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{That changed everything ✓}
“Where are you taking me to?” I asked him when we got to my car.
“keys.” He stretched his palm and i dropped it in.
He round the car and sat while I settled beside him. He got my bag off and put it in the backseat.
“Don’t you want to know where your boyfriend lives?”
” Really?” My eyes flicker.
He nods and pulled out of the lot. “Your car is cool.” He said.
” Thanks. Dad got it for me. ”
“Daddy’s girl.” He smiled and put his free hand on my thighs.
” You’re beautiful.” He flashed me a genuine smile and my heart fluttered. This is one of the honest complements Novan has ever given me. It feels like it
I put my hand over his and intertwined it.
I looked out of the window and tried to picture the perfect image of how Novan’s apartment will be and how messy it’s going to be. But am not concerned with how it’s going to be. I’m just happy that he’s taking a step in making me know the little details about him.
“Hey, did you change your mind? You brought me back to my apartment.” I said when he pulled in to my garage.
” I want us to take my car. It’s in front of your apartment.” He said and got down.

He opened the door for me then grabbed my bag from the back seat. ” Still wanna keep this?”
“I will just put it inside and come.” I took it and jogged on the short stairs that lead to my front door.
I opened the door and dropped the back at the entrance after taking my phone and purse out.
I spotted him leaning on his car and practically runs to him. I don’t know why am so eager and excited to go his house.
“That was quick.” He opened my door and i nod in appreciation at his kind gesture.
“Yeah, I can’t wait.” I said when he sat down beside me.
“I thought you were going to do a retouch on your make up.” He smiled and drove out of the compound.
” No.I need to be fast, it’s not a weekend and I have class tomorrow.”
” My pretty nerd.”
” I’m not, am just time cautious. I don’t like to waste my time unnecessarily.”
” Wow. You don’t cease to amaze me, Riana” he said and lowered his side window.
The breeze blew his hair and it fall on his face. He used his hand to push it back then licked his lips, exposing the metal on his tongue. Things those lips can do. My eyes travelled to his cute pointed nose with the piercing then to his eyes and eyebrows.
His lashes were a bit long and his pierced eyebrows were straight and lighter. Not much and not scanty either. His ears were pierced as well and an earring fixed Into it. There was a gage in his ear which am just noticing. I’ve never taken time to look at him critically than today. He’s beautiful and the piercings made him look enchanting. He was wearing a white shirt and his tattoos were visible under it. It amazes me how attractive i find his tattoos and piercings, I never really cared about it to talk of liking them. And i don’t know why I never liked them before. My eyes remained glued on him and I’m left hypnotized.
“I really don’t like to be stared at, girlfriend.” He rubbed the back of his neck and looked everywhere but me. He looks nervous and shy.
Does he think am judging him?
I grabbed his free hand and laced it with mine. “I love you either ways, Novan.”
“You do?” He doesn’t seem to believe.
“A lot.”
“Then why were you staring so intently at me?”
“Would you blame me? You’re such a beautiful artwork and you’ve gone further to add more decorations, how nice. ” I smiled and he laughed.
” You can’t be serious Dolly. ”
He looks carefree as he laughed, nothing could be intriguing than to watch him smile or laugh.
“You’re still staring.” He glanced at me then back to the road.
“Well..I .” My mouth went dry. I was actually staring at him not because he was handsome but because I can’t get enough it. I can stare at him the rest of my life and i will never get fed up.
“So who takes care of Nervisa?”
“She’s at my aunt’s.”
” You mean Shane’s mum?” I asked without thinking.
He looked uncomfortable and held the wheel too tightly as he switch lanes in the busy freeway.
“Yes, she’s there.”
“Okay.” I leaned my cheeks on the window and silent settled between us and I felt his eyes on me. When I looked at him, he quickly looked away.
The moment my eyes left him, he was back to staring. I wasn’t looking at him but I could feel his eyes on me and it was flaming my skin.
I reached for the radio and turned it on.
Edsheeran’s thinking out loud filled the car. I nod slowly to the beat then I hummed softly and soon began to sing quietly.
When your legs don’t work like they used to before
And I can’t sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?
Novan surprises me by taking the next line. His eyes looked directly into my heart as he sang it.
And darling, I will be loving you till we’re seventy
And baby, my heart could still fall as hard at twenty-three
And I’m thinking ’bout how »
People fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Well me, I fall in love with you every single day
I take the next line and sang while holding hands with him.
I just wanna tell you I am »
So honey, now, take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart, I’m thinking out loud »
And maybe we found love right where we are »
He brought our joined hands to his lips and kissed it while I continued with the next line.
When my hair’s all but gone and my memory fades
And the crowds don’t remember my name
When my hands don’t play the strings the same way
I know you will still love me the same
Knowing that he was gonna take the next line, I lowered the radio and when he began to sing, it was his sweet voice that filled my ears, body and soul. I’m so happy right now and am going to cherish this memory forever. When he sings it goes directly into my soul and the words feel like they were for us. I smiled so wide and nod as he sings then licking his lips through.
‘Cause, honey, your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen
And baby, your smile’s forever in my mind and memory »
And I’m thinking ’bout how »
People fall in love in mysterious ways
And maybe it’s all part of a plan »
Well I’ll just keep on making the same mistakes
Hoping that you’ll understand »
He stopped the car in front a building and we got out but that didn’t stop us from singing the chorus. He took my hand and led me inside the building and we took the lift.
“That, baby, now, take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart, I’m thinking out loud »
And maybe we found love right where we are »
The elevator dinged and slide open. We stepped out and we walked down a hallway. He stopped at a door and punched somethings on the door and it opened.
“So this is it.” He said and once we entered, I pulled him by his shirt and crushed my lips on his. His body stiffen before he relax and replied. I felt warm as the fires began to ignite gradually when his hands held my waist, fondling it gently but roughly at the same time.
My hands went under his shirt and I traced his packs while he grope my backside.
“I love you , Novan.” I whispered against his lips, am so overwhelmed with unspoken emotions. At the same time, I want to tell him that nothing can change the way I feel about him. Not his looks because I like them, not peoples opinions because I’ve already formed my own opinions but whoever speaks negatively about him and try to judge him should prepare to hear it from me because am not going to tolerate it.
He hugged me and kissed my temple. I wiggled out of his arms and looked around the room. It was nothing I expected and everything I want.
Interior decorations and design in the living was classic yet simple. The large flat screen TV on the wall looks like it hasn’t been on before and the couches looked too new and less used. Everything was clean and looking organized.
Did he cleaned the place before bringing me over just to prove to me that he’s not a slob like I assumed?
Moving my eyes to the large glass window, there was a long white couch and I instantly pictured myself sitting there with a book in my hand with my legs stretched on it. I walked to it and the sight outside through the glass window was breathtaking. I could stand here and stare all day.
“You love it?” Novan asked behind me.
“I do. A lot.”
I walked to the kitchen and he followed behind. The kitchen was not completely furnished but it contains whatever that he’d need. I opened the fridge and it was filled with unusual strange ingredients. It doesn’t look like the typical fridge where there’s chicken, leftovers, fruits or milk etc. I closed it back after taking a bottle of water. The utensils looked untouched as well just a few which looked as if it has actually been used. From the kitchen i walked to the bedroom
The bedroom was also clean and the big bed was well laid. There was a blanket on the floor and a couple of his shirts lying here and there. This was the only evidence that he actually lives here.
