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Sex And the City
Episode 9
The next day i was left alone at home doing nothing, i was bored like hell so i decided to stroll in the afternoon, i just took my phone and wear some nice clothes then i came out and lock our door. I come out from dumez and they waka go school thats school of health. I reach the school and see one place were them they photocopy, i enter there and sat down and then i order for fanta and start drinking, sometimes na so e they be if you nor get wetin you wan do for house you go turn to mad man for street, i relax there for more than twentry minutes doing nothing, I was still sitting there when i saw someone i know coming out of the school gate, i look her very well and i remember her sharperly, her name is fidelis my sister’s friend, i qucikly got up and ran after her. I met her on the way to her street, she bow down they waka like person wey they think which time she go marry. “hello good afternoon” she turn back and saw me coming with full force. Fidelis: hey ozila right? sister Joy brother. Me: yes Good afternoon. Fidelis: waoh where are you going? (we started strolling along). Me: nothing really i was bored at home so i decided to come here here, i was sitting down there (i point back to the computer center). Fidelis: oh how long have be there? Me: fortyfive minutes plus. Fidelis: ha you should have come inside na. Me: oh well i dont know anybody there so i just decided to relax there. Fidelis: okay so what are you up to? Me: nothing is your house far from here? Fidelis: not too far oh, you want to come along? Me: yeah would love to. Fidelis: eyaah am sorry our landlady dont allow guys, assuming you follow your sister to my house the other day would have be better. Me: really so no guys is allowed in your house? Fidelis: yes oh anyway i will soon leave there sha, thats where your sister too first live. Me: oh then they wont have problem with me around na. Fidelis: they wont assuming they know you as Sister Joy’s brother, dont worry go home i will come keep you company at home. Me: really? Fidelis: sure, just give go home and give me thirty minutes i will come. Me: alright thanks, will see you later na. I bade her bye and corner at my street i pass there enter house and relax for bed they wait for Fidelis, i wait till evening and no sign of her, the worst be say i didnt take her number. I slept and the ringtone of my phone brought me back from my dream. Me: hello. Cyn: how far, are you ready? Me: yeah you don close? Cyn: yeah, enter bus come sapele road. Me: am on my way (at last) I quickly stood up and rearrange myself i nor want make my sister meet me for house oh because i doubt she will let me leave by this time is already getting dark, i went out and board a bus to sapele road, i drop at the junction between G.R.A, the road that lead to sapele and Ikpokpan road at Kada chicken, i took my phone and called her and she told me to enter taxi going to ikpokpan road, i went to the road and enter taxi she told me to stop at one restuarant like that and when i get there i called her and she told me to come inside the restaurant, the restuarant is big and everywhere is buzzy it seems like they are celebrating something because everywhere look nice and arrange like they just did marriage here, i went to the big black gate and the security man stop me and started asking questions like who invited me, i dont know what to say because i dont even know any area here or anyone but i just told him my girlfriend invited me, but he ask me to call the girl to come get me, i was a little bit angry though i know he is doing his Job and not his fault, i went back a little and wanted to place a call when i saw Cynthia coming from inside the restaurant putting on cooperate wear (short skirt and she look sexy) with white scarf on her head, seems like shes serving guest or so i thought, she talk to the security man and she called me to follow her, i met her as we enter the gigantic compound with cars park everywhere and start asking numerous questions. Me: is this where you work? Cyn: no we came here to serve. Me: really this place looks amazing. Cyn: you think so? Me: yeah and you look cool in this coorperate wear. Cyn: alright so i will give you a seat to sit down within fifteen to twenty minutes i will join you. Me: okay ma. She take me to one hut (a round table with two other girls sitting down already). Cyn: hey girls, meet my friend Ozila. (the girls are damn hot with their long leg like tolotolo). Me: hi girls. Girls: good evening. Girl1: am Efe. Girl2: am Adesuwa. Me: am Ozila nice meeting you girls. Cyn: okay girls take care of him till i come back. Girls: of course we will. I was a little bit shy sitting in the midst of two beautful girls and not knowing what to do nor what to say, i be get degree for womanology i think i should tell them the koko. Me: so how are you girls doing. Efe: we are fine hope you pocket is heavy because Cynthia told us you are a G-guy (like seriously). Ade: yeah we gonna rock today. Me: hahaha me G-guy? Oh well if you say so (make i form big boy na), and am glad to be here and am ready for you girls so far am rock because am already catching cold. Efe: