Novan's apartment after calling CJ to bring me.

I'm pitying myself a lot lately for everything happening. I don't know why I can't seem to get what I want. I feel so dejected and cruelly betrayed and cheated by nature. I don't care if they say I'm trying to run away from them because it's exactly what I am doing. It doesn't look like it's happening anyway. My problem, my troubles, and my pains will always be with me. It's like a part of me and I am trying to get used to it. On a serious note, I am so damn happy for Novan that he has his life in shape. He's a graduate, got a good job which is something that he loves doing. He has a mother at long last and a nice stepfather. He is on his own and basically provides for his needs. Nobody will question what he has and say it's because of his rich parents. Nobody will try to bitch about what he has and he can stand boldly and say he worked for every shit he owns. I am so happy and proud. At age twenty-three, it looks like he can carry the world and deal with whatever comes by whereas I am just where I am, busy carrying my parent's titles in front of me like no man's business. Pathetic.

I won't deny that, also, I came here because I needed an escape from everything and Novan's ability to temporarily erase my troubles. I needed solace and so I came here to be with him.

It's fucked up how we keep chasing each other up and down. If Novan doesn't come after me, I do. Always push and pull. I can't seem to get away, him either. That's weird and it can only be found in Mariana and Donovan's relationship.

"Come sit on my face."

"Huh?" Shocked but relieved and a little happy inwardly.

"Come." He tugs on my waist.

"No." I protest but it's a lie. This is just what I need now.

"I know you want this too."

I looked away with my cheeks heated up. He seems to owe my mind. "I didn't want to but.." I tried to say.

"It's okay."

I looked at him temptingly but when I didn't move, he got up and came on top of me.

"I will always be here for you so don't hesitate to let me know about anything. I am so in love with you." Then he kissed me. Shortly, his daring lips migrated to my neck and licked on the sensitive skin. I turned the other way to give him enough access to devour me more while surrendering my all, body, and soul to this God on top of me. Sucking on my earlobe, I gasped a short moan as my hands found their way into his long brunette. His knees part my legs and he used it to rub me there.

I feel my hands crawl from his hair to his back, ready to put their architectural skills in use at his back by drawing anything at all by the influence of what he alone makes me feel.

"I will always love you." He repeated to me as his hand went underneath, part my folds, and rubs between to bring the moisture out. He looks at me as he licks before bringing the lips to mine for me to also have a taste then he lowered his head.

Just like that, his tongue started performing magic, evoking fireworks as they swipe across my clit.

"It's been so long I tasted you. So sweet." He breathed heavily against me that made me squirm and writhe in pleasure. For a moment, just like I know he would, I forgot all other things causing the unceasing chaos in my life and focused on just what he's doing to me. I made sure I got lost in it and he made that possible. I can't find myself as his tongue disappeared deep inside.

Before I know it, my throat is itching and I began to beg him to have a taste of him as well.

I pushed him off gently and he immediately understood and carried me on him such that I have his dick in my face and my cunt in his. As he swipes his tongue and licks me deeply, I suck him hard, deepthroating him and greedily lapping his precum. It's all I focused my attention on, trying to give it my best ever and he doesn't fail to let me know the good job I am doing by his ceaseless sexy groans and moans. This is something we haven't done before and I have never thought before but it's so sensational and intriguing. The way he's digging his nails in my body, especially on my hips does it for me as I feel the pressure building up within and held tightly to his dirty speeches that he's delivering that is only sweetly drawing me near and near the edge. I feel him twitch in my mouth and with that energy, I poured into his mouth while he also came into my mouth. I felt so relieved with no ounce of guilt after my release. He took me back in his arms and wrapped his arms around me securely.

"I love you." I only say as a way of rendering my appreciation.

"Only because you love me, not to thank me, sweetheart."

I raised my head to look at his face and smiled while shaking my head to the side slowly as if to get him off my mind. "Why do you seem to live in my mind all the time?"

"We're one." He whispered. I looked away, trying not to dig too deep into what he's saying. People change no matter how deep their love for you is. It happens always. One minute, they're proclaiming their undying love. The next minute they're denying you like Peter. I know Novan loves me to the moon and back and with every piece that made him up but sometimes even love is not enough in some situations.

