MY 馃懟 GHOST ADMIRER EPISODE 16 || 17 || 18


Episode 16
Cassandra managed to stand up.
“I need to go home”she said not
looking at me. I moved closer to
her and lifted her chin up gently with my hand.
“Don’t be mad at me. That
was a mistake. You
know I love you huh”I said
looking at her. She nodded her
head and moved her face from
my hand. “I know. So please can I go and treat
myself at home? My neck is
burning”she said. She
picked up her hand bag from the
ground and left before I could
say anything. I watched her leave
until she got into her car and zoomed out. I wiped
my face down in
frustration. “John.
You’re stepping on my toes. If
you’re the one to take what are
meant for me, I’ll rather clear you
out of my way finally” I thought to myself. :
John’s POV
Debbie and I sat opposite to each
other at the bar. I ordered for
some refreshments and BBQ.
After eating, we talk about lot of things. It was then
I remembered
what Stella told me about her so I
asked her some questions. “I
want to ask If you know anyone
named Stella.”I said looking at
her. She was quiet for a while before replying me.
“Stella? I
have lot of friends named Stella
so I don’t know which one
you’re asking of”she replied. “Oh
really? OK what of Suzy Mick?”I
asked. She looked at me strangely on hearing that.
are you asking these
questions?”she asked looking at
me. “Because am her fan. I heard
you guys were so close when
she was alive.”I said. She sighed”yes we were. Her
name is Michael Stella and her
stage name is Suzy Mick. It’s true
she’s a close friend of mine. So
bad death took her away so
early.”She said looking sad. “Sorry for reminding
you of the
painful memory. She was also my
female idol. Apart from that, she’s
a friend of mine too. Her death
was so painful. Since you’re her
best friend, you might know a lot about her”I said.
“Yes I do. But
why are you so interested about
her?”she asked looking at me.
“Like I said earlier, she was my
friend also. But her death was
strange to me. Don’t you want to know the reason
behind her
death?”I asked looking at her.
“Since we’re on the same boat,
let’s work together and reveal
the mystery behind her death”I
added. “Good to hear that. Am doing it already. I
know the person that
kill her but the game is not easy
to play with that kind of
person”she said.
: Stella’s POV
It’s 7:00pm, Jenny had packed her stuffs and ready
to go home,
we both left the company
walking beside each other. I
already told her about everything that
happened right from when I
possessed her body till this present day. She was
surprised after I told her
everything. “I never knew that
could be possible. I thought it won’t work
but it does.”she said
looking at me. “Me too. After I did it, I tried going
out but It does
not work out. Am so sorry for
that”I said. “You don’t need to
be. You just helped me not offend me. I
was surprised when those
mean girls were praising me. I will be happy if that
continues”she said smiling.
“That’s so good but that can’t go
forever. The best thing is to work for
yourself.”I said looking at her.
“Hmm. That’s true but I just want to impress
everyone with my
performance. I want to impress
my mum especially.”she said.
“OK. We’ll find a perfect solution to that”I
said. “Thanks.”she
replied looking at me. When we got to the
compound, I saw the
guy from the other day. He was
heading back to the company.
When he got to us, he stopped looking at
Jenny. I think he can’t
see me. Jenny’s expression changed after he stared
at us for
a while, he said hy. And walked
pass us. When he left, Jenny
turned back still staring at him. I tapped
her shoulder and she
turned back to me. “Why are you like this? What’s
wrong?”I asked
her. She took a step forward then
started walking slowly ahead of
me. I walked up to her and we continue
walking towards the
gate. “Why are you acting strange? Why that
expression all
of a sudden”That guy…that guy
is strange”she said looking at me.
“Why do you say that?”I asked looking
confused. “I could see an
evil spirit inside him. That guy is not an ordinary
human being.
And again his…..his thought
said……”she stopped when we
heard some foot steps behind us. We
both turned back gently to
see the person. To my surprise, it was the guy.
Jenny moved closer
to me I could see she’s trembling
in fear as he got closer.

Episode 17
He got to us and stopped looking
at Jenny. He stretched out a
hairpin to Jenny. “This dropped
from you”he said looking at her. Jenny touched her
hair but couldn’t find
it. “Thanks” she said
and received the pin from him. He
nodded his head smiling.
