✍️✍️✍️ The Clumsy Nurse Season 3 Quarter || Semi || Final Chapter ✍️✍️✍️

[May the best player win ] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen]

Two episodes why?….
Well when u encourage me i write faster. Oya fight to get one at night……u know war it takes
my phone rang I picked up it was Chris ,i even forgot I told him to look into Daniella for me and her
” tell me
” Tonia was never pregnant when she left Grande
” did she leave grande?
” she was his wife’s friend and she seduced him from there it became an affair . issabella found
out and sent her away, issabella was pregnant with Mackenzie then. she left and returned after
the death of aaliyah with a baby saying it was hers from Grande…but I am telling you I just looked
into her past and she was never pregnant clara.
” Ok , what did Mr grande do when she returned
“of course the baby was tested with Mr Grande’s blood and it was a match so Tonia became a
legal wife because she owns a true blood.
“but you just said Tonia was never pregnant
“never, seems she stoldjust baby
” but how did the child she stole turn out to be a Grande during the blood test
“meaning she stole the Baby from the right source….. she stole issabella’s baby to help her
become a wife …maybe just maybe ,Mackenzie never died maybe Daniella is Mackenzie.
” Chris that’s possible… but issabella is a mother and blood is thicker than water.. how can
issabella watch Daniella grow from infant to adult and she didn’t get the slightest signal that it
could be her baby…blood is thicker than that Chris.
“well this is all assumptions , we are not sure.
” Ok…. i will call u
” Ok.
could daniella really be issabella’s child I pray so …but how can issabella stay with Daniella from
infant to adult and not realise it’s her baby ..i understand that Tonia might not allow her to carry
her but …… blood is still blood.
I walked further and Emma sat waiting for me.
” Emma
” Anna good day
” malcom does drugs,he deals illegal drugs
” I know …I once cought him but the case was covered up because of no evidence…he is using
m.h.c here to move drugs.
” there is evidence Emma , I left a recorder under his table.. I don’t know if he found it but if he
didn’t it has more than enough evidence to arrest mAlcom.
“good, very good… all I need is a search warrant
” can you get it before the general board meeting?…..I need something else to distract the board
“why? is the rumour true? are you really not Anna?
” not that,i am indeed Anna.
” Ok, but these things normally take little time.
“I will see what I can do , thank you ANNASTASIA
Emma left and I stood up ,general board meeting tomorrow God please I need a miracle, just send
Anna over send anna home.
tonys pov
it’s evening , they said she would wake but nothing is happening…
I pushed in my tears ,just then Anna moved her fingers , I smiled and touched her hand then I
moved to her and took her face into my hand
” Anna ,Anna!
she weakly opened her eye and I hugged her.
“are you okay?
she nodded
“can you Talk?
“Clara is crying ” she said
“Clara Is so scared..she’s crying..her spirit forced me to wake up…I don’t want them to harm her”
Anna said,
what kind of strong bond Is this how can Claras emotion get to you I was the one she called on
phone but you ,you felt it so much that you had to wake up …
” Anna if you will save her you need to go home now .we will arrive later and you replace her , she
will return home this midnight secretly in a way no one will see her that way you will be the one to
attend the general board meeting.
“but I just…..
” she can’t travel…it’s not safe ” Shane said walking in
” but she looks strong a bit” I said
“she can’t travel …she can’t until two days time…or full 30 hours.
” Ok.
” congrats Anna,you are in full health” he said walking out
Anna smiled and I stole a kiss from her.she took my hand.
” did Clara call you
“yes ..Daniella found her out ,there will be a general meeting to confirm her identity.
“when’s the meeting
“who will save Clara now?” She asked
I hugged her tight.
claras pov.
issabella won’t let me go to Ryan ..rightfully I should stay with my sick mum.though am scared of
being too close to her before she unmask me… I called Ryan on phone..am sorry Ryan so really
neglecting you nowadays dont worry the game is about ending.
he picked
” my survival” he said i smiled
” Wont you come today too?” he asked calmly. I walked towards window as though he was there.
” Ryan not yet…I need to be very careful so Isabella doesn’t find me out ,i already heard she is a
no nonsense woman.
” I miss you that’s all I can say
I smiled happily.
“I miss you too Ryan…do you have surgery by morning?
“like 4
I smiled
“good luck.

“thank you.. you are okay clara right?
“yes…. am fine…I have a feeling the board meeting will favour me not Daniella.
“yes ,me too.
I smiled
“Ok goodnight.
“I love you
“I love you too.
I dropped the call and issabella walked in carrying a plate if chocolate..
“oh mom
“Anna did you start watching your Weight,why did you leave the chocolate I made for you.
“sorry.” I took the plate from her and she hugged me tight.
Issabella sorry to say this but you are not too smart , Tonia stole your baby aaliyah and you still
leave in the same house with her yet you don’t feel that Ella is your blood.now am here acting like
Anna but you still Dont realise that i am a stranger…what is giving you such strong assurance that
i am yours?
issabella unlocked and took my hand she held it tight. I smiled. and she watched me finish the
” you are not Anna” she said and I raised my face in a haste she smiled. ” Daniella is really stupid
to think that. oh God I was scared just now she meant
“you are not Anna?,Daniella must to stupid go think that.” and here I was thinking she found me
” yes… I dnt know whats wrong with Ella.
