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{That changed everything ✓}
“Leave her Ronnie. She’s not in any good condition to dance. ”
” No I won’t. She’ll dance and with me. She said that herself. ” Ronnie stood his ground.
He started leading me into the crowd but the hooded guy ripped me from him.
“What is wrong with you?” Ronnie sneered.
“I said she won’t dance!”
I stood akimbo and stared from Ronnie’s furious face to the hooded guy’s hidden face.
“Who are you to decide for me? I said I want to dance.” I yelled in a strained voice.
He looked at me then grabbed my wrist. “Then you’ll dance with me.”
What does it matter if I dance with Ronnie or him? The bottom line is that I will be dancing with someone.
I didn’t bother looking back at Ronnie when he pulled me away.
“Do you really want to dance?” He whispered into my ears and I felt shivers ran down my spine.
I nodded.
“Then dance. just feel free.” He crossed his arms on his chest.
A scowl draws on my face. Why would he bring me here and expect me to dance on my own?.
A normal me would’ve walked back to Ronnie but I stood there and considered the hooded guy’s words.
I remembered Betsy’s words saying I should relax and feel free.
I tried to do just that and it boosted my confidence and gave me courage. The alcohol also helped a lot.
I closed my eyes and let the music take control of my body.
Before I knew it, I was throwing my arms in the air in all directions like all the people around. I was really having fun. It feels good.
After dancing through a collection of songs I realized that the guy was still around me even though I was moving as I danced.
What is he? My bodyguard or something.
I moved towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck.
“Let’s dance.” I grinned and began to jump.
“Stop.” He held my waist to stop me but I didn’t.
“I said stop it!” He yelled.
I stopped and stared into his face like a child who just got scolded.
“I thought I knew you somewhere.” I said and moved my eyes to his lips.
His full lips glistened and has a soft look.
I’ve never found anyone’s lips appealing like his. I got curious, I wanted to know how it will feel like on mine.
I leaned into him and found my lips moving to his slowly. The tip of my nose grazed on his nose lightly and when he didn’t make any attempt to stop me, I lowered my lips on his about to take his full lips but was pulled away.
“Not again.” I groaned under my breath.
I turned to see my long lost friend. Betsy.
She was not around when I needed her and when I thought I was actually having fun she showed up to ruin everything.
I looked back at the hooded guy as Betsy pulled me away.
“What on Earth were you thinking?” She yelled when we got outside.
The cold air hit my hot and sweaty body and it feels heavenly.
“What on Earth did you just do?” I repeated her line. ” Wow, You sure know how to pick your time Betsy.”
“You were about kiss a stranger. What is wrong with you?.”
” No what is wrong with you Betsy. You just ruined my chance of getting my first kiss and you’re here yelling at me? Are you some jealous Bitch?” I yelled.
” Listen to yourself, is this how you planned on losing your first kiss? To a stranger at some fucking party?”
She’s trying to make some sense but the alcohol has taken over my senses and clouded my judgement.
“You brought me here remember? ” I asked immaturely .
” Yes but I didn’t tell you to get drunk and suck faces. Do you know how worried I was when I couldn’t see you after you ran after that guy?”
” I’m not drunk. You should’ve waited for me to kiss him before pulling me away.”
She just stared at me as if I’ve grown horns.
“You know what, tell me that tomorrow when you’ve soberd up.” He walked to our car and opened it for me to enter.
” Where are we going?” I asked.
“To the dorm.”
“Why the dorm? The party hasn’t ended yet.” I protested.
” Will you get in? please” she sounds frustrated.
Lemme check the time first. After that I can decide to go now or later.
“Where’s my purse? ” I asked when I realized I wasn’t holding it.
“Oh no! You must’ve left it inside.” Betsy muttered.
“I would go get it for you.” She added.
“How’d you do that? You don’t know where I sat and where I went.”
” Why don’t you tell me?”
I went to the kitchen then sat with Ronnie in a couch then…”
She was already gone before I could finish.
