✍️✍️✍️✍️ New Story Two Bridges Of Fate … (🔞🔞 Vampire )✍️✍️✍️✍️

😈Two Bridges Of Fate 😈
He sights a man with two long incisors teeth and he keeps calling unto him and telling him,”Fill it,explore it,meet her and let it go”. Blood oozing from the nose of the man and his mouth.Lightening,rains and storms everywhere,making it look like an halloween in the middle of a forest. TIRING! TIRING!! TIRING!!! was the sound coming out of an alarm clock,in a spacious room in the middle of the city.Then it stopped. Oh! No am gonna be late for school,he said biting his lips.He prepares for school then take the last bus at the junction to school. Hi,Damian.Came a voice from a beautiful damsel.

Oh! Cindy,didn’t notice you were there. Well,am just hanging around. Doing what? What do you expect,waiting for you of course. Thanks.
You know,you’re late today why? Cause am looking for the best thing to give my girlfriend. So naughty of you,havin problems. Nah,just a little thing of the mind. You’re set for the trip. Of course,since am gonna be with my girlfriend.

Cut it off,why can’t you be Serious for once,she said in a seductive way. “All students of Cambridge College should go to the tour bus”. Well Cindy,i guess it’s time for our adventurous park to park party. You mean,excursion.

I don’t care,let’s go.Everyone leaves the building putting on pants,a top and a sweater around their waist.Everyone was paired with a girl and a boy.

Finally we are in the heart of London,the forest of ancient vampire,now we can all alight from the bus;explained proffessor Warwick,he believes that vampires do not exist and so does his students. Don’t leave this place and go too far. Yes proff.

Cindy,why don’t we go to a cool and lonely place,so that we can enjoy ourselves,uuh!
Damain,no!!! Do you want to endanger our lives,Proff said we shouldn’t leave this place. Then why are we here?Is it not to enjoy,feel this place and for adventure.
NO! We are here to examine something,do some research about this place then take it back to the lab. Can you listen to yourself,you said to research about this sacred,ancient vampire forest.Come with me. We have to stay put. Then suit yourself,as for me am going down there.
He left in annoyance and Cindy stared at his direction till he was out of view.She finished her research and she noticed that Damian has not returned. Ben,excuse me have you seen Damian? No! I thought he was talking to you a while ago. Yah,but we had an arguement and he left

He left through that path. Let’s search for him. After Damian has left Cindy,he spot an area filled with shady trees and a cool river for swimming. He stayed under the cool shady trees to cool his head off and he sat beside the river thinking about what Cindy said.Then he heard a strange noise but he wave it,then the sound was heard again. Suddenly he sight an enormous man with an ugly looking face and two long incissor teeth that was as sharp as a cutlass,coming out like an angel in the middle of the river.The man snarled and Damian realised that it was a vampire and he was coming towards him.He tried to run but it was as if he was tied down with a rope.The vampire snarled again and within the twinkle of an eye the vampire was beside him and his teeth became longer,the vampire place his teeth on his neck,Damian knew that his blood was gushing out of his neck and his world became blank.

But he can’t stop the vampire because of his strength.The vampire left him and returned back to the river.Some minutes after his friend saw him and they went to him. Damian! Damian!! Damian!!! Wake up,get up it’s me Cindy and Ben is also right here with me.Talk to me.Then Ben noticed two holes on the neck of Damian. NO! Ben,is anything the matter. Damian’s neck.He pointed towards Damians neck. What are you thinking about. I think a vampire as bitten him. But they don’t exist. Am sure,a vampire has bitten him. It can’t be,it can’t be true.Does that mean he is dead. He is still alive,he is breathing. Then what will happen? According to proff Warwick, he’s gonna be a vampire. Never,my Damian can not be a vampire.

We need to find an antidote. Let’s,get out of here before he will destroy us. I can’t leave him,he needs me,he needs us. Let’s go,he’s gonna destroy us. Ben drags Cindy away from Davian.
Chapter 2
He opened his eyes and he couldn’t remember what happened to him,then a picture came to his mind,he could feel it that a vampire place it teeth on his neck,that was when he realised that he was equally a vampire,but being a vampire made him happier because he knew that he has a special power in his possession.He quickly looked for a way out and he found himself in the midst of his school mate.He searched for Cindy and he met her talking to Ben in a sad tone and Ben was hugging her.He walked up to her and drag Cindy away from Ben.
Let go of me. Why? is it because you are now in love with Ben,why was he hugging you?
Damian,please stop you’re hurting me.She said with tears in her eyes and tell me that you don’t love me.I knew it,you’re in love with Ben.She slapped him and shouted.
You’re so foolish,you can’t even give me a chance to explain myself.If you continue like this,read my lips,i repeat read my lips… before she could complete her statement,he lifted her head up and plantem his lips on her’s,he kissed her but he thought he was an idiot since she did not return the kiss,she then kissed him back slowly because she was scared after some seconds she stopped and withdraw from him just because he was a vampire,then it became crystal clear to him that she is in love with Ben.Then they heard their professor' voice saying: pack your belongings and move to the bus.Cindy left immediately and clouds of jealousy began to form in his stomach.
CAMBRIDGE After they’ve alighted from the bus,Damian explained what transpired between him and Cindy to Samuel,he told him to spy on her and get some information from her about their relationship.
Got it man,you can always count on me.Piece of cake. Thanks,i knew i can always count on you. Then Samuel went after her,he saw her near a tree then he decided to go up to her. Hi,Cindy the beauty. Whatsup Samuel? Why are you looking so moody?
Samuel please talk to Damian. Talk to me Cindy,she hesitated but then she explained what the matter was .Then she continued,since them
Y have been scared of getting hurt. Then why can’t you explain all these to him. I can’t,now he thinks that am having an affair with Ben,Ben knows that Damian is a vampire,we were at the scene together,he was just consoling me but Damian he is so grumpy sometimes. You guys have to sort this out. Thanks for your concern Samuel. Few minutes later,she saw Damian approaching her and her heart skipped,she thought he’s gonna accuse her again but to her surprise he hugged her. Damian am so sorry,i should have explained;i was such a jerk. Its okay love,now that we’re back together we can amend our ways. I love you so much Damian,you will always be in my heart. I love you too Cindy.They kissed for some seconds
Then they hugged each other. Ben He saw a man hugging a lady then he knew it was Damian and Cindy,a thought came to his mind,what if he is feeding on her.He approached them walking very fast.He was at the back of Damian,so he grabbed him by his shoulder.Damian was startled and when he looked back he saw a wrapped blow coming right for his mouth.
Chapter 3

