✍️✍️✍️✍️ πŸ”žπŸ”ž Sex And the City Episode 136 - 189 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žSex & The City πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”ž
Episode 136
I was dumbfounded like an idiot, assuming she
told me from the
beginning that am coming to India to become
a stripper I would
have gently rejected and remain in Nigeria,
after all my loving
mum will always accept me back no matter
the situation.
I took another drink and continue sipping
thinking about my life,
if i let her deport me now my coming to India
will be a failure, I
will be back to square one and that’s
something I don’t like, my
sister will reject me for impregnating my other
sister in fact it
will be a miracle if I don’t go to prison
because mitchele brothers
are really wicked not to talk of the most senior
who is a police

I continue thinking and then I concluded that
am not going back
to Nigeria, I must get rich here before
returning, I can’t come
and go back empty handed.
I look around and no sight of Ria, I walk over
to other place
where I saw the women earlier, and there I
saw her chatting with
“Can we talk?” I ask her.
“of course” she answered and excused herself
from the women,
she followed me back to the hall she left me.
“So have you make up your mind?” She ask
taking a sip.
“Yeah, and I concluded that I will do it” I said.
“Now you are talking my dear” she said and
poured a drink for
“Let’s drink to celebrate” she said.
“You know what we were talking about before
you walk in just
now?” She continued.

“What?” I ask.
“They were asking me how good you are in
bed, I told them that
you are like Samson in your Bible, they are
ready to spoil you
with money so far you spoil them with your
Dickson” she said
and took another sip.
“Hmmm okay, when do I start the work?” I
“Tomorrow dear, you will be coming here every
night to strip and
dance, my other stripers will teach you how to
dance and
entertain, trust me you will make a lot of
money, since you are
different from them and especially your hairy
body” she said.
“You mean I will be coming here alone?” I ask.
“Yes, I will show you the way, and also if any
lady ask you to
follow them home please do because that’s
where you will be
making your money” she said.
Chai see as this woman wan turn me to male
prostitute, Satan
fire thunder or thunder fire Satan, anyone so far
you understand.
She told me to follow her and then she
introduced me to other
workers there, the ones serving drinks and
other white strippers,
she introduced me to the manager and then
she greet me and
said “nice to meet you” even though her
English is bad at least I
can understand it, she introduced herself as
After showing me around the big bar with nice
hall, three private
rooms, the bar filled with drinks and then the
pulpit for stripers
in front of the big hall, she called me out and
said its time to go
that when I start work I will be going home by
twelve in the
midnight and that I can even sleep in the bar if
I like.
I nod to everything she says because I don’t
have any other
choice, she used lie to bring me here so since
I don’t have any
other choice I will do everything she ask me, I
will be saving
money that is if what she said is true about the
women calling
me home, since its only to fvck them am good
with that nothing
difficult there so far they don’t kill me.
She opened the door to our house and then
lock it properly, only
her husband is still awake and then she told
me to go to the
dinning and eat, I walk there and saw some
foods covered with
plates, I open and saw rice which I devour, I
heard Ria talking to
her husband maybe telling him that I agreed to
work for them, I
finish eating and took the plates to the kitchen,
I return to the
sitting room where I met only the man.
“I hope you enjoyed your food?” He ask..
“Yes, thank you sir” I answered.
“Okay, my wife told me you agreed to walk for
us which am very
grateful, we will pay you well okay” he said.
“Okay sir thanks” I said.
“Okay, I guess u are tired now you can go and
sleep and get
ready for tomorrow” he said.
I walk to my room upstair, I enter my room,
removed my clothes
and fall on the bed till tomorrow.
The next morning I woke up and greeted
everybody, Riana is
getting ready for school, Mr Rowan is getting
ready for work
while I sat on the sofa watching morning news
in India, not that
I know what they are saying oh, Ria came to
change the station
to silver bird TV.
I was glad at least let me see what’s
happening in Nigeria, after
thirty minutes everybody has gone to work
remaining me and
Ria, she served food and we eat in silence.
“You will be going to work around five today”
she said.
“Five? I thought you said its only in the night?”
I ask.
“Yeah but you need some lessons before work,
you will start
going in the night after today that is if you grab
everything they
will teach you” she said.
“Okay no problem” I said.
“Good, I will be going to see a friend today so
take care of the
house” she said..
Some minutes later she left and leave me
alone in the house, I
was bored not knowing what to do till around
one when Riana
came back.
“You close early today” I said as she walk in.
“No, I came to collect something for
practicals” she said.
“Why are you alone? Where is mummy?” She
“She went out to see her friend” I answered.
“Okay, dress up let me take you to school”
she said…
“No no no, am okay I don’t want your mum to
come back
without seeing me at home” I said..
“She won’t do anything, beside its time you
know your ways
around here” she said.
“Can you just go without me please” I said
because am afraid
Ria will get angry that am going out with her
‘I insist” she shouted at me.
I didnt know when I got up and dress up
without taking my bath,
I followed her out and then we started strolling
to her school,
she keep on talking, talking about her school
and her friends
that they will be excited to see me, she
showed me many things
on the way, like the mall, the place to barb my
hair, cinema hall
and other things, she bought ice cream for me
which I
We enter taxi and within ten to fifteen minutes
we arrive at her
The university of Mumbai is one of the best if
not just Mumbai
but in India, the school is big and beautiful,
and is very
populated too of course that won’t be a
surprise because of the
high population of India, Mumbai is the capital
of Maharashtra
and is very busy too.
She took me inside the school where she
introduced me to her
friends which am not interested in, I don’t want
to know
anybody at all because of the kind of work I
will be doing, she
introduce five of her female friends to me and
we greeted and
smile, we walk together to a big restaurant to
buy snacks,
whether its a restaurant or their cafeteria I
really don’t know
because the restaurant is inside the school and
the restaurant is
big too, she took me to a quiet building where
there is
computer, with few people, I think this is
where they entertain
visitor, she told me to make myself
comfortable that she is
coming, she on the system for me and leave
me there.
I check on the system and saw some games, I
started playing, I
look at the other people beside me they all
concentrate on their
system too, I wait for two hours before she
finally return.
I was angry that she left for long and she
apologized that she
went for lessons, she said she’s done that we
can start going
home now.
When we got home her mum is not yet back
which cool me
down, I don’t want to provoke that woman she
own me here, I
took my bath and return to my room to dress,
I was putting on
my trouser when Riana walk in, I quickly turn
to the other side so
she don’t see my Dickson even though am
wearing boxer.
“Am sorry I didn’t know you where dressing
up” she said, turning
her face to the door.
“It’s okay, you can come in am done with my
trouser” I said.
She look at me and then came closer, she
touch my chest and
said “you are very hairy” she continue rubbing
my chest and then
she removed my hand and sat on the bed
“Where are you going?” She ask as she relax
on the bed, she
was putting on just short nicker and handless
shirt, she wasn’t
putting any bra her tips wear visible, I turn my
face to remove
any thoughts.
“Going to work?” I said.
“Which work? When did you start working?”
She ask.
So she didn’t even know that I will be working
as a stripper, na
wa for her oh.
“Your mum introduced me to a bar yesterday
where I will be
working, didn’t you know?” I ask.
“Waoh, so quick?” I thought they were joking
about the bar self,
oh well good luck and do you know your way?”
She ask..
“No, your mum will come before I go” I said.
“Okay, let me prepare something for you
before you go” she
I look at her small ass as she walk out and I
think she is not
wearing any pant too, my Dickson signify.
The girl is really nice, she cooked noodles
which we ate
together, few minutes later Rica showed up
with a tortoise car,
she knock on our door and told Riana that her
mum sent her to
pick me up.
I followed her to the car and then we zoom off,
leaving Riana
alone in the house, the time is after five.
Inside the busy city of Mumbai located the
stripers club where I
will be working, the street is filled with clubs
and all, she parked
at the back of the club and then we both came
I followed her inside the bar from the back of
the building, the
bar is already booming with songs, she told
another staff to
teach me how to strip, I followed the Unclad
girl to a private
room and then she asked me to pull off my
dress remaining only
my pant, she was wearing only pant and bra
too and standing
beside a pole dancing around it like a snake,
only that we are
alone not in the midst of crowd.
I removed my dress remaining my boxer.
“Waoh, you are hairing, very hairing” she pause
her dance and
walk to me..
“How big are you down there?” She said
rubbing my chest, I was
looking at her fresh boobson through her bra
and then she put
her hand inside my boxer touching my
Dickson, sending signal
to my body.
“Waoh, you will bring a lot of customers” she
said, bringing her
lips closer to mine.
She touched my dickson sending current
through my body.
“I thought I was here to learn how to strip?” I
ask from nowhere as the lady continue sending
charges on my body.
“Of course, and this is part of the lesson so
lose up and enter me” she said bending down.
She removed my pant giving space for my
dickson to fling out like a bouncing ball.
“Waoh, now this is what am talking about” she
said smiling.
She kneel down and started touching my hard
dickson with her hands and then later on she
put it in her mouth and started svcking it like a
new born baby svcking breast.
She was svcking me and also moaning as if
am the one svcking her, I didn’t want her to
feel like am enjoying it but when the feeling
surpass my thought I hold her hairs and
started rubbing it looking onto the stars, I hold
her head and started fvcking her through her
mouth and she was moaning, I fvck her
through her mouth till I release inside her
She swallowed my pap and then rose up, she
kiss me deeply and then hold my hands as she
direct me to a table beside the room, she
climbed the table and then open her legs, she
took spit from her mouth and place it on her
pussay after shifting her pants sideways,.
“Come and svck me” she said.
Of course I obeyed and walk to her, I bend a
little and started eating her pussay, she was
maoning so loud as I buried my mouth in her
pussay, the moaning woke up my sleeping
Dickson again, I continue svcking her, using
my tongue to play with her clit and any time I
touch her clit she will moan and shift back.
She was enjoying it so I decided to join her,
no be only she go enjoy but the problem now
is that no protection, she saw the worry in my
face and then point her hand to one corner of
the room, I walk there and shift the clothes.
“The pocket” she said.
I took the trouser and search for condom, I
saw three.
I return to her on the table and she took the
condom from my hand, she came down from
the table and then bend down to svck me
again, after making my dickson very hard she
put on the condom for me and then face the
table, I took one of her leg up and place it on
the table and then I enter the place according
to 2baba.
I started banging her from behind very fast and
of course she continue her moaning giving me
the strength to bang her faster, I don’t know
about some guys but as for me I like girls that
moan, it is a sign that you are doing a great
I remember jeffery one of my friend in auchi,
he went to ashawo house to bang one girl with
wide pussay, he said he was banging her and
she was making calls laughing, he said the girl
didn’t even blink as if somebody is fvcking
her, since then my friend never visit any
prostitutte house again.
“Yeah, fvck me faster, faster my boy, I love
your di*k my boy, yeahhhhh” she was saying
all kind of things as I bang her with naija
After five minutes I raised her up and make her
to lie back on the table while I bang her
holding her two legs up, her pussay is not too
tight but it is enjoyable,
“Kpai Kpai kpa” that was the noise coming out
from the room as I bang her, I wonder why my
manager didn’t come out because the noise is
loud enough to be heard inside the managers
I bang her till she started throwing water all
over the place, I will enter within two minutes
of banging she will release again.
“Enough, am tired” she said with heavy breath
and with her Indian accent.
She pushed me away from her body and then
after resting for few minutes she bend down
and started stroking me with her hands, she
was doing it so fast and after five minutes I
release on her face.
“You are so sweet, wear your pant and follow
me” she said.
I put on my boxer and followed her inside one
room, I saw our manager there watching one
“That’s a hell of a fvck” she said.
“I don’t understand, you saw us?” I said.
“Of course, come closer” she said.
I walk to where she was sitting watching
movie, she look at my face and point to the
screen, I focus on the screen and there I saw
myself and the lady fvcking.
“Jesus christ, please you have to delete that
video” I said stammering.
“Relax, I won’t post it anywhere without your
permission, see we do films like this and post
on net, the number of views will determine
how much we will pay you, and someone with
your strenght and di*k, your payment will be
high, so what do you say?” she ask.
“I don’t know, I thought am only here to strip?”
I said.
“That won’t give you much money, if you go
online you will see a lot of film like this
produce from here India, there is money in it,
anyway I will give you time to think and I
assure you I won’t post the video without your
approval” she said.