I leaned on the car and picked at my nails. I shadow towered over me then then I heard a light thud on top of the car.
“Your purse.”
I turned to see the hooded guy leaving. I ran to him and stood in front of him. His steps halted as he looked at me.
“Thanks.” I mumbled.
He just stared at me with unreadable expression.
“I said thanks.” I repeated.
He sighed. “Ok. Now get out of my way!”
Yet again, the voice sounded familiar.
” Go!” He thundered.
I moved from the way then he trotted off.
I walked to the car and soon Betsy came.
“I didn’t find it.”
“Don’t worry, someone brought it.” I answered and sat in the car after picking the purse from where he left it.
She got into the car and pulled out of the parking lot.
“Who brought it?” She asked when we hit the road.
“I don’t know.” I said with eyes closed. “Where did you say we’re going? Your place or mine?”
“Where do you want to go?”
” The shortest..”
I woke up with a splitting headache and serious hangover.
It took me some minutes to know that I wasn’t in my room but Betsy’s.
I looked around for her but I didn’t see her.
“What the hell happened last night!” I shouted and got up. And how did I end up here? I thought we went to a party…oh.
Some of the things that happened last night came rushing into my mind.
“You went to a party and got drunk. Seriously, is that what you guys have been up to lately? ” Tyrone ( Megan) walked in with a glass of water and some tablet.
What is he doing here?
“Have it.” He gave me the glass and dropped a pill into my palm. “It will help with the hangover.”
I nodded and placed the tablet in my throat before gulping down the water.
“I came to your place this morning but didn’t see you so I decided to come here only to see the two of you passed out on the bed.”
” I was not drunk. She was.” Betsy appeared. ” Do you remember what you did and said last night?”
” What?”
” You kissed finally! You kissed a boy at the party. Tell me, how was it? Fun huh?”
Blood drained instantly from my face as I stared at Betsy with open mouth and wide eyes.
This can’t be!
” Are you serious? Did..I ..I..”
{That changed everything ✓}
” Are you serious? Did..I ..I..” I stuttered badly. Tears brimmed my eyes. Why was I so irresponsible?
Did I really kiss a stranger at some stupid party?
“Get over it Mariana, it has already happened.” Betsy said.
I nodded bitterly, took my purse from the nightstand and walked towards Mergan.
“Keys.” I muttered and stretch forth my hand. I can’t afford to take the hired car to my hostel so I’d have to take Megan’s.
He fished it from his pocket but didn’t give it to me.
“I will drop you.”
“No, I can manage.”
“You still have a headache, lemme drop you.”
“Forget it, I guess I would have to take a taxi then.” I said with a sullen face.
” Wait, Wait.” He held me back.
“If there’s someone you should be mad with then it’s the boy you kissed or Betsy not me. I have absolutely no Idea about what happened and trust me if I were to be there, I’d beat the hell out of the pervert who chose to take undue advantage while you were drunk.”
“I’m not upset with you Mergan.”
” Well, then you’re upset with me then.” Betsy said.
” I’m not upset with you Betsy but if you can, please don’t talk me into going to any parties with you again.” I dub the corner of my eyes with my fingertips and walked from them.
“Is that what you think of me?” Betsy asked.
“What?” I stopped but didn’t turn.
” You thought I would take you to a party and let something happened to you? Seriously am offended.”
” What are trying to say Betsy?”
” You didn’t kiss anyone. It almost happened but I came there on time.”
” Are you sure?” I asked.
” Yeah.”
Relieve washed over me but I I’m still disappointed in myself.
“So can I drop you now?”
I shook my head. ” No”
“Come on, don’t act stubborn.” He walked ahead of me out of the dorm.
I was glad to see the empty hallway because I know am a mess. I probably look like a zombie.
I promise myself not to go to any party again. I almost kissed a stranger and the next I’d be doing more horrible things.
We drove in silence and when we got to my hostel, I got out and rushed to my door.
Am glad Mergan didn’t follow.
When I got in, I had my bath and wore a lose dress before laying back in bed.
