✍️✍️✍️✍️ The Kiss Episode 26 - 30 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

{That changed everything ✓}
“What happened to the *mind your damn business* campaign I’ve been preaching? ”
I looked down to my feet and when I raised my head to say something, I couldn’t say anything.
His eyes were soft but mean.
“I’m… Sorry.. I was just… Just leaving.” I dropped the broom and walked to the couch where I placed my phone and car key.
I grabbed it forcefully and held it too tightly.
I felt something prick me then blood started dripping from my palm.
I opened my palm and realized that I picked my items together with a piece of glass.
I winced quietly and hid my hand behind my back after removing the glass.
When I got to the door, he paved way for me to pass but he suddenly pulled me back.
“You’re bleeding.” He whispered then took the hand I was hiding from him.
“Let me see.” He demanded.
“Why do you care?” I snatched my hand from his.
“Because.. I.. I..” he tried to say.
Say it Novan. Say that you care and you didn’t mean any of those things you said to me.
“Fine.” He said after battling with himself for awhile.
“You can go!” He got into the room and closed it.
I walked to my car and got in. I took a tissue and wiped the blood that wouldn’t stop flowing.
It was hurting so much so I drove home with one hand.
Betsy called when I got into my room and hugged me.
“What happened to your palm?” She asked when he saw blood on my hand.
“Please, clean it for me.” I pleaded and went to sit.
He rushed out and came back with the first aid kit.
He took me to the washroom and let the tap water run on it.
“It’s a deep cut. What happened?” She asked worriedly.
“It was a glass.” I answered simply.
She disinfected it and bandaged it neatly for me.
“Thanks” I muttered and laid on my bed.
“Have you taken something?”
I shook my head.
She signed and got out. I used that time to take my shoes off.
After a while she returned with a tray filled with varieties of my favorite meals.
“Should I feed you?”
“Oh come on Betsy, am not sick and neither am I baby.”
I laughed and began to eat.
” Do you mind talking now?” She asked after I’ve finished eating
I knew it will come to this. Betsy and I haven’t gisted for a week now and with how strange I’ve been acting, it’s obvious she has a lot of unanswered questions to be answered by me.
I tap on the bed ” Am exhausted. Let’s sleep for a while. I’ll tell you when we wake up.”
She understood and laid beside me. It didn’t take long before I slept off.
When I woke, it was 9pm.
I looked around for Betsy and saw her sitting behind my study desk.
“Hey, sleeping beauty. You’re awake.”
“Yeah!” I rubbed my eyes and went to the washroom.
I took my bath and wore fresh nightie.
“How are you feeling?”
“Better.” I replied and sat on the bed.
” First of all Betsy, am sorry for how I acted towards you. I’m really sorry.”
” It’s nothing. I didn’t take it to heart. And am not interested in the apology, tell me the real stuff” she got up.
I started telling her everything from the scratch and she listened with rapt attention.
“Wow! A lot has happened and you kept it all from me.” She said after I was done.
I sighed and examined my bandaged hand. Mum is going to freak out when she sees it.
“I must admit, i knew that Novan had a sister but I just didn’t get the opportunity to see her for myself. I won’t judge you because I knew you didn’t have bad intentions and as for Novan, he’s just reacting to what he’s seen and heard and for that I won’t judge him because he said all those harsh words out of anger.
I’m sure he’ll come begging once everything settles and his sister is back to her feet. But as for that Aria! I won’t spare her. She should consider herself a dead meat the day she’ll mistakenly cross my path. How dare her blame you for what you haven’t done?” Betsy huffed angrily.
“What are you saying? He’s just saying what she saw.”
“Don’t tell me you’re defending her! Have you thought of who kidnapped her in the first place ? You said you dropped her off right?” She asked.
” Yes I did but then…”
” That’s it Mariana. That girl must’ve followed you or something and the moment she got the chance, she decided to use it against you.” She snapped her fingers.
“So what are you trying to say Betsy?”
” She’s the one who kidnapped the poor girl.” She said bluntly.
“How did you know?” I asked.
“Because I saw her!”
” What!” I exclaimed and sat upright.
” Yes Mariana. Do you remember I wanted to talk to you the other day?”
“I wanted to tell you that I saw Aria with a girl and that we should stalk her to sew her intentions but you didn’t give me the chance.”
” Oh Lord! You don’t mean it.”
“I mean it, I wished I’d seen Novan’s sister before then I would’ve recognized her when I saw her in Aria’s car. But I have no evidence to prove that she’s guilty so we’ll let it slide for now.”
” I’d like if Novan realizes the truth himself. I just can’t believe he believed that i could do such a thing.” I felt sad when I recalled everything again.
