Chapter 16
“I'd like to look at some dresses," I said.
“Okay, let's go see what we can find," he replied.
We walked into a dress shop and I could tell just
from the look of the
store that everything in here was going to be really
“I think we should find a different shop. Everything
in here looks way
too expensive," I said.
“It's okay, have a look around and see if there is
anything you would
like," he replied as a sales lady walked towards us.
“Welcome, Prince Casper," she said.
'Oh my god, why did she just call him prince?' I
“Hello. Would you please show Crystal around, and
whatever she
may like we'll take," he replied in an assertive tone.
“Of course sir," she curtsied. The lady grabbed my
hand and walked
me towards a row of dresses on the back wall.
They all looked so
beautiful! I ran my hand over the fabric, and was
amazed at the feel
of each and every one.
“I think this would look amazing on you," the sales
lady said.
I looked at what she was holding and it did look
beautiful, but I'm
not sure how it would look on me though. She
carried that one and
reached out and grabbed a few more, and led me
towards the
changing rooms.
“Try these on and we'll see how they look," she
said. She seemed
very nice and willing to help me, too.
I went into the changing room and tried on the first
dress she picked
out. She was right, it did look great on me, but I felt
so out of place
with it on. I put it in the 'yes' pile just because I
didn't want Casper
to think I didn't want to accept his offer of buying
things for me. I
felt bad but what else could I do, I didn't have any
credit cards...not
that I'd be able to buy it myself anyway.
By the time I was finished, I had four beautiful
dresses, but when the
sales lady brought up the total I tried to argue with
“Please let me put two back, it's way too much," I
kept saying but
he wouldn't listen. Seriously, who would pay three
thousand dollars
on four dresses?
“Okay, now let's go look at shoes," said Casper.
“Okay," I agreed reluctantly.
We went into three different shoe shops and left
with six different
pairs of shoes. I got heels, sandals, boots and
tenis shoes.
In all three shoe shops they all greeted Casper as
Prince. I need to
ask him why they call him that but I think I know
why... he's the
Prince of Vampires.
“How about some lunch?” he asked.
“That would be great, I'm starving!” I replied. We
walked to a little
restaurant but that's not what I wanted to eat. "Can
we go
somewhere else, I don't want to eat here."
“Where would you like to go?”
“I saw a little kebab shop while walking here, do
you think we can go
there?” I asked hopefully.
“Of course," he said as we made our way back
towards the kebab
I ordered a beef kebab with cheese and barbeque
sauce. Casper got
the same. We waited for our order and took a seat
outside on the
balcony. There were only two people out here and
they were on the
opposite side.
“Can I ask you a few questions?" I asked him
“Of course you can," he answered.
“Why did they refer to you as Prince Casper?”
“Because I am the Prince," he simply stated.
Just like I thought, why else would they call him
Prince? I started to
get a little overwhelmed, seeing as I was kidnapped
by the Prince of
“It will be a long time before I take the throne,
though," he said out
of nowhere.
“Why?” I asked
“Because my father isn't ready to step down.”
Then I remembered my dream, the one of me
running through the
forest. I should ask him who Jasper is. “Who is
I could tell it hit a nerve because he tensed up, and
his eyes went
black. I could see his huge muscles under his shirt.
“How do you know Jasper?!” he nearly yelled at
me. I slightly jumped
at the sudden assertiveness in his voice.
“I had a dream he was chasing me through the
forest that joins to
your house. I fell and cut my leg and tried to get up
and run again, I
couldn't though. Then I heard a crashing sound. I
looked up and
you had him by the throat against a tree and told
him never to come
back, but he said he'll get me eventually," I said in
a rush.
“Please, whatever you do, tell me if you ever see
him, or if he tries to
come near you. You need to stay away from him,"
he said in a
worried tone. I've never heard Casper worry before.
“How? I don't even know what he looks like, it was
too dark for me
to see."
“He looks just like me but with black hair," he
replied. "He is my twin
brother and if you thought I was mean before, that
was nothing
compared to what Jasper is constantly like.
Chapter 17
Great. Now I have to watch out for another crazy
Vampire. Not that I
think Casper is going to be like that anymore, but I
know he's strong
and capable of inflicting horrible pain. Pain I
don'twant to endure
ever again.
I had gotten some jeans, shirts, and shoes, when I
realized I hadn't
gotten any bras or underwear.
“I need underwear," I said to Casper.
“Okay, I'll take you to a shop and wait outside. No
way am I going
into one of those shops," he said with a slight
Once we were finished eating we walked towards a
lingerie shop. I
walked into the store on my own and was a little
over whelmed at all
of the different types of bras and underwear. I tried
to find some low
key stuff, you know nothing real sexy. I didn't see
anything like that
in this shop. I picked up a few push up bras and
some minimizers
because I have big breasts, and sometimes I like to
hide them a
I picked out some bras that I would wear and got
some boy shorts
and g-strings and placed them all on the counter. I
couldn't help but
pick up a very cute and sexy teddy, even though I'll
probably never
wear it.