I don’t feel like doing anything, I just want to cuddle up in bed. I miss my mum.
I picked my phone to call her and her call came in that instant.
I smiled , “hi mum, i was about call you. I miss you.”
“Me too darling. Tell me, are you comfortable? Are you okay?”
” Yes mum, tell me, how’s everyone?”
” We’re all fine, just missing you. Marion might come see you on Sunday.”
” Oh wow, am glad. I can’t wait to see him. Infact I would love if you all came.”
” We planned on coming the following week, your dad and I have something to do tomorrow. We’re sorry.”
” Don’t worry mum.”
” Why don’t we make a video call? I want to see Betsy as well. Where’s she?”
There’s no way I would be having video call with mum and she won’t notice my disheveled look. So I’d rather give an excuse.
“Betsy isn’t here, I will call you when she comes.”
” Alright.”
Mum started telling me about the bussiness and their new plans and projects.
I chip in here and there and made some suggestions of which she was proud of.
She said a new jewelry company has been established in Africa and it was doing great and also Grandpa Nicholas was also thinking of extending his business to all part of countries.
Mum’s dad which is my Granny deals solely in minerals such as Gold and diamonds. He has thirty percent investors who invest in it and seventy percent of Jewelers who buy it from all over the world. He also own a mine. Mum being a big time famous jeweler also buys most of the minerals for her jewel making from Granny’s company. It was quite easy because she was the CEO.
Apart from mum being the owner or the temporal manager of MD jewelries,( I said temporal because it’s mine and named after me.) she also owns a leading boutique in California and Australia. She’s also the CEO of Granny’s company. But in actually sense, mum said she’s only managing MD jewelries for me because she said am the actual owner so yes, I own a big company which was known world wide.
My dad is a business man and even though he also wants me to take over, I don’t want to. I just want to manage mum’s bussiness so that Marion also takes Dad’s.
With my dad’s multi billion company, mum’s jewelry company and Grandpa’s company, we make the Dominguez empire! And am entitled to it all. I hold the biggest share.You can now imagine my responsibilities.
Remember, all our companies can be located in every country. We stretch.
Am not boasting but we’re currently the second richest influential and affluent family in the whole world.
I worth more than you can imagine
Mum went on talking about bussiness which started to bore me but I have to pretend to be listening so I reply with ‘yes’ and ‘okays’
I removed the phone from my ear when there was an incoming call.
It was Shane.
He must be here already.
I got up from my bed and searched for something nice to wear.
“Mum, I’ll call you later, I have something to attend to. I love you.” I rushed my words and drop the call.
I called Shane.
” I’m outside your hostel.”
“What? You’re not lying are you..?” I stopped when I heard a soft knock on my door.
” Are you the one knocking?”
“Okay, give me a minute.” I dropped the call and pull my loose dress off.
I thought we’ll be meeting at some cafe when he comes. I wasn’t expecting him at my doorstep.
I opened my closet and picked a knee length jumpsuit. I brushed my hair back and held it high. I threw my previous clothes into the laundry basket and checked myself in the mirror. I look okay. Just that I looked a bit sick and tired but I’ll try to smile often to conceal it. The jumpsuit also looked good on me.
My breath hitched as I opened the door to see the tall figure whose back was facing me.
My breath got knocked right out of my lungs when he turned and looked at me.
Words can’t describe how charming he looked in his blue jeans and a white shirt which was worn under a brown jacket with brown boots. His face was out of this world, he’s handsome just like Novan. Even more handsome than the last time I saw him.
Seeing him is like seeing Novan without his cockiness, tattoos and piercings.
“Would you let me in or we’ll just stand and look at each other.”
His voice draws me out of the trance his looks has gotten me into. I opened the door wide and let him in.
“Don’t blame me, it’s been months after all. Seeing you now just..”
” Reminds you of Novan huh?”
” Oh not at all, well you guys look alike so am bound to think of him when I see you.”
” So you miss him then”
” Yeah and I missed you too.”
” Am jealous, you shouldn’t be missing him. Miss me alone.”
