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(She is his Enigma).
Episode 13.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

'' heeeelpp!! Help! Leave me alone! ''. Clara intentionally screamed her lungs out.

Taehyung was shocked and confused at the same time.

'' what the hell are you doin...
'' Help me...no no no! Leave me alone!!! ''.

They both heard the sou f of many people running to their hotel room.
Taehyung quickly let go off Clara and immediately locked his lips with her.
Clara's eyes opened widely, she wasn't expecting that. Taehyung's right hand touched her waist while his left touched the back of her neck.
The kiss was so intense,the door was opened, and the people arrived.
His friends,their wives,body guards and some hotel officials.
Their eyes opened widely like plates and their mouths dropped in surprise at what they were seeing.
Taehyung and Clara's posture looked so real,everyone might think this two were in the middle of something and were getting interrupted.
Seokjin cleared his throat loudly.

'' what is going on? ''.

Taehyung break the kiss and turned to them. Clara's lip gel was all over his mouth.
He turned to their direction and the women giggled.

'' oh goodness, how are you all here? ''.
'' we heard screams all over the hallway sir,is everything okay? ''.
'' of course,well...my wife is,she is very scared because this is going to be her first time,and that's why she.....just leave. You all are interrupting our moment ''.
'' your moment? ''. Jungkook was blown away.

Taehyung didn't wait for another words and just shut the door on their faces.
He took a deep breath of relief and turned to Clara with a frown.
She was now bringing her mind to believe what just went on.
They both looked at each other and rushed into the bathroom.
Taehyung opened the sink pipe and Clara pushed him away,quickly washing her lips. Taehyung's also pushed her aside and started washing his lips with soap.

(Paris Modeling Agency=C.E.O).

Maria sat in the office,waiting for her friend of ten years,the very famous Rose Gabanna. She crossed her legs,looking o to papers on the big desk in front of her. Omar sat besides her,holding his phone and busily scrolling.

'' I am wondering how BB must be feeling right now ''.
'' what happened? ''.
'' look at this ''. He said,showing the latest news on his phone to Maria.
'' Clara and Taehyung, as the power couple? And what has that got to do with BB? She said they were just friends right? ''.
'' and you believe her? I don't. Being friends with each other from their childhood, I think they definitely like each other ''.
'' that's none of our business sp shut up and let's wait ''.
'' you know BB has made us a lot of money Maria, for her many years of in this modeling business, she has always being one step ahead. She is the face of the company, so why are you advertising Clara? ''.
'' you are too blind to se Omar. Clara...I don't appreciate her more than I appreciate BB. But they all have their own style. There is one thing that is uniquely different about Clara. She is not arrogant and full of herself like BB ''.
'' and what makes you think she won't become full of herself and arrogant when she becomes rich and famous like BB? That is how every human is. Give them money and power and you will see their true character ''.
'' I already know because Clara is already rich and famous. She became rich in just one night. She is married to Kim Taehyung. Which other rich and famous status does she need? But she is still humble and nice to everyone, a little wild...but she is still humble ''.
'' Hm...
'' better be careful of your BB,she might betray you one day. I have worked with you for many years Omar,don't push me to fire you. I will do anything I can to make Clara the new face of modeling. She has something BB will never have ''.
'' that is? ''.
'' aura. Clara has the face,Bella doesn't. She became a professional model because her family is rich,that's all. Clara can make it. I believe in her,she will just have to work extra harder ''.

The office door opened and a guard entered, paving the way,Rose Gabanna entered. The richest business woman in Europe.
She was a business tycoon who men couldn't even compete with.
Maria got to her feel and gave her a tight hug and a kiss. Rose smiled and walked to her big chair and sat comfortably.

'' you can leave now Desi ''. Her guard nodded and left. '' if it isn't my friend Maria....
'' oh please Rose...how are you doing? ''.
'' perfect ''. Rose said,signalling Maria to let Omar excuse them.
'' Omar,please excuse us for a while ''.
'' but I am your PA! ''.
'' Omarion Pordosky! ''.

He got to his feet and annoyingly walked out.