“does Ella really see Me as a dummy , why won’t I recognize my own baby..I can’t wait for the
board meeting lets end this madness” she said and kissed me then she walked out.
issabella am sorry for deciveing you..I wish I could tell you the truth but that’s not part of the plan
and secondly what If you don’t believe me. Mr Grande am sorry too. if I am found out tommorow at
the board meeting I will apologize to you all there. am really sorry.
Ella didn’t come home ,i guess she us scared of her dad shouting at her.
I fell to my sleep after praying to God for help.
A.G.H.C /R.D.
I walked into the hall only to see a crowd of investors I never saw before. I saw Grande and
issabella . I saw Liam ,i saw Mr dervantes and his wife,i saw different people. even police officers
where present…if I am found out ,this will be the worst day of my existence.I wish Anna will just return now and walk in now its better she comes in and explains. I can’t get caught..issabella will
be irritated with me ,hugging her when I know am not hers..Mr Grande will be mad and shocked a
stranger was hearing all the secrets he shared with Anna… no I can’t get exposed like this.
I sat down in my chair
“please proceed “I said.
” Anna we are here to resolve the issue concerning your identity…I personally I know it’s you and i
trust you ,let’s just stop the rumour once and for all.” m.d said.
“it is not a rumor,she knows that she is not Anna but an imposter” Daniella said.
” Ella how could you embarrass your sister like this? what If she is Anna what will you do?” Mr
Grande said
“she must apologise publicly , she must apologize for wasting our time” Mr Choi said.
“I don’t know what else you all need to hear,this is Anna and she is my child. what kind of mum
won’t recognize her baby? this is annastsia Alexandra Grande and I have proof if that ” issabella
proof what proof…what is she saying am not Anna .
” issabella we don’t need your proof,its obvious you must have connived with the imposter for
reasons best known to you. we will do this the traditional way and the most secure way. I demand
a blood test. if her blood matches to both issabella and my dad then I will belive I was wrong ” Ella
said and my heart beat heated.
“Ella is right,we demand a blood test” president gu said.
Mr dervantes was just so quiet.
“good ,i belive a blood test will solve this mess ” Mr Grande said
” a blood test will be presented to the board and this case settled for once.” issabella said.
just then the lab department walked I saw Ethan ,Diana’s boyfriend. I even forgot he worked in the
lab department and luckily he is in charge of the blood test.
Ethan can lie on my behalf but the question is does he know ?
did Diana tell him I am acting as Anna?
I watched issabella and sir Alexandra’s blood being collected..
just then Ethan came to me
“madam ,if I may ?
I gave him my hand and he took my blood..he walked out
Ethan you are my only hope, I really hope Diana told you that i am acting as Anna.
he returned after few hours.
” good day ladies and gentlemen,the test result is out… even after repeating the test 5 times we
got the same result.it turns out the blood.
[May the best player win ] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen]

” this blood is a perfect match to that of sir Alexandra Grande and ma’am issabella. without a
doubt it is Anna indeed.
I smiled happily,Ethan covered me up.
he left.
” Daniella stand up and apologize
“never ..never..never. I am sure she is not Anna ..I will prove it.
” ladies and gentlemen I belive we can pardon Daniella its obvious her mum’s recent state is
getting to her and its making her psychotic”I said
everybody laughed.
“I am not psychotic..I will prove it” Daniella said and walked out.
” I can’t belive such a big board meeting was held to embarrass me” I said to the board.
” we are sorry madam
” we are sorry madam
“it won’t happen again.
I hastily walked out, Ethan lied to cover up for me I am so happy..I need to thank him… just now I
saw him entering a car , too bad.
finally I wasn’t found out. all I wish for is just to go peacefully. I already miss my mom .
emma must have gotten a search warrant by nobmMrs hope she gets what she wants.
Daniella is going to make another plan but i pray anna returns before then.
my phone rang … it was Anna I smiled so happily.
” Anna you are ok.
“yes …all thanks to you
I smiled
am coming home clara, at midnight tomorrow.
” really …am fine now.
“am so happy..I can’t wait
“me too… plesse plan ahead..we need to exchange quietly , no one can see us.
“I love you so much..am sorry
“I love you too..cant wait to see u.
i dropped the call
should I be happy or sad .Anna’s world was not mine but it felt like home, it mastered me .
Anna all I need from you u is Ryan… that’s the biggest reward the world can give me .I took my
car and my driver took me home to Anna’s family.
Emma called me on phone
” tell me
“we got the warrant
” yes we will search m.h.c tommorow and any thing we find will be used agsinst malcom
” Ok.
“I have a good feeling about this Anna.
“me too.
I dropped the call as I arrived home Ella was rushing into her car she stoped
” we both know you are not Anna and I will still prove it…I am watching you more closely than you
” don’t run back to malcom, stay away from him so u wont be arrested with him ella , piece of
I rushed into the house..today is my last day in this family I might not see you all again because
in real life I don’t deserve to be here am not your level.
I am happy because I learnt a lot of thing’s from this game I learnt a lot of things from being
Anna… I saw her mum and dad on the couch…..i shouted
” mom! , dad! …let’s all watch an old movie!!
they smiled and Anna’s mum hugged ne again I don’t know why i feel like this family is mine.