“Okay” I said.
“Follow her back and continue your training”
she said.
I followed the girl that fvcked me back to the
place and then she started teaching me how to
strip and all, she teach me how to dance when
am in the midst of different mama, she also
teach me what to do even without their
“Even if you remove your d*ck and place it on
their mouth they will svck because they are
there to have fun” she said.
“So you know about the recording and you
didn’t tell me” I ask from nowhere as I was
dancing to her beat, flinging my dickson as
she thought me.
“Relax, if you want to make money you have to
join the bad gang or else you will rot here” she
I learnt a lot throughout that day and when I
finish the manager said am ready for work, she
wrote something for me to give Ria when I get
She told me to think about her proposal too
which I promise to give her answer the next
day, she dismissed me around eleven in the
night and gave me transport, I came out from
the club with my full wear, I started walking
home and I also saw many girls waiting for
men to pick them up, some came to me but I
just pass them ignoring their greeting, when I
saw a taxi coming I enter and just called the
name of my area, he ask for money which I
gave him.
The taxi drop me in front of our street, I came
down and walk for few minutes before I got to
my house, I knock five times before Ria open
door for me.
“How was work?” she ask.
“Fine ma” I said and walk to my room upstair
to sleep without eating, beside if there is food
I don’t think I can eat because I don’t have
appetite even though my stomach is crying, of
course am suppose to be hungry because of
the strenght I used in the club.
I heard my door opened and close gentyl and
then somebody walk in, the person sat on my
“Ozila” I heard my name, I turn and saw Ria
sitting beside me on the bed
“What are you doing here?” I ask sitting up.
“I know you are not fine with the way you
came in, I know I have been hard on you and
am sorry” she said.
“Can’t we talk about this in the morning? Your
husband might find out you are not in the
room” I said.
“He is fast asleep and I won’t be chance in the
morning, all am asking is for you to be patient
okay, when my husband leave to Nigeria next
week then I will all be yours and we can do
what ever we like” she said.
“I really don’t want to do anything with you, I
just want to concentrate on my work” I said.
“You don’t mean that, am really sorry for how I
have been treating you please” she said.
She started rubbing my head with her right
hand and touching my cheek.
“Am sorry okay” she continued and bend over
to kiss me, she gave me a passionate kiss and
the hotness of her body increase my
temperature from normal to abnormal, the
kissing was soft and sweet and while we are
are it, the door open and her husband walk in.
The room was cold and hot at the same time,
my bed is situated at the right corner of the
room close yo the window, anyone coming
through my door the first thing the person will
see is my bed up front before any other thing.
I was sleeping on the bed when ria came but I
later sat up to talk to her, she sat beside me
facing the wall so when her husband came in
she quickly withdraw herself a little but still
petting my head, her husband saw her back
but couldn’t understand what’s going on
because his wife is backing him.
“Honey is he okay?” He ask.
“He will be, am just trying to make him feel
right” she said.
“Am alright” I said.
“Fvck that, let her take care of you, after your
night work you need proper care” her husband
added and close the door leaving us alone.
“And I thought you said he is asleep?” I ask
“I know he isn’t” she said standing up.
She walk away and close the door behind her,
I sigh and relax back on the bed closing my
Later in the night I woke up and I was feeling
my stomach, am so hungry and my stomach
is hungry I have to eat something or else I
won’t be able to sleep again, I got up and on
the light, I open my door and walk down the
stairs, I didn’t want to disturb anybody so I
collect touchlight from the wall and use it to
direct myself to the kitchen, I didn’t know what
to check honestly so I check the fridge and
saw raw foodstuff, nothing like drink at all, j
was devastated and angry, I saw a carton of
indomie on top one cupboard so I check the
carton but there was no indomie but empty
cans like peak milk can, I gave up and return
to the sitting room, I sat on the sofa chair and
started thinking, I walk to the window and
open the cotton, outside look quiet, no
movement and no sound, I look at the clock
on the wall and its just past three, I don’t
know what to do because I can’t sleep again
because of hunger, then I decided to check on
Riana, maybe she is awake too and by chance
if I meet her sleeping I will just leave but if
she’s awake I must surely ask for something
to eat.
I don’t even know their room since I started
living in this house, maybe this is the right
time to scout around the house, I walk to the
first door on my right under the stair, I try to
push the door to see if it will open but it was
lock so I move ahead to the next room on my
left, I push and it open gently, I peep inside
and saw beautiful Riana sleeping like a baby,
she was wearing white night gown and her
thigh was very revealing, I was really tempted
and assuming am not a gentle guy I would
have go ahead and sex her even if na force.
I lock the door again and return to the sitting
room, I switch on the TV and reduce the
volume, I change the channel to wrestling and
started watching, since I nor get wetin to do
make I relax they watch wrestling, maybe the
noise will disturb someone to wake up and
meet me here, with my evil thought I increase
the volume a little, loud but not too loud.
I was watching and started thinking about my
mother and my family, what about Aunty
Aneeta? I know she’s pregnant for me but
apart from that I know nothing else, and what
about Mitchele? I believe her stomach will be
bigger now because e done tey ni, nor be my
fault sha anyhow anyhow I will return and pay
my bills, I will take responsibility for
everything, that is if I return with enough
money, but if things go sideways then I will
just return to my mama and join her in her
farm eating black soup and pounded yam.
What about Ngozi and Temitope aka
Temihsmart, my Igbo and Yoruba girlfriend, I
search for them before leaving but they were
nowhere to be found, maybe Ngozi return to
her Igbo land to join in the agitation of Biafra
while Temihsmart return to Yoruba land to join
her mama in the kitchen, am just kidding oh.
I was so lost in my thought I didn’t even
know what is going on on the TV facing me, I
keep thinking and then I started hearing ozila,
ozila, I didn’t know what was going on until
somebody tap me on my shoulder, I was
shocked in that I stand up immediately and
there I saw Riana facing me, maybe my plan
work anyway.
“What are you doing, i have called your name
six times?” She said walking to the TV to lower
the volume.
“Am sorry I was just lost in thought, when did
you walk in?” I ask.
“The moment you left my room” she said.
“Oh so you were awake?” I ask.
“Not until you lock the door, I thought I heard
someone was about to sleep when I heard the
TV” she said.
“Am sorry, I came to check if you have
anything I can eat” I said.
“Oh, so you didn’t eat your food?” She ask
walking to one corner of the sitting room, she
opened one big fridge that has same colour
with the wall, she brought out some food.
“I didn’t know there is a fridge there, we have
three fridge in this house” she said.
She brought the food to me, its rice and stew
but I wasn’t in the mood to eat rice.
“Is there no other thing? I don’t really want to
eat rice now” I said.
“I know you will soon start complaining
because you eat rice everyday, weekend you
will follow me to market so that we will cook
any soup you want”
“Really?” I ask.
“Yeah” she confirmed.
“Meanwhile, will you eat indomie?” She ask.
“Yeah if there is any” I said.
“Okay, wait here let me go cook for you in the
kitchen” she said.
“no way, am following you” I said.
*oya come make we go” she said.
“Who is teaching you pidgin?” I ask following
her from behind to the kitchen.
“Google” she said.
“You just google pidgin, why are you trying to
learn it? I questioned.
“am trying to improve my English so I got
diverted to pidgin, I love it so I learn it” she
*I can teach you pidgin na” she said.
“You that don’t have time” she said.
“Me? Is you that don’t have time joor” I defend
She took pot and on the stove, she removed
indomie from another cupboard while I sat on
one chair looking at her.
“So how is your work so far?” She ask.
“Going fine” I said.
“So you are fvcking the ladies huh?” She ask
from nowhere.
“Which ladies?” I ask as if I don’t know what
she mean.
“The ladies at your bar na or you think I don’t
“No, no am not fvcking them why do you think
that?” I ask.
“Oh well how can a stripper not sleep with
people he is stripping for?” She fired.
I didn’t know what to tell her so I just let the
topic die like that, she put the indomie on fire
and then turn to face me, she is beautiful no
doubt but according to Ria if I mess up with
her then I mess up with my career here in
India, prevention is better than cure as since
our emotion is getting tense and the
environment changing I decided to disappoint
the devil, I stood up and run to the parlour to
sit down, because my dickson has already
started misbehaving, I don’t blame him though
with that beautiful legs who wouldn’t get
“Why did you run away?” She ask as she join
me in the parlour, she sat on the same chair I
was sitting making sure body touch each
“Errrmm nothing” I said.
“Okay, the indomie will be done in ten minutes
then you can and go back to bed” she said.
“Alright thanks”
“Hand the remote over” she commanded.
I didn’t want to stand up so that she won’t see
my disturbing Dickson so I just use my hand
to draw the table closer before giving her the
remote, she change the channel.
With her warm body touching me my Dickson
remain intact not wanting to rest, she got up
and walk to the kitchen, I watch her backside
as she move and this time my Dickson started
thinking, I stood up and followed her to the
kitchen, I saw her removing the food from the
stove and without thinking I hug her from her
back, she was surprise and she turn and as
she wanted to say something I kiss her sweet
lips and the moment I remove my mouth a
heavy slap landed on my face.
“You are very stupid” she said and walk away
to her room, I stood there regaining my sense
with hands akimbo, I stood there sorry for what
I did but I couldn’t even walk to her to
apologize because am ashame of myself.
Five minutes later with no sign of her I sat
there and eat the indomie with my hands
shaking, I finish eating and before going to my
room I check on her, I saw her sleeping abi
“Am really sorry Riana” I said from the door.
“Get out idiot and lock the door” I did as I
was told, am I really an idiot? don’t blame me
blame my Dickson.
I walk to my room in shame and relax on my
bed, I switched off the light and try to sleep
but the sin I almost commited won’t let me
sleep, it keep coming to my head, but if she
don’t want me why is she acting all nice to me
like say she want me? She can’t just be this
nice without wanting something in return,
maybe she is just doing it for the sake that am
working for them, she is just trying to make
me feel at home to make me put effort in the
work, oh well now that I have showed her my
bad side I hope this don’t deteriorate our
I keep on pondering about what I did until
sleep finally took me off, I didn’t wake up on
time because I slept late, Ria had to come
upstairs to check what’s wrong because I have
never stayed so long in bed in the morning, I
told her am just tired that I will get down soon,
she said I should take my time since I don’t
have work until evening, she said my food is
on the table and that shes going out, I bade
her goodbye and continue my sleep, I make
sure its almost noon before I get up sluggishly
from the bed, I know everybody will be out of
the house now so I walk downstairs to brush
my teeth, I took my brushing outside so that I
will be seeing people moving, of course I saw
everything with people going on about their
businesses, the common business here is
trading, there are shops everywhere in the
street, the town is very lively and I like it, town
with population is very good for business just
like Lagos with it large economy, I think the
forth largest economy in Africa.
I finish brushing and check what’s on the table
for breakfast, I saw plantain and stew, I
wonder who cooked it because I don’t think
they eat plantain here, I look the wall and the
time is almost twelve, I took spoon and
started eating, the food look delicious and
cool, I enjoyed it so much, after eating I return
the plate to the kitchen and wash it, I wash
other dirty plates too since am not doing
anything, how I wish I have a working sim I
would have called my mum, am missing her
voice so badly and she will be badly worried,
this is so wrong of me and I regret my action,
if Ria return I will beg her for her phone so that
I can call my mum, since I got nothing to do I
relax on the sofa and started watching movie, I
watch film till two in the afternoon when Ria
“Welcome ma” I said as she open the door.
“How are you dear” she replied.
“Am fine ma” I answered.
She walked in and saw the empty dinning
“I hope u enjoyed your food” she ask.
“Yes ma, thanks very much”
“You welcome, I bought something for you, I
hope u like it” she said and hand over a small
nylon to me.
“Thanks ma, what’s inside?” I ask.
“You will know when you open it, am going to
the market so take care” she said.
“Alright ma, go come” I said.
She walk out and I followed her to the door to
lock it, I watch her walk to the left side of our
house without stopping taxi, maybe the market
is close by, so I thought.
I return to the sofa and check what she
brought for me, I open it and saw a small
phone and a sim card, everything package
“Waoh” I said to myself.
The phone is small only for making calls I
appreciate anyway i have my big phone which I
can insert the sim, I rush inside my room and
get my phone, I put the sim and I was surprise
that I couldn’t make call, they said I have to
register it so I started thinking why did she buy
it for me and didn’t tell me about the
registration which she know about, oh well I
will just wait till she return.