hahahahahaha if you catching cold then lets order for pepper soup i think that will cure your cold (wetin this one they talk self she nor understand wetin i they yarn).. Me: alright na no problem. Adesuwa stood up and went out to order for something while i chat Efe up. Me: so Efe were are you from? Efe: i came from upper, am a student of uniben and you. Me: thats nice i study in uniport i just came to visit my sister. Efe: waoh you from portharcourt, whats your discipline (i dont understand that question). Me: oh am humble, nice and i hate lies (didnt she say discipline). Efe: i actually met your course in school. Me: oh am studying science lab tech. Efe: really, they do science lab tech in universities, or you met medical lab tech? Me: oh yeah medical medical lab tech. Oh well you wont blame me na i dont understand those things at that time. Ade return and before ten minutes Cynthia return too putting on leggies and singlet (oh men she looks damn hot). Cyn: i can see you girls have already start the party. Efe: oh men we nor they waste time oh. (Edo girls no they form they can do and undo) We kept on gisting, laughing and they continue ordering for more drinks, i seriously know that my money wont be enough to pay the bills, but who am i to complain afterall am a G-guy, before i they look table i don see six plates of pepper soup for table with champage, na so them they drink they laugh and me they reason how i go pay the bills, i think the best thing to do is to go and ease myself and disappear but i must get laid na.
Episode 10
the girls are eating as if they are with governor or president son and they don’t even mind the bills, as I was thinking my phone rang and I check the screen only to see my sister calling, I stood up and look for a quiet place to pick the call, I walk closer to the front gate and pick the call. Me: hello sister Joy. Joy: so you go outing and u nor tell me abi? Me: no vex oh na Cynthia come carry me oh. Joy: okay make una they careful oh, and come before 12. Me: alright thanks ma. Joy: and don’t leave Cynthia Me: okay I won’t. Joy: alright later then. I cut the call and was a little bit relieve I must say, and thanks to Cynthia for meddling things for me or else na shout my sister go shout for me for phone. I return to the high table with the girls chatting and drinking, with the way Efe is even talking self I can confirm that she’s drunk already, me and Cynthia chatted for sometime before Efe started disturbing me to follow her to the dance floor, I don’t want to go am afraid Cynthia will lose interest in me so I told her I can’t dance but she insist I must and that she will even teach me and even self Cynthia put mouth telling me go and dance that she want to know how I dance so I have no other choice than to follow her to the dancefloor even though am not too comfortable with it. (I gave cynthia my wallet, if the money no reach she will add her own joor) we enter inside the hall and join the multitude dancing, as we stroll in Efe has already started twisting her body I look back and saw Cynthia and Adesuwa coming too I think they want to come and watch us dance as stated earlier by Cynthia, the hall is damn full with blue light everywhere even if you are dancing with someone who is ugly you won’t even know till you look at the person very well, we find a spot and started dancing to the music “today na today by don coleon”. am just shaking my body going left and right while she took my hand and put it around her waist and the other ontop her shoulder then we started dancing making sure our body meet each other, I was feeling it and enjoying it too, it was like our soul are be merge together as one, deejay started playing old skool music like the plantashun boiz, style plus and others and the music fit exactly to our dance step, we were so close that we can hear out heart beat, I look over to were Cynthia and Adesuwa were sitting and I saw them starring at us but immediately Cynthia saw me looking at her she quickly turn her face to another side, I think I can sense the jealousy already but na she tell me to go dance na. Efe: what’s that. Me: nothing just concentrate Efe: If their starring is making you uncomfortable let’s go to a more cooler spot. Me: ha why na I think here is okay. Efe: come on I can sense you are shy. she draw me along as we enter inside one dark spot, close to the back of the building, I can’t even see her face here at all but everybody here are engage to one thing or the other like kissing and romancing, we hold each other again and continue dancing and she was wining her waist so well hitting my dick, my back was closer to the wall and she use her back to face me as she wine her ass for me, she got nice shape no doubt only an impotent won’t get attention with the way she’s winning her ass, I just round my hand on her ass and rock her very well, she don chop my money make I chop her ass small too, I can even chop more if I push oh, but no na nobody is having sex here just romance and kiss, but that one no concern me if I nor chop this babe now I won’t see her again and I will regret it, I turn her around and hold her closer as we look each other in the eye (that look they always mean some thing