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πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”ž Sex and City πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”ž
Episode 190
“Who is that?” Riana whispered
“I don’t know, quickly hide under the bed” I
She quickly got up from my body and hide
under the bed, I walk to the door and ask
“Who is that?”
“It’s me, open up”
“What do you want?” I ask her for the first
“Where is that question coming from? Are you
gonna open the door or I should break it for
you.” She threatened.
“Okay, no need breaking it I will open it” I
I return to the bed and hide Riana’s stuff, I
throw them under the bed where she’s
hiding, I arrange the bed and went to open the
“Why did it take you so long to open up?” She
fired as she walk in night gown.
“I wasnt wearing anything I had to put
something on” I lied.
I was standing on the door while she walk to
the bed and sat down.
“Why are you standing there will you come and
give me a hot kiss?” She ask.
“I can’t” I said with small voice.
“Because I want us to stop it, am not
comfortable with it and your husband will find
it soon if we keep doing it” I said.
That seems to anger her as she walk to me
with red eyes.
“It is over when I say its over, you think I bring
you here to just make money and fvck different
women, we will discuss about this in the
morning it seems you are tired of staying in
India” she said and push me out of the door.
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I was sad I had to tell her that, I sat beside
the door thinking, Riana came out and sat
beside me on the door.
“Am sorry, I know what you are going through”
she said.
“I don’t think you know, she even threatened to
deport me” I said.
“Oh well i told you before, she brought you
here for sex not for work”.
“I guess you are right” I said.
I rest my head on her body and she started
rubbing my body, I was resting on her leg
facing her, she keep rubbing my face and then
she bend and plant kiss on my lips, I didn’t let
go as I use my hand to hold her head to make
sure we lock our lips, the kiss was hot and
intense, she used her right hand to massage
my stomach and then move downward, she
touch my Dickson and then removed the hard
Dickson from my short, she keep rubbing it
and then I turn her and make her lie down on
the floor facing up, I shift her night gown up
and started kissing her hot pussay, she was
twisting her waist like a snake and also
moaning like a Mia Khalifa, as her moan get
louder she stop me and turn my over still on
the floor, she sit ontop me and we engage in
kissing again, then she use her hand to insert
my hard cock into her hot pussay, as she
insert it inside she moan loudly and I was
forced to place my hand on her mouth, she
started going up and down slowly and slowly,
her moaning continued like a goat giving birth.

I turn her over and started fvcking her faster, I
put my hands on her mouth to stop the loud
moan, we sexx for twenty minutes before I
came and release on her body, I collapse on
her body, we slept on the floor.
I was feeling the pleasure and it was very
sweet, I didn’t know what was happening but I
can feel something going on, I opened my
eyes and then I saw her on top me enjoying
herself, I didn’t even know when she started it
but anyway let me enjoy it too, it didn’t take
long for me to release inside her, I shouldn’t
have release inside her but I wasnt myself and
I was still half asleep, she rest on my body.
“I came inside you” I said.
“Are you scared?” She ask.
“yes?” I said.
“Don’t worry I will take care of it, you have a
big Dickson I just can’t get enough” she said.
“Am all here for you” I said.
“And am here for you too” she replied and
plant a kiss on my cheek.
Before five she left and return to her room, I
woke up late around nine when everybody has
gone to work except Ria, I came downstairs
and since I know she’s angry, I tried to avoid
her, she’s the reason am here and she can
terminate my contract anytime she want since
Rica is still not done with my document, now
that she’s angry with me I need to see her.
I came downstair and walk to the kitchen, I
saw Ria slicing tomato, a thought cross my
mind, I tiptoed to her and grab her ass from
behind, she was shocked and she turn and as
she wanted to say something I stop her with a
kiss, she drop what she was doing cross her
hands around my neck, we continue kissing
and then I made her sit on the cooking desk, I
pushed my trouser down and tthen she
massage my Dickson, she was wearing gown
and then I pull her pant down, I move closer to
her and as we keep kissing each other I slide
my Dickson inside her and she moan, I started
fvcking her very fast as if am angry, she was
moaning loud and the thrust was loud too,
minutes later I took her and turn her ass facing
me while she face the desk, I slide in from
behind and fvck the hell out of her, she was
crying loudly and her breathing was getting
louder and louder, I move on of her leg up and
continue fvcking her, we fvck for thirty minutes
plus before I release on her ass.
“That was hot” she said amidst heavy
“Am sorry for yesterday, I didn’t want your
husband to know” I said.
“Apology accepted, now let’s talk about my
daughter” she said and my mind skip.
“what do you mean talk about your daughter Is
anything the matter?” I ask.
“Yes, I can see both of you now talk behind
the curtain” she said.
“Of course, you think we don’t talk before, we
always talk but not much” I said.
“I know but since she caught us she refuse to
talk to both of us since then, I wonder what
have change now oh” she said.
“So now you are assuming we are having
something behind your back abi?” I
“Oh well am not ruling it out, I know you
anyway” she said.
“Na you sabi, what are you preparing Abeg am
hungry” I said.
“Of course I know you will be after the
exercise, take indomie and prepare am cooking
India food for my husband” she said.