I wait for her return and when she final return
back I told her and she said that Riana will
take me to the registration office when she
return from school, I said okay even though am
not okay with it because of what happened
between us, I don’t even think she will agree to
take me.
She went to the kitchen straight while I
continue watching movie, Riana finally return
without greeting me and when I told her
welcome she ignored and just walk back to
her room, I know this will happen anyway just
another typical Nigeria girl, and they will say
the whites are different.
Ria speak to Riana in their language even I
don’t hear at least I understand what they were
saying, she was telling Riana that she will take
me to the registration office but she was
saying something like “mami I gat assignment
to write” they were arguing so I have to cut.
“I will go myself, just direct me” I said and
both of them pause and look at me.
“You don’t know the place you can’t go alone
ozila” Riana said.
“I can if you can just direct me” I said.
“Don’t worry I will take you, but we won’t
waste time” Riana said and return to the room
with anger.
“Did anything happened between you two” Ria
ask me after her daughter left.
“Not really ma” I said.
“Then why the sudden change of character?”
She said and walk back to the kitchen.
Minutes later Riana came out from the room
and said.
“I hope you are ready?”
“Yeah, I just have to get the package inside my
room” I said and rush inside my room, I saw
her waiting for me outside.
We walk in silent without uttering any word, I
didn’t want to say anything so that she won’t
get angry, I have to respect myself this time.
We got there and she request for the Sim
which I gave her, they do everything just like
how they do it in Nigeria, they took my pass
and my print also, they said it will be activated
tomorrow so we took our leave and on our way
home one small KIA car pulled up and reverse
back, Riana know the girl riding because they
hug each other, they were two inside the rider
and her company, a female too.
They told us to hop in so that they will give us
lift which we happily agreed to, we sat at the
back together and they were speaking their
language and laughing, they will say something
and Riana will eye me and laugh, maybe they
were teasing her but I don’t know, she told
them my name is ozila and am from Nigeria,
they were interested in knowing me more so
they both request for my number but Riana
refuse saying I don’t have time that am a busy
person, but the driver just took her card from
her bag and give it to me saying I should call
her any time, I said okay and then they drop us
off, we walk back to the house, and before we
go in Diana request for the card which I gave
Her she took it from me I don’t know why and
I didn’t ask.
Inside my room I insert the Sim on my android
phone and booth it on, I recharge it and then I
wanted to call my mum, then I heard car horn
downstairs, I look down the window and saw
Rica tortoise car waiting for me, I quickly
dress up and rush downstair,
“Where are you going to in a hurry?” Ria ask.
“Rica is outside waiting for me” I said.
“Oh so she’s here, I will tell her to wait while
you eat before you go, you need strength” she
said and walk outside.
She’s right though because without strength I
can’t do anything, I ate rice and stew and after
fifteen minutes I walk out to join Rica, she
drive us to the bar and then I started my
stripping job officially, people were really
amaze at my body especially my hairy body,
so many want to see my dick.
Around eight in the night Rica called me and
said there are some women that need my
attention in another room, I walk to the in pant
and saw like seven women drinking and
smoking, I walk in shaking my Dickson in my
pant and guess what, all their eyes were
focused on my Dickson.
The sound keep on booming from the speaker
and I was dancing to it, I hold the pole in the
middle of the room and started romancing it,
some of the women were honey and I was
surprised one lady put her hand inside her skirt
and started masturbating in front of me, the
women were laughing and jeering her, one
woman remove her shirt and lick her boobson,
the act make my Dickson to be very hard as it
keep bouncing on my short, I walk closer to
the lady who was masturbating, she touch my
Dickson through my short and she open her
mouth wide, the other ladies started saying
something all together which I don’t
understand because of their language, the lady
started stroking my Dickson and as she
wanted to remove it from the short I stop her
and move to the other woman, I keep on
playing them and yes many of them
masturbate and at the end of the day three of
them gave me their card, they said they will be
expecting my call, after the day work I relax on
one of the sofa in the room only me before
Rica walk in.
“I hope you enjoyed your day” she said.
“This is not enjoyment” I said.
“What, some guys will kill to be in your
position, so how many cards did you collect?”
She ask.
“Three” I said.
“That’s great, we will start with miss buri” she
said as I showed her the card.
“What is we will, I thought this is my own
game” I ask.
“You don’t know this area so I will be your
Driver, don’t worry I won’t drag the money with
you but you will be paying me oh” she said.
“I can take cab” I said.
“And when the cab stop you how will you
know where to go, or will you be calling them
every minute telling them to direct you?” She
“Oh well you are right though, okay you will be
my driver but its my game” I said.
“Absolutely” she said.
“So, I hope you still have enough strenght for
me” she said and started removing her shirt, I
saw her succulent melon and then
My Dickson smile.
She removed her shirt and her bra, she stood
up and came to me on the sofa.
“Are you afraid to touch them?” Rica ask as I
stare at the boobson like Bobby Jackson.
I use my right hand to touch the right one and
seeing how soft it is I pounce on her and
started svcking her boobson, the boobson was
so soft and I as I svck them it make her to
moan softly, I svck her for like two minutes
before she stood up and unbutton my trouser,
she draw the boxer away from me and then
saw my smiling Dickson, she saw it and smile,
my smiling Dickson they make her smile they
smile, she bend over and started svcking me
so hard, she was svcking me and moaning, I
thought I am the one that suppose to be
moaning, Ladies in the house help us out.
She svck me so hard and when am so hard
she make me relax on the sofa and then she
climb me after removing her wears, she kissed
me softly before inserting my Dickson inside
her wet pussay, she started moving up and
down with her two hands on my shoulder, my
hands on her asss and then later on I used my
hand to squize her boobson and then started
svcking it, it was so sweet and to add more
flavor I turn her over and make her lie on the
sofa, I continue the fvcking and also
suffocating on her two boobson, she was
moaning and saying some kind abracadabra,
whether she was speaking in tongues or in indi
na only God know oh.
“Kpa kpa kpa” that was sound coming out
from our little exercise, I was even afraid
maybe someone might here us because the
noise was so loud, but since she don’t care I
don’t care too because she’s the manager,
maybe except Ria showed up.
I stop and turn her making her asss facing me,
she put her two hands on the sofa, I put spit
on my hand and use it to rub her pussay, then
I enter again and this time the “kpa kpa” noise
multiplied, I don’t know why dogging style is
so noising, and it make her moaning increase
too, as she moam it gave me strenght to carry
After some time I sleep on the sofa and then
climb me facing my down side, she started
fvcking me so fast and seeing her white asss I
slap it,.
“Hit it again baby” she said.
So I slap her continuously and the slapping
make her to increase her pace, please ladies
how do you feel when guys slap your butt
during sex?
We sex for more than thirty minutes before I
release without knowing.
“Shit why did you release inside me?” She ask
as she climb down.
“Am sorry, it was so sweet that I didn’t know I
was gonna release” I said.
“Its okay, this is the best I have had, if am in
your shoe I won’t even want to pull out, and by
the way I hope you are clean because no
condom” she said.
“Yes I am, and you?” I ask.
“Yeah am good” she said.
I put on my boxer and left her there to wear
her clothes, I walk out of the room to go look
for my dress at the back and on my way I saw
the other lady that fvcked me the first time
“I hope you two enjoyed each other” she said
smiling as she walk pass.
I knew it, the sound was so loud and I know
somebody must hear us, anyway there is
nothing she can do, I took my clothes and
wear them, I took my small bag and hang it on
my shoulder, I went to meet the manager at
her office.
“Rica am going oh” I said.
“Alright, write your number here I will call you
in the morning” she said.
I wrote down my number and walk out of her
office, I came out from the bar and everywhere
was so busy even though it pass twelve, I
pass the prostitution house and walk to the
main road to look for taxi, I stay for ten
minutes without seeing any, I decided to walk.
I havent walk for five minutes before a tortoise
car pull up beside me, I didn’t need an
invitation before getting in.
“Thanks” I said.
“You welcome, so how are enjoying India so
far?” She ask.
“Not bad, just that I don’t like some of their
foods” I said.
“I know you will miss your country food, let
me take you somewhere to eat” she said.
“Okay then, I hope they have naija food?” I
“You will see” she said and speed off.
We pass my house and we still drive for six
minutes before she stop at one big restaurant,
very good and maybe the biggest I have ever
seen, it close to the main road where the high
school is, she stop and park, we came down
and then walk to the big restaurant.
“Waoh, this is huge” I said.
“Yeah, and they are always available 24/7” she
“interesting” I said.
Outside the restaurant they wrote maeakrash
center restaurant, we walk in and somebody
open the door for us, the inside is also
beautiful and there are many people here, we
find a place and sit down somebody came and
ask for what we want.
“Give us your menu” Rica said.
She gave us the menu and I look through, I
was amaze to see pounded yam with egusi
soup, I smile and chose it, Rica chose her own
food and then she left leaving us to wash our
“So please tell me you have made up your
mind about our offer” Rica started.
“Oh that, am just scared that someone I know
might see it” I said.
“Come on, everybody make money one way or
the other, they will know you are making me I
don’t understand why you will be bothered
about that” she said.
“Alright then, how much money are we talking
about?” I ask.
“A lot, I mean alot” she said.
“Alright then, you can post them” I said.
“Now you are talking” she said.
I decided to let her post it, after all am here to
make money, and since she like me she might
be an option in the future if Ria decide to kick
They brought the food and we eat in silence,
honestly this is the best food I have eaten
since I landed in india.
She dropped me off at my house and bade me
goodbye after telling me to call one of the
ladies that gave me their card earlier on, I
promise to do so, I got to the door and used
the spare key Ria gave me because she said
they can’t be waiting for me to return all night
because they don’t do night work like me, I
use the key to open the door gently, as I enter
everywhere was quiet, even on the road the
street was quiet apart from the lights, I didn’t
go to the kitchen since I have eaten already, I
climb straight to my room, I dropped my
things on the ground and took my phone, I
dialy mummy number and then later cut it, she
might be asleep now so I don’t want to disturb
her, oh well maybe its not dark there yet
because we have different time zone with India,
I dial the number again and as the number ring
my heartbeat started increasing, am scared
because I don’t know what I will tell her.
“Hello” I heard from the other end.
“Helloooo, who is this?” She asked, I was glad
to hear her voice but am scared to talk
because i have bad things I just don’t know
what to say.
“Ozila, is it you” she ask and my mind skip.
“Yes mum” I summoned courage to talk, tears
already dropping from my eyes.
“Oh my God, how are you dear?” She ask.
“Am fine mum, how are you?” I ask.
“Am fine, are you outside the country?” She
“Yes mum, your voice doesn’t sound well,
what’s wrong mum?” I ask.
“Nothing my dear, now that I have heard your
voice I will be fine” she said.
“What’s wrong mum?” I ask again.
“Don’t worry about me, when are you coming
back?” She ask.
“I honestly don’t know ma” I said.
“Which country?” She enquired.
“India” I replied.
“Okay, be careful my dear and know that you
are always welcome here” she said.
“I know mum, how is everybody and
Mitchele?” I ask.
“We are fine, your elder sister is still angry
with you though that doesn’t atop her from
looking for you, Mitchele stomach is getting
bigger” she said.
“Okay thanks mum, am so sorry mum” I said.
“There is nothing to apologize for, I wish you
goodluck and please don’t do anything illegal”
she said.
“I wont mum, I love you” I said.
“I love you too, bye my dear” she said.
“Okay mummy, don’t tell anybody I called” I
“Okay, I wont” she said and I end the call, I
feel happy hearing from my mum, I just hope
she’s alright because her voice doesn’t feel
I tried to sleep but sleep refuse to come so I
got up and walk downstair, I enter the
bathroom and shower myself, I was doing it
gently so that I won’t wake anybody up, after
shower I return to my room and enter my bed,
before one minutes I enter dreamland.
The next morning Ria came to check on me
she didn’t know I was awake already, she just
open the door, walk inside and then walk out
again, I check the time through my phone, just
eight in the morning so I close my eyes trying
to get back to sleep but sleep just won’t come,
I don’t know what’s wrong by this time I
suppose to be sleeping, I sat up and check
through the window, the street is alive already
and everybody are going about their thing, I
was putting on only bursar so I decided to
wear short before going downstair.