” What do you mean you don’t believe. You guys barely trusted each other the last time I checked. Wait! Don’t tell me you guys have started getting romantic with each other.”
” You’re mad!” I laughed and threw my pillow at her.
“There. You laughed. You were about to get emotional again.”
I made a pouty face. ” You’re right Betsy. I get sad when I remember everything but you made me smile. I guess I’ll have to fuck with you until everything settles even though you can be annoying as hell sometimes.”
” My bad! I guess you have to adjust then. Poor you. ” She made a funny fish face and I couldn’t help laughing more.
“Come here Betsy.” I opened my arms and she embraced me.
” You know I love you right?”
” Yes and I love you too but enough of the pampering. We have to learn for tomorrow’s paper.” She walked to my desk and sat.
” Well you can learn if you want to but am going back to bed.” I threw myself on the bed and covered myself.
“Yeah, you can sleep all you want. I forgot that you’re a brainiac.”
” Goodnight Betsy.”
” All the best princess.” Dad said and hugged me.
” All the best sweetheart.” Mum hugged and kissed me.
” Good luck my first lady.” Granny Nicholas hugged me.
” May God be with you dear.” Great granny, Victoria said and placed a kiss on my forehead.
“All the best my super woman.” Toby said and we fist bumped”
I have quite a dramatic family. They’re behaving as if this was my first time Writing an exam.
“Okay , am going. ” I waved them as left.
And oh, my mum did freak out when he saw my bandaged hand.
I picked Betsy from her house and together we went to school.
I wore a black leggings with a crop top and sneakers. Betsy also wore the same thing but it was all white while mine was all black.
Once I stepped down from my car and got to my school’s large gate, I realized that it has been decorated.
“What’s the occasion?” I asked Betsy and looked up.
It was written YOU’RE WELCOME OUR QUEEN. (M. D)
Just then, rose petals began to rain on me.
The students must’ve done this. They knew I’ll be coming to school today.
I held Betsy’s hand and we walked into the compound. There was posters of my pictures and note all around the campus.
All eyes were on me from far and near.
Most of the students feared me for no reason or maybe it’s because of my status.
Those who were bold enough said ‘hi(s) and hello(s).
I waved them while I walked to my main class.
I kept looking around for Novan but all I saw anytime I turned are my pictures which were being posted all around.
“Are you looking for Novan?” Betsy nudged me.
” Who else?” I replied.
“Please the principal will like to see you.” A junior said and run away.
” He should’ve waited so I could send him back to the principal.” I sneered.
” For what?”
” To tell him that am not coming or am busy and that I’ll come when I’m done.” I replied and chewed my gum calmly.
{That changed everything ✓}
The days went by quickly than i thought but felt long since I couldn’t see Novan.
He only appears at the exams hall, write and leave immediately.
It was Friday so once my paper was over, I waited for Novan to complete so I can talk to him.
After an hour, their paper came to an end and he walked out hastily with long strides.
I knew i wouldn’t be able to stop him so I took another passage which led me straight to the parking lot.
In no time, he arrived and once he was about to open the door, I jumped in front of the door.
“Move!” He growled.
“We need to talk Novan.”
“There’s nothing to talk about so please move out of my way.” He looked everywhere else but me.
” How long do you intend to keep this grudge between us Novan? I said I was sorry.”
” Don’t annoy me Mariana.” He pushed me from the door.
” And please you should stop coming around me, I hate it.”
” What makes you think that I keep coming around you because I enjoy doing so?” I flared. Novan is taking this too far. How long does he wants me to keep apologizingto before he forgives me?
Scratch that, I don’t want him to forgive me anymore. I just want to see Nervisa that’s all.
He was taken aback a little by my outburst.
“Then why do you keep coming?”
“Because I just wanted to know how nervisa is faring and if possible see her.” I begged.
“Don’t you get tired of hearing the same response all the time? Forget Nervisa, you’ll never see her! ” He was about to get into his classic car but I pulled him by his jacket.
“Do your worse Novan, but get this straight, I’ll see Nervisa at all cost and you can’t do anything to stop me!” I glared at him and let go of his jacket.
I expected him to shout in my face or do worse but he just smirked and left.
I didn’t mean the words I said earlier, i just wanted to rattle him a little but as you can see, he didn’t fall for it.
But why’s Novan being so difficult? I’ve been trying to speak with him throughout this week but somehow, I always manage to meet his absence and today when I thought we could talk, he left.
I have no idea what to do anymore, am dying to know how Nervisa is faring and above all, I miss Novan.
Yeah,you heard me right.
I missed how he teases me at any chance he gets and always want to fight with me.
Well ever since I started this school Novan and I have never had a decent conversation before but we constantly banter, fight and bicker among ourselves.
