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{That changed everything ✓}
I sighed in relief when I saw that it was only Dylan.
I wonder what mum was so surprised about. And dad? Well I guess this is their first time seeing a guy come to my room. Dylan moved to the edge of my bed then took my hands.
“Hey gorgeous, are you alright? I came when I saw…” He stopped talking when he raised his gaze and saw my parents.
He let go of me and got up from where he sat then bowed his head slightly about to apologise but I held his hand and squeezed it.
He’s obviously intimidated by the presence of my parents. Who wouldn’t anyway? My parents are very powerful here in Australia and even California. Their also known world wide so it was expected.
He looked at me and I smiled before getting my head off my mum’s laps.
“Mum, he’s Dylan the one I was telling you about do you remember?”
” Of course, why would I forget? Is he the one?”
I rolled my eyes at that. Mum can be something.
“What is going on here ladies?” Dad demanded.
“Dad, he’s Dylan, my friend.”
He looked at him but didn’t say anything.
” Nice meeting you handsome, but what are you doing here if I may ask,” mum asked.
“Well..” Dylan began to say but I interjected.
” Well mum, I told him yesterday about my headache and I think that’s why he’s here. I told him not to but he doesn’t take no for an answer.”
I have a feeling he’ll tell my parents that I was crying the other day that’s why he came to check on me but who gave him my house address?
“Oh wow, you care about my daughter that much?” Mum asked.
I hope this woman is not having the wrong idea about all this.
“Yea, she’s my friend so.” Dylan replied.
“Thanks…. Dylan?” Dad asked.
“Miles, I’m Dylan Miles.” He repeated.
“Wait, your dad is Christian Miles?” Mum and Dad asked together.
” Yeah.” Dylan replied shyly but more confidently now.
It seems mum and Dad has some kind of relationship with his dad.
My parents exchanged looks.
“We’ve heard a lot about you from your parents and I’m glad we finally met you. What a coincidence!” Dad said smiling at Dylan.
I said it.
” Positive things?” Dylan asked freely.
” Yeah, something like this.” Mum replied, gesturing to me.
” Thanks.”
” It’s okay. I’m glad you care about my daughter. I’ll call your dad and tell him that i finally met his son.” Dad said.
“Hey sweetheart, I’ll get you something to eat huh” mum cuts in.
I nodded.
When mum got to the door, she turned and pulled my dad along with her.
This woman!
Dylan coughed slightly causing me to look up at him.
I patted a space beside and beckoned him to sit.
He looked at the door first before sitting beside me.
“Thanks for coming but how did you know?”
“Well, I saw your car in front of the Cafe early this morning so I went in search of your friend Betsy and she told me about what happened last night. I got your address and brought your car.”
” Thanks.”
” Are you alright”
“Yes I am. ”
“Did it hurt so much?” He asked.
I chuckled. ” He was my friend so, it hurts a little.”
“Really?” He asked.
“Yea but did he tell you why he did all that?” He asked again.
” He said he did it because he love me.”
” And..?”
” What?” I don’t get he was trying to ask.
” I mean did you believe what he said?”
“Almost, but he did something so I don’t believe him anymore.”
” Mind telling me?”
” Well he..he..” I stopped and smiled. I should be angry about this so why am i smiling?
“Come on, you’re blushing so much now.”
“Am I ?” I snapped my gaze to his face and he nodded, giving me one of his priceless smiles.
“I think he really do love you, he would not be jealous if he wasn’t. You saw how he behaves with me when he sees us together? It shows he doesn’t want to lose you, he’s afraid you might fall I love with me.”
” I hope you ain’t saying this because he forced you to?”
” No. Not at all. I’m just trying to tell you what I think from what I’ve seen and heard.”
” I admire your analytical skills Dylan, but I’ve also vowed to beat anyone who tells me Novan likes me to a pulp. You’re no exception.”
” Then? Won’t you beat me?” He mocked.
” Unfortunately you’ve got a pretty nice face, I don’t wanna ruin it.” I laughed and he joined.

” On a serious note, I think you like him too. You just haven’t realized it yet.”
“Yeah and you also haven’t realized that I can actually destroy your pretty face.”
He got up and raised his hands up. ” I rest my case.”
I laughed. I can’t believe am laughing after all that happened yesterday. It felt like nothing happened at all.
Dylan makes me forget my about my worries so quickly. But I know that my pain will come back once he’s gone.
“I’ll be leaving now okay? I’ll see you on Monday.”
“So soon?” My face fell.
“Yes Dylan, why are you leaving so soon?”
Mum entered. I hope he wasn’t eavesdropping on our conversation.
“Stay and have lunch with us.” She offered.
“Thanks, but I have to go.”
” Okay, take care.”
” I’ll see you off” . I got up .
” No no, I think you should rest.”
” No Dylan. You don’t have a say okay. I’ll be back mum.”
” See you some other time aunt.”
” Yes dear.”
I winked at my dad when we got to the living room and he just frowned at me.
“Thanks for coming Dylan. I really appreciate it, you’re a good friend.”
” I believe everyone would’ve done the same thing so it’s really not a problem.”
” Yeah because you’re kind-hearted.”
” I see where you got your beauty from.”
“Huh?” I asked, admiring the glow in his blues eyes.
“Your parents are so cute and your dad, he’s a killer.”
I laughed and swat his hand. ” I think you should go now.” I said but I didn’t mean it. I actually will like if he stayed a bit longer.
” Yes.”
I waved him till he disappeared.
When I went back inside I saw my dad first and went to sit on his laps. I was staring at his face but he wasn’t looking at me.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked and brought his arm around my waist.
“Because you aren’t saying anything to me.” I whined.
” I’m just jealous, you got a boyfriend.”
” Dylan is not my boyfriend.”
” It doesn’t make any difference. It seems you will soon.”
” Do you read peoples future now? What do we call them? Is it a soothsayer or fortune teller?”
” I’m just your dad.”
” Yeah I Know.” I rolled my eyes getting a bit annoyed that he didn’t catch the humor I was trying to make.
“You should go bath. Who knows, that was what scared your friend away.”
” Daaadddd!” I got off him.
” It was worth it though.” He added and laughed.
It wasn’t funny that dad thinks I stink though I knew he was just lying.
“I can assist you bath if you want me to.” He joked.
” No way!” I ran into my bedroom only to see mum sitting on my bed.
“You cried so much yesterday and that’s why you fell sick.” She stated.
She’s my mum so she’ll surely know why I fell sick. It has happened before so..
“What were you guys talking about? And who’s the one Dylan said loves you? Was that why you cried?” She asked.
” Oh. So you were listening?” I ignored her multiple questions. I hate that mum is so paranoid.
” Yeah?”
She accepts.
“I’ll be in the bathroom.” I said dismissively.
I kept cursing after she kicked me out of her house. But it didn’t feel like she kicked me out of her house alone.
I felt like I’ve been kicked out of her life for good but you know me…yeah.
I’m not listening.
My heart won’t allow me. And fuck, even my body won’t allow me to be away from her.
I’d rather die than spend days without her. She should know that but she’s the most clueless rich ass person I’ve ever met.
I got into my car and just sat there.
I fucked up so much. Why did I do that to her?
Not the kiss alone. I just topped it off with the kiss. It was the last straw.
I’ve been so shitty to her. I enjoy annoying her, teasing and getting her so angry. It was fun. Fun to see her out of herself, trying to fight me back. To give me a greater come back.
