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Season 2( Chapter 5 )
By chidinma jerry m

i slept over in sir Ryan’s room with my hands wrapped around him.i remember those times when I dreamed of sleeping in his bed.
i looked in his face and kissed him he smiled .
we still need to go to the hospital so I rushed away to my room where I bathed.
Mrs David pov.
i can’t believe am finally jobless. i lost it all..Clara warned me about my laziness
i looked out for a while and tried walking in when a black car pulled in thick suits ran out and opened the door just then Anna walked out .she tucked her hair behind her ear and looked up at me… she gently bowed her head I smiled …did Anna just bow to me…i am shocked,
she walked in from the other side and met me
” good day madam Anna
” oh am sorry , i personally came to tell you to resume work.
” really?
she nodded and sat bedside me
” I didn’t know you were my sisters mother.
” who
” Clara , i love her so much.
Anna smiled and moved her hair.
” for the first time in two years I got a friend who cared so much for me , she spoke to me even though I didn’t reply.she promised to protect me and she did. she saved my life . and I am still thinking of a way to pay Clara back.
she really likes Clara
“thank you Anna
” I will be going now …i want to hold a board meeting ,one of the biggest.
” why
” I will formalize my engagement to Ryan…it’s a surprise for him
wow so sweet , Mr dervantes will be so happy.
” mum ,you are welcome back to work , feel free to start any time you want..i already promoted you above methron Linda.
” thanks
” can you give me claras number.
” yes sure
i gave her claras number and she left ..Omg am so happy .i got promoted.
Anna’s p.o.v
i can’t believe I fired her mum , she must feel so bad.i finally called Clara on phone .i think she picked up by mistake I can clearly hear kissing sounds and laugher. did she go out.
she finally picked.
” hello , who is it
” hey , its Anastasia …or just call me Anna Clara.
she suddenly gasped for air.
” good day .. ma… Anna
” Clara I am sorry I fired you mother..
” oh its ok.
” are you with your boyfriend.
she chuckled innocently.
” well
” finally you won’t die a virgin.
i sat in the car and she laughed.
” yes seems I won’t
” am glad , i really can’t wait to see you , do come home
” yes I will .
” I love you , continue what you were doing.
she chuckled again
” I will
” if you get home, kindly tell my own boyfriend to call me
” yes I will
” am hanging up now
” ok.
i dropped the call , finally ..i am so happy for her.
i looked into the road and my driver took off.
Clara pov
what am I doing, i fell back into sir Ryan on the couch, Anna doesn’t deserve this from me…. what am I really doing.
i felt him touch my hair.i looked up at him
” Clara, should we stop ,
i wiped my tears
” I don’t want to loose you .
” but Clara you are feeling too guilty.
i kissed his lips and hugged him tight… I kissed his neck tightly .
i just want him , must it be wrong.
Mrs tonias p.o.v
everything is falling apart.Anna is back and now someone somewhere knows that Isabella is alive as well as where she is.i already sent my goons to track him down , i wonder if he is dead yet .
my husband was done signing some files in his office he walked down meanwhile the maids cleared out Anna’s room ..she is finally returning.
daniella rushed into her father who was just coming down
“dad Anna fired me.
” why
” dad why is Anna always insulting me
” daniella you will be given work in our other hospital.
” is that what u can say ,i need my formal position back.
just then Anna walked in her father hugged her.she smiled
” home sweet home…
she looked around and walked upstairs to her room or should I say her paradise what Anastasias dad built up there can’t be described daniella angrily rushed into her car.Anna’s father walked into her room
sir Alexandra p.o.v
I wonder why Anna hates daniella so much.I walked towards her .she was removing her cloths. she wore her white pant and bra… i don’t know why Anna grew to be so cold… sometimes I pity her.
” Anna
” dad, she hugged me with tears in her eyes , my jewel.
” Dad am so glad,finally am strong
” it’s all thanks to nuella
” no Clara
” the same Clara who helped me
” yes dad.. it was Clara
” that nurse must be a born Angel.
” yes dad , she is .
” Anna I will reinstate daniella
” if you do that i will leave.A.G.H.C belongs to me and I don’t want her or her mother there. I will only hand over A.G.H.C to Isabella.I don’t want them there so they won’t be able to claim it and steal it too.
” Anna why don’t you trust them.they are family .why do you hate daniella so much?