Even though we weren’t offering the same courses but he’ll just come around my class and piss me but now the tables has turn.
I was the one chasing him now and even though I didn’t plan for it to piss him, it did anyway.
I can’t remember a single day where I’ll come to school and not encounter Novan’s uncharacteristi
cally narcissism.
I wish we could go back to those times and I wish Nervisa didn’t get sick then maybe Novan and I won’t be this way.
Just when we decided to tolerate each other a little by being friends, things have to change.
“Did you guys get to talk?” Betsy asked.
“When did you get here?” I looked around. I realized that I’ve been standing at the same spot Novan left me.
” Just now.”
“Did you guys talk?” She repeated.
“No, he was being a jerk as usual.”
” So what will you do now?”
” He left me with no choice so am going to get a private investigator to find out where Nervisa is.”
” Alright, I believe Nervisa will be fine.”
” You believe?”
” Yeah.”
” Alright let’s get going.” We walked to my car and drove home.
It’s been another week and I wrote my last paper today. Betsy completed hers yesterday together with Novan so I was the only one left behind.
I walked hastily out of the campus to the parking lot where my car was. I was about to get in when I spotted Mason, Novan’s friend with another two.
“Hey.” I called and he said something to his friends before walking to me.
“Hi Mariana.”
“I was wondering if you know where Novan will be at the moment?”
“Novan? He travelled yesterday. Didn’t he tell you? Or sorry, I guess you guys are still fighting.”
” He travelled? To where?” My mouth hanged open.
” He didn’t tell us but I think it has to do with Nervisa and besides, Novan has always planned to leave once he complete highschool.” He explained.
” Do you know when he’ll come back?”
“I don’t know but maybe he might come for the graduation which is next weekend.”
” Alright thanks.” I got into my car and drove away.
The private investigator I hired told me that Nervisa’s condition is still the same and that there hasn’t been any improvement.
And since my encounter with Novan in the parking lot which of course didn’t end well, we haven’t crossed path again.
I thought I could try and work things out again since our exams are over but only to be met with yet another bad news.
Why would he leave? I hope he’ll come back for the graduation.
The rest of my week before the graduation was spent at work with my parents.
And when it was finally Saturday which was our graduation, I was with high spirit as Betsy and I drove to the campus.
I can’t believe I was out of high school for real.
And I really can’t wait to go to the university where I will be majoring in English.
I was glad when my parents permitted me to study what I like instead of the business education they suggested for me in highschool.
During the mentioning of names for the collection of our diploma certificates, I waited in anticipation to hear Novan’s name and see him but sadly, his name got mentioned three times and he didn’t show up.
I was shattered. This was my last hope of seeing him.
I wonder if I’ll see him and Nervisa again.
While I was driving home, i decided to call Shane.
Shane has been supportive during this whole fiasco but we only talk on phone.
I decided not to call him instead give him a surprise visit. I haven’t seen him for weeks now. Maybe when I see him I’ll be relaxed and forget about Novan for a while.
I plan on apologizing to him then he’ll act as Novan and forgive me. So ridiculous but I think I’ll be at peace since both look alike.
I pulled over in his compound, walked to the door and rang the bell.
Shane’s mum opened the door with a wide smile.
“Hey Mariana” she beamed.
“Hi.” I smiled back.
“Come in please.” She offered.
I stood on my tippy toes and looked behind her.
“Please can you call Shane for me?”
“Shane? He’s not around.”
” He’s not around? Where did he go?” I asked as my pulse quickened.
” He left after his exam to England. I’m sorry, I thought he told you.”

” No don’t worry, he actually did but I forgot.” Tears brimmed my eyes as I took a step back.
Why would Shane leave without telling me and yet he’s been calling me constantly.
What is wrong with him? Does he not consider me as a friend?
Has he been pretending all this while that he cared?
“I’m sorry but I’ll leave now.”
She nodded quietly.
I ran to my car and drove off.
” Congratulations princess.” Dad said when I arrived home.
“Thanks Dad.” I answered as I walked to my room.
“So have you decided on the university you’ll like to go?” Mum asked.
“No, anyone would do. ” I replied.
I’m no longer interested in choosing the best University of my choice. Mum and dad can do that.
“I thought you said we’ll attend Megan’s college and now what?” Betsy confronted when I got in.
” You can go if you want to. Am not stopping you am I ?” I snapped.
{That changed everything ✓}
” You can go if you want to. Am not stopping you am I ?” I snapped.
The moment the words left my mouth, I regretted instantly.
“Am sorry Betsy, I didn’t mean it that way.”
” It’s okay, so what’s wrong? Who pissed you?”
I signed and got my shoes off. I love Betsy, she doesn’t get mad easily like me and she always try to understand me.