“Alright dear”
I left her in the kitchen and walk to my
Later in the day Rica came to take me to
“What’s up? Why are you against my friendship
with Riana?” I ask Rica on the car.
“Come on, you know I don’t like that girl, she’s
up to something” she said.
“oh come on am only using her for my gain,
her parents always threaten me with
deportation its better I have something to
bargain for when something like that come up”
I said.
“So what bargain are you talking about?” She
“Oh more like an insurance” I said.
“You are falling in love with her you are talking
about insurance, you don’t even go to night
walk again” she fired…
“Come on am not a night walker” I said.
“I know but you are a night fucker, the
assurance you need is your money not Riana,
make money and keep sending to your mom
in Nigeria, when things don’t work out you can
always return home and enjoy your money, pay
this little sacrifice and stop this nonsense with
your boss daughter” she said.
I didn’t say anything again, she’s actually right
but I think its a little bit too late for that,
because am already in love with Riana, but am
I really in love? No I don’t think so, Playboy no
they fall in love, am just messing around.
As I dance on the stage I reminisce on what
Rica told me, she was right I should focus
more on making more money, and this one
Riana mother has started suspecting it is
better I reduce my contacts with her.
The music was booming as I strip like the
show girls, only difference is that am having a
Dickson while they have pussay, the club has
boom seriously since I start my show, I was
looking at the people cheering and I started
thinking how I found myself here, oh well am
making money but the work is strictly wicked,
not that they are eveven paying me again.
Before ten I went from room to room dancing
and dangling my Dickson for women that their
husband cannot satisfy them, of course they
put their cards on my pant and surely am
going to call them, there is one lady am
eyeing, she’s beautify and she’s like 30-33
years old, she’s young and very beautiful, she
gave me her card too, after the dance I went to
Rica and we act like three porn in a role, I told
her she will pay me for this and she agreed,
after the days work around twelve in the
midnight I was sitting on the sofa in Ricas
office, I was watching her doing check and
balance, minutes later her assistance walk in.
“Ozila, Riana is waiting for you outside” she
“What is she doing here by this time of the
night?” Rica pop the question from my mouth.
“I honestly don’t know and I plan to go to
work this night” I said.
“I didn’t tell her you are still around oh, I just
told her let me check and see if you are still
around, I can tell her you have left already” the
assistant said.
“Nice idea, tell her I have gone to night walk,
did she come alone?” I ask.
“No she came two girls in a KIA” she said.
“Oh I know them, just tell I have gone to night
work” I said.
She left us and then Rica continued doing her
“Are you sure you don’t want to go with her?”
She ask.
“I need to start making money again, you are
right, the money is my assurance and not her”
I said.
“Am glad you are beginning to see it the way
seeing it” she said.
“And what about that my Visa, what’s the
update?” I ask.
“They are still processing it, you know
things like this takes time” she said.
“Like when will it be ready” I ask.
“Next week I guess” she said.
“Hmm that’s far, I need to start living alone,
and with my savings I can start living alone I
just need to extend my visa first” I said.
“Don’t worry, it will soon be ready, now let’s
talk about work, who are we visiting this
night?” She ask.
“There was a beautiful lady I was eyeing today,
but I called her and she said she won’t be
available this night except during the weekend,
that’s tomorrow, I called the other lady thats
married to an actor, she said I should come to
the same hotel” I said.
“Waoh, I like that lady, she knows how to treat
you well” Rica said.
“Yeah, so far I know how to drill the hole she
will continue to keep treating me well” I said.
“Am done here, let’s start going” she said
standing up.
We left the assistant to lock the place up, we
left around one and as the car drive to where I
will do my work we notice a KIA car following
us from behind, why is Diana following us? I
ask myself.
We got to the place where I will work, she
stop and I came down, I look back and saw
the KIA car stop too, I was scared and hoping
Riana won’t come and spoil my show, I need
money now and not her so she should be on
her lane abeg.
I went inside the gate and knock the house.
Its late in the night so I guess she might be
sleeping, I called her line twice before she pick
“Hello” I heard from the other end.
“hello ma, its me ozila” I said.
“Oh yeah, where are you?” She ask.
“At your door ma” I said.
“Okay hold on”.
I cut the call and wait for her, I look at the
road and saw Rica still waiting to see if she
will come out or not, few minutes the door
open and she pave way for me to enter, I
greeted her and enter and then she lock the
“How are you doing?” She ask.
“Am fine and you” I replied.
“As you can see am good, just missed your
touch, enter the shower and take your bath
first before joining me in the bedroom” she
“Okay ma”
She went to her master bedroom, as I was
about to enter the bathroom I heard noises
outside, I return to the big sitting room and
look through the window, I saw Rica and Riana
having words, it seems like Rica is trying to
prevent Riana from entering the building, what
the hell is wrong with her for christ sake don’t
she know this is my business and my life, I
just hope Rica talk sense into her, If she want
us to continue our relationship she better don’t
meddle in my business, I walk to the
bathroom and took my shower in the sweet
bathtub, the water was warm and refreshing, I
finish my bath and used tie towel around my
body, I went to meet her in the bedroom and
saw her watching India movie on her laptop, I
climb the bed and join her, the laptop was on
her lap, as I enter the bed she off the laptop
and lay flat, she gave me ice and I started
rubbing and massaging her back as she lie
facing the bed, she was enjoying and so am I
too because my Dickson was getting attention,
after the massage we had a soft sex with
condom of course and then we slept off till the
next morning.
