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Season 1( Chapter 5 )
By chidinma jerry m

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Chapter 5 main
Clumsy nurse
By queen
Ryan’s guards turned to Clara
“Madam pls you need to leave you are shouting, they said
“What!!! Clara shouted
She bent down and picked the bag next thing she started talking to the bag
“Oh my generation bag don’t mind this guy here, this stupid guy.
Ryan looked In her face
“Hey!!!, he shouted
Next thing Clara tried slapping him but she withdrew her hands
“If not for one thing I will just slap you here,
She said smirking and pointing at him.
Ryan was so frustrated and his guards where not helping matters they were lost looking at Clara. They had not seen a thing like this in there live
“Arrrgh, I should have known today was a bad day. why can’t you just drag this stupid girl away from here? He shouted at his guards.
“We are sorry sir, hey woman
They tried dragging Clara but she pushed them away.
Clara Pointed the bag to ryans face
“Hey I am watching you, better watch you back. She said to him with a serious face
Ryan looked scared.
I have been trying to give Clara signals since that this person was Ryan devantes but she wasn’t getting me, so I gave her the signals that this person deserves respect and that the person can fire her so finally she got it, but it was already too late as four men in suite just arrived.

Claras p. O. V
Oh am finished so this person is someone that deserves respect.
Why didn’t Diana signal me earlier, omg what to do.
I looked at Ryan’s frustrated face and I new I was in for it
The men In suite arrived
“Do you know who you are troubling young lady, one of them asked me
“What are you doing lets take her to jail, the other said
“Sorry for the inconveniences sir, the other said to the cute guy I just fought with.
Am still in shock, why are they calling this small boy sir, I felt like slapping him, my anger was written all over my face even my teeths were out .
He looked at my face and I smiled by force while bowing to him
**Am finished today**
I hope he forgives me
‘Going to prison is not enough, this woman is just crazy and reckless she even threatened to kill me “, he said to the men.
“But why do you drop my generation bag on the floor are you stupid? ……… just then I saw Diana giving me signals that (am dead ). so I finished the statement with “sir “.
I sounded more like, ” why do you drop my generation bag on the floor are you stupid… sir “.
The cute guy almost went crazy, he looked around in frustration and embarrassment.
“What, am I stupid sir? , “am I stupid sir? “, imagine that polite insult. just arrest this this girl already, he shouted
I instantly bowed to him In such a way that my hair covered my face
Clara signaled he deserves respect, I dunno if he is a Prince, or a king, or a majesty, or a president. oh am so confused
“Sir, my king, your honour, your majesty. am sorry huh? …. the thing is, insanity runs in my family, don’t mind me, I tried touching his shoes but he ran away with fear, I almost laughed.
“Hey!! , dont touch me, Are you a nurse,? he asked me.
Yes I am ……… I saw claras signals so i changed my statement, “noooooooo am not. I said.
He turned to the men on suite
“It’s okay, prison is too extreme, find out the hospital she works for and fire her as Soon as possible”.
Hey!!! , I shouted, ” Who do you……. I saw Diana’s face so I changed my statement instantly.. … Who do you love sir, do you love God? I asked him.
He looked at me from hair to toe
“I wonder which crazy hospital has you as a nurse, you don’t have patience is this how you treat patients. tell me your hospital so I can inform them on how to treat clumsy nurses”. He replied while dialing his phone
“Huh, tell me. He said.
I instantly bent down and picked the biscuits sachet a child just dropped
“Sir, your majesty, you are getting it wrong, am not a Nurse, I am the assistant cleaner. I am busy doing my job of picking stuffs on the floor. I said.
the men in suite looked at me,
***Am dead ***
i slowly picked up all the sachets on the floor untill i got a little bit far from them.
I ran away as fast as I could and Diana ran after me.
she took some of the sachets from me and we threw into the dust bin .
we ran away untill we ran into the Methron who was walking in.
