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{Loving him with all his flaws.}
“After what happened in France I thought I’ve lost you Novan. You weren’t ready to talk to me and I felt like we wouldn’t be able to pull through. I got scared.” I had my head on his lap while his fingers played with my eyebrows.
“Me too. Your actions were strange. I wanted you to shout at me like always but you only said okay. Why?”
“I didn’t want to fight you right after sex. It was happening and I had to stop it.”
“It’s better we scream at each other don’t you think? I panicked.” His thumb ran on my lips.
“I think so.”
“I missed you so much.”
“I didn’t go anywhere.”
” You went. You distanced yourself from me. You gave me straight answers. It wasn’t pretty Mariana.”
“You did the same too Novan.”
“What about I make it up to you?”
“Like this.” His lips descended on mine and his hand grabbed my boob, giving it a gentle squeeze.
He got up and came on top of me. His lips found mine again and his hands slipped into my panties.
“Donovan” I squealed and swat his hand away.
“What.” He smirked and licked his lips.
“We can’t do this.”
“Why? Are you bleeding?”
“Why must you always think that?” I rolled into the middle of the bed.
“What can make you resist me? I’m not hot enough?”
He got up and removed his boots. My insides clenched when I heard the buckling of his belt. I crawled on my knee to the end of the bed where he stood.
“Let me take this off.” I pushed his hands gently away and fumbled with the belt.
“Bold huh? I love that.”
I removed the belt and opened his zip. He pulled it down till it was completely off. Now standing before me is Novan in his boxers which kept tightening on him.
I gulped and traced trembling fingers on his protrusion.
“Take your shirt off too baby,” I said and smiled at the usual reaction of his cock which has now become my favorite.
His shirt came off and he flinched when I traced my hands tentatively on his hard inked stomach. I pushed forward and kissed his v line then to his navel.
“What do you want to do babe?”
I don’t know. I just thought I could do something for him today.
“Uhm.. what can I do? I want to do something idea.” I laughed nervously.
“You can put your mouth around me.”
“Whe…where?” My heart raced and I gulped.
He took my hand and placed it on his very visible bulge. I feel my cheeks heat up and I chewed on my lips.
“There.” He muttered huskily.
I nod, raised my head to look into his eyes, and hooked my hand around the waistline of his boxer then slowly pulled it off, making it drop to his toes where he stepped out of them.
“You can put your hands around them now.” He said with our eyes still locked.
I looked down at him and a low gasp escaped from me. Wow. I’ve held him before. As in a handjob but it was in the night and right on this bed that was the new year. And I barely saw him in Paris but now he’s so close and he looked bigger that I’m a bit intimidated by his size.
I’m being awfully dull. I should be doing something already but I’m so shy.
My hands went to him and I drew back. I’m embarrassed when I heard him chuckle quietly.
“Come.” He sat on the bed and made his back to touch the board. He then made me sit in front of him, closer enough that his upright hard cock was right before my cunt.
“Let’s kiss first. It will help boost your confidence.” He said and I leaned into his naked form.
His tongue brushed my lips then he slides into my mouth, gliding over my own tongue then he sucked gently on my lips playfully. He went all over again and I kissed him back.
My hands went to him and I began to rub him up and down.
“That’s it, babe.” He moaned out into my mouth.
I kept doing that while we kissed and his hands roamed on my clothed body. I pulled back and with new bravery, I took my shirt off, leaving me in just my undergarments. He took his lip ring between his teeth and watched me intensely with dark eyes. I went back to what I was doing.
With my hands wrapped around him, I swiped my thumb over the dampness on his tip, making him pulse in my hand. I did it again and he groaned, kissing me and more fiercely than before.
“You can put your mouth around…not.. entirely..just.. considerably..yeah,” he instructed.
I pulled back and with an air of confidence, I positioned my mouth around him. It was strange. I tasted something salty and bitter. I guess.
“Oh Fuck!”
I sucked on the tip hard then went down on his length halfway. My throat tasted bitter and my mouth was full.
I almost gagged when he jerked in my mouth.
“Don’t go anywhere further.” He said through strangled breath.
I nodded and began to move my mouth on him up and down.
He moaned and muttered a lot of curse words.
“You can use your hand at the base.” He instructed. I obeyed and with my hand holding him and my mouth on him, it was easy to move.
“Yes, you’re good”
My mouth went down on him then up, my tongue tracing his veins as I do it
“You can rub my while you do it.” He said again and soon my hand and mouth were working on him.
“Okay..fuck! I love you.” He gripped my shoulders tightly and moved his hips to meet my mouth. I tried to take him in completely. I did and hissed loudly. He tugged at my hair with one hand and I loved it. I suck harder and faster and suck my cheeks in. When I raised my head to look at him, his head had fallen back and his eyes were rolling in their sockets.
My eyes returned to his beautiful masterpiece and my hand worked on the bottom and my mouth at the top.
“Oh babe, I’m close.” He breathed heavily. “I’m gonna pour, don’t want your.. mouth, then take it off.”
With him in my mouth, I looked up at him. I love the way I’m making him lose control.
His eyes met mine and his body tenses. “Don’t look away, I love it.”
I suck him again with our eyes joined. I went down in an attempt to deep throat him. Tears pulled at the corners of my eyes and I batted my eyelashes. It must have given the full effect because I feel him jerk in my mouth then calling my name over and over again, I feel spurt after spurt hit the back of my throat warmly. It shot down my throat and I gagged and pulled back, licking my lips. It doesn’t taste bad, not nice either.
His hands moved to my cheeks and he stroked it.
“God, you’re the best.” He was out of breath.
“How was it?” I asked and moved to lay beside him.
“The best from the bestest.”
I giggled.
“You liked it?”
“A lot. It’s the best head I’ve ever received.”
I wanted to ask him how many girls. Who and who but I stopped. I know what happens when I confront him like this.
“You must have received better. This is just my first.” I traced my hand on the sharp fangs of his tattooed lion.
“The way you’re so pure and innocent, it does something to me. You can make me cum without even trying. And when you looked up at me..oh fuck, fuck fuck!”
I laughed and put my head over his chest.
“How was it for you? Did you like it?” He asked.
“Yeah, it wasn’t bad. I love to see you out of control. It’s a turn-on.” I answered honestly despite my embarrassment of saying freely that I liked it.
“It’s my turn to make you feel good. just like you did me then I can fuck you afterward.” He whispered seductively and his hands slipped into my panties.
I helped him take it off then he dug his head down and began to work his tongue perfectly on me. I whispered and tugged at his hair. My head fell back on the pillow as he pumped in and out of me with his tongue sucking me. Within minutes, his name was flying out of my mouth as I came. Not waiting for me to recover, he fetched his jeans and pulled a condom out. I heard him tore it as my eyes were still closed and I was still in a sedated state.
I gasped as my eyes snapped open when I felt him on my entrance. He rubbed it in circles then his lips found mine in kiss then moved to suck on my neck, then sucking my breast. My whole body is on fire. A simple touch of him on me makes sparks fly.
He pressed into me then kissed me, swallowing my moans.
“This one too will hurt a little okay? But I won’t be easy..on you..” he pushed inside me and I feel my walls wrap tightly around him.
“Oh god..” my eyes rolled back as my nails dug into his back. I still felt pain. But it was better than before.
“Novan.,” I say his name as he enter me fully, stretching me all over again. I bit my lips to stay silent but it was impossible. This feels amazing and out of this world. I’m consumed with pleasure as his eyes locked with mine. The passion in them was so intense. I’ve really missed out a lot…I won’t hold back in doing this with him over and over again just to feel this…to feel this exquisite.
“Babe.” He rolled his hips and went thrust after thrust. His inked arms propping his weight at either side of me contract and relax as he eased in and out.
I pushed my midriff to meet with his and we formed a rhythm..a perfect one. He buried his head in my neck and snake his tongue out to lick me. He kissed my face then my lips. His hand moved to where we were joined and rubbed me.
“Oh god. Novan..” I thought I’ve had it all but this time was even better.
“Yes..tell I make you feel good?”
“Yeah, baby..” I moaned out.
“Tell me more..”
I exhaled and tried to meet up with his thrust. Just like he said, he wasn’t easy but I love it more this way.
“” my voice strained as I try to form a meaningful sentence. Nothing came …I ended up calling his name on and on.
Moments later, I feel my body convulse beneath him and my orgasm hit me hard and fast. Calling out his name, he came as well with a final strong thrust, hitting my right spots.
He collapsed on top of me and I enjoyed his full weight on me though it crushed me. I brushed his hair from his sweaty forehead and kissed him. His eyes were closed and his breathing was loud and rapid just like mine, his a little deeper.
“I love you Novan,” I muttered against his forehead.
“Me more. You know it.”
I smiled against his sweaty forehead and I feel him smile as well.
He pulled out of me and once again, I winced at the emptiness.
He got the condom off and placed it inside the wrapper.
“Hope you won’t ask about the condom again right?” He looked at me with a smirk and placed the used condom on the bedside table.
“Good.” He smiled and pulled me to himself.
“I think you should get on pills instead. I don’t want us to use condoms again.”
“I want to be able to feel you.” He kissed my forehead.
“Okay.” I looked up at him and we shared a smile.
“How was your second time?”
“Great. I enjoyed it so much, Novan.” I held him tightly and laughed. “It was amazingly good.”
He smiled. “I love how you make me feel Riana.”
“The I’m important than anything..and you make me extremely happy. You make me feel special and I can’t love you less. You’re my life and my everything. I will lose my life if I lose you”
I grinned. “You make me special to Novan.”
He kissed me again and we stayed silent.
“Do you still want to work? I don’t want to lose you.” He said quietly.

“You won’t lose me if I work. I will see you every day, I will try.”
“Hmm. You will try.”
I raised myself to look at him. He looked vulnerable and sad and there was fear in his eyes.
“Novan, I will never leave you,” I assured him.
“Yes, promise.”
“I’m still scared. What if you fall in love while stuck in that office with Edward? He has more experience so I’m sure he’d be there to take you every step of the way..”
“I.. won’t. And who says Edward will be there?”
“I know he will.”
“Edward is getting a girlfriend, Novan. You don’t have to worry.”
“I don’t care. Anything can still happen.”
“You have to stop being insecure, Novan. I’ve always been yours, I still am.”
“You remember the rules don’t you?”
“Which rules?”
“The ones I gave you when we started dating.”
“Yes?” I chuckled when I thought back to those weird rules.
“Apply them when you’re with a guy at work. Two meters apart. No touching, not even a handshake to talk of a hug. No nothing and if you’re smiling it shouldn’t be too large. A lip tight smile just like the one I gave the cameras. Let it be fake. Don’t be smiling too much at any one especially Edward. It sends signals and it will give them ideas on how to get closer. Call me if anyone troubles you and..”
“Novan.” I placed my hands over his lips and shook my head.
His parents did this. They seeded this fear in him and now he thinks anybody that he comes close to will leave him. I don’t know what to say to him or do to show that I’m not leaving.
I’ve done anything and I’m now convinced that his insecurities are incurable. Even after he took my virginity he’s still scared. Who’s he?
“I won’t ever leave you,” I stressed on each word and made sure it sank into him.
He pulled me into him and hugged me tightly, breathing in my scent.
“I’m sorry for being a jerk always. I wish I can promise you that we won’t fight again.”
“Don’t. It’s not like we can do away with it but we’d try. Our communication is poor Novan. We should work on that.”
“We tried today don’t you think? We talked it out peacefully.”
“Yeah.” I agreed.
“Will you go back home?”
“I don’t want to. I wish I could spend at least a week from home.”
“You won’t got to the function?.”
“No. They can’t have their way always.”
“And the board meeting?”
“I won’t.”
“That’s my girl.” He smiled. “You won’t work then.”
“I don’t know about that.”
“We can go and get you registered back in school you know?.”
“You can?”
“We can try.”
“Thanks but you know my parent’s strong influence.”
“Yeah.” He doesn’t say anything again.
“Get up, I wanna take a piss.”
I rolled off him and he got up, grabbed his boxer, and disappeared into the washroom.
By the time he came back, I had my panties on.
“I will go cook us something. It’s late.” He offered.
“I don’t have any groceries.”
“I brought some on my way here.”
See. He makes everything seem as if he plans it. Why would he bring groceries along?
Answering my thoughts, “I didn’t plan it if that’s what you’re thinking. I just thought we’d need it so I got them after the call.”
Even before we made love, there was an invisible thread that tied us together but I’m even more convinced after we made love. He always seems to know what I’m thinking…he read my thoughts perfectly…most of the time. It’s like our bodies and minds have been tied together.
“I called us to meet here. How can you plan anything? I didn’t think that way Everett.” I lied.
He raised his brows. “I know you and how you think.” He said simply and waddled out of the room.
I ran after him. “Where are you going.”