is about to happen) I was robbing her ass and she was smiling with her fine sets of teeth, she pushed me closer to the wall and started kissing me, I was expecting it I must say and the aroma from her mouth make me wanna fucck her the more so I hold her closer as she continue kissing me inside the hall with people inside though its dark, I move my right hand closer to her V and start romancing it and she wind her ass to different direction, then I insert my hand inside her jeans trouser and touch her pussy and then she moan and raise her head up inhaling the pleasure, I put my hand inside more and felt the temperature of the V, that place they hot like wetin holyghost fire. I draw her head closer and continue kissing her while i use my other hand to romance her pussy, she touch my dick inside my trouser and start robbing it diligently, then she bend down and pull my zip, I was surprise she ain’t even ashamed (Benin girls no dey shame ask ritababe) she pull out my dick and start sucking it very well e come be like say na we Ginger the guys and ladies wey they there becus they all start playing love in the hall, the dark hall only oh, I was enjoying the bj like kilode, she suck like Madonna (oh yeah Madonna don suck me before, for dream). she stood up and kiss me on my lips again then she whisper to me (I want you to fuck me). oh yeah am ready even some guys don they gbog already, I turn her to face the wall I shift her trouser down making her pussy visible a little though I can’t see it all becus everywhere is dark, I use my hand to guide my hard dick inside her wet pussy, I insert it first and remove it again, I did it thrice to make my dick wet with her juice before I insert it finally and start digging, she was also thrusting back to make it more interesting and easier for me, her pussy is wide no doubt but I am glad am digging it after all my money no go waste like that, three guys are digging their bae including me making it four while others are rolling on the floor romancing I can’t even find cynthia and Adesuwa self I just hope they don’t come near this place at all becus I have plans for both of them also. the room has turn to sex room with moaning sound everywhere, Efe was moaning too but not loud, I was thrusting very fast then I hold her close and shift her closer to the wall also romancing her boobs with my hands, this time she moan loud a little, then I stop and she force me to lie down, she sat ontop my dick and start digging me very well like say no tomorrow again oh well na only today so make she dig me very well, I sat up and started meeting her thrust both of us sitting up as we were digging her breast was crying to be freed from her bra, then I free the boobs and it start daggling up and down, I use my mouth to catch the boobs and start sucking it while we continue fucking. then from nowhere somebody came and said “pls is almost twelve time to get going ” who the hell is that?
Episode 11
we were shocked to see someone looking at us with light, we quickly adjust ourself very well. “una weldone.” Me: Cynthia? Cynthia: yeah its me please dress up let’s start going. she said and walk out on us. “I think she’s really angry” said Efe as she buckle herself up and got up from where she sat. Me: that’s her own let’s start going. Efe: okay dear. we left the hall only to see Cynthia and Adesuwa quarreling outside and when they saw us they stop quarreling and both just squize their face.. I walk to Cynthia and as I wanted to say something she stop me using her right hand to signify she don’t want to hear anything from me. I kept quiet as we all walk out of the restaurant in silence, we came out of the big gate and we saw a taxi, we enter inside and explain to the driver where to drop us, he took the girls to their house in Uniben before taking us to dumez, inside the car I tried to talk to Cynthia but it seems like she’s still not in the mood to talk so I relax and kept shut till we reach our street, we came and started walking inside the street so I tried to converse with her again. Me: come on Cynthia am sorry na. Cynthia: sorry about what exactly? Me: about me and Efe.. Cynthia: now why will you be sorry? Me: I don’t know maybe because I disappoint you. Cynthia: not really, am glad you and Efe are getting along. Me: come on dont be like this na, I know I know hurt your feelings so am apologising, come on do you want me to go on my kneels? Cynthia: hahahahahaha you are funny you know that? first of all me and you don’t have anything going and we are just friends so how come you saying you hurt my feelings? Me: am sorry na, I was drunk I shouldnt have followed her. Cynthia: oh now you blaming yourself for getting drunk, oh well you didn’t even drink so drop the blame thing joor. Me: am I forgiven? Cynthia: you didn’t do anything dear, its your life and you can live it anyhow you want. Me: hmmm you are right though its my life but still yet am sorry because you took me out and I disappoint you, am really sorry. Cynthia: what ever, goodnight. Me: you won’t escort me small? Cynthia: for you to pass only one house? goodnight joor. Me: alright ma. she branch to her house while me continue trekking down till I got to my house, I followed back