As I was looking a sales lady came walking up to
the register.
“Hello, I'd like to purchase these," I said and I
pulled Casper's credit
card from my back pocket. Th sales lady took one
look at the card I
handed her and said,
“You're not welcome here," she spat at me.
“Excuse me?” I said oonfused.
“I said you're not welcome here, so get out!” she
yelled at me.
“No!” I yelled back at her.
“He'll just use you and then kill you, like all the
other whores he's
had," she sneered at me.
I stood there with tears in my eyes, but I wasn't
going to let this little
bitch get to me.
“Now get out of my store!” she spat at me. She
reached over the
counter and slapped me across the face.
That's it! I stormed out of the store and looked
around for Casper,
but I couldn't see him. I turned around in slow
circles and caught
sight of him walking out of a jewelers with a bag in
his hand.
“Where are your bags?” he asked looking confused.
All our others
were already in the car because there were so
“I changed my mind, can we go now please?” I
asked still livid.
“What's wrong?” he asked me concerned.
“Nothing” I lied.
“You're nearly crying, what happened?” he asked
more sternly. So I
told him what happened and he stormed off
towards the shop. “Who
said it?” he asked me looking pissed.
I pointed to the lady who said those things and hit
me. Casper was
so angry I could the vein in the side of his neck
screamed at her.
“I'm sorry," she said. She looked stunned that
Casper had actually
came back to speak to her about what she did.
“You will address me as Prince Casper.” he told
“I'm sorry Prince Casper. I'm sorry for what I did
and said to her.”
she said.
“That's not good enough. GUARDS!” he yelled. Four
big bulky guys
in uniform came running through the door.
“How can we help Prince Casper?” the biggest one
“Take her to the palace dungeons.” he ordered.
“NO! PLEASE DON'T TAKE ME!” she screamed.
“ENOUGH!” Casper commanded.
screamed at me.
Casper gave a slight nod of his head, and within
three seconds he
had a sword pointed towards the lady.
“Down. Now.” he demanded.
She refused to go down on her knees, so one of
the guards pushed
her down until she was kneeling down with her head
bowed. I had
no idea of knowing what was going to happen and
it was over in a
flash. Right before my eyes, all that was left of the
woman was a body without an head. Casper had
decapitated her. I started screaming
hysterically as tears poured down my face.
“Ssh, it's okay," Casper whispered into my ear.
Although he was trying to calm me it wasn't
working, tears still
poured down my face. I was feeling all hot and
dizzy. I needed to
calm down but I didn't know how to. I closed my
eyes and tried to
sleep during the car ride back to the house, but
every time I closed
my eyes I could see Casper lift the sword and bring
it down on her
neck. The drive back was quicker than it was on the
way there. As
we pulled up in front of the house, I didn't move.
Casper walked to
the passenger side and picked me up, I cuddled
into his chest as he
walked inside and placed me in the lounge.
“I'll be back in a minute, I'm going to go get the
bags out of the car,”
he said as he disappeared out the door.
I laid back on the lounge and closed my eyes, I
didn't know Casper
was back until he asked if I'd like to eat.
“No thank you," I said. He sat at the end of the
lounge and turned
the TV on.
“Is there anything you'd like to watch," he asked. I
just shook my
head no. I wasn't in the mood to watch TV, so I
closed my eyes and
slowly drifted off to sleep.
****Casper's P.O.V****
I watched as she drifted off to sleep. I can't believe
that nosy bitch
said those things to Crystal, let alone hit her. She
should have been
tortured instead of being killed. I feel bad for what I
did in front of
her but it had to be done.
I placed Crystal's legs on my lap, so she didn't
have to sleep with
them tucked up. I pulled the blanket off the back of
the couch and
laid it across her to keep her warm. One day she's
going to ask me
why I changed so much, compared to when she
first came here but I
dread telling her the truth.
How am I meant to tell my soul mate, whom at
first I held so much
hatred towards, that I did so because she reminded
me of the
woman who helped murder my mother?
The night that Mary betrayed me, I didn't stop to
listen to what she
meant by “I had to do it”. Little did I know I was
about to find out.
Once I was taken back to the house by the unknown
male, I was left in
the dungeons. I wondered how this unknown male
knew his way
around the palace. Once he threw me on the floor, I
saw a girl with
brown curly hair walk up to the cells with Mary. I
kept hearing Mary cry
and say, “No please, I did what you asked, but
please don't do this,
please!” She kept saying it over and over again. I
was still paralyzed so
I couldn't even ask what was going on. The last
thing I heard was the
brown haired girl say, “ Come on, we don't have
much time!”
I don't know how long I was down there before I
heard a blood curdling
scream, and then the house was in an uproar. A
guard came down to
the dungeon to grab weapons and I called out to
him realizing I could
talk. “Hey, please help me! I've been staked, and
I'm still weak,” I said.
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