“Out. I’m going to pick the groceries.”
“I’m coming with..”
“For goodness sake, you’re naked and am going outside.”
I looked down at myself and turned, walking back into the bedroom.
I picked my panties off the floor and wore it. I made a trip to the kitchen and he walked in that minute with a plastic bag. He sat it on the counter and brought them out one after the other.
He packed the ones meant for the fridge into it then brought a pot out.
“If you’re going to be here then go put something on. I can take you on the counter now.”
I flushed. There was a time I got shy with him when I had nothing on but it changed. I can’t believe I’m comfortable in just my panties around him.
“I wouldn’t mind but let’s keep the kitchen holy..for now.” His eyes swept me.
I walked back inside and put a jacket on. I didn’t zip it so it hid only my nipples. When I returned, his eyes raked over me again and he bit his lips.
He went back to what he was doing without a word and I in turn leaned on the counter and I admired the tattooed shirtless chef in my kitchen.
“What?” He raised a brow when he turned to me.
“Nothing.” I smiled.
“There’s something.” He pressed.
“I just love you,” I said to him in my best voice. His cheeks turned crimson slightly and his face split into a smile, a smile that is only meant for me. I smiled back brightly, our expressions mirrored.

{Loving him with all his flaws.}
“What are you cooking for us hubby?” I stood behind him and wrapped my arms around his hard stomach. He’s muscular and yet I’ve not seen him workout before. My hands moved on his packs and I kissed his tan back exactly on the glittering star tattoo. He shivered as goosebumps poured on his back. He exhaled but didn’t say anything. I’m aware my boobs were pressing tight to his back.
“You’ll find out.” He let out breathless as he chopped the vegetables and kept checking on the meat he was steaming.
My hands rested on his waist then slipped into his boxers…
“Fuck Riana! I’m quiet doesn’t mean I’m a piece of wood. You’re tempting me and it’s not fair.” He turned to me after dropping the knife.
“So you don’t like it?” I whispered seductively.
“Of course I do but this is not the time. Don’t you wanna take something?”
“We can order.”
“It’s not like I can’t cook. Why would someone like me eat out? It’s rare.”
“Just for today.”
“You’re trying to convince me. Stop being naughty.” He turned back to what he was doing.
My hands dropped lazily to my side and I watched him.
“I’m going inside Everett.”
“Don’t call me that. I told you.”
“I didn’t hear you. Anyway, I’m going.”
“You won’t go anywhere.” He grabbed my wrist, pulling me back.
“Who do you want to go through this trouble for you to eat? Stay here with me.”
“Really? I didn’t ask you to cook.”
“But you can stay with me. Keep me company. Not like I will say peel potatoes for me?.”
I tapped my feet. I couldn’t keep my hands to myself just standing here.
“You know, a girl should always stay by her mother in the kitchen and run errands. Otherwise, how would you learn?” Amusement danced in his eyes.
“But you’re not my mummy” My forefinger traced on his chest slowly then to his stomach down to the front of his jeans. I stopped and looked up at him. “You must be my daddy then,” I muttered, licking the top of my lips.
His eyes widened. “God, one sex and you’ve turned into temptress!” He yelled with a laugh, his hand holding mine to stop it from getting into his briefs.
I have no idea what I’m doing but hell am enjoying it. What has this boy made out of me? I’m not even shy doing this. Where’s that girl who said she won’t kiss until forty? Murdered.
“It’s twice.” I showed him two fingers with a pout.
“Let’s make it third then.” He pulled me against his hard form then turned the fire off.
His lips crashed into mine and I kissed him back in no time. His hands reached for my nipples, pinching it to draw a moan out of me.
They trailed into my panties and I had to hold his hand.
“Your hands…” I looked down at it. This guy was cooking. What if there’s pepper on those fingers? I can already imagine myself hanging close to the ceiling fan like a carcass, legs wide open to cool off.
He laughed when he got what I was trying to communicate.
“I haven’t touched pepper yet. See.” He put a finger close to my lips. I dart my tongue out and lick it. I took it into my mouth and sucked on it gently. No pepper.
He moaned and got his hands out. “You see?”
I nodded.
Placing me on the kitchen island, he came between my legs and I hooked my legs on his waist. He kissed my neck and bit it, licking and sucking it. I jolted at the wet and cold metal in my ear in the name of tongue as I felt electricity waves shoot inside me. My hands are buried in his thick brown locks as he went back to sucking my breast feverishly.
“You asked for this… it’s going to be quick okay?” He said against my breast then pulled my panties out.
I didn’t answer but raised his head and kissed him. I’m ready for him anyhow he wants it. I’m all his and him mine.
He positioned me properly on the island, raising me up slightly and his hand digging into my thighs.
I felt him warm on me then he entered me with his finger then added another.
“You’re always ready. I love you.”
I watched him lick his fingers slowly with his eyes on me. That was erotic. I squirmed, not able to wait anymore.
He smirked and slammed into me that instant, hitting a spot. I gasped loudly and my eyes rolled, my head fell back and I saw stars. My grip on his arm went tight. Novan is a bastard. My watery eyes opened and I stared at him. Why isn’t he moving?
“Move,” I commanded.
“I didn’t put a condom on?” His tongue rolled inside his cheeks.
Panic gripped me slightly as I looked at our joined sex. He was buried in me fully, body to body, flesh against flesh.
“We’d figure something out. Just.. let’s move.”
“You don’t mind?”
“We’ve already started, can’t turn back now.”
“I’m sorry..we can.” He tried to pull out of me. I gave him a sharp glare and moved my waist. I pulled back a little and watched his cock come out slightly then I pushed back, swallowing him again.
“Holy fuck.. Christ” he moaned and moved. He picked up space and soon, our moans are what you could hear in the kitchen and entire house. Sex with Novan is like taking your favorite food or sweets.. just anything favorite that you like, that you can’t do without. And this now is my favorite thing… addiction.
“This.. feels so good… awesome… you’re fuck…so warm.. tight..and yeah…” He moaned out.
My walls clenched around him tightly at that..his dirty talks do such wonders to me than he can imagine.
He carried me off the island, still inside me, and began to walk out of the kitchen. He was fast before I knew it we were in my bedroom then to the bathroom.
My back hit the cold walls and he resumed thrusting into me, his lips roaming my entire chest.
He peeled the jacket off then paused for a moment to take his jeans trouser off completely.
After that, he placed me down, turning me to put my hands against the wall. He positioned me and took me from behind. Soon, the shower began to fall on us as we made love under it. He hauled me back on his waist, claimed my lips, and with a final thrust, I felt his warm seeds hit against my walls, filling me up and my orgasm was Earth-shattering. He put me down then wrapped his arms around me, our breathings were loud and clear. I’m glad the shower is on, it calmed me. I felt the sticky fluid between my legs and I pulled them apart so the water could wash it away.
Novan’s hands went between my thighs and I held it. “What are you doing?”
“I’m trying to help get rid of it.” He removed the shower tub and positioned it between my thighs. It hit my spot directly and he opened my legs further, drawing the tub closer. It was ticklish and the sight of Novan bending before me in all his glory was sexy enough to give me my fourth orgasm in a day.
I couldn’t stand after that. My knees go weak and my legs wobble beneath me. I could barely stand or lift a finger so he carried me out and dried me then placed me on the bed, drawing the covers over me. I looked up at him and he was smirking away obviously pleased that he’s successfully crippled me and rendered me weak.
He didn’t join me on the bed after that but was going so I held him back. I guess he’s forgotten what we just did. The risk of becoming parents at 18 and 21 and sophomores in college. Great. I’m terrified beyond repair.
“What do we do? I don’t wanna be a mother…not now.”
“Me too.. I don’t wanna be a father.” He sat beside me, holding his head and all smirks disappearing from his sexy lips.
I gaped at him. I wanted to punch him but unfortunately, I don’t have that strength in me. On top of it all I’m starving and I can’t blame him. I tempted him but he could resist right?
Okay, so he isn’t talking. We’re going to be parents and he’s only holding his head, his gaze on the floor. What is he thinking about? I hope he’s not planning on how fast he can run out of here and from me.
I know some boys do run away after their girlfriend gets pregnant. I hope he’s not that type.
I looked at him and he blinked his eyes. he crying or about to?
I’m going to get pregnant and he’s not doing anything and instead of crying?
“Everett? Are you crying?”
“What?” His head shot up. “Why will I cry? You enjoy having silly thoughts a lot don’t you?.” He got up and got into the bathroom. He came out fully clothed and his car key in his hands.
You were scared weren’t you?” I asked him and sat myself up.
“Why would I be scared?” He looked at me over his shoulders.
“That we’ll become parents.” I pouted and lift my brows up.
“It seems I fucked your brains out. You’re not thinking properly.”
“Then where are you bolting to?”
“I will be back, just going to get you something to avoid any pregnancy.”
I wanted to ask more questions but stopped. “Okay, don’t keep long. It won’t be fair if you abandon me after sex.”
He chuckled and walked out.
“I love you!” He shouted and it echoed in the building.
Ten minutes past and I was still laying on the bed and Novan has still not come. I got up and tried to make myself useful. Hopefully, I regained a part of my energy.
I went to the kitchen for water and as I was leaving, my eyes met my red pants. I turned bright red and picked it up quickly then rushed out of the room. I packed my previous clothes from the floor and into the laundry basket. I went through my closet and brought a rainbow-colored short jumpsuit with off shoulders out. I wore it and braided my semi-wet hair after running a brush through it.
Soon after I was done, my almost runaway boyfriend arrived. He walked into the kitchen and this time around, I decided not to bother him. I’m sore all over and all I want now is to eat and sleep in his arms.
“Are you alive in there?” He shouted from the kitchen.
“Yeah!” I yelled back.
I suddenly remembered Tricia Salvatore and the card she gave me at the airport and began to search for it. I emptied my laundry basket and saw the jeans I wore the day we returned from France. I remember stuffing into my pocket. I found it in the pocket and brought it out. I then looked for my new phone but it was dead when I found it. I walked to the living room and punched the numbers into the telephone. I will call through the landline.
It rang thrice before it was picked. “Hi, is this Tricia Salvatore on the line?”
“This is her husband, I will pass it on to her.” A thick Russian accent said and within a minute, I heard Tricia’s voice.
“Hey, who’s this?”
“Mariana on the line.” I breathed. I don’t even know why I’m calling this strange woman in the first place.
“Oh my God!” She squealed loudly that I have to get the phone from my ears before I go deaf.
“Sweetheart, thanks so much for calling me back. I’m so happy. I’ve been waiting for this call since the day you arrived but now that you called, I’m convinced it was worth the wait. So tell me, how are you?”
“I’m doing great,” I answered simply. I’m actually feeling great and good after that wild and mind-blowing sex I had with Novan.
“Okay, you must be wondering why I gave my number to you and I will tell you why but first you got to know that I mean no harm..”
“Ok.” I didn’t think he’d be a bad person.
“And I committed a lot of mistakes, plenty of wrongs which I’m willing to right my wrongs if possible. Your boyfriend Donovan slash Everett..”
My heart flipped.
“Yes? What about him?”
“Well, I don’t know how you’ll take this but he’s..”
“Mariana the food is ready. Bring your ass out!”
I looked behind but he wasn’t close to me.
“Is he the one? Are you two like living together?”
“Yeah, he’s the one but we are not really leaving together. Why are you so interested?”
“Where are you?!” Novan shouted and I can hear his footsteps coming closer.
“I just want him to be happy. I mean, he’s been through a lot and I’m the one responsible.” Tricia’s voice shakes. I furrowed my brows in confusion.
“Hey girlie, don’t you know you have to take your medicine?” Novan was almost in the living room.
“Medicine? Wait. You’re not alright?” There’s panic in her voice.
“No. It’s nothing. I’m absolutely fine.” How can I tell her that my boyfriend and I had sex without the rubber and he went to purchase medicine?
“Here you are and…who the fuck are you talking to? Don’t tell me you already started receiving business calls Riana.”
“Look, you’ll have to call me back, please. He won’t be happy if he knows that I’m the one on the line. Thanks for calling. I will expect the next.” She hung up when my curiosity was almost at its peak.
I put the phone down and turned to him, throwing the card under it. “It was Betsy”
He cocked his head, his hands stuck in his front pockets.
“Are you sure you’re not lying to me?”
“ why would I ?” I walked past him before he read my expression and know that I’m lying. I hate how open I am to this boy.
He walked behind me, whistling a tune. Knowing fully well that he’s staring at my back, I stopped for him to catch up with me then we walked together to the dining room side by side.
“You’re lying to me Mariana.” He said out of nowhere after I’ve taken a bite of the chicken.
“So you think I’m cheating?” I asked, chewing gently to savor every taste of this meat. It’s so tasty.
“No..not that but..”
“Why would I lie to you then?”
