✍️✍️✍️✍️ All For Love ❤️ Episode 69, 70, 71, 72 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

*👏All For Love ❤️
– Episode 69*

Rose began to wonder what could bring Edward of Every body to the bar alone at night and leave him drinking himself to stupor. she lost concentration on the discussion she was having with her friends and paid all her attention on him, she observed how he pours drink into his cup and finishes it within three minutes, their were already twelve empty bottles of alcohol on his table of which he drank alone, when she cant bear it any more her left her friends and went over to him with the aim of stopping him from drinking then take him home if necessary

– Rose: EDWARD!!!!

Edward: Rose is that you, what on earth will a reasonable, beautiful, pretty and educated girl like you be doing in a bar by this time of the night, dont’ tell me you have been following me .

He said out drunkly(you know how a druken voice use to be) .

Rose: Edward you are drunk, will you stop drinking, its not good for your health. .

Edward: please dont stop me, she caused it! She broke my heart into pieces , and a broken heart has no spare part

. (still drunk)

Rose: but it can still be mended. Come on, stop this now lets start going . She tried to take the glass cup on his hand but he refused; they struggled for it before she snatched it from him, by now , he began to talk many nonsence and grab a bottle threating to break it on her head;

Edward: look young lady, you better live me alone, why are you taking pandol on my headache? Please leave before i mansaka you with this my foreign weapon; rose began to draw back as he came closer, he then broke the bottle purposely beside her and that scared her away.

. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her to a distant far from him;

* * *

Edward reluctantly paid for the broken bottle before he left and he was definitely the last customer to leave the bar that night

. He handle the staring not minding how drunk he was

* * the next morning , Rose was coming out of one of her patient’s ward when an ambulance brought in an injured patient who was engaged into a fatal accident, she went closer and saw it was Edward; blood was oozeing from his nose and his fore head was swollen up, the worst part of it was that he was unconcious. And then with out any haistitation, she helped the nurse in takeing him to the emergency room where the senior doctor was to do his work; she had a feeling that some thing likely similar was to happen that previous night of which she tried to help out but failed. She really wished that he did listerned to her, he wouldn’t be in this condition, she thought; before she came out, her eyes was really swollen where she was crying; more so when she saw his father walking up and down disgushtedly , he must really be touched by the incident;

– Mr. Johnson: are you the doctor in charge of my son’s treatment?

Rose: no sir, Mr. Johnson: so why crying, he asked with great amount of fear

Rose: dont worry sir, he would be fine;

Mr. Johnson: i hope so, you are the Daugther of mr. Titus right?

Rose : yes

Mr. Johnson: i have no idea you are a doctor

Rose.: , didnt they mention that i am the one that treated him when he was shot?

Mr. Johnson: oh really , so you are the unknown female doctor they were talking about?

Rose: yes sir

Mr. Johnson: i hope nothing happens to him, its all the fault of that stupid girl who accepted to marry him and later denied him at the dieing minute, i will never forgive her for that, (he lamented)

Rose: lets pray nothing happens to him first...
*👏All For Love ❤️
– Episode 70*

* Rose looked up above the ceiling when she had reach the door step, and with a pure and sincere mind, she said a short and silent prayer.

* Rose: please Lord, i beg of you, just show us your mercy, show him your mercy and deliver him from this attrocity. Since a week now, no form of reaction from him please, make him get better.

.- Then silently, she opened the door and exhaled deeply then took a glance at the bed where Edward was lying and found him stareing at her. She was obviously happy, God did answerd her prayer even before she prayed.

. although she had said similar prayer at home;

– Rose: wow! Thanks Goodness, you are now awake; .

At that point she had to pretend as if she wasn’t touched by his condition.

She went over to him and checked on him, she made sure to avoid eye contact with him.

when she was done, she tried to leave the room and here he held her hand, and she stopped with out saying a word.

She was backing him and facing directly toward the door .

She waited for him to say some thing.

– Edward: Rose(;(he called) Rose: yes (she replied)

Edward: how did i got here? (he asked politely )

– she then turned and glared at his eyes

– Rose: you had an accident and your dad brought you here. I warned you sternly but instead of listerning, you broke bottles for me, at the end you Got your self into an accident.

Edward: i am really sorry for that (he said with sincerity of heart)

Rose: well, you dont really have to apologize

Edward: i mean for trying to injure you with bottle, i wasnt in my right mind

Rose: its nothing, i understand she said with a smile and he returned it,

Rose: but you have some explantion to make, why were you so depressed like that?

. (With sadness he explained to her all that happened between him and Anita, )

Edward: that was what happened and i cant bear all that pain

Rose: such a pity,

Edward: have you any .. Em …. Any boy friend?