Today’s is a good day, its six in the morning
and my madam is still sleeping, I got up from
bed and walk to the sitting room, I took
orange juice from the beautiful fridge and sat
down to watch TV, this her house is so fine,
she have everything and I wonder why she
need the extra Dickson, I took my phone and
saw three missed calls from Riana, I know she
will be angry but I don’t care anyway am here
to make money, don’t I really care? I don’t
know because it seems like am having
something for her oh, am now scared and
she’s always on my mind, what’s that feeling?
Even when I was having sex with the lady I
was thinking about Riana as if am committing
a crime, I hope am not falling in love sha.
I sleep on the couch watching TV and thinking,
my money in Nigeria now would have exceed
ten million naira I guess, if I go back at least I
will have something doing from that money.
“You are awake already” I heard from my back.
“Yes ma, I didn’t want to disturb you so I
came here to watch TV” I said.
“Alright, here is some money for you, I hope to
see you again tomorrow” she said giving me
an envelop.
“I will surely be here, thank you ma and
goodbye” I said and stand up from the couch,
I left the house.
I came out from her house and started walking
towards the main road from her street, people
are up already and they are all going bout their
business, I can call Rica to come pick me but
I don’t want to disturb her, I took a cab my
area, I got to my street and came down, I saw
my friend Mia arranging her store.
“Hello my Africa friend, where are you coming
from this early morning?” She ask.
“From work, I do night work” I said.
“Okay that’s good, so what will you be doing
today?” She ask again..
“Nothing I will be home till evening when I will
go to work, I might come here and stay with
you a little if you don’t mind”
“I will be glad if you come, take care”
I wave her bye and continue my walk to my
house, I got home and open the door, I greet
everybody but Riana refuse to answer me after
I greet her in the kitchen, she was preparing
something to eat, I didn’t want to push her
further because her parents are home, I will
talk to her later.
I went to my room to sleep, I locked my door
and hide my money in my bag, Ria knock on
my door telling me that she’s going out and
that I should take care of the house.
I was sleeping and was hearing a knock on my
door, I woke up and heard the loud bang on
my door, I check the time and its just past
eleven, I wonder who is on my door.
“Who is there?” I ask.
“Open up its me” Riana answered.
I open the door and she come in and sit down
on the bed.
“How are you na” I ask.
“You seriously asking me that after what you
did yesterday?” She fired.
I went to her on the bed and kneel down in
front of her putting my legs on her lap.
“You should understand this is what I do
for a living, this is how I make my money
and am sorry I wasn’t able to pick your call I
was busy” I said.
“You are busy having sex?” She said.
“See, that doesn’t matter, all that matter is that
you are the woman in my heart and I love you
from the very bottom of my heart” I said
without thinking.
“Do you mean that?” She ask.
“Am damn serious, you are always on my
mind even when am working am thinking about
you too, see please I have to do it to make
money as you know your parents no longer
pay me, where will I get my money if I don’t
work?” I ask her.
“You can always do other petty work” she said.
“Am not India that I can just get any work like
that, please understand me” I said rubbing her
I started rubbing her lap with both my hands
and she put her hands on my head and kiss
me deeply, I insert my hand inside and remove
her pant through her blouse, I open her leg and
put my tongue inside her pussay and started
licking her, she was turning her waist enjoying
the sucking, she took my heard and make me
to stand up, she pull down my trouser to see
my already hard rock, she put it in her mouth
and started svcking it, she svck it so well in
that I started seeing myself in cloud nine, she
shift inside the bed and lay down while I sleep
ontop her and guide my Dickson inside her wet
pussay, we started bagging slowly as she
moan in silent, I raise both her legs up and
continue bagging her, she close her eyes,
licking her tongue and moaning so quietly, I
think she’s in cloud 9, as I started bagging her
hard somebody push the door and her dad
walk in.
“I don’t believe, am calling the police” Mr
rowan said locking both of us inside so that
we won’t escape.
“Holy shit am in deep shit”.
Chapter 200
“Why didn’t you lock the the door ?” I said as I
jump up from her Γ fter her dad left.
“I didn’t know, he was wasn’t suppose to be
home now” she said,.
“Oh my God am dead, what am I suppose to
do now? Where am I suppose to go? I can’t go
to prison because I don’t have anybody here to
bail me out” I keep vibrating around the room
as Riana sat on the bed with head down, I
guess she’s in deep shit too.
I heard her dad making call below and my
mind skipped, I didn’t know what to do and
Riana started crying like a baby, I pack few of
my things inside my small backpack, I took all
my important documents and then open the
“What are you doing?” Riana ask.
“Escaping of course” I said.
“Escaping and you are leaving me behind? I
hope you know my dad will kill me too” she
“Come on she’s your dad, she will only shout
at you she won’t kill you” I said and put one
leg outside.