Riana is still at home cooking while her dad is
watching A.M news, I wonder why they are not
getting ready for the morning work/school. I
greet everybody and this time Riana answered
“Are you not going to school?” I ask her.
“No, today is our prayer day” she said.
“Oh I forgot, today is Friday” I said.
I brush my teeth and return back to my room, I
started using my phone to browse and then
later started watching film after downloading
from the internet, as I was watching film I
didn’t know when sleep took me off, the sound
of my phone brought me back to life, I check
the number and its unknown but I pick it
“Hello” I said.
“Hi, how did it go” the person ask.
“How did what go and who is this?” I ask.
“Its me your manager you idiot” she blast.
“Oh am sorry, I have not called her yet” I said.
“What are you still waiting for, call her now
that her husband might be out” she said.
“Alright then, I will” I said and ended the call, I
took the lady card and dial her number, the
phone started ringing and so my heartbeat.
“ somebody picked the phone and speak some
kind of India language, me recognising her
voice I said “hello”
“Hello, who is this?” She change to English.
“Hello miss Buri, am ozila you gave me your
card last night” I said.
“Oh I remember you, I won’t be available today
okay, call me tomorrow” she said.
“Alright ma” I said and cut the call.
I dial another number the lady on the other
voice her English is very bad.
I just told her am ozila and we met last night,
she said okay and then said that I should
come visit her around three in the evening, I
said okay and cut the call.
“Hello” Ria answered after she pick the call.
“Yeah, Buri won’t be available till tomorrow
and I called another lady she said I should visit
her around three” I said.
“That’s good, I will take you there and then I
will pass that place to work, make sure you
satisfy her very well, don’t bother about work
okay, anytime you finish you can come to
work.” She said.
“Okay, let me sleep now I will be waiting for
you” I said.
“Alright dear”.
We cut the call and then I walk downstair to
eat, I saw my people doing their thing.
“How is work so far?” Ria husband ask as I
walk pass him.
“Fine sir, a bit more stressful than I expected”
I said.
“That’s why you have the whole day to rest,
more people are coming to the bar, thanks to
you” he said.
“No problem Sir” I said and enter the kitchen, I
saw indomie on the dinning and I help myself
with it.
Around two I got up and took my bath, I
search for a nice dress to wear, I wanted to
look good so I pick up dark blue trouser with
blue tight T-shirt so she can see my muscular
features, I spray my perfume and wear my
shoe, I came out from my house and lock the
door, I started strolling along the way I did
draw much attention to myself confirming
that my dress is good, some even
compliment me though whether its compliment
or insult I really don’t know because am yet to
master their language, I walk out from my
street and enter the main busy road, I took my
phone and call my manager.
“Hello, where are you ma?” I ask.
“On my way almost at your house” she replied.
“Come to the main road, am at the front of
this pony shop here” I said.
I wait for her in front of one big store, many
people came in to buy some stuff and the way
they look at me I believe they wondering who I
am and what am doing on that shop, a lady
even tried to communicate with me but I didn’t
respond because I dont understand what she is
saying, five minutes later am inside the
tortoise car with my manager going to one of
my client house.
“This one you dress as if you are going to
London” Rica said on the way.
“Oh well, I want to impress the lady that am a
handsome boy” I said.
“She don’t need your handsomeness but rather
your performance, remember she’s married so
don’t do anything that will make her drive you”
“Okay, I have heard you ma” I said.
“When you are through call me to come pick
you up” she said.
“What if madam Ria come and she didn’t see
me?” I ask.
“Don’t worry about that, I will cover for you”
she replied.
“Alright then” I said.
She drive into another town with nice
infrastructure, I think this place is an estate
because of the building, and all the buildings
have gates too, the gates are not tall so I
guess the purpose is not for driving thieves,
“Are you sure this is the right place?” I ask.
“Yeah, what are you scared?” She ask.
“Looks like, because this place is beautiful,
more like the garden of Eden” I said.
“The fake garden of eden that cannot be found
you mean?” She replied.
“Its real not fake” I said.
“Then take me to the garden, if I see it then
maybe I will convert to Christian” she said and
stop at one fine white house with small iron
gates surrounding it, inside the compound
there are three cars, a sport car, a limo and a
Lexus jeep, the compound has three houses,
one big and the other small, the big one is
story building with nice view.
“This madam is huge, make sure you rock her
well” Rica said starring at the house.
“I sure will, let me call her self” I said.
I put a call to her and she pick, she said shes
home that I can come.
“I guess I will see you later” said Rica.
“Yeah, thanks for the drive” I said and open
the door.
“My pleasure” she said.
I started walking towards the house and when I
got to the gate I knock, I wonder why they put
this gate because I can see inside the
I heard a voice inside saying something in Indi
which I can’t understand, so I knock again and
follow it with.
“Hello, anybody in?”
“Yes” I heard from inside the house and within
seconds I saw the lady, she came out with
bare foots to open the gate for me.
“Good day ma” I said as I walk in.
“good day dear, go to that house I will meet
you there in a minute” she commanded
pointing to the building on the left.
“Alright” I said and divert to the building on
my left, I saw a swimming pool on my way
and then suddenly I feel like swimming.
“You can use it if you want to” I heard from my
back, I look back and saw her looking at me I
guess she knows what am thinking.
“Okay ma” I said…
I open the door and enter the house, i just
enter and sit at the sofa, there is TV and other
things but I think its best I maintain my lane
for now, but I really want to swim.
I was relaxing on the chair pressing my phone
and waiting for her to come and join me, I
believe she will come and we just do the thing
and leave but I was wrong, I heard a horn
outside and when I came out I saw her waiting
for me beside the lexus jeep.
“Hop in let’s go out” she said
“Okay ma” I said and enter the front seat.
She drive out of the compound and then return
to the house on font to lock the front gate, she
return and look at me mysteriously.
“What! Are you lost?” she ask.
Her dress is nice just a simple handless brown
gown, she’s beautiful and you won’t believe
shes more than fifty if you don’t know her.
“No, why would say that?” I ask.
“Oh well, the way you are looking like
someone that is lost I have to ask” she
“Am not, I just didn’t know we wil be going
out” I said.
“Relax am taking you to a nice place and trust
me you will like it, I couldn’t risk it at home
because of my husband” she said.
“Alright, so where are we going?” I ask.
“Just a relaxation joint, we will be there in ten
minutes” she said.
“Alright” I said not that I have any choice
She took me to a nice hotel that has a cover
like umbrella, she drive in and gave her key to
one boy, the security I guess, we step out and
she insist that we hold our hands, this hotel is
a real ten star hotel if there is anything like
that, the surrounding is like a garden of eden
with different fruits.
She didn’t go inside the hotel but rather she
divert to one small hut, she used her key to
open the hut, the small hut contain one room
with a single bed and candles surrounding it,
on the table there are apples and orange and
fan keep rotating like a roll royce tire.
“Waoh, what is this place?”
“Welcome to my secret hut” she said.
“Waoh, am in heaven” I said and walk to pick
one apple on the table.m
“Can I eat this?” I ask foolishly.
“Of course they are all yours, even me” she
said folding her hands and looking at me as if
we have been married for ten years.
I turn and look at her face I think she’s waiting
for me to make the move to see if am a man,
oh well I know what am here so I don’t need
to be shy, I take a bite and drop the apple
back on the table (I honestly have to take that
bite to flavor my mouth).
The hut is a round one, no TV just normal
room with sexy things and food to boost
strength, I walk up to her looking at her
straight in the face, she was folding her hands
so I lose the hands and make her drop them, I
walk around her and stop at her back, I move
close to her and shift the hand of the gown
from her body, I did the same to the other
hand and the gown fell on the bed and starring
at me is a beautiful damsel “oh my god am in
love, my dickson has risen up already”.
“Waoh” I said standing in front of her, i pull of
my shirt and when she saw my hairy chest her
eyes widen a little, I remove my trouser and
she saw the Burge through my boxer she
smile, I move closer to her and pull her up, I
place her on the bed and remove my boxer
when she saw my dickson she shine her white
teeth, I join her on the bed and spread her leg
wide open, she shaved her pussay giving a
rectangular shape, I shift downward and started
kissing it, from kissing I enter licking, she was
moving her ass already and when I started
svcking it she started moaning, she started
bringing out some kinds of fluid which I lick
too, I continue svcking her beautiful pussay
and as she moan softly, I move up and put my
hard dickson on her mouth, she started
svcking it gently, she svck it till it rise like
mountain everest.
“Will you fvck my now?” she ask.
“Your wish is my command, but I don’t have
condom” I said.
“Check the drawer” she said.
I open the drawer above us and saw condoms,
I took one and she help me put it on, I svck
her one more time before I insert my dickson
inside her, at first struck she let out a loud
moan and hold me tighter as if she don’t want
me to fvck her again.
“gently” she said.
She free me and I started fvcking her slowly till
it get into her head, then I increase my thrust
and her moaning increase too, she was
fingering my back and I hope I don’t get
injured after the exercise.
After like six minutes I came, I went to the
table and eat two apples and then I went to
her where she was sleeping, I put one cut of
apple on my mouth and use it to kiss her, she
bite from it and we started kissing, from there
my oga rise again and we continue fvcking, I
turn her around making her ass to face me
while she face the bed, I fvck her from behind
as she scream loud as if she will die, we did
different style before she finally give up.
“This one if enough for today before you kill
me” she said after the sixth round.
We swim together in the small pool beside the
hut, I guess that’s her personal pool.
Around eight in the night we are already on our
way back to my bar.
“Thank you very much I really enjoyed myself, I
hope to see you again” she said.
“Of course, anytime you want me just call” I
She drop me in front of my bar handing a
brown envelop to me, I thank her and walk
inside the bar, I put the money inside my bag
and remove my clothes, I enter the main
audience and started romancing the pool as
usual, Rica saw me and smile.
“So how did it go?” Rica ask me as we sip our
drinks together after I finish eating amala with
okra soup in the same restaurant she took me
to the other day, we are done for today so she
brought me here to eat, I think this place will
be our normal spot now like where some
workers go to eat after work or during break, I
remember my time in Akure when I was
working with in Jaoni carpet and rug, everyday
in the afternoon there is one place we always
go to eat, I think they call it point and kill and
it’s close to a police station, when you eat
their food ehh trust me every other food will
taste like sand in your mouth, those people
can prepare food for Africa, that’s the reason I
didn’t save any money in Akure point and kill
chop all my money finish, I just hope no be
jazz them they use there sha.
“It went well as expected or rather not
expected at all” I said.
“What do you mean not expected?” She ask
“Oh well I was thinking maybe we will just
sexx in her house and leave but rather she took
me to a beautiful place which even I cannot
differ whether its heaven or garden of Eden “ I
“Hahahahahaha, the woman is rich oh after I
left you I browse her profile on wiki and guess
what, her husband is an actor and a high one
oh” she said.
“Seriously? So am fvcking an actor’s wife?” I
“Yeah, I guess he is not always around and
she feels lonely sometimes that’s why she
need you” Rica said.
“Hmm anyway I hope the husband wont catch
me one day because I don’t want to enter hot
soup, as mg people use to say everyday for
the thief and……”
“one day for the owner” she helped me finish
my statement
“Relax, am your business partner I will rather
die than see you in hot soup, I will support you
to the end till you decide you want out” she
“Are you sure? You mean if for instance am
caught and I was thrown inside prison you can
help me?” I ask.
“Why not? there are cameras inside our bar
and we can always use it to defend you, the
worst they can do is to send you back to
where you come from, see i need money as
much as you do and seeing you making money
like this for both of us do you really think I will
let any harm come close to you?, I have your
back trust me ozil” she said..
Her assurance make me feel happy like some
burden being lifted from my shoulder, a plan B
is exactly what I want incase Ria fall my hand,
now that I have Rica to back me then I should
just do my work and make money, but I need
a way to send the money to Nigeria, I will
send the money to my mother’s account in
case I don’t make it back she can always use
it, I will call her and tell her.
“so where is my share” Rica said bringing me
back to life.
“Oh yeah” I said.
I bring out the money and hand a few to her,
she counted it and said.
“This is too much na, I don’t expect you to
give me this much” she said.
“I know but since you have assured me that if
anything happen you can always get me out
then I will always give you more than you
deserve” I said.
“Thank you dear, you are a darling you know
that?” She said.