Damian looked at his back and he saw a blow heading right for his mouth,he quickly dodge it because it was like the blow was coming in a slow motion.
Everybody was amazed at his speed,Damian gave him a blow and he began to feel the pain from his head.Damian was still not yet satisfied he was having the urge to fight again.He raised Ben up and he planted a kick on his chest and it sent him flying.Everyone was scared of him including Cindy. Damian!!! Stop you’re hurting him,he is dying.He refused to listen and he snarled out very loud that was when people began to suspect that he is a vampire,but they were not sure with their hypothesis.
Cindy ran to the middle of Ben and Damian trying to confuse them,to everybody’s surprise he did not push Cindy nor fight with Ben instead he carried Cindy and place her on his shoulder.
Then he flew away to a calm place.Everyone kept staring at the flying humans,till they were out of sight. * * * * After flying for some hours,they stopped at a silent and calm place,which was near an ocean.This place is so beautiful.Damian,what can you say about this place. Well,its romantic,especially when i am flying with you. How did you possess those strong wings? That’s why you should always listen during lectures,all vampires have a wing in their shoulder blade. Awesome! Am sorry for what transpired between me and Ben,i was just too over protective,am such a coward,i should have . . . Shhh!!! It’s okay.She said calmly in her feminine voice.New vampire’s always feel strange and act strangely when they are turned.You should have listen during lecture’s.
Then they both laughed heavily.They went to the bank of the ocean holding each other hands.They stared at the horizon,then they faced each other and their eyes meet.
They stared at each other for some minutes,Damian broke the gaze by bringing her closer to him,he kissed her and he tried to feel how soft her lips were.
They spot a cave nearby so Damian carried Cindy in his arms to the cave they lay there for sometime and then they had a nice time.It was very dark when they opened their eyes,they noticed that they were naked.They tried to remember what happened between them,when everything that happend kept flowing in their mind,they cling unto each other the more.Suddenly,they heard a strange,terrible and deafening sound but they wave it.The wave in the the ocean began to splash,splash and splash more louder and allowing the water flow over the bank of the ocean.It was so confusing and they were out of options.The ground in the cave began to separate and it divided into two but still it kept on shaking.Smoke began too rise up from the splinted ground with a hot lava which was more like a volcanoes. After some seconds it became cool and something like frost was coming out of the ground with a solid and strong ice filling the opened ground.What came out of the ground was also like a shock to them.
Chapter 4
They were perplexed because of what they saw.In front of them was an old man standing erect with his walking stick,long hair and beard which was very long neither Cindy nor Damian knew what to say and instead of the colour of his hair to be grey it was shiny with a silver colour. Then the man said,Damian you were turned to a vampire for a particular mission,to multiply the whole world with vampires.Now that you are one of us,you have to act fast,i will lay you in another time and century,when you are ready say those special words. Then the man left the same way he came.
Damian,we can’t do these thing,you know we have to attend classes.
Cindy,forget about this school of a thing.Time travelling is so much fun and also we can just get married and settle down. NO! I don’t want to get married now.
And i am human and you are a vampire.
I don’t care,all i care about is the love i have for you.
Damian,you’ve changed ever since you became a vampire.You always want me to dance to your tune.You don’t care about my feelings,you care about only yourself.
Then he said camly and innocently.Cindy,am very sorry for hurting your feelings,i promise you that everything will be alright very soon. Promise?
I promise.They hugged each other,then the dream Damian had became vivid “The Special Word”.Then he pulled away from Cindy and said it is time and she agreed.He began to chant the special word : “Fill It,Explore It,Meet Her And Let It Go”.The breeze became windy and the old man appeared again.”I see that you are now prepared.My name is Aiden,i am a vampire and i have lived for 3,000 years.
Vampire are going to extinct that is why we want to bring them back into existence and you are our only hope and also your girlfriend has special powers that she is yet to discover and only you can help her by turning her when it is time”.Now that you are ready to travel back in time,the two of you should kneel down and drink this blood which is called white blood and it is the sweetest among all bloods.They followed his order and did as they were told.
“Now,i therefore lay Damian and Cindy in another century in God’s ultimate time”.Aiden repeated the words until their body became lighter and they felt dizzy and they were layed in another century.