After I gave her a hard time at the hospital, i promised myself not to come close to her anymore and that was why I left with Nervisa to California.
I knew she had no hands in my sister’s illness. She was just trying to be friends with my sister and she wouldn’t have taken her out if she knew. She’s very reasonable and intelligent. She wouldn’t have done that on purpose but being the dick that i was, I said awful things to her. I blamed her for everything and she even tried to explain things to me but I just wouldn’t listen. I guess I just needed someone to blame and she was there. So.
I planned not to see her again…as if I could but then, I realized that I was still Shane and she likes Shane so when I returned from California, I enrolled in her school. I even went to her house. I just wanted to be close to her.
I thought being Shane will make that happen but it only made it worse when she found out. What was I even thinking anyway? That was a ridiculous idea.
As if all those was not enough, I’ve gone and kissed her against her will after I confessed my love for her which I really do but how on Earth is she going to believe that?
I shouldn’t have called it out on her like that but she was moved and her perfect face softened and..and I lost it and kissed her.
I slammed my hands against the steering wheel, hard, after hitting my head on the it about like a fifty times utterly furious at myself.
I didn’t follow her all down from California to do this to her. So why?
“Why the fuck did I do that?!” I repeated.
She didn’t want it.
I suck. Fucking suck.
What sucked more is that I nineteen years old Novan Anderson with a dysfunctional brain and a lot of tattoos kissed my long time crush without her consent and she didn’t even give me what I thought I deserve. A slap.
I know she’s super nice but she could’ve at least slapped me then i wouldn’t be feeling as shitty as I do now.
Much to my displeasure, my eyes slowly and somehow darted towards the rearview mirror and I saw Dickface.
Yeah I’m a dick.
I should’ve known that she’s not like the other girls. She’s way too decent and wouldn’t take any inappropriate action on her body lightly. She’s pure and decent and I want her.
Letting out a strangled groan of irritation, I roughly wiped my face with both palms and then again, slammed my hands on the steering wheel.
Why the hell did I do that?!
I couldn’t help it. The sight of her
furious face was something that I was not at all prepared to see;
never will I be.
All I seemed to be prepared for is get closer to her more… and more.
I only knew how to get drowned in her herselfness, in her Mariana-ness, in her Dollface-ness. Just drowned.
It had always been hard for me to deal with my emotions. When they walked out on me, I was devastated to the point that they made me feel like I was nobody, like some shadow even silence and invisibility too couldn’t care less to acknowledge.
I hate rejection and if it comes, I can’t help it.
That was the reason why I was that screwed up.
Being screwed up, fucked up was the only way for me to deal with the pain of rejection.
And it implied equally to seeing her sacking me, rejecting me . I couldn’t bear to have anybody walk out on me… again .
But she keeps pushing me away like an unwanted commodity and even when she run away and I found her home. She still managed to get me away from her.
Because you kissed her and fucked up.
My subconscious screamed at me.
I couldn’t let her go. All the more because she was the only person I had ever wanted to be with since. Since in California.
I wanted to stay. I wanted her to understand. I wanted her to know… that I needed her to stay…. with me.
I WANTED HER. Then my demanding, fucked up instincts kicked in and I… I kissed her.
And she didn’t want it.
So she kicked me out.
End of my love story.
So pathetic.
I closed my eyes and let out a frustrated sigh as I leaned the back of my head on the head rest, clenching my teeth so tight that my jaws felt almost spongy.
Now I was seated in my car and I didn’t know if I should just leave or go up the front door and apologize or call her or just let it be.
No. I can’t just let it be. She already hates me and if I just leave it this way, then I should probably forget hoping I’ll ever get to be with her again.
I liked her since we were kids and now that I love her, I can’t just leave her even if that’s what she want.
She doesn’t even know that I forced my mum to attend that goddamned party of hers when she was six or seven. Her grandfather was a powerful bussiness tycoon then and my mum happened to be the one her grandfather chose to plan her birthday.
My mum was a very popular multiple award winning cook and an event planner so she handled almost everything.
We were in the same class together but she never noticed me and I only liked her then. Little as I was, I loved to come to school just to see her smile from afar.
I don’t go near her I just watch and admire her from afar. It became a habit until I never saw her again in school.
I researched about her family and where she could’ve possibly gone too.
I realized that her mum and dad stay at Australia and my dad was also Australia based so I had to compromise my stay in California to stay with my shitty father.
When I came to Australia around ten years of age, I didn’t know where to start looking for her from. It was very stupid and foolish of me though.
I lived with my dad for seven years and when I realized there was no hope for me and I was tired of going to boring meetings with my dad, i decided to come back home.
I did but then I returned again when I heard she was back but only this time, she was not the little girl I knew from elementary. She was now a beautiful goddess, feisty, intelligent, sassy and I fell for her. Hard.
Yet again, I moved to her college and I fucked up big time. I ran my hands through my hair and stare at her door. I don’t want to go because she wants me to.
But then again, even if I walk up to the front door and knock or even try kicking the door a thousand times, she wouldn’t open it; that I know for sure. She wouldn’t even pick up my calls. So I should probably just leave.
I ran a hand through my hair, letting out another frustrated sigh then started my car.
With one last glance towards the front door, I rolled the car down the street, cursing myself consistently like it was some sort of ritual to set things right.
She’s gonna fucking hate me more.
Well done, Novan.
You deserve a shitty Oscar.
I drove down the street still thinking about her. I tried not to but it was as impossible as a chicken turning into a dog.
She’s always there in my mind whether I’m awake or asleep, conscious or unconscious.
Ever since we were kids she’d never left my mind. And with the fact that I kissed her just a few minutes ago, there was no hell of a way the thought of her was leaving my mind.
I thought of her. I thought of the kiss. I thought of how she tried to break free from my hold and how I was being such an asshole who was going nuts on tasting her divine lips and so kept kissing her.
By the way, she tasted insanely good.
{That changed everything ✓}
Going home was out of my mind. I was restless. Everything kinda seemed shitty. I needed salvation. So I decided to do what I always do when I don’t seem to have no other choice to distract my mind. And that is… Finding Salvation .
I went down the road and stopped in in front of a bar. As usual, there was a band on stage playing their usual boring songs. I always complain about the annoying band but I can’t help not coming here. Maybe it helps in sweeping my pains and anger towards the band instead. I sat and tried to enjoy the annoying band as I gulped down as many beer I could.
It wasn’t long before I felt a small hand stroke my back as I listened and watched my skilled band play. The sarcasm though.
“Need company?” I knew that shrill, irritating voice.
Why doesn’t she fucking leave me alone!
She has made it her undeniable job to show up everywhere I am.
“Not at all,” I answered keeping my gaze away from her.
I had not a grain of interest to even look at her. She has always been the root of my problems somehow.
“But you look lonely.” She pushed her tits up against my arm as if she stupidly thought that was gonna turn me on. She never did. Not even when she was strapped on me at the party. I felt nothing at all.
I thought I’ve ended everything with her in highschool but something had to come up and I’m trapped with her but this time not willingly though.
She should learn by now that I seriously doesn’t have a least bit of interest in her. I have even made that clear to her more than enough.
But it’s like none of her senses communicates with her brain.
If I could get a hamburger each every time I tell her to stay away, I would easily be able to offer free treat to half of the world.
She should forget about the few kisses I give her. It means absolutely nothing to me. She was just there and it happened that’s all.
I shifted on the stool to face her and said, “Maybe you’re right, Aria. Maybe I am lonely. The girl I like just kicked me out after kissing her. What can be worst than that.”