I laughed at his words as I walked to my fridge to get him something.
“That’s my favorite sound.” He said.
“I missed hearing you laugh.”
I didn’t know what was say to that but I’d admit that am flattered and I haven’t heard him laugh before too. Well not real laugh.
He barely laugh or smile. I can’t remember the last time he laughed or smiled widely.
I poured him a juice and turned to walk to him but bumped into him. I didn’t know he was close to me and I guess he didn’t expect I’d make a movement so quick. The drink poured and stained his white shirt.
“Am sorry.”
“Don’t worry, just show me the bathroom.”
“Okay.” I showed him and he disappeared into it.
I took my phone and ordered a similar shirt from one of mum’s nearby boutique.
“Are you done yet?” I inquired from the door after some minutes.
“Yeah but my shirt is stained, I can’t wear it and I can’t come out shirtless.” The door muffled his voice.
” Just come, I’ve ordered a shirt for you but in the meantime, I’ll try not to look at you.”
” Promise?”
” Yeah.”
The door creaked open and he came out with his jacket wrapped around his torso tightly. I could see how prominent his muscles were. The jacket flipped a little above his waist showing a skin and something else, it looks like a green colour.
“You promised not to look.” He reminded and I looked away.
” Yeah yeah, am just curious. It seems as if there’s something under your jacket that you don’t want me to see.” I said and watched his eyes widened a bit.
“I’m not hiding anything. I just happen to have a sexy body and ladies can’t help falling for me anytime they sees it. I don’t want you to fall a victim.” He said in a dramatic shrill voice.
” Let me see it, am sure I won’t fall for you.” I just wanted to confirm what I saw.
“Nope. That’s what they all say but end up falling.”
“All?” I asked.
” Just let me see it. I don’t have any amorous intentions so I won’t fall.”
” Alright but bear it in mind that once you see it, you’ll officially become my girlfriend.”
” What?”
” Yes dear, why do you look shocked? am I not good enough for you?”
Shane is more than good. He’s handsome, lively and what? I don’t really know much about him.
“Do we have to kiss when I become your girlfriend?” I hope am not considering the idea of being his girlfriend.
“People kiss all the time Mariana and couples do more of it so yes, we will kiss.”
” Mum told me that we only kiss people we love and that a kiss also means I love you.”
” That’s an ancient idea you got there Mariana.”
” Does that mean you kiss people you don’t love?”
” Kiss is a kiss, I don’t overthink it.” He replied.
I don’t want to think that he also go about kissing people for kissing sake. The thought alone disgust me.
“So would you see it now and become my girlfriend?” He looked down at his torso.
I wanted to give him a snarky jovial comeback but my phone suddenly rings. It was a call from the boutique which means his shirt is in.
“A minute.” I slipped my foot into my slippers.
“Where are you going?”
“Going to get something outside.”
” Outside? Don’t you think you should change first?”
” Why? Is something wrong with my outfit?”
His eyes roamed my body then he spoke. “People are going to look”
His voice was barely audible but I heard it anyway.
“Nothing, you should go.” He gave me a lip tight smile.
I nodded.
“Wait!” He said when I turned the knob.
I turned to him with the look that says ‘what again?’
“What are you going to get outside?” He asked as he took a step towards me.
” Your shirt… I ordered it.” I replied. He’s acting strange.
“I’ll go get it, you just stay in here okay?.”
Before I could protest, he has snatched my phone and was out of the door, shutting the door behind him.
I looked through the pinhole and saw him let go of his jacket as he walked to the delivery man who was some feet away from my door.
He talked to the man for some minutes before he was handed the shirt then right there and then, he got his jacket off and slipped the shirt over his head after tossing the bag somewhere.
Some ladies who were around all gasped, I could only see half his back through the tiny hole but I gasped as well, talk of those who saw his front that he was denying from seeing. I didn’t know he was this muscular.
I wonder where the ladies came from, this is a damn private hostel just for me so why are they lurking around?