I didn’t know he was behind me so when i turned, my face crushed into his chest.
“Are you done surveying?”
” I think so but why does it looks like you don’t actually stay here?”
” I hardly stay and you won’t always find me if you come. Sometimes I just come to sleep and the next morning am gone.”
” I bet you haven’t sat on those couches before.”
“Yeah, I don’t need it and I’m planning to trash them but you seem to like the one at the window side so I’ll think about keeping them.”
” If i move in here will you stay here?” I asked stupidly. I can never move in with him. At least not now.
” I will be wherever you are but if you really wanna move then we can find somewhere better than this place.” He answered.
” No where will be better than here. It’s perfect and I love everything here.”
” You do? How? Your apartment is better than here.”
” Says who? I love this place especially that window showcasing the gorgeous blue skies.” I picture him sitting there with my head on his laps as he read out one of my novels to me.
That’s so lovely and dreamy. I really want to do a lot of amazing things with Novan.
“Where’s your mind?” The snapping of his fingers before my eyes brought me back to reality and I blinked a few times.
“What are you busy thinking about?” He asked and tilted my chin up to meet his eyes.
“What about us?”
I didn’t want to tell him my fantasies so I chose to ask him a silly question instead. I didn’t know it was silly until I let it out.
“Did you mean the words in that song we sang. You sang it as if the words were met for me so.”
” Those are someone’s words. We can create our own, a special one but I can’t deny that indeed you fell in love with me in a mysterious way. I never knew you could love me back and if someone had told me that you will, that we would be like this, I would have laughed at the person and assume the person to be mad. Things were so different back then and I thought you hated me even though what I’ve only done is to love you. You know, I’ve been habouring this unrequited feelings for so long that picturing us together like this was almost impossible. Well, it could be possible if am drunk or dreaming” he chuckled.
His words melt my heart and I liquidised.
Silent sets between us as we stared into each other’s eyes which were screaming with love.
” Alright, so where do you stay when you’re not here?”
” With my friends obviously or…”
” As in Aria too.” The words flew out before i could stop them. I didn’t mean to mention Aria. Things don’t go well if I do.
“I didn’t mean to..” i tried to apologise.
“No, it’s okay. Shall we go now?”
“What? Now?”
” Yes? I just came to show you where I live. I did that so let’s go.” His voice was stern.
” You’re not mad at me?”
” No am not. Why should I ? Aria really does hangout with us most times and I spent lots of my nights at Ronnie’s or Nina’s house and that’s when am too drunk to come home. But I’ve never spent a night at Aria’s though..” he trails off and rubbed his neck.
I wonder what he’s hiding and doesn’t want to say to me. Hearing him say that he spends his night at Nina’s is somehow unsettling. She’s a girl. What if something happens and they gets out of control and…Gosh Mariana. Stop it. Stop it.
” Do you still see Aria?” I still want to know.
“God No! I told you.” He said and I nod.
” Shall we go now?” I nod again and we pad out of the room.
“Your house is nice.” I said on our way back to my apartment.
“Thanks but it’s not my house.” He smiled.
“Yeah but you paid for it so it’s yours in away until your time expires.”
He didn’t say anything again as he focused on the road.
“I think we should have dinner before you get back to your apartment.”
” That won’t be bad because am actually starving.” I told him honestly.
“You would’ve gotten an ulcer if I had gone ahead with my second plan.” He muttered.
” What plan?”
” I wanted to take you somewhere else again but let’s leave it for another day.”
” Really? Where?”
” Not gonna tell.”
” But we can go.”
” Some other time.” He replied and parked the car in the lot of a restaurant.
I jumped out of the car before he could make it out to open it for me. The place seems deserted when we enter and I for one was glad.
We took our seats opposite each other and the menu was brought. I ordered a hamburger and fries and he also ordered the same thing.
“This is nice.” I said after a second bite.
“I knew you’d like it.” He beamed proudly.
“You know this place?”
“I come often, you know it’s not far from my place.”
I nod and continued to eat. The food was delicious and we both cleared our plates. It was so nice eating with him and I couldn’t help admiring how calmly and gently he eats.
The drive back to my apartment was tense-free. We talked a lot about random things and I end up telling him about my foundation which was the children’s home. I went on and told him the amount of children I have in my care and how beautiful the girls are and the boys. I told him about all the funny things they use to do and he listened with rapt attention. He didn’t tell me more about himself but I wasn’t worried because bringing me to his apartment today was enough. I’m just glad that despite our petty fights, we’re getting closer and closer each day. His hands were on my thigh all this time and when I saw my junction, I was disappointed. He stopped in front of my apartment and turned to me. He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and I leaned into his palms.
His lips came down on me and my mouth parted for him to surge in. It starts as a gentle kiss but it began to warm my entire being and I craved for more. I need him.
“Come in with me.” I whispered in a strange voice which surprised myself.
He didn’t waste time as he unfasten his seatbelt and bolts out of the car with me leading him.
I fumbled with my purse and brought my keys out. I wish I had Novan’s lock so i can only dial some digits. Putting a key into this keyhole is taking so much time and the longer Novan’s hand is not on me, the warmth we started keeps burning out.
I finally opened it and we stepped inside.
He found me in the dark and pulled me by my waist and began to kiss me roughly and passionately.
The fire intensifies and I want to take my clothes off.
He raised me and i encircled my legs around his waist. He began to move then in some seconds, my back hit my bed and he came on top of me. His lips were still on mine while his hands were under my shirt, crawling towards my chest.
“I want to take this off.” He pointed to my shirt and i nodded quickly and raised my torso from the bed. He hold the hem of the shirt and pulled it over my head. His eyes feast on me that instant and the way he was looking at me drove me crazy. My hormones got out of control and my pulse began to speed with how his eyes were on me.
He was now on top of me in a push up position then he brought his lips down to my neck and I jerked and a mysterious moan escaped my mouth. That was strange. He did it again but this time at a spot just below my ear.
“Oh Novan.” I moaned and squirmed under him. I feel I might explode with just his lips on my neck. His finger tips moved on my neck then down the valley of my breast then to my stomach. He couldn’t move any further because the waistline of my skirt was in the way.
His hands stopped there as his lips descend to the top of my breast and he began kiss and suck. My hands went into his hair and i pulled his head down further to my chest. A moan escaped his perfect lips as his tongue dig into the cup of my bra.
My hands move onto his shirt and I grazed them on his hard stomach. He was so hot.
My legs parted as he positioned his lower body in between my thighs. My miniskirt bunched up at my waist, leaving my thighs bare. The position was intimate and as much as it excites me, it terrifies me as well. I have no idea what we were doing but it feels so good.
My legs went around him and I move my hips to meet his groin. He let out an intense moan which made my insides clench and i felt something unusual warm down there.
His hands moved on my bare thighs and I began to writhe beneath him. He returned to kissing me as he fondled my breast through my bra and everything was pure bliss. Why is it always like this with him?
My hips move against him and I felt something strange poke me. It was nice. I did it again but this time harder and we both moan into each other’s mouth.
He pulled away and rest his head on my chest. After some seconds, he got up and laid beside me.
I tried to move into him but he got up.
“Erm.. I have to go. I’ll call.” His voice was strained and raspy.
I didn’t have anything to say and nod even though I didn’t want him to leave so soon.
He walked out in a hurry and soon I heard his car driving out.
I palmed myself and tried to think about what just happened but I just kept blushing and blushing at each scene that flashes before my eyes.