He left us while Jenny still looks
uncomfortable and scared. When he left, I asked her
if what she said was
true. “Do you mean that
guy is an evil spirit?”I asked
looking surprised. “That means
he can see me too.”I added
looking at her. “Yes he does. He definitely saw
you”Jenny replied. “I knew
from the first day I saw
him. His looks were weird and
strange.”I said. “He’s a
dangerous type. Do you know
him specially from anywhere?”she asked me. “No. I
remember seeing him
when I was still a human”I
replied. “His thought interpretes
that He’s someone who knows
you better than anyone. He’s someone who knows
every secret about
your death.”Jenny
said looking at me. I was so
surprised to hear that. I never
knew of all what she just said. I
had no idea of who the guy is to me. :
John’s POV
After Debbie and I talked for
long, and the time is almost 9pm.
We left the bar for my car. After
dropping her home, I drove back home still thinking
about what
she meant by “”the game is not
easy to play with that kind of
person.””I asked her about it but
she refuses to reveal the person
to me. When I got home, I packed my car in the
compound and walked
towards the door. I opened it
and went inside. I saw Stella
sitting on the chair in the living
room. I was surprised she has turned
back to ghost girl. When I got to her she stood up.
Stella’s POV
When I saw john, I stood up from
the couch looking at him. “You’re here
already”he said looking at me. “Yes. I have
something to tell
you”I said. “What’s that? Am also
just coming from Debbie”he said.
“Jenny told me about your
brother. The girl can read thoughts. We
met him today while I was escorting Jenny
home. Can your brother see
ghosts?”I asked looking at him.
He looks surprised by the
question. I guess he doesn’t know about
that. “What do you mean? Because I can see you
doesn’t mean my brother and
sisters can also see ghosts”he
replied looking at me strangely. I
told him everything Jenny told me about
Stephen. He found it so hard to believe. I wondered
he can’t believe me. “That’s
unbelievable! Stephen can’t be.
He might be bad, mean or wicked
but he can never be that evil.”he said
looking at me. :
John’s POV
When she told me the whole
thing Jenny told her about
Stephen, I found it so hard to believe. It
was then I remembered what Debbie told
me at the bar. Could the person
be Stephen? If Stephen did that to
her what’s his purpose and what
does he gain from hurting an innocent
person like her.””I thought to myself still staring at
“We’ll talk tomorrow. Let me
gather myself together first
before I can say anything”I said and
headed to my room. When I got to my room, I sat
on the bed
thinking about the whole thing
over and over again. “Stephen
was possessed? But when?
How?”I asked myself lot of questions I
was not able to give answers to.
Cassandra’s POV.
When I was driving home, I got a
call from my sister saying mum is so sick
and requesting to see me. I don’t visit home for the
four years. Because I was an
adopted child, I was treated
badly by mummy. She always
went against anything I do in the house.
She threatened me to the extend that I ran away
home. When I ran away from
their house, a car almost knock
me down while I was walking
around an unknown street. The driver
turns out to be Stephen. He got down from his car
to check if
I had any injury. He asked where
I was going to that late at night. I
told him I was heading to
nowhere. He asked me what the problem
was and I told him everything about how my Foster
mother treated me. I told him I
can’t go back to the house
because I don’t want to be
treated bad anymore. It was then he
accepted me and I started working for him. Till now
I never
visit them or want to know how
they’ve been living. When their
only daughter elle called me, she
used another line to call me because I’ve
been rejecting their calls all these years. When she
told me about her mother’s
health and her request to see me,
I first hesitated but I thought I
might be a bad person if I didn’t visit
them. I thought of days she took care of me as her
child and
also thought of elle and fathers
good treatments towards me.
Because of that, I made up my
mind to visit them. I made a U turn and
drove to their place. When I got there,
everywhere has really changed a
lot. The houses and the
environment has changed.
Maybe because I’ve been there for long. I
packed my car in front of their building and got
locking it with the remote. I
walked slowly towards the
building. When I got to the
entrance, I took a deep breath before
pressing the door bell. In few seconds, the door
opened by Elle. Immediately she
saw me, she hugged me so tight
with tears on her face. “I’ve
missed you. Am sorry for everything
mother did to you. Please forgive us”she said
sobbing. I patted her back gently
and withdrew her from the hug.