” Anna I was scared today” Mr Grande said
” I wasn’t , i know who I am.” i said
“and I know my kid ” issabella said.
we laughed and entered the movie room
” mom , dad ..I love you so much” I said
“you are best thing that happened to us Anna…you are more than enough. thank you for being
ours” her mum said
I smiled and Grande hugged me.
I Wont see u again , i will miss you . we faced the screen
“oh my! that actor is strong” issabella said forcing chips into my mouth…I laughed.
“the boss seems to have magic” Mr Grande said dragged my head under his arm ..what a sweet
family…. don’t worry I will personally investigate daniella’s birth and It she is aaliyah I will bring her
to u issabella so u can stop crying In the shower,i caught u many times.
“oh honey did you see when his eye turned blue?” issabella asked.
“yes I did for sure….
I smiled and hugged Anna’s mum tight.
soon we where done we all walked out I headed to my room and fell on my bed.
someone knocked, it was issabella..I smiled .I am happy i fulfilled all the promise I made to Anna.
yes i will fight for you Anna they better watch out. i will solve all the problems of your life, Anna I
was created for you.
I will bring tonia down ,I will restore your fathers health,I will secure the merger , I will find your
mum ,I will get a.g.h.c back.,I will take malcom to were he should be .I Clara , I will do all that for
you Anna.travel,do your surgery and come back i promise you that I will solve all the problem you
left behind.as long as I am alife no one will make you cry not malcom,not tonia,no one .I am your
Angel Anna.
this thought made me smile.
“my love”issabella said
“did you forget our Friday night sleepovers?
I smiled as she came into my bed, no wonder Anna loves her so much.
she gently touched my hair
“Ryan ,do you really love him so much
” yes I do… ” I said
she smiled
” I was really scared you still loved that Tony boy” she said
” well i moved on.” I replied.
“yes I noticed” she said
I smiled
“is Ryan kind now or is he still snubbing you?
” hahaha not anymore..it’s Ok now.
“Ok my love…no one will separate us again” she said hugging me.
yes no one will separate you from Anna I am not yours” i said mentally..and I hugged her tight.
just then Mr Grande walked in and lay on my left.
Anna your parents love you so much.
I smiled and covered myself well and we slept off.
if nothing else, i deserve this much.
Anna’s pov
I lay on Tony’s body wordlessly.they already allowed me to go home. I kissed his chest and he
smiled touching my hair.
” Anna I still have few more weeks to complete my training , promise me that when you return you
won’t get blinded by work and forget what we shared.
” Tony…
“you are still not sure Anna,you are not sure of us.
“Tony I am…it’s just
“I love you and i want us to be together but you see new York , a.g.h.c ,its another different
world..I can’t be sure of anything until i go home.
“are you mad?” i asked him
“you are mad
“u look mad
” am not” he said smiling.
‘ kiss me” I said
he smiled and I kissed him then I held him tight…Tony you really won’t understand.
Daniella pov.
no one can make me a laughing stock . I know for sure that Anna is not in New York. I must find
out who the stranger is and teach her a lesson…I must prove to the world that i am not psychotic.I
told her am watching her closely but she must be a dummy because she didn’t understand what I
my assistant walked in with four girls.
“madam here are the girls
” good day madam,they all echoed
“good day…I need you to do a very smart and discreet work… you are all spies right
“good,everything has been set for your disguise as maids in Ryan’s house all I need from you is
..watch closely and monitor closely till you find out who is behind that mask.
“If Anna ever comes into the house…I mean if ever there is a situation of two women in the house
with the same face notify me and take pictures.
they left.
I must surely prove to the board that i am not psychotic…once I collect this evidence everyone will
feel my wrath.
Clara pov
next morning.
I arrived Ryans house… hmmmm something is unusual am seeing new faces ..well I guess I can
never know how many maids are in the house right.
I rushed in.
he walked out and I rushed him ,i hugged him tight and he carried me up into his arms and ate into
my lips..our day was fun.
“my love
‘am hungry
“am cooking
I smiled
“did you get new maids
at least none of the maids can come into the main building, no need being scared.. I dropped my
mask on the side.
soon he was done cooking and I ate we bathed and we
made love … like we could go all day.
i had to ask him if he would ever get tired he smiled and said we are both young, healthy and
crazy in love.
we played video games for hours and Ryan kept defeating me.
we took into our movie room and watched a very romantic movie
” dreaming my life away).. the movie reminds me of my love story with Ryan,i never thought he
would be mine.I dreamt and dreamt about him every moment I was scared I would dream my life
away. each time he didn’t notice by love for him In reality I will go to my room and sleep while
dreaming about him dating me.
we watched movies for hours, crying and laughing as one.
we took swimming sessions it was the sweetest time as I thought him how to swim well… we
retired to our bed as the night drew closer laughing and gisting to ourselves.
if only he knew i was leaving by midnight.
he took me into his arms on the bed and we cuddled into a cold romance. I always wanted a man
who cant get his hands off me..you are all I want …I thought as I kissed him tightly.
” ryan i love you
” I love you too.
” I don’t want go loose u Ryan , ever.
” you won’t.