“Clara, Diana, were to? come on, lets go to the conference.
She said
***Con what, conference. hah, I can’t go back there. and Methron Linda might drag me there, and that guy will find out am a nurse in (A. G. H. C )and he will fire me . ***
Omg what to do, I scratched my head in confusion.
“Come on girls lets go back”.
She walked in front, Diana walked behind her
“Methron the thing is I can’t go with you ” i said.
“Why Clara? she asked me.
“Well my dad just fainted RIGHT now at his shop.
“Omg that’s bad, why did he faint?
“Well I heard it was the velocity of the lie a customer told.
“Then it’s just a joke, come on.
No no, he’s blood pressure is 1000 right now.
“Omg Clara go home pls.
“Yes I am Going” I replied as I Bowed, I lifted my face and my eye met with that of the cute guy I fought with I instantly sticked out my tongue, he formed a mouth as though he wanted to insult me.
I instantly waved at Diana and ran home as fast as I could.

Season 1( Chapter 6 )
By chidinma jerry m

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Claras p. O. V continues
Wow thank God I didn’t go back there, I would have just lost my job.
I wonder who that guys is, because of him I just missed my conference
I missed my only opportunity to meet Ryan
Well no problem sha, I better head home right away.
Ryan’s p. O. V
Wow am Glad that gurl left, now everyone is looking at me.
What Kind of girl is that
She was dressed like a mango
Sh was talking to a bag
And the book she was reading
“How to make sex fun”
Omg how can a decent girl read such book in public.
Wow i have met a CLUMSY Person today.
I sat having thoughts to myself when the called my name so I stood up
Everyone was shocked I was so embarrased that I had to wear my glasses
I walked up to the stage and took the Mic
My guards stood behind me.
Claras p. O. V
Wow its 7 pm the conference must ave ended by now
I can’t believe I slept for 6 hours,
I need to call Diana so she can tell me how the conference went
I picked my phone from my cuboard
Omg my batteries are out what will I do this is bad, how will I call diana.
Well tomorrow is still another day.
Diana p. O. V
Wow i can’t wait to tell Clara that the PERSOn she fought with was Ryan
I need to call her right away
I tried calling Clara but her phone was switched off.
Wow this is bad.
I lay in my bed when my phone rang so I picked up the call, it was Juliet one of the senior nurses in my rank.
“Hey July “, i said
“I have been trying to call Clara, we just received news that the nurse who will accompany sir Ryan will be chosen from
( A. G. H. C)
“Wow that’s nice “, i replied
“Yes and sir Ryan said he doesn’t want a dummy so he set the exam questions himself. And the exam is tomorow on the 10th floor
Omg I am not prepared and neither is Clara her phone is off again. Anyways thank you.
I dropped the call.
** Wow staying in the same house with Ryan devantes that’s every gurls dream **
I can’t wait to inform Clara
I was about walking into the shower when my phone rang again it Tony.
Omg I forgot to inform Clara I set her up on a blind date with doctor Tony from r. D hospitals.
He is young and Handsome just like Ryan, he is a friend of my boyfriend Ethan.
I and Ethan planned this, I feel so bad that Clara doesn’t have a boyfriend its so annoying.
I picked his call.
Hello gooday
“Hey Diana, eehhm the girl you and Ethan talked about is she meeting
Well I have not spoken to Clara yet but she will come out for sure that’s certain
“Ok I look forward to meeting her I have heard alot about her already
Ok no problem.
Tonys p. O. V
I have earned every thing I need for a good life
I have solved all the puzzles of life
The only puzzle I can’t solve is women.
Am the second best doctor in r. D. Hospitals
I base in Paris I just came back 6 months before and Ethan is my best friend right from high school although he is a lab technician not a doctor
I have seen pictures of this Clara girl on his phone
The fact that she is playful attracts me most to her
I look forward to meeting you Clara.