I got up to get some water and I hear a message notification which came from the purse I dropped on the floor while Novan and i were on it.
I took the purse and fetched my phone from it.
I’m sorry, didn’t mean to touch you like that. I couldn’t keep my hands to myself. I’ll work on that.” The text reads. It was from Novan.
I decided to reply him.
“No, you shouldn’t worry.”
I like it when your hands are on me.
I love it.
I typed and sent it.
“You do?” He sends. I pictured his eyes go wide.
“Yeah. Would you like to know how it makes me feel like?”
” Yeah tell me.” he demanded.
” Like your girl.” I sent it.
I really like the way he touches me without hesitation like am his own. Like he owns me.
“Aww. Well let me break it to you.
You’re my fucking girl and I love you a lot.”
My heart fluttered and I placed my phone over my chest and smiled giddily.
“Come back.” I typed and sent it.
“Hell yeah am coming.” He texted back immediately.
I went to sit on my couch in the dark and waited for him. My blood pumps in anticipation and my heart beat harder against my chest. Every seconds that passes feels like forever and I got up and began to pace about and switched the light on.
I went back to the bedroom and put my shirt back on then removed my sneakers.
I barely sat back on the couch when the door opened and his boots sound on the floor towards me.
I stood up to meet him and hugged him. He lifts me from the ground and my legs went around him again. Fires sparked and electricity began to form.
He sat on the double couch and leaned back, creating space for me to nuzzle into his chest like a baby.
“I think we should watch a movie.” He breathed into my ears. I shut my eyes and nod.
“Get up, I need to take the remote.”
I hold him tighter and breath in his scent. I don’t want to get down.
“Hey, come on.” He pressed my waist.
I chuckled. ” No I don’t want to.”
“Then?” He bit my earlobe.
I got his face in between my hands and began to spread wet kisses on his jawline.
His hand went under my shirt then travels up. He unclasped my bra expertly and fixed it on the last hook so my boobs fall freely.
“Can I ?” He asked as the tip of his hand touch my breast.
” Sweetheart when did you get that car? It’s so cool..”
The blood drained completely from my face and froze in my veins when I heard my mother’s voice and the click of her heels on the floor.
I stared at Novan in horrification and got off his laps at once. He began to chuckle and I shoot him a deadly glare. Seriously, what’s so funny in this?
“Mariana where are..”
I jumped to her front and cracked my knuckles nervously.
“Mum why are you here? You didn’t tell me.” I looked down at my toes to hide my flaming cheeks which are probably pale by now.
I know she’d by all means see Novan and am terrified as to what she’d say.
Oh Lord, I wish he can just disappear into thin air because as it is, my nervousness was already giving me away.
{That changed everything ✓}
“I see, I wonder what my daughter has been up to that she’d ask me why I came to visit.” She lifts her perfect eyebrow.
“That’s not the point mum. I’m surprised. You took me off guard.”
“Aye. I should’ve informed you but I didn’t know you’d mind. Actually, I had a meeting just an hour’s drive from here so I thought of spending the night with you.”
She brushed past me and I quickly whirled when her movement halted.
“Excuse me, who are you?” Mum asked, taking in Novan all at once.
He was just sitting comfortably on the couch with his hands folded on his chest and a smirk as he stared at me before looking up at my mum.
“I’m your daughter’s boy…”
“N..new cook. He’s my new cook, mum.”
Novan got up at once with an angry look. I shake my head slightly for him to play along.
“What? Your cook?” Mum turned to me.”
“Yes mum. I told you I got a replacement to remember?”
“Yes you told me.”
“Yeah, he’s the one I got” Honestly, I really feel bad for introducing him as a cook instead of my boyfriend. With the way he was looking at me, I know the fight that will brew between us after mum is out of here won’t be the usuals.
Mum’s eyes return to Novan. “He doesn’t look like someone who can even boil water. Where did you get him from? And why will you go for someone like him?”
She didn’t just say that.
My eyes dart to Novan and I looked away. I don’t know how to describe how his face looked but he looked immensely hurt.
Maybe I should just tell mum the truth.
“Mum, he’s actually my…”
“I’m leaving.” He cut me off. “It was nice meeting you Mrs. Dominguez.”
Without sparing me another glance, he bounced out of the room.
“Strange. I thought he was going to wait for a little.” My mum said and relaxed on the couch.
“Why would you go for someone like that Mariana? He’s just so strange and with those piercings. Are you not scared being with him all alone at this time of the night?”
“No mum. He’s nice. You’d like him if you get to know him. His appearance may be harsh but he’s not. He’s a good person.”
“I see. Since when have you known him?”
“Tell me. I know he didn’t come from any agency with how you’re talking so lovely about him.”
“He was recommended by someone.” I can’t believe how much I’ve been lying just to cover up. I’ve never lied to my mom before until I met him.
“Why does he look like the guy who used to pester you in high school?” Mum raised her eyebrows at me and I licked my dry lips.
I guess I would have to lie again.
“He isn’t mum. He’s not the one.” I scratched the back of my neck nervously.
“Really?” She asked.
“Yes mum.”
” I hope you ain’t lying to me Mariana.” She’s not falling for my lies.
“Why would I lie, mum?”
“I don’t know.”
“Will you take something?” I asked her to change the subject.j
“No. I ate on my way here. I will just need water but not now.”
“Okay, I’m going to take a bath. I will join you soon.” I picked my phone and sauntered to my bedroom then to the bathroom.
I wonder how Novan is feeling after what I did. Will he hate me? Is he going to break up with me for what I did?
I know what I did was bad but I really don’t think I deserve any of those things I mentioned.
Introducing him to mum at that moment won’t have been the best idea. What will mum think? That I got a boyfriend without telling her then I went on and invited him to my house. I wonder what impression that would’ve created in her mind.
This is not how I wanted them to find out. I want to be the one to call or take him to visit them.
Mum will think I’ve been hiding things from her if I had told her that we were dating.
But she’ll definitely find out anyway and I want to say it to her not mum asking me about it like the way she did now.
I hope Novan understands. I’m sure he’d think that I’m ashamed of him but that’s really not the case.
I dialed his number and sat on the toilet and waited for him to pick up.
“Why are you calling me? What if your mum finds out? He taunted.
” Don’t say that Novan. You know how much I love you.”
“Yea I know and that’s why I am your little secret sweetheart whom you are hiding from your family.”
“What are you saying, Novan?.” I cried out.
“The truth.” He growled.
“You know that’s not the case Novan…”
“You know what? I don’t care what the case is. I just can’t believe you’d do this Mariana. You just brought my worst fears to life and I thank you for that. Now do both of us a favor and hang up before you’re exposed.”
I ignored his remark. “Can we talk about this tomorrow? Please.”
He waited for like a minute before replying.
“Fuck…I don’t know.” With that he hanged up.
I’m a little happy that he battled with himself before saying that. He would have agreed but his enormous ego won’t allow him to.
Knowing that my mum is probably waiting for me, I hurried with the shower and came out. I dried myself while I grabbed a plain short and a shirt.
“What took you so long?” Mum asked while resting on her back on the bed with legs against the wall and my novel in hand just like I’ve been doing.
“Nothing. I’m a girl.” I told her and pulled my hair in a bun.
“Do you have something that you’d like to tell me?” Mum asked and sat up.
“No? Why do you ask?”