'' I would fire him if I were you Maria. I don't tolerate nonsense! You are the boss! ''.
'' of course I know Rose. Bit I just pity him. Anyways, looking at your face,I can see you overslept today ''.
'' oh gosh, is of showing? The doctor gave me a sedative last night and...
'' what happened? ''.
'' same old issue. I think I over thought myself ''.
'' are you still trying and forcing to remember your past? When the doctor told you not to? ''.
'' I have money Maria,if I die,they all go to strangers. While I might even be able to leave of to a family...if I have one ''. She said in tears in her eyes. '' the only thing I remember is the accident. That's all ''.
'' I think you should relax,when the time comes to remember, you will remember everything okay? ''.
'' I am sorry Maria, I can't rely on my doctor,he told me like...fifteen years ago that my memory loss was just temporary, and till date,I remember nothing of where I came from. All I have from my past is this stupid key! ''. She shouted,holding an old key hanging over a chain on her neck.
'' it will be fine Rose, that is not why we are here though,can we talk about the real issue? ''.
'' hmmm...okay ''.
'' Clara Johnson is in Paris now dear ''.
'' what about Bella Bello? I heard and read the news about her last night. How she embarrassed herself at the anniversary party ''.
'' I think she must be on her way. Clara is on her honeymoon so she must not be bothered too much. So I need you to choose a perfect day for her to arrive here,whatever you want her to do...
'' you do not get my mission Maria. With all the reigning models,Bella Bello is the Queen. And with all the uprising models, Clara Johnson is the Queen. So I have decided, when Bella and Clara arrives here,I will be testing their modeling abilities and finally decide ''.
'' finally decide what? ''.
'' on who...becomes the face of my company and Europe's Top Model ''.

(Quality Hotel=Room 12).

It was getting dark. Almost 7PM. The whole place was noisy because Paris armies and packed outside the hotel,making noise.
Clara sat on the bed in pyjamas and socks while Taehyung sat in a large couch a little far from the bed. Both quiet and looking elsewhere.
Taehyung busily typing on his phone, while Clara was feeling restless and bored. Taehyung yawned and got to his feet,stretching his body and walked to the bed.

'' get off the bed woman...don't get me upset ''.
'' that couch is your bed Taehyung ''.
'' don't ever call me Taehyung is only for my friends to call me. And don't ever call me Tae Tae or V. That is only for my fans to call me. And don't call me Tae! That is only for my family to call me that ''.

Clara got to her feet and faced him.

'' what should I call you then? ''.
'' that's your won problem ''. He said,pushing her aside and lying on the bed. He spread his arms and legs on the bed to prevent her from getting any space.
'' alright Mr Man...chew the whole bed if you please ''. She said and took a pillow from the bed. She walked to the couch and lied in it.

The night drifted away.
Clara's eyes was stuck on the roofing while Taehyung scrolled through his phone.

'' and you know what? The next time you want to scream for the whole world to think I am abusing PR hurting you,use a loud speaker,and armies will kill you before you realise ''. He said,tossed his phone aside and slept.

[9/13, 6:56 PM] Adelaide Clara: 馃敧BITTERSWEET WIFE馃敟
(She is his Enigma).
Episode 14.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

(Next Day=Quality Hotel=Room 12).

Clara's phone rung loudly and her eyes opened slowly. The brightness of the sun hit her eyes and she scratched it off. Yawning, she sat up and picked up her phone.

'' hello? ''.
'' Clara...it's Maria, are you still asleep by this time? ''.
'' urmm..no! I am fully awake. Please, what can I do for you? ''.
'' I very much hope you will be less busy tomorrow. Your introduction to Rose Gabanna will be tomorrow. So prepare yourself ''.
'' oh my God! ''. She shouted in excitement,making Taehyung wake up from his sleep. '' at what time please? ''.
'' at exactly 7AM. A private car will be waiting for you outside the hotel ''.
'' thank you so much Maria. I will be sure to be ready by that time...bye ''.

Taehyung sat up on his bed and checked the time. It was early as 6AM. He got up and walked to the bathroom.
Clara got up and took her pillows to put them back on the bed. Taehyung's phone rung loudly and she turned to look on phone screen.
It was Bella. She was confused, surprised....so many feelings mixed in one, going through her mind.
She threw the pillows on the bed and heard a knock on the door. She walked to the door and opened it.

'' good morning ma'am ''. A room service greeted,holding a larger tray of rich and perfect breakfast. '' hope you are fine ''.
'' good morning...and you are? ''.
'' Chyna. I am your room service. Breakfast is served. Three different sets ''.
'' come in please ''.

She paved the way and as Chyna entered, two different girls in her uniform also followed her into the room with different trays too. They arranged the hotel bed table and arranged the foods on it and got to the door.

'' the beach is opened for the rest of the day ma'am, so you are free to come there and enjoy at anytime ''.
'' thanks. Have a nice day ''.
'' you too ''.