I used the bed cover to cover both of us I didn’t even know midnight already fell on us until i got
Anna’s text,she’s back.
Ryan its time for me to go ,i want to tell you but I am scared because I know that you won’t let me .
Anna is back I need to leave now ..am suspecting Daniella I don’t trust her.I can’t spoil the perfect
game at the last minute because of you Ryan.
if I tell you that i am leaving you won’t let me go rather you would want Anna to come inside.
that’s what am scared of ,what if Ella is watching this building,how can two anna’s enter one
building..Ella will cause another commotion.
Ryan one has to go for the other to come back and its me…I am the one who should go.
this is the second time I am leaving without saying goodbye,please forgive me and bear with me.
I tapped him
” I love you ” he said i smiled
“Ryan Rachel is outside…I Need to tell her something,i will return
“are u sure
I nodded and wore the mask then I walked out. the same stupid suspicious maids kept looking at
me …well if Ella sent you you are waisting your time because you won’t have any report, Clara
doesn’t make mistakes.
I rushed out till I got outside and saw Anna’s car I rushed in and closed the door the driver took off
and I hastily hugged Anna.
” Clara are u okay
“am fine, am glad you are fine
she smiled sweetly and touched my hair
“clara I was at work, I saw all you did….thank u
“am glad I could help
“you didn’t just help my love you fulfilled your promise all of it ,you solved all the problems of my
life Clara…why me.
I hugged her tight again I really missed her.
soon we arrived my street ..I almost rushed out but I came back to Anna
” tell Ryan am sorry Anna, i had a very good reason for living like this…I didn’t want to ruin
everything at the last minute.
“you are indeed smart Clara…Daniella stupidly hired spies to investigate the house secretly.
I smiled
” well their report will be….
“nothing unusual
“nothing unusual.
we both said at once.
” don’t worry I will tel Ryan everything,run along now your mum and dad must have missed you.
I nodded and ran away .
Ryan I already left, i have gone back to my poor dream less world. it’s your turn to come for me.
just promise me that no matter what happens, merger or no merger, board meeting or no board
meeting. company rules or not . you will knock on my door the in the morning and take me away.
Ryan if u don’t, depression will kill me.
i will die from missing you, all my sacrifice will be a waste.
Ryan if I wait for you for more than 1 day , i will kill myself
I ran inside.
Anna’s pov.
Clara is really an Angel..I really want to pay you back clara,this time I won’t relent in making your
dream come true even if it affects my own.
I walked into the house and Ryan was tasting the food he served.I wonder how many hours it will
take you to realize that i am Anna not masked Clara.
” Ryan !” I said
he turned and smiled
” Ryan
he looked at me for a while and hugged me deeply.
“Anna are you ok now
“how was the Surgery?
“it was fine
” Ok is Clara outside?” he asked looking out
“ryan cLara left.
“she left ryan…. we both can’t stay here together,its risky
” why didn’t she tell me?
“ryan i am sure she can explain.
we both sat down
“Anna what do I do?
“Ryan,i will bring Clara back to you. I am still Anna and a.g.h.c is under me . Clara helped me alot
and I want to help her too,i really want to.
I hugged him tight
you are reading clumsy nurse by author chidinma Jerry .m………………………..
but the t.b.c E shock you?
when the author doesn’t know what to write again
crazy mood sha
I love you
I strolled into A.g.h.c, i have an immediate meeting with most of my hot brains. I rushed up to my
office,Rachel had arrived early as usual, she opened the door and I walked in they where already
waiting for me just like I planned. i took my sit and looked on their faces, here present was Chris,
Jake, Ethan, kang, Rachel, Henry. most of them are just my boy’s from the research department I
always prefer to hold this kind of meeting before a board meeting.
“madam, what Is the meeting about?”Chris asked.
” I want to break off my marriage to Ryan, can this happen without affecting the peaceful merger?”i
“that’s very impossible madam, this merger is not an ordinary one it was founded on your marriage
to ryan so ,no marriage no merger.” Henry said.
“then i will end this merger ,what is the worst that can happen?” i asked again.
” madam if you break off this merger now obviously without Mr Grande’s consent , it will cause a
huge dispute between the two families and secondly you will meet a huge loss”Chris said.
“how so?
Chris handed me a file
” madam u signed 5 hospitals to r.d from a.g.h.c’s money and we can only make it back and make
more if we stand in this merger but if you break off this merger r.d will gain and a.g.h.c will loose a
huge amount . this might cause disputes.
” but I can’t marry ryan
“then Daniella can marry him
“any Grande female can marry ryan as long as the person had enough shares just like Ella, her
mum’s shares have been added to hers
“how I wish Clara was my sister then this issue will end peacefully but since she is not I am
breaking of the merger myself
” Yes start the procedures fast
“madam this is not as easy….
“start the procedure!
i stood up ,Clara thank you so much.
I ran into Ethan and almost fell then i recognized him as Diana’s boyfriend mostly because of my
stay in clara’s house.I need to thank him for saving Clara and changing the blood test result
“Ethan I just want to thank you for what you did for Clara
“it’s no biggie I have done a lot of things for clara but which one exactly?
“the blood test , the board meeting
“madam i see you are in the mood to make jokes, clara was not in the board meeting and the
blood i tested was yours and your parents.