” dad you don’t know what Damiella did to me , i cant tell you cos you won’t believe me without proof. I will get proof …daniella is my worst enemy both her and her mother.when I was growing you begged me to Carry her along, you begged me to share my toys , i accepted Ella as my sister…I didn’t know Ella was dating Ryan If I did I wouldn’t have dated Ryan…but Ella just because of a man “… she wiped her tears..”it pains me because I loved Ella like a sister but Ella only saw me as a rival… so am going to show Ella what a rival does… and I Will still give you proof of everything dad ..I will prove to you everything, everything Ella did .
she wrapped her towel round her chest and rushed into the shower.Anna is so pained but Ella is just a kid , she is too little to do any of the things Anna is claiming. what do I do.what does a dad do now…I walked out of her room
Anna’s p.o.v
I wiped my tears , it pains me that Daniela tried to kill pains me so hurts cos I really loved her very much.and all because of Ryan…I shared everything with her , i was open like a sister … she knew my personal life like I did… each time I dated someone I told her , when I lost my virginity she knew .but she never shared ..she didn’t tell me any of her personal problems…I didn’t know she dated Ryan….I hated her mum but I liked I hate her so much and I will prove who she is to dad..I hastened my bath and dressed up…I wore my night gown.. I applied my cream…I have so much desires right now , its been two years..I miss Ryan but work comes first …setting everything right comes first…. this board meeting will kill daniella inside .
I fell on my bed and remembered Clara , her sleeping beauty indeed.just then my phone rang ,it was real assistant outside work.I really miss nurse del .I trust her more than anybody in that hospital.just her and Jake I can give my life for ..I really trust them both.
I picked my calls
” tell me
” Anna the search for your mum keeps getting hard
” you can never give up , you must find mum please
” ok Anna , i spoke to Mrs del , her trip is ending soon
I smiled
” I am also trying to build a strong case against daniella .
” yes for murder
” attempted murder Anna , once I get enough evidence I will meet Emmanuella jerkerns , i heard she never loses case
” yes prosecutor Emma
” yes she will be the one to prosecute daniella and her accomplices
” ok ..

I dropped the call.
it’s just a matter of time and dad will see Tonia for who she really is.
claras pov
I and sir Ryan arrived at the hospital , we both looked very clAssy and happy.
we headed for surgery everything was already set.sir Ryan sent everybody out and we completed the surgery while kissing each other secretly and laughing happily.being with you is fun. why didnt I meet you before Anna.
soon surgery was a success.
we both strolled out , he loves smiling gently while dragging my hands
we walked past the drug admin dept and the crowd was much …we decided to help Louisa and doctor Manuel.
we both rushed in and faced the crowd from the other side.
two young kids walked fat and plumpy.sir Ryan grabbed the girl and i grabbed the boy we both hugged them.
” aunt
” uncle
they kids shouted we laughed
” how may the clinic help you.?”, Ryan asked
” my brother has tummy pains
” really , let’s see
sir Ryan opened his fat belly and caressed his fat tummy I laughed.
” what did he eat?
the girl looked around
” sorry he ate the delayed bread my mum told me throw away.
sir ryan laughed
” it’s ok.

I pulled the rack close and he handed the girl some drugs she and her brother left.
” Clara did you see that kids tummy
” yes so heavy
we both laughed
just then a teenage girl walked in.
” hy
” hy, how may we help?”, Ryan asked
she scratched her hair
” I am pregnant doctor and my friend said you removed hers so I need your help, my mum can’t find out.
what ,what, whaaaat
” how old are you ?”, sir Ryan asked
” well am 17
” how old was your friend?
” 18 .
she looks big for her age.
” Ok what’s your name?”, Ryan asked
” del
” ok del, we will schedule your appointment by 10 tomorrow…
” k
” thanks
she left.I can’t even believe Ryan.
” hey!!
” mm
” u do abortions
” is it wrong … I am a doctor..she’s obviously in pain
” then why have sex in the first place?
” seriously Clara , why did you pull up your singlet in the room
I smiled shyly
” I wanted you
he smiled.
” I guess she wanted him
” Ryan she is 17 and am 21..when I was 17 even my shoe was a virgin
sir ryan smiled
” crazy
” so don’t do it.
” the termination
I nodded
” fine you win …I will inform Manuel of her surgery are you happy now
” I love you.
I almost kissed him then I looked around and withdrew .
he smiled
yash’s p.o.v
I am Mrs tonias driver…I really wondered why she allows me to drive her around but whenever she goes out on Saturday or Friday she doesn’t let me drive her and she always followed the same route.
now the truth is out…She was the one that trapped Isabella..I am no longer safe this truth I know is very heavy and it is indeed bigger than me
I need to tell Anna the truth but how do I meet her.
Season 2( Chapter 6 / 7 )
By chidinma jerry m

* Ryan’s p.o.v*
what exactly is holding Clara , did she get dear and fall sick too,I feel bored without her.just then my phone rang it was a video call so I connected it to the screen .it was my dad,I can’t believe he is smiling so happily, when was the last time he smiled at me
” Ryan I am so proud of you son, I didnt know you were smart enough to convince Anna into this. once you return you will take your main position in dervantes group your Dad is finally placing his hard work in your hands cos he trusts you.