They all left and Clara closed the door. She turned and saw Taehyung standing there with his back facing her. Naked with a towel on his waist.
He opened the first breakfast of black and white coffees, hot and smelling very good.
Clara swallowed hard. That was the first time she ever saw a man's naked body.
She was sudden weak and her eyes couldn't move from where it had landed.
Taehyung straightened himself and turned his back to face her,standing at the far end of the door. He starred at her face while she started back for a moment.

'' what are you looking at? ''.

His hair was wet,his skin looked whit,his eyes,a little red,his lips,a deep pink and his body on fleek.
He had finished taking his bath.
Clara's head finally came back to reality and blinked a thousand timed before looking normal.

'' I have my eyes in front of my head so obviously, I don't see backwards, do I? ''.
'' huh? ''.
'' you are asking me what I was looking at. And I am saying my eyes are in front of my head so obviously, I only look at things which are in front of me ''.

Taehyung rolled his eyes in annoyance and walked to the hotel's wardrobe to take out his clothes.
Clara bypassed him and walked into the bathroom,shutting it closed.
Taehyung took out one of his very sexy outfits. It was transparent white shirt which barely covered his chest. A tight blue jeans and normal beach slippers.
He stayed spraying himself, applying pomade and wearing a bathrobe.
He sat down in a sofa and opened the breakfast. The coffees,the fruits,the bread and pasta,the juice and a bottle of expensive wine.
Clara walked out of the bathroom in a short towel,covering her chest and upper tights. Her hair was also very wet and the water from it kept dripping on the floor. She went in front of the wardrobe and took out a new towel.
Both their backs were facing each other. Taehyung took his laptop from beside him and opened it.
He almost choked on the coffee. He saw Clara's reflection on the laptop screen because she was standing behind him.
Her body,it was all goals. He had never seen such in his life. She started drying her hair and kept looking at her on the laptop, he forgot he had not switched it on.
Suddenly, Clara's towel accidentally fell off her body and the hotel room fired up.
Taehyung finally choked and he quickly coughed uncontrollably. Clara quickly covered her body again and rushed to him without her own knowledge.

'' are you okay?!! ''.

Taehyung opened a bottle of water and drank it immediately. His eyes were watering.
Clara's face looked so worried and concerned.
Most tempting part was,when Clara had bent down, checking on him,her upper breasts was very visible.
Since she's thick and a little heavy,there was no way the towel could cover her whole breast.
And perverted Taehyung's eyes landed no where but there. His eye balls were shaking and he looked up at her beautiful perfect face. Then down at those breast again.
Clara realised and frowned.

'' what are you looking at? ''.
'' huh? ''. He panicked.
'' I said what are you looking at? ''.
'' hey! Better quickly get dressed! My friends and I are going to spend some time at the beach and I don't have time to wait for you when am done eating! ''.
'' you haven't dressed up yourself, and you are telling me this? ''. She said and walked to the wardrobe. She also took out a bathrobe and wore it.

Taehyung shook his body out of this sudden shock. He switched on the laptop.
Clara walked to his front and took a seat.
Taehyung's brain: Don't look at her
Taehyung's brain: Don't you dare look...
Taehyung's brain: no no no...
His eyes fell on her face while she took some fruits from the tray and a white whit coffee. He placed his laptop on the bed and went back to the food. He took a separate tray and arranged what he will eat,them took all to the bed and sat on it. He !ade sure,they were far from each other.
Clara was saddened, but she thought maybe, he hated her so much that he didn't want to even have breakfast close to her.

'' whatever ''. She said louder for him to hear,then started eating.

An awkward silence fell between them.

'' your lover called ''.

Taehyung suddenly stopped typing when he heard that. But he didn't raise his his eyes to meet hers.
There was just that awkward silence again. Taehyung was unexpectedly annoyed.

'' did you take my phone? ''.
'' I just saw the caller when I was arranging the pillow. Why would I touch your phone, if you are not important to me,why would your phone be? ''.

