🌺 Episode🌺 20 finale
Min hu pov cont
Seriously seeing this girl right now gat me confused it seems like is should just go and stangle her ,she paid for the things she bought and left ,i paid for mine too and quickly followed her ,i drove behind her and saw were she stays before i turned back and went to the hospital
Kun pov
Am so happy now i cant wait to see lya and min,and trust i have collected every single dine that belongs to me and lya from mr choi ,he act like he is wise not knowing he is the dumest person i have ever seen ,i tricked him easliy and he is still yet to realise it ,right now am on my way to the airport with kyle he looked very nervous and tensed ,i know how he feels after how many months he is going to see the love of his life what is she dont love him anymore ,well he is not the only one tensed i am also,talking with my sister after how many years and finally there will be nothing to stop me from telling min how i feel about her am really nervous too,we arrived at the airpot and entered my private
Min pov
i woke up very early because i have many unfinished business ,and i have to prepare before kyle and kun comes ,lya is not yet discharged because the doctor said he has to keep close watch on her before she will be discharged
"Min were are you going this early "lya siad
"I found the witch and am going to teach her a lesson " i replied
"Why did you tell me since "lya said trying to stand up
"I am coming with you so we can teach her the lesson of her life together " she said
"No lya you have to rest you are not yet strong in doing such ,dont worry just rest am going to make sure i deal with her for you trust me shes going no were this time 'i said
"That means you will have to video everything so i can watch"she said
"i will lya"
"Make sure you also break her bones and make her skul more blad "lya said and i chuckled
I headed out of the ward and i saw seo coming in,he came early
"Hi min,were are you going "he asked
"I saw ji woo and and going to teach her a lesson of her life " i replied
"So that bitch is here" seo asked
"Are you coming or not "i asked
"Hell yes am coming,its been long i had fun "he replied and we left the hospital
we arrived at ji woo house ,Seo went in and brought her out
"Min what are you doing here "she asked
"Well you will soon get an answer"i replied"so if you know what is good for you just entre this car quietly"i said
"What makes you think i will come with you "she said and scoffed
"hmm right now ,somewhere there is a guy pointing a sniper Gun at your forehead so if i just wave my hands up ,,you are dead and i will throw your body into the ocean like you never existed" i said she flinched and look arround am sure she is already scared
"you should know me by now jiwoo,i dont play arround,so just entre the car"
we took her to an empty warehouse and tied her up
"What will you gain by killing lya" i asked
"I didnt kill her"ji woo replied
"So you still have the guts to lie" i said
"do you know lya is alive now "
"What ?" she said
"i didnt do anything besides you guys have no prove so you better let me out of here because when i leave here am going to get you all arrested"
"Untie her"i said to seo and he did she stood up and walked up to me
"Seems you are scared on my dad "jiwoo said
"No am not ,if you want to go then you must go through me ,that means you must beat me first "i said and she laughed
"You are soo skinny min ,i will just break you into pieces" she said
"okay i said and i gave her a standard blow on her cheecks ,she spit out blood and threw me a punch but i dogged it ,i kicked her and she fell and i pounce on her,i sat down on her body and destroyed her face with punches all the pain she made us go through i revenged them all on her ,seo pulled me out of her body and the cops came and took her aways ,,i already reported the case to the cops and she was
arrested for attempted murder and am sure her father wont even have a dine to bail her because kun is already done with him
me and seo went back to the hosiptal and played the video for lya ,she kept laughing at the way jiwoo face turned ,soon the door opened kyle walked in followed by kun both looking as hot as ever ,kyle rushed to lya and kissed her deeply ,while kun came and hugged me and gave me and pecked my cheecks i could see the anger in seo's eyes ,none of them even noticed him
"Ahemm ,i cleared my throat so that kyle and lya would stop kissing because the kiss is getting pretty intensed ,lya looked away blushing while kyle turned to seo
.. "What are you doing here "kyle asked in anger and that was when kun noticed him too
"Guys calm down,he already explained everything to me ,it is not his fault i said
"Lya ,this is kun your brother" i said
"My she said in shock ,kun rushed to her and hugged her
"I promise never to leave you again kun said in tears
"Okay this was supposed to be a happy moment "i said ,i showed them the video of jiwoo and they kept laughing ,seo dragged me up and kissed me deeply is saw suprised at first but later returned the kiss
they began clapping and making cheers while we just laughed ,,no matter what my heart still belongs to seo because he is my first love
My phone rigned and i picked up
📞Hello,who is this i said
📞c'mon honey ,have you forgotten me so soon
📞dad i yelled happily
📞Were are you honey,am home
📞I will be home soon dad,i love you
📞I love you more 😘
Kun pov
Right now am sad but in the other way am happy,am happy i find my sister,we collected all that belongs to us, and min is happy also,sometimes there are some things that are not ment to be ours we just have to let go,i know someday i will find the right person for myself
The End 😊