and knock at our door, my sister didn’t answer, I called her three times before she pick it up, I told her to open the door for me and she did, I enter inside room and just sleep like dead person. The next day is sunday and we woke up and start preparing for church, this will be my first time going to church service here and I can’t wait. we dress and by nine me my sister Cynthia and Aneeta we all on our way to church, the church was a little bit far, we reach there and already service Don start, na Anglican church. I love the church because of the praises and dance, they praise God like people that are alive, you know there are some cburhes you will go to and after service you will be regretting why you go that church. service end and my sister and Aneeta wait for youth meeting, but Cynthia said we should be going so I followed her home, when we reach her compound I followed her inside her room and we sat down and start gisting. Me: I hope you still not angry about yesterday? Cynthia: oh about that you forgot your wallet with me yesterday. Me: oh yeah I remember. Cynthia: you remember and you didn’t bother to ask? Me: oh well I believe yesterday wasn’t the right time. Cynthia: why? Me: because I angered you. Cynthia: seriously? I told you to forget that, we are just friends aren’t we? Me: hmmmm Cynthia: why are you humming? Me: I was telling yoj sorry because I have feelings for you. Cynthia: hahaha you have feelings for me and yet fuccking another girl in my presence, not just another girl but my friend for that matter. Me: am sorry ( I walk to were she sat and knelt down close to her) am really sorry and I was really angry with myself for disappointing you. Cynthia: to me it dosnt matter and me and you can’t happen am sorry. Me: come on please give me a chance and see how humble I will be like loyal dog. Cynthia: am not looking for a dog. Me: haha am just telling you how loyal I will be to you if you allow me, I started touching her lap from where I kneel, rubbing her laps and looking at her eyes, she wore white gown with buttons, I romance her lap shifting her gown upward then she got up and walk to the door. Cynthia: I see your intention now, please get out (I was surprise like what the hell is wrong with this girl self). Me: Cynthia. Cynthia: get out. (she roared) I can see the anger in her eyes so I gently got up and walk pass her to the door, but instead of the door I turn to her and press her to the door and started kissing her, she pulled off and slap me, then she pull my head closer and start kissing me, I raise her up straight to the bed, I lay ontop her and pull my shirt then I started unbutton her gown from her lap to the top “oh mehn see fresh lap with her white pant, I press my hand inside her pant and relax ontop her wetting her lips with mine and also fingering her pussi with my right hand.
Episode 12
no need to waste time at all since our people go soon come make I just enter the paradise commit small sin and leave, (if there is anything like small sin) maybe next time own go they romantic, this first time own I nor wan miss am at all, we fit even they romance now and she just change her mind, some girls are like that and many here can testify. I lay ontop her kissing her lips and romancing her breast very well, she was rubbing my back also and then I sit up and remove my shirt and then I unbuckled my zip and draw my trouser down a little. I put hand inside her skirt to draw her pant down but she hold me, “not now please” by this kind time na that word I they hate pass, I sleep ontop her again and put my mouth on hers and start exchanging spit as usual to put her in the mood again, then I slowly use my right hand to shift her pant down and raise her blouse upward, she was trying to stop me but I hold her two hands ontop her head with my right hand while I use my left hand to spread her leg open,. she was saying “oz stop it, stop it please, please now stop it.” all that no they enter ear again na to enter thy kingdom they my mind now. I balance ontop her and use my left hand to raise her right leg up a little then I locate her pussi and insert my hand “ahhhhhh” she screamed out loud, I confirm she was damn wet then I use my hand to guide my dick inside the wet pussi and na so my dick enter piumm like river Niger. (she don wet gan) I started digging in small small making her to be pleasurize, (permit me to use that word). she was still saying stop it oz please I beg you then I start hearing “ahh do it faster, come on.”© Physients.com.ng I release her hands and Balance very well on her body then I started pounding her very well like pounded yam, she was rubbing my back and even pinching me sense, then I stop and turn her around making her to raise her ass up while facing down, then I enter from the back and she scream again, I start pounding the ministry, we start from church and we come finish am here, without telling you guys una suppose know which one I enjoy pass. I was doing it faster and faster and she was screaming louder and louder, I close my eyes like am in heavy I can’t believe am digging this girl with big ass and two wise breast, as I close my eyes and enjoy the pleasure then the devil came, somebody opened the door..