✍️✍️✍️✍️ Two Bridges Of Fate Episode 5-10 … (πŸ”žπŸ”ž Vampire )✍️✍️✍️✍️

😈Two Bridges Of Fate 😈
Chapter 5
1596, PARIS.
He was feeling uncomfortable and the place was very dark.The thought of seeing the universe made him happy,but the thought of staying in a place where it is dark and there is no air made him sick. Suddenly he realised that he must be in a grave yard. He used his hands to open the cover of the coffin he was laying in but he couldn’t, then he tried using all his powers, within the flash of a light it opened. He stands up from the coffin and he could see different coffins in a spacious room. He looked around for the sign of Cindy but to no avail. He decided to start checking all the coffin for Cindy. After opening almost all the coffin he saw her in one of the coffins looking so pale and white.

Different thoughts started running in his mind, what if she is? … and so on. He became scared but he was just shaking her body after some time she woke up but she was just staring at him as if he was a stranger.

Cindy. She did not recognise anyone, she was just staring at Damian, thinking that she knew him before from somewhere and the person is very important to her but she can’t program his name in her head.

Cindy! It’s me, Damian, can’t you recognise me? Damian!!! please am sorry i don’t know you.

It was like a bomb as been thrown into his head, why will she utter such a statement? why can’t she recognise him?
It’s me, your name is Cindy. Then she remembered yes, my name is cindy.
I am Damian. Yes, Damian, she said remembering everything vividly. Damian! You are my husband. He became embarrased. No, i am not your husband, we are not engaged but very soon we will do that.
Everything became clear to Cindy and it was a relieve to Damian that Cindy can still remember his name and other details about him. He didn’t know that time travelling can cause a thing like this but still he was happy. They hugged each other and decided to leave the building but when they got to another room, it was breathtaking the room was like an abbey with big crosses and an altar. Then they heard footsteps behind them, it was a beautiful lady, wearing a white gown and a hood which covered part of her face, she was dressed up like a nun and which she is.

I see that you’ve located this place, welcome to Paris. We’ve actually been waiting for you. You are on a mission, i hope you’re aware, you’re to look for the man who has the key to all the lives of dead and upcoming vampires. Your mission starts from here. No one knows the name of the man, only you will have to figure this out. If you are able to accomplish this mission, because no one has ever completed it, you will save the world most especially vampires from extinction. Only a pure heart can do this, it can be you or anybody. Take this key along with you,it will be your guide and good luck.
Alot of questions were on Damian’s and Cindy’s mind.

But the woman was just too fast and their questions where unanswered.

The woman left and they kept on staring at her till she was out of view. They looked at the key and what they saw puzzled them. On the key was written a riddle which was like a message saying: “Across The River Is The Sharp Is Bridge”.
Damian, i don’t get it, what’s so special about this riddle that we can’t figure it out. I don’t know either. They kept reading, suddenly an idea came to the mind of Cindy. Why don’t we read it very fast. Okay-y-y, let’s try. They continue reading till … they pronounced it well. “Across The River Is The Sharpis Bridge”.

Yeepee,i think we have to look for the sharpis bridge, but where is it? Damy,lets ask some people, outside the building.

I can’t believe that i am in Paris,i have always wished to be here.Now it’s a dream come true.

They turned and bend towards another street. Then they saw a big figure flying towards them. They were surprised but they didn’t wait to know what it is, they took to their heels, they kept on running but their effort was fruitless, because Cindy was too slow and tired to run. They turned towards the next street but before they could balance their position the figure landed in front of them.
Chapter 6
Waoh! I can’t believe this,so you are human,we thought it was a beast.Cindy declared and still staring at him suspiciously. Nah,but i am not a human,i am a vampire.Well let me introduce myself to the two of you,my name is Caleb,i was feeling the presence of your energy immediately you reached here so i thought,i should help you before things gets out of hand.

Oh! Thanks but i don’t think we need your help,we can take care of ourselves. Damian busted out like a mad man till Caleb stopped him.
Eh! slow down lover boy,i know what you mean, i can read your mind remember i am a vampire,i am married so don’t think i will snatch your pony girlfriend from yah.

How dare you,who is a pony.
Cindy said raising her chest up. Oh yeah ! The two of you are crazy,am only here to help,so lets stick together.Damian grabbed Cindy’s hand and said `lets give it a try Cindy,what do you think?’ Well it’s worth trying for,she agreed holding Damian’s hand tightly. So,do you guys have the clue to where you’re heading next? No! He replied sharply. Damian! That’s very obnoxious,you should learn to talk politely and control your angers. Right,thanks.That is why you are the best. Actually Caleb we are heading to the Sharpis Bridge,do you know where that is?

