✍️✍️✍️✍️ Sweet Mistake Episode 13 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

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Dedicated to my late brother❤️
Stanley Asamoah Frimpong.
(every bad boy wants a good girl he can control, but she's not gonna have that💪🏾👊🏾).

Episode 13🇰🇷
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

On the dancefloor, and with the alcohol drowned in my system,I felt careless because I was a little drunk🥴.
All around me was music and colours of the club lights changing every second.
Out of curiosity, I lifted my gaze👀towards the royalties sitting at the VIP zone and I saw him.
He kept starring at me like a hyena, looking at it's prey🥩.
Why the hell is he still starring me. Why can't he just stop? He is well known famous celebrity, always having paparazzis following him everywhere. And I am the non existing human.
Don't be silly Karina, he clearly said said he didn't like you! Besides,he wouldn't want to tarnish his great image in the public's eyes.
But then,why us he looking at me like that. Is it because of my clothes👗?
I looked down at my clothes and realised that....they were really short...no doubt.
Hahaha...okay Jimin. I will give you something to look at. You think you are arrogant? I will show you who's MUMMY!
I started dancing slowly,moving my hips to the rhythm of the music,I run my hands through my curly hair which waa u tied before I got there,then slowly for Ri my waist and run my hands down my tights as I tried lifting my already short knicker up a bit.
I saw his eyes become darker and he licked his lips.
He has mocked me twice already and I will take my revenge.
I'm going to show him that I don't forget anything and that even a pretty boy like him can get a taste of his own medicine.
Evil and seductive Karina.... activated.☣️
He kept starring at me without losing a single sight of any of my movements. I saw a little sweat on his forehead under the lights.
I tried my possible best nor to let his stares intimidate me at all. I got nervous anytime he starred at me so I concentrated on dancing as I seductively as I could.
I turned my back to him so he could have a good view of my body and backside. Yes motherfucker, that's a black woman's behind.
I started moving my body in a sexual way.
I loosed track of time and realised I was sweating on my forehead. I had no idea how long u was dancing, but when I looked at the VIP zone, Jimin was no longer there.
My heart stopped beating as I looked around, trying to find him.
Did he come down here to get me?
You are so imaginary and idiotic Karina! Why would pretty boy come down here to get you in the midst of this thousands of people? Who do I think I am! But still, where is he?
I waited a little to see whether I would find him on the dancefloor, and when I didn't see him,I walked back to the stairs that leaded to the VIP zone.
Did he not feel anything when I danced like that for him?
The guard from the stairs immediately stopped me.

'' 😡you again? ''. He asked,obviously looking annoyed. '' I told you this was a VIP zone ''.
'' Yeah I know...I have a friend up there and he said I could come ''.
'' And you expect me to believe that? ''. He asked,starring arrogantly at me from head to toe😏.
'' Yes...I promise ''.
'' And who is that friend of yours up there? ''.

I would be demn if I dared mention PARK JIMIN
I would be dead in Korea and the whole wide world by tomorrow morning.
First of all,Jimin is not my friend. And secondly, he's a world class superstar and the imaginary husband and boyfriends of all young girls around the world. Well,including me of course....shamelessly. And thirdly, we hardly know each other so....

'' 😖urrmmm...my friend, well....
'' Lady, better leave now before I get angry and throw tour black self out ''.
'' What? My black self? You are very racist and rude ''.
'' And toy are a black spoilt gangster brat! ''. He angrily said and pushed me back.

My emotions got all over the place. Especially with the alcohol still in my blood. I raised my hand to slap him but he grabbed me in mid air and tightened his grip.

'' Leave me alone! I said leave my hand,you are hurting me you ugly beast! ''. I groaned in pain
'' She said leave her alone! ''. A familiar voice spike from behind me and my eyes widened.

I looked back and it was Sehun. Jimin's younger brother, who as looking too good to be human.
The world is so unfair. God decided to create one family perfect and creates another like he was in a bad mood.
He walked closer to the guard and I with an angry face and the guard quickly left my hand.

'' How dare you hold a lady like that?! ''.
'' She's as trying to flaunt the rules! And I was trying to our her in check ''. He growled.
'' And toy called me a spoilt black gangster brat! ''. I spitted at him angrily.
'' What?! Did he call you that?! ''. Sehun asked me and I nodded slowly, obviously still drunk a little. '' You are fired! ''.

My eyes opened widely, starring at Sehun,speechlessly. He just fired the guard,but how is that possible? Does he own this club?.
That guard tried to apologize but Sehun held my hand and started walking up the stairs to the VIP zone. I looked back and saw the guard leaving shamelessly. I lifted my gaze at Sehun and he smiled at me.

'' You fired the guy? Why? ''.
'' I always do not want to take delight in using my family's power. But one thing I can't tolerate is a man disrespecting a woman ''.