“Of course I know, that’s why everybody want
to fvck me” I said and she burst out laughing
in the midst of everybody.
“About the video we are making a lot of
money and our fans are demanding to see
more of you” she said.
“Oh well since I don’t have time what do you
want me to do?” I ask her.
“Maybe we should shoot another video
tomorrow in work” she said.
“But you know I have to visit another mama
tomorrow” I said.
“Oh well we will do it in your house, when
everybody go to work I will come and visit”
she said.
“I need you to help me find out how to send
money from here to Nigeria” I said on our way
“Its quit simple you can use my account
because opening your own will require many
things which you don’t have” she said.
“Really? I thought we will use something like
western union” I said.
“Yeah there is something like that but there are
other simple ways, but since you want that
then tomorrow we will go to bank together
okay, after our little excercise” she said.
“Alright thanks love, you are not even paying
me for that video oh” I said.
“I thought you won’t ask, I will pay you this
weekend” she said.
“Okay love”
“You better don’t let Ria hear you mention love
oh” she said.
“Ha, abeg forget Ria joor” I said.
She drop me in front of my house and then I
came down, I watch her revise and speed off,
its midnight already so I walk to the house
and use my key to open the door, Ria said
they can’t be waiting for me to return every
night so she gave me a key, it’s quit helpful
self because I prefer everybody sleeping when
I return I don’t know why.
[6/21, 5:36 AM] Olawale DePhysinews Admin: 162
I enter the house and lock the door as I met it,
I check the dinning, they prepared fried egg
and yam for me, I didn’t want to eat but seeing
this I changed my mind, I cover it back and
walk to my room upstairs, I kept the money
inside my bag and then remove my clothes
remaining only my shot, I took my phone and
walk down the stairs again, I was doing
everything gently so that I won’t wake up
anybody, I don’t even want them to wake at all,
i think it will be better this way because
anytime I see any of them my mind will skip
as if am a criminal, I don’t know really know
why and to say the truth if they will allow me, I
will just go and look for one room to rent, I
prefer staying alone and I will be more
comfortable, I think I will discuss it with Ria
after she pay me this month end.
I sat on the dinning table and started eating
the yam and fried egg, it taste delicious and I
wonder who cooked it, I don’t care anyway, I
ate everything and then return the plate to the
kitchen, the kitchen look rough as usual so I
help myself by arranging the kitchen and I also
wash the dirty plates, after the work I went to
the sitting room to sit, I will take my bath
later but first let me call my mum.
I put my two legs on the table and sit down
like king, I on the TV and reduce the volume, I
dial my mum’s number and she pick it up.
“Hello” she answered.
“Mum” I said.
“Ozes, how are you dear?” She ask.
“Am fine mum and you”
“Am very fine, your brothers are worried about
you including your sisters, they are all worried
are you sure you don’t want me to give them
your number?”
“No mum, please don’t, I will visit them
anytime I return” I said.
“Okay then how is life over there I hope you
are coming soon”
“I will come when am done here, I need your
account number I want to send you money to
keep for me, you can use some from it” I said.
“ozes how did you get the money are you
working?” She ask.
“Am working as a bartender mum, so there is
nothing to be worried about, just send the
account number” I said.
“Okay dear, be careful oh, those people there
are very wicked oh” she said.
“I will be careful mum, take care and bye for
now” I said and hung up.
I know she will keep telling me about
becareful, that’s her job anyway.
After the call I walk to the bathroom, I remove
my shot and enter the bathtub, I switch on the
tap and I just relax on the tub thinking about
my country, I wonder if Mitchele would have
delivered now, I honestly can’t wait to see her
but I know it will come at a price, I did mess
up and her parents might not even forgive me
but all this same if she have delivered then I
will visit her and there is nothing anybody can
do to stop me, so what about Aneeta and the
rest? Oh well I guess I have many things to do
when I return but am not leaving India just yet,
I might even stay here for years because am
making money, life is all about money.
As I was thinking I closed my eyes so when I
heard a creek I quickly open them but there is
nothing to see, I wash myself and then came
out from the tub, I on the rushing tap on my
body and yes it feels so good, I heard a creek
from the door again and this time I saw a
figure standing there with her white night gown
and her finger on her lips romancing it like
rebekah svcking blood from the movie “the
I saw her and I was shocked I just remain
there with my mouth ajar, as she put her hand
on her mouth signaling me to shot up, she
walk inside the bathroom and then facing me
face to face her white gown fell on the grown,
seeing the boobson alone send signal to my
Dickson, face to face she put her right hand on
my chest and started touching my small
breasst as if am a woman, I just stand there
like a ghost looking at the beauty in front of
me more like beauty and the ghost.
“What are you doing?” I ask with slow voice.
“What do you think?” She ask.
I didn’t say anything again as she already
close my mouth and continue kissing my
body, she was kissing me downward till she
get to the rock of ages, she struck it and put it
in her mouth, she started tackling it like a
footballer, I was enjoying it and after few
minutes she stand up and she put my hand on
her boobson since I was so scared to do so, I
rub her and then kiss the boobson,
“Is this how you fvck people at the bar? be
brave” she said.
I heard that clearly so I push her backward
making sure she reach the edge of the wall, I
raise her up and make her sit at the bathroom
wallbench opening her legs, I put my tongues
and suck bery well, she moan, before I could
put the rock of ages inside her wet pussay i
heard a sound from the room. She quickly run
and hide inside the bathtub and then the
bathroom door open.
“Ozila are you the one there” the person ask.
“Yes, am just taking my bath” I said and the
person walk away.
I went to the tub and join her there, she climb
ontop me and then use her hand to guard the
Disk inside the DVD player, then the music
started playing, do you wanna guess which
music, i think its fvck me hard.
We were lost in our little enjoyment that we
didn’t know when somebody walk in, she
opened the cotton and there she is standing in
front of us.
“What the hell” she said.
Who is the Lady I just fvcked?
“Riana baby” Ria said and get off me, she ran
after Riana while i remain in the tomb naked
and dumbfounded, I didn’t know what to do
because am damn scared, what’s going to
happen to me now? Will Riana tell her father
that am sleeping with her mom, oh my God
why am I so stupid?
I got off from the tomb and put on my dress, I
walk out of the bathroom and tiptoed to Riana
room, at the passage I saw Ria knocking at
her door, it seems like Riana has locked
herself inside her room, Ria daw e and wave at
me to go away, I left her and walk to my room
upstair, I don’t know what will happen next so
I just arrange my things and keep my money
in a place I can get it easily, first thing
tomorrow is to go and send this money to my
mother, at least that will calm me down a little
incase they want to deport me then at least
there will be something for me to go back to.
I wasn’t able to sleep that night as my eyes
were opened all night, in the morning I was
afraid to go out or even open my door, I heard
noises downstairs which confirm that my
people are awake already, I still don’t know
what’s going to happen next oh.
Since I didn’t want to go out now I used my
phone to download some movies, I started
watching movies with my phone to keep me
busy and indoor, when it’s getting to twelve I
heard a knock on my door, I was shocked and
afraid at the same time, I didn’t want to get up
until I heard the door the second time, I
quickly jump to my feet to open the door, I
saw madam Ria standing behind the door.
“You don’t want to get out of bird again?” She
“Good afternoon ma” I said.
She walk inside my room.
“Why is your luggage like this, are you going
somewhere?” She ask.
“No oh, am just arranging my things because I
want to wash some of my clothes” I said.
“About yesterday, I believe my daughter is still
angry but she won’t say anything to my
husband, let’s just behave normally if we don’t
then that’s when my husband will know
something is wrong” Ria said.
“You mean she’s not going to say anything?” I
“She won’t” she answered.
“How are you so sure?” I ask.
“Because I know my daughter more than you,
of course she will want something but she
won’t tell my husband about us” she replied.
“Oh thank God then” I said.
“So I suggest you stopped being scared and
get off your bed, you have work to do” she
said and walk out.
I heard but am not still calm yet, last time I
tried to have it with Riana it didn’t work out
and since then she has been my enemy,
imagine how she will be looking at me now.
I keep my luggages back and then I came
down the stairs, everybody has gone out
except Ria who is still at home watching TV.
“How is the work going ozila?” She ask.
“Very well ma,” I said
“Good, people are coming in to see you strip,
you will be well payed okay”
“Okay ma” I said.
I went to the kitchen but there was no food
except indomie, I brush my teeth first and eat
the in indomie, I took my baths and wear my
clothes, I went outside and sit in the swing
outside, I was pressing phone and also
watching people going about their things, when
its time I saw Rica tortoise car, I didn’t wait
for her to horn before I walk to meet her, I
open her door and join her.
“How far, this one your face is like this so i
hope all is well?” She ask.
“I hope so, can you take me to the bank let
me send the money before I go to work?” I
“Of course” she answered.
I didn’t say anything again as I keep thinking
about the latest brouhaha, she took me to a
big bank, she followed me inside because they
won’t do it for me without her, I don’t have
bank account yet but she have.
Inside the bank she filled the form for me and
then I gave her the money, she send the
money through her own bank account, I thank
her very much before we left for the strip club.
“Why is there so many people here today?” I
“I honestly don’t know” she said.
The bar was filed up, so many people even
outside too, I went to change ky clothes and
when I came out with my onlyy boxer all eyes
turn to me, the DJ change the music and then I
started dancing, people were jeering me while
drinking especially the women, I haven’t seen
so much crowd before, I strip holding the pole
and sometimes I will walk to some of the
women and dance around them, one woman
tried to touch my Dickson but I slap her hand
off and then she giggled, I move over to the
next person and that’s how I dance through the
night, around eight when I walk out to rest I
SAS more than ten cards on my boxer, they
insert it inside my boxer, I took them and
place them inside my small bag, I rest for
thirty minutes before I return to my work with
the aim of entertaining special people this
time, I won’t strip for everybody just the
special ladies in a room.
I enter the room with more like eight women
drinking and laughing, I was dancing shaking
me head to the music, they saw me and
started smiling, there is one lady I think she’s
white, I wonder what she’s doing here with
Indians, she wore a very sexy dress which
makes my Dickson to started singing
hallelujah, as my Dickson rise they all cheer
and wanted to touch it, the white lady just
keep laughing and I really want to impress her,
who knows she might be from America and I
really want to travel to America, I use my
bouncing Dickson to face her, I concentrate on
her, she was just smiling and smiling and
since she saw that I didn’t want to leave her
alone she then put her hand on her bag and
put her card on my boxer, I smile and move
on to the next person.
They all enjoyed my dance and some of them
even tip me putting money on my boxer, after
my show around ten Rica insist we do more
sex videos but I complain to her that am tired
and also I have someone to visit.
“So who are we visiting this night” she ask.
“This one, she whispered on my ear to call her
this night” I said and gave Rica her card.
“Not bad, she’s leaving in a hotel and she’s fat
can you really handle her?” She ask.
“Of course I can” I said.
We both left the club after taking out bath, her
assistant will lock up, she took me to a hotel
with a tall building, the hotel is very nice, I
brought out my phone and call the lady.
“Hello ma” I said as she pick up.
“Yes, who is this?” she said after speaking
“Yeah, am from the strip club and you gave me
“Oh yeah, the stripper, am glad you called,
please come to the address on the card” she
said even though her English is not good at
least am understanding her.
“Actually am in front of the hotel” I said.
“Okay good, come inside and look for suite
608” she said.
“Okay ma” I said and cut the call.
“She said I should come in” I said to Rica.
“Be careful, I will remain here for ten minutes
in case you don’t want to go ahead, in case of
anything just call my line okay”
I came down and enter the hotel, I walk to the
receptionist and then she made a call after I
told her why am here, after the call she direct
me to elevator, first time in elevator, the
moment the button light hit six and stop I
came out from the elevator and started
searching for suite 608, I was looking door to
door until finally I saw the suite, I knock on
the door and immediately a fat woman came
to open the door.
“Hi” I said.
“Come in dear” she took my hand and lock the
door, before I know it she push me to the wall
and started kissing me, this is not what I
expect but who am I to reject.
I played along and before I know we end up in
bed with her ontop me, she’s like a beast
devouring her prey I just hope I come out of it
it seems she haven’t had sex for long because
she was all over me, I let her take charge and
she did all the style she knows, I fvcked her
from all anger, I enjoy the doggie style most
because she’s fat and she have big asss like
elephant, of course I used condom I wouldn’t
want to risk my destiny with a fat India woman
like this, no I can’t.
we did like seven rounds in a role and yet she
still want more, she gave me fruits to keep my
strength up and then we continued, my mind is
not in it am just doing it for the money, I do
enjoy other sexx but this one is really out of it.