Disappointment quickly took over her excited look and her shoulders dropped. I had a feeling to laugh.
What exactly did she expect? But as quickly as I had seen the disappointment appear on her face, it was replaced by a seductive cat look.
“I think I can help with that, I always have” A playful finger traced along my jawline.
“You can’t.” I looked away and checked the time on my watch.
“Yet you’re always with me because of her.” She taunted.
” Because I’m helpless.”
” No, it’s because you care too much.” I paid for the drinks I consumed and got up.
” You know why things are like this Aria. Please remember that and stop being too clingy.” Without a side glance I left.
I wish I could just end all this with her once and for all. But I could stay away from her for sometime.
“You’ll still have to tell me when you’re out of the bathroom okay? You’re not staying there forever!” Mum shouted as I disappeared into the bathroom.
After I’ve bathed and brushed my teeth, I came out and selected a blue leggings and a white top.
I held my hair in a bun and scurried out of my room. My stomach was growling so much.
I sat at the dinning, took a spoon and began to hit the ceramic plate in front of me childishly.
“Mum?” I whined.
“I’m almost done.” She shouted from the kitchen.
“If only you had not used most of the time to eavesdrop I won’t be this hungry.” I grumbled.
Dad brought me some juice and I took a sip.
“Thanks but please could you tell your wife to hurry?” I frowned and got up.
I stomped into the kitchen,” Why’s the food taking so long mum? I’m famished. I will make some cereal in the meantime okay?”
” Sorry, am done. Don’t make any cereal.”
I looked over at her and I realized she was struggling to make things right. I forgot my mum is not the same mum I knew when I was five. This multimillionaire bussiness woman in front of me hasn’t been to the kitchen for ages now and has practically forgotten everything I guess.
“Careful, don’t poison me.” I teased.
“It’s not funny Mariana.” She whispered.
I stared at her pretty face and figure as she moved around the kitchen. Her long hair was falling behind her in thick waves and her makeup was light and she looks breathtaking in the maroon black dress she wore. My mum is so beautiful and my dad too, that man is so charming.
“You don’t have to stress yourself okay? I wonder why you chose to make lasagna. It’s easy but takes too much time. You know I can’t wait for it.” I picked a bowl and took a cereal.
I made myself some cereal and jumped on the counter.
After eating it, it still hasn’t quenched my hunger but it was okay.
“I’m still waiting for my food.” I told her and left.
I got back to the living room and sat beside dad. I hope mum forgets about the conversation she overhead.
” How’s school? Do you like it here?” He asked.
“School is okay, I just started so you can ask that again after a year .”
” Yeah.” He looked around the room. ” Are you comfortable in here? Do you want a change?”
“It’s okay dad.”
“Don’t you want to change anything? The decorations, furnitures, just everything.”
” No dad, there’s nothing I will like to change. That will be a waste of resources.”
” Making my daughter comfortable is not a waste of resources.”
” Yes..”
” You don’t even ask anything. Marion changes his wardrobe almost every two weeks.” He looked down at the clothes I was wearing. “How many times have you worn this?”
“I’ve been wearing it for sometime now.”
” Why? Your mother owns the biggest boutique and your dad is a billionaire. Even your grandfather and..”
” I know.. I know but they’re not worn out are they? I can still wear them.” I interjected.
” Still, I don’t want people to see my daughter in the same clothes twice.”
” What’s the point?”
” You’re my daughter, that should be enough.”
” You know you don’t have to spoil me unnecessarily.”
” We’re not spoiling you, we’re just making up for the time you weren’t with us.” Mum said and came to stand beside me.
” You were away for ten years Mariana, that was a whole lot and we want to make it up to you. For all the times that you’ve been suffering out there, only God knows.” Dad said with a gloomy face.
” Okay, you should stop being emotional. I will change my wardrobe and move to an even bigger apartment if that’s what will make you happy.”
” Our happiness depends on your happiness princess, not the other way around. If you’re happy, we’re also happy.” Dad assured.
” Alright then I’m happy here. I appreciate your love okay.”
Mum got up and brought the lasagna.
” You went through a lot to make my favorite huh?” I asked and took a fork.
Dad took it from me and fed me till I was completely full.
“That was great.” I raised my thumb and mum chuckled.
“Where’s Betsy?” Dad asked and my face changed. It was as if my wounds have been opened up. The events of the last night came flashing before my eyes.
Betsy betrayed me, she never really cared about me that’s why he hid those things from me.
She was my friend. She was supposed to be on my side but she sided with Novan instead.
What if I had fallen in love with those two? That would’ve hurt a lot because Novan will be playing me. Well he played me. He took me for a fool.
“Where’s Betsy princess?” Dad asked again.
I was about to answer when mum shouted. “Here she comes.”
‘Speak of the devil’ I thought when I saw her walking towards us.
A smile was plastered on her face as she greeted my parents.
I can’t believe she’s been dating Tyrone or Megan and for how long?
I noticed she’s been wearing quite a lot of expensive things which are not mine but now I get where she gets them from.
But Megan is underage , how do they manage?
If I were her I’ll never bring my relationship out.
Or was it why she never told me?
I guess I’ll have to ask her about it.
I smiled at her and beckoned her to sit beside me which of course surprised her.
“So tell me sweetheart, how’s your online courses going?” Mum asked.
In the midst of all this chaos and Novan’s drama, I forgot my short online courses which involved, marketing and bussiness administration. I even forgot I have a short test tomorrow. That was so careless of me. My education comes before anything else. I will remember that next time.
“It’s okay mum.” I lied.
“Mind if we go out together?” Mum asked.
“Will the guards follow us?” I asked.
” Of course.”
” Then spare me. We could catch some fun in here.”
“This place looks too small for my liking. What do you say Pablo?”
” I also think same but she said she likes it here.”
“Are you sure?” Mum asked.
I nodded.
” Okay but I still think you should get a cook or a house help. You don’t have to be coming to the kitchen all the time. I also don’t want you to be cleaning. I didn’t say you’re my princess for no reason.” Dad complained.
My mind went to Novan and my stomach flutters when I remember how perfect he looked preparing a meal for me in my kitchen. He was my personal cook then but he fucked up.
” Okay, you can get me someone.” I’m tired of cleaning anyway.
” But the person won’t be staying over and please let it not be any old hag.” I added quickly.
” A man or a lady?” Mum asked.
” Any of them will do but the person got to be an excellent cook.”
” Alright, you should expect the person on Monday”
Betsy left soon after and we spent the rest of the day bonding. We played games together and even had some one hour nap in my bed together.
My bed was that big so it occupied us all.
I’m so grateful to have caring parents like them. I like the fact that despite their busy schedules they still made time to be with me. Leaving their work to come spend some time with me only means how important I was to them. It means I’m a first priority and that makes me happy. They don’t only lavish me with material things but also with love. How did I get this lucky?
They left in the night after we’ve had dinner. When I came back, I took my planner and planned what I will be doing in the week.
I took my laptop revised and learned ahead. I also revised for my test which I will be taking tomorrow.
After ten, I was ready to go to bed when I heard a soft knock on my door.
Who could be here at this time of the night?
I peeked through the pinhole and saw Betsy.
I sighed and opened the door for her.
“I’m sorry if I disturbed you.”
“You should be.” I turned around and walked to the living room.
I heard her locked the the door.
“Why are you here? Is everything alright?” I asked, examining her with my eyes.
“Everything is fine but we’re not…We’re not fine.”