,if Ethan didn’t know Clara was acting as Anna then he didn’t changed the text result.
” Ethan is that test result correct
“I did it 5 times ,you are Anna dont forget yourself
“get out!
“Yes madam.
I rushed away… how can Clara have the same blood as my parents. what is going on.
I entered my car and headed home my mum hugged me tight then my dad rushed out.
” Anna I thought you will stay with Ryan AND forget me” my mum said and i hugged her tight.
I unlocked and hugged dad too then I faced my mum
” mum when everyone was doubting me and said i wasn’t Anna what gave u so much assurance
that i was Anna… the assurance so strong that u trusted me.
my mum lifted my hand up for me to look into my fingers that was when I saw the star mark in
between my fingers very little but pretty
“mum what is this?
“ur grandma drew it each time she gave birth” my dad said
“mum you saw this on Clara?
” who is clara?
Anna opened her phone and showed her mum a video of her surgery.
” mom I was away for one month.
” so someone else was acting as you ..no wonder I really felt it but each time I saw that finger
mark I forget my doubt.” dad said
” Anna you mean I was with a stranger all this while?” mum asked
“Yes ,she is not Anna she is clara ,how can her blood match your own ,how can she have the
” oh my….. aaliyah!!!!” Isabella screamed and ran away picking her car key
“isa wait” My dad said
all of us rushed into the car.
Clara pov
I wonder how Ryan is doing ,the lights are out my phone is dead.right now I am sweeping the yard
,this is my mum’s favourite message to send. I swept hastily until a big black car pulled in..omg
isn’t that mr Grande’s car.
some guards walked out then anna walked out with her parents. her mum was crying I rushed
towards her forgetting that i am not Anna I was surprised when she hugged me and just held me
” are you okay madam?
she took my hand again ..she likes looking at my hand she kissed my finger shedding tears and
hugged me again I held her tight.
my mom walked out she looked shocked
“madam , sir ” she said bowing tearfully
” why did you take my baby Hannah?did I deserve this from you ? why did you steal aaliyah!!”Mrs issabella shouted.
I hastily left Anna’s mother and hugged my mother
“mum what is she saying?
“no ..she’s the one who is your mother not me …not me my baby.” i hugged her tight shedding
“no mum … you are my mom ,don’t mind them ” i said and Anna wiped her tears.
” no ,am not Clara,i am not your mum” she said again
why did dad go out
” Hannah what happened ,tell me everything I really want to know ” she said crying and we all
walked in.
” actually I had a baby girl just aaliyah’s age. I walked in different department’s of the hospital just
as long as I can get more money. I was part of the team that treated aaliyah and the way he just
sent us out concluding that she was dead was so surprising so I decided to wait for them to bury
her but the didn’t.
after you left I snuck back into the place they kept aaliyah who was presumed dead.
i was shocked that she was laughing and smiling it didn’t occur to me then that she was killed and
revived I thought it was just a miracle so I happily left my baby and ran away with aaliyah smiling.
I ran out of the hospital looking for the doctors as well as your husband when it downed on me.
I just left my baby there ,what if this was all a plan, what if someone wants to kidnap aliyah, what
did i get myself into ,what If my baby is not safe. I ran back to the room but i couldn’t see my child
again. I looked and searched and investigated then i found out that it was all Tonia. I adviced
myself to let go ,Tonia might kill me if she finds out i know her secret ,Tonia is to dangerous to ask
for my baby. Issabella I wanted to give you your child but what about me? everyday I would carry
her to your gate and come back home again with her. you had Anna I had no one. so I decided to
bury the past and train her as my own….she is your daughter, Clara she is your mother.
I hastily ran out of the house in tears Anna ran after me
” Anna
“am happy you are mine, my dream came true.
she hugged me tight outside the gate when twelve cars pulled over. Anna smiled ” granny ” she
alot of guards and maids walked out with a beautiful older woman ,wealth was dripping from
her.Anna hugged her tight.
” Anna I heard kenzie is here ,where is she?
Anna Pointed at me and the elder woman hugged me
“my child
I wiped my tears
“don’t worry ,u won’t get hurt anymore.
bring her ” she said and the maids bowed to me Anna held my hand and shouted mum!! dad!!
come quickly.
issabella rushed out with my mum and grande.
” mom ,don’t do this ,her mum just found her let them be.” mr Grande said
” which mum? the one who couldn’t protect her… aaliyah is royalty look at the kind of environment
you left her in, look she might even get infected. she Wont stay here with you both,you failed in
protecting her before so it’s our turn now.
” grandma where are you taking aaliya?
“to her house ,where she is safe,you are free to come but this time aaliyah is mine to protect… u
failed as a mother.
come on aaliyah ,you shouldn’t even be stepping on the floor.
” wait ,wait ,all of you please wait. I will not leave my mother.. I don’t understand and I don’t want
to anymore. I Wont let her go I am really going to stay with her for a very very long time.” I took my
mum’s hand and walked inside.
that was so funny…Clara please make the right choice
” briada how did you even know about this ?”my mom asked my grandmother.
oh gosh both if them can be cats and dogs
“I had your house bugged people.
“mom I banned you from my house how did you do that” dad asked
“like I want to visit your house? your house Is not classy for Mackenzie she is royalty and she
must be in a royal paradise.