And why wouldn’t he show me but chose to show it outside where everyone could see freely whereas mine was with a condition?.
I hope he’s not hiding anything from me. Well I don’t see any reason why he would so I must as well kick that thought out.
{That changed everything ✓}
I lost control over my mind when I saw the ladies making their way to him. My legs moved on their own accord and within a second, I was beside him.
He smiled to the ladies and grab my wrists and marched me inside.
“I told you not to come out.” He said and closed the door.
” Why did you have to show your chest to those ladies?”
” I didn’t show it to them, it just happened. ”
” Alright. ” I don’t even know why I was arguing with him about that.
“Why don’t we go out somewhere? Let’s go have some fun.”
” Where?” I asked.
” Anywhere. I really don’t know where you’d like to go. Maybe the park or something or we can just walk.”
To be honest, I’ve visited the park on countless times and I don’t really want to go but since it’s with Shane, I don’t mind going.
“Let’s go to the park then, that will be fun.” I grinned.
“Okay but you still have to change.” He said and looked at me.
What’s his problem with my dress?
“Fine.” I went to my closet and took a denim shorts, a tube top and a checkered shirt.
I went to the washroom and changed into them.
I came back and brush my hair, letting it fall at my back. I applied a little makeup then wore a white sneaker. I stood in front of the mirror and took in my appearance.
On my neck was two gold necklace and two diamond lockets. My earrings were pure diamonds given to me by granny
I had three bracelets on both my wrist and a silver ring on my pinky.
“I’m ready.” I said and stood in front of him.
His eyes roamed my body for some seconds then he nodded.
The drive to wherever he was taking me was silent. I know we I agreed to go to the park with him but the route his taking will definitely not lead us to a park.
“Your mum, she said you went to England.”
“Yeah.” He nodded.
“What did you do there?”
“It was urgent so I had to.” He replied with eyes focused on the road.
I realized he hasn’t answered my question but let it slide.
“So do you intend on coming to ANU?”
“I don’t know yet. I’m still at home for now.” He shrugged.
I nodded and started to think of my next question to ask.
“I’ve only seen your mum so where’s the rest of your family? ”
” You’ll get to know as time goes.”
Again, he didn’t answer my question.
“Okay. So..”
“Don’t tell me you still want to ask another question.” He moved his eyes to me. “Quit it. It’s boring. ”
Did I just hear him sound like an irritated Novan? If there’s something i know very well about Novan, then it’s his deslike for my inquisitiveness.
He focused back on the road. “You ask so many questions.” He breathed.
” You just sounded like him.” I revealed.
” Who?”
“Novan.” I stated. ” You know, he also thinks i ask too much questions.”
“I agree with him. You never seem to run out of questions!.” He exclaimed.
” Well, then there’s no difference between you too like i thought.” I said and looked out. I looked back to my watch.
We’ve been driving for two hours now and the road seem strange.
“Alright but where are we going? It doesn’t look like the road to the park.”
” I changed my mind. We ain’t going to the park.”
“Then?” I asked.
Then the car came to a stop.
I looked around nervously. The place looked deserted and there was no one in sight and there was a lot of sand as well.
“Where have you brought me Shane?” I asked nervously.
” You’re getting nervous for no reason. I didn’t bring you here to kill you.” He chuckled and took my hand.
“Come , I want to show you something.”
” What? ”
” Just come. ” I followed him as we walked in the sand which swallows my foot at each step. Thank God I wore some sneakers.
It was difficult walking in it and I got fed up at pulling my feet each time from the sand. My eyes was down throughout.
I looked at him and he seemed okay.
“Are we not there yet?” I asked.
“We’re almost..”
“And we’re here.” He said after a few more steps.
I looked up to see a Red And Black 80 Kmph ATV Motorcycle.
“Welcome to Simpson Desert. The best desert ever in Australia!” He said loudly with arms stretched apart.
” And here’s my baby. He’s ready for adventure.” He parted the four tyre motorcycle.
What is so special about this place anyway? It’s warm out here. It would’ve been worse if we weren’t in winter season.