“You’re responsible.”
” Yeah I know, I’m sorry.”
” You’ve said that so many times already.”
” I’ll keep saying it until you forgive me, I love you.”
” You should go, i still want to think about all of this. What you did.” I reminded.
” I can spend the night with you right?”
” Is your boyfriend busy?” I mocked.
” Don’t say that?”
” Is your house on fire then?”
” I just want to sleep here.”
” Why? We’re not fine.”
” Please, I’m sor…”
” Don’t.” I snapped and got into my bedroom, then locked the door.
I don’t like to fight with anyone and it hurts to see Betsy and I like this.
I forced myself to sleep and woke up midnight for some water when I saw Betsy balled up in the couch and the room was freezing. It was too cold. I wonder why she didn’t turn the thermostat on.
I turned it on and the room began to warm up.
I got my water and watched her sleep for a while before I went for my phone. I will have to wait till the room is warm enough so I could turn it off. If I Leave it and go the room will be so warm that she’ll feel uncomfortable and that will spoil her sleep.
I went to my gallery and scroll through the pictures Betsy and i took, ignoring the ones I took with Shane..well Novan.
She was smiling so wide to the camera while I just stucked my tongue out.
I went through many of our pictures and by the time I was done, there was a huge smile on my face.
So what if Betsy betrayed me? There was a time she made me happy, we were happy. We’ve shared wonderful memories together. She’s been with me through thick and thin. When I was down, she has been a shoulder for me lean on. She supported me and stood up for me when I was just Mariana in some countryside. She has been with me through it all and that is the reason why she shouldn’t have done what she did. I don’t even know why she did that. She has done a lot for me and that’s the more reason why I won’t hold this single mistake of hers against her. She’s been with me all they way, we’ve seen it all together. I’m not ready to lose my childhood friend over what happened, over what Novan did.
I could give her another chance since this was her first time. But I can’t tell her yet that I’ve forgiven her just like that. She needs to know that what she did was wrong and never to do it again. She won’t realize that if I tell her I’ve forgiven her.
I was afraid if I start being nice she won’t feel remorseful but then, can she be anymore remorseful than she is now?
My eyes dart to her long frame squeezed on my couch, her hair was a mess and a sad look sat on her beautiful face.
I wonder if she’s taken anything apart from the lunch she ate when my parents were here.
When the room was warm enough, i turned the heat off and went back to the bedroom.
When I woke up, I head out immediately to check on Betsy. She wasn’t in the couch when I went so i decided to look around.
I saw her in the kitchen making something.
“Hey, good morning.” She greeted when she saw me.
“What are you doing?”
” Trying to make breakfast.”
” That’s not going to make up for what you did?.” I gulped a glass of water.
” I know.”
“Then why are you trying?”
“I just thought I could make some breakfast that’s all.”
” Well how will you do that?” I lift my brow.
She pointed the video playing on her phone. She was learning it online.
“You didn’t have to go through that trouble. I don’t want to die yet.”
” That means you’ll eat then.” A smile crept on her face but she tried to conceal it.
” Exactly. I just don’t want to die now.” I grumbled.
” So what are your plans for today?” She asked.
” I have a test, I’ll be preparing towards that.”
” Do you have to prepare? You already know everything.”
“I have to prepare because I always like to be the best, regardless.”
“Yeah, you’ve always been like that.”
” Somethings never change.” I countered.
“Like our friendship?”
“You caused it.” I accused.
“I know, so has it changed?”
“You didn’t explain anything to me.” I demanded, ignoring her question.
” Well..”
” Since when have you been seeing?”
” What?”
“Since when have you been dating him?”
“Before we graduated from high school.” She signed heavily.
A pang hit my chest. Betsy have been hiding this for long.
My mind travels back to when I saw them together during our prom night. I suspected something like that but she blatantly refused.
“And you never felt the need to tell me? Why?”
“He was underage. I didn’t know how you were going to take it so I wanted him to be eighteen first.”
” That’s no excuse, you know I’ll never judge you.”
” I didn’t know how you were going to take it since you never dated. I didn’t know how you were going to handle the news. I didn’t want anything to come between our friendship.” She stopped what she was doing and turned to me.
A felt a little relieved that she cared about our friendship at least.
“And Novan? Since when?”
“He walked in on us on our prom night when I was together with Megan. And i thought he was going to tell you so I pleaded for him not to. He agreed but I didn’t know he was going to use that against me when I saw him with you that night at the pup with a guy that looked almost like him. After Mason escaped from you, I met him and confronted him and he told me everything. I wanted to tell you but he told Novan and he warned me not to else… you already know how he can be.”
Novan is cheap than i thought. I can’t believe he threatened her to keep his stupid game going.
” In order to hide one single thing you ended up causing more damage.” I summarized.
I nod a few times,as I tried to process everything. He told me he did all that because he loved me. Does people in love go about threatening people? This was crazy!
” Don’t do that to me again.” I warned.
I nodded again and picked a strawberry then poured some milk into a glass then dipped the strawberries into it. It didn’t taste as good as I thought. I drank the milk and went for a milk cream instead. It tasted better.
“So you won’t take the breakfast?” She asked.
“I told you I don’t wanna die yet.” I still haven’t dealt with Novan and everything .
“Alright, I know you’re joking.”
“Of course you do.” I smiled and took a bite of the egg she fried. It wasn’t bad. It tasted good than I actually thought. It’s impressive, especially for starters like her.
“So how was it?” She beamed.
“Some poisons taste sweet too. ” I bit my lips to suppress my smile.
” It’s a sweet poison then. ”
“There you go, you got a name for it.” I smiled and took more bite.
“So are you going to forgive him?” I drop the egg from my hands and raised my gaze to hers.
” I don’t know and this is me being nice, I haven’t forgiven you either.” I slurred.
{That changed everything ✓}
” I don’t know and this is me being nice, I haven’t forgiven you either.” I slurred.
” Alright, take your time. I understand if you don’t want to forgive him. We both deserve it.”
” Yes but I actually wanted to consider him when he said he loved me” I looked at her for any expression on her face but her expression was unreadable.
“Are you not surprised that he said he love me?”
” It’s not news, it may be for you though but not for me. ”
” Why?”
” Because I know he loves you without a doubt..”
“Why does all of you keep saying this? People don’t go about kissing the girl they love without their permission do they?”
” Oh my God! What are you saying? Do you mean he kissed you?” She stopped whatever she was doing and stood in front of me looking completely nonplussed.
“Answer me, did he actually kissed you?” She squealed.
It’s only Betsy that gets excited over this things.
” Well yes but i didn’t kissed him back.”
“What does it matter? So tell me how was it and when was that? Did you like it?”
” You’re crazy, he didn’t ask for my permission.”
” Well then, you wouldn’t have mind if he’d ask your permission right milady?”
” It wouldn’t have changed anything.”
” But I’m glad someone finally kissed you. I was afraid my friend will be forty before kissing anyone.”
” It would’ve been worth it. Who would want to be kissed by Novan? Aria probably.” I kept my tone neutral but I couldn’t help the pang in my chest.
” Admit that you’re just jealous.”
” You’re terrible at guessing.” I wiped my mouth with a tissue and walked out of the kitchen.
I’m not jealous am i?
You only get jealous when you’re crazy about someone but i don’t give two shits about Novan.
I got my nightie off and scanned my closet for something to wear when I saw a black shirt.
I brought it out and stared at it, wondering why I packed this shirt all the way from home to school.