” I just realized Shane also left.”
“So? Novan also left and you didn’t get this worked up.”
” That’s it Betsy, am mad at him because he was my friend and we were okay so what was the need to leave without telling me? At least Novan’s actions are justifiable.” I grumbled, throwing my shoes to hit the drawers.
“Easy, instead of being angry and overly aggressive why not give him a call?”
“You’re right.” I picked my purse and fetched my phone.
I tried dialing his number but it was unreachable.
I looked at Betsy and shook my head.
“I was wrong to think that he was different from Novan. The truth is both of them are punks.”
” I told you though. You know what Mariana, can I give you an advice? ”
” What? ”
” If you ever see Novan please do well to limit the fight and save your energy to know him instead. ”
” What do you mean by that? I’ll have to fight with him first and by the time I finish which am sure it’s going to take a decade, I’ll be more than exhausted to start acting miss detective. ” I was out of breath when I finished.
Betsy chortled in laughter.
“Well, that will only happen if he fight me back. Otherwise, i will just look like a lunatic fighting a sane person.” I added and joined her in laughter.
“But Really, if there’s something that I need to know then why not tell me?” I asked.
” Well I would’ve but I can’t..”
” You can’t? Tell me is someone perhaps threatening you.”
” Far from that, I’m actually having a great time watching how things are going but hey, I’ll alert you when things are somehow getting out of hand.”
” What? Are you guys planning to ambush me and get my head?”
” Come on, don’t be silly. Am actually just joking. I love how your face looks when you’re scared.”
” It’s really not funny Betsy, please don’t do that again. ”
” Alright, So do you still want mum and dad to choose your school? ” Betsy asked gently as if afraid that I’ll get angry.
” Well Betsy I.. ”
” Mariana won’t go to any other school other than mine. ”
My head snapped back and my eyes popped out when I saw Megan standing at the door with a wide smile.
“Megan?” I gasped and run to hug him but before I could do so, someone was already hugging him, Betsy.
“So when did you arrive?” I asked while they hugged.
Betsy stepped back and Megan walked fully into the room.
I’m still wondering what the hell was going on between this two.
When and how did they become this close?
I noticed how close they’ve grown during our prom celebration. I didn’t make much out of it because Betsy told me they were friends and I trust her.
“Just now.” He replied and engulfed me in a hug. ” And guess what, we’re on vacation.”
“Oh wow!”
I pulled back and took in his appearance. His gelled sandy blonde hair was combed back but leaving some to fall over his forehead almost covering his left eye.
His baby blue eyes twinkled in delight, his long full lashes stared at me without blinking .
His nose was straight and pointed and a cute smile tugged at the corners of his pink plumb lips, spreading his lips and revealing his snow white teeth.
He wore a simple black dress shirt and a dress pants but his look was breathtaking. He looked much handsome than the last time I saw him. And older, he looked 18 but he was yet to attain 17.
“Look at you Megan, you’re all grown.”
His face flushed as he smiled slightly.
” I changed my name.”
” What? You did?”
” Yeah, please call me Tyrone henceforth. You know how I feel about that name ”Megan’ ” he air quoted.
I know how he feels about that Megan name and he has wanted to change it long ago.
” Tyrone.” I whispered. “I’ll have to get used to it then but it will take time. I hope you won’t lose it if I forget to?”
” No. I knew it will take time.” He said and clicked his tongue.
” So as I was saying, you’ll be coming to my school?”
” Your school? I know i agreed sometime ago but what’s the name of your school again?”
” Washington state University.”
” What the hell? I never knew that was your school! I’m sorry I can’t come.”
” Why?”
” it’s far and my parents won’t allow because they can’t do without me and me neither.”
” Well, my parents also couldn’t leave without me but if they did, then what shows your family can’t? Remember your mom and mine are close friends and almost like siblings so it will be easy.” He convinced.
” I know but your parents are different from mine, I can’t think of leaving any of them..” I whine like a baby.
” Come on Mariana, just accept to come to my school and I’ll talk to your parents. I know they can’t deny you anything.”
” Yes but we shouldn’t take advantage of that.”
“Don’t be boring now, sweetheart. We could have a lot of fun together and I will fight off all the guys for you.”
” Seriously Meg.. Tyrone.” I laughed.
” Yeah, and I will protect you as well and above all flex and flaunt you around for all my friends to see. Trust me, it’s gon’ be fun.”
” Yes Mariana, just imagine all the good memories we could make” Betsy chipped in.
I even forgot that Betsy was around.
“Please darling.” Megan now Tyrone pouted.
I looked away.
“No. Meg.. Tyrone, sweet-talking me won’t help in changing my mind.”
” Pleasssssssse” he stressed childishly.
