Chapter 10
Once again, I caught myself thinking how wonderful
it would be if
only death would come, so then I wouldn't have to
put up with
Casper's shit anymore. I've been here for over a
month and have
been hit so many times, that I finally lost count. I'm
at the point,
where I want to close my eyes and never wake up.
I do every thing
that Casper asks out of fear that he will hurt me.
Not once has he
stopped to think about how badly he treats me.
I have lost track of what day it is and I can only tell
the difference
between night and day, because I can look out my
bedroom window.
I can't even remember what fresh air smells like, or
how warm the
sunlight feels upon my skin.
There aren't enough hours in the day for the amount
of work that
Casper has me do, and I'm lucky if I get four hours
of sleep each
night. Lately, I've cleaned his office, done the
washing, and cleaned
the lounge. I also have to clean the formal dinning
room, dinning
room, kitchen, library, the hallways, and his
bedroom daily.
Despite the fact that some of those places are rarely
used, I still
have to make sure there's no dust or anything out
of place. You'd
think that it wouldn't take all that long, but with the
size of the
rooms, and the house, it takes forever. Oh, and it
doesn't help the
fact that I have to clean all these rooms by myself.
It's exausting.
I try my best to get it all done as quickly as
possible so I can have a
moment to try and relax. I am not allowed to do
anything for myself,
If I'm lucky, I can have a bath without Casper
getting shitty.
I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water
before I started
cleaning. I saw April notice how badly bruised I
was and that I could
hardly move.
“I'll help you today sweetie," April offered gently.
“It's okay, I don't want you to get into any trouble."
April looked at me and shook her head as she
replied, “I won't get in
trouble for helping you.”
It took April five minutes of arguing with me before
I agreed to let
her help me. Together we decided to start with the
formal dinning
and dinning rooms.
“They'll be the easiest and quickest," said April.
Since she had been working here for years, I took
her word for it and
didn't argue with her.
We quickly cleaned our way through the two rooms,
it still took us
around two and a half hours.
“We should move onto the lounge, and then
Master's bedroom,"
April announced.
I nodded in agreement, but all I wanted was sleep.
My eyes felt so
heavy, or maybe that was just the swelling. My eyes
have been black
since the first day I woke up here. I wandered
around the lounge
straightening and moving things, before I started to
Four hours later ,all my chores were completed, and
there was no
sign of master. 'Maybe he went out before I awoke
this morning,' I
“Everything is done for the day...well, that is until
master gets home.
When he returns he will want dinner, of course,"
April said. That
confirmed my suspicions that Casper was out for
the day, maybe I
could finally get a little rest.
“How long will he be out for?” I asked. I hoped he
wouldn't be home
soon. If he was, there was no way I could get any
“Until about ten tonight," she replied giving me a
knowing smile.
“Am I allowed to have a bath and a little sleep
before he returns?" I
asked hopefully.
“ 'Course you can honey," April assured me.
Chapter 11
“Thank you," I replied as I watched her walk
towards the kitchen.
“No need to thank me sweetie," I heard April say as
she disappeared
into the kitchen.
After carefully climbing the stairs, I walked towards
the maids
rooms. This was strange considering I'm the only
maid in the house.
I didn't even know where April slept.
Once in my room, I grabbed clean clothes and went
straight into the
bathroom. I turned on the hot water, then added a
little cold water
and put some bubble bath in. Thankful to Sapphire,
once again, for
leaving me more clean clothes.
The bathroom filled with steam, so I undressed and
stepped into the
nice hot water. Since Casper was away, I could
finally take this time
to relax.
A gentle knocking brought me out of my thoughts
and back to
“Who is it?" I asked, heavily hoping that it wasn't
Casper home early.
“It's April, I was wondering if you'd like something
to eat. You must
be hungry?” She mumbled through the clsoed door.
“That would be great!” I replied eagerly. It had been
so long since I
had anything to eat, other than the mere bread and
water Casper fed
“Can I ask what you're making?”I inquired of April. I
was curious as
to what she was going to prepare.
“What would you like honey?” April chuckled through
the door.
That question alone was a hard choice, considering
that I had
forgotten what real food really tasted like. My
favorite food was
pizza. I wondered is April could actually make that.
“Can you make me a pizza?” I asked hopefully.
“I sure can. What kind of toppings would you like?”
“Cheese, ham, salami, and pepperoni with barbeque
sauce, please," I
replied, imagining the taste already.
“ I'll have it ready in forty minutes," I heard April say
before leaving.
I couldn't believe I was finally going to have some
real food! I didn't
bother to wash my hair, instead I triple washed my
body with the
blueberry body wash. About thirty minutes later, I
dragged myself
from the bath. Once I had finished dressing and
brushing my hair, I
headed towards the kitchen. I could already smell
the delicious pizza
and my mouth began to water.
As I pushed open the kitchen door, the smell of the
pizza hit me and
my stomach started to rumble. I watched April pull
the pizza out of
the oven and start to cut it into slices.
“Here you go," she said. She then slid me a plate
with a few slices of
pizza on it.
“Thank you so much, it smells amazing!”
I replied as I took my first bite. It tasted a bit
strange, but I think that
it's from not eating real food in weeks. After
demolishing the first
piece, I quickly moved on to the next. Before I
knew it I had eaten
four slices and was picking up my fifth.
By the time I managed to finish the fifth slice, I was
pleasantly full,
yet surprised I was able to eat that much.
Looking at April, I smiled and told her again how
delicious the pizza
was and how grateful I was that she made it.
While helping April clean up from making the pizza,
I stepped into
the pantry to put the sauce and flour away. I
couldn't believe the
size of it, a person could literally get lost in there.
'If Casper has so much food, then why does he only
feed me bread?'
I wondered. I hadn't realized that I had said it aloud,
until April
“Because you are his slave, so he doesn't need to
feed you well,"
April said.
“That's so wrong. How would he like to go without
food?” I asked
her grumpily.
She shook her head and simply said that he
wouldn't survive. Which
she pointed out, is why he only gave me bread. It
was just enough to
keep me from dying of starvation. At least she
agreed that he should
be feeding me three full meals a day like any other
human. She also
told me that she thought what he was doing was
By the time April and I had finished discussing
Casper's way of
treating me, I was even more pissed at him. We
were interrupted by
Casper ringing to tell April that he wouldn’t be
home until the next
day. I was so relieved! Over the moon more like it!
I wanted to go
straight to bed and get as much sleep as possible,
before my torture
began again tomorrow.
“I'm going to call it a night and get some sleep,” I
said to April as I
headed off towards my room.
“Okay dear, see you tomorrow," she answered.
After making it up the stairs to my room, I only had
enough energy
to collapse on my bed in what I was wearing before
I drifted off to