It was the shirt I wore before I left Shane’s house the day after my accident.
That was where it all began. He started fooling me and I thought I got a new friend.
Was that even necessary?
I was tempted to bring the shirt to my nose and I did. I inhaled it but didn’t get the satisfaction of what I wanted to inhale.
Someone must’ve washed it because I don’t remember doing it. I could smell his faint cologne but it wasn’t enough.
I slipped my head into the plain black shirt and pulled it down till it was on top of my knees. I like how I felt when I wore the shirt, I felt comfortable and something else I can’t put my finger on.
“And what is that you’re wearing?” I heard Betsy from behind me.
“What does it look like?”
“It looks like a shirt but it’s not yours I’m sure.”
” Did I steal it then? ” I turned around.
” You look hot in them.”
“Shut up.”
She laughed as she followed me out.
“Trust me, you look hot.”
“Quiet Betsy.”
“Novan should see this, I’m sure he’ll love it.”
“I didn’t say it was Novan’s shirt.”
” It looks like it. He doesn’t wear anything apart from these shirts.”
I stopped and looked down at the shirt. she was right.
Shane said it was his shirt but this shirt is what Novan normally wear. Everything was before me but I couldn’t see it.
“So how was it?” She was standing in front of me now.
I raised my brow,”What do you mean?”
“The kiss of course.”
I thought she asked that already.
“It was gross. Now go and don’t bother me. I told you i have to revise.”
“Okay, see you in the evening. I have a homework to do as well.”
” Okay.” I said and disappeared into my study.
Once I opened my book, I felt like closing it back. I feel as if my life is all about learning and learning and learning. Maybe I should get more friends to hang out with and talk to.
After I was done with the online test, I was drain and I just needed to sleep. I didn’t know it will turn out to be difficult like it did. But I’m glad I always learn ahead so I was able to solve majority of the questions. As I was about to put my head on my desk, my phone began to ring but I just ignored. Whoever it was should wait, I would call when I wake up.
When I woke up I found myself in bed instead of behind my desk.
Who knows, maybe they came back. Betsy can’t bring me hear so I’m sure it’s dad or someone else but who could that someone else be?
I sprang to my feet and literally run to my living room but there was no one there.
I ran to my study also but I didn’t see anyone.
I picked my phone to check who called. I missed a call from two different unknown numbers.
I called the first one and I heard a high pitched voice. It was almost deafening because the person was squealing.
“Hi.” I whispered.
“Yes Mariana. I’m glad you called back. I thought you wouldn’t.”
” Why wouldn’t I ?” I asked when i finally remember the owner of the voice.
“Well you’re not like me.” She said.
“Oh please. I’m glad you finally called. What was holding you up?”
” Nothing. Let’s say I just got the courage now.”
” You’re amusing.” I told her and exited the study room.
It was getting to the evenings and I’m starving.
I realized I haven’t bathed the whole day too.
“Dylan told me he met your parents yesterday.”
“Yeah, you should also meet them next time when they comes.”
” Oh really? Oh my gosh. You don’t mean it do you?”
” I’m serious.”
” Oh wow. You’re great than i thought.”
I walked to the kitchen and was surprised to see that there was food. Someone cooked.
Only Novan would do this.
Why would he cook for me when I’m mad at him?
“Are you listening?” Lenna asked.
“Yes, I’m listening. What did you say?”
“That’s not what somebody who’s listening says.” She called me out.
” Yes you’re right. I wasn’t listening.” I admitted.
” I just found food in my kitchen so I’m deliberating if i should eat it now and die or trash it. ”
” What?”
” Yes, you’ll know the option I chose tomorrow. Bye.”
I heard her laugh before I hanged up.
‘Novan wouldn’t kill me right?’ i thought before sitting myself on the island.
I decided to call the second unknown number so I did.
After the second ring the person picked but wasn’t talking.
After saying countless ‘hello(s)’, I hanged up and focused on the food. The main course was meatloaf and the side dish was rice and veggies. He made brownies for desert. This is a complete meal. I couldn’t help salivating over the meal.
I took a plate and about to dish it out but stopped.
What if there’s something actually in this delicious food?
I tried smelling it as if by doing that I’ll detect if there’s poison in it. I didn’t but the aroma was great.
Poisonous food can’t smell this nice right?
I think am thinking too much.
I picked my phone and dial ambulance digit on my phone. In case I sense my system acting strangely I’ll just press the dial button and that will be it.
After eating, I head to the bathroom with my phone. Just in case.
Oh no!
My eyes widened when i realized I still had Novan’s shirt on. If it was really him that carried me to bed then..he saw it.
My phone began to ring so I picked it up.
I know that voice.
“You came to my apartment?” I asked without beating about the bush.
“Yeah, any problem?” He admitted.
“Yes there’s a problem. You think it’s okay to come into my room and do whatever you want and leave?” I wasn’t angry at him but with myself for making him see me in his shirt after everything.
“What are you really mad at? I didn’t do anything wrong did I ?” He defends himself.
“How did you get in? I took the keys.”
” I don’t know.” He answered.
” I see. I told you I don’t wanna see you again.”
“I also thought so but after seeing you in my shirt I was not certain anymore.”
I gulped and bit my lips. My cheeks burn in embarrassment and I just want to hang up.
“I didn’t know…I didn’t wear it on purpose.”
“Oh really? Were your clothes not fitting anymore?”
I’m sure he’s smirking right now.
” Go on, tease me.”
“I’m not teasing you. You know what, I’m coming there. I missed you.”
{That changed everything ✓}
“I’m not teasing you. You know what, I’m coming there. I missed you.”
” No. I told you to stay away.” I snatched a towel from the rack and rushed to my door.
“What are you doing?” He asked as if he was seeing me.
“I just closed my door. I meant it when I said I don’t want to see you. ”
” Are you still mad at me? ” He asked.
I remained silent. I don’t even know whether I’m still mad at him or not. Maybe I’m just hurt.
“Look I’m sorry okay?”
I sighed, trapping my lips in between my teeth.
“I’ve got to go.” I whispered and dropped the phone.
I don’t know why am not feeling so much anger towards him like I ought to.
Maybe if I hadn’t heard him out then I would still be cross with him.
I really don’t want to forgive him and I don’t want to think about it too. It’s too early to be thinking of forgiving him. I found out on Friday and he apologized on that same day and today is just Sunday so I’m allowed to still be mad at him right?
I slept earlier than my usual sleeping time so I woke up early. I didn’t rush in getting ready so I took my time to do my makeup and select a nice outfit.
I grabbed my keys and stepped out of the house.
I can’t wait for the cook mum and dad chose to come. I hope he or she will be friendly and not mean.
I got into my car and drove to Betsy’s dorm, I picked her and we went to the cafe I saw Novan at the other day.
I hope I don’t see them together again. That Aria.
When we got to the coffee shop I was glad there was just a few people in the line. I got a table and waited for Betsy to bring the coffee.
While I waited, I tried not to look around to avoid seeing what I was not prepared for.
I hear someone clear a throat so I looked up to see Aria.
Oh Lord.
She pulled a seat and sat across me. I looked behind her to check if she came alone or with someone. Someone like Novan.
“Hey Maria.”
She smiled at me, it looks genuine and I don’t know whether she’s faking it or not.
“Hi.” I gave her a lip tight smile.
“How are you?” I add.
“I’m fine. Who wouldn’t? I have a charming caring boyfriend so I should be. ” She grinned.