“That’s what I don’t know. Were you talking to my dad?” His eyes pry into mine.
I looked away. “No. I didn’t take his number. Will you stop this Alec?”
“I will find out” he piled food on his plate and began to eat.
Sometimes I wonder which of us needed to study journalism.
We ate in silence for the next five minutes and while I was focused on my food, he kept looking at me from time to time.
“I got a pill for you.” He let out.
“What for?”
“It will prevent pregnancy from occurring. In the meantime, you got to be on normal pills.”
“How do you know so much…?” I bit my tongue at the stupid question.
“Don’t you attend sex education classes?” His eyes rolled and he drank water.
I pushed my plate aside and took the glass from him. He looked at me as if to say, ‘ what about the one beside you.’
He refilled the glass and gave it to me. He then brought a white envelope out and got two tiny pills out.
“Doctor Novan.” I chuckled and moved back.
He smiled and pushed it to my front. “Take it or you end up with a big stomach.”
“Make me. Or you turn out a young daddy.”
He laughed. “How do you take your medicines? Water first or pill first?”
“Pill first. Drop it in my throat.” I opened my mouth wide. He dropped it inside and helped me wash it down with the water.
“Will it work?” I’m a bit doubtful. How can those tiny pills work?
“You’re freaking out. Let’s be positive okay?”
“Someone is afraid to be a father.” I teased and got up then began to make my way out. I don’t want to do the dishes and I have a feeling Novan will try to make me.
He followed me and pulled me back. “Come back and do the dishes. You can’t just eat and get up?”
“Are you like my mother?” I groaned. If there’s anything I hate to do, then it’s washing of utensils. God. I need to employ people soon if I’m gonna be staying here or get a damn dishwasher.
“I will just pack them and do it later,” I told him and walked back to the table. Can he not help me? Well, he won’t because he equally hates to do dishes and he’s the one who cooked too. For once we had something in common but unfortunately, it has to be this.
“It’s not good to leave dishes overnight Riana.”
“Stop this Donovan. I really don’t want to do this and you’re not giving me any choices. You can be a good boyfriend and help me.”
“I didn’t say I won’t help.” He began to pack the plates with me.
I looked at him in surprise. “Are you doing this because you have to help your pregnant girlfriend?”
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
I looked at him in surprise. “Are you doing this because you have to help your pregnant girlfriend?”
“You will also stop saying that else I won’t help again.”
“Okay.” I chirped.
We walked into the kitchen and it wasn’t messy like I imagined it.
“You need to get a dishwasher. I mean we can’t keep doing this?” He said after we were done.
“You’re right.” I agreed and we walked out of the kitchen. Getting to the bedroom, I made the bed while he sat and went through his phone.
“When will your classes begin?” I asked while arranging the pillows.
“Tuesday but I will start it next week. I have things to attend to.”
“You’re going to stay on campus?”
I’m still rethinking my decision to not obey my parents. I haven’t done this to them before and I think this is going to hurt them. But then, it was wrong of them to try to make me do their wishes. I miss my mum a lot even though I don’t give myself a chance to think about it or accept it, I know I do. I miss spending time with my family. I miss all of it. How did things turn out this way and so quickly? I found myself running away from the people who at a time, I couldn’t live without. I know if it was two months ago, I would’ve accepted their decision and not question their intentions behind it. I wouldn’t have refused because taking over the family business is my duty as the first child but then.. things changed. I got a boyfriend and the decision they made is threatening our relationship. I wouldn’t watch and do nothing?
If Novan stays on campus and I won’t be going to school again, then how are we going to see? I also wanted to find him a therapist and get him registered. Again, I wanted to be taking him just so he won’t feel alone and to reduce the awkwardness. How will I do all that if I have to start working? I even have the orphanage I’m managing plus my school work then office work? I’m going to die. This is not fair. Mum shouldn’t have done this to me. I’m still responsible with Novan around. What will make her think that I’m not serious?
“Earth to Riana.” Novan’s fingers snapped before me, taking me away from my thoughts.
“What are you thinking?”
“How I’m gonna manage everything.” I looked at him with a smile. “Will you stay the night?”
“Yes, but I will leave tomorrow. Nervisa misses us.”
“My brother misses me too.”
“We can invite him over if we go to my house and of course if you don’t mind”
“That won’t be bad and I don’t mind at all” I’m pleased with his suggestion.
He put his phone back and rubbed his forehead. He got his jeans and shirt off and walked to the bed.
“Are you just going to sleep?”
“Yeah, I want to wake up early tomorrow. Any problem?”
“Not at all.” I took the jumpsuit off and replaced it with my nightwear. I was thinking we could watch a movie or something.
“Do you perhaps have any movie in mind for us to watch?”
My mouth opened and closed for a moment before I went to lay beside him.
“I just wanted to sleep in your arms.”
“You don’t even have to say it…I want you there.”
“God Novan, is this your new way to make sure I don’t get pregnant?”
“Will you stop taunting me? I didn’t force you to come with me.” He said and ran past me.
He woke me up this morning saying he’s going for a morning run. I followed him only because I thought it was easy but it turned out to be bad. After five minutes of running, I started complaining.
Right now he was far ahead. I’m tired, I can’t catch up. I sat down and drank my bottled water then wiped my sweats off. I won’t kill myself.
I waited until he went and came back.
“Will you come along or I should go bring a car to pick you?”
I raised my hand for him to grab and pull me up. “I’m coming. I rested enough.”
“I thought as much ” he pulled me up and we ran back together. I will remember not to do this with him again.
When we got back to the penthouse we ate and I packed a few of my things. I still don’t know when I will go home.
I got my phone and didn’t forget to take Tricia’s complimentary card. I left my teddy bear and the bag we brought from France which I still haven’t unpacked.
After two hours we arrived at his house and Marion was already there playing with Nervisa. Yeah, I called him to come and gave him the address.
They run to us, me to be precise.
“Sis.” Marion held my hand and walked me out of the house.
“What is it, Marion?” We were at the back of the house. I bent to his height and ruffled his hair.
His Emerald eyes which were just like my mums were misty and he blinked them at me. Next, he threw his body on me.
“I’ve missed you so much, everybody misses you and you won’t come home. What did mum do? Or is it dad?”
“I missed you too Marion.”
“Then why won’t you come home? You don’t even talk to me. Don’t you like that everything has been transferred to you? If that is the case then do it for me. I will take over once I’m of age. Just don’t stay away from us. I only got to see you not too long ago. I want to spend as much time as I can with you, with my sister.” He wailed and his tears fell on me.
I’m moved and I feel guilt and regret.
“I’m sorry Marion.” He thinks I’m upset because of the transfer but that’s not the case. I didn’t want my course to be changed and now I have to stay at home till the semester is over before I could go.
“Do you accept? You’ll come home?”
“Yes, I will.”
“Thank you very much.” He kissed my cheeks and wiped his face with the back of his hand.
“You’re welcome. Now let’s get in.” We turned and saw Novan and Nervisa, standing with their legs put over the other. A popcorn in Nervisa’s hand and Novan keeps taking it into his mouth with a smiley face.
“What? We were having fun. Can’t believe this movie is over. Come on Nervy, let’s get back inside.” The duo walked away and Marion raised his head up at me.
Novan can be childish sometimes.
I drove Nervisa and Marion to the park where we had a lot of fun. Novan should’ve come but he said he’s busy with something. We spent a lot of time at the park till it was almost late in the evening. Marion called the driver and he was picked. He didn’t ask me to come to the function and that’s great.
Nervisa and I returned and she tirelessly left off to her room while I took the stairs to Novan’s room.
He was busy with his laptop when I got him and not wanting to disrupt him, I made it into the washroom after picking his shirt and my sweatpant along.
“Back already?” He asked when I came out.
“Yep? Miss me?”
“A lot.” He closed his laptop and walked to me.
“Did you guys eat something?” He put his arms around me and pulled me to himself.
“Yeah, we passed by a restaurant on our way home.”
“Okay. I want to kiss you.” He said and lifted my chin up then kissed me. After a while, we pulled back and stared into each other’s eyes for a moment. I got lost in his eyes and couldn’t find myself anymore. Silence passed between us and all of a sudden we burst into laughter. He also got lost I guess.
I moved to bed and he joined me.
“So what is this work about? What will you be doing?”
“You know my mum is a jeweler and that business was established for me and that makes me the CEO and she the manager. She’s been managing it for a long time now and she said she can’t do it anymore. And my dad is a businessman and that’s where I will be working. Actually, I will just be at the headquarters and his managers from the many branches will send me data and any information from the companies and the decisions they make. If after going through the data given and the decision will be beneficial for the company, I allow it. Other than that, I have to give my own decisions as to what I think best.”
“Okay means you won’t be doing anything extra and tedious.”
I laughed. “That’s not it, Novan, before that, I have to sit and study the trends of all the companies my dad owns. The mistakes they made and losses, all of it. It is about having enough knowledge about all the companies from scratch in order to be able to make good and practical decisions. That’s not easy Mr. Anderson”
“I’m glad you won’t be managing personally. It’s tedious when you have to ask all the workers if they’ve eaten or not.”
“What are you saying.” Chuckles flew from my mouth.
“Isn’t it what it is about? Managing a company including the people working?”
“Ye..yea? But you didn’t have to put it that way. It’s hilarious.”
“Yes madam.” He said and raised his finger up when his phone began to ring. “I will just pick this call,” he said and stepped out.
“Hello, Paula madam?” I chuckled into the call sensing why she must be calling.
“Please Donovan, don’t be an asshole to me today. I don’t have that energy.”
“That asshole is your daughter’s sweetheart Paula madam.”
“Okay fine. Whatever. Where’s Mariana in the first place?”
“I don’t know.”
“Please, don’t do this. Not now.”
“What do you want from me this time Mrs. Dominguez?”
“Convince Mariana to come home right now, please. Everything is set and everybody is waiting for her. It’s going to be bad if she doesn’t show up.”
“She doesn’t have to show up. Don’t worry us.”
“Seriously?” She’s surprised.
“Yes.” She’s trying to separate us, to ruin me and she wants me to give her a hand. How can I help her to ruin myself?
“Is that your final decision?”
“Yes, Paula madam.”
“Listen, this is about her future and if you ever loved her at all, then you’d tell her to come. Imagine the kind of headline that will come out if she doesn’t show up for her own function…”
“Wait wait..Stop playing the emotional card on me, will you?. Mariana won’t come and that’s final. She’s not coming.”
“I’ve never asked anything from you before, could you not do this for me? Please?.” She spoke in a calm tone.
“I didn’t tell you to impose your decisions on her first place. Take care of your shits. Call her if you must but don’t expect me to. Goodnight. Have fun and don’t drink much.” I dropped the call and put the phone into my pocket. It began to ring but knowing who it could be, I ignored it.
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
|•Ana Paula•|
“What did he say? Is Mariana coming?”
I turned to Pablo and shook my head. “He refused.”
“Okay, call him back. I will talk to him myself.”
I nodded and dialed his number again. It rang and ended. “He’s not picking.”
“That boy.” He muttered and sat down on the edge of the bed.
“You should have given her phone back when she came. Why didn’t you?”
“You saw how she left the house, Pablo. We barely finished talking before she ran off.”
“Mariana is becoming something else. So what do we do? Everyone is waiting downstairs for the introduction to be made. Everyone is so ready to see the new MD we appointed since we haven’t made it public yet and now..god.”
I looked at him and shook my head.
“Everything is blowing up in our face and it’s all because of you.” He accused and got up. His perfectly gelled hair is ruined from constantly running his hands in them. Not like I blame him. This party should end after two hours but we’ve already spent three hours and nothing has started. We’ve done everything to keep the guest occupied and now we’ve run out. Everyone is anticipating the real deal.
“We did this for a reason, Pablo.”
“Yes but I’m..”
“We faced a lot of horrible things, Pablo. If Mariana and Donovan are truly in love, they’ll pull through. We can be rest assured with a peace of mind if Mariana is able to manage everything and with her boyfriend at hand. You know when the love is strong nothing can pull you apart. It will be fruitless if we try. If this is just a fling or infatuation you’ll see, they’ll split after a couple of weeks. I just want my daughter to be happy, Pablo. You know I can’t wish bad for her.”
“I know. Thanks for reminding me. I almost backed out.”
“It’s okay and Pablo, you know Mariana won’t be doing anything major.”
“Yes, we won’t stress her at all. I will do most of the work before it gets to her. We’re just creating a little distance and limited time for them right?”
“Correct.” I high-five my partner in crime who’s also my better half.
I know for a fact that, if they really love each other, Mariana leaving college and starting work won’t affect their relationship. Yes, they won’t have enough time for themselves but that should work in bringing them closer. It should strengthen their bond and not break them apart. If by next semester and they’re still together, I will be convinced that they’re love is real and Donovan will not break my daughter’s heart. I will forget about Jude and support them all the way.