“It’s been a while we chit-chatted so I just thought there will be something you’d like us to talk about apart from studies and work.”
I got into the bed with her and laid my head on her torso.
“For now, I don’t have anything to say mum, but there’s something I would like to tell you but not now.”
“Why not now? I’m here.”
“I need to go over it properly before telling you. It’s quite serious.”
“Really? Now you’re scaring me.”
“You don’t have to be scared mom. I think I am just overthinking it. Actually, it’s about a boy.” I breathed and buried my face in her stomach. I’m not good at hiding things from my mum.
“What? A boy?”
I nod.
“Give me the details.” She squealed and propped onto the bed in a sitting position. I moved my head to her laps.
“Honey, are you in love?” She asked.
” I am, mum,” I answered truthfully.
“Oh my God! This is good news! I can’t believe this. My daughter is in love real!” She forced my head up from her laps and pulled me into her arms.
This woman.
She is even shedding tears of joy when I haven’t told her who I was in love with yet.
“You’re crushing me, mum. Don’t end my life before my love story kick-starts.” I chuckled and buried my head back in her laps when she released me from the hug.
“So tell me, who’s this lucky guy?”
‘The one you saw this evening in my apartment and his name is Donovan Anderson.’
{That changed everything ✓}
‘The one you saw this evening in my apartment and his name is Donovan Anderson.’
But I am not going to tell her that.
“That’s all I can reveal for now mum. I’m sorry.”
“What? Why can’t you tell me who he is?”
“Not now. I think I’ve told you more than enough.”
“Wait, is he perhaps the boy Amandla was telling me about? And…oh my God. Was that not the same person I saw here a while ago? Tell me Mariana.”
Oh no.
My ever smart inquisitive mother.
I won’t be able to lie if I try to answer so I chose the easy way out. I closed my eyes and prayed for sleep to come quickly.
She began to shake me but my eyes remained shut.
“Are you sleeping?”
“Yes, mommy”
“So soon? We haven’t talked much. Tell me if the one you’re in love with is the boy who used to pester you or the one Amandla spoke to me about or the one you claim to be your cook.” She sounds apprehensive.
“None of the above. Now can I sleep?”
She released a deep breath. “Thank God. I panicked for no reason. I should’ve known you won’t fall for someone like him. Everything about him screams sin. I’m glad he’s just a cook. Please don’t let him be more than that.”
My eyes snapped open. What the hell is mum talking about?
That’s my boyfriend she’s talking about in that manner.
“I don’t want to think that you’re being a judgemental mum.”
“I also don’t want to think that you’re jumping to his defense. Promise you won’t spend too much time with him else he’d corrupt you.”
“Are you going to dictate who I hang out with now?” I got my head off her laps.
She looked surprised and shocked.
“What are you saying? You know I never do that. I’m just concerned about your welfare as a mother that’s all.” She said with glossy eyes.
What have I done?
“I’m sorry mum.”
“It’s okay honey.” She pulled me into her arms and I hugged her back.
“I think we should sleep.” She said and I nod.
I turned on my side and she covered me with the comforter. I couldn’t sleep that instant because my mind won’t stop replaying what my mum said. Maybe if I tell her that I am actually dating Novan, her perceptions will differ.
“I have an early flight to catch tomorrow so in case you wake up and don’t see me you should know that I left.”
“Okay but I think you should wake me up before you go.”
“Alright.” I felt her lay beside me.
“What do you think I should do Betsy? Mum doesn’t seem to like Novan even though I haven’t told her he’s my boyfriend.” I blew away the bubbles in my coffee before bringing it to my lips.
I passed by Betsy’s dorm and now we are at a cafe and I’ve just narrated everything to her.
“How long are you going to keep Novan a secret?” She asked and slurped her coffee.
“Not long. You know, we still do fight and it hasn’t settled in yet that we’re dating. I need time to grasp everything and till I am sure about what we’re doing, I don’t want to tell my parents. Plus, our relationship is barely a week old. What if something happens and we break up? You know how we can be.” I bemoaned.
“I understand but how’s Novan taking all this? Is he okay with it?”
“No. That’s another problem Betsy. He thinks I am ashamed of him and that’s why I’m keeping him a secret. The worst aspect is that I introduced her to my mum as my cook yesterday and this morning he doesn’t want to pick my call.” I sighed worriedly.
“You didn’t do that.” She looked up from her coffee.
“I did and he’s mad at me.”
“His anger is justified. Just imagine you in his position. How would you have felt?”
“I know and I understand what he must be going through. I didn’t have a choice at that moment. But right now I need a solution. Should I tell my parents about him or wait until I am sure about this relationship.” I dropped my cup and stared straight at her.
“Do you trust Novan?” She dropped her cup as well.
“Not entirely,” I whispered.
“What do you mean? Explain further.” She quirked an eyebrow.
“I don’t trust us, Betsy. We fight anytime and he tends to say things he’s not supposed to. What if we get into another fight and he doesn’t want anything to do with me again though he said he loves me.”
“You love him?”
“Why are you asking that? Of course I love him.”
“What about him? Are you aware he loves you too or you think he’s playing with you.”
“I know he loves me. He does love me.”
“Then what? Couples fight all the time. It doesn’t matter how worse it becomes but you don’t have to let your fight determine the direction of your relationship. The only way it can shake your relationship is if you choose to keep quiet on it and not find a way to make up. Fights are inevitable Mariana but it Is up to you to decide if you want your petty fight to get in the way of your relationship or not. It doesn’t even matter how many times you guys even fight, you just have to find a way to work it out somehow. If you guys love each other that much like you said, then your fights should strengthen you two and not cause a breakup. Your love is stronger than that so it’s definitely going to pull you guys back together but you have to find ways to resolve the fights.. Now let me ask you this, would you be able to end things with him because of your fights?”
“No. I won’t do that but I don’t know of him.”
“Don’t you trust his love for you?”
“I do but..”
“Are you scared that he’d go back on his words?”
“I think so,” I whispered.
“I think you guys need to talk about this. You guys need to talk about all this and you must find a way to know how deep his love is for you. If you’re able to know that, then nothing can be able to separate you.”
She’s right. Novan and I have to talk and he has to promise me that no matter what, he’s never going to leave me.
“About your parents, I know for a fact how much they love and care about you. It should be enough for them to respect and accept your decision and I know they will. I suggest you tell them this week or at the weekend. Don’t keep it from them any further. You know how quickly words travel. Are you aware you have guards that follow you?”
I nod and bite my lips.
“So what exactly are you trying to say?” I asked her and finally pulled my bottom lip between my teeth.
“What I am trying to say is, you shouldn’t let your fights rule your relationship. Since it occurs frequently, you guys should find a way to solve it. Your relationship will only be ruined if you guys don’t find a way to resolve it. If you have an ego then you should discard a portion of it when there’s a fight and think of just how much you love him and can’t leave without him. If he also thinks that way, then your constant fight will be something of the past. But then, I don’t mean that you should be tolerating his shit when he doesn’t want to mend his ways. When it’s becoming too much then just walk away. You should know when to do that. I mean when things get out of hand and it’s actually his fault but he doesn’t want to admit it and you’ve been the one always running after him. I mean when things get out of hand and I hope it doesn’t get to that point. Your fights are trivial so don’t let it bring your relationship to a screeching halt. And then, I said your parents got to accept Novan for who he is. That’s what you like so it shouldn’t be their problem at all. They should rather support you and besides, they’ve always wanted you to have a boyfriend so you don’t have to worry. Just take this week to brood over your relationship with Novan and get the assurance you want from him. From there, you can tell your parents about it.” She released a deep breath afterward.