"What are you thinking about?"

"The Bible."

"Bible? Why? Have you registered in a convent behind my back and suddenly remembered just the sin you've committed?"

"No." I chuckled.

"Then why would you be thinking of the Bible of all things?"

"I'm just thinking of the love between Jesus and his disciples."

"Forget those assholes. They never did love him."

"They did but sometimes love is not it all and not as important."

"Are we still on this?" He raised his brows at me.

"I'm sorry." I looked everywhere but him.

"No, you just shouldn't ever think that I will leave you. You loved me at my worst so why can't I do the same?"

"Happy new year," I say immediately my eyes hit the clock and it was exactly twelve.

"Whoa!" He laughed when his eyes hit the clock as well. "Happy new year babe." He pressed his lips to mine and I kissed him back quickly.

Most of our new years are spent in clubs or parties and sometimes apart but this year it's in bed together and I am excited that it is this way.

"We're crazy. We keep doing this back and forth thing but in the end, here we are together."

"We're wonderful," I reply cheesily.

"Indeed." He kissed my hair.

"I'm sorry for making you leave because of Aria," I said after a while.

"You didn't make me. It was my choice to leave to prove how much I don't play with you even after you made it worthless by dashing your house."

"How did you know? I didn't tell you that?."

"I know everything."

That made my heart do a double flip. It's as if anytime he says this, I'm definitely hiding something and it's true.

"But I am sorry."

"Don't say. I know you're not." I raised a finger. Novan is so satisfied with what he did.

"Yes. Fact." He admitted.

I moved on top of him to the usual perfect angle of mine that enables me to admire him clearly. "I'm sorry I couldn't get you any gifts."

"Coming here alone is more than a gift. In fact, your entirety in my life is a gift to me."

"Still. Birthday is birthday. I should've got you something."

"I heard you are the latest most broke nigga in town. How would you get me a gift?" He laughed.

I bite the inside of my cheeks to not laugh at my own expense. I'm actually broke.

"I could've still got you something even if it's the cheapest lollipop."

He grinned.

"Well, the birthday is over." He looked at the clock again. "I can't believe we're in another year again."

"Me too."

"The exciting thing about it is that I get to cross it over and live it with you. We entered another year with our mess, Mariana."

"Yes. Beautifully crazy chaotic mess."

"Only your rhymes." He mocked with laughter.

"What plans do you have for today?"

"It's the new year. I have nothing to do except go to the gym in the morning but I am lucky enough to have you here so we can figure something out or what do you say?"

"Absolutely got nothing to say."

"Thanks." He pushed forward and kissed the top of my bare boobs that made me giggle. "How're the twins?"

I'm surprised he asked that.

"They're fine except that Everly can't stop asking of you anytime I go there."



"What do you do?"

"I show her your pictures and she gets happy."

"Great but get them adopted. They're nice children who deserve responsible parents. Don't couples come to adopt them?"

I shook my head. "No."

It's a lie. Hundreds of couples have come to adopt them but for one reason or the other, I decline with excuses. If Novan is saying this, then I have to let them go. His mind is never going to change about adoption. I'm not going to hold the kids up any longer.

He's right, they deserve parents and we won't be those parents.

"They're nice. They should be able to get someone." He muttered again but his mind doesn't seem to be with me.

"Yes." I moved my hands on the perfect words that I didn't want to read until tonight.

When I reread then look at him, I feel I love him even more.

Even through our tribulations, our shortcomings and all, Novan is just the one for me. I don't think I will ever be able to feel about anyone else the same way I feel about him. He's unique to me.

When I look at him, his love for me is all I see on him. The quotes, my image on him, my name on his wrist, the chain he had tied around it that looks like he's bonded us then the main bond. The ring. Even before we met and I started loving him, he got a tattoo made for me on his back. The biggest of all having to get me drawn on him. It's too much but I love it even though it makes me feel that I love him less compared to him. Novan loves me too much. Just too much. And it just scares me sometimes. However, I don't know how strong and far it can take us. People love each other to hell and back but don't end together and we're no Darcy and Elizabeth. We're simply Mariana and Everett. Anything is bound to occur.