“We shouldn’t keep everyone waiting, starshine. Let’s go tell them who we’re appointing. Everyone knows my daughter.”
I smiled at the old pet name. He used to call me that when we started dating but after our marriage, it vanished.
“It’s been a while you called me that Pablo.”
“What? Starshine?”
“Yeah.” He put his arm around me and we walked out. He looked down at me and smiled. His eyes still hold so much love for me after all these years.
“Ladies and gentlemen.” Pablo went for the mic and cleared his throat. Everyone focused their attention on him and the paparazzi were doing everything to take every picture and the journalists pulled their small notes and pens out to put everything down.
“I’m sorry we kept you waiting but the wait is finally over. Without wasting much of your precious time, I declare my daughter Mariana Dominguez to the world as the new MD of the Dominguez empire in front of everyone today as her father and the CEO as well as founder… Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome my princess.” Pablo’s wide smile and happy filled eyes were pointing towards the entrance. I turned along with everyone in the room and there was my only gorgeous daughter. She was dressed beautifully in a gown and with a huge smile plastered on her face, she wave and walked elegantly to meet her father at the podium. Applauds erupted everywhere as people muttered congratulations to her. She’s looking different. I noticed it the last time but it wasn’t clear but I can see it now. She doesn’t look like my naΓ―ve Mariana anymore and her aura is just amazing.
I dubbed the corners of my eyes. I’m so proud of this daughter of mine and I love her a lot. I knew she wouldn’t disappoint us.
I joined them on stage and after she hugged her father, I hugged her.
“Don’t be too excited. I didn’t do this for anyone of you, mum. Thank that asshole of a boyfriend of mine for making me come.” She whispered and pulled away.
So the chef actually reconsidered.
“Thanks, Dad.” She took the mic and I walked back down the podium and watched her from where I stood.
“Before I say anything, I want to thank everyone for coming to witness my dream and my parent’s dream come to pass. Yeah, it’s always been my ultimate dream to join the empire and my parents have always dreamed of this day. Don’t worry Dad, I didn’t try to shatter it.” She winked at Pablo and everyone laughed. I know she means more and I’m so happy.
“It’s a great honor for me to be officially appointed as the new MD of the empire and I’m looking forward to making the best out of this and carrying this legacy forward. To do that, I will need everyone’s support. And to my dad again, you’re not making a mistake and I will never let you down. For you to have such great faith in me to bestow this important position to me means so much and I’m not going to take it for granted. Expect my best. I love you. I won’t say much. I thank you all and I honestly can’t wait to see you all at work and start working with you to take this empire to the next level..” From the reaction from everyone, I’m sure they’re pleased.
Questions were being thrown at her by the journalist and she did her best to answer most of them. I love this daughter of mine.
“Good to see you shedding tears of joy.”
I looked up at Dave Anosova with a smile. “Yeah, I’m glad you made it. Where’s Leona?”
“She couldn’t come, you know she’s studying.”
“Yeah yeah. Bring her along some other time.”
“I will and I hope to see your lovely family at our wedding.”
“Oh really? When?”
“That’s like next two years. It’s far but I can’t wait for it to happen. I’m so excited about it.” He grinned.
“I understand.”
“Yea. Right now, I just can’t wait to start working with your daughter. I can already imagine her behind the huge desk or facing the board. She’s good and I know she’ll go far.”
“I was never wrong about her,” I replied proudly.
The rest of the ceremony carried on and she met a lot of our business partners and all his father’s workers from all over the world.
Seeing my dad’s smile ginger me and it was all it took for me to walk up the stage. I’m most glad that I made it on time. Novan has to rush me. I can’t believe he made me come after all his fears. He even got me this gown. That boy is something. Not forgetting that we had sex before he dropped me off. You know Novan. He wouldn’t let me go easily and freely without that.
He said he wants him to be all I think of while I’m away. We kissed from time to time and I kept reapplying my lipstick. Not until I got here, we didn’t stop kissing. I’m thinking he gave me the natural glow already with how mum was staring suspiciously at me.
After everything and I think I’ve done enough greetings and talking, I went to my room. I changed into my nightie and called Novan. He picked up immediately.
“You’re awake?” I asked.
“Yes, was waiting for your call plus I watched you too. Congratulations on that enviable title.”
“Yeah right?” I know he’s not happy but I don’t know what compelled him to talk me out into coming.
“I’m serious.” He said gently.
“Do you want me to come?” I asked.
“Yeah, I’d love to but it’s late. You should stay the night. I will see you tomorrow.”
“Are you sure?”
“I am.”
“Okay, I love you.”
“I do more, excess.”
He never says I love you too. He always says it this way to make me know that he loves me more than I do.
“Why don’t you ever say ‘I love you too’ Novan?”
“Because I love you more than you can ever imagine. It’s not the same. It’s greater than the one you have for me and it scares me as it’s always growing each passing second. I don’t know what I will do or become of me if I should lose you. I don’t know Mariana.”
I stumbled back and took a seat at the edge of the bed. Not only did his words knock the air right out of my lungs but they also weakened my knees. I’m left speechless as his words work on me, soaking me. I fear I will be responsible for his death if I should ever stop loving him. Novan got me really hard on this.
“It’s okay. Goodnight.” He hung up and I let myself fall back on my bed. I miss him already.
After an hour, the hall had calmed as most people had already left, I walked down the stairs.
Great, there was no mike, Edward or the others. I’m grateful. I just want to sleep beside my brother.
I saw Nicholas in the kitchen so I walked to him. I’m glad I saw them all and talked to them.
“Ari. I came to get some coffee. Want some?”
I nodded and he made a cup for me. “Thanks.”
“Yeah. I’m sorry about what has been going on these past few days. I couldn’t do anything.”
“It’s okay. I owe you for rescuing me from my confinement. I would’ve died if I wasn’t able to go to France and I would’ve never forgiven anyone especially my mum. You guys wouldn’t even see me again.” I told him as a matter of fact.
“Do you forgive us now?”
“You’re not among.” I smiled. “My grannies are not part of this at all but my parents are especially mum. She’s been on my neck lately and I don’t like it.”
“She’s just scared of losing you.”
“That’s bullshit. She already lost me the day she locked me up and tried to tell me what to do with my own life.” I almost yelled.
“Breathe Mariana. I know what your mum did was bad but I’m sure she only wanted the best for you. I’m not taking her side.”
I gulped my coffee and dropped the cup. “I’m just going to sleep.”
I turned and saw my mum by the door with a sad face. I brushed past her and she followed me.
“What is it, mum?”
“I’m sorry honey.”
“I don’t have time for this. Bye.” I hurried away, she followed and grabbed my wrist.
“This is too much Mariana, I want you back. I’ve missed you. Tell me, don’t you?” She cupped my face and I looked away.
“You hurt me, mum. I died. I have to go through a lot because of you. I can’t forgive you and I don’t miss you. I don’t even love you anymore.” I blinked back my tears and ran off to Marion’s room.
He just came back from the bathroom naked and when he saw me he shouted. “Oh, sister!”
His steps retreated to the bathroom and I chuckled.
He came back again with a towel around him and I sat on his bed.
“I didn’t know you were coming. You almost saw my properties.” He said and got pajamas from his closet.
“No, I didn’t.” I lied.
“That’s good.” He walked back inside and came back fully clothed.
“How was your trip to Miami? Did you have fun?”
“We were having fun until it had to be cut short. Mum called Dad and told him about your disappearance so we couldn’t stay longer.”
“I’m sorry about that.”
“It’s okay… I’m glad you came. Mum and dad got worried. They thought they wouldn’t come.” He sat beside me, his head on my shoulder.
“I have to.” I kissed his forehead.
“Somebody made you right?”
“Yeah. He made me.” My hands reached to him and I hugged him close.
“You love him so much huh?”
“I can see that.”
“When will you get back to school?”
“Monday but I want to follow you to the office. I want to see you on your first day at work.”
I smiled. I still haven’t thought of that yet. I will have to tell Novan.
“Marion, can I have your phone?” This is the only time I can talk to Tricia freely.
“Sure” he went for it and gave it to me.
I smiled and typed the foreign number before dialing it. I hope I won’t be disturbing her.
After calling thrice and no one picked, I gave up and dropped the phone on the nightstand.
Marion and I got into bed and cuddled up. Just as I was drifting off, Marion’s phone began to ring. He has already slept so I was careful in untangling our bodies so as not to wake him.
I took the phone and walked to the washroom when I saw the number.
“Hello, Mariana speaking. This is my brother’s phone.”
“Oh ok, thanks for calling me again dear. And I’m sorry for not picking up on time.”
“It’s okay. So tell me why you seem to know me because I don’t.”
“I’ve known you since you were just a girl. That was in California. You were the girl my son was so fond of. At such an early age, you were able to make him so happy. You were the reason why he wakes up to dress for school. How couldn’t I know you?”
“Who’s..your son?” I asked even though I knew, at this point. I just want to hear it from her.
“Your boyfriend, Everett.”
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
It’s late. So late and I’m trying to be as quiet as I could so not to wake anyone up. I parked the car and got down, tiptoeing all the way to the door. I closed my eyes and cursed when the main door squeaked while opening it. Thank God it wasn’t locked. Getting inside, I made it up the stairs to his room and turned the knob. Head first, I peeked inside.
Sitting on the bed with a laptop on the lap, a pen between teeth and a notebook beside the laptop is Novan.
The hell is he doing at this time? It’s 3 am.
The white light from the laptop illuminates his serious concentrated face. He looks more handsome that way.
He dropped the pen from in between his teeth and jot something in the notebook and continued. I can only think of one thing. His browsing new recipes or trying to make one.
It never crossed my mind that Novan will be up at midnight to study. I got a hint of that when we were at the cabin but I never thought my eyes would be this fortunate enough to see it. It’s a good thing he’s serious about his life and I admire him more for that.
His gaze averted to me slowly when I opened the door and entered.
“Fuck! The hell are you doing here?” He got up in a rush, almost knocking his laptop over.
“Are you coming to steal from me?”
I chuckled at his terrible joke and walked to the bed.
“Don’t.” I stopped him as he attempted to close the laptop and pack the things.
“I didn’t come to disturb you so you can go ahead and continue what you were doing. I’m just gonna plop on your bed.” I got my shoes off and got on the empty side of the bed.
“Is this how crazy much you missed me?”
“I told you to stay and come tomorrow. Why do you have to come all the way at this crazy hour?”
“Feel like doing it?” He arched his brow at me. “You always do things you feel like doing anything and you don’t even think about it.”
“You know you shouldn’t be talking much about this right?”
“Then what must I do? You broke into my house and into my room at midnight and I ask if you came to steal which you clearly denied. Maybe you came to rape me of course.”
“Good way to remind me not to give you any surprise visit. It’s clear you’re not pleased with my presence here.”
He didn’t say any other thing but packed his laptop and I didn’t stop him again.
“What’s up with the studying?” I asked when he came to bed.
“I got a job offer to run a restaurant at Quay. I haven’t agreed yet but thought I could put some things together.”
” Oh my God!” I moved over to him. If I could be honest, I’m really surprised that he answered. I wasn’t expecting it actually. I would like to think that Novan and I are getting better.
“It’s in Sydney. So far away and I’m happy at working at McDonald’s.”
“McDonald’s? What do you do there anyway? Don’t you think it’s limiting your abilities?”
“Who cares? I get good pay after working for a few hours. And that’s not the only place I work at. I cook real meals at other restaurants around but I’m more into McDonald’s since I don’t have to do much.”
“Being a chef at a whole Quay is a great opportunity, Novan. Think about it.”
“Are you for real? I’m still schooling and tomorrow my girlfriend will get stuck in some damn office or so and that’s if I allow it and then I will travel to Sydney for work? It doesn’t make any fuckin sense.”
“Okay…I get it.”
“No, you don’t. You just want to get rid of me. You don’t want me around don’t you?”
“What are you saying?”
“Why will you tell me to take the job offer then knowing that it’s far from here and I have to take a damn plane?”
“We can move to live there and you can take a transfer to Sydney college.”
“We?” He’s surprised.
I nodded and put my head over his shoulders.
“I love it here. Maybe later in the future. I actually have quite a number of job offers.” I feel him smile, probably proud of himself but quickly masked it with a frown and scowl at me. I knew I shouldn’t go further but I can’t help it.
“That’s great but have you thought of getting your own restaurant and managing it?”
He stared at me for a minute before answering. Another signal.
“Yeah I have but until I’m done with college.”
“Why wait till then? You can start something now. By the time you get out of college, you would’ve achieved to a certain point.” I know it wouldn’t be easy but he could try.
“You know, your father really didn’t make any mistakes in appointing you. There’s no doubt you can manage the business.” He praised with a hint of sarcasm. I know I should pull at a stop here but I want to know and ask more.