” Okay? I’m glad you’re fine. ” I replied with a cheerful face but prayed that her boyfriend should not be Novan.
I don’t know why but I don’t like seeing him with her. Not that I want Novan but I just can’t see them together. He can go for anybody else but not Aria.
Oh Lord hear this prayer of mine because I die each time I see them together. I don’t know when I’m going to lose it.
“I can see you’re not okay but that’s what you get when you’re clinging onto something that’s not yours. You like it but you can’t have it because somebody already owns it. That sucks isn’t it? ”
” Excuse me? ” I was up on my feet.
” You know what i mean.”
” Is that why you came here? To tell me to stay away from Novan?”
” Yes dear, you don’t have a choice.” She smiled.
” Oh wow, I’m sorry to break this to you but you’re incredibly stupid. Let get this straight, I don’t like Novan but I have a choice.”
She arched a confused brow at me and I smirked.
” I can have him if i want to and you won’t be able to do anything about it.”
Did I just say that?
” Oh really? Both of you are not even on talking terms so how’s that going to happen?. ” She mocked.
” Well here is news for you, he was with me just last night. ” I lift my brow, ” how about that? ”
She frowned and got on her feet as well.
I feel like a bitch for what I said but hell, it feels good to see her face drop sadly.
Before she could recover, the person who’s the center of our exchange walked in.
I got a crazy childish idea and i couldn’t stop myself.
“Hi Novie.” I chuckled silently at the lame nickname and walked to him.
He was surprised but when he saw Aria he smiled.
“Hi Doll face.” He smiled and put his arm around me.
What? He was not supposed to do that. But if it will make Aria feel hurt like how I felt when she was perched on him at the party then he can do it.
“Thanks for the dinner last night.” I spoke loud enough for Aria to hear.
” Don’t mention it, I just want my reward. Kiss me. ” He was still smiling.
Oh no.
I didn’t intend to take this far and this jerk is just enjoying everything.
“Go on, kiss him.” Aria dared me.
“You won’t tell me what to do.”
“Well, we all know you can’t kiss him.” She challenged.
She knows what she’s doing and I’m not going to fall for it. I ignored her and turned to the boy I told to stay away from me just yesterday.
“Novie, how about we continue this after school?” I asked sweetly.
” Sure.”
“What is going on here?” Betsy arrived with two cups of coffee.
Novan’s arm drop from my shoulders and I walk to Betsy for my cup.
“That was petty.” Aria hissed and walked out of the coffee shop.
“Let’s go Betsy.” I ignored Novan. He didn’t think that I’m cool with him right?
“Are we not going to have the coffee here?”
” No, let’s take it inside the car.”
” What’s wrong with this place?” Betsy asked again.
” Nothing, I just don’t want to.” I didn’t want to be close to him. He was looking at me but I tried my best to make him look invisible.
I took the lead out and I’m surprised he didn’t stop me.
“So you can forgive him but you can’t forgive me?” Betsy asked.
” I haven’t forgiven him. Aria was just irritating.” I opened the door and got in. She also did same.
“Don’t tell me you did that just to piss her off.”
” I did, she was so annoying.”
” That was bitchy though.” She said.
” Yes, I know. I’m not doing that again.”
” Okay but why was he in your apartment? I heard something like that”
” I don’t know why he came, maybe to cook.” I blew air in my coffee and observed the ripples of bubbles.
” To cook? Why would Novan cook and does he even know how to?”
“Yeah, he can cook. He used to prepare dinner and breakfast sometimes until I got to know about him.
“That’s interesting. Who would’ve thought?”
” Yeah, I didn’t believe it when his sister told me.”
” You mean Nervisa?”
” Yeah.” I sipped the coffee.
” How’s she? Any news?”
“He said she’s fine. She recovered and now in school.”
“Okay .”
The rest of the day went by quickly and soon I was walking with Dylan to our last class.
We found a seat at the front and sat.
I felt a tap from behind.
I turned and saw that short haired girl in Novan’s group. I didn’t know she share a class with me.
“Hi..” I said. I wish i can remember her name.
“I’m Courtney. You remember me?”
“Of course I do.” I replied. She’s the only nicest girl in that group of theirs.
She wanted to say something when the professor walked in.
Before i know it my last class was over and i was walking with Dylan to my car.
“You didn’t call me back yesterday.” He said.
“I called you.”
” You did?” I took my phone from my bag and went through my missed calls.
“What of my texts?”
Huh? I didn’t see anything.
” I wanted to check on you then but it’s okay.” He said.
When we got to my car Novan was standing by it.
” What are you doing here?” I’m still thinking about who could’ve deleted my messages and missed calls so that anger was there.
“Oh hello, you told me that we’ll meet after school so I’m here.”
I rolled my eyes. ” You knew i wasn’t serious. I just did that because she was there.”
“Oh i see, so you used me. All the Novie this and Novie that were all for nothing?”
My cheeks reddened. He just got something new to tease me with.
” Just admit you were using me.”
” Don’t force me to admit anything.” I looked away.
” Could you excuse us little prince Dylan.” He said.
” He’s not going anywhere.”
” Would you be taking little prince home then.”
” Stop calling him that and I can take him home if i want to. It won’t be your business.”
” Well it’s my business.”
” Because?”
” You’re my girlfriend so”
” Girlfriend? When did that happen? ” My eyes went wide.
” You looked at me remember?” He pointed to his chest.
I remembered when I foolishly told him I wanted to be his girlfriend not knowing he was Novan.
” I didn’t know you were the same people.”
” I can still be Shane for you, now let’s go home. Little Prince I said you should go now!.” He emphasized the NOW.
I took Dylan’s hand to stop him from leaving.
“You don’t decide for me. If there’s someone that’s supposed to leave then it’s you . I told you to stay away from me.”
” Saying that i should stay away and still wearing my shirt doesn’t make sense Mariana.”
I shut my eyes for a moment before opening it. I wish I had taken the shirt off when Betsy started teasing me with it. Now he’s using it against me.
“She said you should go.”
“You stay out of it!” He moved to Dylan.
“Did you go through my phone yesterday? Did you delete my messages?” My eyes blazed on him.
” I just deleted the unwanted ones. Look, I just want us to come back together okay, and i don’t want little pretenders like him coming between you and I .”
” How could you? Who do you think you are? Dylan is my friend okay? And at the moment you’re nothing to me.” I spit.
” I told you I’m sorry okay.”
” Your sorry won’t change anything. ”
” What can I do for you to see how sorry I am?” He was pleading and I avoided looking at his face. I looked around and got relieved when no one was in the parking lot apart from us. Audience is the last thing I need now.
” I demand that you leave me. I don’t want us to be friends again.”
The words tasted bitter after I let them out. I really won’t like for us to break up, I’m just mad at him. But if I don’t say this he won’t give me space.
“Really? Is that what you want?”
I didn’t answer. I just held Dylan’s hand tightly.
” Answer me Mariana.”
I nod.
“Didn’t you hear what i said that night?”
” Your pathetic I love you?” I smiled.
” I meant it, don’t you believe?”
” Not after what you did. I don’t believe you. And your ‘I love you’ was a total bullshit to me.”
Dylan squeezed my hand, probably to say I’m going too far.
” What?” He gasped.
“How can you say that?” He asked.
“You didn’t think I bought that did you? You don’t love me Novan. Stop deceiving yourself and me. You know we both don’t deserve it. This is not like we’re getting married where it’s normal to kiss your bride after you say your vows.”