Season 1( Chapter 7 )
By chidinma jerry m

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡
Clumsy nurse
Chapter 7
By queen
next day
Claras p.o. v
I was getting ready for work when i rememberred that i did not sweep the yard my mom asked me to sweep yesterday and am already late for work
What do I do
I need to sneak out
But how do i sneak out, sneaking out means not eating.
I searched my purse and found it totally empty
I already used up my last money to buy Tom and Dickson.
I opened my teddy house and looked at my toys
Yes I love teddy bears, I have like fourteen of them
The biggest one is called Ryan, it’s always on my bed its white and pretty
I used up my 4 months salary to but it
Then this one is Diana
This one is Ethan
This one is Tom
This one is Dickson
This one is pretty, pretty follows me everywhere I go
That’s mostly the important ones, the rest are sleeping
I also have two dogs
They cute and pretty
I sold my cat when I got broke
But my dogs are my favourite
This one is
And this on is
Yes because it sparkles white
Omg what am i doing I am almost late for work
I ran out of the room down the stairs
I looked left and right
Mmm it seems like dad left
And mum is not here
I better sneak out quietly
I walked out into the yard where my mom had asked me to sweep
I was walking to the gate
Omg this yard is really dirty
I was walking past when a sachet of biscuit dropped on my head I looked up It was Tyler’s sister “honey ” what the fuck so it’s been them littering the yard
I shouted
Hey honey, come and pick this up
She ran into their house
“Hey honey, honey!!!! I will flog you
Just then her brother stepped out his name is tyler he is 23 also my close friend In the yard
“Hey clumsy nurse, why are you disturbing our peace
“Hey Tyler , call honey for me, call honey
I shouted jumping up
Just then my mother heard my voice
She ran out from where ever she was
“Clara, why didn’t you sweep the yard yesterday?
“Ommm mom, I told you yesterday was a bad day, I fell to sleep huh
“Start sweeping it now them, She said
“Mom I am late for work “, I shouted
“Clara “, she screamed my name
And threw her shoe at me
I ran away
“Clara come and eat you have ulcer “, she said
“No mom you want to trap me” i shouted
“Clara come and eat you can sweep the yard later, your ulcer is still bad”, She said
“No mom I already know who you are”, I replied.
I ran out if the gate
I checked my time
Omg I am really, really Late.
i just need to sneak into one patients room and stay…
So they would think I came to work earlier.
I ran to work on foot because I didn’t have a single cash on me.
Ryan’s p. O. V
Am sitting comfortably in my living room, I already texted them the questions
The question is just simple but technical
I don’t only need a girl who is book smart
I need a girl who is wise
I tried picking my drink when Daniela walked in she dropped her bag and sat facing me
I placed a glass cup in front of her
You care, I asked why trying to pour her a drink
She smiled
“Ryan I don’t drink in the morning”, She said
“Ouch sorry.
“Ryan I thought about it and you are right, for now lets just be friends………. I will give you enough time to choose me again, She said.
“Thanks, I replied.
I dropped the glass and picked my call
It was Ethan the lab technician
“tell me, I said
“I already finalized the report for the problem, your dad said I should meet you.
“So will you be in r. D today
” can’t u just meet Tony “, I asked.
Ethan : Tony didn’t come out and your dad said i should work with you sir
” Ok no problem lets meet at unique.
“Ok sir.

Daniela p. O. V
Friendship is not what I want Ryan,
but friendship is just a step my love, to getting you back.
“Daniela why does the lab equipment keep having issues, he asked me while he walked to the fridge and placed a cheese bowl on my laps, exactly my favourite
“Yea I don’t understand, I mean that Ethan of a guy is always complaining.
” I think I should meet his boss later, Ryan said
“So how’s your Shedule today, I heard you want to choose a nurse from ( A. G. H. C), i asked
” yes its only right since the two hospitals are merged we should show the world that we are in good terms ” he said
“ok i Will look into getting a good nurse for you”.
“Ok thanks, he said.
