Chapter One
"Come on Crystal! I know it's your birthday, but
you're going to make us extremely late!" yelled my
best friend Kiara.
I loved that girl more than anything, she's been my
best friend since we were seven. We've been
through a lot together.
I quickly put up the rest of my brown curls and
finished applying my make-up before Kiara came up
looking for me. If she found me unready, she'd
surely kill me! I slid on my red sleeveless form
fitting dress which showed off my curves,and came
to mid-thigh. It's a little slutty but hey, I'm twenty
one! Finally, it's legal for me to drink and go
I walked downstairs where she was waiting, she
looked so excited. She reminded me of a kid in a
candy shop.
"OH MY GOD! LOOK AT YOU!" she screamed when
she saw me standing there.
"Do I look okay? I'm not too slutty am I?" I asked
"You're joking right? Your look amazing! I'm sure the
guys will want to eat you up tonight!" Kiara replied
We were meeting a group of our friends at a club
called, 'The Vault'. We had agreed to meet at 10
pm, and we were already running thirty minutes
behind. Once our taxi arrived, it was going to take
about another twenty minutes to get to the club.
I was getting more excited the closer we got to the
club, I looked over at Kiara and noticed that she
had on a similar dress to mine, only hers was
purple which she accesorized with black heels, and
her long blonde hair flowed down her back in
"You look beautiful tonight girl," I said with a smile.
"Thank you, but you look so much better though!"
she replied.
We finally arrived and I spotted our friends instantly
at the back of the club. We passed by the pool
tables to the left hand side of the club to get to our
friends.I just wanted to drink, dance and maybe
have a little fun later on!
"Happy Birthday babe!" my friends all yelled. I
didn't get a chance to sit down before a drink was
shoved into my hand ,which I tossed back.
"DANCE WITH ME!" I screamed into Damien's ear,
as I dragged him onto the dance floor.
"Sure thing!" he smirked.
We were dancing for what seemed like hours, in the
press of the dance floor, but it was probably only
about twenty minutes.
"Come on! Let's go grab a drink!", Damien said
We made our way towards the packed bar.
Thankfully the bartender had already noticed Damien
who ordered our drinks.
"Hey! Never thought I'd see you again. What can I
get you?" the bartender asked Damien.
" I know! It's been like two years," Damien answered
her, leaning over the bar to give her a kiss on the
cheek. "One bourbon and coke, a QF and vodka
with OJ."
" Do you know her?" I asked Damien when she
turned to make our drinks. "Yeah ,she's my half-
sister. We haven't seen each other in a few years,"
he replied.
We grabbed our drinks and headed back to the
table. Only about forty minutes had passed since
we arrived and already my feet were killing me! I
took a seat at the table and downed my shot.
"Yuck! That's horrible!" I complained with a grimace
as the alcohol burnt my throat.
"Come on chick, it's not that bad," my friend Kendall
said with a smile.
My other friend Aaron stood and said with a smirk,
"I'll go get us another round."
"I don't want more. I won't be able to walk by the
end of the night," I grumbled.
"We'll look after you," my other friend Andy
I took their word for it as Aaron came back with
more QF's. I managed to get three more down
before deciding that I'd had enough. I stood up to
walk towards the dance floor, but my foot slipped
from under me and I went hurtling towards the
floor. Suddenly a pair of strong arms wrapped
around my waist and pulled me up towards a warm
solid body just before my face came in contact
with the floor.
"Thank you so much," I slurred with a smile.
"You're very welcome, beautiful," the stranger
responded with a smirk.
I slowly peeked up at the guy who had saved me
from making a fool of myself. I couldn't help but
stare, he was the most handsome man I had ever
seen. He had sandy blonde scruffy hair, amazing
bright green eyes and the most beautiful face I had
ever seen. Perfect. Everything about him was
"I'm Casper, and you are?" he asked looking down
at me.
Wow! Even the sound of his voice was beautiful.
Surely to God, there had to be something wrong
with him. God couldn't create perfect beauty like
"Ahem." he cleared his throat.
I didn't realize I was still staring and I felt a blush
start to creep upon my cheeks.
"I'm Crystal, it was nice to meet you Casper," I
replied, a huge smile on my face.
"Would you care to dance?" he asked as his hand
reached out to me.
I placed my hand in his as he led us towards the
dance floor. His skin was so smooth and cool, my
hand suddenly felt like it was on fire. We moved to
the music, the pounding bass moving through my
body. We started rubbing and grinding our bodies
against each other and the friction made my whole
body feel as if it were on fire. I'd never felt anything
like this before.
The song finished, leaving us looking at each other,
until Aaron came over to us.
"Come on Crystal. We are all waiting for you," he
said with a wink.
"Thank you for the dance Casper. Maybe we can
have one more dance later, before I leave?" I asked.
"Sure I'll be here for awhile," he replied as he kissed
my hand and smiled.
I blushed from his kind actions as I made my way
over to Aaron.
"Who was that guy?" myfriends asked when Aaron
and I arrived at the table.
"His name is Casper, isn't he hot?" I replied
remembering his bright green eyes.
"He sure is!" Kiara giggled.
So far my night was going great, but I think I'd had
a little too much to drink. I could barely remember
my name. I was that wasted. I made my way to the
bathroom and the last thing I remember was
washing my hands. The next thing I knew,
everything went black as I passed out.