“So what do you say?” I looked up at him with a smile.
“You just initiated an idea, Mariana. Let me think about it. I don’t know what we just turned into now. Some couples who wake up at dawn to make future plans?” He smirked and kissed my forehead.
“What I’m trying to say is that we’ve talked much about this topic already for now and you know how I detest your exceptional intrusiveness. I’m starting to get irked at how far you’re going.”
“You don’t want me interfering in your career is that what you’re saying?” I know but I hate that he’s admitting it somehow.
“Not..yeah fuck! Yes. You’re going too deep into it as if it’s your goddamn business. It’s my fault really. If I should’ve cut you off when you asked me the first question, it wouldn’t have gone this far. I didn’t want to hurt you but you just kept going and going. I’m trying to be good so learn how not to ask everything at a go. I hate that you’re being too interested in my job. I hate it and it’s irritating as fuck!” He jerked me off his shoulders and got up.
“You never stopped being a jerk!”
“Neither did you stop being a fuckin nosy Parker.” He fired and moved to his closet.
“Yeah. I will be starting work tomorrow.” I taunted.
“I didn’t authorize it.”
“You don’t have to. I go by my own terms.”
“Going to the function was not by your own terms, girlie.” He pointed out.
“Girlie?” He said that at the penthouse too. I was just too busy to say anything.
“You won’t go to any work!” He said instead.
“You don’t tell me the fuck to do!”
He turned to me with a smile. “I see you got a new vocabulary.”
“Perks of dating a cuss addict.”
“Good. Good. You’re doing as I say anyway.”
“Oh yes!”
“No.” I already gave everyone my word. I can’t disappoint my dad.
“Try it and I will be done with you!”
My cheeks paled and my eyes go wide in surprise.
“You’re not threatening me.”
“You could consider it like that. I only made you go because I care about you and..well..your family. Everybody was waiting. I didn’t allow you to go because I want you to work. It was just to save your family’s face but I think I did a mistake. Your going there changed your mind and now you want to work. You didn’t want to before then.”
“If you could give me any reasons other than your jealousy then I won’t go.”
“I’m not jealous.” He lied. I saw him wear sweat pants and shirt then wore his sneakers. Is he going somewhere?
“Yeah, you’re not. I came this early to spend the entire day with you because I will be gone the whole day tomorrow but you’re just being an asshole for no reason.” Just when you think he’s changing, he goes back to his ways. The ever inconsistent Donovan.
“I swear I will do anything to sabotage your work if you dare go! You can take my word on that!”
“Thanks for letting me know. I would know who to arrest if anything goes wrong with my father’s business or my plans.”
“You’re fucking kidding me!” He laughed.
His threat was serious through his voice. I hope that’s not the case because I don’t mean my words. I can’t bear seeing Novan behind bars. The thought alone sends cold shivers to run violently down my spine. He’d never do anything, will he? He didn’t mean his words right?”
“I won’t be if you tried.”
“Okay okay! I don’t know where this is getting. I’m going out!”
“Where? Can I come?”
“The last time if you were not nagging annoyingly. I can’t let you come.”
“You’re going for a run?”
“Yeah, will pass the gym afterward.”
I will like to see him workout so yeah, I’m going.
It’s 5 am and the weather was awfully chilled that, the dry grasses Novan and I walked on didn’t make their usual crunchy noises. My hands were buried in my hoodie pocket as we walked.
“You’ll wait for me on that bench while I make a turn.” He said. We were still in his neighborhood but the garden part where there is a lot of woods and flowers then lawns.
I sat down and while I wait for him, I got my phone out and placed a call to Mrs. Parker, the woman managing my orphanage.
We had a lengthy chat and she gave me updates on everything single thing going on over there. My parents have been good because apart from the support we’re getting all over, they kept donating fat sums to support my foundation which is fast getting recognition in Australia and nearby countries.
After thirty minutes, I saw Novan’s faint figure making it towards me in the early morning fog.
I could take a run with him but no. I’m not athletic enough.
I threw him a bottle of water and he made a good catch with a smile. A smile that instantly got my mind flying back to the new revelation I got about him. After the call with Tricia, I couldn’t go back to sleep. I was talking to his mother all along. The same woman I’ve been yearning to meet which I already did and I know so well that I can’t tell him about it..not now else there is going to be a tornado. I appreciate how we’ve been carefully treading lately with each other especially in our conversations. I went a bit overboard today and it almost brewed a fight. I’m not willing to bring on another. I’m most glad we both don’t want to ruin the tranquility reigning between us. It’s weird actually. Since Friday night we’ve not had any major fight. We’ve been unusually cool and I hope it stays that way.
“Where’s your mind?” He nudges me with his foot then took my wrist, pulling me up.
“Have you realized?” I stretched and we began to walk.
“How serene our relationship have been? We’ve been doing fine lately. It’s barely two days but it’s good.” Our hands were laced and I made it a point to swing it back and forth.
“It’s all because of me. I’m not really that bad.”
“How’s this because of you?”
“Because I’m not the Hardin you think that I am”
“It means you just accepted that you’re the cause of all our problems.. wait… Hardin?” My eyes zoomed on him.
“Yeah, Hardin. You think am just like him. As bad as him.”
I never thought of that but now that he mentioned it, I began to think about it. There’s actually a person named Hardin in fanfiction and after is the title. How did he know?
“No, you’re not the same. Never. But why do you think you’re not like him?”
“Because I can’t recall him three days without having a fight with his girlfriend. I’m not that bad really. Guys like him give me hope.”
“Interesting. As I said, you’re not the same ”
” You didn’t have sex with numerous bitches and had it videoed. You don’t get nightmares from your past. You don’t lack respect for women. The list keeps going and going. Without being biased, I say both of you have your own versions of horrible. There are some things Hardin will not do that you can and some you can’t but he can. And yeah, there a few similarities like the hot temper, arrogant nature plus the level of your jealousy. I just pray you won’t land in jail for it!” Novan is really not the same as him and never for once did I compare my love life to that amazing fictional theory. Those two have their own level of madness and I’m glad Novan could say that he gives him hope that he’s not really that bad. He is a way and somehow.
“I will gladly beat anyone who gets to touch you as I do to death if I have to and I don’t mind getting jailed.”
“Is that all you’re good at?”
“I can fuck you too, I’m good at it.” He states bluntly.
“You know what, there is no difference actually. You’re all crude and nasty!”
“I didn’t fuck you for money and later used it to give your car a new look?”
I bit the inside of my cheeks so as not to laugh. The fuck! What was wrong with him? Hardin is a bundle of mess.
“Yeah? You’re hot-tempered and rude. So rude!”
“And you’re annoying. Lately, I noticed you’re becoming rude too. Tessa was not like that?”
“I’m not her and you’re not him.”
“Yeah, Tessa was not rich and she didn’t have many good people in her life as you do and I think that was the main problem. If she had a lot of people who actually care about her, then he wouldn’t have been cruel and treat her like shit. Imagine me doing any of what he did to you?”
I’m really enjoying this new side of Novan. I never imagined that we could talk over a book.
“You’ll get locked up,” I said and he nodded.
“Jail would’ve been better. Just like Daniel, your mum is probably gonna throw me into a den of hungry lions that I know of.”
I laughed. Not only is he bookish today but he showed his religious side too.
He got a point there. There’s no way my parents will watch for a man to abuse me emotionally and not do anything. I love him or not.
“I think we’ve had enough of this figurative conversation and narrative language. How did you even know all this? Do you read?”
“Yeah, I’m also done. I’m done. I don’t know what I’ve turned into discussing a goddamn book with you. And I didn’t read, I just listened to the audio in my car and throughout my flight when I was leaving Australia for Nervisa’s surgery.”
“Oh.” That’s a long time.
“You know what?” His strong arms came around my shoulders.
“I can be Christian though and you my Anna.” He whispered.
I thought we’re done with this.
“You mean Fifty shades of grey?”
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
“We should do literature since you know so much.” I joked.
“Not a bad offer.”
On getting to the gym, he showed his pass and we got inside. Seeing the huge machines made me want to do something but I’m gonna feel weak the next day and I’m sure I can’t even make it out of bed.
After two hours of watching my amazing boyfriend work out, we walked out of the classic gym. My eyes kept darting to his sweaty inked skin and it was impossible not to look. I’m ravished by his stunning salacious body totally.
“Stop drooling.”
I blinked and shook my head. “No” I held his arm. The sweat was fast-drying on him because of the cool weather.
“You didn’t send the pictures,” I said and pulled my phone out.
“I see your mum’s senses finally communicated with her brain to give your damn phone back.”
“Don’t talk about my mum in such manner, Novan.” I rebuked.
“Sorry.” He took his lip ring between his teeth and looked ahead.
After my call with Tricia, I went back to my room only to see my phone on the nightstand and a letter. I took my phone and didn’t bother reading her note.
Novan scrolls through his phone and soon I got the pictures we took in France.
“Thanks,” I muttered.
Novan and I ate breakfast prepared by Sharon when we got home before getting back inside where I bathed and changed. I packed a few things from my penthouse so yeah, I have a few of my belongings in his wardrobe.
“When are we visiting your cabin again?” I asked when he came out of the bathroom.
“It’s not my cabin. It’s ours. Did you forget?”
“Yeah.” I forgot I signed ownership share the last time we were there. It’s our home now.
“You haven’t given me the keys though.” I pouted and he chuckled.
He opened a drawer, got a bunch of keys out, and gave me one.
“Thanks.” I smiled and put it away in my back pocket.
“You’re welcome.”
“Stop looking at me like that Aria.”
I glared harder and I felt like setting fire around her. My fork clicked noisily on the plate as I shot daggers at her.
Mum ruined my wonderful plan by informing Donovan’s dad. That’s not all, she also closed down the boutique and wanted to give everything Nicholas ever gave us back. How foolish.
I had to beg money from Mariana because of her foolish decision. She’s behaving like a teenager instead of an adult. She fuckin chose a demon over an angel. How can she trust Jude and so easily? Now he’s making her give everything away.
“I’m not a kid Aria. I long stopped dancing to your tunes. You’re still young and have your entire life ahead of you but I’m not getting younger. The last time I followed your plans I landed in a cell. I can’t anymore. Jude is equally rich and I like him more than Nicholas.”
“I don’t care. Do you really believe Jude that he cares about you? That man is two-faced..”
“Stop it. You don’t know him.”
“Yes, I do.” While impersonating Mariana, her family told me about Jude and everything since the Mariana I was impersonating has lost her memory. They thought that could revive it so I was told everything about that family from scratch. Since Jude is like an enemy to them, I dug more information about him and that was when I knew he was Novan’s father. I wanted to use that to achieve my purpose but my stupid mum ruined it for me.
“Whatever. I told you to forget about his son and please, let Mariana be. That lady never did you wrong.”
“Don’t lecture me!” I dropped the fork and got up.
I didn’t say I wanted to harm her. I’m just jealous and want everything she has. I can’t believe she’s now a manager and Donovan is almost a celebrity. I thought mum was going to help me to separate them but she backed out. Such a coward.
“So what?” I asked. I want to know what she’s up to or stand to gain…
“I want to be a better person Aria. I want to start my own work and be independent and that’s the more reason why I want to give everything Nicholas gave us back. I want Jude to see the good in me and also, I won’t be demanding in order not to create a bad impression…”
” I see, you want to impress him. You’ll regret this!” I yelled once more and ran off to my room. How could mum? She gave everything away just like that.
And why did Donovan’s so-called father do that? He was even supposed to support us after mum revealed our plan to him but he brainwashed mum to return everything we ever have of Nicholas. Why?
“So you’re going to go?” I stared sadly at her. I wish there’s something I could do to stop her. I have done everything but her mind remains unchanged.
“I have to.”
“Okay then, let’s strike a deal.”
“Yeah, move in with me while you work. I won’t stay on campus anymore.”
“You can’t be serious” Her chocolate brown eyes go wide on me.
“I am. Your parents can’t have it all. Please stay with me.” I begged in desperation.
“I will have to think about this okay.”
“Take the whole night. I will take the answer tomorrow.”
“Okay, that’s if..”
“No. Don’t say anything. In the meantime, I will check in at the tattoo shop. I want some new things.” I flexed my arms.
“What are you getting?” She asked and my eyes dropped on her full lips then moved below her stomach. I could take her now before she leaves. I just have to pull those trousers off as quickly as possible.
Burying myself bare inside her was the best thing I’ve ever get minus the risks. It was very irresponsible of me to spill inside her. I lost control actually.
I snapped from my perverted thoughts and looked at her.
“I’m getting your pussy on my arm.” I blurted and the face she made make me laugh.
“I can lick it anytime I want ” I added and admired how her face reddened.
“You’re gross.” She covered her face and got into the car.
I got in and intentionally drove slowly in order to spend more time with her. We got there anyway and we had to say our goodbyes.