What a gentleman!🦹🏻‍♂️

'' Wow... thanks a lot Sehun ''.
'' What are friends for? ''.
'' So....that means,you own the club? ''.
'' No. My brother does ''.

Wow! That explains everything now. I know he's rich and can afford the VIP zone even if he wasn't the owner but....being the owner himself, of course he must be in the VIP zone.
Common people are not supposed to touch him. That is what being a star is all about. I quickly remembered when I searched about him on social media. It said he owned a very popular club. But I never knew it was this one.
Sehun and I got to the VIP and found a long empty chair with cushions so we sat on it.
I started scanning the whole place to see whether I will find Jimin,he wasn't there. My eyes landes on a red curtain across the balcony to our left, it was slightly opened and all I could see were different colours of lights behind in there. It seems that was a room. Was Jimin there? Doing who knows what with some random girl. Just thinking about that made me sick and I didn't know why.

'' So...what is that room for? ''.
'' Reserved as extra time room for people who wants to spend some time alone with each other ''.
'' Alone time? Aline time for what? ''.

Sehun chuckled softly and I laughed out. Oh,I knew what he was talking about though.
His phone rang and he got it out of his pocket, and he smiled.

'' It's Lisa. Do you want to come along? ''.

My stalker and detective mind was activated and it was itching me.

'' Urrrmmm...no,why don't you bring her here instead, I will wait for you two ''.
'' Okay cool ''. He said and left as he answered the call.

I quickly looked around me and everyone was busy doing their own thing. No eyes was on me because 99% of the people here were drunk. I slowly got Ri my feet and started walking towards that room.
Well,I know it might be dangerous, but my obsession with him can go to that extreme. And besides, it's being a long time since he left his seat. I need to know where he is now.
I entered the open curtains and entered, everything was partially dark as I walled in. I saw people kissing in the sofas all around the large room. Ignoring them,I looked for Jimin but I couldn't find him.
I was about to give up when I saw through the right corner of my eyes, a very familiar face. I turned around and saw him through the glass door that leader to the balcony of the room.
Quietly and carefully, I stepped into the balcony and it was only him there.
He looked so beautiful under the moonlight with his eyes closed, almost innocent.
But when I went closer to see his face,the innocent look disappeared.
He bit his lower lip and tightened his closed eyes harder, as if he was thinking about something frustrating.
A smile of victory invaded my lips and I didn't even know why.
I got you Park Jimin.
I know he is like this, definitely because of my sexy dance. So Park Jimin,even you are not immune to my seduction plan,huh?
I cleared my throat and Jimin opened his eyes,slightly widening them as he saw me. He was clearly in shock because he wasn't expecting anyone I guess. Especially me.
I quickly switched my confidence level up.

'' Taking fresh air? ''.

He sat straight and looked at me.
Oh God,his stares!👀....

'' Do you think I am like this because of you? ''. He asked arrogantly and I swallowed hard.

But I wasn't going to let him intimidate me,I crossed my arms on my chest.

'' I know you are ''.
'' How are you so sure? I might have being kissing and making our with a girl and she left me like this? ''.
'' I am sure because of the way you are starring at me right now ''.

Jimin for to his feet and all of my confidence trembled down.

'' How am I looking at you? ''.
'' Like...you are just a few seconds away from loosing control and kissing me,pouncing on me and devouring me like a hungry wild animal ''.

He laughed a little and looked down. That voice I want to hear for the rest of my life.

'' Ne? Kissing you? I think the alcohol is affecting your brains too. You are not my type of woman ''.
'' Oh....you think so? ''.

I pushed him and he let himself fall back into the big couch.
His dark eyes never moved away from me as I approached him slowly.
I slowly sat on top of him,my body facing him straight and my legs on each of his sides.
His face waa just centimeters away from mine. Having him that close was not healthy for my poor heart but I made sure to keep my confidence.
He smiled.

'' What are you doing phyco? ''. He asked slowly.

I smiled in response and slowly moved my face closer to his.
I buried my face in his neck and felt him grabbing my hips.
Oh my heart! He smelled so amazing.
My lips made contact with his soft skin and he became stiff.
My breathing became heavier as I left small kisses around his neck and I felt his warmth on my body as he pressed me harder against his body.
I felt his breathing become faster and heavier as I kept repeating my movements. I kept going, tempting him,torturing him.
I smiled against his skin and I moved my mouth to his eat and whispered.

'' Jimin ''. I whispered his name and his grip on my hips tightened.

I moved my face from his neck and looked at him in the eyes, the desire burning in his eyes made me shiver and it was killing me.
His nose touched mine and our breath was mixing together warmly.

'' Do you want me Jimin? ''.🌸