I won’t look at him, I knew I’d agree if if I dare look. He has that face that he always make when he wants something and no matter how good you’re at turning him down, you’ll fail.
“I said no…” I stopped when he came to stand in front of me intentionally.
” Okay..”
” Yay!” He picked me up and spin me around.
” Put me down Tyrone.” I laughed.
” Look I only said okay but that doesn’t mean I’ve decided. I still need time to think all this through okay?” I said when he put me back on my feet.
” Alright but don’t overthink it. Take all the time you will need but let it be positive.”
I rolled my eyes and chuckled.
” Okay, i haven’t gone to see my parents yet so am going home, see you later. ” He said.
” I’ll come with. I haven’t seen your parents in a while and am sure they will be missing me. Just wait and let me bath. I’ll be back in a jiffy. ” I rushed my words and ran to the washroom before he changes his mind.
” Don’t be in too much haste, I’ll be waiting right here for you so take all the time you’ll need to get dressed up. ” I heard his voice when I got into the bathroom.
I took in a sharp breath when Megan suddenly pulled me by the waist and crushed me against his chest the moment Mariana got into the bathroom.
“What are you doing?” I whispered.
“Getting close to my girl.” He whispered back and placed a kiss on my neck.
My stomach flutters anytime he calls me his girl but right now is not the time to do all this.
“Are you crazy, Mariana can come in anytime.”
“So?” He smirked.
” You don’t get it do you?”
” Nope, now kiss me. I’ve missed you so much that i have to come here when i didn’t see you at home.”
” You went to my home?” My heart skipped a beat.
I know I love Megan with my all however, I can’t help thinking of how our parents will react if they see us together. I fear if his rich parents will even approve of our relationship. And now he said he went to my home?
” Of course, i have to go through a lot to see you and now in order to see you often, I have to keep convincing that stubborn pretty friend of yours. I swear, she’s so difficult to convince. You know I don’t beg but I have to compromise for you so please give me a kiss now.” He begs quietly.
” No, I won’t. Just get away from me.” I pushed him back.
” What? What’s wrong with you?” He said through clenched teeth.
“Nothing but you sure have a problem else you wouldn’t come here without telling me first.”
” I just wanted to surprise you okay am glad you hugged me first even though I didn’t expect you to act so brave in front of Mariana.” He smirked and pulled me closer to him.
I didn’t plan to do that, it just happened and I really felt uncomfortable afterwards.
“Please Ty..”
“Oh wow, you even made a pet name out of my new name and I must say, it’s really nice but I will like to hear you moan it out when… ”
I closed my hand around his mouth before he could finish the sentence.
He chuckled and wrapped his arms around me.
“I love you Betsy, please do remember that always.” He raised my chin up and lowered his face to mine and our lips met, the moment I had dreamed of for so long.
I missed having his lips on mine. The kiss was brief and perfunctory yet filled with so much energy and passion.
He placed his hand on my waist and drew me closer, deepening the kiss.
As we parted I saw his eyes sparkle and lips curve up into a smile and I couldn’t help but smile back.
I placed my head on his chest as he held me tightly.
The bathroom door creaked and I quickly jumped away from him, pushing him aside.
“Hey am ready.” Mariana announced.
Oh God! I hope she didn’t see what we just did.
From the corner of my eyes, I could see Megan smiling at me with those lovely eyes of his.
He’s crazy, what if Mariana takes note of all that?
{That changed everything ✓}
# 4_months_later .
” Wow, I can’t believe there’s party outside campus today.” Betsy gushed as she scrolled through news feed on her phone.
I got up from where we sat together and sat on my bed.
“What day is today Betsy?”
“And what happens outside and inside campus on Friday? Parties right? So why make a lot of fuss about this one?” I rolled my eyes.
” This one will be splendid and spectacular, am sure. You can wear your hooded dress.”
” No thanks, I’ve attended those useless parties three times and it’s always the same. Same drunk people always doing foolish things including sucking each other’s faces; something I hate with passion” I pull a disgusted face.
” This one will be different, Mariana. Just give it a try.”
“No thanks. I’d rather curl up in bed and read my novels or sleep. If it’s none of that then count me out.”
Betsy’s obsession with parties this days is unbearable. We’ve barely spent a month in ANU and Betsy made it seem as if we’ve been here since last year.
Thanks to her and Megan, they’ve been able to convince my parents and got me admitted in Australian National University instead of Washington State University Megan had said earlier.
It happened that he was actually trying to pull our legs.
Australian National University (ANU) is Australia’s highest-ranked institution. And it is located in the country’s capital, Canberra.
It was a nice school and the environment was pretty enormous. I’m still trying to get used to it.