He stepped back a little as if it was my words that caused it then he opened his mouth to say something but closes it back.
His eyes moved to where my hand and Dylan’s meet.
He rushed forward and pushed him away, splitting our joined hands.
“Stay away from her before I damage that pretty face of yours. You think I don’t know what you’re up to?”
” You don’t scare me.” Dylan threw back and I was surprised.
“I’ve already told you what I’ll do. You should stop this drama of yours. Acting as if you care for her. Stop else I will ruin you.”
I came between them and pushed at Novan’s chest but he didn’t move an inch.
“Don’t talk to him like that. And if you’re talking about ruining someone then I can do worst to you than what you’re blabbing.” I didn’t mean that.
” He’s a creep Mariana. Don’t fall for it.”
” I don’t need your concern. Just go.”
” Yes i will. Is that not what you want? I’ll go and I’ll never come to you again. But hey, I’ll beat this idiot if he doesn’t stay away from you. Not only him, any other person in his form.”
He glanced swiftly at me and shoot Dylan a warning glare before jumping into his car and driving away.
“I’m sorry about that.”
“It’s okay, he’s just jealous.”
” But you’re just a friend.”
” He doesn’t know that yet. He’ll stop being mean to me if he gets to know.”
I nod and we go our separate ways.
Despite what Novan did, I feel hurt that he said he won’t see me again. I was just a little mad at him, I didn’t think he’ll go that far even though I told him to go.
I just realized I actually didn’t mean any of those things I said to him and I’m really feeling guilty about it.
He should be the one feeling guilty and it would’ve been better but now that I’m responsible and he said he won’t come around again, i feel bad.
When I got home it wasn’t long before I heard a knock and I was anxious thinking it was Novan but I just saw a nice looking lady about the age of twenty five with caramel eyes and a charming smile. Her dark hair was the same as mine but she died the ends with a gold color then got it braided. When she smiled I saw that she had a gap teeth and even a dimple. She’s really pretty. She wore a tight jeans and a white blouse that hanged tightly on her hourglass figure. I wonder who she has come to see. I’m sure she missed her way or something.
“How may I help you?” I asked politely.
“I’m your new cook.”
“Oh.” I sighed. She doesn’t look like it. She should be a model with that figure of hers.
“Come in please.” I stepped away from the door and ushered her in.
“You’re welcome.” I said when she got in.
“Thanks, my name is Amandla.”
“Okay, I’m Mariana.”
“Yes, your parent contacted our agency and that’s why I’m here.”
” Okay, I’ll assume you know everything.”
” Yes I do. Your parents were quite specific. They briefed me on everything.”
” Okay, then there’s the kitchen. Make yourself comfortable. I just came back from school so I’ll rest for a while. You can start work any time or any day that you want.” I said and disappeared into my room.
My mum called to confirm if the cook came and asked if I like her or not. I told her I do but I have to wait to hear Betsy’s opinion first. When Betsy saw her she said she liked her and that there was no need for her to be changed.
The rest of the week went by quickly and just as Novan said, he never came to me, call or text me. But I normally see him hanging out with Nina and Aria most of the time. Anytime I see him with Aria my insides boil so much that i feel like ripping her apart. What is it about her that Novan keeps hanging around her constantly? I just don’t get it. The worst aspect is that he keeps ignoring me each time we cross paths at the cafe or on campus. He doesn’t even spare me a glance.
Amandla was excellent and Betsy wouldn’t stop praising her but I know a better cook than her.
She’s good though but her cookings are not like my Novan’s.
I don’t know why I can’t shake him from my thoughts. My just drifting to him no matter how I tried and I realized that I missed him.
I sulk most of the time when I get back from school and I had a feeling Amandla wants to talk to me about it but couldn’t since I don’t really talk to her or she’s afraid she would get fired for pokenosing.
Only if Novan will stop hanging around with Aria then i would forget about him and act as if he never existed. It was as if he was doing it deliberately because I see them together frequently more than before. I’m sure he must be doing it on purpose because he knows how I feel about him and Aria together.
{That changed everything ✓}
It was the weekened and i was laying in bed with legs raised in the air and a novel in my hand.
It’s been another week and Novan really kept his word only that this week I didn’t see him on campus. I see Aria sometimes but I don’t see him with her again. Somehow, i thought it will be better if I see him with Aria than not see him at all.
The days were terrible. I didn’t know how i lived through it. I missed him so much. I didn’t missed him like this when he left with Nervisa.
All I did during those times was sleep, eat, learn, sleep, eat and learn. The same process all the time and I’m so tired of it.
I threw the Novel somewhere and covered myself with the duvet completely then closed my eyes.
My door flew open and then he walked in.
“Novan? What are you doing here?” I asked and got up.
” It’s been two weeks, I miss you. I can’t go another day or week. I’d just die. I’m sorry please just forgive me.”
” I’m sorry too Novan, I was so hard on you for nothing.”
” Have you forgiven me then?”
” I did that long ago.”
” Come here.” He beckons me over.
When I reached him his arms went around me in a hug. I hugged him back and breathed in his heavenly scent.
“I missed you.” I mumured.
“Me too. A lot.”
” Please don’t go back to Aria again.” I plead and we parted.
” Yes I won’t but you should also stay away from Dylan or any other pretty boys.”
” You’re also a pretty boy.”
” No, am not.” He sat on my bed and i sat beside him.
” Alright, but you’re the only one I move with most of the time so you shouldn’t worry.”
“Have you ever wondered why you never had a boyfriend in highschool? ”
” No. I didn’t have to because I knew most of the guys liked me but couldn’t approach me because of my status. Besides, I didn’t want to date.”
” There you have it wrong. ”
” What do you mean? ” I asked.
” Guess what! I personally warned all the guys who had their eyes on you in highschool. Why did you think they made me your prom king instead of those rich spoilt kids? It’s because I scared them off including the teachers. Dylan won’t be left out either. ” He said proudly and hit his chest.
” You didn’t do that!” I was amazed. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that Novan claimed me before we became a thing.
Are we even a thing?
“Oh yes I did.” He flanged his hand in the air proudly. He doesn’t seem to regret what he did.
“Why did you do it?” I asked even though it was obvious but there’s no harm in hearing him say it directly to me is it?
“Don’t you get it? I did it because I want you. I’ve always wanted you and want to own you. I wouldn’t mind breaking any bones just to have you. ”
” And what happened? Did you get it? ” I smiled.
He gave me one of his breathtaking smiles and gestured towards me.
“I did have you. And here’s the evidence.” He made me lay on the bed and came on top of me. ” I have you right under me now. And we’re both crazy for each other. Is that not so Riana? ” He took my bottom lips between his teeth and nibbled on it softly.
“Yes Novan, I do love you a lot… ”
” Shhhh. I know, just shut up and kiss me already.”
I smiled against his lips and pressed my lips to his.
I tried to hold him but I felt nothing. I blinked my eyes and saw his face then close it back. I opened then saw no one.
I jumped out of the bed and ran my hands through my hair. It was a dream?
But it looked so real.
He was here wasn’t he?
I looked around my room but it was empty.
He wasn’t here.
My eyes swelled with tears. I don’t even know where he stays like I will just drive over there and see him. Then maybe what I dreamed of will come to pass.
I run outside.
“Did anyone come to see me? Was a boy here? ” I asked.
” No. No one came. ”
” Okay. ” I turned to leave when the doorbell rang.
“Novan.” I whispered.
My heart leaped.
Amandla walked to open the door but I beat her to it and she stared at me strangely.