His phone rung again and he looked at the caller. He took a deep breath and took the phone,then left the room to receive the call.
Clara looked behind him and smirked. She got up and walked closer to Taehyung's food with a small pot of sugar. She opened the pot and poured all the sugar into Taehyung's coffee. Then she picked up a pot of salt besides the breakfast and sprinkled a large amount I to his cookies and toasts.
She went back to her food and continued eating.
Taehyung entered some minutes later and went back to the bed.
Clara finished eating and went to the wardrobe to get dressed.
Taehyung put his phone on the bed and took the coffee, he starred of with a teaspoon and took it to his lips and swallowed. He cringed and immediately poured it out his mouth in disgust.
He wasn't expecting that, as the sugar had become too much in his mouth, he decided to take some cookies to reduce it. He took one of the brown cookies and bit a piece,and when chewing it,he rushed into the bathroom.
Clara's happiness knew no boundaries. She laughed her head off and heard him vomiting into the toilet.
She dressed in an all white jeans and a bare back top with a flat slippers.
Taehyung got out of the bathroom. His eyes red and his nose stuffed, he started at Clara with a murderous look and started walking closer to her,breathing furiously...

[9/14, 2:28 PM] Adelaide Clara: 馃敧BITTERSWEET WIFE馃敟
(She is his Enigma).
Episode 15.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

He angrily went straight to her and grabbed her arms together painfully tight.
Clara groaned in pain.
Well,she knew he was arrogant spoilt. But she never saw him this angry. This was her first encounter and her head went blank.

'' how dare you?! Do you want me dead?! Don't you know too much sugar and salt is not good for my health?! ''. He said,pushing her hard into the bed.
'' well I want you dead! Dead so I can have my freedom! ''.
'' then kill me! Because I don't want you either. The love of my life is out there! ''. He said and raised her up,rubbing her palms on his neck. '' come on! Strangle me to death! Do it! ''.

Clara's eyes became soft. But Taehyung's eyes were cold and angry.
Clara got her hands off him and started walking away from him,but he angrily grabbed her hand and pushed her into the bed,making her leg,hitting his own,and pushing him off balance.
He fell over her on the bed. Both their lips collided...yet again.
Clara's eyes were opened, she felt something. She pushed him off her and got to her feet.
Taehyung sat up and his brows furrowed.

'' you don't have any right to touch me okay?! The next time,I will make sure what I did to you today is just a tip of the iceberg ''.
'' I will make you suffer. Don't think you are married to a normal guy ''. Taehyung said and started dressing up.

Multiple knocks were heard on their door. Clara walked closer again and opened the door. Taehyung's friends and their wives smiled at her.
She awkwardly smiled back. They kissed her and entered the room together. The only person who was left outside was Jungkook.
Admiring Clara from head to toe and starring seductively at her.

'' aren't you coming inside? ''.
'' yes I will. I just have to give appreciation to the goddess ''.
'' excuse me? ''.
'' good morning Greek goddess ''. He said in a manly tone.

Clara chuckled shyly.

'' good morning ''.
'' did anyone tell you how perfect your smile is? ''.
'' I..urmm...

Jimin got to the door and grabbed Jungkook's shirt by the neck and pulled him away, followed by the rest.
Taehyung's looks had no words. He reached Clara's side with a heavy breath. They both saw how Namjoon was holding his wife and Taehyung starred at Clara.

'' I am only going to do this for the public, not because I want to ''. He whispered to her.
'' same here. Don't think I feel so lucky to have you in my life. I am not just any girl punk! ''.
'' what the fuck did you call me? ''.
'' guys we're already late! Let's go! ''. Seokjin shouted from far away.

(Bella's Paris Empire).

She poured a bottle of vodka in a glass and handed it to Omar.
She poured a glass for herself and took a sip.

'' I said it! I knew there was something with you and Taehyung! ''. Omar said happily.
'' I called him this morning and we spoke a while. He said he will be at the Quality Beach for almost the whole day ''.
'' okay..but there's no way you can go there right? ''.
'' Not today. The thing is, everyone is now suspecting that Taehyung and I are having an affair after that night I confessed. That wine was meant for Clara,so that she could get drunk and embarrass herself in front of the entire world. To make it a disgrace to the Kim family. But it backfired ''.
'' what would you do now? ''.
'' I need you to do something for me ''.
'' you already know how we do it Bella ''.

Bella opened a drawer close to her and took out a bundle of dollars,then threw it to Omar.
He caught it and smiled widely.

'' okay... I am listening ''.
'' I need something very bad to happened at the beach. And I want this to ne successful ''.
'' okay...what should I do? ''.

(Quality Beach).

The sun was shinning, the sea breeze mixed with the warm environment which was very relaxing. There were no paparazzis since it was a private beach which entertained only people who could afford it.
Taehyung and the rest arrived there. The women held beach bags,containing bikinis and sun creams, son screens and others. The beach officials led them into the beach and walked them to the beds and luxuries.
Taehyung and his friends entered the beach bar while e women walked closer to the beach beds with bags. Threw of them immediately changed into their bikinis leaving Clara.

