Chapter 18
“ Oh, my prince I'm so sorry I'll help you. Do you
know who did this to
you sir?” he asked. I described to him what they
looked like, and what
they had done to me. The guard suddenly looked
so sad, and with his
next words my world fell apart.
“ Sir the guy and girl you just described have
murdered the queen, I'm
so sorry sir,” he said.
My blood boiled and I could feel blood lust coming
on. I would have my
revenge. I suddenly realized I could get up and
walk on my own. I went
upstairs to see my father and my brother sobbing
as my mother's
ashes lay before them. My heart felt as though it
would explode.
“ Where are they?” I demanded.
“ Son, you must calm down so that we can think
clearly on how they
should be punished," said my father.
“ THEY WILL DIE!" I screamed.
“ Yes son, they will but we must decide how. Our
kind must know what
these traitors have done. I want to make an
example of them, and I
will not budge on this," he said while trying to keep
from crying.
“ Fuck that!” I spat at him as I stalked from the
room. “ Where are they
being held?” I asked one of the guards.
“ They are in the servant quarters, in one of the
rooms under lock and
guard inside and out sir."
“ Thank you.”
I stalked towards the servant quarters, my father's
word be
damned.They would die this night. When I arrived
to the servant
quarters, the guards instantly moved aside to let
me through. As I
walked into the room both the guy and girl looked
up at me.
“ Who are you? I want your names now!" I spat at
Neither of them would tell me so I stalked towards
them. The guy
came charging at me but this time I was ready. He
went to grab me
but I was quicker and I twisted his head clean off
his shoulders. He
was now nothing but a pile of ash, just like my
poor mother. The girl
just stood there glaring at me, and I stalked
towards her.
“ Why did you murder my mother?” I asked her.
“ Without his queen by his side, the king will fall
and the throne will be
mine for the taking”, she spat at me.
“ You will get it over my dead body!” I growled at
“ As you wish," she sneered as she charged at me.
I grabbed her and threw her to the floor, but she
was quick and kicked
me in the chest. I was knocked into the wall, and
she was able to
regain her stance.
' Enough of this shit!' I thought angrily to myself. As
she charged at me
again, I grabbed her by the throat and lifted her into
the air.
“ This is in honor of my mother, you disgraceful
bitch!” I spat at her. I
then plunged my hand through her chest and ripped
out her heart, she
screamed and then there was nothing but ash.
Moments later my
father came into the room with a disappointed look
on his face.
“ I couldn't let them live for what they've done, that
will be enough for
our people. If it's not, I don't give a damn.” My
father just shook his
head in agreement, knowing I wasn't to be
I had Mary brought to me two hours later to ask her
what she knew. If
she was involved she would die. I may have loved
her at one point, but
my love for her didn't matter anymore.
As she was brought into my office, I had two
guards stay in the room
with me.
“ How did you know the two who killed my mother,
and do not lie to
me or you'll die.” I stated.
“ They knew we were in love and they threatened my
life if I didn't lure
you around that corner. They also said they would
kill me if I warned
you in any way."
I was disgusted with her very presence, thanks to
her my mother was
“ All this could have been prevented, you know I
would have protected
you. Now thanks to your lapse in judgment and lack
of faith in me, my
mother is dead," I spat at her. She hung her head in
shame because
she knew I spoke the truth, and nothing could
change what had
I had Mary beheaded as a traitor to the crown that
same night, and
anything I had ever felt for her was no more.
My brother changed after that and became
something dark and
sinister. We grew to hate each other even though we
were twins. A
few years ago was the last time I saw my brother;
he had come to
challenge me for my right to the throne and lost of
Hopefully this dream of Crystal's doesn't mean he
is coming back. If
he does I will kill him. He is not going to get
anywhere near her. I
will not let him take away what's mine.
Crystal's POV
The past few weeks have been really quiet and
uneventful. April is
away on vacation, so it's been just Casper and I
here. Sapphire's
been home a few times but doesn't stay too long.
“I have so much to do and so little time.”, she kept
saying to herself.