I smiled happily, my long dream.I looked at my mom she smiled at me…its time I forgave mum.her early morning texts made my days better.
” dad I am happy but what about Anna
” Anna strengthened the merger
” no don’t tell me she formalised
” yes, she formalized your marriage. you are now a man my boy you are a husband and you will soon be a dad
” but why ,how could she… why did she do that
” what’s wrong ryan, are you trying to say something
” no dad ..of course not.. it’s all right
” I thought so too.I am proud of you son.
he dropped the call and my heart beat sank.tears streamed down my eye how could Anna do this. ARRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!”, I screamed out I wanted to marry Clara what’s going on what did Anna do ,what about Clara how do I cope , what do I tell clara . I tried throwing away my phone when mum called.
” Ryan what’s wrong ,u didn’t seem happy
” mum I love someone else, i am dating Clara, I don’t love Anna anymore mum please mummy help me.
“ok, i will see what I can do,hold this call.. she called her secretary who came to her
” dicta has any transfer been done yet
” no not yet madam
” good schedule a meeting between I an Grande
” no madam a transfer has been made.
” what
” Mr dervantes already collected 70percent of the capital needed to finalise the new hospital from from a.g.h.c
” what
” yes and the m.d of a.g.h.c already made a transfer of 20 nurses and 6 methrons their pay is under r.d and the already played in advance
” when
” also Mr dervantes procured a large quantity of drugs right now from a.g.h.c ….
” stop , stop I heard.
” ok madam
its already hopeless , my dad succeeded in ruining my life.
” ryan did you hear all i heard,its already hopeless … what are you going to do. you see why I warn couples not to cheat?,once the feeling is lost inform your partner. Anna did this because she trusts you Ryan i don’t blame her
” mum I don’t love Anna anymore… you know Anna is too emotional if I break up with her over the phone Anna might not eat for two days and no one is there too look after her not even her mother and you know she is sick…I have lived with Anna and I understand how she is wired mom… She is very weak inside..she just acts strong but she is very helpless that’s why I didn’t want to dump her over the phone like that.
” Ryan i understand and i know you love Clara but you have to sacrifice that love,a lot of things are at stake need to burry Clara and resurrect Anna.
” mom I don’t love Anna anymore.
” can you watch Anna get hurt ryan?
” no never, am I crazy? .. we’ve been through a lot together.
” so this means you dont hate Anna still love her very much but as a friend right
” yes mother
” now Ryan you are married to Anna so you have to find a way to make this work I need you to break up with Clara and try finding your rhythm again with Anna … try to love Anna again you have not been dating Clara for long this means you are still trying to bury Anna but I know from experience you can’t Bury what you shared that fast cos you shared something grand. ryan start now to dig out your feelings for Anna so you both can live together peacefully you will surely live together my love there is no going back.
” mom I don’t want to love Anna I love Clara and I will call Anna right now and tell her that I don’t love her mum
” Ryan are you drunk?,Anna must never find out about Clara if she does she might get angry and break off the marriage when that happens a great chaos will fall upon the company and your dad will never forgive you.he won’t only kill you he will kill me too and even Clara… don’t try your father ryan.
” so what am I supposed to do , sit back and live Like a robot. I love clara and i just want to be happy why did Anna ruin my life like this
” ryan I know it’s not too late to rekindle your love for Anna you have to break up with clara ryan you are now a married man let that innocent girl go.. she needs a man that can take her to the alter too,don’t thigh Clara down that’s selfishness ,Ryan tell her the truth and let her go don’t make her a mistress .
” But I don’t want her to go mum
” Ryan if you don’t let Clara go far away she will get hurt…. your dad mostly will hurt her… Anna will hurt her … daniella will hurt her…Ryan she is not safe in your world.
” then maybe I should just leave my world and join her world
” Ryan please think before you not hurt Anna do the right thing Ryan
don’t let Anna find out about Clara…she must not notice a difference , break up with clara now and get things normal if not the problem and blood shed will keep getting hotter remember this is the only way to protect clara
arrrghh !!! I angrily smashed my phone. what is going on, I dont want to hurt Clara no please… what do I do with Clara and Anna. breaking up with Anna means ruining my fathers hard work ..he Will disown me but holding on to clara means ruining her life cos Anna and my dad will kill her .. and what will she say she is fighting for , a married man?… just then Clara rushed in she held a bag with her
Clara p.o.v
sir Ryan looks different ,he looks worried this is not the way I left him. I walked closer and he just looked at me.
he stood up and hugged me tightly.