Rose: why asking

Edward: i am thinking of … Mr.johnson walked in and that interrupted his speech.

Rose; i will just go on. get betterhappenedY
She said and left as Edward kept staring at the blank door;

*- Mr.johnson : thanks God you are awake. You almost killed ur self

– Edward didn’t reply. He kept glaring at the blank door.
– Mr.johnson: that girl loves you. I know you love her. Don’t you?..


*❤All For Love 👏
- Episode71*

Edward dislodged his eyes from the Door and cthanneled it toward his father before replying.

– Edward: Dad, that’s not what we should be talking about now.

Mr.johnson: you are right son. I should be scolding you for leaving without your guards ! I should be shouting at you for being drunk! I should be shouting at you for driving Drunk and being engaged in an accident. What were you thinking for Christ sake! Did you want your poor old man to die of heart attack? Did you want your sister Nikkei to be alone in the world? What will happen to my business?

– Edward began to weep uncontrollably.

He felt really sorry for the pains his father is passing through because of him.

– Edward: i am sorry Dad.

. I was heart broken. Please forgive me.” i never mean to kill my self

– Mr.johnson was also shedding tears just like his son

– Mr.Johnson: its okay (he held his hand on the bed) its all the fault of that Girl who don’t know how to handle people’s heart.

– just then, thomas walked in. He stood at the door timidly looking at both father and Son

. He was scared because A day ago, Mr.johnson went to their house and quarreled with them severely. He promised to make them his life time enemy if his son fails to survive the accident.

– after so much deliberation, he walked in fully.

– Mr.johnson:justturn around and leave! Its because of your sister that my son is lying here in hospital (Johnson barked on seeing him)

Thomas: , i am really sorry for what my sister did. No one is happy on that. Believe me, i am really angry with her.

Edward: Dad, its ok. Its not his fault but that of his sister.

– with that, Johnson stepped out of the way for Thomas toe approach him.

– Thomas: edy I’m really sorry. I have to fly from Abuja to Lagos as soon as i heard you had an accident

Edward: its okay. What about your sister?

Thomas: I’m sorry, she just traveled with that her Godson of a guy to Dubai.

Every one was against her decision but it seems her mind was already made up.

– more tears flowed down Edwards cheek but Thomas cleaned them with his palm.
– Thomas: its okay bestie.

Every thing happens for a reason.

May be, she’s one meant for you.

You will find the right person soon.


A weeks latter, Edward was discharged from the Hospital.

He started work in his office again but then.

The cheerful man he always use to be was no longer there. He is now an arrogant mean man.

He shouts at every body at any slightest Mistake and that made people fear him so much...

*👏All For Love ❤️
– Episode 72*

Edward was drinking in the sitting room when his father walked in.

He was baffled after watching him for a while.

Johnson: son this is not good for you enough for you. Shey you promised not to drink again.

Edward: dad, i promise never to get my self drunk at the bar not at home.

Johnson: since a month now you have been too cold. You haven’t gone over Anita

. Please my dear you have to. Life goes on with out her.

Edward: i have heard.. But allow me to drink. Its the only thing that takes my sadness away.

. (he said arrogantly)

– Johnson left him and went into his room.

For hours he sat and thought of what to do to revive his son and bring him back to normal again.

After a while, an idea crossed his mind.

Since He knew that his son’s problem is love.

He needs some one to make him fall in love again so as to occupy the vacuum which anita have left.

Also he needs a grandson after all.

With that he began to make arrangements on how to bring a wife for his son.

Now the question remains who will that be? Who will he accept will he accept to fall in love with that easily?.

Well , he is an experienced man.

He should know what’s best for his son.


Rose was in the mist of her two friends in her apartment.

They were into a tight conversion

– Betty: Rose who was that guy that almost broke bottle on your head.

Nora: betty so you don’t know who Edward is?

Betty: how am i to know if you do not tell me.

Nora: well you are the only one around this area that doesn’t know who Edward is. Havent you listened to the music “cruel Love?”

Betty: i have heard it some where but i don’t really know who sang it.

Nora: he sang it with his twiny

. The both are known as Exploits

Betty: wow tell me something. I am already having a crush on him. Can he afford to buy a wrist watch worth of 5 million for me during my next birthday?

Rose: you are sick. Go for medical check up! How can you be falling for some one you don’t even know? (rose attacked betty verbally)

Betty: easy girl. It seems you have a thing for him.

Rose: we has a past together

-the other two ladies opened a wide eyes at her in surprise

– Nora: i don’t get you Rose.

Rose: yes. We had a past together. He used to be my lover.

Betty: rose , i don’t know you to be a fabricator. How can you fabricate a story for us?

Rose: its not calumny, its sincerely the truth.

Nora: now tell me what i don’t know. How and what latter happened?..