'' don't worry,I won't change into anything. I am okay in this ''.
'' urrrmmm..what? No way, we are in the beach not a mall. So come on ''.
'' but...
'' come on Clara. Feel free with us okay? We are all friends now. You are married to our friends, so we four are also at least feel free with each other ''.

Clara smiled and nodded her head. She started removing her clothes.
Jungkook from the far bar saw this and coughed. He smirked and cleared his throat.

'' are you okay Jungkook? ''. Jimin asked.
'' yeah,just that...Clara is beautiful ''. He said, looking at Taehyung at the corner of his eyes.

Taehyung poured a glass of whiskey for himself without looking at anyone. He seemed not to care at all. But his friends said nothing either.
They all took bottles of their preferred wine and walked back to the beach,except for Taehyung who sat in a chair and looked at the beach.
Clara was completely in a pink pant and bra now. She let her hair free in wind. She sat into the chair wit rest of the wives and took a deep breath.

'' see? Bikini was better after all ''.
'' yeah. The air is refreshing. It's being a long time since I came to the beach ''. She said.
'' in fact,you really fit beautifully in that bikini ''. Leah said.
'' so tell us Clara, how was last night? ''.

Clara almost choked on the fresh air. She adjusted herself on her seat.
They all laughed.

'' on come on Clara! It is just us ladies okay? There is nothing to be shy about ''. Nuna said.
'' yeah,you two started so fast yesterday. Haha, we arrived at the wrong time,we hope our interruption didn't stop your interaction ''.
'' oh...no. We..we were okay ''. Clara laughed awkwardly. '' can I get an apple juice or something? ''.
'' sure,I will call the beach officials to serve us ''. Leah said and walked away.

Namjoon and Hoseok came for their wife to have fun in the ocean,leaving Clara all alone on the beach.
Taehyung sat in the bar looking at her. He took a sip of whiskey and kept starring at her,sitting there all alone.
Clara looked around and felt rejected. But of course this was not her dream wedding. Jungkook walked over to her side with a smile and apple juice.

'' apple juice? ''. He asked softly.
'' y..yeah. Thank you ''. She smiled lightly.
'' can I join you? ''.
'' err..I...
'' don't worry Clara.. ''. Jungkook said and took a seat in front of her. '' everyone of is knows that you and Taehyung were forced to get married ''.
'' what?! ''. She almost dropped the glass...

[9/14, 9:01 PM] Adelaide Clara: 馃敧BITTERSWEET WIFE馃敟
(She is his Enigma).
Episode 16.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

'' but...how? ''.
'' we all have being friends for eighteen years. We know everything about each other. And Taehyung is in a relationship with Bella Bello. So he loves only her ''.

Clara felt a sharp pain in her chest. Just because of what Jungkook said. She dropped her head.

'' and we all know you don't like him either. I am sorry for what is going on in your life. It must be very hard being married to him ''.
'' hmmm... I am trying to stay calm for as long as I can to survive this ''.
'' so don't worry if I sit close to you to have a chat. Because Taehyung doesn't even care ''. Jungkook said with a smile. '' but anyways. Let's just forget that. Tell me,would you love to feel the ocean too? ''.
'' sure. Are you going to take me there? ''.
'' with your permission princess ''. He said seductively.

Clara laughed loud and hit him on the shoulder.

'' can you stop acting perverted with me Kook? ''.
'' okay ''. He said with a smile.

They both got to their fee and Jungkook took her hand. He took off his shirt and started walking her to the sea.
The boys were shocked.
Especially Mr Kim Taehyung. His glass of whiskey feel from his hand and shattered on the floor. His eyes never left Clara and Jungkook. Jimin and Yoongi lifted their eyes to Taehyung's place and to Jungkook and Clara.
In fact, Clara looked so happy. She stepped into the ocean and froze. Jungkook caressed her face.

'' it's okay. I'm here okay? ''.
'' it's cold ''.
'' I know. That's why I am here ''.

Taehyung got to his feet to get a better view of Clara and Jungkook. He didn't know what to do.
First of all,he has made his friends understood that he had nothing to feel about Clara and that he hated her. So he was powerless because he thought he would look stupid if he went to get back his wife from Jungkook the international flirt.

'' Mr Kim, are you okay? ''. The bartender asked him,looking at the shattered glass of whiskey.
'' bring me another whiskey. But being the stronger one instead ''.
'' sir...are you sure you...
'' shut up before I get you fired! ''.
'' sorry sir ''. He replied and left.