When I'd ask what she was talking about, she
always said it was
nothing and would walk out of the room.
“Damn, there's no need to be so secretive.”, I
would think to myself.
I walked through the garden outside and Casper
said it was fine, as
long as I didn't try and leave the grounds without
him. I agreed, I
didn't want to encounter his brother Jasper.
Especially given the
dream I had a few weeks ago.
Casper thought my dream might mean Jaspers
going to try and
come after me. So he wants me to stay as close to
the house as
“Are you coming inside soon?”, he asked.
“If you want me to.”, I said not really wanting to.
“No it's okay, I was coming to join you.”, he said
while walking
towards me.
He took a seat beside me on the grass and lay
back with his hands
behind his head. He looked so relaxed just lying in
the sun. I wanted
to reach up and touch his hair it always looked so
“We're having a party on Saturday.”, he said .
“Party? Like with more than just the two of us?”, I
“Yes more than just the two of us.”, he said
“Really? Like who?”, I was curious.
I was a little excited the only contact I've had was
when we went
shopping and that didn't end to well. “Was it going
to be all
Vampires? Are there going to be humans? Will the
Vampires try to
eat me?”, I wondered. Maybe this isn't such a good
idea after all.
“Who will be coming?”, I asked.
“Just some friends and family.”, he stated.
“Are they all Vampires?”
He let out a slight chuckle. “No we do have human
friends, Sapphire
is pretty good at making friends.”, he said.
It looked like he was thinking.
“Great I wonder how Sapphire makes so many
human friends,
maybe I don't want to know that answer to that.”, I
shuddered at the
We laid in the sun for about an hour longer before I
noticed Casper
was getting a little fidgety.
“Let's go inside.”, I said.
“We don't have to, I know you like being outside.”,
he said.
“I've been outside for four hours now, I think I can
drag myself
inside.”, I said smiling.
He slowly stood up and we walked back to the
house side by side,
“How do I know what to wear to a Vampire party?”,
I wondered.
“What do I wear?”, I asked. I know it sounded like a
weird question
to ask and I felt stupid as soon as it left my lips.
“Uh clothes.”, he replied.
“You know what I mean. Do I wear a dress or do I
wear jeans and a
shirt?”, I asked totally clueless.
“You can wear whatever you want.”
“Okay.”, I said.
Today was Wednesday so I have three days to
decide what to wear.
Hopefully Sapphire or April will be back by then,
because I really
need their help. I made my way upstairs because
Casper was going
to his office.
And hope u all have a better understanding of
Casper now and why he was so cruel at 1st.
Chapter 19
I wonder if his dad will be at the party, he did say
family and friends.
I know Jasper isn't invited, Casper wouldn't invite
him to anything.
I've grown to like Casper over the last few months, I
don't know why
after the way he treated me when he first brought
me here.
The rest of the day seemed to fly by. I went into the
kitchen to make
Casper his dinner, but he had already beaten me to
“What are you doing? Dinner isn't ready just yet.”,
he said.
“I was coming to make you dinner.”
“Well your too late, I've already started.”, he replied.
I knew what he was making I could smell it. My
favorite pizza with
barbeque sauce, ham, salami, and pepperoni with
lots of cheese.
“How did you know this was my favorite food?”, I
asked truly
“I called April.”, he said with a cheeky grin.
“She's on vacation, you're not meant to be calling
her to ask about
my favorite food.”, I scolded him.
“I wanted to surprise you.”, he said with a sexy as
sin smile on his
His smile could melt anyone's heart. Damn! Why
can't I stop
thinking like that.
“Well thank you.”, I told him.
I sat the table while I watched Casper move around
the kitchen. He
finally took a break and came and sat at the table
beside me. I was
too busy thinking of his smile, and I didn't realize
he was speaking
to me.
“Is something wrong?”, I heard him ask.
“No, sorry I was day dreaming.”, I replied smiling.
“Would you like to do something tomorrow?”, he
“Like what?”
“I don't know, anything you want.” he said.
“We could go swimming or party shopping.”, I
“That sounds like a plan, shopping for party
supplies. Then we can
come back here and go swimming.”, he agreed.