“That was epic but thank you so much. I didn’t know you could give relationship talks.” I smiled.
“What are friends for? Plus I am experienced so there couldn’t be any other person to tell you this.” She picked her cup back to her lips.
“Yeah, thank you. You cleared my mind and now I know what to do.” I also picked my cup back.
I’m going to speak to Novan then watch how things go until this week ends. Then this weekend, I am going to tell my mum about him. I don’t know why I was worrying at first. My parents love me so they’ll love whoever I love too.
“The least I could do. So tell me, what has the bad boy been doing to you?” She smirked and held the straw in between her teeth with her eyes on me.
With a goofy shy grin, I looked down at my cup as the memories of last night flooded my mind. “Nothing,” I whispered.
“Really? I don’t think so. Novan is so..so..yeah. I am sure he has started corrupting you.” she laughed and I wonder why.
Corrupt. That was what mum also said yesterday.
“Novan is what?” I quirked a brow.
“He’s everything you’d need.” She smiled knowingly and sipped her coffee.
“As in?”
“He’s handsome, hot, naughty and sexy as hell. He could get ladies wet and tripping with just a flash of that smile of his. He’s a pack of sexiness, you won’t deny that. I know of girls who would give everything just for him to touch them but look at you. You got him all to yourself and he loves you and you alone.” She mused.
This is silly but I am suddenly feeling proud and over the moon after hearing what Betsy is saying. Hearing her say all that is just making my stomach flutter.
Betsy continued.
“I am a hundred percent sure he’s going to treat you right and am certain he has already thought you a few things. Come on, tell me.” Her smirk widened into a teasing smile.
“We haven’t done anything Betsy.” I covered my face.
“Anything as in? I didn’t ask if he had fucked you or not!” She said that a bit loudly and I instantly covered her lips and looked around the Cafe. There were a lot of students coming in and going. What if they heard?
I removed my hand and she began to laugh.
“I can’t believe you Betsy. How can you say that?”
“You’re eighteen Mariana. Stop being prudish.”
“I am not a prude.”
“Alright then say *sex* without turning red.”
I shake my head. I don’t say those things so I am sure I will definitely be embarrassed but that doesn’t mean I am prudish.
“I know you won’t say it but do give me the details when you guys finally fuck. I want to know…”
“What? Am your friend so I deserve to know the details of how he takes your virginity away.” She took my cup and emptied the content.
Getting intimate is such a huge step. A step I haven’t thought about before until now and I know it is also too early to be thinking of that with Novan. If anything, I want it to happen on our wedding night or when I am so sure about us. Other than that, I don’t wish to have sex with him. Kissing was such a big deal to me so how much more sex? I don’t want to even think about it.
“Have you done it with Morgan already?” I asked her.
“Not yet but we’ve done a lot of things.” She answered confidently.
I am so relieved that she still has her virginity intact.
“What things have you done?” I asked curiously. Maybe Novan and I can do some too.
“You don’t wanna know.”
When she said that I understood. I don’t want her to feed my ears with gross stuff.
“But I can tell you.” She mocked.
“No, I don’t want to.” I got up, grabbed my bag and fixed my dark shade.
She laughed and picked her bag as well and we walked out of the Cafe.
{That changed everything ✓}
The rest of the day went in a blur and I couldn’t wait to speak to Novan. I didn’t talk much with Dylan or Lenna and I walked out right after the professor.
Thank God I know his house at least. I got to my car, entered, and put the key into the ignition.
I tried calling him again but he wasn’t picking. I told him I want to see him today so he should at least pick my call. I know what I did was so wrong.
I managed to recall the route he drove on yesterday and when I got there, I was proud of myself for not missing it.
I took the lift and pressed the third floor. That was what I saw him do the last time.
In no time, I was in front of his door but unable to go inside since I didn’t know which password he used.
I squatted before the door and continued dialing his number. After so many attempts and he still was not picking, I decided to text him.
I’m at your apartment, please come.
After an hour, he still hasn’t replied though it shows that he read it.
I sat on the floor because I was tired of squatting and rest my head on his door. It was even dark already. Won’t he come home?
I got up and began to Pace in the corridor. People who came out of their room saw me and looked at me strangely. Some invited me over so I can wait for Novan there but I declined their offer politely.
Maybe I should try any number or words on his automated door. Who knows, it might just open.
I dialed his name first but it didn’t open then his surname but it won’t open. I dialed Nervisa but it was the same issue. I don’t know anyone else related to him whose name I can use. I tried to think and remembered Ronnie. I dialed it but it was incorrect. I dialed Nina and it was the same thing. It was now left with Aria and me. I decided to input mine first but it didn’t work. I tried Aria but still. I’m glad he didn’t use Aria else I don’t know how I was going to handle that.
Maybe I should dial some digits but what?
I dialed his phone number but it didn’t open. I dialed my own number too but it didn’t open.
I sat back on the tiled floor and called him even though he knows he wouldn’t pick. He didn’t pick but I received a message.
I hang up and checked it.
“Will you stop calling me? I’m not at home and don’t know when I will be coming back. Don’t wait for me. Just go home. 16-7-8
I read the text over and over again but I didn’t understand why he added that number at the end.
Also, those numbers are familiar. They’re my numbers. My date of birth and the 7 is my name, Mariana.
The 16 is the day I was born and 8 is the month. I don’t want to think that these are not random numbers.
I got up and tried them on the lock.
Just like that, it opened.
I smiled widely and entered. I dropped my bag on the couch at the glass window.
I will just spend the night here until he returns. I know he’s mad at me but we have to talk.
I walked into the bedroom and scanned it. The clothes he wore yesterday were littered on the floor and the blanket was still on the floor while his bed remained made. The bed looks like he never slept on it before.
I parked the multiple shirt and trousers from the floor and dropped it in his hamper before taking my clothes off.
After showering, I walked to his closet and opened it. His clothes were just inside and not neatly folded. I could picture him shoving them inside without a care.
I picked a shirt and pulled it over my head. It fell above my knees. It was okay but since I didn’t bring extra undies, I picked his short and put it on. Wearing his clothes feels like having him around. His smell was all over me and I felt so comfortable.
I walked to his kitchen and made cornflakes because it was the only fast food in his kitchen. He told me he wasn’t going to come home so I had it in mind but was still hoping that he comes.
I walked to the couch and stared out of the window. The sky was dark and filled with stars and when you look down, you’d see the busy city. I sat down and picked a note from my bag.
“Dude what is wrong with you?” Nina asked.
“Did I say something is wrong?” I rolled my eyes and brought the bottle I was holding to my lips.
“You’ve only been drinking and not talking to us. That’s so unusual of you.” Ronnie pointed out.
“Maybe his girlfriend hurt him.” Aria snorted.
“We asked him about his girlfriend the other day but he just bolted away and now he’s just sitting here and sulking. Girls are always a handful. What happened dude?” Ronnie put his hand on my shoulder but I swat it away.
“It ended in tears.” Aria laughed.
I came here to have my drink in peace after leaving Mariana’s place and as if what she did to me was not enough for a day, I have to deal with the jerks I call my friends. Aria excluded. She’s not a friend
I looked at the door and saw Courtney, the girl with short hair and those two love birds among us who always wear the same outfits which make them look like twins. We’re a full house now. Everyone is present.