The good aspect is that, it’s not really far from home like I thought, just a two hour flight and five hours drive I think. I really thought Megan was schooling afar. It’s far though, but not like I thought.
Just like I’ve always wanted, I majored in English.
Mum wouldn’t stop shedding a few tears after she drop me here personally. I promise to call her three times daily.
I don’t blame her, ANU is quite far from home. She almost fainted when Megan told her that he’ll like me to attend his school and that was when he said it was in the United States.
I could’ve refused Megan and attend Queensland University which is closer to us. I could’ve stood my ground but I don’t know why I gave in to their demand and came all the way here. I’m missing my family a lot, especially mum and dad.
In order to make me comfortable, they got an expensive VIP hostel for me and had it fully furnished with everything I’ll ever need.
Betsy on the other hand got her own hostel as well which was not far from mine but we do sleep over a lot. Half of her wardrobe was in mine and vice versa.
Megan doesn’t stay on campus. He has an apartment not too far from campus. Betsy and I go there a lot. We do sleep there sometimes too.
Shane called after a month and explained everything to me. I didn’t want to talk to him but after series of apologies and explanations, I decided to forgive him but on the condition that he’ll come see me.
He agreed almost too quickly and said he’ll come see me tomorrow. I was surprised because he didn’t tell me he was back or not but I kept quiet and decided to ask him personally when he comes.
I really can’t wait to see him. Gosh I missed him a lot. I’d spend the rest of the day preparing to see him tomorrow than prepare for a useless party.
“So you want me to go alone?”
“If you wish.” I countered. I know she won’t go if I don’t .
” Come on, Mariana. It will be fun. Fine, I know you won’t like to partake but you can just come with me. You can wait somewhere and watch me dance. You know how good I am at dancing.” She persuaded.
Yes, I love to watch her dance and she knows it. Watching her dance is practically one of my hobbies.
I love it more when am the one singing and she’s dancing to it. She’s skilful and her dancing steps are flawless.
It will be nice if she goes to a dancing school instead. I just don’t why she’s busy studying accounting even though she’s pretty good with numbers.
“So are you coming?”
” I don’t only hate these parties Betsy, you know am not like anyone else. I have a lot of responsibilities, everyone looks up to me and the media won’t live out any details when they see me partying. No one would like to entrust the future of the Dominguez empire in the hands of a party girl. In case you’ve forgotten, am the heir and I have to live a decent exemplary life. ”
” That’s it! You’re so uptight. You need to loosen up a bit and try to live for yourself even if it’s just for once. After college, you’re going to work your ass out in the office everyday and you won’t have time for all this. Enjoy this little freedom while it lasts. ”
She’s right.
” Remember, you only live once so make the best out of it..”
“Am going, help me get a new hoodie dress. ” I replied before I change my mind.
” No need for that, it’s a mask party. ” She replied with a smile as she squeals.
I’d remember to be careful not to get into any trouble.
“I’d help with your makeup.” Betsy volunteered and dropped her phone.
” Let’s get what we’ll wear first.” I suggested and started digging into my wardrobe.
I pulled out a customized purple thin fabric dress with a silky texture. I remember mum giving it to me but didn’t know where to wear it to until now.
I think it will do.
Betsy took a Louis Vuitton matching top and down.
“What do you think of this Mariana?” She asked.
“It’s perfect, it’ll look excellent on you.” I replied and picked a heel.
After picking our clothes, we had our bath.
“Wow, you look stunning.” Betsy’s mouth flew open.
I rushed to the mirror and oh wow. The dress hanged on my body so wonderfully in all right places and looks so beautiful. It stops just above my knee.
It acentuated my curvy body much to my displeasure.
I hate it when people stare at me for no reason.
“You look stunning, please don’t take it off.” She stops me before I remove it.
{That changed everything ✓}
“You look stunning, please don’t take it off.” She stops me before I remove it.
“You think so? ” I asked as I stare at my reflection.
“No. I don’t think so. I know you are. You’re beautiful Mariana, you just don’t know it.”
” Oh please, stop fluttering me.” I laughed and slipped my feet into a wedge instead of the heels I took earlier.
I picked my purse along with my hooded jacket then the key of the car we just hired.
There’s no way I’ll go to a party with my car. Am currently having two cars on campus, a Mercedes SL 300 Gullwing classic and latest 2020 Mercedes Benz.
Both cars are super expensive and are only own by a few on campus including Megan.
Once I drive it to that party, everybody will know because dad got my name on the number plates.
“Shall we?” Betsy asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.
I nodded and we got out.
“Where’s the party exactly?” I asked when we sat in the Corolla we hired.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be the one driving so you’ll know when we get there.” She said, I gave her the key and she drove out of the parking lot and hit the street.
“How long will we take to get there?”
“An hour.” She replied.