He stood up and I rushed after him he walked into the bedroom and dropped his phone on the bed and I sat in the bed while he looked through his cupboard
“Have you visited Anna recently, what’s your report on her “, he asked
“Ehhmm well I saw her, she is still the same way she has always been ” i said
He turned to me.
“I don’t want to lose Anna Ella, I might die. I Have done everything possible I dunno what’s wrong”.
He brought out Annas medical file from his cupboard
“I have cross checked this countless times Ella, Anna should be awake 6 months ago., he said while covering his face with his palms out of frustration
“Yes that’s true, I wonder what’s wrong
“Anna is Scaring me to death, I feel like am the one in coma. He replied.
Dianas p. O. V
Omg am late, the exam is already started
I rushed into the hospitals I ran to 10 floor all the nurses were there already.
But where is Clara the question paper has already been shared
I ran down past the third floor, I met Mrs Annabela delvaliares
That is Anastasias personal doctor who takes care of her
I greeted her and she hanged her I. D on my neck
“Diana you are one if the highest rank nurses I trust, look after annastasia, mr Grande called me”
“But I have…… ok madam ” i said.
“Make sure she’s safe “, She said
She walked out.
Omg I need to write this exam where is that clumsy nurse Clara
I ran into the kids section and there she was laughing with the kids with a stick if sweet In her mouth I ran to her
“Clara what are you doing “, I asked
“Nothing why”, She asked with her hands on her tummy
“Clara what’s wrong, I asked
“Arrrgh am hungry”, she replied, “but why are you here ”
“the exams have started come on lets go.
“What’s the need, they won’t pick me anyways” she said
“So you won’t go”, I asked
“I won’t “, she replied
I removed the I. D and hanged on her neck
“Hold that for me, but Clara my hope was in you I didn’t read”, I Said
“Diana go with your phone and text me the questions just like we did in your promotion exam ” she said
“Ok ok cool “, i replied
I ran out of the room into the hall I tried rushing up the stairs when I over heard daniella voice inside an office I eves dropped
“I believe we have ugly nurses here right, she said
“Yes we do ”
The second one sounds like Methron Linda
“Make sure an ugly nurse is sent with Ryan, someone he can never look at twice ”
“Someone he can never get sexually attracted to, you hear? ”
“Ok madam we will look into it. ”
I ran upstairs in a haste before they walked out .
i sat Beside one of our friends Abigail
She is in the same rank with clara.
Claras p. O. V
I just recieved the questions
I answered the question with the help of the kids pen and paper and i texted her the anwsers
Omg am so hungry what to do,
But wait, what is this
Which kind of fool set this last question, is not correct.
I changed the question and gave the corect QUESTION then I also answered it and I sent it.
I placed my hands in my tummy that was when i saw the i. D I was wearing
Wait” Mrs delvaliares ”
This means I can enter my besties room.
I rushed out if the kids section
I got to Anna’s door and the guards stopped me i showed them my card and I passed through
There my bestie lay, she was dressed in pink today.
I sat beside her
“Hey did you miss me, I asked
“You are still here, when will you stand up, i asked again.
I looked in her face for a while and I smiled at her
Anastasias p. O. V
OH ITS Clara
I have missed her
I know you will play a huge role in my future Clara
I know one day I can actually talk to you
Someone is opening the door, Clara is smart she hid under the table
Am guessing its Daniella my sister, I think my guess is right.

Clara p. O. V
WHO HAS this shoes, Omg I hope they DONt see me.
They person is faceing the window.
Anna just die, she said and I got scared
What are you waiting for, do you need a special offering
Why don’t you just die and get off our backs
She walked close to the bed and touched something but I didn’t see who she was or what she touched.
She stood still for a while and walked out.
I ran out of the bed
Omg who was that
I touched Anna’s face to ensure she was okay
In looked at the drip pack which sent drips into her system
Omg Someone increased the voltage to highest
Who could be this crazy, who is this woman who just left.