“Come on please, let me go with you” she
“You want to escape with me? You want my
crime to double?” I ask her.
“Come on please” she came to meet me
where I was trying to climb down and started
rubbing my hand....
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“Please take me anywhere with you, am done
with school anyway and you said you love me
so why would you escape leaving me here to
suffer?” She ask..
I really don’t have time for games now and
police will be here any moment from now, no
time to think and execute, I only have time to
“Okay come along” I said with thinking I don’t
know am multiplying my crime.
I climb down first by using the long antenna
and the window as a guard, I climb down and
wait for her, she came down too without
holding anything, we tiptoed and ran to the
street without her dad noticing.
Outside the main road she took her phone and
dial her friend number, she pick up and them
she gave them our location.
We hide in one restaurant for twenty
minutes thinking about our next step, I
don’t know what to do whether I should just go
to Nigeria direct taking her with me or I should
remain in India, oh well I think remaining in
India is out of it since I just stole someone
they will probably say am a criminal and a
kidnapper, it is better I escape out of India
before they start broadcasting it everywhere oh.
I took my phone and dial Rica’s number.
“Hello” she said from the other end.
“Hello Rica, how fast can you prepare a ticket
back to Nigeria?” I ask her.
“What is wrong?” She ask.
“The cat is out of the bag” I said.
“So what’s the next step now?” Rica ask me
and me and she sat in front of her house while
Riana remain inside sleeping
“I don’t know honestly, I didn’t expect it to be
like this” I said.
“See you, when you were fvcking her everyday
you should have known something like this will
happen” she said.
“Yeah, but not so soon, anyway I guess I will
just return to Nigeria and start afresh with the
little I have made” I said.
“And what about Riana, what will you do with
“She want to follow me”
“That’s a bad idea”
“I told her but she said her dad will kill
her if she return”
“Hmm I guess both of you are family now, we
will really miss your presence in work”
I will miss you guys too, I will try to stay in
contact maybe one day you can come and visit
me in Nigeria”
“I will be very glad”
“So what about the ticket back?” I ask her.
“It will be read on Monday, two days from
now” she said.
“That’s far, we need to leave quickly and
quietly” I said.
“Yeah I know but with both of you it will take
time, anyway If they catch you they will just
deport you to Nigeria” she said.
“And what about her?”
“They will return her to her parents to decide
what to do with her, they are not going to kill
her” Rica added.
“But she will be punished, last time she was
alone she tried to kill herself, I can’t let it
happen again since am the cause let her just
follow me, when we get to Nigeria I will decide
what to do with her” I said.
“Alright then, no problem”
We stay with Rica for the remaining two days,
and when it get to the day we were suppose to
travel, we pack out things.
“Ozila come and see” Riana called me back to
the room.
“Come see what?” I ask.
“Just come”
I return to the sitting room and saw her
pointing to the TV, we were being broadcast
on TV.
And as expected they called me a Nigerian
terrorist that I have kidnap my boss daughter,
and they said anybody that report me to the
authority will be given a large amount of
“Waoh, this is more than I expected” I said.
“Am so sorry I caused all this” Riana said.
“No not your fault, with this am even more
eager to leave with you” I said.
I went to her and kiss her deeply, I for sure
know that we won’t be able to travel again
because our Visa will be revoked, I don’t know
what else to do apart from waiting for Rica to
return, I just need to go back and then
everything will be alright or so I thought.
In the night Rica return with the news that the
whole stations are looking for us, we can’t
travel again we will have to lay low till
everything die down and then we can sneak out
without being detected.
We remain with Rica for two months and
during my time with her I go to work every
night and even Riana approved it because we
will need a lot of money now more than ever, I
make a lot of money leaving with her and I
also settle her every day from the money I
make, every week Riana will follow her to the
bank where she will transfer the money to my
mother, I don’t trust her going alone, I might
think she’s sending the money not knowing
she’s keeping them for herself, I don’t want to
heartbroken when I get to Nigeria, and also I
always call my mother to confirm if the money
has reach her.
My clients never suspect me or anything I just
go to them, make my way with them and leave
after they settle me, after two months
everything started dying, the police are no
more looking for us though their eyes are still
open, Rica insist that I stay more so that
everything will die down completely and Riana
agreed with her, I didn’t have any other choice
than to continue doing my work, Riana cook at
home while Rica go to her work everyday, even
one day I followed Rica to a hotel with act our
movie, I do it one a week without Riana
knowing, if she knows she will explode for
sure and even report my to the authority.
Four months later I have made millions of
naira, I told my mum to buy a land for me in
auchi, she did it and then I send my brother a
copy of the house I want them to build, my
mum gave him money and then he start
working, building my small bungalow house in
auchi Edo state, even after building the house I
will still have millions remaining in my
account, I told my bro to complete the house
on time that am coming home, after three
months later my house has been competed, he
showed us the house and we were very happy.
Rica change our name to Mr and Mrs and Jon,
that’s the only way they will approve our ticket
back to Nigeria, they approve it and then when
the time come we bade Rica goodbye and she
promised to come visit us in Nigeria, we enter
taxi straight to airport and then we board the
plane back to Nigeria after making millions.
