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*❤All For Love👏 
– Episode 17*

looking at pip in sadness, he said ‘ dandy: no, i dont think that would be neccessary now. I will call you when i need you.

Pip: so what is your plan now?

Dandy: i dont know yet, could you please allow me to think for a moment .

Pip: okay sir.

_ The next day, Dandy went to mr.

Titus office so that he can explain things to him.

_ Dandy: good day sir

mr.titus: hei dandy you are welcomed have a seat. (then he sat down) hows the relationship between you and my daugther going?

Dandy: not well sir and that is the reason why i came here.


. Titus: so what is the problem?

Dandy: she has been avoiding me for one stupid bastard.

Mr. Titus: what!!!

Dandy: yes sir. (then he gave him the picture pip had print earlier) they are more like couples. YoU know what, i have began to take back my proposal.

Mr.titus: please dont, i am going to set things right.

I warned this boy to stay away from my daugther but he would not listern.

He wants to learn through the hard way.

Dandy: smiling a deadly smile to him self) okay sir thanks very much.

Then he left living Mr. Titus who was by now grumbling.

_ The following day, Edward was at home working on his phone keypad.

He was using his phone to play game when it rang.

He tried to pick the call but it went dead with silent.

He was determined to know who was calling.

After waiting for several minutes for the caller to call back with out any yield, he decided to call the caller him self and then he remembered that he had no credit so he dressed up to go and buy.

On coming out of the house, he saw two cars driving into their compound

. He waited still to know who it was.

After some seconds, a very rich man came down from one car while 5 dangerous looking boys jumped down from the other car. Immediately he saw them, his head began to ache as he stared at the angry face of the rich man who was in black suit, and black shoe and was leaning over his black jeep. He did not even look friendly , he looked very mean. After some minutes of staring at each other, mr.titus decided to break the silent.

Mr. Titus: hey idiot, i thought i told you to stay away from my daughter?

_ Edward was yet to understand what he was saying. Just then Helen who had been having her nap woke up by the angry voice of mr.titus then she jumped up from the bed and made haste to the door and out side the compound to know exactly what is going on. Main while

Mr. Titus continued: after teaching you a lesson today, you will learn to stay away from my daughter. ( then he looked at the boys and commanded) teach him a lesson.

_ Then the boys who were already waiting for the command rushed to get him.

He tried to escaped but they were faster than he is.

One of them dragged him back and another gave him a resounding slap while another posted a hot Dynamic blow on his belly that caused him pain as he groaned . Helen seeing what was happening to his son rushed to stop them but one of them gave her a dirty slap and pushed her away causing her to crash mightly on the ground then she began to cry and plead for them to stop but all of them fell deaf ears.

. They continued kicking, blowing and matching him all over his body and after several minutes of beating, Mr. Titus finally commanded them to stop. He walked triuphcally to him as laid helplessly on the floor with a bleeding nose, a bleeding mouth, a swollen face and a disconnected elbow and wrist. He smiled a deadly smile at him and then said.
_ Mr. Titus: oh i am sorry poor boy, but i think that’s what you deserve for fooling around with my daughter. This just a second warning, and the third one, i will make sure that it takes your life away . Let this be the final warning. Stay away from rose, she is my daughter. A word is enough for the wise. Then he went back into his car and drove out of the compound.

_ Helen stood up immediately and helped Edward inside as she began to clean his wounds with tears. Shortly, Rose arrived.

No one came out side to welcome her as usual so she walked into the house to see Helen in tears dressing Edwards wounds.
*❤All For Love👏
 – Episode 18*

_Rose was obviously surpized with what she saw she did not waste time to exclaim

Rose: omg!!! Mum what happened.

Helen remained silent and refused even looking at her main while she continued with her question: mum please, what really happened?

: really you don’t know what happened?

Rose: i did not know any thing at all.

Please tell me.


now i knew the reason why he lost his memory.

Rose: please abreast me. I am very confused right now.

Helen: please rose, i don’t want to loose my only son and hope

. I don’t want him to get into this kind of beating again and i think the only way to stop this problem is for you to stop seeing him. Please stay away from him if you really care.

Then rose began to cry bitterly Rose: but why? Why?

Helen: so he would be free from your father’s problem. The other time he was beaten by a group of boys and now, your dad hired boys who placed him in this condition. His final statement was he should stay away from you and i borrowed it as a nice idea.

_ Rose began to cry more including Helen herself.

Rose: but mum, it is not going to be easy for the both of us.

Helen: but at least try. Infact you can leave now.

Rose: please mum, i will set things right i am sorry for what my father did.

Please don’t send me out.

Helen: (shouting angrily) i said leave

. It is over between you two. Rose still wanted to beg but Helen stood up and began to push her away and finally she was out of the compound she sorrowfuly entered her car and drove back home. Mr.Titus was watching television when she banged in angrily.