Casper stood and walked back over to the oven to
check on the
pizza. I could tell it was ready just by the smell.
Pizza had always
been my favorite, I could live off of it. My mum
always used to have
a go at me, because I'd always suggest the same
thing repeatedly
when she'd ask what I wanted for dinner.
I was busy thinking of my mum and didn't realize
that pizza was in
front of me, until I felt Casper grab my hand and
ask if I was okay. I
just nodded my head and grabbed a slice of pizza
with my left,
because he still had a hold of my right.
His hand felt so warm in mine, but it also felt so
right. It was like my
hand was made to fit in his perfectly. I was a little
upset when he let
go, and I looked down at my pizza. All of a sudden
I didn't feel like
eating, and I placed what was left of my slice back
on my plate.
“Excuse me.”, I said as I stood from the table and
walked out of the
“What's the matter Crystal? This isn't like you.”, I
heard him say as I
walked out.
I don't know what's wrong with me, I'm happy one
minute and sad
the next. All because he let go of my hand, why
was I doing this to
myself. I can't like him he's too different compared
to me, he'll live
forever and I'll die. So there is absolutely no way it
would work. Who
would have thought that I'd start to like my
“Crystal, can I come in please?”, aked Casper from
the other side of
my bedroom door.
“I just want to be left alone please.”
“Please, I won't stay long. I just want to check and
make sure you're
okay.”, he said.
“Fine.”, I said.
He walked into the room and sat on the edge of
the bed. I rolled
towards the window and looked at the light coming
off the moon.
Even being this close to him is giving me
“ Tell me what's wrong.”, he asked. He sounded a
little sad, like it
was hurting him knowing I was upset.
“I can't just tell him how I feel, it will ruin
everything. I don't want to
ruin everything, but I can't keep these feelings
buried any longer.”, I
thought to myself.
“Nothing is wrong, I'm just fine.”, I lied.
“I know you're lying to me, remember I can read
your mind. I've been
trying very hard to stay out of your thoughts, but if
you don't tell me
I will read them.”, he said.
“Please just leave me alone, I need time to think.”, I
“Okay, be ready by nine we have party shopping to
“Yes, I'll be ready by nine.”, I promised.
****CASPERS P.O.V****
I was leaving her alone for the night, so I decided
to head to the
kitchen and clean up from dinner. I put the plates
and pans in the
dishwasher, and the left over pizza in the fridge.
“What could have upset her so much.”, I wondered.
I could have listened in, but I promised I wouldn't
do that to her
anymore. It upset her and that was the last thing I
ever wanted to
do. I finished up in the kitchen and made my way
to my room, I
could tell she was asleep by her heartbeat and her
“I need to tell her she's my soul mate, but how will
she react?”, I
thought to myself. I should wait on telling her, it
wouldn't do any
good to tell her now. Not when she's only starting
to trust me, I
don't want to scare her away.
I laid in bed and listened to her heart beat, it was
the most amazing
sound I'd ever heard. Before I could get up and
change out of my
clothes, I had fallen fast asleep.
“ PLEASE, LEAVE ME ALONE!”, I heard her scream.
I tried to figure out where the screaming was
coming from, but I
couldn't pin point it. I ran through the house and out
the front door,
but I still couldn't see her anywhere.
“ CRYSTAL! WHERE ARE YOU?!, I screamed in a
“ Please help me Casper!”
“ Where are you? I can't find you!”
“ I'm over here, please hurry!”, she yelled.
I ran as fast as I could, and finally I caught her
scent. I ran in that
direction hoping to find her, but she wasn't here and
her scent had
“ CRYSTAL!”, I screamed.
That's when I caught another scent, one I knew too
well. It was very
similar to mine, but had a hint of lavender to it.
How dare he touch what's mine, she is my soul
mate! If he has hurt
her in any way, I promise I'll rip his non existent
heart right from his
“ Now now brother, don't think like that.”, I heard
him say from behind a
tree, as he slowly stepped out in view.
He walked from behind the tree dragging Crystal by
her hair.