I held him tight too.I wonder what’s wrong
” Ryan ,what happened
” Clara something happened I don’t want to think about all this, all I want is you.
he hugged me tight again.I handed him the bag of sweets I bought for him in the market.he smiled and hugged me again.I wonder why sir Ryan is hurting.
we walked to the couch
” ummm how is Louisa
“she’s fine
just then his phone rang it was Anna ..he didn’t pick up ..he dropped the phone on the table and hugged me tighter.he kissed my fore head and hugged me again…he is acting as though I want to leave but am not going anywhere.or could he be the one who wants to leave me.this thought forced tears out of my eye… what is going on. he kissed my lips deeply… oh gosh just what I was avoiding…I missed him so much so I deepened the kiss he disengaged and just hugged me again he’s pretty eyes are so teary even the sweets won’t he take again.
” Ryan I love you …I will never leave you and I won’t let you leave me.I will fight for both sides…i hugged him he brushed my hair with his fingers and just froze in my arms. I tapped his back and he chuckled sweetly…..finally I missed that.

Anna’s p.o.v
why won’t Ryan take my calls , what’s going on .should I call Clara?
I need to update Ryan of the board meeting …I know he won’t be mad that’s y I did this as I surprise for him…now that I want to tell him he won’t pick up.just then DANIELLA walked into my room
” congrats setting dads investments on fire
” what do you mean
” there will be war very soon Anna , watch out …all the investors will soon sue both companies to court for playing with their investment.
” what do you mean, why will that happen
“cos Ryan is going to break off that marriage Anna ,ryan doesn’t love you anymore he is in love with that handnurse.I caught them both red handed when I left for Africa and what’s more they even sleep together.
“daniella leave my room
” Anna its the truth so better withdraw your declaration before its too late
” you want me to break off the marriage so you can keep trying your luck with Ryan right,
“Anna believe what you want or you can go and see for yourself.
daniella walked out… could she be right could Clara have failed my that why Ryan never picks up his calls I walked down and a maid was walking up.
” madam you have a visitor
I walked down and there he sat .Liam king.he waved at me I walked down to him
” to what do I owe this useless visit
” yes Anna can never change …not even after coma
” what are you doing here
” Anna since you strengthened the bond,I am now a full member of a.g.h.c
” does that make you a member of my life.
” let’s walk…pls
” fine
I wore my slipper and we strolled down. he looked at me and smiled
” you are beautiful Anna
” I own a mirror Liam
” yes I forgot she is full of herself
I smiled
” Anna don’t make a mistake.
” do you know what it feels like to forcefully marry a man who doesn’t love you anymore
” no
” do you know what it feels like to marry a man and realize you no longer love him
” no, where are you streaming to.
” withdraw your statement before transfers get hot ….. it’s a plain advice cos you don’t know if Ryan is still in love with you and from the look on your face you didn’t inform ryan
” what do you know about Ryan and who he loves
” I know quite a lot , alot … be careful Anna the decision you made can ruin your dad’s company for life
” that’s if Ryan breaks up the marriage but he won’t cos he loves me.
” are you sure you still love him too or are you confusing desire for love.
what is this stupid Liam saying .
” I love Ryan
” Anna I just gave you an important advice…. withdraw your statement… when ryan returns and you both get married you can easily strengthen it again….. once serious transfer starts it wouldn’t matter whether you love each other or not the marriage will be by force and you don’t know how that feels.. this is a man you have not been with for close to 3 is beautiful but love without attention gets weak…he walked down to his car …I don’t understand why is Liam covering Ryan’s interest…he is sounding as though he doesn’t want me for ryan..he spoke as though Ryan is in love with someone else and he supports the other girl .what’s all this….its enough I need to visit Ryan i am going to Africa tomorrow.
claras p.o.v
sir ryan really won’t tell me what the problem is and its getting me worried.I bathed and hurried out …. I fell on my bed.sir Ryan seems lost in thought I think he deserves some alone time so I will sleep here.I closed my eye and fell asleep and after few minutes someone held me tight I awoke it was Ryan i smiled he kissed my neck then my cleavage through my night gown . he is acting so weakly.. as if he wants to eat me up and just keep me in his tummy having me all to himself .he fell into me and burried his face in my chest I moved his hair.I wish he can tell me the truth
” why did you sleep here..I was dreaming of you.he said
” I am trying to learn how to stay without you,I can’t get addicted.
he kissed my fore head for long minutes and just gathered me in his arms.I have a feeling Ryan might leave me very soon.
I am really getting used to waking up in sir Ryan’s arms…. i looked at him while he slept I smiled and brushed my fingers into his chest.. he is really handsome.