“Hi Donna,” Courtney said and I nodded. She’s too sweet and decent like Maria…no. I don’t want to think about her.
Evan smiled at me and his girlfriend waved and sat on his lap. They love each other and have a lot of things in common. Evan has a lot of tattoos and piercings just like me and his girlfriend was no different. They have a lot of things in common and perhaps that’s why they’re happy together. Mariana and I are different. She’s from a decent wealthy family and has not a tattoo on her skin. Not like I am against that. I’m happy the way she is, inkless.
We’re so different and perhaps that’s why we can never be together. In life, you can’t always have what you want and I’m going to stick to that. The fact that I love her doesn’t mean we have to be together. If she can deny me in such an awful manner then what guarantee do I have that she won’t repeat it again? The next is going to be worse I am sure.
“Where have you locked your mind Anderson?” Ronnie asked.
“I think he needs a distraction,” Nina suggested and came to sit beside me.
” Aww. He looks like he got a heartbreak.” Aria drawled and walked from the pool table she was standing at.
I looked around the bar and back to my phone. After the first call, she hasn’t called back. Not like I wanted her to call anyway but the foolish part of me still wished that she did even if once. I don’t know what it is that keeps drawing me to her after promising myself countless times to stay away. I always find myself fighting myself for her.
” I can be his distraction.” Aria stepped closer to me and I glared at her.
She didn’t get the hint.
“Don’t you dare touch me!” I yelled and she flinched.
“What is wrong with you these days? I was just trying to help.”
“When did I tell you that I needed one?”
“I know you are being this way because of her but do you think she cares about you? Stop dreaming that you’re going to be with her because her parents are going to find a nice responsible suitor that she deserves soon and you’d be alone. You don’t deserve her, I hope you know that?” She snickered.
She said those things to hurt me but all that she said is true.
I dropped the bottle I was holding on the table in front of me.
I wanted to say something to her but it won’t be worth it.
“See you guys tomorrow.” I got up
“Man you’re behaving so strange,” Ronnie said as I walked out of the bar.
I got to my car, opened it and got inside. The front door opened and Nina barged in.
“What are you here for?” I looked at her. She was wearing just a short jeans knicker and an oversized hoodie with a cap on. She wore a blue timberland boot that matched her hair. She always likes her tattoos to show but she hid them beneath this hoodie and cap.
“I want to know why you’re like this?”
“I’m fine.”
“Yes I know that. You didn’t say anything since you came and now you’re leaving. Can you tell me who this girl is? Maybe I can help.”
I looked at her and burst into laughter.
“Hey, why are you laughing? I offered to help.”
“Of course you want to help. I just don’t need it.”
“Because I don’t have a girl. Well I thought I had one but I realized that to her, I don’t exist except for some cook.”
“I don’t get it.”
“Yes you won’t so don’t try to.”
“But tell me who she is.”
“No. I don’t want to.”
“Okay. Will you spend the night?”
“Wow. I can’t believe you’re in love.” She teased.
“I’ve always been.”
“And does she love you back?”
“I don’t want to talk about this Nina.” I looked ahead.
“Alright but I’m going to give her my piece of mind if I finally see her.”
I chuckled. “Get out of my car!”
“Yes I will Mr. Romeo.”
“Fuck you!” I opened the door and pushed her out.
She gave me the finger right back and banged the door.
I sped home and tried to forget what happened today.
The next day after school, I drove to my farmhouse which was far away from town. It’s always peaceful out there. I couldn’t be anywhere else and I’m glad I was able to buy it.
Mariana’s call kept coming since morning but I refused to pick even though my heart wanted me to.
I tried calling her back so many but I end up throwing the phone away.
In order not to be thinking about her, I decided to prepare something out of the new recipes of a dish I got.
It just reminded me of her introducing me as a cook to her mum so I stopped.
Maybe I actually needed a distraction. Everything I do reminds me of her.
I can also go home to my sister. It is not like I care about school anyway.
I picked my car keys and that was when I received a text message from her.
After reading it, I decided that it will be better if I don’t reply. Why’s she calling anyway? And why is she in my house?
After an hour she started calling again.
I texted her back and told her to leave but knowing how stubborn she can be, I added the password of my automated door though I didn’t specify it. I had a feeling she won’t leave so I have to send it so she doesn’t stay outside. I just pray she doesn’t find out that the numbers are her birthday and her first name.
I wasn’t ready for a two-hour drive back home so I drove to meet my friends.
After parking the car in front of the familiar bar, I contemplated going in or not because Aria’s car was parked there too. She’s just going to annoy me and the rest are going to tease me. Not like I care but I’m not in the mood for it.
I drove to my apartment and when I saw her car, the idea of seeing her and being close to her made my stomach flutter. Anxiety sets in as another thought of her coming to end things with me popped into my head. Maybe she also realized that we can’t be.
I felt reluctant to go in for a moment before shaking it off.
It’s her life if she doesn’t want to be with me anymore then so be it. Has she not given me enough evidence already?
I took the stairs instead of the lift and when I got to my door, I didn’t waste time before barging in. A figure on the couch halted my movement as I take slow and quiet steps.
She was sleeping on her back with legs pulled up on the couch and had a note clutched tightly on her chest. Her lips were pressed together firmly and a worried look sat on her lovely face. Her head was at the end of the couch so her hair flowed, almost touch the floor. She looks beautiful even when asleep. I turned to leave but my eyes returned on her and my heart leaped when I saw that she was wearing my clothes. This got to be a good sign. It has to be.
I scurried into the bedroom and found it cleaned. My clothes were no longer on the floor but in the hamper.
I padded to the washroom and washed. After that, I throw a shirt on and a gray cotton pants.
When I turned around, she was there and staring at me with those pretty chocolate brown eyes of hers.
“Hey.” She squeaked nervously and bit into her lower lip. Her hands were in front of her and she was fiddling with it just like she did when her mum came yesterday.
No matter what, I don’t like that she’d be nervous around me. I don’t want to look intimidating though that’s what my looks suggest.
“Did you see anything?” I looked down at myself and she looked away quickly with crimson cheeks.
“No. I just came in. When did you come? Sorry I dozed. I was actually waiting for you.”
“Yeah, I figured. Why did you come? To cut ties with me?” I moved away from the closet and ran my hands through my wet hair.
I was too calm and I’m surprised. I planned to shout at her and cuss her but I wasn’t doing any of it. All that I thought and my decision to accept that we can never be also vanished.
“That’s not why I came. How can you say that?” She whispered.
“I don’t want false hopes Riana. I think you should go back to sleep. You can have the bed.” I pointed to the bed. It’s amazing that I haven’t slept in it since I rented this place. Maybe it’s because it was in before I came or I just don’t like how it looks. Whichever way but I don’t see myself sleeping in it.
“I don’t wanna sleep.”
“Then you’ll go home. I will drop you off.” I went for my jeans and fetched my car key.
“I don’t want to go either, Novan. I …”
“Then I’d leave. Maybe you’re scared I will do something to you.”
“What! Why are you saying all this Novan? I know I shouldn’t have done that and am sorry. You’re being too calm and it’s scaring me Novan. Please shout at me and do anything but don’t remain like this. I am really sorry Novan. I know I shouldn’t have done that. Please forgive me. I didn’t do it because I’m ashamed of you. I had good intentions and I’d never do something like that again. Please.” She began to drop down onto her knees in front of me in tears.
