Married to the Prince Season 2 Episode 38 || 39 And 40



(Season 2)

Episode 38.

Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

(Palace Garden).

Majid took a deep breath and the two girls opened their eyes. As soon as Marish layed her eyes on him,she opened her eyes widely as she recognised him immediately,but Meerah didn't. Marish used to be the one who always had his picture with her all the time. She screamed the loudest with shock and a mixture of happiness and sadness.

'' Father!!! ''. Marish screamed and Majid bend down with opened arms and a smile. The two girls rushed into his arms and embraced him tightly. '' You have come back father! ''.
(Everyone has thrown into immediate mourning. Majid loosed his manly sense and wept on his children's shoulders. The girls couldn't stop crying either).
'' I think they are going to need some time alone to reunite better...what do you think? ''. Queen Sheena whispered to the women.
'' You are right ''. 
(Shiv and Kushi quickly entered the garden in sweat,panting and looking frightened).
'' Faruk is back!!! Faruk is back in the palace right now! And Queen Dorah is also out there walking around the palace... ''. Kushi shouted.
(Rishi turned her face quickly,starring at Majid in shock. Majid quickly kissed his girls and took their faces in his hands).
'' I promise you babies,daddy will come back soon...okay? ''.
'' But...where are you going father? ''. Meerah asked.
'' I need you two to promise me one thing ''.
'' Please don't go father ''. Marish cried.

'' The bad uncle is back girls. You must protect your father from him as well. You cannot let anyone know that your father is back, else the bad man will hurt him ''. Queen mother said.
(Meerah and Marish quickly nodded their heads and embraced Majid tightly).
'' I will come back for you. I promise girls ''. Majid said and got to his feet.
(Rishi quickly rushed to his side and embraced him in tears).
'' I wish this will be over very soon Majid. I can't stand this anymore ''.
(Majid let her go and quickly rushed out of the garden with Shiv).
'' Mother...when will father come back? ''. Meerah asked.
'' Girls,we all have to act as if your father was never here. Else, if the bad man finds out,he will hurt him and you will never see him again ''. Queen Sheena said.
'' Okay my lips are sealed. Marish said.
'' Me too ''. Meerah said. '' But as long as we see our father again ''. 
'' Yes will see him again,no problem. But until it happens,you girls should keep your mouths shut. He will be coming for you tomorrow, so go back into your rooms and take any dresses and toys of your choices and pack them okay? ''.
'' Okay ''.
(They happily rushed out of the garden).
'' noe,what is next mother? ''. Rishi asked.
'' By this time,Charu and Jimmy must have arrived in Jhansi. And Ragah must also be on her way there ''.
(Rishi signed in relief).
'' It's time,let's all prepare ourselves. All the children will first be taken out of the palace, with Kushi to Mumbai,and we shall give the excuse to everyone that,they are going for some vacation or something, but better still,the children will not be safe in Ujani from tomorrow ''.

(Jhansi Kingdom=Royal Palace).

The only thing that had changed in the kingdom was the fact that there were noe made slaves in their own lands because of the change of kingship. The palace was quiet and disturbed. Guards stood all over the place with weapons, protecting the entrance. Charu,Jimmy and Jeed arrived there,hand in hand. The gate guards blocker the way with their swords with frowned faces. Jimmy walked in front boldly.

'' Yes? How may we help you and...who are you? ''. One guard asked in a heavy tone.

'' We have an appointment with Princess Ragah and that is why we are here ''.
'' I think you are visitors. Because she is a Queen now and also,she does not live here anymore but in Ujani ''. The guard replied.
'' We know everything, but she is the one who asked to come here to wait for her. So we are waiting right here until she returns ''.
'' You can't just come out of nowhere to say nonsense and do what you want. You better leave the palace now before we attack you ''. The guard said in anger.
'' You have to understand that,this is very important. It is for our own good ''.

(The leader of the guards came out from the palace with a sword).

'' What is happening here? ''.

'' This intruders just arrived here saying, they needed Queen Ragah. Then I told them that the Queen is in Ujani and not here,but...
'''s enough. You all can depart from here ''. The leader said. The guards bowed down and left,leaving Charu,Jimmy and Jeed there. '' Please, you may enter the palace. Just this early morning, a letter from Queen Ragah got to me from Ujani. She has told me everything. But I didn't believe at first ''.
(He lowered his head and starred sternly at Jeed. The little boy his behind his mother).
'' But now that I have seen him with my own eyes, no one has to tell me that,he is the exact photocopy of his wicked father ''.
'' My son is nothing like Faruk! ''. Charu snapped defensively.
'' Never mind. I am just saying that,they look alike. And there is nothing you can do..he looks exactly like him. By the way,have you told him the truth yet? ''.
'' Who? '' Jimmy asked.
'' The boy ''.
'' He only has one father. And that is me ''. Jimmy said boldly. '' He doesn't need to know that Faruk is his biological father...when he grows up and becomes matured enough,we will tell him the whole truth,for now...
(Queen Ragah quickly arrived in a palanquin with four maids and two trusted guards of hers. She stepped out and her heart skipped a beat as soon as she saw Jeed).
'' Oh goodness! ''. Tears rushed down her eyes. '' So it was true ''.
(Charu and the guard bowed down to her).
'' You are welcome your Majesty ''. The guard said.
'' Call and gather all the guards of the palace to the front of the throne Sagar ''. She commanded that lead guard in anger. '' Tell them to assemble before me now! This Faruk's son. And he had him before he married me! So it is an abomination! Hurry! ''.
'' Yes Queen ''. He bowed and quickly left. 
(Ragah walked closer to Charu and Jimmy).
'' Your son will be safe ''. She said and faced somewhere else. '' But not going to know what hit him from the back ''.

(Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace).

Faruk and Queen Dorah stood on the walkway. She was so shocked when Faruk told her black magic friend from Jhansi was dead before he arrived in her shrine. She then began to think deeply and remembered so many things all together. Faruk rolled his eyes around wether he will spot the love of his life anywhere. He was restless. Queen Dorah suddenly panicked.

'' This can't be! This is impossible! ''.

'' Mother,have you got any idea where Rishi is? ''.
'' Faruk! This is our end! ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' You stupid idiot! Whiles I am busy analysing what the real truth might be,you are busily thinking about that wretch! You fool,Majid might still be alive! ''.
'' Huh?!! ''. Faruk felt weak and was about to fall. '' no no no no ''.
'' Yes Faruk. I already told you that Queen Meerah's spirit is back. Not her alone, your father is also here! ''.
'' Father! But mother, I thought all our problems were over and we only had Queen Meerah to contend with. Majid can never be alive because I saw him die. I sucked the life out of him before pushing him I to the water falls ''.
'' No Faruk. All of my magic has disappeared. But I still have my magic instinct to know that I am right. Rishi doesn't have a male. And if Majid has died, why would Queen Meerah be fighting us if Majid is dead and she has no heir in her generation? And how come her spirit is working together with your father's spirit? ''.
'' I...mother...oh no mother. How is this po...but if Majid is alive then that means...he is..he...
'' He is coming for you Faruk, he is going to take his revenge ''. Queen Dorah added with an angry face. '' But I will never allow that to happened ''.
'' But you don't have anymore powers mother! You said it yourself, all your magic is gone. And now,father has also joined the game! How on earth will you be able to protect !e?! ''. Faruk shouted I distress.
'' Son....
'' No! I will take matters into my own hands! ''.

He angrily entered his chamber and was shocked to see the knife he used to stab Majid in the heart eight years ago on his bed,dripping with blood...