The Bad Ass Girl Episode 17 || 18 || 19


🌺Episode 17🌺
Min hu pov
"Seriously min i dont get why we are kidnapping this guy ,shouldnt we just call the cops "kun said
"No i need a lot of information from this guy so just help me carry him" i said
We took the guy that passed out tied his house and drove to my house ,Me and kun carried him to the quest room ,i tied his hands and legs with rope so he wont be able to excape ,i cleaned his wound and applied some Hot balm to it,,
"We just have to wait till he wakes up"i said
"What if he dosent"kun said
"I know he will,can you just order some food am really hungry"
"Okay "he replied and left the room
Am min hu and i am not a weak girl,break up or disappiontment can ruin my life and am sure what ever made seo took that dicission will be very important ,even if its hard to let go i just have to hope for the best
kun ordered food and we ate in silence after eating we heard some noise in the room am sure the guy is awake ,we stood up and went upstairs
"What am i doing here " he asked
"Well i need a few information from you"i said
"So you small girl brought me to this house and tied me up and now you want me to talk" be said and scoffed
"Dont underestimate me i said"
"Were are you parent kids ?so you think you can threathen a grown up man like me,you be serious"he replied and chuckled"
"Alright am just going to ask you this question onces ,who sent you guys and why do you guys want to kill kun"
The man laughed and laughed like i said something funny,while kun leaned on the wall and watched ,,seems this man thinks am joking ,,i brought out my pen knife from my back pocket
"You think you can scare me with just a pen knife "he said
I bent to the mans face and stabbed the knife on his laps ,,he screamed in pain and started crying ,,now i have people watching your family (its a lie oo ,i just saw a wedding ring on his hand so am sure he is married) so you better talk or they go down
"Please i will talk just leave my family alone he said "
"Fine the talk,who sent you"i said
"Its mr choi woo ,,he asked us to kill kun and his sister "
"omg,, so you guys were planning to take my sister"kun yelled angrily
"Do you know why he wants them dead"i said
"no we are just hired to do dirty jobs for him"
Now can you let me and my family go in peace he said
"Not so fast,,give us his address"i said
Thanks for you co operation nigga i said ,i am going to release you now ,i tied his eyes with a cloth and led him outside with kun 's help of course ,,we took him to the cars a drove to the main road ,untie his eyes and told him to go ,,he leamped and left
"why are you quiet kun" i asked
"Its nothing am fine " he replied
"Do you know the man he mentioned" i asked
"Yes his name sounds familar" he replied
"Well tomorrow we are going to check his house out " i said and we drove to the hospital
Kun pov
Everything that has been happening today just left me speechless and confused ,so mr choi woo knows am back to seoul that is why he want to kill me and lya ,if he is after my life that means he is the one with my inheritance
that man is so wicked ,am just really worried about lya now i hope i hope nobody hurts her

We later found out that the so called mr choi woo is the father of jiwoo ,,you can see evil and wickedness in their blood

Seo pov
I cant believe i left the love of my life without a call or text ,i miss her so much, life without her have been hell for me , i wake up everyday with series of nightmares ,i drink till am drunk and carry girls the way i want
I took over the company and go to work everyday like a shadow of my self,how wonder how min is doing , i really miss her so much 😭😭i kept talking as glumuped down the remaining drink
Three months later
Min hu pov
Life has been hell for me for the past three months ,my dad is no were to be found no call no text,seo is gone also,kyle is in college he come to visit lya once in a while and kun have been really busy trying to collect his inheritance back
I sat down in the hospital close to lya and help her hands ,
"lya am tired already ,nobody i hear anymore and i have too look for my dad ,He cant just go just like that "
I called kun and he agreed that lya can be transfered to America with me ,,,am going to america to look for my dad and lya will be transfered to america also and maybe i can meet seo again,i really miss him
Ji woo pov
Conversation between jiwoo and her dad
📞Hi sweetest appa,i missed you ,i said
📞spill it out ji woo ,i know you want somethimg,,he said
📞Well dad am coming back to seoul tomorrow ,i said
📞Oh ,well dont come things over here is really bad,just take a vaction maybe go to america ,i will send you more money
📞Wow ,thank you so much appa ,I love you
📞love you more sweetie
Call ends
I screamed and jumped on my king sized bed ,am going to america for vacation,,ohh i cant wait ,i really have the best father in the world ,let me start packing
America here i come...
🌺Episode 18🌺
Kun pov
its been two days min left with lya and i already miss her so much ,once am done with mr choi woo,i will go and meet them there ,mr choi thinks he is very smart now knowing i have my own ways too ,i have met with some of our relatives and they told me all mr choi did to them,the way he turned all the property to him self without their consultant,he even told them that me and my sister was found dead with my parent,so they decided to share the property but he refused and anyone who talk back at him will be found dead ,he already killed two people ,so am going to make sure i collect everything even his money in which he invested i will take them also,,,i have different people working for me in each of the company and they are withdrawing all my money and putting them in a separate bank ,i already got half remaining half
Grrin Grrin 
📞Hello sir
📞Yes speak
📞I think mr choi has found out about the money
📞well look for another way,you are an expert ,and make sure you confuse him
📞Okay sir
Call ends
since mr choi now has an idea of what is happening i have to involve plan b ,,that means i need to distract him from work
📞hello sir
📞Do a background check on mr choi ,i want to know everything about him and his family i need it ASAP
📞 Okay sir
call ends
🌺 Min hu pov 🌺
I have been wondering arround in the city,i have been to the place my dad work,but no one seems to know where he is ,but i still have one place in mind
I hailed a cab gave him the address ,am going to see a friend to dad ,we normally do visit him back then,,i reached the gate and knocked ,the gateman directed me inside and knocked on the main door
"Good day mr lucas" i said
"Oh min my daughter" he said and hugged me briefly "i have been waiting for for you come in"he said and led me inside,wait did i hear he has been waiting for me
"Your dad was right,you are a really smart girl,he said you would come"
"please sir tell me is he okay ,where is he "i said in panic
"Calm down young girl ,your dad is fine ,he came here few months back and gave me this letter to give you when you come "he said and gave me the letter
I opened it and read it
I kissed the letter and put it in my pocket hugged mr lucas and ran out of his house happily at least i know dad is okay ,i took a cab back to the hospital and went to lya's ward
"Lya dad is okay ,am so happy right now i pecked her cheeck and noticed her hand moved ,,wait am i dreaming or is it the happiness of dad that is making me see double ,,her hand moved again ,,i screamed and called the doctor ,,when entered the ward and touched her
"Congratulation miss you patient is awake" he said
I jumped and huggeg the doctor
"Miss he said and i calmed down and maintained with smiles all over my face
"You need to get her clothes and food but for now dont disturb her she needs all the rest she can get "the doctor said and walked out
I took my phone and called kun immediately ,,he almost blocked my ears with screams ,he was so happy,i was happy too,today was more like the most happiest day ever to me ,,after months of tears finally i smiled ,dad is okay,lya is awake everything is just perfect
I rushed out of the ward and bumped into a man crying ,his scent was so familiar and i looked up SEO
Somebody wake me up
Pour me water i think am dreaming 😂😂.