Sure,that place is a sacred place for vampires only no doubt that should be where you are going to. Caleb am sure you are a guy,so stop talking and act like one.Cindy hop on my back.He carried Cindy on his back and they all flew to the east.
Cindy. She viewed the country from the sky and it was very breath taking.The breeze was so refreshing.

From the top of the sky.They kept on flying for some minutes,before they stopped at the entrance of a beautiful gate.They wanted to fly in right away but they decided to enter through the gate.They tried knocking but it was of no use because no one responded.They opened and enter the magnificient building.There were different stairs which made them more confused.
They were about to high tail the place when they heard footsteps coming towards them.They turned and saw a beautiful woman coming towards them looking poptastic. Am sure you are all here for an important purpose,she said. Yes we are,they all replied looking sheepishly.Well my name is Tonia,i am one of you and i live here,we’ve been waiting for someone to come here and fulfill their purpose but no one has.Now you are here and am sure you are here for a purpose we have long been waiting for.Follow me,she said pointing to a door.They entered and what they saw made them drench to their bone marrow.They saw thousands of vampires dressed in white,from the crown of their head to the sole of their feet.The woman led them to a statue which looks so ordinary.Cindy looked at the woman and said,what’s so significant about this statue. Only vampire’s will know how special it is,look at that part. They saw the statue of a hand with five fingers and the other one with one finger. Cindy you have the key to this part. Me! i don’t understand. Okay! your necklace,the ring on your necklace is the key. Waoh! Damian,so am part of this world.How is this possible. You will understand the more you travel. She gingerly took off her necklace and placed the ring on the part with one finger.Then the statue began to shake and the remaining finger’s appeared.They saw a button on the hand of the statue and Cindy was given the honour to push the button,a letter came out of the statue but when they tried to read it,the letter was awkward:

“The force of good and be together.Find your and father in the good and evil shall meet”
Damian this letter is so weird,how can we understand the message in it.

That’s true Cindy,the message in this letter is unpalatable.Caleb what do you have to say. Well . . . um . . . i don’t know,i thought you were a brainiac.
Excuse me,are you trying to tell me something indirectly? You bloody bastard. Now i am the bloody bastard,what about you,rascal! Cindy kept on staring at them while they were exchanging unpleasant words to each other. Will you guys stop this nonsense;she shouted staring at them angrily.Oh My Gosh,i can’t believe that i am in the midst of babies acting like geniuses. We are sorry,they said together. Let’s get back to work;she said in a serious tone.Look at this sign at the edge of the letter (. . .) it means that something is still missing in the letter,we have to find the other part. What a brilliant idea. Oh! Tonia;she said feeling blushed.

It is time;they knelt down and was given the white blood. We lay Caleb,Cindy and Damian in another time in God’s ultimate time.They kept on chanting till they became dizzy.
Chapter 7
1236,London. Cindy. Ouch! It hurts.Then she opened her eyes. Uh! where am i? she stood up and found herself in the midst of large trees. This is actually a forest,now am helpless.Damian,Caleb!!! I wish they are right by my side. She heard footsteps behind her but when she turned her face to the direction of the sound,everywhere became silent like a grave yard.Then she heard the same sound but when she turned only the chirping sound of the birds were heard.

She heard the sound the third time and then she knew it that she was in danger,she saw three hefty men coming towards her. `Please stay away from me’,i shouted but they refuse to listen, they came closer and i was in the middle feeling so scared . Not quite long one of the men captured me from the back that was when it become clear to me that am doomed . One man held my hand and the other one held my leg and lay me down . I became unconscious because lots of things was going through my mind .
The last man standing pulled my dress over my face and he pulled his trousers,my mind told me that he was about to r@pe me or do something more evil to me.

Shut your mouth you stripper, one of the men holding me down shouted in disgust.He looked at my body grinning foolishly. Suddenly,i could feel some energy rushing through my body,from my legs to my brain.