What the fuck! What is she doing? I never expected this.
“Hey, what are you doing? I hate it. Now get up.” I’m not some God that people have to bow to?
“Do you forgive me?”
“I was not mad. I just felt bad and hurt. I thought you don’t want me anymore.” I pulled her back to her feet before her knees hit the floor.
“And this is not about me forgiving you. You just have to tell me this won’t happen again. I don’t want to feel humiliated anymore. If it happens again then I’m done. I can’t be with someone who’s not proud of me. I will rather be single.” I told her and wiped the tears from her face.
” I can tell them about us, even now..”
“No. Do it at your own will, not on my behalf but make sure you don’t repeat that again. I don’t care if you tell them about us or not anymore. Feel free, I’m ready whenever you want to do that. Just don’t…”
“Yes, I get it. I won’t do that ever again.” Her hands wrapped around my waist.
“So we’re good?” She asked with puppy eyes.
“Were we bad?” I smiled and pulled her into my arms in a hug.
“I missed you.” She whispered and hugged me tighter.
“You did? But you haven’t shown it.” I pouted, waiting for her to do what I want. I won’t tell her though.
“Really.” She pulled me by the nape then got on her tiny toes I then felt her soft lips graze mine gently.
She knows just what I wanted.
I pulled her in for more and everything got intense and I want to do more. Have more of her. Kissing her is so refreshing and it gets better each time. The passion between us is so overwhelming and it’s only her that makes me feel this way. I purred into her mouth and pulled away slightly.
“I can’t have enough of you, Riana. Hope you know that?”
She smiled shyly.
“So you said you don’t want to go home. What do you want us to do then?”
She looked at me innocently with a naughty grin.
“I would like to trace and count all your tattoos.” She moved her fingers on my arm.
“You like them?”
{That changed everything ✓
” l would like to trace and count all your tattoos.” I moved my fingers on his arm.
“You like them?”
I shake my head. “No. I don’t like them.”
He frowned and his lips twitched.
I hold his cheeks and pull it. “You fool, I don’t like them but I love them.” I smiled and kissed his hard jaw.
“You do?” His eyes widened and his fine lips thinned into a smile.
“How can I not? I love you, there’s not a part of you that I hate.” I told him honestly.
“Good for you.” He said with a smug smile.
“You don’t have a choice because I was not going to bleach my skin to get rid of the tattoos for you though..”
“I’m sure they won’t go even after that. Is permanent right?”
“Yeah, it is.”
“How many are they?” I hold on to the hem of his shirt.
“You wanted to count them.”
“Alright. Why did you decide to get all those tattoos?”
“Because I want them. I started getting tattoos when I was 14.”
“Wow! Your parents didn’t say anything? What was your first tattoo?”
“Take a look for yourself.”
I watch as he pulls his shirt over his head, and my eyes fall on the numerous tattoos that line his chest, sides, and stomach. They all form a pattern instead of seeming willy-nilly detached.
“What do the tattoos mean?” I asked, unable to quit staring.
He smirked as he tossed the shirt into my face.
I grabbed it and threw it back at him. “I can see how organized your tattoo is but not your room.”
“I started being a slob when I got an organized girlfriend like you. What was the need to do something when I have her?” He threw the shirt back directly into my face.
“Be careful, Novan. You don’t have to ruin my face.” I aimed it at his face but he ducked but caught it.
“I will be glad if it happens. I’d be the only one looking.”
“I see.” I latched towards him, trying to feigned anger and look intimidating with my fist balled behind me.
“What is this? You don’t scare me. You look prettier.” He laughed and took a step back.
I glared at him, refusing to back down. I wish I could actually scare him.
He only laughed louder, It was contagious and I had to bite the inside of my cheeks to refrain from joining him in laughter.
“Let me show you just how your face looked like.” He chuckled and faced me with his fist balled and his face contorted into something like mine. He was mimicking my facials and it was incredibly funny.
“Hey. Is that how I look?” I lose my fist.
He nodded and we both cackled. I clutched onto my stomach then dropped to my knees.
“You can’t be serious. I didn’t.. look. like that.” I tried to catch my breath. I held my hand up and he pulled me up from the floor.
My eyes met his chest and stayed there. I suddenly remembered why he took off his shirt.
“So in general, what’s your main motive or reason behind your tattoos.” I flattened my palms on his chest.
“I thought you forgot. ” He chuckled and went on.
“They mesh together, but they all mean distinct things. There are different junctures in my life I wanted to think back to, so I did what I wanted to in order to mark them.” He clarified.
His body is flawless and I can’t tear my eyes from him.
The perfect definition of his chest and abs becomes a feast for my hungry eyes.
This is illegal.
Sexy, hot, nice, and brilliant cook should not be wrapped up in one package.
“Do you work out?” My hands moved on the six hard knots on his tummy.
“Hell yeah.” He answered proudly.
“How’s this called.” I pressed the knots lightly.
“As in ice packs?”
“Stop being ridiculous.” He chuckled and placed his hand on my waist.
“Your chest and everything is so hard. Did you do it yourself?” My fingertips moved on his muscled arms.
“Must you ask everything.” I feel him shudder. His hands came on mine then he dropped it.
“Please don’t touch me that way.” He groaned.
“Then how?” I asked. My eyes moved to his chest and on his right breast, there was an angel with bows aimed towards his left breast which had a heart drawn on it. In the middle of his chest was a roaring lion. Then down to his belly was a cluster of colorful birds. It was incredibly beautiful. I couldn’t stop myself from moving my hands on them. At the side of his stomach was a smiling little fairy with a flower in her hand.
“Is Nervisa the fairy?” I looked up and met his eyes.
“No but I had her in mind when I was taking that tattoo. Apart from your smile, hers lightens my world as well.” He beamed and brushed my hair from my face.
“What is your favorite tattoo?”
He turned his back to me. His back was virtually blank, I couldn’t see anything.
“Are you drunk? There’s nothing at your back.” I countered.
“Use your eyes, doll face.”
I ran my eyes on his blank canvas of chest like three times. I was almost giving up when I saw a glowing small Star right in the middle of his back and the background was thick darkness. But that single star was glowing beautifully and I am amazed and fascinated.
“Seen it?”
“I have. It’s so beautiful.”
“It is?
I nodded even though he won’t see it.
He walked from me then switched the lights off. The room was now dark and I wondered what he was doing but kept mute.
“Now take another look.” He turned his back to me again and oh wow.
The drawing on his back was illuminating and the star was sparkling. This is stupendous and I am stupefied.
“This is so beautiful Novan,” I whispered in admiration.
“You like it?”
“I love it,” I replied quickly and ran my hands on it. Before I knew it, my lips were on it, adoring it with tiny kisses. I can’t help it.
“That is ticklish.” He giggled and stepped in front.
“How did you come up with an idea like that?” I asked and moved to his front. He cupped my face.
“That star speaks everything about you Mariana and us. Stars can’t shine without darkness. The same way I can’t do without you. You’re the star in my darkness and together, we shine.”
His eyes spoke in volumes when they met mine and they twinkled, filled with so much life and love.
“What of the moon? It does shine too.”
“Yeah they do but stars light the sky while the moon lights the Earth sometimes. The Earth can do without the moonlight but the dark sky needs the Star to look beautiful. You’re that star and I need you in order to breathe. Understand it that way.” His eyes glowed in the darkness as he spoke.