She and father were the only one
that took me as real family so they never
offended me. Her face has not changed from how I
her. I smiled nodding my head.
“Am also sorry for leaving you
guys like that. I hope you forgive
me also.”I said looking at her. We both
went inside to see mother. When we got to her
room, she
was lying on the bed. Tears
dropped from her face when she
sighted me. I stood before her
looking at her face. “Please forgive me
Sandra. Am sorry for everything. I called you here
because I want to apologise
properly. Please forgive me my
daughter.”she said weeping. I
moved closer to her bed and hold her
hand. “I understand you mummy. Am also sorry for
leaving you guys. I regretted
leaving the house because I
realized everything became more
worst for me not better”I said looking at
her. “Elle. Is your dad home yet?”she
asked my sister. “Let me check
him in his room”she said and
headed out. “Thanks for coming.
I had a slight fever. I was just discharged
from your dad’s hospital today. You dad was
giving me medications at home
because I refused to stay at the
hospital.”she said looking at me.
“OK ma. How’s your health right now?
Hope you’re getting better?”I asked. “Yes. Thank
God”she replied smiling. The
door opened and dad came in. I
stood up and greeted him.
“Cassandra! Is that really you?”he asked
looking at me. “Am so sorry sir. Sorry for
making you guys worry. I think
you should understand why I did
that”I said. He walked up to me
and hugged me. “Am the one sorry for
everything. Please forgive us”he said. He released
me and looked at mother. “How’s
your health dear?”he asked
looking at her. “Am fine since I
saw my daughter”she replied smiling.
“Really? That’s so good”he said smiling. The door
flung open and we all looked at
the door wondering what
“She’s acting strange! Dad you need to
check on her”elle rushed in screaming. Dad quickly
out with elle. Mum even tried to
stand up but dad told her not to
worry. I followed them out to
where they’re going to. He opened a door
and I followed him in. When we got inside, a
lady breathing heavily while the
bed was shaking seriously. She
was on the bed with an oxygen
mask covering her nose and mouth. She
was on life supporting matching. I wasn’t
able to see her face clearly so I
moved closer as dad attended to
her. When I got to her, I can now
see her face clearly. She was the girl that
died three years ago. “Suzy Mick!”I said looking at
I covered my mouth with both
hand staring at her confusingly.
Stephen told me she was his ex-
girlfriend when she was alive. He told me
how and reason he killed her three years ago. I was
only one he revealed the whole
secret to because he trusted me. I
was so surprised to see her here.
Why is she here? What relationship does
she have with my Foster parents. I kept staring
at her in shock.

Episode 18
John’s POV
I stood up from my bed and
moved closer to the drawer. I
opened it and brought out the wristchain I had three
years ago. “I
missed you so much. Am so
sorry for not recognizing earlier.
Anyway am happy you’re still
around me. I promise to reveal
every single secret behind you and my mum’s
death. That’s the only
thing I can do for you now
for your soul to rest in perfect
peace.”I said looking at the
wristchain. I stared at it for a
while before closing the box and keeping it back in
my drawer. I stood up
and headed out of my
room to see if she’s still in the
living room. I feel like seeing her
face again to compare to how
she looks three years ago. When I got to the living
room, I saw her still
standing where I left her.
“Why are you still standing there?
I asked her.” She turned to me
smiling. “Am having some
sleep”she replied. “Seriously? Do you sleep?”I
asked looking at her. “I was
only kidding. I just
feel like standing here. I will soon
go back to Jenny now”she said
smiling. That smile reminds me of
when we first met. She smiled the same way while
apologizing to me.
“OK. Why don’t you stay here a
little longer”I said looking at her.
I feel like seeing her for a long
time before going back to bed. “I
have something to do with Jenny”she replied. “Oh.
OK”I said
looking at her. “Anyway why are
you out of your room again? It’s
late. Do you wish to see my face
more before going to bed?”she
asked jokingly. I was surprised she said that. What?