Clara lowered herself into the water and got her whole body wet. Jungkook followed suit and they both came up laughing happily.

'' you look like a goddess being wet like this ''.
'' my God Jungkook, stop. This is so awkward ''. She laughed.
'' why is it? It's not like you and Taehyung are into romance ''.
'' well...if you say it that way...
'' I am just complimenting you sweetheart. I am a truthful man...come on,wanna go deeper? ''.
'' I'm scared. Not a good swimmer ''.
'' I can teach you if you want ''.
'' wow...sure ''.

They went deeper into the sea and Jungkook held to her waist and she shivered. He smirked behind her.
He inhaled her sweet scent and touched her hair softly. Clara cleared her throat.

'' I...I am gonna go to the bathroom. Excuse me? ''.
'' sure. Should I go with you? ''.
'' no. Am okay ''.

She quickly left the sea and walked to the beds seats. She wore a bathrobe and beach slippers.

'' where is the bathroom ma'am? ''. She asked a beach official.
'' walk into the bar and go to your left Mrs Kim ''. The woman replied.

She smiled and walked away.
Clara arrived at the bar and suddenly met eye to eye with Taehyung. He held a glass of whiskey, looking at her like he wanted to burry her alive.
They both looked into each other's eyes for a while. Taehyung was confused.
She was dripping wet,from hair to toe. Clara swallow hard as he starred into her soul.

'' had fun with my friend? ''. He asked coldly.

Clara was quite surprised at the question, she just shook her head and walked away.
Taehyung whimpered and sat back down,drinking.
Two girls and a man in suit and tie bypassed him and walked towards the bathroom's direction. Taehyung angrily stood up and walked to the beach. He walked to Jungkook's direction,starring at him with killing eyes.
Jungkook was receiving fresh air on one of the seats and he raised his gaze.

'' what? ''.
'' you bitch! ''.

Taehyung grabbed hold of Jungkook's hair and pulled him behind, walking towards the bar. His friends saw this and started gathering themselves to follow them.
They got to the bar and Taehyung pushed Jungkook aside harshly.

'' what the hell man?! ''.
'' you like Clara so much don't you? ''.
'' what? ''.
'' don't pretend you idiot! I don't even give a damn. You can have her if you want okay? ''.
'' what do you mean by that? ''.
'' since Bella is all I want,you can have Clara. Maybe that way,when the rumors of your relationship surfaces, my father will get is both divorced,then you can have her ''. Taehyung shouted angrily.
'' keep your voice down punk! ''. Namjoon said in annoyance. '' what's the matter with you two? ''.
'' do we have a deal Jungkook? ''. Taehyung asked,stretching his hand to Jungkook.

Jungkook starred quietly at Taehyung in shock. He rolled his eyes and they landed on Jimin who stood behind Seokjin at the entrance.
Jimin slowly nodded his head to Jungkook and he quickly understood.

'' fine ''. Jungkook replied and hit Taehyung's stretched hand. '' it's a deal. And I hope you later don't change your mind when I start making Clara fall in love with me ''.
'' why would I? I don't care ''.
'' are you two serious right now? ''. Yoongi asked in shock.
'' he was the one who brought the deal hyung. And he is right. I like Clara a lot,and he is interested in Bella, so it's only fair to help him get divorced from her,so we can all be happy ''.


Clara got up from the W.C and took a wipe from the mirror's handle to clean herself.
She looked into the mirror and started wiping her face. Then she remembered what Taehyung asked her when she was on her way to the bathroom.

'' who does he think he is to ask me that anyways? ''. She asked herself with a frown. '' he's being having fan with BB all his life! If his family knew this,why did they get us married then? This is all so senseless ''.

There was suddenly a loud bang behind the bathroom door and she flinched, turning back to look at the door.
Then there were multiple footsteps behind the door. She heard some whispers and touched her racing heart.

'' who's there? ''. She asked but there was total silence. '' hello? Anyone out there?! ''.

She walked to the door and unlocked it,then she pulled her head out and saw no one on the walkway or anywhere else.
Then she retreated back into the bathroom. But as soon as she was about to close the door,a stronger hand pulled the door against her,opened and she fell to the ground, hitting her head hard on the tiled floor. Blood dropped down her head.
She groaned in pain and slowly raised her head,to see three people in black suits,starring at her angrily with belts and straw sticks...

'' wha..who are you? ''.
'' that's not important. After we are done with you,you would regret stealing our V Taehyung from his armies...

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