Once I drove off after she got out, my phone began to ring and it was her mum.
I contemplated picking or not. For all you know she just wanted to give me another round of warnings to let her daughter be.
I decided not to pick but she just kept calling. What is with this woman? Has she finally fallen in love with me now? I laughed at the silly thought. She’s just like her daughter sometimes. I annoy Mariana on purpose and she reacts to it just like I wanted and I enjoy seeing her pissed. It’s so cute. That’s just how Paula is. Somehow Mariana is used to it and not like I do that again.
What does she want from me this time?
“What is it Paula madam? Tell me, I know you don’t call for anything. Is there anything else I can do?”
“Oh please.” Her voice filled the space in my car since it was on speaker.
I paused for a moment to think of what she might be calling me for. Not like we are friends or we have a business.
“You want to thank me? You can.” I said. I know she wants to but she’s feeling too big or her courage disappeared.
“What makes you think that?”
“Then won’t you thank me? That’s not fair. You’re being ungrateful.”
“Don’t think you did anything. You’re the cause of all our problems. I don’t have a relationship with my daughter anymore…”
“Wait. Stop blaming me else I’m gonna cut the call.”
“I dare you too.” She challenges.
I didn’t waste time hanging up after muttering “Fuck!”
That woman. She didn’t even thank me to show how grateful she is to my kind deed instead she’s being bitchy as always.
I looked down at my phone and it was ringing again. Same Paula madam.
“Now I’m confused, you know we can’t do this” I changed my tone once I picked up.
“Do what?”
I took in a deep breath and chewed the inside of my cheeks so as not to laugh while speaking.
“You’re in love with me don’t you?”
What!” She screamed and the line went dead. Good. She won’t call me again.
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
“Are you ready for your first day tomorrow?”
“Kind of.”
“How’s the feeling?”
“A little anxious and nervous here and there.”
Edward laughed over the phone
“You’ll be fine and you’d do good.”
“I hope so.” I got into my room and kicked my shoes off.
“How did it go?” I asked.
“Your ‘girlfriend’ hunting mission.”
I heard him laugh. I dropped the phone after putting it on speaker and walked to my closet. I’m glad to see a new set of office wears and when I went to my shoe racks too I saw a number of heels and bags I will be needing for work. Mum is truly the best. I didn’t have to ask before she provide it. Then again, it was all her plan to get me busy.
“I got one.” Ed finally said.
“What’s her name? Is she nice?”
“She’s and her name is Aria.”
I grabbed the phone that instant and raised it to my ear. “Aria?”
“Yeah. You know her right?”
“Yes, but why would you go for someone like her? You don’t even know her.”
“She seems to be nice and I like her.”
I should be happy that Aria is finally taken and I wouldn’t have to worry that she would rejuvenate with Novan but I’m not. Initially, I didn’t have a good feeling after he told me that he was getting a girlfriend and now that it was no one but Aria, I feel worse. Why should it be her? Aria doesn’t deserve Edward one tiny bit. My anger boiled when I got the idea that she must’ve used my money to dress up and impress him. I can’t believe I helped her to get Edward. Damn!
“So you have a girlfriend now?”
Say no, please.
“I guess so.”
“Alright. Let’s talk later. I need to prepare for tomorrow. Goodnight.”
“You seem a bit off. Is there anything?”
“No,” I whispered and pressed the red button. I hate how I’m feeling. It is Novan that I love. I love him alone. I don’t have to feel weird because Ed is finally dating. However, I feel bad because it has to be Aria.
I decided to call Betsy. I’ve missed her so damn much.
“Hello, Marianna. We’re at the airport now about to get on board. I will contact you once we get back.”
Once I said ” okay” she hung up.
I went on and selected a sleeveless red dress and matching white suit collar blazer for tomorrow. Novan brought me home so my car is at his house.
I called the driver and got down. I need to get a makeover and it’s been a while since I visited the salon. It’s almost evening, I should be back early.
I’m surprised when I met Grandpa at the entrance but he just brushed past me hastily without saying anything to me. That’s so unusual and I want to run after him but it means I will be really late for the salon.
“Mariana wait. I’m coming with.” Marion runs from dad’s study.
Good. I really need someone to accompany me. I always visit the saloon with Betsy. This should be the first time I’m going without her.
“Can’t wait to see you all dressed. You look chic already.” Marion commented after my hair, face, and nails have been taken care of.
I smiled and held his hands. I’m a bit nervous. I pray everything goes well and everyone likes me.
Once we got back home, I rushed to Nicholas’s room but he wasn’t there.
I saw Victoria busy baking in the kitchen as well and went to her.
“Hey, granny.”
I smiled and pecked him before taking a cookie. She bakes the best cookies.
“Where’s your son?”
She sighed before smiling. “Looks like his heart got broken. You ask of him so much. why?”
“He’s always been, my papa. I knew him before Pablo. He held my hand when I was walking for the first time and he’s the first person who drove me to school on my first day. Don’t tell me you forgot.” I smiled at the memories.
“How can I forget.”
“Do you know the woman?” I asked.
“You’ll get angry if I tell you. I warn him about it but he wouldn’t listen”
I dropped my cookie. My Grandpa is actually hurt. He doesn’t deserve it.
“Who’s she?”
“Yes, I was also surprised. I told him that woman is not the right for him. He was excited about it and he’s not a kid. He should’ve said it to everyone but you know what simonica and her daughter Aria did to us especially you.”
The hell. Why should it be Simonica? What is wrong with everyone? First, it was Edward telling me that his girlfriend is Aria and now my own Grandpa is involved with her mum.
This explains why I bumped into him one-day when I unknowingly went to Simonica’s boutique. I didn’t think there was something like this actually going on. God.
“Do you know the details?”
“He won’t say anything but I think they broke up or something and you know, he actually wanted to marry her. He even got them a house and opened a big boutique for her.” Granny explained.
“Thank God.” I exhaled in relief.
Granny looked at me and shook her head. She opened the oven and brought out more cookies. I will have to pack some for work tomorrow.
I’m really happy that they broke up and I will do everything to break them apart if I have to. Simonica and her daughter Aria can not be a part of this family.
What did I just say? I would do anything to bring them apart? Whoa. I sounded like my mum. I laughed. I understand now. You fight to get people you love and care about out of trouble or away from danger. Mum was just looking out for me and she just didn’t do it the right way. I just realized how it must be terrible for her to see me with the son of a man who almost raped and killed her. Mum suffered in the hands of Jude.
I will talk to her now.
“I will be back granny.” I ran out of the kitchen, all anger towards my mum melted away.
She wasn’t in the room when I got in and neither was dad. Where are they?
I climbed up to my room instead of going back to granny. I need to sleep now and wake up early.
Before I slept, I couldn’t help thinking about Novan’s parents. How do I convince Novan to let bygones be bygones? I’m not supporting any of his parents but how long will he keep holding on to what they did? I hung up on Tricia yesterday and I’m sure she must be assuming that I’m mad at her but that’s not the case. I didn’t know what to say and I want to avoid where she’d also have to say I should talk to Novan. If she really wants to unite with her children then she should come down to Australia and make it happen herself. Novan is not enough for Nervisa. She’s still young and I’m sure she misses her parents but unable to say it in order not to offend Novan. If there’s something I would like to tell Tricia, then I will advise that she comes down and wins her daughter’s heart first.
So I called her and she promised to come somewhere around next week. I asked of Jude’s contact but she said they don’t talk.
Not able to sleep, I grabbed my laptop and began to search for a therapist that can help Novan overcome his addiction. He’s not really addicted but from what he said, he smoked when I wasn’t around. There’s a chance he’ll go back to it anytime when I’m not around and I wouldn’t even know. I got a CBT therapist for him which he’ll take once in a week. I also found out that my phobia can be treated by the same therapist so I took the therapist contact down to call later. I hope this works for both of us. I laid back on the bed and sleep finally arrived.
Woken by my alarm at 5:30 am, I rushed to the bathroom to take a bath. By six-thirty, I was done with everything. I picked my bag and stared at my reflection once more in the mirror. It’s my first day and good impressions always count. Curling my hair made it a bit shorter earning me a mature look. I didn’t apply excess makeup but I look okay for a lady boss I must say.
Just when I turned to go, a knock sounded on the door, and mum walked in also dressed. Her lips turned up in a pleased smile as she took in my appearance. I bet she didn’t expect to see me already up and dressed.
“Good morning.” I greeted her, lifting my weight from one foot to the other.
“You’re stunning,” she said and stepped into my room. “Wow. Thank you so much, honey.”
I smiled. Her choice of clothes actually did the magic.
I stood awkwardly and didn’t know what to say to her next.
“I’m sorry.” She muttered and I looked up at her remorseful face. “I’m really sorry…I don’t want you to distance from me please.”
Tears were threatening to pull up in her eyes and I didn’t want to see it. I closed the gap separating us and hugged her. I missed this.
“I’m sorry to mum. I was rude to you. I’m sorry and I didn’t mean whatever I said to you. I really can’t do without you.”
“You didn’t do anything dear. I was at fault. I caused you pain. I’m sorry.”
“I forgive you.”
“Are you sure?” She pulled back and stared at me.
“Yeah. I forgive you.” My smile was bright. It’s good to let things go. It gives you inner peace and happiness.
She hugged me again and with that smile, I’ve been dying to see.
Dad looked between and smiled. “So it’s settled now huh?”
“Yeah, but our rivalry didn’t end. I’m going to work with you today dad.” I walked to hold his arm.
Mum crossed her hands on her chest and raised an eyebrow, a sly smile danced on her lips.
“I see, he’s my man you know right?”
“Dad has always been mine,” I muttered and hugged his torso. He was equally dressed.
“We’re back to this then. Anyway, it’s okay. I got someone too so I’m less bothered.” Her smiling lips form a pout and she tap her feet.
“What? Who?” I looked up at dad and back to her.
She laughed and walked out. From the look on dad’s face, he’s also curious to know just like I am. We both stride out of my room at the same time to follow mum.
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
“Thought you wouldn’t call. Have you thought of what I said?”
“My day couldn’t have started without talking to you.” About me moving out to his place, I haven’t thought of it. My mind got occupied.
“Yeah, so will you come after work or I should come pick you? And where exactly are you even going to work?”
“I will be at the head office, management department.”
“ still haven’t answered me doll face.”
I avoided that for a reason. I just came back together with my parents, I can’t move out immediately. What do I tell him?
“Let’s talk about this later, I got to leave. I love you.”
“Don’t hang up!”
“I have to. I need to go.”
“I swear if you..”
It’s sad to hang up on him but he won’t let me be until I tell him something. Not like he isn’t going to stop calling either.
After breakfast and realizing that I haven’t spoken to him, I decided to talk to him before we leave, and oh, mum wouldn’t tell Dad and me who she got.
My parents got into one car while Marion and I settled for the ferrari.
Novan wouldn’t stop calling until our car pulled inside the tall massive glass building which had the gold ‘D’ logo at the top representing Dominguez. My nervousness skyrocketed as I stepped out and cameras flashed at me.
My parents led the way and we followed, lined up workers who were dressed neatly and elegantly bowed as we walked.
Two hours later, I was officially shown to the board; every manager and worker at any of my dad’s companies with a high rank. While some were young, some were also old. It was nice getting to meet everyone and they all seem to be nice and Mike was my secretary. Yikes. I like him and I’m happy I get to see a familiar face.
Dad took my hand and we took the elevator to the top floor and to a door where my name was engraved next to the entrance.
“And this is your office,” Dad said and a tinted glass door glides open to reveal the biggest office I’ve ever seen.
“Wow!” I entered and feasted my eyes all around. The entire place was made with glass. I moved to the end and brushed the drapes revealing the city below.
“You don’t have to use your hand.” Dad pressed a button and instantly the curtains disappeared and all I saw was the blue clouds around. It was just like being on a rooftop and there’s even a balcony. God. This isn’t an office. Standing by the window, I saw Australia beneath me, the busy streets, and tall buildings.
I finally moved my eyes from the excellent view I’m never gonna get tired of and walked to the classic bookshelf then to my huge desk and comfortable looking chair. I just have to sit on it to confirm.
I looked at dad and he gave me the go-ahead. I sat and yeah, it was just as comfortable. I relaxed and turned all around. I checked my systems and they all worked well.
“Thanks, Dad. This is just too good.” I beamed and got up to hug him. Can I get reminded again that I’ve got the best parents? Yeah.
I sat again and dad took a seat in front of the desk after going for a folder.
“You know what to do?”
I nodded but he went over my duties again and after signing a lot of documents, he smiled and shut the folder.
“Okay Miss Dominguez, you can go home for the day after you’ve familiarized yourself with your new office. Get used to it and you can go home and start work tomorrow. I will be there if you need anything.”