” then I will build one for her, why are you dragging my child with me ?” my Mom asked.
I shouted on top of my voice
” mum!! Dad!! granny!!! silence!! it’s been many years ,can’t you stop this quarrels? the girl we
came to carry just denounced us !! lets go home!! I wonder who will unite you guys ,am out.
I entered one of my granny’s car and took off I called Chris
” madam
“don’t touch the merger
I smiled
“miss Grande the second will marry Ryan
“seeing is believing.
[May the best player win ] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen] Grande finale.

Clara pov
issabella is my mom but what about my mom and my dad,who will stay with her?
just then she tapped me
“Clara your mum needs you now ,i had you for 22 years if you stay with me you are cheating
” it’s okay if she Wont come to me I will surely come to her.
so just know I that i won’t miss you again ” someone said walking in we both turned and it was
” madam ..mum.. but what are you doing here ?
“me… I came to stay with you since you Wont leave Hannah we will both stay with Hannah.
she tried moving I rushed her
“please be careful ” I said
“am fine ,but…what do poor people do?
“sorry i didn’t mean for it to come out like that I just really meant what do you people do with your
“our life is actually more fun than yours ” I said boldly she smiled
“really show me.
I laughed and dragged her hand to the back of our house
” have you ever seem such a security asked her
“no….. perfect
“it’s called, beautiful meeeee oh my eye ..oh my eye.. please see, please see, see the pretty
sunshine well” Me and my mom sang together issabella laughed
“hey what kind of song is that?
we all laughed and walked out.
Daniella’s pov.
I sat on my room floor looking at my moms pictures.mum I really miss you ,i missed you when you
where with me but now you are In prison it doubled up..
you only give me attention when It concerns Ryan ,Anna ,wealth ,shares. but now all those things
are over,its time for you to love me as a human being but you are locked up.
why did you kidnap issabella mum,why were you so wicked?.
Anna never wondered why I always told her repeatedly that i don’t want her shares or money
rather all I need was my mum and Ryan. isn’t it obvious? all I need is love. Ryan loved me so
much ,he made me feel less empty..my mum didn’t love me that much but combining both of them
gave me at least 80 percent love and that kept me going.
one day Anna took Ryan away ,she collected 60 percent of that love. the space was filed with hate
that was why I wanted to kill her.
my mum who should have loved me more kept withdrawing her love and attention bit by bit and now a stranger took the remaining 30percent love from me. now can’t you see Daniella is
I don’t have any love left to give so I will join mum In prison After I made all my enemies bleed
,starting from Anna……………
Anna walked into my room I was shocked has she ever visited me.
“are you lost?
she shakes her head in disagreement and handed me a bag I opened and brought out the paper
she boldly wrote “am sorry my love” ..I looked at her
” daniella am sorry ,you don’t know how deeply sorry i am… am sorry for going to Ryan even when
I knew I didn’t love him.
I am sorry for staying with Ryan even after I found out he was the only man you ever loved…..Ella
the truth is I did it for a.g.h.c. after Clara started her affair with Ryan , after I found out , i
understood what you felt when I took ryan from you. I didn’t love him but I still felt pain and i was
disappointed in Clara I even slapped her not because she was straddling my boyfriend but
because she failed me ..she hurt me ..she broke my trust. the trust I had for her as s friend,without
even seeing her I trusted her and she broke it I was so mad I almost killed her father..I almost
ruined her life.
but what about me ella ,i am worse ,i am your sister ,we were close ,we did everything together,ur
mum hated me but you loved me and i failed you. I did worse than Clara ,she was naive I was
mature,she didn’t know what she was doing I knew what I was doing. she was blindingly in love I
was blinded in desire and a.g.h.c and i hurt you so bad still I never said sorry. am a bad person
Ella but please ..please forgive me.
I forgive you for poisoning me,keeping me in coma,i forgive you Ella. won’t you u forgive me too ? I
really miss hugging you.
I wiped my tears and hugged her.we both smiled.
” don’t worry,in less than 1hour you will be getting all the love and attention you deserves.
I smiled ,Anna I really waited for you to do this ,this was all I wanted ..for you to say sorry.
Anna dragged me up
” let’s go on a fun trip
“wait i Wil get my sleep mask ..I picked it and we ran off.
Clara’s P.O.v
it’s evening ,pretty. I will only leave Hannah if Daniella comes to her.
we all lay in the compound looking at the stars I lay beside issabella my mum lay with my dad. the
truth really pained him and he said he wants his own kid back ,me too.
” Hannah ,tell us a story ” my mum said
“her stories are boring’ my dad said
” I will tell ” a voice said we looked up and it was Anna with Daniella.Daniella looked around in
shock they both came closer.
” ma’am Hannah, i brought your daughter Daniella” Anna said.
Daniella turned in shock
” Anna is she the…….
” yes Ella …she’s the one I told you about.
Ella hugged my mum tight and by mum unbanded her hair
” tight bands like this can cause headaches” my mum said
” she’s even wearing a singlet in this weather” my dad said and wrapped his jacket around her he
hugged her tight.
Ella u will see love and attention and run away.