We arrive at Lagos International Airport, the
moment Riana step out from the plane she
fainted, I rushed her to nearby hospital and
that’s when the doctor broke the news to me
that …
Guess what the doctor said.
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Physinews Media Sex & City Last Page Section.
We took a taxi to Eko hotel, I didn’t want to
lodge in that Arab hotel Ria took me to last
time for security reasons, someone might just
alert her that am around and all she will do is
to make a call that will put me in bar, Nigeria
police always respect white people more than
their fellow black, I don’t blame them anyway.
We enter the Eko beautiful hotel and pay for a
room, we will be staying here for a week I
might decide to leave anytime but I just paid
for seven days, they took us to the room and
gave us the key.
“Thank you Jesus” I said and went inside the
bedroom, I remove my clothes and fall on the
“Are you not going to take your bath?” Riana
“I will dear, let me take time to consume what
the doctor said first” I said.
She came close to me and sat beside me on
the beautiful bed.
“Honey if you don’t want it, you know we can
always remove it right?” She said.
“No, we won’t, since you are happy with it then
am okay with it too, we will have it and take
care of it together” I said.
“You don’t know how happy I am hearing that
from you” she said and plant a kiss on my lip,
she lay ontop me and started rubbing my
hairing chest.
“I Love you ozila” she said with a low tone.
“I love you too, dear” I replied.
We took our bath together without sexx, all I
need now is sweet rest and sleep, I don’t have
the stress for sexx now and I believe Riana
want same thing too, after our bath we took
some snacks and juice then we sleep together
on the bed like two dead people.
We woke up around nine in the night, meaning
we have slept for four hours plus, oh well who
will blame us? We really need the rest.
I woke up leaving Riana on the bed, I took my
bag and brought out my old Nigeria Sim card,
I put it on my phone, I saw some of my old
numbers and I was tempted to call Mitchele,
but I cut the call before it ring, I will call her
but not with this number.
I want to know how she’s doing and her baby,
I will be going to Edo state and I believe
leaving Riana here in Lagos will be better,
there are so many things waiting for me in Edo
and I don’t want her in the center of it all, I will
go alone to know how things are since I left, I
will settle everything before bringing my bride
I was in the sitting room drinking orange juice
and watching dstv, I took my phone and
wanted to read some news, there I saw it on
vanguard website.
“A Nigeria Man Scam His Boss and Kidnapped
His Boss Daughter”
I was shocked when I saw it and when I
clicked on the news there I saw my picture,
they put my picture and Rianas picture too,
they even put bounty on my head, and one of
Efcc staff said they will do everything in their
power to bring me to justice, waoh am in so
much trouble.
I know how efcc work they won’t even listen to
my own side of the story, oh well all I need to
do is to avoid them at all cost, I wish I can
travel out of this country for now and let
everything cool down.
“Hello mum” I said as my mum pick the call.
“Ozes, how are you? Are you back?” She ask.
“Yes ma, am back I will be in Edo state
tomorrow, I hope my house is okay?” I ask.
“Yes of course, pass my house in owan east
let me give you the key to your house in auchi”
she said.
“Okay mum, expect me tomorrow” I said and
cut the call.
The next day I went to the company where Ria
registered her car for me, they allow me
choose another car though I will balance them
some money, I choose Lexus jeep since its the
reigning one here, I drive the car to Eko hotel
and told Riana to get dress.
“We will be going to my state around seven” I
“Is it not too late by then?” She ask.
“The police are looking for me, I won’t have
much trouble traveling in the night” I said.
“Okay, what about arm robbers?” She ask, of
course she has read news about Nigerians.
“Babe relax nothing will happen, don’t worry
everything will be fine okay” I assured her.
She arrange our things, and then we watch
movie together till six, we went shopping for
new clothes and sim card, around seven we
enter road to Edo state, we saw some police
on the way, they didn’t cause any trouble, they
just ask if Ria is my wife and I told them yes,
they wish us safe journey and we gave them
something to pass the night, we enter Edo
state around ten in the night, going to owan
east will take another two hours and the road
is dangerous so we look for another hotel in
road ring to sleep, the next morning we
continue our journey to owan east, everything
has changed since I last come here, building
demolition and more beautiful roads especially
the road to my mums house, they have tarred
the road.
The moment my mum saw me she came and
hug me so tight, she’s alone at home so Riana
insist we stay with her for a day or two before
going to auchi where my house is, I agreed so
far none of my brothers or sisters come
Later in the night when Riana has slept, me
and my mum engage in long conversation.
The house is damn beautiful with beautiful
gates and nice garden.
“Waoh” that was Rianas word when we enter
the compound, it has a nice parking garage
too, I packed the car and when we enter the
house everything was shinning, it has two
bedroom with two master bedroom, it has a
dinning room with a large sitting room
decorated with nice chairs and plasma TV,
everything is already in place even generator
and refrigerator, we settled in and later in the
evening Riana engage herself with cooking with
the cooking book she bought in Benin, I was
walking round the compound looking at the
beautiful vegetables and pepper, she even
plant guava self.