“How did this thing get here and how did you discover this place? Don’t you think it’s a bit dangerous?”
” You’ve started again with your many questions.” He said and moved to sit on it.
He moved a shade and put it on then he put the key into ignition.
I looked around once again and got proud of what I chose to wear. The denim knicker is short and with my small top and shirt over it, it was just perfect. I just hope that I remain safe. I didn’t even tell anyone that I was out here.
” Will you come or you want to use the entire time to make up your mind?”
” Coming.” I sat behind him.
” Are you okay? Can we go now?”
” Yeah,” I nodded. It feels good sitting on it than I thought earlier.
The motor roared to life and we were soon moving on the sandy area.
The area was quite big and much to my surprise we were not the only one around.
As we moved forward, I saw similar motorcycles with couples sitting on it.
I even recognized some from from school while the rest looked like tourists. I guess am also among the tourist.
“Would you like to ride us?” He asked.
“Huh? I can’t.” I refused.
” Are you scared?”
” Not at all. You know this is my first time here and I haven’t handled a motor before. But hey, I won’t mind if you want to get buried under this sand after I’ve successfully tumbled us with the motorcycle.” I giggled.
He laughed and stopped the motorcycle.
He took my hand once more and help me to get off the motorcycle.
“There’s something else I’d like to show you.”
” Just come with me.” He smiled widely. “You’ll love it, I promise.”
{That changed everything ✓}
” Just come with me.” He smiled widely. “You’ll love it, I promise.”
It was nice seeing him smile. I’m mesmerized.
After walking for some five minutes, we stopped in front of a spring pool.
“Wow!” The water was clear so clear. I can even see my reflection in it.
I quickly got my shoes off and sat on the big stones surrounding it. With my feet dangling above it, I lowered it into the water. It was warm. I feel like swimming.
“Why didn’t you tell me there’ll be something like this? I would’ve brought a swimsuit.”
He was still standing at where I left him with his dipped in his pocket.
“What are you standing there for? Come have a look at the water.”
” You like it?” He asked when he came to me.
” I do Shane. I’ve always loved to swim, it was one of my hobbies when I was in Palau.” I gushed in excitement.
” I knew you’d like it. It is such a nice place.” He sat beside me on the rock after taking off his boot.
My legs sank into the crystal clear water then felt something prick my feet a little.
I shrieked and brought my feet to the surface. “Are there some creatures in it?”
“Yeah, there are small fishes in there.”
I withdraw my feet completely.
“Don’t worry, they’re harmless. It will just tickle you a little.”
” You sound like you’ve been here so many times.”
” I do come here a lot. It’s quite deep so yeah, I swim sometimes.”
” Oh wow.” I returned my feet back into the water.
” Are you sure my feet won’t be chopped off by those fishes?”
“Nope. Just watch.” He rolled the tip of his trousers to the knee then dipped it into the water. When he raised his feet again, i was awed when I saw an aquarium fish.
It was beautiful.
“See? They don’t harm.” He said and threw it back into the water.
“This is incredibly awesome.”
“Yeah. And that’s not all. ” He said as, flapping his feet into the water and making loud splashes.
I looked at him. “What else?”
“Come closer to me.” He shifted on his rock, creating a space for me.
” What?”
” Just come.”
I moved to his rock and sat. His rock was smaller than mine so our bodies touched when I sat.
“Let your feet touch the water.” He instructed.
“How’s this possible?” I shouted when I feel the water so cold. At where I sat the water was warm but his was so cold.
He chuckled showing his fine white dentine. His tooth is so beautiful. I can stare at it the whole day. And how his face brightens with cuteness each time he made to smile, I can stare for a year without getting tired. He looks just like Novan but he’s calm and sweet while Novan is just wild and crazy.
“The water temperature varies around the pool so if you’re getting too hot at one place, you can swim to the other. Like here.” He explained.
” I can’t wait to swim here Novan. I really can’t wait.”
” I see. You’re with me but you’re thinking of him.”
” What? What are you saying?”