I slept in her hotel room and yes we also did
it in the morning, and when Ria called me in
the morning around five I told her that am with
a customer, and she told me to be careful and
then she cut the call.
she was sleeping and snoring like a dog, I
took my phone and started operating it, I
wanted to call my mum and ask her if she
received the money but I don’t want to disturb
the fat pig so I got up and walk to the sitting
room, I opened the fridge and collect some
apple and wine, Itook cup too and relax on
the sofa sit, I dial my mummy’s number she
didn’t pick and when I dial it the second time
she pick up.
“hello” she answered.
“mum, how are you” I ask
“am fine ozes, I have been trying to call you
but they said I have not activate my SIM card
for international calls” she said.
“don’t worry about that mum I will be doing
the calling, did you get the money?” I ask.
“yes oh I got the alert” she answered.
“okay good, keep it for me I will send more
anything and you can use from it okay?”
“okay ozes just be careful please and don’t do
anything illegal” she advice.
“I won’t mum I promise”
“good then my mind will be at rest” she said.
“always put your mind at rest nothing will
happen to me you just take care of yourself
“okay then” she answered.
“alright bye for now mum”
“bye bye my son” she replied and then I cut
the call.
after the call I check the time and it’s almost
six so I enter the bathroom to take my bath,
we have used more than ten condoms and my
waist has started to pain me, I think I will have
to buy and take pain relief because I need to
be able to continue my work, this is how I
make my money so don’t blame me because
everybody find one way or another to make
their money after all mine is not that bad and
it’s not illegal.
I took my bath and put on my dress, I sat on
the chair and focus on the TV, I didn’t want to
wake her up but when she refuse to wake up
and the time is almost ten I decided to wake
her up, and as expected she was angry that I
woke her up, I apologize to her and told her
that I have to get back to business, she
sluggishly got up and walk to her safe, she
open it and gave me bundles of rupee and then
she return to bed, I was happy and even if she
didn’t respond to my appreciation I keep
thanking her anyway, I left the room and call
Rica on my way down, she said I should give
her twenty minutes that she will be here soon,
I sat in front of the hotel and wait for her and
as she said she came twenty minutes later,
she want to know what happened and then I
explain everything to her, she insist I must
follow her to her house and that I will follow
her house to work so I agreed after all am
trying to stay away from home after what
happened between me and Ria.
on our way a strange number started calling
me, I didn’t want to pick but the number keep
calling me and Rica told me to pick it up that
it might be business so I pick it up.
“Hello” I answered.
“Hello Ozila, its me Riana”
“Riana?” I said with surprise because I wasn’t
expecting her call at all I didn’t even know she
has my number.
“Yeah, I hope you didn’t run away from house
because of what happened?” She ask.
“No its just business” I said.
“Okay good because you don’t have to be
afraid okay, I won’t tell if you promise to do
something for me” she said.
“What do you want me to do for you?” I ask.
“I will tell you when you return home” she said
and cut the call.
“What does she want?” Rica ask.
“She said she will tell me when we meet” I
“Don’t trust her”
“I wont” I said.
Rica took me to a small bungalow, there are
only four to five houses in the area though its
close to main road but surrounded by bush,
the four house face each other in the street like
a face me I face you compound, Rica house is
the last close to a small spring, there are
people living in each of the houses and also
Rica is living with her only sister, her mum and
dad are separated and she’s the one taking
care of her little sister who is still in school,
she’s 15 so I guess she must still be in
secondary if they are using the same system
like us.
“Welcome to my small house” she said.
“The environment is astonishing” I said looking
“Yeah its a cool spot” she said.
We came down from the car and then I
followed her inside the house, the other three
houses are story building only Rica’s own is
one flat with just two rooms, toilet and
bathroom, just a simple room.
She opened the door and ushered me in,
everything is neat and clean I wish I can get a
house like this.
“Waoh its nice” I said.
“Are you kidding me, you playing right?” She
“Am not, I wish I can even get a house like
this” I said.
“Come on keep your money you don’t have any
reason to leave the Rias for now” she said.
“There are many reason my dear, abeg I need
to sleep” I said and lay down on the sofa
“No no come to my room and sleep while I
tidy everywhere up, my sister is still sleeping I
guess” she said.
I followed her and we enter a simple room, I
removed my dress leaving only boxer I dive
inside the bed and then she left locking the
door, she knows I need the rest and am glad
she left me alone to sleep.
I was walking in the street of New York, the
city is really beautiful with tall buildings and
fine roads with street lights, I was putting on
black jacket and black trouser, as I was
walking everybody was looking at me
mysteriously as if am a criminal, I keep
smiling at them without minding their starring,
after walking for few miles I heard police siren,
I thought they were chasing another person but
I was wrong, they stop in front of me and point
their gun at me.
“This is the New York police department, put
your hands on the air and kneel down now”
they commanded.
I didn’t know what to do because I don’t
remember committing any crime at all, I was
confused as the police in front of me point
their at me, I know if I enter their cell it will be
difficult for me to get out because black
people don’t have lots of chance in America
when they are in cell, I did the only thing I
could and run, but I wasn’t so fast as they
open fire on me shattering my back.
I shouted and wake up from my dream
sweating like Christmas goat, I was furious
does it mean that if I go to America I will be
arrested? Oh boy I think it is better I forget
about America and just focus on making
money here, I will return to Nigeria from here
because I believe that dream is a message.
I got up with tiredness and with just my boxer,
I came out from my room and enter the sitting
room, I saw Rica washing movie.
“Hi baby are you awake?” She ask.
“Yes, whats the time?” I ask.
“Almost twelve dear, hope you slept well” she
“Yeah but I had a bad dream” I said.
“Good since its bad you will now know how to
avoid it, I prepared tea for you and there is
bread too” she said.
“Oh thanks but I have to shower now” I said.
“Alright come let me show you”.
I followed her to the back of the house, the
bathroom is just normal like Nigeria own, I
enter and she gave me towel, no running tap
so she fetch water for me which I used in
bathing, after bathing I eat the bread and tea,
we watch movie together and when its time for
work we branch on the bank and send more
money to my mummy, I gave her her share too
which makes her happy.
[6/21, 5:37 AM] Olawale DePhysinews Admin: 172
We got to work and start working as usual, the
crowd was cheering as usual and when I
decided to look their faces I saw Riana sitting
alone looking at me with bottle on her desk,I
was shocked and I even pause, but I later
continue my work and was also wondering why
she’s here.
I wasn’t able to concentrate again as I keep
seeing Riana everywhere I look, am trying to
avoid her the best I can and now that she’s
here what am I going to do?
She didn’t even want to leave even though its
midnight, she answered call and later continue
her drink, it’s obvious she’s waiting for me to
finish my work so that we will talk, I will try to
avoid her because she’s a flood looking for a
land to devour, I know she caught us but she
shouldn’t take advantage of me,
NB: never take advantage of a Nigerian man
especially southerners, they will use the
advantage against you.
Around eleven I came down from the stand
and enter other rooms for private
entertainment, I dance and strip for them till
midnight, there was no sign of the white
woman again, I thought she will come too but
no problem sha I have her card and I can call
her anytime, around twelve midnight I was
putting on my dress with Rica in the room.
“Are you following me home today?” She ask.
“Yeah” I said.
“No you are not, you coming home” Riana said
walking inside the room, Rica saw her and
stand up as a sign of respect.
“Hi Riana, what are you doing here?” I ask.
“I came to check on you since you have
refused to come home” she said.
“Not like that, and beside am always alone at
home I feel I need a place where I can talk
with people that love me” I said.
“So you mean we don’t love you, After bringing
you from Nigeria?” She said with anger.
“I don’t mean it that way” I said getting
“Anyhow you mean it you will explain better at
home, come on let’s go” she said with a
commanding voice.
I took my things and followed her without
making any statement, I waved Rica goodbye.
Outside the bar we stopped a cab and then
enter, Riana is not smiling at all I hope am not
walking into trouble at home.
We came down in front of our street and walk
to our house, she wasn’t saying anything which
makes my mind start beating faster, the time
is past twelve in the midnight, we got home
and open the door, I was surprised to see her
dad and mom sitting in the parlour waiting for
“Welcome home Ozila, we’ve been waiting for
you” Riana dad said.
I was scared, is today judgement day?
“Go and drop your things and come back there
is something we need to discuss” Ria said.
“But can’t it wait till morning, am really weak
and tired now” I said.
“It can but you know you always like to sleep
in the morning and before you wake up we
would all be gone to our various place of work,
so it’s better we do it now and allow you sleep
well in the morning” Ria’s husband added.
“Okay am coming” I said.
I walk up to the stairs and enter my room, I
drop my things and change to short nicker, I
put on singlet too and then I came out to the
parlour and sat with everybody.
“I hope I didn’t do anything wrong” I said
because it’s obvious that we are gathered here
because of me, if they wanna drive me away
they should just do it let me go and be staying
with Rica.
“Not really, but we are responsible for you here
and if anything happen to you we will be the
one to suffer, so recently you have not been
stable here and we are wondering what the
matter is” Riana’s dad ask.
“There is absolutely nothing sir” I said.
“So you mean you just decided not to come
back home yesterday? Do you know how we
were worried yesterday?” He continued.
“Am sorry Sir, I thought you guys said I can be
going out and be doing my own outside work
if I want to?” I ask.
“Yes” he answered.
“That’s what I was doing Sir, someone called
and I thought that since Rica house is close to
that side I thought I should stay with her and
follow her side to the place” I said.
“Then you should have called me or my wife to
inform us”
“Am sorry Sir” I said.
“Okay but it seems like you have made a lot of
money going out, we will like you to give us
that money and we will give you your share” he
“But Sir I thought you made it clear that all the
money will be mine?” I ask.
“You quote us wrongly” added Ria.
“yeah ozila you have to choose, either we stop
paying you or any money you make you give it
to us then we will share them together” Said
Mr Rowan.
“Waoh, so this is it then?” I said.
“This is what?” Ask Ria.
“No I mean from the beginning we all agreed
that I will keep the money but now you guys
are saying different thing, oh well I guess I will
keep doing my thing while I work for you for
free” I said.
“oh well then it is settled” Mr Rowan said.
I left the sitting room with a sad mood and
return to my room, what kind of game are they
playing? I started thinking, I know one day they
might just say I should go and that’s how they
will deport me oh, I have to do something am
not an idiot.
I called Rica that night.
“Hello, what’s up ozila” she answered.
“Am not fine joor”
“What’s wrong and what is joor?”
“The Ria’s insist they will stop paying me
because am not sharing my secondary work
money with them”
“Seriously? Why are they like this?”
“I honestly don’t know oh”
“They know you are making a lot of money”
she said.
“I guess I hope they won’t throw me out one
day sha”
“They won’t because many people are coming
to the bar to see you, you have increased the
population of that bar if they let you go they
will lose a lot, I think you should start telling
them that you are not an idiot, make your own
rules” she said.
“You know I can’t do that, am afraid they might
deport me” I said.
“Relax I can help you increase your stay here if
I can get your paper work you used while
coming here” she said.
“Really? What kind of paper work?” I ask.
“I mean your Visa and other papers”
“I don’t have them, Ria kept them for me”
“I guess you will have to steal them”
“What? She will find out”
“Come on, she won’t know I just need them
for 24 hours so that they can review your Visa”
“Hmmm, I will try to get them”
“Don’t try just get them, its for your own good
anyway” she said
“Yeah, goodnight dear”
“Alright sleep well love” she said and hung up.
I slept thinking about how to steal my papers
from Ria.
I was finally home alone, Riana has gone to
school and Mr Rowan has gone to work, Ria
the housewife has gone to the bar to see how
things is going, she insist I follow her but I
told her that I need my rest to be able to work
well later in the day, she left me alone and
said she will be back in the afternoon to cook,
when she left I wait for another fifteen minutes
to be sure that she has gone before I got up
from my bed and walk downstair, I lock the
door from inside so that nobody can come in, I
gently walk to their bedroom and try to open
the door, the door won’t open and when I
realize that she locked it like bank I started
thinking what to do next, the door is too strong
and I cannot break it, and there is no how I
can steal the documents when she’s around
because she’s very vigilant, what should I do?