Is she
reading my mind? I thought to
myself. I cleared my throat
looking at her”what’s on your
face? I just came to take some
water”I said heading toward the center table. I
heard her laughing
behind me so I turned to her
wondering why she laughing. “Is
that the way to the fridge? That
shows you just lied about that
because your mind was not there”she said looking
at me. I
felt so embarrassed of myself. I
quickly turned back and went to
the fridge. I opened the it
dodging my face behind the door
in embarrassment. “She’s so smarter than I think”I
said and
took a bottled water from the
freezer. I closed the door and
twisted the cover of the bottle to
open the lid. I was about taking
the bottle to my mouth when I saw something
strange. I looked
at Stella and saw her body was
becoming translucent and fading
off into the air. The bottle
dropped from my hand and I
quickly went to her. “What’s happening to you? Why
is your
body like this?”I asked holding
her shoulders. I could still feel her
body but it felt different. “I don’t
know. Please what’s happening?
I think my time is up on earth. I don’t want to leave
now. I still
have a lot to do. I can’t leave
now”she said crying. I was so
sad and confused. I thought of
how my mum vanished from this
earth and I never saw her again. I got scared the
same thing is
about to happen to Stella. I still
have a lot to tell her. I still have a
lot to do with her. She can’t leave
now but I can’t do anything
about that. I looked at her and she’s becoming
more translucent.
“I think it cant be changed.
Goodbye john. Thank you for
everything you’ve done for me.
It’s time to go now”she said still
crying. I hugged her tight almost crying. “Am sorry.
Am sorry for
everything right from when we
met till now. Am sorry for not
recognizing you earlier. Please
forgive me. I can’t let you go this
time also without saying my heart to you. I think I’ll
regret that for
the rest of my life. Stella. Am using
this moment to tell you I love
you. No one can fill your space in
my heart. I wish to say this three
years ago but you were gone. you might be gone
now but I
promise you to reveal the
mystery behind your death. With
that, I can feel at peace.”I said. I
don’t know when tears rolled
down my cheek. The hug became lose as her body
more. “Goodbye my first love!”I
said before her body faded out
finally. My arms were in the air the
same position I hugged her. I
dropped my hand by my side loosely. “Why do you
have to go
now? Why do I recognize you so
late? Why do I pushed you away
the first time we met?”I said and
wiped off the tears on my face. I
regretted so many thing I did wrong to her. I leaned
my back
to the wall slowly feeling hurt
and sad.
Cassandra’s POV
Dad injected a shot in her arm and that calmed her.
Elle also had
this worried look on her face.
Dad took a deep breath and
placed both hands on his waist
looking at her. “What happened?
Dad what’s wrong with her?”elle asked looking at
her dad. He
sighed. “She got an arrest. Her
condition is getting better but I
can’t tell when she’ll be able to
open her eyes.”he said looking at
elle. She moved closer to her bed and stroked her
hair gently.
“Please you need to get better
and come back to us your fans
huh”she said looking at her face.
Dad looked at me who was still
surprised by what I just saw. “She’s my secret
patient. She had
been in coma for the past three
years. For the past three years
her body just acted this way
today. You must not tell anyone
about who you saw here. No one must know about
her.”dad said
looking at me. I nodded my head
in response. I looked at elle and
she also nodded her head in
agreement to what dad said.
: It’s 9pm and I already said my fare well to them. I
told them I’ll
visit them often from now on.
After I left there house, I was
driving back home but the
thought of that girl kept disturbing me. If I
should keep this to myself and Stephen later
find out, my life could be in
danger and if I reveal it to him,
he’ll definitely kill her again
before she wake up from coma. What
should I do? I don’t want to betray my parent and I
want to face Stephen’s rage.
“Dad, elle. Am sorry to you guys.
I have to do this just to save my
own life”I said and brought out my cell
phone to call Stephen and tell him about the whole
drama. I
was dialing his number but didn’t
notice an upcoming truck coming
from the other side. It was on
high speed. I tried stepping on the break
pedal but it refuses to work. The truck got to me
and hit
my car. My car tumbled twice
hitting the rocks by the cliff. The
glasses broke as it landed on the
rocks. I could not feel my body again as
my eyes shut slowly. It continues hitting the rocks
that before falling down into the
deep river.
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