” You just mentioned his name.”
” Did I? Am sorry. I just missed him and you guys look almost the same. I can’t be with you and not think of him. I just wish he’d forget about everything and forgive me. I want things to come back to normal and I swear, I won’t complain if he gets rude and fight with me. I’d do anything just to see him shout and yell at me again. I really do miss him.” I sounded emotional.
“You really wanna see him?”
I nodded.
“Are you not just interesting Mariana. You wanna see that person who insulted you for just some honest mistake you did.”
” I wronged him Shane. And he has every right to get angry and yell at me. I deserve whatever he said and did that day.”
” You have a big heart then. I’m sure he’ll show up someday because he can’t do without you as much as you can’t also. I’m sure he’s missing you wherever he is now so cheer up.” He fetched a handful of the water and splashed it in my face.
“He’s probably feeling bad for what he said to you and is embarrassed to approach so that’s he hasn’t come yet. But he will.” He smiled and splashed another water.
” Are you sure?” I asked.
“Yeah, am sure.” He picked a pebble and threw it into the water.
“Go to your place.” He nudged me playfully.
“No I won’t. I like it here.” I adjusted myself properly. ” I like how cold the water feels on my skin.”
” Hey, you’re being stubborn. I’d splash you water.” He threatened.
” Is not like I can’t do some.”
” Oh really? Challenging?”
Before I could reply, my face got splashed.
I fetched some to splash but he ducked.
“That’s cheating.”
I tried another and it hit him. I have a feeling I was able to because he allowed it.
He splashed unexpectedly on my face and I had to close my eyes for sometime. When I opened, a something flashed in my face. His hands quickly went behind him.
“What are you hiding?” I raised arched an eyebrow.
He shook his head.
” I know you’re hiding something. Please show it to me.”
He brought his hand from the back with his phone in it. His face was flushed in embarrassment.
In order to make him feel better I smiled. “Snap me.”
“You sure?” He grinned.
“Yeah.” I grinned back as he took the pic.
“Your turn.” I said after a couple of pictures.
“Me? No no. I don’t do pics.”
“That’s not fair. You can at least take one with me.”
” No.”
” Please.” I whined.
” Alright, just one.” He gave me the phone. “You take it.”
I switched on the selfie mode and snapped. He wasn’t smiling but it was cute. He looked away after the first one but I took it anyway.
My arms went around his neck naturally. He was surprised and tensed.
I captured his surprised face. It was the best posture.
“It’s okay.” He snatched the phone and put it back in his pocket.
” You should send them to me.”
“I will.” He nodded.
I moved my hand from his neck.
” Can I ask you a question?”
“Of course. Whatever you want to ask.” I responded.
“Do you miss him..I mean Novan like you said? Did you mean what you said?”
“Yes, why do you ask.”
” So everything will be alright once he comes? You’ll forgive him?” He looked at me, his eyes pleading.
” You’re acting strange now. I don’t hold any grudge against Novan. Am just a little mad that he took Nervisa from me that’s all.”
” Oh great!”
” Yeah,but you didn’t tell me why you asked.”
“Just wanted to know.”
The next thirty minutes was spent chatting about everything while playing with the water. We left after I complained of hunger. Yeah, am really hungry. I haven’t taken anything since I woke up. I even forgot I was having a headache when he came. I guess it disappeared.
It was almost dark when we got to town. We went to a restaurant on our way and had a meal.
I was completely exhausted when he dropped me. I just want to have a bath and sleep. Thank God we ate something on the way.
“Thanks Shane. I had a wonderful time with you.”
” My pleasure.”
I nodded and stood awkwardly. Is there something needed to be done or I should just go.
“Hope there’s a next time for us?”
“Yeah of course. You still have to take me back to swim in that spring. It will be fun.”
” Yeah I will.” He replied and stepped closer, his hands on my hips then leans into me.
“Goodnight.” He whispered and brushed his lips on my cheeks then he was gone.
” Goodnight.” I mumured even though he has left already and placed my palm to where he kissed.