Ella sat down
“I can’t belive Tonia could be so wicked
” Ella your shares as a Grande has been dissolved so I transferred it back to you.I just wanted to
show you your real parents , feel free to come back home, work etc everything is still yours.
Ella wiped her tears
” ClAra sorry ” she said and hugged me
” thank u for being a Grande at leAst I can leave now .the woman who never loved me is not my
mom now my real mum loves me ,u don’t know what that means to me ” Ella said and hugged my
mum again she lay between my mum and dad smiling like a kid. Anna jumped on top of issabella I
laughed and whispered to her
” i will go with you now ” I said she smiled Anna frowned
“what did you tell her ,tell me my own” Anna said.I moved closer to her ear and whispered I love
you. Anna smiled i remembered Ryan and frowned gently.
” do u miss him
“yes very much
“go to him
” no am not in support. issabella said and hugged ne tight I smiled I wonder how he is doing, he
didn’t reply my text so I forgot to call him. I will visit him soon we or later.we all hugged each other
mum , aliya , ella .lets go , dad is waiting
” Anna said.
” no …am stuck here” Ella said hugging my mom.
I smiled
“ok bye
all of us ran away into our car and took off.
next day
Ryan’s PoV
even going out and attending to surgery cases is difficult for me .I don’t know why I can’t
concentrate. I miss Clara so much.I called her so much bit she didn’t pick.
I walked into my living room and Clara was waking in , she looked so different and beautiful.
she rushed and hugged me
“Ryan am sorry
“I love you.
I kissed her and she touched my neck
“are u sick
“sick from missing you ,our love is so
painfull clara
she kissed me again
“Ryan it won’t pain again,am finally going to be with you ..I finally Deserve you
“wait Anna texted me, i thought it was a game,is it true
she nodded and i hugged her Carrying her up into my arms.
the t.v turned on
breaking news,malcom
Manchester has been arrested and sentenced to live imprisonment. it has been confirmed that
m.h.c deals drugs and thousands of evidence has been found and collected.
Clara smiled and kissed me tight.
” served him right
” yes
” are u going today
“yes my grandma called
” I love you so stay one night
she pecked my cheek.
2days later
grandma’s POV.
spending time at home with aaliya was fun she got me to strike a deal with her.
“if I don’t forgive her family and come back she Wont come to work so I agreed.
she really changed now her wealth is written all over her. 50 guards walk with her,her net worth
really scares me. her main house has been opened ,she was never dead .that house built with
gold. aaliyah has a smart dressing sense I just pray she is business smart too just like Anna . I
wish my husband was alive .
just then the press rushed over ,a crowd of citizens rushed her,her guards increased as they
crowd forced flowers to her hand she carefully moved her hair and walked faster..
your highness how do you feel to be back.
how do you feel when you see the legacy your grandfather left for you aaliyah..your house built
with gold.
aaliyah Alexandra Grande the second should not be walking on foot , national security just
dropped a message
is aaliyah still betrothed to Nicholas lerman.
that was when aaliyah stopped in shock ,didn’t she know she is betrothed.
the Crowd is much make way for her highness please
the Crowd is much
make way for her highness.
minutes later we walked into the companies main gate.
” grandma who am I betrothed to
” ur grandfather betrothed you to Nick
“he’s married now my dear.
she took a deep breath we walked all workers bow.
soon a particular worker strolled out with some covered files
” stop” aaliyah said
he stopped
” what kind of files are those
” office files madam
” grandma one minute
she strolled out with the boy then I saw her waking into the research department meanwhile I
walked into the board meeting.
” where is aaliya, did we hear rumours Again ” mr Edward barder said he is the one in charge of a
aliyahs position my husband trust him so Much finally aaliyah walked in her guards bowed and
spaced all shareholders stood up and she sat down. everybody bowed.
” your highNess, we are glad you are in good health.
” please proceed.” aaliyah said
” actually your highness we are facing huge losses every month and we just can’t figure out
exactly what is going because our financial statement is inaccurate even after hiring workers.” m.d
” nice
“our financial loss for this year was really much ” .Mr soong ki said.
aaliyah smiled this problem has been on for ages.
aaliyah looked into her Mic.
” mr Edward barder!” aaliyahsaid
“present your highness.
” 22 November ,2017, by 3:55 you started embezzlement of m.c.e’s funds.
“silence! you knew you would be caught at each audit of the financial statements so u made it a
habit to steal these account files, cover them up in office files and send them away.then at the end of each audit the auditor’s will only complain of missing files and not notice how wealth kept
” what proof do u have of this aaliyah..you can’t just place blames.
” I have proof.
she picked the remote and turned on the projector. a boy previewed
” tell me Chris” aaliyah said
” we successfully hacked into his bank account I visited the bank and got access to his safe this is
wah we saw.
he moved and a video previewed all our files and financial statements which went missing.
“get out i shouted at Edward
“get out? he is not leaving until he provides all our money” aaliyah said
“please give me 4 days
“yes , in jail ” aaliyah said…officers walked in, they arrested him.I smiled, what brain.
” now this is the list of workers who where working with Edward, listen and get out as I list.
before she could start calling all of them knelt down in fear.
” forgive us madan, we where naive
“forguve us
“forgive us.
“please forgive us
“we will change
the meeting is adjourned she said and stood up then walked out.