Take your hands off me;i said in a hush and scary tone which made me scared and also the hefty men.I snarled and i could feel my front teeth growing longer into fangs.I knocked the three men off and they fell down hitting their bodies on a tree.I screamed and the whole forest was vibrating and shaking with fury.I couldn’t stop myself and i knew that my soul and body wants revenge.I carried one of the men and threw him at the rest but not quite long one of them stood up pointing a knife at me,he began to run towards me but something in my mind kept on telling me that i can do it.The man stopped and threw the knife at me,it was like the speed of light,the knife stabbed me right in the heart of my stomach,immediately the men knew that i have been stabbed they took off.

Back into the forest and i tried to call for help but i was too weak and i also thought that who will come to my aid in this forest,i was feeling dizzy and i lay there for sometimes till my world became dark.
Chapter 8
Damian Arrgh! where am i and what’s that foul smell; i said looking around then i noticed that i was in a dungeon and lying beside me was Caleb. How can this guy sleep so comfortably in here,i can’t believe that i am in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trash.I looked at Caleb and i kicked him hard on his rib. Son of a bitch,look at yourself and you also stink man.
Caleb I woke up and looked at Damian with anger written all over my face. You sure have some guts you bastard. You guys have to get out of here before you are closed in there with those trash,got it. We looked at each other and then the stranger who was still there waiting for us to get out of the place but i kept on looking at the lady’s face then i noticed that she looks familiar.Then i shouted.
Kendra!!! Who are you? It’s me Caleb,your old pal! Oh My Gosh,i can’t believe it Caleb,so it’s really you.

Long time no see.We hugged and cracked some jokes,before we were interrupted by Damian.
Damian It looks like they’ve known each other for quite a long time,well i need to get along with this sweet figure eight.Now is my time. Ummh . . . Oh! Am so sorry Damian,my bad.Well lets start it this way.Kendra,this is . . . Caleb tried to introduce me to the lady but i cut him off. Don’t try to waste your time,hello beauty am Damian and you are Kendra.I said holding her hand to my lips and kissing it,i was not even surprised when she smiled,cause any lady that cross my path will surely fall for my charming looks.
Kendra Oh My Gosh,this guy is so handsome,i have to hook him up with me,i can’t let him slip off my finger tips.

Well,it’s a pleasure meeting you.You look so beautiful Kendra,he said in his masculine voice which sent shiver down to my spine. Thanks for the compliment;i said looking straight into his eyes,i could see the man i have always dreamed off and wanted in him,the perfect man for me,only i,Kendra,will keep him to myself.
Caleb Oh! No,i hope they are not in love,with the looks in their eyes something is definitely fishy.

Damian! wait a minute,where is Cindy,i said looking at the dungeon but she was no where to be found. Cindy? Kendra said with a who cares look. Uhm! Yes,Cindy is just a friend to me.Damian replied trying to explain.Oh! My God,i said to myself and then looked at Damian with disgust,a surprising look and dissappointment.How could he do such a thing just because of a girl he met some few hours ago,he has just stabbed his so called girlfriend at her back.
He is such a jerk and he has just acted like a pimp . He fought with me the other day because of his girlfriend , now he has just denied her . Uhm ! I hope she is safe where ever she is .

Kendra Geez , i said in my thought , why is this guy acting weird and now caleb is acting as if he has just seen a ghost .

You guys travelled back in time right,i said raising my hands up at the same time,displaying the i don’t know sign. Yep,they both said looking confused but Damian was a little bit cool. Then,probably she is in another town or city but still in the same time,so you guys should chill a little.You don’t need to worry,i said trying to ease their tension but still it was the same,then an idea came to my head,why can’t i try my luck then. You guys can stay in my house for sometime and later you can search for Cindy or whatever. No,thanks Kendra,will we manage on our own,Caleb countered back,he said immediately he finished his statement,i looked at his face with a mischivious smile on my lips.Geez,this guy is such a kill joy.He can’t stop me from carrying out my plan.

Chapter 9
Cindy I opened my eyes and i could feel it that i am laying on a comfy place;it was a bed.I wonder who brought me to this place,the room is spacious and beautiful,especially the bed it’s so soft.Suddenly,the door became ajar and i saw someone,it was a young man like Caleb but what caught my attention the most is his eyes,no doubt he is handsome but his eyes looks very special,it has this blue colour and also sparkling like that of an angel.