{That changed everything ✓}
“Where from you Mariana?”
“I went somewhere.” I got my shoes off and placed it on the rack. ” With Shane.”
“You didn’t tell me he was around and where did he take you?”
My eyes snapped to her. She’s still talking to me normally despite our little fight. Well, she’s my friend.
“I didn’t know he’ll be here so sudden. I wasn’t expecting him either.” I replied and walked into the bathroom.
” Have you taken something already?” Her voice travels with me to the washroom.
“Yeah, you wanna cook something?” I asked and went under the shower.
” Thought we could make something together.” She said. That’s what she says all the time but I end up making the meal alone while she just sit and chat me.
” Meaning you haven’t taken anything?”
“I have but I got hungry waiting for you.”
“There’s food in the kitchen.”
I’m well aware that she doesn’t eat out because of her terrible allergies but I can’t cook now.
“Well Megan and I finished it up.”
” What? You don’t mean it! Well you can just order something. I’m so tired, I can’t go to the kitchen. You shouldn’t have allowed Megan eat some.” I scolded and turned the shower off.
“Remind me to teach you how to cook next time.” She threw my towel to me and I caught it.
” I thought so too.” She replied.
“So what do you wanna take?” I wrapped the towel on me after I was dried.
“Anything the chef will make!” She clasped her hands together, smiling.
I threw my nightie on and walked to the kitchen. When I was with Toby, I was the one who does the cooking so yes, I can cook.
I tied the apron around my body then went for flour and other ingredients I’ll need to make chocolate chip cookies. I know Betsy likes it a lot especially when their hot and granny Victoria was the one who thought me how you bake a cookie.
“Should I make you some coffee?” I asked after setting the timer.
” Hot chocolate.”
I nodded.
Within some minutes, the cookies were ready so I made two cups of hot chocolate for us.
“I’m done.” I dropped the apron and carried the freshly baked cookies while she took the cup of chocolates.
“I wonder what will become of me if you ever break up with me.” She said and stuffed the cookies into her mouth.
” I guess you’ll die of hunger and trust me, it will be soon.” I blew air on my hot chocolate.
” Huh? What are you saying?”
“You got yourself a bunch of weird friends and you didn’t tell me. How could you Betsy?”
” They’re not weird like you think Mariana. You’ll love them if you get to know them. They’re nice.”
” So you love them and you’ve started singing them praises too. Why would you get a new friend Betsy? Not even friend but friends! Am I no longer enough for you?” I emptied my cup and dropped it on the tray.
“Whoa! What are you saying?”
“What am saying is that you’re going to neglect me for them.”
” Oh come on, I will still make time for you.”
” That’s what I don’t want! I don’t wanna share my friend with anyone. It’s not even two they’re many. ” i whined and slumped on the couch.
” Are you getting jealous?”
“I already am.”
I watched her carry the tray to the kitchen.
” How can you ever think I’d leave you? I love you Mariana and you’re the best.” She sat beside me and I placed my head on her lap.
” Then why go for them? They’re not even decent. Their rude and.. and.. ugly.”
She burst into laughter. “Really ?”
” Yeah, stop going to them. You and I are just perfect for each other don’t you think?”
” Yes but..”
” No but. You’ll stay away from them won’t you?” I got up and looked at her. I really can’t see Betsy spending time with them to instead of me.
“You’re such a jealous freak!” She pulled at my cheeks playfully. ” I’mma gonna try.”
I relaxed back on her lap but her next question got me upstanding.
“Have you seen Novan yet?”
“What? No. Have you? Where did you see him?” I breathed.
” Relax, I didn’t see him but I just thought I did sometime back.”
” You spoke as if you really saw him.” I got up and start to walk to my bedroom.
“If he was really the one I saw, then I swear he’ll come knocking at your door soon. Maybe he hasn’t come because he doesn’t know where you are at the moment.” She followed me.
Shane said similar.
“Alright. I’m going to bed now. Goodnight.” I got under the duvet and shut my eyes, waiting for sleep to consume me.