I return to the sitting room and took my old
sim, I took some numbers and dial them on
my new sim, I called Temihsmart number she
picked it up after the third ring.
“Hello” she answered.
“How are you doing Temihsmart?” I said.
“Oh my God, ozila?” She ask.
“Yes, its me”
“Waoh, long time what happened?”.
“ I traveled out that’s what happened, and now
am back” I said.
“Welcome back, am glad you still remember
me after a very Long time” she said.
“How can I forget you and Ngozi? By the way
how is she?” I ask.
“She’s fine, she’s in abia now living with her
baby and working as a nurse” she said.
“Waoh, she’s married?”
“No, the baby is yours and yes I got pregnant
for you too” she said.
“What are you saying?” I ask
“What am saying is that, you have two children
now both from two separate women” she said.
I just couldn’t take it so I cut the call at once
and started thinking about what she said, does
she mean I think I need to call Ngozi to
confirm, I called her but she didn’t pick so I
just dropped the phone and reminisce on what
she said,. I didn’t let it bother me she might
be lying anyway.
I called Mitchele
“Hello” she answered.
“How are you doing?” I ask her.
“I will never forgive you ozila* Mitchele said
after taking some time to reply me.
“Am so sorry, not a day goes by that I don’t
think about you, am really sorry” I apologize.
“If you are really sorry you will stop calling me
and stay the hell away from my life” she said.
“I will, I just want to know her name” I said.
She paused for some minutes again before she
said “Eseosa” she cut the call before I could
utter any word again, Eseosa mean God’s gift,
my other name.
Me and Riana continue to live like husband and
wife, our love continue to grow and we are
enjoying each other, she started following me
to church every Sunday though she’s still
worship Allah every Friday.
Two weeks later my so called wife was
cooking in the kitchen while I was watching
TV, I got a call from unknown number, I started
wondering who will be calling my old line with
unknown number, I didn’t want to pick but
something pushed me to pick it up, I pick it.
“Hello” I answered.
“Ozila, you think you can run away from me
right?” I remember her voice at once.
“Ria” I said.
The moment I said that name I heard a glass
shattered in the kitchen, I ran there and saw
Riana bleeding.
[6/21, 6:31 AM] Olawale DePhysinews Admin: 212
I ran to the kitchen and saw Riana bleeding,
she cut her hand mistakenly because I
mentioned Ria, I know she’s scared of her
mum, of course who wouldn’t be?
Thank God the cut is not deep, I took her to
sitting room and apply some methylated spirit.
“So she’s in Nigeria already?” Riana ask me.
“with the number she used to call me yes I
believe she’s in Nigeria.” I replied her.
“So what are we gonna do?” She ask me again.
“Relax, only one person know this house,
nobody is going to find us and here is not
American where there is CCTV everywhere, we
can even go anywhere nobody will harass us or
suspect us okay, everything will be fine just
trust me” I assured her.
“Okay then, but I suggest we remain indoor for
now, there is nothing for us out there anyway
so let’s just remain indoor please” she
“Alright honey, your wish is my command my
wife” I said.
“Hmmm don’t call me your wife yet until we
are married oh” she said.
“Really? So you are telling me now I should do
the needful” I said.
“If you wish, but first go pay my bride
price” she said.
“bride price? Come on for all the work I work
for your mum without salary are they not
enough? “ I ask.
“That one is different joor,” she said.
“Okay, so I will just invite your mum here so
that I will ask for your hand” I said.
“Don’t you dare” she said pointing her finger at
“Hahahaha, but you said I must pay” I said.
“I was joking, beside if you are serious just
take me to your church and we will marry very
simple” she said.
“You serious?”
“Yes, anytime you want” she said.
“Thanks love, I will go to bank this week so
that we can start preparing for the wedding” I
“Okay love” she replied.
The next day I took my wallet and told my wife
to be that am coming let me go to bank, I
have to take a bike to auchi because our
doesn’t have any bank yet, I took a bike to
auchi and stop at AP filling station, I went to
unity bank opposite the filling station around
10 A.M, I wanted to use ATM but they said the
ATM is not working so I had to go inside to
withdraw, I enter inside and saw lots of crowd
which I have been hiding from, to be on the
safe side I make sure my face is always down
to prevent drawing attention but what I didn’t
know is that the bank has CCTV everywhere, I
know they will be monitoring me so I was in a
haste, I took my withdrawal slip and fill the
form, I quickly return to the long line and
started waiting for like thirty minutes, I waited
for more than thirty minutes still yet the line is
just like it was from the beginning, the
moment I saw a two security operative talking
to each others I reckoned that something is
wrong, I put the withdrawal slip on my bag and
bend my head down, I gently walk away from
the line and as I was heading to the door as
expected a security personnel stop me saying.
“bros you no withdraw again?”