I change the voltage back to normal just then I saw the torn off sachet of a particular drug (hyemaclux )
this is just a torn of sachet which is very tiny but i have strong feeling its hyemaclux
A drug that damages someones system leading you to eternal rest.
I instantly removed the drip and threw it out the window
I picked another from the storage and hanged it there
No the colour is not the same
I took an energy dosage and injected it into the drip
The color was now similar to the one I threw away.
If she was taking hyemaclux then this should strengthen her a bit she should at least move a finger.
I placed her cold hands in the warmer which I plugged for some minutes
then in dropped it back.
I looked in her face
Come on Anna make a Move, don’t keep quiet and let them kill you
Just then someone knocked I opened the door it was the guards
Ma’am someone needs you
I looked out and Clara dragged my hand
She took the I. D from me and wore it
How was the exam
It was awesome, come on
She dragged me into our dressing room and dressed me up she even made me up
This is not usual, i just kept quiet while licking off the lipstick.
She brought out a pair of heel shoes and i wore it
She dragged me out of the hospital
“Hey Diana were are you taking me
“On a date
What, am not interested, I said.
“Come here, she said while dragging me
She dragged me away non stop so in decided to follow her and stop embarrasing myself and her.
At least there should be free food because am starving.
Anna’s p.o. v
I feel like I can open my eyes
I don’t know what Clara did but it’s working
I first raised my hands up then I raised the other
I tried sitting up but that was hard
So I opened my eye and looked around the room
I want to see Clara, where is she.
Diana p. O. V
I and Clara arrived at unique
I must say Clara is looking beautiful
We got to the door but Clara would not go inside
I tried rushing back to the hospital because of the I. D card I am wearing but clara kept dragging me to follow her.
People looked at us, this my friend is crazy.
I Dragged her back into the restaurant but whenever I tried walking out, she ran out with me again
Meanwhile where is Tony, he should come and carry he’s clumsy, troublesome, destructive date.
Season 1( Chapter 8 )
By chidinma jerry m

Tonys p. O. V
I sat waiting for Clara for a while
Diana told me she was writting an exam and she would come out with Clara when she’s done
Wow i can’t believe am waiting for a girl
I wore my cap well to avoid easy recognition
Ryan walked in
I and Ryan are not close friends
Actually we are in competition
We have been in competition for a while ever since we completed our internship
Before It was just mere simple competitions as best doctors
But after Ryan took Anna from me he proved that he was gonna beat me every where
That was when our real competition started
I went to Paris to hide my face from the pain of leaving your woman because she was bethroted
when I came back Anastasia was already behind me, i moved on
we were friends before
We were even best friends
But now we both know that we are not friends we are compettitors
Even though we pretend to be close.
Ryan’s p. O. V
Ethan already called me that he was at unique
I am jut walking into the restaurant
I saw Tony
I wonder what he is doing here because the Tony I know is not the woman type
He is the best doctor at
( A. G. H. C)
after I traveled and the two hospitals were merged my father transfered him to r. D hospitals for one year
In order for our doctors to learn from him
Right now he is the second best In r. D hospitals
Although he doesn’t dress or behave like a doctor
He spends his spare time at karaoke clubs singing
When it comes to our relationship
We both know we are not friends it’s in our heart That we are compettitors
It all started when I took Anna
But if I knew he was with Anna
I wouldn’t have agreed in the first place.
I looked at him and he smiled and waved at me
That deceitful full smile
That’s he’s weapon
He laughs alot, he’s good at covering
Well am not bad at it either
Let’s keep pretending to be frineds
I waved at him and walked down to him
“Hey Tony ”
“Ryan its been long ”
We shaked hands
“So why are you here, don’t tell me its about the equipment stuff”, he asked
“Yea Am here to meet the lab technician “, i replied what about you.