I called Rica.
“Hello” she answered.
“Good day, how are you?” I replied.
“Am good, have you be able to get the
document?” She ask.
“Yeah about that, their bedroom door is well
locked, there is no way I can get in” I said.
“Of course they are not going to leave their
door open just like that for a Nigerian, this
proves that they don’t trust you at all” she said.
“So what do I do?” I asked.
“So you mean you don’t know how to open
lock illegally?” She ask.
“I honestly don’t know” I said.
“Are you sure you are a Nigerian?”
“Hey, not all Nigerians are rogue?” I said.
“Okay, and there is no way I can talk you
through it, when is Ria coming back?”she ask.
“She said in the afternoon” I replied.
“Hmm I don’t think I can make it oh, let’s
leave it for tomorrow I will come when she
leave again and teach you how to open a lock”
she said.
“Okay then no problem, what are you doing?” I
“Nothing much, just uploading videos on my
blog, you won’t believe our site is filled up
with so many messages” she said.
“What type of message” I ask.
“About you, they want more of your video,
others want to meet you” she said.
“So what do you want me to do?” I ask.
“How about we shoot another video today after
work, it will be like a short film” she said.
“So who will be having sex with?” I ask.
“What! You mean you don’t want to have sex
with me again?” She exclaimed.
“No I don’t mean it that way, but new face will
make it more interesting” I said.
“I guess you are right, so who do you want
then?” She ask.
“Someone young, like eighteen years” I said.
“You mean teen, there is one and I believe she
will be interested” she said.
“Who is she?”
“A fan of ours, she always want to join us but I
refuse because I don’t like her and she’s hot
tempered, now she will have chance to prove
herself” Rica said.
“Okay then, let me go and eat and get ready
for work” .
“Alright I will be there to pick you up” she
“Alright my driver”
“You are not serious” she said.
After the call I check the table there is nothing
there, I wonder why they didn’t prepare
anything, I check kitchen and I saw spaghetti
ontop a tray, I on the cooker and cook the
spag deliciously, it took thirty minutes and
after cooking I brush my teeth and eat, I
finished eating and went to the bathroom to
take my bathroom, as I was bathing I heard
knocking on the door, that’s when It down on
me that I lock the outside door, I quickly tie
towel and run to the front door to open.
“Why did you lock it” Ria roared.
“To be safe, am sorry” I said and run back to
the bathroom, I enter the tub and relax there.
I used soap to wash my face and when I clean
my face I saw Ria standing beside the door
touching herself, she was pressing her Boobs
and her VJ,
“Ria” I said.
She ran out to her bedroom, I clean myself
and as I came out of the bedroom I wanted to
go to my room but something tells me to
check on Ria, I open her door slowly and there
she was ontop bed masturbating.
I didn’t want to go in but the colour of her
pant just keep calling me, that pink pant
showing parts of her pussay keep turning my
head, I resist it and wanted to walk away then
I remember the document, I stop and turn
back, I open the door and make sure she
heard the noise of the door, she quickly adjust
and sit up.
“Ozila, what are you doing here with towel?”
She ask.
I didn’t say anything as I walk closer to her, I
stand in front of her with my Dickson bugging
from the towel, she saw it and turn her face
the other way.
“You have to go” she said.
“Should I really go?” I ask and remove the
She breath heavily and said “no” I push her on
the bed and remove her pant completely, I
bend down and started sucking her pussay as
she moan in pleasure.
I suck her so hard as she moan loudly, I stop
and shift her to the top of the bed, I draw
close to her and kiss her then I insert my
Dickson in her V area.
“Awwwwwww” she moan loud.
I don’t know why she’s moaning as if she have
not been having sexx, I keep pounding her like
a jackal and minutes later she turn me around
and started jumping up like a jamboree, as she
fvck me her boobson keep bouncing up and
down, we sexx for like thirty minutes and after
we are done she was very weak and she lie
down to sleep, I pretend like I was sleeping
too and minutes I heard her snoring I shift her
from my body and with my Dickson dangling I
walk to her cupboard and started searching for
the document, my travel document, if I don’t
get it now I don’t think there will be another
chance, I went to her cupboard and open the
first drawer, there are lots of document so I
started going through all of them one by one, I
didn’t find mine so I open the second drawer,
as I open the drawer she turn around and
breath heavily, I pause and watch her go back
to sleep before I continue my raid, I search the
whole cupboard but my file was nowhere to be
found, I started wondering what happened to
my files, it suppose to be part of the ones on
the cupboard, as I watching her and thinking I
saw three locks ontop her head on the bed, I
went to her on the bed and sat beside her, I
tried to open the lock but it was locked with a
key, where can I find the key? It must be in her
bag or so I thought.
I wanted to get up and get her hand bag on
the table but I was surprised something hold
me back.
“What are you doing? Come to bed” Ria said.
“Nothing, I wanted to leave before any person
come in” I said.
“Relax nobody is coming let’s just sleep for
thirty minutes together please” she said.
“Okay, yes ma” I said and join her in bed, we
sleep facing each other, she was looking at me
and I was looking at her.
“Am so sorry for how we have been treating
you, it wasn’t my fault I have to act this way in
other to quench any suspicion from my
husband, am so sorry” she said.
“But your daughter caught us already” I said.
“Relax she won’t sat anything okay, and am
sorry that we won’t be paying you again, I will
make it up with you” she said.
“Really? If really you are sorry then please do
something for me” I said.
“What’s that?” She ask.
“Rent a small room apartment for me where I
can stay alone” I said.
“Come on, you are under my care, can’t let you
out of my sight please, won’t forgive myself if
something happen to you, request for another
thing, this one I can’t offer” she said.
“Hmmm okay”
As we relax on the bed talking I heard a creek
sound, like door opening.
“Somebody is in” I said and jump up
“Run to your room” she said.
As I run to the door I heard footsteps coming
towards our direction and then I heard.
“Honey are you home?”
My mind skip immediately.
“Quickly inside the cupboard” Ria said putting
her clothes on, I ran to the cupboard and she
throw my towel inside the cupboard with me
and lock, the door open and Mr Rowan walk
“Honey what are you doing in bed and why is
this place smelling horny?” He ask.
“Honey am just been horny” Ria said.
“Seriously, is anybody home?” Mr Rowan ask.
“No am alone, come and join me” She said.
“Hmmm how can I deny my sweetie, where is
that nonsense boy self?” He ask.
Ria change to India language to answer him, I
just remain in the cupboard listening, I was
feeling heat like someone in hell fire, there is
nothing I can do I just remain there and watch
live blue film as cockroaches welcome me
with open arms.
They finished sex and then walk out of the
room together, now is my chance to escape I
thought, I sneak out gently from the cupboard
and tie my towel, I was about leaving the
room when I saw the bag on the floor, I go
back and check it and I saw bunch’s of keys, I
use the smallest to test the cupboard and the
cupboard open at once, I check inside and saw
lots of documents but my own is the first, I
took mine and lock the cupboard back, I open
the door I didn’t see them so I walk to the
bathroom again and then wear my boxer, I
return to my room and when I look down the
front window I saw both of them sitting and
talking, I check the time and quickly start
arranging my things for Rica, she will soon be
here for work. I put the files on my small bag
and then took my phone, I dress simple like
someone going to have fun in a party.
Minutes later a test came to my phone and it
“You were sleeping” from Ria.
I understand the test, I know that this my
Dickson will put me in trouble one day I just
don’t know which day it is, I wish i can see the
future so that I can avoid it, the thing is that I
just can’t resist a nice pussay, I love pussay
just like how buhari like the presidency, he
never give up he keep pushing and he finally
Stepping out from the house I saw the
lovebirds holding hands. I greeted them nicely.
“Are you going to work?” Mr rowan ask.
“Yes” I replied.
“But Rica is not here yet”
“She will meet me on the way, she just called
me that she’s coming” I said.
“Okay, go come” he said.
I pass them and walk to the street, I turn to
the road leading to my work, I called Rica on
the way and told her to meet me on the way.
“I want to start schooling” I said.
“Which school, you that don’t even have time
for yourself, first of all you want a house now
you want to school, next thing you will ask is
to be the president of India” Rica replied.
“Hahahahaha” I laughed so hard.
“Which school?” She ask.
“A school I can graduate from within one year”
I said.
“Oh you just wanna learn something not
school” she said.
“Oh well if you say so, I just want to learn
something I can depend on when I return
back” I said.
“You can learn temporary nursing” she said.
“Auxiliary nurse you mean, I can do that since I
don’t have anything doing in the morning” I
“Oh well let’s process your Visa here first
before that, it won’t be a problem though since
you filled in student from the beginning” she
“I will appreciate, by the way that white lady I
saw her in the bar she want me to come visit
her” I said.
“I don’t trust white ladies, why not just skip
her?” I said.
“I don’t trust her too but I think she has
money, I just need the money not her” I said.
“Oh well its your choice anyway but if it’s me I
won’t go” I said.
“I will go, we are in India not in america” I
I was resting after the day work, its midnight
already after filming one porn movie we are
getting ready to go home, but am thinking of
visiting the white lady instead of going home.
“I love the way you collect the documents, I
wish we had camera on the film would have
really be a hit” Rica said as we both sat on a
sofa sipping drink.
“You are becoming more popular, you were
featured on the front-page of times
newspaper” she said.
“Seriously?” I ask.
“Yeah, oh well I think you deserve it, since you
came here our customers has multiplied ten
times” she said.
“Oh well and am not receiving any salary,
that’s why I have to visit the white woman” I
“Oh well if you say, then let’s get going, where
is her card again?”.
“ right here” I said handing her the card.
We came out from the bar, we step inside the
car going to the white woman’s crib, a
decision I later come to regret.
She lives in a ghetto, I wonder how a white
woman will be living in a ghetto in India, to
me I think its strange oh.
“Why will she be living in a place like this?”
Rica ask.
“Am thinking the same thing too oh” I said.
“I don’t understand, is it that she don’t have
the money to live in an urban area?” Rica ask
“oh well maybe she’s a spy” I said without
She live in a complete flat painted yellow,
everywhere is dirty and zigzag thanks to the
street light, I came out from the car and look
at the area, people are moving up and down
as if its day time, and I think her house is the
only beautiful house in this area, I don’t know
the name of the street I just follow Rica
because she knows everywhere, I took my
phone and call her.
“Hello” she said from the other end.
“Hi, am ozila from the bar” I said.
“Oh yeah, the stripper, I remember you, so how
are you doing?” She ask.
“Am fine, am actually at the front of your
house now” I said.
“Oh really? Let me see” she said and the front
window roll down, she waved to me to come
inside the house which I did, I told Rica to wait
for twenty minutes before she leave, I left her
and walk to the fine small house, I knock on
the door.
“A minute please” I heard from inside.
After few second the door open and I saw the
beautiful angel standing in front of me, she’s
so beautiful but she’s way older than me.
“good evening ma” I said with shyness all over
“Come on in, don’t be shy” she said and took
me in closing the door behind me.
Everywhere is sparkling and shinning, the saint
self can make one cuum, I look around and it
looks like she’s alone at home.
“so you African?” She ask.
“Yes, am actually from Nigeria” I said.
“Waoh, that’s nice, have been dreaming of
visiting Nigeria, sit down now and feel at
home” she said.
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I watch her open her fridge and she brought
out orange juice, she took two cups from the
table and then she came to me and drop them
on the table.
“So why haven’t you travelled to Nigeria yet?” I
ask as she pour the drink.
“Oh well, I heard Nigeria is really strong and
since I don’t know anybody to show me
around I just decided to remain here for now”
she said.
“Okay, so can I ask if you are married?” I said
with a small voice because it seems she want
to talk and not sexx.
“Of course I was married, but now am single
though I have one child, a girl she’s with her
grandma in US” she said.
“Waoh that’s cool” I said and sip from the
“Yeah, so what brought you to India?” She ask.
“Work oh, I came to school but things didn’t
work out so I started working, I need a means
to start making money” I said.
“Oh well, everybody is looking for a way to
make money, especially Africans moving from
one country to another” she said.
“Since there is no job, what do you expect us
to do na? I ask.
“Be an entrepreneur, you can stay in your
country and make it, you don’t need to cross
the border, okay now do you like the type of
work you are doing now?” She ask a rhetorical
question, who wouldn’t like this kinda job, I
even prefer it than a banker, having sexx and
making money things many people will pay to
“I don’t have any other choice” I said
scratching my head.