I moved my hand to his face then his lips I removed my hands and kissed him I rembered my decision not to kiss him again this made me smile against his lips ok just this once.I felt him brush his hands behind me and pull me down deepening the kiss.
” morning kiss sir ryan
he smiled
” Clara I want to tell you something
” tell me
” uhmm
” let’s talk in the kitchen ” we both walked down into the kitchen , we were busy with the plates. he wanted to talk when someone walked in we are not expecting anyone ,we both turned and it was Anna .
Season 2( Chapter 8 )
By chidinma jerry m

I couldn’t get angry cos she slapped me more out of pain than anger. and I know I wronged her I shed tears like a kid
” Anna please ,i can explain.
” when did this affair start huh, how long have you been seeing ryan!, she shouted at me.
“Anna am sorry, am really sorry
“Clara is this the price I should pay for my life you saved… is Ryan the price!!.
” no Anna, I didn’t know when I fell in love with sir ryan
” Clara i loved you , I accepted you..
I trusted you..and what?, you where sleeping with my boyfriend.
“Anna wait … Anna please
” Clara if you wanted Ryan you shouldn’t have saved me…cos you will only have Ryan when I die.
I wiped my tears and started crying out loud.
” Anna please …. don’t punish me forgive me I never liked someone before I let my emotions control me..
I am really sorry .she wiped her tears and rushed into their room, I wiped my tears,her ring wounded my face .now I realize the gravity of what I did.i cried more and more I love Ryan so much how will I survive i cried more
Anna’s p.o.v
why did I slap Clara.I pressed my hands together and sat on the bed.Annastasia when will you learn to control your temper… Clara why you , it should have beem someone else I don’t want to cause you pain clara I beg of you don’t let me hate you …you can’t become my enemy.why did it have to be many women will hurt me because of Ryan . . I just pray it was a passing affair,I pray Ryan didn’t see her as anything if not I don’t know what I will do to Clara.I might not control my self. I looked down into her room and she sat on the floor crying.I shed tears too.
Clara won’t come out of her room, she won’t even eat.just then Ryan walked in.the first place he looked at was her room door .yes I understand now. he walked in I couldn’t talk to ryan I just shed tears while looking at him.he dropped the bag and wiped my tears I kept crying more
” Anna what’s wrong ,did you get hurt , do you feel sick.
” Ryan you are my pain…why !,I said
he let go of me and looked around for a while .
” Ryan why … why did you do it… did you want to pay me back for Tony
” Anna its over, let it go,its not what you think.
” ryan tell me it was just a passing affair , tell me you were just attracted to her as a woman ,tell me she’s nothing to you.
” Anna that’s not important anymore
” ryan what is Clara to you?
” Anna stop ,its over , I already broke up with clara I chose you all right
” but that doesn’t answer my question do you love Clara or was it just desire .
he tried walking out and I dragged him back.
” Ryan talk to me
” fine!!! , I love Clara.
my heart beat sank
” do you get it now,it was not a passing affair. i wanted to break up with you but you strengthened the merger .. you ruined it all.
” no Ryan, you love me and I love you too… I still love you…
” and you will have me Anna .do i have a choice ?,I am tied to you ,I am yours ok… we are married .
” ryan why are you hurting me , why are you Making me feel guilty… I strengthened the merger for us I didn’t know Clara was….
” Anna wait , Clara did not do anything wrong .I didn’t mean to love her..I tried stopping this feelings but it didn’t work.
” i am glad you were smart enough to dump Clara….I can’t ruin my fathers company and my fathers investment and reputation because of you… you have to accept that we are tied together , we will rekindle our love after the wedding
” there is nothing to rekindle Anna,
i don’t love you anymore.. this marriage will ruin us both we are going to leave as one yes but I really wonder what it will be like… ” he rushed out.
Ryan’s pov
Anna found out , I hope she didn’t hurt Clara. two people i want to protect her from ( Anna and my dad) daniella is a small issue compared to what Anna can do when she is raged i opened her door she just dropped her cup which she used to take a drug. I took her into my arms
” Clara are you ok,did Anna hurt you ,DiD she abuse you ,talk to me huh .. please say something…I moved her body while questioning her but she didn’t talk she just shed tears, she just kept crying. that was when I saw the blood on her face
” Anna slapped you
“no she didn’t
“Annastasia slapped you ,is she drunk..
I stormed out of the room and ran up to my room.
Anna’s pov
Ryan stormed in looking very upset.I dropped the glass of water I wanted to drink on the table .