“Well am on a date, why don’t you sit I mean we can wait for Ethan together “, he said
I sat down beside him and dropped my phone on the table
***I wonder who the girl is he wants to meet ***
“Wow I look forward to meeting this girl you came for “, i said
“Yea me too, it’s actually a blind date. He said.
“Mm nice but you should know girls who go on blind dates are cheap Piece if advice from ryan., i said.
He smiled cunningly and picked his drink
“Well I can manage all type of girls “, he said.
Just then Ethan walked in
“Sir Ryan I didn’t mean to keep you waiting, he said
“No problem we cool “, i repliee
Before I could stand up so that I and Ethan could go to another chair Ethan already found his way into the chair by my right.
He turned to Tony
“Clara is not here yet ” he asked
“No I think she wants to skip ” tony said
“No she will come. “, ethan said
“Ethan let me see the report”, I Said
“Oh sorry sir “, he replied
He handed me the file and I looked through it.
***I must say the problem in the lab is much.***
“So Ethan how much is the budget”, I asked
Back to present
Dianas p.o. v
I am late I need to get back to the hospital
But Clara is being too unserious
So I grabbed her hand, she looked at me.
“Come on Clara lets go stop this unseruousness Tony is a human being he doesn’t bite, when will this your fear for men stop
“Just see him as a friend and be free with him, just as you are free with tyler.
But Diana
“Whats wrong with you Clara, do you know anything about Tony he is just the Same class with Ryan
“He is as successful and as handsome as Ryan if not more
“He is not our class Clara the only reason y this date is happening is because Ethan knows him
“So my love be mature and just meet this guy.
“Its not a big deal Clara you are not 18 anymore you are 21, Clara level up
I shouted at her, and for the first time Clara became calm
Wow that’s a first, Clara is never calm
I have to start shouting at her from now on.
Okay okay fine you won. She said
I received Mrs Delvaliares text massage, I instantly texted Tony
“Clara am going Mrs delvaliares just texted me and I already texted Tony he’s coming out “, i said
I ran forward and almost ran into Tyler who was coming my way with his girlfriend Cinderella
Tyler is Claras neighbour and one of the only guys she ever speaks to he’s girlfriend name is Cindy but Clara calls her cinderella
Diana, where to? he asked
Am going to work, hy Cindy
I ran out.

Claras p. O. V
what’s wrong with me
Why am I overly shy
Oh There is Tyler
He came forward with Cindy
“Hey ty I asked you to call honey for me today why didn’t you “, I asked him while trying to punch him.
“Wait Clara David is this you “, he said looking surprised
“The boyfriend snatcher is looking pretty, hes gf said
“Hey Cinderella you keep forgetting that I was the one that told Tyler to date you, I can also tell him to break up with you ” i said
Cindy ran towards me and folded her arms around mine
“I know I know, lets go”, she dragged me .
“No no wait, I just changed my mind I am going home
I tried walking out when Tyler held my sweater
“Hey what are doing”, i asked him.
He dragged me close to him, as slim as I am I didn’t have strength
Cinderella then grabbed my hand and said
“Since we met you we should eat out together”, she said
Tyler smiled
“Come on Clara I want to treat you today “, he said
No no I don’t want to go in there today
Before I could talk both Tyler and Cinderella held both my hands and we tried walking into the restaurant when a guy walked out.
Omg kill me
He is so cute
dress sense awesome
Hes almost like my imaginary Ryan
He has golden hair
With pretty pink lips
Long lashes
Spotless skin
Cindy pinched me, signalling did i see what she was seeing
He looked at me from hair to toe I also looked at him because he was cute, too cute.
Then he said
‘Hey you must be Clara, I mean I saw your picture
“Uhhm yes am Clara”, I Said
“Clara david, Cindy added smiling
“Oh nice meeting you I am Tony, doctor Tony, from r. D “, he said strecthching his hands
I and cinderealla Bowed dragging Tyler who was looking else where
We there bowed to together.
“Oh ” he said withdrawing his hands and also bowing to us...