He didn’t sound like my dad anymore but a CEO. I didn’t think much about it because I know that’s how it was supposed to be. This is amazing, I get to earn a million for a start and I will only come to the office thrice a week. The rest of the four days, two will be used at my mum’s jewelry company which is solely in my name. I really don’t even have to work or school. I’m not boasting but I was born with a silver spoon. I mean, my parents are super rich and my mum even worked on a company for me before I grew up. I’m fortunate. If Jude and Florencia were not against my parents to an extent that it affected me, then my life would’ve been a bed of roses from the onset. I will see what I can do with the one million. Right now I should call Novan once dad leaves.
“Wow!” Marion stepped in and he was just as surprised as I was. Mum came in too but she wasn’t as surprised.
“Do you like it?” Mum asked.
“Of course. This is all too much. Thanks so much.” I hugged her too. After talking with them close to an hour, they walked out.
I sat back in my chair and spun around with a squeal.
This office is incredible and I don’t feel confined. It doesn’t even look like I’m in an office. Everything is just so…what I love.
I logged into the computer, added in a password, and set my notifications on. Just when I picked my phone to call Novan at last, Ed’s call came through.
I swiped a finger across the screen and his handsome face came into view.
I smiled and muttered a low “Hi.”
I don’t know what it is that I’m getting so fond of Edward. It wasn’t like this before and even when we traveled to America and he had to tell me how he felt about me when we came back, I was a bit angry at him. I didn’t entertain him much again until when we went to France where we sat together. There still wasn’t anything then. I didn’t feel this way but now I like him. It all started when he had to tell me about getting a girlfriend. I felt weird and at the party, on Saturday we didn’t talk much then when Novan dropped me yesterday, I called him. I shouldn’t have and maybe Novan is right. I dread that.
“Goodness, are you in or outside?”
“I’m inside the office,” I answered and smiled faintly. I don’t like this.
“Wow, can you get up and show me around?”
“Of course.” I got up and moved to every point of the office.
“You’re so lucky. You got a modern office, the best I’ve ever seen.”
“What did you expect?” I bragged.
“Yes yes.” He laughed. “When are you leaving?”
“Uhm..can I pick you up?”
“I don’t think that will be a good idea. I’m sorry.” It’s only Novan that can pick me up apart from my driver or parents. And also, I think it’s time I start listening to Novan. He warned me about this but I kept doing it. I can’t imagine his anger if he finds out. But then, if he doesn’t find out, I will have to live with it. I feel like I’m cheating on him already.
“Send my regards to your girl Edward…”
“Wait. Nowadays, we don’t finish talking before you always hang up. Is anything the matter? You were happy when I called but now you look upset.”
“No. It’s nothing really. I just miss school.” I lied and hope he falls for it. There couldn’t be any better excuse.
“You’ll be fine. I’ll leave you to settle in then.”
“Sure.” I sit down and put my head over the desk.
“Mr. Mike Brew is coming in.”
I lifted my head up and looked around. Moments later, the doors slided and Mike walked in.
Wow. The sensor by the door is doing so much. Before someone could get to my office, it already announced it. Wow. Just wow. I’m enthralled.
“Mike.” I got up with a smile.
“Sorry if I interrupted something. I just want to say I’m already leaving since there’s no work for today.”
“You can. I was about to leave anyway.”
“Can I drop you?”
“No, I came with my car. Thanks.”
“Oh yeah. I forgot. Alright, I will see you tomorrow. ”
I waited for ten minutes after he left before leaving the office. I punched in a password to lock it before leaving. This office is exclusively mine.
Once I got into my car, I called Novan. Before I could say anything, he was already talking.
“You’ve developed quite an interesting nerve lately Riana. You did it again. You fuckin hung up so I’m doing same.”
The line went dead and I just stared at my phone. He’s pissed and I don’t blame him. I wanted to return his call but then Betsy also called that instant.
“I just arrived and I heard a lot of news that I’m finding hard to believe. I’m at home, can you come?”
Approximately 30 minutes later, the driver pulled up in front of Betsy’s house where I got out.
She met me at the door and suffocated me with her hands tightly wrapped around me.
“God, I’ve missed my friend.” She exclaimed.
“You’re squeezing me, Betsy.”
“Oh sorry.” She laughed and stepped back. We walked inside and I greeted her mum before we ran up the stairs.
“First of all, to say I’m happy is an understatement. Donovan hit it big like a jackpot and you also turned out as a managing director. Bingo. Your generation will never lack Mariana. All the same, I don’t like the terms and conditions.” She frowned after her speech and sat down.
“I also didn’t like it. I still don’t but then, I was bound to work one day, to take over. I’m only doing it earlier and it’s always said the earlier the better right? I will still go to school though.”
“Yeah, but we won’t complete the same year. How sad. I wanted to throw the cap away with you. I wanted us to take pictures at our graduation. I wanted us to do all those so I’ve decided that I will also not go this semester.”
“You’re crazy?!”
“Say whatever you want. I don’t wanna be at that campus without you.”
“You’re not making the best decision Betsy. Think about yourself, your life, and your future. Don’t let it come to a standstill because of me. Have you ever thought about your parents?”
“Are we not friends? How can I go to school without you? We all will work.”
“You’re not making sense. I will only listen to you after that.” I walked out of her room and smiled at her mum before leaving.
I called Novan but just like he said, he didn’t pick my calls. Bloody dick!
I directed my driver to his house but only to be told that he isn’t at home. Truly, he wasn’t at home because I went to his room.
Nervisa also went to school so there couldn’t be any way I will stay and wait for either of them.
I changed out of my work clothes after picking an off-shoulder dress from my few things in his closet.
I thought I could use the time to check on the orphanage so I did. Though most of the kids were off to school, I spent a lot of time than I planned. I got hooked on some two-year-old twins that it was difficult to go. They’re so cute and adorable.
I stopped by a restaurant and had tacos for lunch. I called Novan again but he didn’t pick.
I could make use of the time. I thought I could spend it with Novan and that was what he wanted but he’s mad and doesn’t want to pick.
I made use of the internet and got Jude’s number. Right at the restaurant, I called him over.
“Hope I didn’t disturb you.” I take in the man whose presence in my parent’s life wreaked havoc. The man Novan is not ready to forgive.
“Not at all. I’m actually glad that we met again.”
“Thanks for the other day. You even repaired my car. Thanks so much.”
“It’s nothing. I had pleasure doing it. You know how my boy wouldn’t take a dime from me. Doing something for you is like him taking something from me at last.”
“He said he’s gonna pay you back,” I said and he chuckled. A smile almost close to Novan’s.
“He’s always like that. Look, I’m really sorry and I want to make amends. I would like it if I could even talk to him once peacefully. We never talked. Can you?” His voice is sad.
“I..” I tried to say.
“She fuckin can’t!”
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
After she hung up on me, all I wanted to do is drive to where she is and trash her office. I fuckin hate it when she does that. Worse of it all, she ignored my calls.
If I had my way I would just lock her away in my room but she wouldn’t like it and neither will it be the wisest thing to do. If there’s something I can do to keep her to myself alone, I will gladly do it again and again in a heartbeat.
I know after everything we’ve gone through and how far we’ve come I should be assured that she isn’t gonna leave me but I can’t. And I’m helpless as to what the fuck to do.
I kept calling till I couldn’t anymore. I dropped Nervisa off at her school and drove to campus. It was when I was returning that she began to call. I picked and said what I had to before hanging up. Like the pathetic dick I am, I wanted her to call me back but she didn’t, inflaming my anger the more.
I stopped by a one-star restaurant I’ve been offered a job and entered. I just wanted to meet the manager and decline the offer. I already have a lot of job offers still counting and if I should accept any, it should be at least a three-star restaurant.
My phone rang in my pocket and when I fetched it, it was Mariana. I intend to call her later when I return. Lifting my head after putting the phone back, my eyes fell on her. I looked around first and she was alone and eating gently. She’s flawless in whatever she does and the sight of her always does something to my heart.
I wanted to walk over to her, take a seat and watch her eat but I was being waited on so I left. I didn’t waste much time with the manager just so she wouldn’t leave.
To my utter shock and annoyance, there she was having a hearty chat with the being I forbade her on seeing.
Does she listen at all?
Fuck me! I’ve been a fool. This girl has been seeing this prick behind my back for a while now but always denies it. Why can’t she just listen to me? I hope she’s not fuckin seeing Edward behind my back too. God.
I didn’t know when my nails dug into my scalp and I was storming towards them.
“He’s always like that. Look, I’m really sorry and I want to make amends. I will like it if I could even talk to him once peacefully. We never talked. Can you?” I heard the prick say.
“She fuckin can’t!” I practically yelled before she could start giving him hopes of assurance.
Her mouth fell open and she looked petrified. Pretentious lying bitch! How dare she do this to me?
Just like a thief being caught in the act, I gulped and pulled my seat back. I couldn’t look at him and when I did, I wish I didn’t. So much anger and rage.
I wanted to say something but what? He’s already seen everything.
He grabbed my wrist and pulled me up from the chair to my feet.
I winced in pain as his hands were grabbing me too hard.
“What are you doing Everett? You’re hurting her..” Jude tries to say.
“Shut the fuck up you old prick. And don’t fuckin call me by that name. I’ve been telling you.” As he said those words with so much venom, he began to drag me out.
Everyone was looking at us and I tried to stop him but he won’t listen. When we got outside, I yanked my wrist away.
“What do you think you’re doing?” I looked around and rubbed my hands on the wrist he held which had earned a red shade. The wind was also blowing, sending my hair to my face and into my mouth.
“Tell me, did I not fuckin tell you to stay off my family issues and not see my dad?! I didn’t tell you?”
“Fuckin answer me!”
“Yes you did but you don’t get to tell me what to do okay? Who I talk to, see, when, and where doesn’t concern you. You have no damn say!” I yelled back.
“Oh yes? Because you’re princess Mariana? So you get to do every shit you want? Tell me, what else has the princess been doing that I forbade her?”
I rolled my eyes and looked away. “He’s your dad Donovan. Nothing will change that fact. Nothing. What if something happens and he’s no longer there?”
“Let him not be there? His presence and absence don’t make a difference and I don’t care at all. That man can die and I won’t share a fuckin tear.!” He spat.
I searched his eyes. Did he just say that?
“Bad or not. You’ll feel his absence the day he leaves and you’d regret and wish you have been a lot nicer or given him a chance. That guilt will live with you forever Novan!” I whispered and walked past him.
“So what? Are you the one supposed to be mad at me?” His steps followed me.
I stopped and turned to face him. “I don’t like that you have no relationship with your parents. I thought I could help and maybe you could talk to him for once. Just once Donovan. It could go a long way.”
“I don’t want to.” He pouted stubbornly.
“Not for me?”
“You’ll stop being nosy. You had the guts to end a call on me then you fuckin came out here to hook up with my dad. Soon you two will gang up on me.”
“I’m sorry for ending the call abruptly by the way but I didn’t mean any harm.”
“Your problem is that you don’t listen to me and maybe it’s because you think you’re to-do than I am. Rich!” He brushed his hair off his face and stepped back. He took another step then turned around and left for his car.
I didn’t follow him. His words shocked me. I didn’t think he’d say that ever. I never wanted him to feel that way but it happened.
He drove away and I just watched. Jude came out and when he saw me, he walked to me.
“Are you okay?”
I nodded and bit my bottom lip.
“I’m sorry. This is the last time..”
“What are you trying to say?”
“I caused this. You two fought right?”
“Don’t be sorry. We’ll come around.”
“Yes but I don’t think we have to meet again if he doesn’t like it. The least I want is my presence bringing unsteadiness in his relationship.”
“Don’t feel bad. He’s just being stubborn. I will keep talking to him if he likes it or not.”
“Don’t worry. We’re like this. We can’t really do without each other. I will see if I can make him talk to you at least.”
“I will be glad”
“I will just catch up with him.”
“Yeah, thanks once more, and congratulations. I wish you luck.”
“Thanks.” I turned around to my car and entered.
I wave him as my car moved out of the lot.
I made the driver go when he dropped me at Novan’s gate.
“What are you doing here?” He said when he saw me enter from where he sat on the couch, his eyes on the screen. I didn’t expect to see him watching TV.
“Do you mean I can’t be here anymore?”
“Is that what I said? I know you didn’t come just because you wanted to.”
“You’re not thinking well of me Novan.”
“What is there to say about someone so nosy and annoying as you?”
“Nothing.” I rounded the couch and stood behind him. I attempted to put my hands around his neck from the back but he threw it away.
“Talk to your dad and I will move in with you.”
“Yes, Novan. I promise to move in once you talk to your dad.”
“And if I don’t?”
“You should kiss the opportunity of sleeping beside me everyday goodbye.”
“You drove a hard bargain, Mariana. Come here.” He motioned for me to come around.
I went in front of him and he made me sit beside him as his hands pulled me onto his lap.