Rose: dad how could you do that, how could you? _ She shouted angrily

Mr. Titus: surprised) Rose you raised your voice at me?

Rose: YES! you know what! I don’t care if i raise my hands at you because you deserve it. i am very disappointed.

Mr. Titus: will you stop shouting at me

Rose: you are heartless! Firstly, you sent boys who decended on him with heavy wood and that caused him to lost his memory after spending days in the hospital. And now you employed boys and they beat him again today.

Mr. Titus: Rose will you stop shouting at me for Christ sake, what rubbish are you talking about?

Rose: come on dad are you trying to pretend as if you know nothing?

Mr. Titus : okay i admit it. I got him beating by some boys today.

Just today.

Rose: you know what, i am only just realizing that my dad is a professional lair. Then she walked out of his present. Not long, Dandy entered.

Dandy: good evening sir

Mr. Titus: evening. Did you came to see her? Dandy: yea, i came to pick her up for a date . Mr. Titus: okay let me go and call her. Then he stood up and within half a minute, he showed up in Rose room. She was lying sadly on the bed with her eyes focused on the beautiful photo of her and Edward .,when she saw her dad, she asked Rose: what did you want?

Mr. Titus: don’t you have some respects for me again?

Rose: and how did you expect me to have so after what you did today?.

Mr. Titus: infact starting from now on, you are prohibited to see that guy. Rose: and that is what you cant do dad.

Mr. Titus: what ever.

. Dandy is here, he said he wants to pick you up for a date. Rose: tell him i am not going any where with him.

Mr. Titus: come on rose! Comport your self, are you out of your senses?

Rose: of course i am not. We both knows you are the person who is out of sense among the two of us.

Mr.titus: you are pushing me to the wall rose. I swear you won’t like my color if i may show you that. Rose: oh come on your color is black. Or are you going to arrange boys to beat me up as well

? _ Mr. Titus was now boiling with anger over rose’s behaviour.

She had never see her being so rude and disrespectful before apart from now.

For him to stay more in her Room is for her to insult him more so he quickly went out of the room looking angry and furious.

Dandy: is she dressing up?

Mr. Titus: i don’t know what went wrong with her.

Dandy: okay i have to talk to her. Can i go up?

Mr. Titus: sure you are more than free.

He then stood up, arranged his cloths like a gentle man and walked majestically climbing the step with the ambition of heading toward her room.

*❤👏All For Love
 – Episode 19*

in no time, he was in _her room and on seeing him, she became very mad at_ him.

Rose.: what are you doing here?

Dandy: just to check on you.

Rose: you did better leave because you has no permission to enter my room.! Dandy: but i just……

Rose: i said leave!! Dandy: please calm down.

Rose: no way! leave right away. _ Then she started pushing him away from her room.


Rose could not buy the idea of staying away from Edward.

Even though his mother pushed her out of the house because of her father, she was not willing to give up just like that so The following day she visited them to keep on apologizing.

When she parked her car, she jumped down looking very timid because she thought that Helen will rush to her angrily and began to shout at her.

But far from that, Edward was the first to see her

. He exclaimed as he ran happily toward her

Edward: Rose!!! He hugged her tight as soon as he got close to her.

They stayed quite well in the hug for some time.

Edward noticed that his shoulder was wet of rose’s tears.

She had been weeping althrough and as soon as they break up the hug, Edward asked.

Edward: hey my love, you are not looking cheerful. What’s the problem? If it is about me, i am okay now.

Rose: you mean you are not mad at me?

_ Then he reached her hands

Edward: why should i be mad at you?

Rose: because of what my father did.

Edward: em

. It is….

Rose:(cuts in) i am sorry for what he did, i just realize that he was the one that sent boys who beat you before you lost your memory and next, he got you beaten yesterday.

Edward: it is really nothing. But i don’t think he is the architect behind the loss of my memory. It is someone you knew and ..

Rose: who?

Edward: forget. Just thank your dad for me. Because yesterday’s incident helped me to recover my memory.

Rose: (happily) what? Are you kidding me or what.

Edward: ofcourse not. Aren’t you happy for me?

Rose: oh sweet heart, don’t you know that i am more happier than you are.

Then they began to laugh together.

Just then Helen came out of the room.

Rose began to panic as soon as she saw her coming out of the house with a broom. Probably she wants to sweep the compound.

Rose: good morning mum. She managed to greet and then wait for her reply which she expects to be harsh,

_ helen: morning how is every body.

Rose: fine. And how are u?

_ Then Edward cut in: em.. Rose, lets go inside.

Then Helen started sweeping as rose decided to help her.

Rose: mum i am here give me the broom let me do the sweeping.