Then i spoke up,who are you? Then he said,his name is Victor.Wow,what a wonderful name i said in my thoughts.
Victor She looks so beautiful and her voice sounds angelic.Then she said,how did i reach this place.I saw you on the floor lying down helplessly in the middle of the forests.So i decided to help you.You’ve to take alot of rest first then tomorrow morning,Aiden wants to see you,then i will explain somethings to you.
Cindy It was like he was blabbing,after he finished what he was saying and he wanted to leave i told him to wait. Please,stop.Then he stopped, looking directly into my eyes.I just want to tell you thank you,although i don’t know you that well but i guess tomorrow we can get to talk and know each other better,right?
Yes,he said looking stressed. Okay,then I said swaying my hands up and down to make things clear and official.Then i said goodnight and he left without looking back.I sat on the bed in the roow that was given to me and my thoughts drifted to Caleb and Damian.I hope they are alright and i hope they are not seperated like i am . Then i began to think about what will happen tomorrow and who Aiden was.I think it should be that old man that appeared to Damian and i,that name sounds familiar.Then she drifted of to sleep.

Victor I don’t know why am feeling a special force since when i saw this girl,i don’t even knnw her name,i don’t know why am attracted to her,may be it’s because of her beauty,well am not sure.I better go to sleep now,cause i have an hectic day tomorrow.

Cindy Waoh! This place is cool and awesome.Then i sighted Damian and i shouted. Damian,wait up for me.I was about to cover up the space between us but someone blocked my view.I noticed that the person was a woman,i tried to step to the other side so that i can get to Damian,but she stopped me.

Where do you think ya going to,she said looking wild.I ignored her question and asked her who she was but she said,i am Kendra the one who knows what is right and will always fight for what she wants.She also said that Damian is now hers and she told me to leave.I felt reluctant but i left and i turned to my right position and i saw a glittering throne with the sign Throne Of Peace.I walked towards it and i sat on it,the throne brought peace,comfort and relieve to me.Kendra smiled wickedly and she dragged Damian to an unknown direction and i shouted out No! Till i woke up,i never knew that it was a dream.

Chapter 10
Victor Why is this girl not yet awake,i thought i told her to get some rest yesterday and get ready for today.I entered her room and i saw hersitting on the edge of her bed.Immediately she ran up to me and hug me.Then i asked her saying.What’s wrong,is anything the matter. No,no am just scared,that’s all. Oh! Well Aiden is waiting for you. Okay,lets go.
We left the room and we entered a room,i told her to stay here that i will be waiting for her in her room and i left.Cindy I nodded and immediately he left,i looked up and i saw the same man that appeared to Damian and i,he must be Aiden, i said in my thoughts.
Aiden I looked into her eyes and said yes i am,she was shocked that i could read mind,then i said i am a vampire so i can read your thoughts.Shefelt a little bit at ease.Cindy,you have a misson ahead of you,you’ve to forget about Damian.
You had a dream today and your dream has just shown you where you need to go to next.Act fast before it is too late.Cindy Aiden right,i asked and he nodded.Why do i have to forget about Damian.Cause,he is not on your path,you are with the good force and he iswith the evil force.The other part of the letter will help you to understand what am trying to say.The necklace on your neck was given to you byyour father.
It will lead you to him.Only him has the key to unlock all vampires and make them come back into existence,all you need to do first is to get to the Throne Of Peace.Now dismiss.

You had a dream today and your dream has just shown you where you need to go to next.Act fast before it is too late.
Cindy Aiden right,i asked and he nodded.Why do i have to forget about Damian.Cause,he is not on your path,you are with the good force and he is with the evil force.The other part of the letter will help you to understand what am trying to say.The necklace on your neck was given to you by your father.

It will lead you to him.Only him has the key to unlock all vampires and make them come back into existence,all you need to do first is to get to the Throne Of Peace.Now dismiss.

I left,heading to my room.I saw Victor sitting on my bed,i asked him if he knows where the Throne Of Peace is then he said yes,looking at me with a surprised face.I explained everything about myself to him including what Aiden told me,and my name and also some details about me.
I can take you to the place right away he said.I was so excited,i agreed and we left my room.
Amazing,i said looking at the outside view of the castle,what’s this place called.

The white coven,he said. It’s actually white,i said and we giggled. Lets go he said as he was about to fly.

Wait,i can’t fly. You can,he said as he chuckled.You just have to summon it.

Feel the power within you and your hidden power will show itself.I did as he said and everywhere was filled with light.I opened my eyes and behold there was a wing showing on my shoulder blade,i felt so proud of myself,then we began our journey .We got to a place and stopped at the front of a magnificent building that was shining just like a gold and glittering like diamond at the same time.