” Anna how dare you
” what
“how dare you slap Clara
” because she is slu…
he picked the glass of water and threw it to my face ,yes am used to that , that’s his habit when he doesn’t want me to say something.he broke the glass on the floor
” what did you say Anna , who is a slut? Anna what did Clara do wrong tell me what did she do. this is a fucking free world, lovers meet and break up ,people fall in love again. i love clara and she loves me too ,i loved you but I no longer do.same way u loved Tony before moving into my house. but when u arrived you fell deeply for me too … it’s a normal occurrence Anna ,it happened to you with me and now it’s happening to me with Clara . I love her and Its not a crime, you said so yourself when I told you to break up with Tony first to avoid issues u said you have the right to love and love was a mistake you committed too in the past ,loving me and not caring who u were hurting. its not my fault I repeated the same thing by falling for Clara but I tried my best not to hurt you. so what did you say Clara did
” Ryan she ….
“Ryan she what? ,you are acting as though you are so right but you are worse ,how dare you take judgement into your hands Anna are you chaste should i refresh your memory
” Ryan.
” Anna what did Clara do that you hadn’t done ,you were dating tony when you came to my house ,just like I was dating you when clara came.
Anna you fell in love with me then even when U had Tony and I loved you too you said you couldn’t break up with Tony over the phone , but Tony was just few miles away.u said you needed time I agreed and i waited for you… but Anna you couldn’t control your own desires you wanted sex so badly I told you to break up with Tony first and wait for me to meet Ella but you couldn’t you kept luring and seducing me into your arms until we finally consummated you didn’t care if there was a tony or even a daniella cos you were in love or am i lying.
” Ryan
” wait , how dare you judge Clara , isn’t she a girl too ,doesn’t blood run through her veins ,doesn’t she have desires too. Anna I am living in the same house with her just like I lived with you , and you couldn’t control yourself,you didn’t care about the other party.. u just wanted me to yourself so why blame Clara if she is doing exactly what you did, Anna if you couldnt control your desires what makes you think she can?
” Ryan
” but should I shock you , Clara has self respect , u didn’t even hear her part of the story you resulted to slapping her.Anna I never had sex with Clara we were waiting for you… she didnt do what you did to Tony ,she didn’t try seducing me into her arms rather she tried her best to control her desires even when she is so naive and its her first time in love she still tried controlling her self in the little way she could Anna . I had desires too is she not a woman ,is she not pretty ,we are home alone for God’s sake fun should be ours making love from the kitchen to the pool, I had desires to hold the woman that I love but I held them in because I respect you Anna ,i did something you know you can never do. (controlling your desires)
I broke up with clara to make you happy,i made love to you to make you happy ,i just hurt her badly for you ,for the company ,for our family’s so why did you have to hit her ,why add to her pain.
its not her fault that I love her okay .
Anna u cheated on both me and tony but nobody hit you . I know daniella didn’t tell you she was dating me but after the merger you found out.when we lived together you knew.but Anna the first day you made advances for sex, come on you didn’t care about daniella, i was the one who told you to wait so I can break up with Ella first and you promised to break up with Tony which you never did so who are you to even judge Clara Anna she has more control over her self than you ever did
” Ryan why are saying all this,it hurts
‘ Anna i just want you to remember what Clara is going through cos you went through it too. hers is worse cos she is too naive she is new to all this. you were exposed Anna you met and dated guys still you couldn’t control yourself but Clara even with the way she is ,she still tried ,she really tried for you … I can’t Believe you didn’t see that .I was the one that asked her out Anna she kept her feelings to herself for a long time,she didn’t make advances,she knows she is hot but she didn’t try seducing me , she kept keeping everything in her heart and that is pain , I was the one who lured her into all this Its all my fault why didnt u slap me instead
” ryan
” it’s not our fault that we fell in love Anna just like it wasn’t your fault you fell for me. the same way you decided to leave Tony is the Same way I decided to leave you Anna . but you formalized our union and drew me back to yourself . but today because of what you did i will not marry you, buy a pen and write it down… we are done ,I will find a way to end this marriage for good ..I just need time.
” Ryan please ,i was foolish in the past but …
” don’t you see, everything is repeating the universe is against our are not meant for me . just when you woke from coma and we where supposed to get married Clara came into the picture and everything is repeating itself the Same way it happened in the past, Anna i am not made for you. now that I even think about it I wonder if you loved me or you loved the sex cos all you thought about was sex. every minute , every time. that was practically all you wanted . if you really loved me why didnt you break up with Tony he was not far he was just few drives away but u kept postponing it why?,u love tony ,he deflowered you right he was the only man u had been with and after we made love I think you fell for the sex and not for me Anna we just lived in lust,tolerance,and care.