“May I ask you a question?” I asked as I stared at her.
Betsy has changed ever since we got enrolled in ANU. She applies makeup and even thought me how to. And she’d taken too much liking to parties. I don’t know what’s wrong with her.
“Spill it.” She said and stared ahead.
It’s good to see her drive while I just sit.
“Why do you like these parties so much? What do you derive from going?”
She rolled her tongue on her lips. A habit she’s used to when she finds me amusing.
Just like I presumed, she laughed wildly.
“Just for the fun honey, after the weeks stress this is a good medicine to calm you and keep you refreshed for the coming week. When you get there just feel free, you’ll understand what I mean.”
” Where did you learn all this? Am sure it’s not when we came to ANU.”
” Yeah, our previous school. I do go sometimes.” She revealed.
” I never knew you’ve been partying behind my back.” I frowned.
” You weren’t paying attention else you would’ve known. You were busy with Novan, her sister’s health and the saga. That’s not all, you were also busy with your children then your parent’s bussiness. And you were busy being the ideal daughter…”
” It’s okay. You’re right.” I admitted, cutting her short.
” We’re here.” She shouted and parked between a couple of cars.
We were parked in front of a big house. Everywhere was quiet and I began to wonder if Betsy drove to the right place until I saw a couple of student walking in twos. I saw some of them leaning against cars and making out.
“Wait here, I’ll go get a mask for you.” She said and got down.
After some minutes, she came with a feathery object with two holes created in the form of eyes.
“I’ll help you.” She said and placed it on my face then tied it at the back of my head.
“Thanks” I mumured and touched the unfamiliar thing on my face.
“Let’s go.”
I nodded, took my purse then we walked to the entrance.
Once we opened it, we were met with a long narrow passage that led to a large hall filled with young adults swaying to the loud music.
The music from the speakers were deafening.
Some were making out as usual in the couches, some were drinking and chatting. I cringed and my stomach churned when I saw the type of dance that was going on.
Girls in skanky clothes were grinding madly against the boys while the boys fondled with all part of their bodies.
I can testify that they’re all drunk because of how aggressive they were. Thank God most of them wore mask.
My hands groped unto my purse tightly when a few heads turn in my direction. Fuck, not a few heads. The entire people at the hall.
“Relax. You’re wearing a mask remember?” Betsy whispered in my ears before taking my hands.
” Come, I’ll introduce you to some few friends I made recently.” She added as we walked past the hall to a certain part of the house.
My eyes met with a group of people sitting with red cups in their hands. They were not wearing their mask so I recognized some.
They were five in number, three girls and two boys.
“Hey Betsy.” The boy with brown hair called as he sip his drink before looking up at her.
How close are they? He was able to notice her with her mask on.
There was a red haired girl who has her legs on the lap of a black haired boy. They both were looking on their phone and they look cute.
There was a pretty girl with short hair then another with long brown hair with a nose ring.
“Hi Ronnie.” She said and the rest of the group looked up at her with a warm smile.
“Y’all meet my new friend.” Betsy announced and all of them looked at me.
“Where’s Mariana? Or it’s her?” Ronnie asked with a smirk.
” Mariana couldn’t make it. You know how she feels about this parties.” Betsy shrugged and sat.
Thank God Betsy didn’t reveal my identity.
In order not to look like a complete fool, I try to find a place to sit. There was only one empty single couch left so I went to sit on that one.
“Hey newbie, what’s your name?” The girl with a nose ring asked and I knew instantly that she was referring to me.
“Ria.” I blurted in an unrecognizable voice.
She nodded. “Nina.” She said and drank from her cup.
“Courtney.” The girl with short hair said and smiled warmly.
I smiled back without letting my teeth show.
I could feel Nina staring at me strangely and it’s making me uneasy.
The red haired and the black haired boy were so engrossed in their phone and didn’t even bother to tell me their names.
“Betsy, why not remove your mask.” Ronnie said.
“You’re right Ronnie, maybe Ria can also remove hers. We’re all not on mask so I don’t see why they should.” Nina said with a smirk.
” It’s a mask party guys. We can’t take it off.” Betsy objected.
” But we’re not having it on.” Nina countered.
Just then Ronnie began to untie Betsy’s mask.
“What are you doing Ronnie?.”
“There.” He said with a satisfactory smile and looked towards me.
“Get your mask off Ria or I’ll be forced to get it off for you.” Nina said and sprang to her feet.
I looked at Betsy for help but she was busy whispering something into Ronnie’s ear. What the fuck is wrong with her?
I guess I’d try to save myself but how? This Nina girl is being too suspicious.
“Time to mess around Ronnie, get your mask on!”
A voice called from behind and I was forced to look behind because the voice seems familiar.