“I don’t want to talk to him, Mariana. I can barely stand him.”
“You don’t want me to move in.” I raised my brows at him.
“No. I want to.. talking to him is going to be hard. I can’t remember the last time.”
“Just try.”
“For your sake.”
“You will?” My eyes lit up.
“I will.”
I raised my head and jumped on him, my legs at either side of him, straddling him. I know there’s a lot of things yet to be talked about and settled but this means a lot. Novan will be talking to his dad finally.
“I love you.” I breathed against his lips and pressed my lips to his. My hands explore his hair as his hands do the same to my back, pulling my dress up into a bunch on my waist. His cold hands brushed my ass cheeks and I gasped a low moan.
“I’ve missed you” he purred. His hand settled on my bare shoulders then he made me take my hands out of it. It was easy. His lips trailed on my neck then down to my chest slowly. His fingers brushed against me and I shudder, pressing my cunt on his bulge, heating me up. My head fell on his chest when he entered me.
“Mmm.” He didn’t stop.
“We can’t..not.. here.” His fingers continue to pleasure me.
“This is my house. I should be able to fuck you anywhere anytime any..”
“I know. Nervisa?”
“She won’t be home now and Sharon is not around.”
“What if..”
He cut me off with his lips, getting up, he made me laid on my back on the couch.
“Novan..” I held his arm. I will be embarrassed if anyone should walk in on us in this position.
He rolled his eyes and picked me up to his room.
{Loving him with all his flaws.}
As we made it up the stairs, I began to ponder over what I just said. Novan was being difficult and I had to say the only thing that could make him see his dad. That was an impulse decision I made. How can I move out when I have parents I can stay with? That’s not the only case, I’m working now and I will need my dad at any time and he still needs me at home to take some teachings. What do I do?
Novan’s lips on my skin brought me out of my thoughts and I bored my eyes into his hazels when they met mine.
His brows raised at me and I shook my head. He said nothing and rolled off me.
“Novan? Why?” I moved into him and brushed his cheeks.
“You’re going over your decision, right? You don’t really want to move in.”
“No, that’s..”
“You got lost in thoughts and I know it when you’re not sure about something. It’s fine. I don’t wanna talk to him anyway but you will move in.” He said with finality lining his voice.
He’s right in a way because I’m not prepared to move out. I got separated from my parents for ten years. Living away from them when I’m not married yet is gonna break their hearts. They’re gonna miss me and me the same. If there’s anyone who should move, then is my beloved boyfriend but of course, it’s never gonna happen.
” I didn’t change my mind. I will move in and you’d talk to your dad. Finale.”
“So smart of you.” He pulled at my cheeks. “But bear this in mind girlie, I will never take it lightly if I see you with my father or hear that you are still in touch. I kept my cool today, it doesn’t make me a fool. I don’t want you to ever get in touch. I accept to have a talk with him because I love you. If you also do, you’d listen to me. I’m begging you.” He warned and begged all at once.
“I don’t intend to see him after you see him. If your relationship doesn’t improve after this, then I have nothing else to do because this was my only hope. I will steer clear of your family matters I promise.”
“You’re not gonna give me long lectures on forgiveness again.”
“I won’t.”
“I swear I won’t forgive you if you go back on your words.”
“Don’t you trust me?” I questioned.
“I do trust you.”
“Then what?
“Just that you’re you.”
“Yeah but not gonna apologize for being me. You always say I’m nosy, that I like to interfere in your matters but it’s all because I greatly care about you. And since I love you, I must as well be interested in your life and that means everything concerning your life. I just want you to be happy more than this and if uniting with your flawed parents is also going to make that happen, then I will do anything to make it happen. That is why I keep pushing and pushing. It’s not because I don’t have any work doing or I like to get tangled in your issues for the fun of it. No. ”
“You’re always good at speeches. Have you thought of being a professor?” He run his hand through my hair.
“I only thought of being your girl.” I buried my face in his warm chest while his arms came around me.
“You’re my girl, my only girl.” He kissed my forehead and smiled there.
“I love you.” I kissed his chest and rubbed my nose tip there and inhaled his scent.
I looked up at him and smiled. He tilted my chin up and kissed me momentarily but filled with passion.
My tongue glided over the diamond tongue ring and took it in between my teeth.
“Can we fuck now?” His hands traveled into my panties.
“Can you be any more crude?”
He shook his head sideways, his full lips thinned into a smile. He looks like a child being caught at something and tries to deny it playfully. That’s cute. I fell harder.
“Tell me something first.”
“What is it?”
“Do you love babies?”
His brows furrowed and thinned before his eyes settled on my stomach and widened.
“Fuck! You’re pregnant! Goodness!” He jerked away from me.
“No. I can’t believe this? I’m not ready and we’re young. I can’t handle it!” He pulled at his hair.
He’s overreacting for no reason. But wait, I haven’t seen my period yet. It should be tomorrow.
“Stop being melodramatic Donovan. I’m not pregnant.”
“Then why did..did you ask that?”
“I just wanted to know so answer me.”
“Are you sure?”
I nodded. “Come here.” I beckoned him over. He came and placed his head on my chest.
I don’t like them, Mariana.”
“Because I spent almost my entire life looking after one. She was a handful and way annoying when she was a baby.”
“You still took care of her.”
” I had no choice. Life didn’t leave any.”
“I’m sorry about that. So you don’t like babies?”
“Yes. I said that earlier. What’s your problem?”
“Nothing. I saw beautiful twin girls today at the children’s home. I felt drawn to them and I will like to adopt them. They’re just a year old. I smiled when I remembered. I was told they were found at the gate earlier. A frustrated mother might have done that. It happens.
“Are you crazy? Why would you want to make someone’s child yours and at this stage? You can’t always be this generous.”
“I love them. We can adopt them, Novan. Just you and I and it will be our baby, our first child.” I can imagine Novan and I playing with them.
“You’re not making sense. I don’t want to become a father at this stage. I can think about it if it’s only one child.”
“Alright, but can we go this weekend to see them? They’re cute and I know you’ll love them. We can play parents for the first time.”
He chuckled. “I will think about it but no adoption. It’s too early.”
“You’re being so sweet lately, it’s blowing my mind. ” I pressed myself into him.
“I don’t wanna lose you. You’re all I have so… yeah.”
My lips brushed his torso. “I will call your dad and tell him now.”
“Not now and I won’t meet him tomorrow. Let’s make it the next day. Today is Monday so maybe Wednesday.”
“Your acceptance alone is enough. I will give you time to get prepared.”
“You’re also being extra understanding, Dolly”
“I just know that we’re doing good. I want it to stay this way.”
“Me too, forever.” He whispered and hugged me to himself tightly as if I was gonna slip away.
“Don’t hang up on me again. It drives me mad.”
“When are you moving in?”
“After you’ve spoken to your dad ”
“Is that not too far?”
“I will see you every day.”
“I will pick you up from work every day. Just give me your schedule.”
I began to tell him everything and he paid rapt attention, kissing me every minute.
“Stay the night?”
“No.” I shook my head. There is no way I can stay the night.
He pouted and got up from the bed, unsmiling.
I wanted to stay in bed with him for a while. Now that he’s left, I feel alone and I missed his warmth around me.
“Come to bed Novan.” My voice was commanding.
“You’re not staying the night?”
“You can fuck me…” I blushed and looked away.
His eyes widened. ” What did you just say?”
“Nothing.” I wore my dress and got down from the bed. Why do I have to say that?
“You want me to fuck you?” He walked over to me.
“Novan!” I covered my face as I put my feet into my shoes. Now he’ll embarrass me even the more.
He removed my hands from my face and wrapped his on my waist. “Please stay”
“I wish. Please don’t make it difficult.”
“Okay.” He stepped back and pouted
“I’m going.”
“You’re not gonna drop me?”
“Your car is here and that’s the key on the nightstand.” He pointed at it and left the room.
I grabbed the keys and got out. Before passing the kitchen, I saw Sharon busy in the kitchen.
“Hi, Sharon.”
“Hey, you’re here.”
“Yeah but I’m leaving already. See you.” I looked around for Novan but couldn’t find him anywhere. I thought he was coming downstairs. Where could he have gone?
Can’t believe his angry and pouting because I won’t stay the night.
I picked my bag from the couch, got into my car, and drove off, only stopping at a gas station to fill up.
“Where have you been?” Mum asked when we got in.
“I changed at Donovan’s place then I visited the kids. I saw two cute little things today. I think I want a little sister too.” I smiled but my mum’s face was different from mine. It was clouded with sadness and worry.
“I’m sorry if you still don’t like the idea of me hanging out with Donovan.”
“No no. That’s not it.”
“You still don’t like him do you?”
“Yes, I won’t lie about that…” She admitted.
“Okay, you don’t have to,” I replied sadly. Mum is never gonna like Novan. And dad? They all don’t like him. I nodded severally and began to make it to my room.
“Yeah, but right now that’s not it. Freshen up and come down for dinner. I cooked today.” She hollered behind me.
I went into the bathroom after getting naked and let the warm water run down on me.
I came out with a towel wrapped around me and selected what to wear. Shortly after that, my door burst open and my infamous best friend walked in.
“Where have you been?” She asked as she took her seat.
She nodded.
“I’ll be working on your internship. After dinner, I will talk to Mr. Anosova or I will let my dad contact him. How about that?”
“I don’t need an internship anymore. I want to work.”
“At the cafe or flower shop, I guess.” I rolled my eyes.
Who will employ her without asking for a degree? Only if she wants to be a waitress at a cheap bar. What is wrong with her? Just because your friend is doing this, you wanna give up on your plans.
“You didn’t end up at a cafe.” She pointed out.
“Yeah and I’m not working full-time. I’m still undergoing training and I’m resuming my online courses until I get back to school. Don’t compare us.”
“I’m not comparing. I can also work. Let your dad employ me…”
“What is your problem?!” I yelled and stormed out. I already have enough and she’s just adding to my headache instead of helping me out.
I stayed quiet throughout dinner with my folks and if any question is thrown at me, I reply with a simple yes and No. While my eyes stayed on Nicholas who was barely taking anything inside, Betsy’s eyes were shooting daggers at me.
After eating, I followed my grandpa when he got up to his room.
“Do you need anything?” He asked with a sad smile.
“No. What happened? You don’t look happy.” I sat on his bed.
“I’m fine. What makes you think?” He sat himself down with a sigh.
“Don’t lie to me. Not me.”
“Yeah yeah. We broke up before I could introduce her to you.”
He raised his brows. “Mum told you.”
“Yes ”
“Don’t judge me. I know I shouldn’t have anything for her after what she’s done but love sometimes overlooks certain things, even the biggest mistakes. I’m sorry.”
“You don’t have to apologize. I guess this is just one hell of revolutionary season for this family. I’m dating Jude’s son and you fell in love with Simonica. We fell in love with those who did us wrong. Great.”
He looked at me and chuckled. “I guess so.”
“Are you going to be fine?”
“You sure? I could get someone for you. Someone that you’d like.”
“I’m not that desperate for a woman. I will pass and you already have enough on your plate. Don’t add more and don’t try to be Mrs. Fix-it all the time.”
“If you say so.” I got up and stretched. “You’ll be fine.”
“Yes.” He gets up as well.
“Goodnight.” I walked into his arms and they came around me.
“Goodnight. I love you.”
“I love you too.” I smiled and walked out.
“I’m going to school tomorrow. Help me pack my bag.” My 11 years old brother pulled me inside his room.
“You could’ve let mum do it for you,” I complained before going for his bag.
“I don’t wanna stress mum.”
“Dad thinks she’s pregnant, funny enough.” He chuckled.
“Those two have been acting funny lately. Can you keep a secret?”
“Of course.”
He got up and tiptoed to the door, looked outside before closing the door.
“Will you like another sibling?”
“Of course. I told mum about it when I returned this evening.”
“What did she say?”
“Yeah, mum can’t have a baby again but I think dad doesn’t know. She doesn’t wanna tell him.”
“What? How did you know?”
“When you and mum were fighting and you were in France, she came to my room one night in uncontrollable tears. She thought I was asleep and began to tell me how she can’t lose you because she wouldn’t be able to give birth again and dad wants a baby.”
Oh, God.
“Are you sure? You didn’t dream?”
“No. It’s the truth.”
“But why do you think mum can’t have another baby?”
He shrugged.
I’m such a fool. I thought she was entirely unhappy because of Novan earlier but it was because I mentioned a baby. I hurt her.
I finished with his bag quickly and placed it on his desk.
“Goodnight.” I kissed his cheeks.
“Yeah, you’re quite nosy and intrusive. Don’t go telling dad or asking about it. He doesn’t know.”
I scowled at him with a huff and stormed out. Everybody thinks I’m intrusive. Novan, grandpa, and now Marion. It’s not fair.
Am I really that?