My heart melted and the butterflies danced in my stomach hearing him say that.
“So you had all this in mind before drawing it?”
“I had you in mind even though we weren’t like this then. It has been my favorite tattoo of all.” He ran his tongue on his lips.
“When was that?”
“I got it made when I was 18. ”
“You loved me since then?”
“Do I have to say that again? You told me you wanted to count my tattoos, not to interrogate me. You know how much I hate it when you can’t stop asking me questions. Sometimes it irritates.”
I saw his eyes rolled in their sockets and I smiled.
“I can do without you Novan. Please never leave me.” I whispered, staring into his hazel eyes intensely.
His eyes moved back to me, wondering why I was saying that but the truth is I don’t even know why I said it but imagining my life without him is not pretty.
“I promise but I don’t know of you.” His forehead creased, showing a faint worry.
“I will never leave you,” I assured him.
“You sure?”
“Yeah, if you don’t give me a reason why would I leave?”
“I won’t give you many reasons.” He replied and we shared a smile.
“Okay now, how many tattoos do you have?” I stared at the metal on his eyebrows.
“I don’t know the exact number. Maybe a hundred or seventy. I don’t know.” He shrugged.
“Does it hurt?” I asked.
“No it just sting a little and that’s all. Now don’t ask me any more questions. I answered more than enough.”
I looked back to his chest and there are a thousand questions I would like to ask about each drawing but my mind was busy admiring his beautiful body. I saw new drawings and I realized I haven’t examined all the tattoos. I could see a butterfly flying with its shadow falling over the flower the fairy was holding. There were some figures also and some letters on his side.
“Why do you have a lion between your chest?” I prayed he answer.
He eyed me before answering.
“I don’t have a reason, I just thought it will look good if I do something like that.” He answered.
I nod with my eyes glued on his torso. I can’t seem to take my eyes off him and I won’t get fed up staring at them. Even in the dark, they captivated me.
“The one at your back is my favorite.” I told him.
“It’s mine too.”
“Our favorite.” I hugged his warm body to mine and placed my head on his left part of his chest where the heart shape tattoo was.
“Why’s the heart being aimed at by the angel?”
“You just have to figure it out yourself.” He wrapped his arms around me.
“I’m sure there’s symbolism.”
“You’re the English student. Not me.”
“But you must have a meaning for it so tell me. There couldn’t be any better explanation than yours.” I pushed.
“I’m not telling.” He’s not backing down.
“Fine.” I sighed defeatedly.
“But I know there’s a story behind that drawing on your chest. A roaring Lion between your chest, a heart at the left side, and some angel aiming at it. There has to be a deeper meaning.” I added thoughtfully.
If you ask me, I would say the angel is in the form of a villain who’s after the heart but the lion…what was the use of it? I don’t get it.
“Stop thinking about it. Everything will soon fall into place and you’d understand. For now stop stressing your mind.”
“Okay boyfriend.” I closed my eyes as his warmth diffused into my body gradually.
He placed his chin at the top of my head. “Won’t you sleep? It’s late.”
“Yeah.” I will have to leave here early in the morning since I didn’t bring extra clothes.
“You look sexy in my clothes. I wanted to fuck you when I saw you in them. It’s so sexy.” He snapped the elastic band on the shirt against my skin and I whimpered.
My face got red from what he said. How can he say that so easily and boldly? But I can’t deny the weird feeling that stirred inside me when he said it.
“It really fits you.” He mumbled and slipped his hand under my-his shirt. I shiver when his finger brushed my belly button area then it crawled up. I held on to him tightly.
“Do you want us to do something?” He whispered in that sexy tone again.
“What?” I murmured.
“Look at me first.” He demanded.
Slowly my eyes moved to meet his through the dark.
“I wish…to do a lot of things to you sweetheart.” He breathed heavily and traced his hand on my jawline then to my chin and tilt it to look deeper into his eyes.
My heart was beating and I couldn’t think properly. I’m only concerned with what was happening to my body now and how the mere sound of his voice is making me feel warm down there.
“Pl… please allow me.” His voice slurred and his eyes seemed to be wild and dark.
The intensity makes my knees go weak and I want to agree to him…to allow him to do whatever he wants.
I clasped my lips on his and settled for a mind-blowing kiss. The fire lit up almost instantly and in a minute, we’re all a panting mess. My hands roamed on his bare skin and I pressed myself more tightly to him. His hands moved on my chest then he grabbed my boobs through the shirt. I moaned into his mouth and kissed him deeply. He sucked harder on my lips then pinched my nipple.
My legs wobbled and I couldn’t stand anymore. His lips moved to my neck and I jerked as the cold metal hit my skin. My lips found his neck and I began to nip on it just like he was doing to me. I felt him jerk then pushed me further into him. I could feel that foreign thing poking me again.
His hand slid to the fold of my thighs and I parted them.
“Do… you want me to?”
“Wh.. what?” My voice came out as a strangled breath.
He holds my face with both hands and rests his forehead against mine.
“Let’s just go to bed.”
Disappointment and anger pour down on me. “I thought you wanted us to do something.”
“Yes but I’m losing it and you’re not really ready for it.”
“Who says I’m not ready.” I scowled at him.
“Do you want me to fuck you because that’s what I want to do now.”
I looked away and blushed so hard with a shy smile.
“Will you take the bed?” I finally asked after a long silence. When I looked at him again, he had his shirt on.
“No you take the bed.” He scrunched his nose up.
“But we can sleep together on the bed. I don’t want to sleep on the couch and I don’t want to sleep alone too.”
“I don’t really like my bed. I haven’t slept in it since. ” He grumbled and turned the lights on.
“What is wrong with your bed? It looks okay.” I looked at the well-laid bed.
“Yeah but I always prefer the blanket if I’m sleeping here.”
“No problem. We can share the blanket.” I took the huge fluffy blanket and laid it on the floor.
This is ridiculously insane. I don’t see why someone will have a bed but will prefer the floor.
“I’ll be back.”
Before I could ask where he was going, he was already out.
I went out as well and picked my back then took my phone from it.
Immediately, Betsy’s call came through. I picked without wasting time as I walked into the bedroom.
“Where are you? I came to your apartment but didn’t see you. And this is like the tenth time I am calling. What have you been up to?” She rambled apprehensively.
“You should know where I’ve been..”
“Have you eaten yet?” Novan asked when I passed the kitchen.
“Oh I see. You’re with him?”
“Where else would I be?”
“Yeah, I will leave you now but do call your mum back. She has been calling Morgan and I..”
“Wait. She’s even calling.”
“Okay goodnight. Talk to her.” Betsy hanged up and I picked mum’s call. I put my bag on the bed and sat on the blanket with legs folded.
“I’ve been calling you Mariana. Where did you put your phone?”
“Well… I slept. Just woke up.” I saw Novan stroll inside.
“You slept? Are you all alright? Is something wrong with you?”
“I’m a fine mum. You don’t have to be worried. I was just tired after school so I took a nap.” Another lie.
“Okay. That’s a huge relief but I know you’re not at home right now so where are you?”
“What? Have you been stalking me now?” Novan looked up at me and sat so that his head was on my lap.
“Why would I do that? So you’re really not at home? Where are you?”
“Who’s that?” Novan asked before I could stop him.
I shut my eyes and for a second, I imagined all the questions mum will ask now.
“Mariana. where. are you?” Mum picked her words calmly. But behind that calmness, is a thin layer of worry.