Donovan Anderson!
I snapped my head back and saw the person’s retreating back. He was wearing a hooded black jacket with jeans. That was all I saw from his back.
Nina stepped back and everyone pulled their mask on.
Thank God. I released a breath and got up.
Before I knew it, I was walking towards the hoodie boy.
He walked into the overcrowded hall and mixed among the dancers. But I still got my eyes on his back, careful not to miss him.
I kept pushing through sweaty students and trust me, it was no fun.
I got closer to him and tapped him on his shoulder but he yanked it off causing my hand to fly in the air.
My hand landed successfully on someone’s face and the person winced loudly but my eyes were still on him and hoping that he would turn since he has already stopped.
The person was still wincing. I could hear it over the loud music.
Just great! I guess I did job in disfiguring the person’s face.
“How dare you lay your..”
” What have you..”
We said in unison once he turned to me.
My eyes locked on his and his on mine.
I thought it was really Novan that was why I was about to chide him for yanking my hand off but it’s not him so i kept quiet.
But what could be his reason for not continuing with what he wanted to say?
I wish I could see his face. He had the hoodie covering his entire face and then the mask.
I guess am not the only one trying to hide my face.
“Babe what’s wrong?” A guy asked the lady i just smacked accidentally across the face.
Before she could point at me, I was dragged from my position into the crowd then the hand let go of me.
I looked around but didn’t see the person.
Am being saved for the second time this night.
After pushing through the crowd in search of Betsy, I spotted a kitchen and quickly entered but it was worse.
Apart from the many drinks packed in the kitchen, there was also a lot of people.
I made my way to the fridge to take water but someone dropped a cup into my hand.
I lifted it to my lips without looking and gulped it down before realizing that I just consumed alcohol. It burned my throat and stomach but it smelled good; just like cherry.
I hope I don’t get drank. I’m going to kill Betsy when I see her.
I made my way out after drinking some water
I really thought it was Novan that I saw. I’ve missed him so much. I wonder what he’s up to. Has he gone to school or still at home? And is he back to the country?
And what of Nervisa? I hope she’s doing fine. I still won’t forgive myself if something happens to her.
“Hi Ria.” I turned and saw Ronnie.
“Let’s have some drink together.” He grabbed my wrists before I could protest back to the kitchen and grabbed two cups.
“Where’s Betsy?” I asked when we walked out of the kitchen to the hall.
“We were sitting here.” He said and pointed to an empty couch.
“I can’t see anyone.” I felt giddy. I guess the drink is starting to take a toll on me.
“They’re dancing probably or she’s looking for you. You took off without telling her.”
” Yeah.” I sat and he gave me the cup.
I smelt it then lowered it onto my lap. It smelled delicious. But I might pass out if I dare drink it.
“What? Don’t you drink?”
I shook my head and looked ahead when he sat beside me.
I could smell the sweet scent of the drink in my cup. It was tempting. Maybe a sip won’t harm after all.
I looked at Ronnie, he’s nice and cute. I don’t think he’ll spike my drink.
I took a sip then another. It tastes good and different from what I took earlier.
“So Ria, I haven’t seen you around before even though you look like Mariana. Is this your first time at a party?” He asked close to my ears.
” I’ve attended three parties before but not a masked party.” I answered truthfully and drank from the cup.
I stared at how everyone was dancing. It’s so strange. I can’t see myself doing those ridiculous dance steps.
I took another gulp and it finished.
“Want another one?” Ronnie asked.
I feel funny and light. I don’t know if am making the right decision but nodded.
He presented his cup to me.
I looked at him once more before grabbing it.
He’s nice. He doesn’t look bad.
I drank some; after sometime, I began to tap my fingertips on my lap and tap my foot on the polished floor.
“Are you alright?” Ronnie asked and laughed.
“Yeah, am okay.” I found myself laughing with him. I can feel the alcohol taking over my senses.
” I know you are Mariana.” He whispered.
” I didn’t say am someone else.” I laughed.
” So you’re Mariana then.” He shouted over the music.
” Yeah, yeah but don’t tell anyone.” I pouted.
” Then let’s dance.” He proposed.
” I don’t know how to dance like those people.”
” Give it a try, I’ll teach you.”
” I haven’t danced at a party before so this should be fun. I’ll give it a try.” I said and he beamed.
I got up and almost fell so I grabbed onto Ronnie’s shirt. His hands snaked to my waist.
“Have I told you how beautiful you look in this dress?” He asked.
I giggled and shook my head.
” Well then you’re.”
I giggled again and he began to walk me to the dancefloor but was stopped by a tall figure it was the same hooded guy.
“Where are you taking her too?” He asked and his eyes moved to me.
I winked through my mask at him and laughed.