I know this because Clara made me experience love and it is very different from what we had Anna , I love clara so much that i see her as my God.I could have broken up with you instantly if you were in Africa I SWEAR ,i wouldn’t have delayed it one minute like u delayed tony’s. that’s how you act when you love someone. i can’t marry you Anna because we don’t love each other for real we just desired each other.i and Clara we are more real. withdraw your statement and think carefully of what you want ,maybe you really do love tony…
he walked out I stood up and started packing my stuff. Ryan just stabbed my heart with his words…. I didn’t know what I was doing.but why is everything repeating again.what is fate doing ,are we not meant to be together.I want to marry a man who is meant for me and I know that its Ryan. just then my phone rang it was Tony.i got shocked . why will Tony call now of all times .i switched off my phone. I am going home ,Ryan and Clara just broke my heart.I carried my bag and ran into the living room .. my driver took my stuffs I entered my car and my driver took off.
claras pov
Anna really left I hope Ryan didn’t fight with her , just then I heard Ryan knock.
” clara please open the door,let’s talk about it please.
“no sir Ryan leave me alone
” clara I am so sorry ,i am sorry Clara please
I forced myself to sleep…,early the next Morning I opened my door and sir Ryan sat there.did he stay here all night
” Clara Please,clara don’t do this
I tried walking past him he dragged me back.
” what do you want from me Ryan,what are you doing to me ,.
“Clara I still love sorry
” so what ,what do you take me for,Anna comes and you dump me Anna leaves and you expect me to crawl back into your arms
” Clara i love you
” so what should I do ryan .. you are married to Anna , am I not too young to be someone’s mistress
“Clara Please ,I don’t love Anna anymore, getting married to Anna is not happening
” Ryan I regret loving you ,its too painful just let me go now ,I am going to try living without you stop causing me more pain…
” clara what about me,I still love you very much…. i can’t do without you
” Ryan let me be please,its already hopeless just let me pick up my pieces
” Clara we made promises
I walked past him hastily and he fell to the floor. I wiped my tears and rushed out I cried deeply as I leaned on the balcony
Diana’s p.o.v (2days )
Anna has not come down from the fifth building for two days… the hospital is going crazy..she has not entered her room either.she won’t open the door for anyone her dad already sent for maybel.
maybel just arrived she rushed upstairs in a heavy heat
maybels pov
I knocked for a while without taking,am late for a couple’s counseling session right now…yes am a marriage counselor but Anna’s love life I have never been able to understand
” go away may”. she she Crying
“Anna its me,let’s talk about it.
” fine.
she opened the door and she still wore the same cloth… she didn’t bath,she didn’t eat.she emptied 3 bottles of wine and smashed them all over the office… who ever made Anna do this will experience her wrath very soon
” Anna why
” I was fasting may, I was asking God for forgiveness because of the sin I am going to commit
” Anna!
” a girl saved my life ” she smiled and sighed ” but I am going to ruin her life.
i am asking for forgiveness now before my wrath starts.
“Anna what happened
” ryan cheated on me with Clara it’s not just a passing affair ,now i understand the pain i put tony through back then.fate must be giving me a taste of my own medicine
” Anna calm down its just attraction
” he loves her May he said getting married to me is hell… he said he doesn’t love me anymore and its all because of Clara.she smashed the other bottle.
” Anna calm down
” Am calm may…I am just hurting I feel pain … Ryan failed me but I can’t fail my dad I need to secure Ryan before his love for Clara controls him
” what do you mean
“I stupidly strengthened the merger,
if Ryan breaks up the marriage u know what will happen ..may everything my dad owns is under my care I must protect them and the only way to do that is to ensure that Ryan doesn’t break off this marriage and that he weds me peacefully cos all investors are watching
” Anna how will you achieve that,why don’t u withdraw your statement
“I want to ,i really do,do you think I don’t want to .she flinged the file on her table to me
” look at that,that’s the cost of activities which took place within these days…I have beem going through those files all morning there is no way’s too late to withdraw my statement. so now I have to fulfil my duty as the heir of Grande that is protecting my Dads investments ,I need to take Clara away from him love intoxicates … if you leave him with Clara their love will over power his reasoning and he might make a decision that will ruin my dad forever but if Clara goes far away Ryan will have no reason to make such a decision.
” one question Anna ,what are you really fighting for ,your heart or your father’s company.