“You see, you can stay in your country and
make it”.
She keep blabbing up and down and I started
regretting coming here because it looks like
she dont want to do anything, anyway she
didn’t want to give me her card its because I
forced her.
I finished the drink without her knowing, why
would she know when she keep preaching to
me like a Jehovah witnesses, she said God
don’t approve of the work am doing, I wonder
how God approve her going to a bar oh, I was
getting bored so I decided to do as if am
feeling sleepy, she saw me sleeping and then
stop, she walk out and then I relax on the sofa
and sleep like a baby till the next morning.
I woke up early around six, I got up from the
sofa and walk to the room, I saw her still
sleeping, I walk around the room and saw
some of her pictures close to where she put
her TV, I check it very well she was holding a
camera like a journalist, of course i think she’s
a journalist that’s why knows so much about
Africa and that explain why she’s living in a
ghetto, I put a phone call to Rica telling her to
come pick me, I didn’t bother to take my bath
I just left a note with her and open her outside
door, I started walking on the street waiting for
Rica, as I was walking a small corolla pass
and then the car reverse back and stop in front
of me, two ladies brought their head from the
“Hey Africa man what are you doing here early
this morning?” The one riding ask.
“Nothing and who are you” I ask.
“Come on we are Rianas friend, I gave you my
card last time” she said.
“Oh yeah I remember” I said walking close to
“So come on in let’s take you home” she said.
I don’t have anything to lose so I hop in, on
the way I texted Rica to forget about coming,
she said I should be careful.
The ladies are really talkative, they can talk for
Africa, she was asking so many questions like
why I didn’t call her, of course am not going to
tell her Riana took the card, we exchange
contacts again before they drop me in front of
my house, I came down and thank them, as I
was about to open the front door Riana came
out and stand in front of me with hands
“You hang out with my friends?” She ask.
“I didn’t, why woul…..” Gbooaaaa.
I didn’t finish speaking before she slap me, I
was confuse like what the hell is going on.
As I wanted to talk she raise her hand to slap
me again I block it and draw her out so that
her parents won’t hear, I push her to wall and
“Never in your life you try such nonsense
again, I don’t know why you hate me so much
but I don’t give a damn because I don’t care
about you too” I said and left her there.
I enter inside the house and walk straight to
my room, I didn’t see her parents, I came
down to take my bath and then I cook indomie
and eat, still no sign of her parents, I check
their room but their door is lock, its just past
six I wonder where they went to so early, I
return to my room to sleep.
Around eleven I woke up, I decided to check if
they have return but still yet no sign of them, I
was passing their room when I decided to
check on Riana because she’s still at home, I
knock she didn’t answer, so I just push the
door a little, I saw Riana on her bed like
someone dead, I was about to turn back when
I saw blood on the ground, I quickly enter the
room and saw blood rushing out Rianas
mouth, I didn’t know what to do, the hospital I
I was confused at first because I don’t know
what to do, I don’t have an emergency number
to call, I grab her and check her heartbeat, I
can still feel heart beating so I raised her up
and took her outside, I stop a cab and push
her in, I told the driver to take us to the
nearest hospital, the driver accelerate and
speed off, he dropped us at a big white
painted hospital at the side of the main road
of marashkatra, the name of the hospital is
marashkatra center hospital.
The driver help me to carry her and as we get
to the gate some nurses came to us and take
over putting her in a stretcher, they didn’t even
ask what happened they just give me paper to
sign, all I said is that she took some drugs, as
they took her inside for checkup, I settle the
driver and then I wanted to call her parents but
something told me to wait, let me wait for one
hour if she revive then we can discuss but if
she still remain unconscious then I will call her
I sat in the visitors room for some minutes, I
was feeling inpatient so I started walking up
and down the room like someone waiting for
his wife to put to bed.
After thirty minutes I saw one of the nurse that
took her inside and then I went to meet her.
“Hi nurse, please how is she?” I ask.
“Oh you are ozila, the guy that came with a girl
right?” She ask.
“Yes, I am” I answered.
“Good, I was actually looking for you,
please follow me” she said.
“Okay, how is she?” I ask again.
“Oh well she’s okay, how are you related to
her?” She ask.
“Am her brother” I said.
“Okay good, it seems she took some abortion
drugs, we found traces of abortion pills in her
system, we manage to remove the drugs but
she has lost the pregnancy already, but she’s
okay” she said.
“Oh boy” I said.
“Excuse me?” She replied not knowing what I
“I mean, can I see her” I said as we continue
walking to where I don’t know.
“Of course, that’s where am taking you to” she
Waoh, so riana committed an abortion? Am so
surprised, I thought she’s the revered sister oh.
The nurse took me to her and immediately she
saw me enter the room she turn her face the
other way, to the wall.
The nurse left us and I went to sit beside her
with a stool.
“The nurse told me what happened” I said but
she didn’t say anything as she keep starring at
the wall.
“Oh well, now that you are okay I can now call
your parents and tell them what happened” I
“Don’t dare” she said.
“And what are you going to do if I call them?” I
She didn’t say anything again, then later she
started crying, I don’t know what’s wrong with
her and I don’t want to carry her problem on
my head too because I have alot on me now.
“I have talk with the nurse, she agreed to let
me go if you sign the papers, I promise to tell
you everything that happened and I promise to
be good to you if you will help me keep it a
secret from my parents” she said.
“I will keep it a secret if you will agree to do
everything I ask for from now on” I said.
“I promise to do anything” she said with a
faint voice.
“Okay good, I will sign the papers” I said and
got up.
I look for the nurse and discuss with her, she
gave me the papers and after signing them I
took Riana away, I took her home and let her
rest on her bed, I cooked something for her
and she ate and sleep.
I missed a call from Rica earlier on, I know
she will be worried that she has not heard from
me, I don’t think I can still go to work today
oh, its late already and am tired, won’t be bad
if I miss today.
“Hello” Rica answered the phone.
“Hi, am sorry I missed your call, something
happened in the house and I had to take care
of it” I said..
“Okay, have been really worried, will you still
be coming to work?” She ask.
“I don’t think so, Riana is not well and her
parents are not around I have to be here to
take care of her” I said.
“Alright then, we will see tomorrow and be
careful with that girl” she advice.
“I will be, thanks dear” I said and cut the call.
Riana sleep till nine in the night, when she
woke up she request for tea, I made tea for
her and sat opposite her bed.
“i know you have so many questions, I
promise to answer all of them but not today
please” she said.
“Alright, am not in a haste too, but I have only
one to ask now” I said.
“What is it?”
“Where are your parents?” I ask.
“They traveled to Nigeria, there is a contract
that need both their signature, they will be
coming back two days from now” she said.
“Waoh, so they just left without telling me?” I
“They drop a note for you, I tore it, am so
sorry” she said.
“Hmmm okay, I really don’t know why you hate
me that much” I said and walk away from her.
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I left her in the room and went to the kitchen
to cook, since Mr and mrs are not around I
think I should prepare something good for
myself, I took some money from my wallet
and went out to buy some things, the road of
maraskatra is still very much busy.
“Hi, what type of fish do you have?” I ask the
little lady I saw on the shop.
“Ice fish, ice meat, dry fish” she said with her
India accent.
“What type of meat?” I ask her.
“Chicken and turkey” she said opening her
yellow teeth, she has one open teeth making
her beautiful, I love girls with open teeth.
“Alright, I prefare chicken” I said.
“Alright” she went inside to open the fridge,
she came back with some ice chicken, she put
them on weigh balance.
“Where are you from?” She ask me.
“Am from Africa, how do you know am not
from here?” I ask her.
“Your accent, my name is Mia, what’s yours?”
She ask.
“My dear it is better you don’t know my name,
how much for that one” I ask.
“this one is 14 rupee and this one is 18 rupee”
she said pointing at the meat.
“I will take the 14 rupee” I said.
“Okay, why don’t you want to tell me your
name, you always pass my store every day
with that small car” she said.
“This is your store?” I ask.
“Yes, I open it three years ago” she said.
“Waoh, how can a small girl like you open this
big store?” I was surprised because she’s just
a little girl and the store is damn big, I don’t
want to be connected with her because am
tired of all the wahala and troubles of women,
it is better I stay my own, and even if I want
someone not a kid like this one.
“am 24, don’t judge me with my small body”
she said.
“Like seriously?” I ask.
“Yeah, so what’s your name Mr” she ask
“My name is ozila” I said without thinking.
“Nice name Mr ozila, don’t hesitate to come
buy something here next time” she said.
“Alright Mia thank you” I said and collect the
meat, I gave her her money and bade her
I was surprise at her age, how can she be 24
with that small body.
I got home and enter kitchen at once, I took a
sit and balance myself, I started cooking rice
and stew with enough meat. The aroma alone
self can make someone hungry, am the
landlord of the house now I can eat anything I
want to eat.
“So tell me everything that happened?” I ask
riana as I balance on the chair in her room
eating my sweet rice, I asked if she will eat
but she refuse saying she can’t eat anything
“Alright ozila, what’s the time by the way?”
“Just past 12” I answered.
“Your friend Rica didn’t come again? I thought
she said she will come over after work?”
“She called that she can’t make it, she will
pass that side to her uncles house so
since she won’t pass this side she can’t come”
I said.
“Hmm okay then, so where do I even start?”
“Start from the beginning?” I replied her.
“Alright” she cleared her throat and sit up, then
“The guy name is John, he work for my father
and he is my father’s age, that’s why he never
came to visit us because my dad and mum
will kill me, he is too old for me but I love him
so much, we dated for two years till I finally
got pregnant, he once promise me that when
things get better that he will take me away
from India and we will travel to another country
to start another life, a good one, the moment I
got pregnant he ran away, leaving me to my
fate, I had no choice than to abort the
pregnancy because I cannot have a bastard
child, and even my parents will kill me” she
“Waoh, is he Indian?” I ask.
“No, he is American” she replied.
“Hmm, so how come you hate me so much?” I
ask the big question.
“How can I not hate the person sleeping with
my mum?” She blasted.
“Oh yeah you are right, I deserve it” I said.
“I wonder how my dad hasn’t find out yet, you
guys need to stop doing it” she said.
“We stop since that last encounter” I said.
“Are you sure, because once my mum likes
something she will keep demanding for it, for
the fact that she brought you here to India
explains a lot” she said.
“Oh come on, I fit the description of the guy
that will bring business, that’s what your dad
said too” I said.
“Oh come on, there are many black guys in
africa community with big dickson even bigger
that yours, she didn’t bring you here for just
business, the main purpose is to pleasure her
anytime she wants” she said.
“And how come you know so much” I ask.
“She’s my mum, I know her more than you,
anyway since you said you guys have stop I
will take it like that, since you now know my
secret I guess I cannot do anything” she said.
“I don’t know what to say” I said.
“Just pass the plate for me let me eat meat”
she said.
“I have finished the meat” I said.
“Then go and bring from pot” she commanded.
“No more meat in pot” I said.
“Are you kidding me, how can you finish that
big meat?” She ask.
“I don’t want your parents to see them
tomorrow so I had to take everything, and
since you said earlier that you won’t eat I just
enjoyed it” I said.
“Waoh, you are a big eater” she said and lay
down back in the bed.
The next day she started to regain herself, she
followed me to work in the evening and follow
me back, our friendship started growing little
by little, she took me out anytime she’s back
from school before I go to work, when her
parents return we reduce our friendship,
anytime she close from school she will call me
and I will follow her to her friend place, we will
have fun together, I started getting attach and
Rica started getting angry because I no longer
go to my private work again, I do go but not
all the time, she told me severally to reduce
my friendship with Riana but I told her we are
just friends and nothing more, she started
getting jealous and I don’t know why.
One night I was sleeping after coming back
from work in the midnight, I was chatting with
Riana when she told me she is wet and that
she want me to come to her room, I said no
and laugh her off, I thought she was joking but
after three minutes later I heard a knock on my
door, I have started locking my door because
of Ria, she always come in unannounce.
I open the door only to see Riana with white
night gown.
“This is dangerous” I said.
“I know” she replied and then push me inside,
we engage in hot kissing and back the door
with lock, I put her on my bed and continue
our hot romance, just then I heard another
bang on my door, seems like daughter and
mother are on heat the same time.