“the line too long oga and I dey hurry” I replied
“relax wait small the line go reduce we done
go call another cashier she go soon reach
here” he said and as he was talking his buddy
came to meet us as if they want to force me to
stay, I didn’t want to cause any scene because
I know their game, they might have recognize
me and they are just keeping me here until the
police come, so I gently walk back to the line
and started thinking on what to do, I saw the
camera gently placed on my side and if I don’t
do something now and allow the police to get
here then am in for a lot of trouble, I don’t
know what to do as the security guys keep
looking at me and even the camera are fixed
on me, my mind was beating very fast and am
starting to get scared, I remember who I was
the master of mischief how can I be scared,
they are just a security operatives with no gun,
before the men with gun come I better do
something, I have my right and they can’t keep
me here so with anger I left the line and walk
back to the door, the security guy wanted to
stop me again I blow him on his face with so
many people watching I press the exit door
button, I enter the door and when I came
outside I saw a mopol man pointing his gun at
me and when I saw him I quickly hold the
hand of another lady coming out through the
other door, I used her to cover myself while I
walk to the premises,.
“don’t do anything stupid my man” I told the
Mobil Police as his gun still fixed at us, he
can’t shoot because he will hit the innocent
lady, I didn’t plan it like this circumstances
caused it.
I use the lady and walk out of the gate, I
locked the gate with key and run away
immediately I was outside I saw a bike and
stop him, as I jump on the bike a police van
from nowhere came and use it van to throw
me and bike man inside gutter, I brought out
my head from the gutter and saw wearing vest
with EFCC written on it coming out of the van,
I started running to warrake road through the
gutter, they started running after me and people
saw them with gun they started running helter
shelter, I got to a big erosion gutter and came
out from a store wear they sell phones, I join
the crowd to run because the police can’t
shoot at the crowd, I remove my first shirt to
confuse them, I ran for my life and I believe
they can’t get me because this is my city.
From that gutter I turn to one newly tarred
street and started going towards warrake road
if I can cross the road I can escape them and
run to where I will board bike to my area,
everywhere was quiet because of the news
everybody has locked their doors and all shops
are closed, I didn’t walk in the road I was
walking from house to house so that I cannot
be easily located, I know am taking a risk but
I don’t have a choice I have to return, as I was
getting to the warrake road I heard police siren
and I quickly hide behind one update building
and let the van pass, they pass and I came out
again and when I got to the road I saw
everywhere quiet as if zombie has eaten
everybody, I started wondering if the Walking
Dead show happened here, I don’t blame them
anyway who will want to be shot by stray
bullet, nobody trust Nigeria police.
I know that if I cross the road to auchi poly
gate I must surely see a bike there so I
crossed the road and started walking to poly
road, I didn’t pass main road I was following
house to house watching over my shoulder
every minute, I came out from the main road
and as I was walking towards Gtbank I saw a
bike speed pass me, I was walking very fast
so that the police won’t meet me on my way,
few minutes later another bike came along, i
stop him and told him where I am going, he
increased the money five times, I didn’t
complain I just jump on the bike and he speed
The police are patrolling everywhere and there
are road blocks on every exit, there is no way
anybody can leave auchi without been caught, I
didn’t know what to do as the bike man kept
saying he can dogde them, I believe he can try
because he has taken enough weed so he is
not the one speaking but the weed, I told him
to take me back to auchi poly let me gist with
students until it’s dark, they can’t block in the
night, I wonder why they are so serious about
me, Ria must have paid them enough money
for them to be so serious about me in the
sense that they have to block all roads.
I went inside the school and I saw everybody
talking about what happened in the bank and
why police are circulating everywhere, some
say it’s arm robber they are looking for while
others say they are looking for herdsmen, I
just sat down pressing my phone in front of
E.E department.
“hello sweetheart, why are you not back yet?”
Tiana ask the moment I pick her call.
“I can’t come home now dear the police are
looking for me and they are everywhere”
“oh my God, where are you now?” she ask.
“am just hanging out in the street when it’s
dark I will come home okay” I said.
“my dear please be careful for me okay, if
possible look for a place or a hotel to sleep
tonight so that you can come home tomorrow”
she said and I can sense that she’s very
“don’t worry dear I will be alright, am coming
home tonight” i said.
“please be careful dear, call me when you are
on your way” she said.
“alright dear, I will be” I said and hang up the
I stay in one small bar till night and when it’s
around eight, I stood up and walk outside,
everywhere is busy now and people are back
from their hiding, I stop a bike.
“where you they go?” he ask me.
“aviele” I said.
We bargain and we agreed on 200 because it’s
night, everywhere was busy, the bike man was
overspeeding, we got to the place where there
was roadblock before and it seems like they
have left already, we left auchi with full speed,
almost getting to aviele because of overspeed
we didn’t see the roadblock on the way and
that’s how we enter the police net. He went to
stop in front of them, we cant go front and we
can’t go back, we just stop in their midst, they
came to us.
“oh boy na where una they go with full speed
like this?” one of the police man said with
EFCC written on his vest”.
“good evening sir, na the next village we they
go” the Bikeman said as I hide my face in his
“who be that one wey they hide for your back
so?” the police man said looking at my face.
“good evening sir” I said with my face still
“oh boy show your face” he said as other
police men come closer.
I raise my face and immediately they raise
their guns up and point it at us.
“get out of the bike ozila, you are under
arrest”. The officer said.
Finally I have been caught, what do I now?
I gently come down from the bike and raise
my hand as they ordered.
“Kneel down there idiot” he repeated.