I smiled at her
” you are really smart
“thanks mum.
we strolled out when an armored car moved in , 3 more moved in.
” what’s going on I asked.
one of the military men came out
“the president ,national security ,is worried about aaliyahs safety.
aaliyah walked into the car and the armored cars filled with military followed ,we had 40 security
” grandmother why all the security
“that’s because you don’t have a next of kin and your wealth is only transferable to your true blood
” if you die your money dies with you…just like that house built with gold. for 22 years it was
locked down ,even I could not access it and if you didn’t come back it will stay like that and no one
will ever claim it.it will be a waste.same with your wealth and shares.your grandfather transfered
his all to you name and your shares are not movable .. if you die the wealth dies. no one can claim
it if they try they will battle with international organizations all over the world. they might be
sentenced to death so u see why your safety is very important until you get a next of kin…you
need to get married as soon as possible so you can have a kid.
“ok…now I understand.
we both looked out the window and 10 military men strolled on each side fully armed.
” grandma can I go home now
“you have a meeting with the president my dear
“ok mum.
we moved.
general board meeting , a.g.h.c.
2days later
Anna pov
it’s time to turn the tables,everyone is here present . Clara went to grandmother I wonder what
time she would arrive anyway introduction first
” good day everyone , the reason for this meeting will be plain and i want to go straight to my
I am denouncing my marriage to Ryan.
” what
“that’s absurd madam
“it’s not possible you will tear this company apart
“Anna what about the nerger?” m.d asked
“the merger will still stand , my other daughter will marry Ryan ,she has 40 percent more shares
than anna in a.g.h.c ” my dad said
“Daniella is below….
“not Ella ….aaliyah.” my dad said.
” I can see you are in the mood for jokes Grande,Mackenzie Is dead.” Mr gu said.
” no she’s not.
just then Ryan walked in with his mum I guess he had surgery so he was late
he sat.
” mackenzie is alive and she will marry Ryan not me,the merger will be strong only my name as a
wife will be omitted.
“it she’s alive where is she?” Ryan’s mum asked just then security stormed in fully armed guards.
military walked in
officers walked in
guns where pointing.
please make way , her highness shouldn’t miss in a crowd. her safety is national consciousness.
all security bowed their face and Clara walked in pretty. God she looked so expensive. she got
close to her sit 6 SHAREHOLDERS sitting around the side had to relocate giving her full space.
she tucked her hair into her ear and
smiled.wow she wore like 4gold rings and 3 ear rings.
grandmother spoilt Clara with money. security Wont even let her breath, well her net worth is too
much am even scared for her.
” it’s amazing ,so Mackenzie never died?” m.d.asked
” we request a blood …….
I passed it to my secretary and she gave it to them.
” without a doubt it is her highness ” president choi said
“I thought Mackenzie is betrothed’ m.d asked
” I was ,but not any more” Clara said and everybody vowed I was so happy i didn’t even know
when I bowed too she smiled
” then the marriage files should be resigned and the names changed.
the file was sent round and Ryan signed happily with his family smiling my dad and signed then I
” the meeting is adjourned.” i said and stood up.
everybody left I jumped on clara her security stood up
” her back bones are weak if it dislocates madam Anastasia you are to blame ” we both started
she walked to to Ryan and i left
Ryan’s POV
Clara really deserves it all. she walked to my and all the security pointed their guns at me… I
waved at her and she hugged me tight.
” can I take your highness home ?”I asked her
“well we have to escape because grandmothers will never agree” she said
“what are we waiting for ?” I asked
I took her hand and we walked out after walking a few miles we ran away.
all her guards turned shouting
“the princess is leaving!!!!
“her highness is running she might fall call the national security!!
“the princess is leaving without guards, go after her !!
we both laughed it was too late to enter our car so we ran Into the streets and ran home laughing
Anna pov
I can’t belive that was over..Tony texted me to come to his house I wonder why.is he back?
I arrived and rushed in, there he was on his chair with a glass of wine I jumped on him and kissed
him he held me tight
“Tony we are free to get married ,choose our date.
“he smiled
I nodded and he held me tight
“what are you doing
“trapping you ,no work for one weak.
I laughed.
Diana pov
I heard clara left, good I will visit her house it’s time to steal her stuffs.
we 5 me,Tyler,Cindy,Raymond, Kate.
we snuck into her room.one by one from the window just to see Daniella laughing at us
“what are you guys?she asked
we started stammering what is she doing here
“am calling my mum
“no wait
“mum…wait..I found the spoon thiefs” Daniella shouted we all started laughing A her mum rushed
in with hot water all of us hid begging Daniella.. it was fun
she’s fun
” Diana thank God you are here help us pack
“to where
“our new house.
I jumped up and started packing
omg this house is wow , Daniella bought a house for her parents, not just a house a mansion . i
am so happy.
we all rushed in
Ryan do u take Clara to be your lawfully wedded wife.
” I do
Liam do you take lia to be your law fully wedded wife
“I do
Tony do u take Anna to be your your lawfully wedded wife
“I do
“ladies do u accept them as your lawfully wedded husbands.
” I do
“I do
“I do.
then i hereby pronounce you all husband and wife.kiss your bride.
Enough ….that’s enough !!!!.
everybody stood up