🌺Episode 19🌺 Semi finale
Min hu pov
he hugged me tightly and kept crying on my shoulders ,I led him to my car because he was already burning up ,he sat down and we drove to the house(kun house).
I took him to my room and he lay down on the bed after taking some drugs ,i used the duvet to cover him properly and he slept off immediately ,finally i found seo ,in the hospital crying after all this months ,his in the house now on my bed ,i have a lot of things to ask him but i just cant,seriously today is a really blessed day ,i call kyle and told him ,he was really happy and said he was coming the following day ,kun is coming and kyle is also coming ,tomorrow is going to be great ,i walked to the kitchen and began cooking and i have decided not to tell lya about kun ,i want it to be a suprise to her
seo pov
I woke up with a slight headache,i cant believe i saw min she brought me here and and in her room and untop her bed,,i remembered the event of the day , how i killed malisa,i was drunk and driving she kept shouting and hitting me ,i lost control and we had a accident ,i wasnt injured but malisa died because she wasnt putting on seat belt ,my life has been a mess since i left min ,i just cant live without her and now am in her house ,i went downstairs and perceived a welcoming aroma ,i knew min was cooking,i went to the kitchen and leaned by the door and watched her ,i really miss her,i wish i could just grab her ,hold her tight without letting go,kiss her like my life depends on it,what is she even doing in america ,who owns this house
"you know its bad to stare too much"
she said without turning back,wow so she knows i have been here
"says who" i replied
"Says me"
She dished out the food and set them on the dining ,we sat down and began eating ,i expected her to start asking me question upon question but instead she ate her food quietly
"What were you doing in the hospital"i asked
"i went to see lya ,she awake and am going back there immediately am done eating"she said
"wow am so happy i cant wait to see her" i said but she just nodded
"Min am sorry for leaving you "i said and began explaining everything to her,how i lost my phone ,how my dad threaten to disown me ,how my life has been without her and how malisa died ,she just smiled and washed the dishes without uttering a word
Soon we headed to the hospital

Lya pov
i opened my eyes and everywhere was blur,i closed them and opened them again,my vision was clear ,i looked arround and i was in the hospital,who am i,and how did i get here i dont remember anything ,i looked arround and saw some note i picked them ,the first one was written by kyle i read it ,it was so emotional and filled with love ,who is this kyle to me ,,i picked the next one written by kun who is kun ,i read the letter if was amazing too and called me sister unlike kyle who call me love ,i picked the last one ,it was written by min ,i read it and began to cry my head was spinning and i began to remember everything,kyle my boyfriend ,min my best friend ,seo her boyfriend and jiwoo that witch how she pushed me but who is kun and why is no one in the hospital,did they all abandon me ,i kept thinking and the door opened min walked in and seo followed behind
"Min you are here"i said
"Am always here for you lya she said in admist tears"
"I miss you so much lya" seo joined the hug immediately
"did you guys catch the witch "i asked
"No she ran away and left the country before we knew she was behind it seo answered while min nodded
"Were is kyle and how many days have i been here" i asked
"Days ? min said and chuckled
"You have been in coma for five months and kyle is in college in korea but he will be here tomorrow "min said
"What five months? i can believe it "
Who is kun ?
"Lya calm down ,just eat and rest for now ,i will tell you everthing tomorrow mi said
"Okay can i get chips "i asked
"sure "min said and walked out while seo followed her behind ,,i know am just recovering but i know surely something is up with those two ,ohh and i forgot to ask her which country we are
min hu pov
Lya is very funny,she loved chips right from when i knew her ,and now she wants chips
"Min" i heard and turned back it was seo calling me
"I think i will be heading home now,my father has been calling ,i need to make arrangment for malisa's burial and sought out things with her parent but i promise to be here tomorrow to check on you"he said with pain and sadness in his voice
"Okay" i replied
He kissed my forehead and pecked my cheeks and said "l Love you min before leaving
His words melted my heart and made me realise how much i really loved and miss him but right now i need to clear my head
I arrived at the nearest shoprite were i could buy chips for lya ,it been long i ate junk food i think i will buy some ,i picked some crackers,candy,ice cream and chips and sighted a familar body ,i looked properly ,it was the witch JI WOO..