"You're slipping away so often. Tell me what is going on in your head Riana."

"Nothing. Just put me to sleep." I smiled lazily at him.

He gave me a smug grin and equally gazes at me with sleepy eyes.

Grabbing me from behind with both hands, Novan turns me over that he's now lying on top of me, parting my legs and settling in between. He began to tickle my sides and I laugh so hard. I told him to put me to sleep but he's clearing the sleep instead.

"Novan Nervi..." I gasped loudly when I feel him enter me without warning. "Novan.." I gulped as he continues to fill me.

"I'm sorry."
Unexpected but I love it.

"What... I thought I should.."

"That is what I am doing. Wait and watch."

I nodded and dug my nails in the mattress as he went slowly. Soon the pain subsided and it was all pleasure. He kissed my eyes and I opened them. Next, he captured my lips, and my eyes closed back.

He made me wrap my hands around him and Novan really went deeply slow while kissing me slowly yet passionately. Everything was passionate and intense.

"With your eyes closed and everything at the back of your mind, tell me how you're feeling."

I locked everything troubling me away and just concentrated on the feeling he's passing to me.

"I feel good and at peace in another world."

"Can you sleep in that world?" He cooed hoarsely in my ear.

"Mmm..yeah." I feel the sleep already. This is magical.

"Then sleep, I love you."

"I love you."

"I will also sleep at any time. I don't know if I will come by then but once you sleep and I haven't I would stop."

I nodded, already slipping away to Dreamland with my dream man rocking gently with care inside me. Only he knows the name of his magic potion that he's working on me. Who knew apart from lullaby one can be put to sleep this way as well. Shame on you babies, Novan and I found a way to put ourselves to sleep without the use of your lullabies.

I woke up sweating with a weight on me and an alarm buzzing furiously in my ears. If only Novan is not a deep sleeper.

Novan is sleeping on me with his cock still buried deep inside me and the room seems to have a fire set in it.

"Novan." I tap him. I wish I can get a hold of the alarm and off it myself without having to wake him.

"Novan." I tug at his hair. The craziest thing I can ever do.


"Please wake up. Your alarm."

"Let it ring."

This was the boy who was shouting over her sister to wake up when we got to Russia. Now I know. Deep sleeping is in their Gene.

"Novan!" I also yell and he got up instantly.

"Are you crazy?" is the first thing he asked and that made me laugh. No wonder Nervisa also said the same thing when he shouted at her to wake up. They both definitely don't like to be shouted at in sleep.

"It's not funny." He grumbles in a deep voice.

"Off your alarm."

He looked around then back to our connected bodies. He thrust in once, twice, then thrice and pulled out. He got up, offed the alarm, and walked towards the washroom hurriedly.

I got up and followed him.


"I'm now coming." He groaned and spilled into the WC.

He could've come inside me.

"Go back to sleep, it's just 5:30 am." He said.

"I'm waiting for you."

"I will be going to the gym from here."

"Is that why you set the alarm?" I looked down at his body.

"Not really."

He will lie. We all know there's no way he can wake up on his own.

He turned the tap and walked under the pouring water.

Well me, I will go anywhere he goes today so I joined him under the shower. After, this time, I was the one who shared his toothbrush.

"Where's your luggage?" He asked when we walked out in towels.

"I just came with my handbag. No clothes but the one I came with."

"It's okay since you won't be going anywhere now. I can get some for you on my way back."

"No. I want to come with you to the gym."

"And in what?"

"Your shirt and any of your shorts."

"I don't think you'll fit in any of my shorts?"

"Why not?"

"You're going to expand it for me with your wide hips and big bottom."

"Really?" I dropped the towel and he stared at me for too long that before he tried to look away, I've already dragged a cotton black shorts out and one of his white t-shirts.

He finally looked away and got himself into his gym pants and top. He tugged his hair behind his hair before looking for a band to hold it. I removed mine for him but he declined.

I rolled my eyes and wore his clothes. The shirt is loose on me so I tied it into a knot to the side but the short has a different story. It doesn't reach my knees but tight, accentuating my curve below. I bend to pick the only socks I came with.


I turned to see Novan rubbing his chin with a small smile as he checks me out.