It’s as if they have won award because they
immediately Jack me inside their van and start
making calls, I believe they are calling all their
guys telling them to leave auchi because they
have caught me, I wonder why they have to
lock down auchi down because of me, Ria
must have paid them alot of money, am not
surprise sha since they have the money let
them spend after all as they said I kidnapped
their daughter as they said.
I lie on the floor of the van with three police
men beside me and I believe they are taking
me Lagos because that’s where Ria will be,
they removed everything from my body apart
from my clothes, it was dark as their van
move gently away from auchi, as we move I
started thinking about Riana, she will me a lot
same way I will miss her, oh well they say
everyday for the thief and one day for the
owner, but I don’t think am a thief or am I a
I thought we were going to Lagos but I was
wrong because they took me to Abuja, EFCC
headquarter and federal capital, is the case
that serious?
Oh let’s assume I kidnap an Indian lady and I
defraud her parents, waoh I think the case is
really serious and I believe every bloggers and
everybody will add their own story without
knowing the real truth, there is how I can come
out from this except Riana bail me out.
I followed them inside the big headquarter and
they took me to small room with just chair and
table, they lock me inside, I think they call it
interrogation room.
I remain there for many hours without seeing
anybody and when it’s morning the door open
and two gun men enter, they stand close to
the door before another man on suit enter the
room, he came with some files on his hand,
He look like a nice guy.
“good morning Mr ozila, I believe you know
where you are already since you are a
fraudster, and not only a fraudster but a
kidnapper too” he said.
“you got the whole story wrong, you haven’t
even heard my own story yet and you already
calling me a fraudster”.
“oh well that’s what the Indian lady said and
beside you are from Benin so it’s very
obvious” he said.
“I didn’t kidnap her she followed me willingly,
only she can tell you what happen since you
won’t believe me” I said.
“really? Okay tell us where she is so that we
will go get her” he said.
I didn’t say anything again because I don’t
want her involve, bringing her in will just cause
more pain to her, I just want her to live
“tell us where she is let’s go get her, she
called your number when we try to answer it
the moment she heard our voice she cut the
call” the man said.
“you see, will someone I kidnap try to contact
me?” I ask.
“base on the circumstances, okay if you didn’t
kidnap her why not just give us her location
let’s go get her?” he ask again.
“I have to contact her and talk to her first” I
“that won’t happen, I can’t let you talk to
anybody, though her mum is here I believe she
will want to speak with you” he said.
I kept quiet as the man watch me, waiting for
my next word which never came, he left and
minutes later Ria enter.
“I told you you can’t run” Ria said as she walk
in with her husband.
I saw them and I weak immediately as if all
my powers has been taken away from me, I
know my own is finished, of course they are
going to lock me up forever, I brought this
upon myself so I deserve no pity.
“Where is my daughter you fool?” Ria said as
she pounce on me like a tiger, her husband
drag her away from me, telling her something
in India language.
I didn’t say anything as I keep staring at them
like a fool, after all she called me a fool so let
me behave like a fool, they tried everything to
get me to talk but I refuse to yield, they
promise me everything yet I still refuse to tell
them where Riana is, am not going to let her
go because I believe she’s happy here, but
how can she be happy if am not there with
her? Is it better I tell them where she is at
least she won’t be lonely and she will have
some company, but I need to talk to her first
to know her own decision.
“I will only tell you her location if you allow me
talk to her first” I said.
Her parents got up and started discussing
somethings with the manager, after they finish
discussing they came back to me and the
manager said.
“Okay Mr ozila we will let you make your
call, and you must tell us where she live
after the call” he said.
“Okay, I will” I said.
They brought out a phone and then I use my
hand to dial her number, the phone ring twice
before she pick.
“Hello” I heard her shaky voice which means
something is troubling her already which also
means she knows what’s going on, oh well
she’s smart.
“Hi, honey” I said.
222 Final Episode
“Ozila, oh Allah be praise you are alive, I
thought something has happened to you” she
“Am sorry honey, something happened, am in
Abuja, Efcc headquarter, and your dad and
mum are here with me, they want you back” I
She kept quiet for sometime before she reply
“and what will happen to you if I agree to go
with them?” She ask.
“Prison I guess” I said with low voice.
“Please give my mum the phone” she said.
I hand over the phone to her mum, they
discuss for minutes and later on they left me
alone in the interrogation room, I don’t know
what they discuss.
I was in there for the 24 hours, the next
day the manager came to me, he sat
down and face me.
“Your girl summit herself in a deal that will see
you free, but all your earnings will be collected
and your bank will be empty from now, you
will keep the house” he said.
After he said that tears drop from my eyes,
after all my work and all, now I will go back to
square one.
The next day I was released, I return to my
house but I saw it sealed with big key I guess
they will unseal it later I return to my old house
in Benin, thank God my mum still has some
millions that I sent her in her account.
I was devastated with nothing else to do, I
was in my room in Abuja one day drinking
when I saw my phone ringing, I look at the
screen and saw a strange international number,
I pick it up.
“Hello” I said.
“Hi, ozila, this is Angela from South Africa, I
hope you are ready for your next adventure”
she said.
I smile.
The End