” don’t ask me that may
” Anna remember you never loved Ryan even when you were sent to his house you still loved Tony… when we gisted all you talked about was the sex like it was the only thing u loved about first said you were not sure of love but you were sure of the sweet orgasms
” may i was just a kid ,i was 21 for crying out loud and you know i wasnt the guy type i was the” follow daddy to work type ” I never took my past dates serious until i met tony.he was just the sweetness i let him deflower me but u can’t blame me for not controlling my desires , no body should blame me cos I just lost my virginity and I was sent to Ryan almost instantly the desires were coming you know how it is at first.and when I started loving Ryan i desired him every day but he was just too hard to convince he wanted me to leave Tony first … seducing him was difficult for me
” why didnt u leave Tony
“I dont know
” I know Anna , Ryan finally made love to you right ,he became the second man u had been with so you experienced something different… and maybe better. something you didn’t want to loose… but U couldn’t break up with Tony because something in you still needed him and that was your heart but when it comes to Ryan some thing in you needed him and that was your body not your heart Anna … even when we gisted as friends I remember your words vividly when it comes to Tony.,i love his goals , he sings stupidly but I like it , he loves red,he loves braiding,here is what tony drew . so real but when it came to ryan u were more like,oh God may ryan makes me psychotic in bed , ryan makes me dream of sex even at work,you need to see the way ryan holds me ,i swear Ryan is diffrent in bed .. sex in the shower was fun.. all this didnt start when u cared for ryan as a friend so much that he fell for you.all this began after u cheated on tony…this possesivness started after u both consummated.. that’s not how love works
” it’s true but that’s in the past.I know I love Ryan now
” I won’t sat much but Anna I know you are too busy to think about yourself but I wish you will take a day out ,bring both men into ur mind ,erase the sex and the romance then check to see the person who’s picture will still appear.I am sure that won’t be Ryan.
” i have a meeting may.
just then her assistant walked in.
” madam they are ready
” ok.
Anna stood up and drank her last cup.
” I will shower in my room
” ok.
she rushed out.
Anna I wish u would just realize that ryan is not meant for you.and let him be happy…he tried for you quenching your unending desires and still teaching you self control he moulded u into this beautiful graced woman you are are the cause of most problems he had with his dad cos he didn’t go on any long vacations or long trips with him so u won’t feel lonely and cheat or go to Tony but after all that the little opportunity u got u still cheated cos u love Tony and that day when u saw him after long u just wanted him cos u missed him I wish u can realize this truth Anna so finally u and Ryan can come together and find away to separate the marriage without breaking off the merger .. but am really scared cos transfers are getting much but I know you can face the storm as friends with understanding u and ryan might save your love and your inveztments too but it’s all in your hands Anna.
Anna’s p.o.v hours later
no one has the right to make Anna feel like trash, i will not be made a laughing stock and my dad won’t be laughed at I won’t let ryan break off this marriage its my duty to protect everything I under me .it doesn’t matter who I love now my Dads name can’t go down. I tried walking out when Tony called again
” hey
” did this patient forget the doctor
I smiled
” the doctor forgot the patient
” how are you Anna ,i called Samuel but he was sounding drunk
” I am fine what about you
” am good,uhmm is Ryan back so he can take you home
” I dont think I belong in that home any more Tony.
” Anna what’s wrong
” Tony am sorry for everything I did in the past.
he laughed
” come on Anna forget that.. u sound dull did u eat .
” yes
” you are fine Anna right
“yes I am
” i wil be in a meeting
” ok.
I arrived at the meeting and Every one sat down
” good morning madam “, director said
” thanks
” good morning madam”, methron Linda said
” thanks .
” why is the meeting held ma”, md asked
” NURSE Clara David .from now henceforth will be stripped of her duty as nurse in a.g.h.c which means Clara David can no longer stay with Ryan as a hand nurse. she has to come home within 36 hours latest of not her both parents will be locked up.
” but madam if u fire her she has every right to stay anywhere she wants.
” what happens when a.g.h.c summons a worker and he or she doesn’t show up
” well members of the family is locked up but that is if the worker commited a crime..
” the crime she commited is in my heart so summon Clara and when she returns I will do the rest.make sure she returns
“yes madam I will use the seal and the mandate
” once she returns she muzt be fired ,Clara should not be found or seen in a.g.h.c ever again….
” yes madam.
” ensure that no other hospital in this area will employ Clara
” ok madam
” claras mother
“yes madam
“fire her and also mark her so no other hospital can ever employ her in this area
” yes madam
” no renumeration
” yes madam
” now the Lane where her fathers supermarket is,it belongs to me right
” yes its part of a.g.h.c property
” good, it should be demolished. I said demolish no one should give him space to pack and no one should warn him.i don’t care if he dies in there
” Anna
” was I understood
” yes madam.
” where do they live, infact I dont care Chase them out
“yes madam. we will meet the house owner….. we will start working on all this
” that’s all for now.
I stood up and rushed out I passed by some nurses who bowed to me then I rushed into my room.. I kept remembering Ryan’s words
“I don’t love you anymore Anna,getting married to you i wonder what it will be like , angrily smashed my mirror.I already lost Ryan i can’t loose anything else because of him and clara.