I opened it and was disappointed at who I saw.
“Mergan or Tyrone. What are you doing here?”
“I changed my name again so it’s now Morgan. ” He walked in and flashed Amandla a smile.
She blushed and smiled flirtatiously.
What is it about this small boy that this adult ladies can’t stay away from him?
“Morgan? Why?”
“Because I only had to change the ‘e’ and not the entire name.”
” Morgan is not bad but you’re crazy for being indecisive. Who knows, you’ll even change it again.”
” No, I’m sticking to Morgan this time. Mom and dad approved it.”
” Oh okay. So what are you doing here?”
” You look like a wreck. What happened to you? You got a broken heart?” He teased and followed me into the bedroom.
” Nothing.”
” Really?” He asked.
” I’ve been calling you for two weeks now and you haven’t been picking my calls why?” He asked again.
” You also lied to me.” I sat down and he also sat beside me. Very close.
“What the hell? I told you that I will only tell you who am dating after you’ve got a boyfriend. Did you get any?”
I shook my head” But I found out anyway.”
” Yeah.”
” Not only that, I found out that Novan and Shane at the same. Our little plan didn’t work. It backfired. I wish I had not listen to you.”
” Really? He laughed.”
” Stop laughing. It wasn’t funny.” I knocked his head.
” So now you guys are not talking?” He asked.
” Yes.”
“You refused to forgive him?”
I looked at him. ” Why do I have this feeling that you know everything but still asking me.”
“I don’t.” He lied
” Oh yes you do.”
” Okay fine. Betsy told me about everything.”
” And so?”
” I think you should forgive him. You’re being too uptight.”
” Really? You’ve switched sides on me?.”
” No, you know I like you.” He looked at me.
” Yes? I know. You’re my cousin.” I locked eyes with him.
” No. We’re not cousins.” He tilt my chin up, looking directly into my eyes.
“Then.. what are we?” My voice was shaking.
” This.” He said and covered his lips with mine. He was kissing me.
Me and Megan? Kissing?
He deepened the kiss as his hands went into my hair.
I was too shocked to react.
Why’s he kissing me? What is all this? Is it even right?
I tried to compare his kiss to Novan’s own.
Mergan’s own is okay but it lacked that fire and warmness that spread through me when Novan kissed me. His kiss was filled with so much passion whereas this one was just a kiss.
I forced my eyes open and instantly they widened and I am brought back to my senses instantly.
Standing at the door was my best friend in tears.
When she realized I saw her,she moved from the door.
I pushed Mergan away and this time, I slapped someone for kissing me.
What the fuck!
What right does he have?
He was dating my friend for goodness sake.
He just cheated on Betsy with me. How am I to face my best friend after this?
“What was that for? It was just a kiss.” He rubbed his cheeks.
“You’re shameless.”
” You didn’t slap that prick when he kissed you so why me.”
I didn’t need to answer him because I had no answer for that. I don’t know why I didn’t get the need to slap Novan like I did to him now. I just don’t know.
I rushed out and saw Betsy leaving and walked to her.
“I’m sorry Betsy. Please.” I begged and felt my own tears hit my face.
I just kissed her boyfriend..no her boyfriend just kissed me and I allowed it.
I took her hand but she snatched it away.
“Don’t touch me Mariana. How could you? You knew how much I loved Mergan so why did you do it?”
” Yes, I’m sorry but he kissed me, I didn’t kiss him back.”
” Don’t mind her Betsy. She was using me as a rebound. I told her not to but she forced me to do it. You have to believe me, Mariana forced herself on me.”
This is too much.
” What.. what..are you saying?” I blinked back my tears and my lips quivered.
What kind of horrid accusation is this?
“I’m just saying the truth. I just came to visit you but you took undue advantage. How could you?” He went on.
I gaped at him and looked at Betsy but she looked away and cried some more.
What is going on here?
I’ve never been in a situation like this before. How do I go about it?
“Why are you doing this to me Mergan? You know all that you’re saying is not true.” I cried.
” You’re asking me? I should ask you why you did this. Betsy is your friend Mariana. And you betrayed her in the worst possible way.”
” Betsy.” I called and went to her.
” I’m sorry okay… I’m so so sorry. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. You know this is not me. I’m not like this Betsy. Please you have to believe me. Mergan was the one who made the move on me.” I pleaded.
” You should’ve stopped him but you were clearly enjoying it. How could you?”
I looked around helplessly. What do I do?
” Betsy am sorry. We can work this out. You know how much I love and cherish our friendship.”
” No you don’t. If you really cherished our friendship you wouldn’t have done this. I’m disgusted Mariana.”
Her words felt like I’ve been stabbed in my chest with a dagger.
I felt bitter, heartbroken, sad, and betrayed. I also felt extremely guilty.
“Please Mergan, tell her the truth. Tell her that I didn’t do anything.”
” I’m not going to lie for you so stop trying to make me.”
Oh Lord.
” Betsy..”
She stopped me with her hand.
” It’s over Mariana. I don’t want anything to do with a friend like you!.” She screamed.
I died. My heart beat faster than usual. Is that even normal?
“No. You can’t do this Betsy. We can work this out. I promise. Let’s work it out together.” Breaking up is not an option.
” You went behind my back Mariana.”
“Please forgive me.” I begged.
” Why should I ? You didn’t even forgive me for the small mistake I did. I didn’t know you hated me this much. You laugh with me all the time but deep down you conspire and plot against me. You went after my boyfriend. I thought you were a saint.”
I can’t take all this anymore.
” I forgave you long time ago Betsy. I hold no grudge against you and neither do I hate you. I never did.” My voice was slow. My energy has been drained.
What do I do to convince my friend that I’m innocent?
“You should’ve told me you love Mergan and I would’ve understand. I can even sacrifice my love for you..”
” No. I don’t love him Betsy. I never did please can you believe me on this at least?”
It hurts so much that she’s not believing anything I say.
I’m being honest but she’s not taking any of my words why?
It’s hurts so much and I feel so helpless. I don’t know what to do.
Was this how Novan felt when I didn’t believe any of what he said?
Was he telling the truth and i didn’t believe him? If that’s it then I really hurt him just like how I’m feeling right now.
“Yes Mariana. You love my boyfriend that’s why you kissed him.” She accused.
” What the hell Betsy!” I screamed.
” I don’t love him, I never did.”
“Then why did you kiss him? Since when has this been going on Mariana? Since when?”
” You’re going too far with this Betsy. You know me better than anyone else. I don’t go about kissing people and you know it.”
” Perhaps I’m just knowing you now. I never knew you at all”
I tug at my hair and pulled it. I felt the pain but it wasn’t compared to what I was feeling inside.
“Why are you saying all this Betsy?”
” Why did you you do this to me Mariana? You know I love him. You kissed him, I saw it. You love him don’t you…”
” Shut up Betsy! Just stop it! How can I love him when I love someone else. Yes Betsy, I love Novan. I think I always have.”
“What ?”
” Yes, I realized that after the kiss with Mergan. I love him Betsy, please believe me. I don’t love your boyfriend. I only love Novan.” I cried as I sank onto my knees. I face palmed and wept.
I felt lighter after those words tumble out of my lips. It felt as if a heavy load has been lifted off my shoulders.
I love him. Yes.
I love that tattooed boy with piercings and breathtaking smile. I love Novan.
I don’t know what to say.
Mariana surprised me and I’m speechless.
I think this was the kiss that changed everythingπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
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