Helen: no, don’t worry. I know you don’t do that in your home so i don’t expect you to do it here.

Rose: ah ah mum, that my dad is rich doesn’t means that i am lazy.

Helen: (frowning) okay, i have heard.

Rose: (softly) please give me the broo……

Edward: (cuts in ) no way! You are the princess here you know; so you are not permitted to do that.

Rose: alright if you insist.

. Then she followed him inside. Not long, Helen joined them and said in a low tune

Helen: please Rose i know you are a good girl. I know you really love Edward but your father deserves your loyalty.

Edward: (surprised) mum. What are you talking about? Helen: please rose, obey your father’s request, Please the two of you should stop seeing each other. That is the only way to stop this problem

_ Edward:(sadly) mum!

Helen: i don’t want any more problem.

Edward: no mum it is not fair i thought you taught me how to fight for what i need.

Helen: yes but not in this situation.

Edward: mum please stop this.

Helen: (turning angry) i am through. Rose leave and don’t return again.

Edward: mum don’t do that. He pleaded in tears but all fell on a deaf ear. Rose stood up sadly and left while Edward angrily walked away from his mother to his room.


Rose met his father right at the sitting room as soon as she got home. It seem that he was already loaded and waiting for action.

Mr. Titus: where are you coming from? He asked angrily.

Rose: i checked on a friend.

Mr. Titus: and who was that? (Still in an angry voice).
*👏All For Love❤ 
– Episode 20*

Rose: (harshly) it is none of your business.

Then her father walked angrily toward her and gave he a resounding slap

Mr. Titus: you have no right to talk to me like that. I thought i told you to stop seeing that boy?

Rose: (sobbing) you know what dad, that is what you can’t stop me from doing.

Mr. Titus: (gives her another slap at her right cheek) i see you have grew wings

. Now you are going to make a decision right in front of me. There are 2 options and you have to choose one.

Rose: (still sobbing) what is it?

Mr. Titus: choose between me and Edward.!

_ That was what she can’t do at the moment.

She don’t want to loose Edward and at the same time don’t want to loose her dad.

She quickly rushed out of his present to her room and started crying on her bed.

After a while, she stopped crying and began to think of a solution to the problem

At last, she got stuck of an idea.

She decide to leave her fathers house that night.

But was she going to go alone. Ofcourse if she has to leave she will need Edward to go along with her.

So she quickly picked up her phone and called Edward.

Edward: Rose, i am very sorry for the action of my mother. He said after picking the call

Rose: you don’t need to apologise

. It is not your fault.

. All we need now is a solution to the problem.

Edward: did you have any?

Rose: my dad said i should choose between you and him.

Edward: (nervously) and who have you chosen?

Rose: no one. I am still ponder on the whole thing

Edward: this is a very difficult situation.

Rose: i have an idea. Let the both of us go far away where they can’t find or disturb us.

Edward: (surprise) what??? What of my mother? What will be her faith?

Rose: oh come on Edy, you know my dad don’t want you and your mum no longer want me, but the both of us wants each other.

Edward: okay i understand. How are you planning for it?

Rose: just pack your belongings and meet me at the junction.

Edward: okay. Then the call went dead.

Rose began to pack her belongings that night so she can be able to leave very early the following morning unnoticed.

– Edward started packing his very early in the morning. His mother noticed him and started demanding where he was going.

Helen: why are you packing your cloths. Where are you going and why are you in a hurry?

Edward: (still busy with his cloths) mum which should i answer first?

Helen: any of your choice.

Edward:( harshly) i am packing my clothes because i am travelling for a music trip today.(he lied)

Helen: but you did not tell me about it.

Edward: every thing that had happened caused Me not to remember it.

As a matter of fact, i was suppose to leave yesterday so i have to hurry now so i could meet up.

Helen: okay when are you coming back.

Edward: why too many question. He thought) em em i don’t know yet.

Any time the show is over, i will be back.

Helen: okay then good luck.

– Just then, he received a message in his phone.

He checked on it and it was rose who texted that she is already waiting for him.

So he took his travelling bag and rushed out of the house.

He stopped a cyclist who took him to the junction where he met rose.

– Rose: i am glad you made it.

Edward: how are you?

Rose: I’m fine now i have seen you.

Edward: so what is your arrangement?

Rose: i have a friend whose name is Dora.

She lives far away from this city.

I called her last night and told her about every thing then she said we should drive to her place that she would be happy to accommodate us.

Edward: okay, lets go ahead.

Then they looked at each other eye ball to eye ball like when they did in the class room during that st. Valintine day.

And before you know it, their lips joined together. It was really the first time they kissed each other and it was romantic.

Soon they set on their journey to their destination.

_ _ Meanwhile Mr. Titus searched for his daughter for 2 days but could not find her, so he took his boys to Edward’s house again…
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