My 👻 Ghost Admirer


Episode 1
Am a ghost! I know I am. For
the past three years I have
been wondering about from
street to street without been noticed by any human being except
ghosts like me. I have
no idea of why am still in the
human world, ghosts were
suppose to be in heaven after
they die not in the human world. It was a boring and tiring moments
for me been
living on earth as a ghost. So
lonely and tiresome.
I don’t have any memory of
how I die or what was behind my death because am still young.
I was walking down the street
where people were moving
about. Some were smiling and
chatting with their friends,
some were waiting by the bus stop for the next bus. While
some were walking up and
down the street. It obvious
they didn’t notice me as some
people even went through me
while walking. When I got to the bus stop,
among the people standing by
the road side, I saw a little boy
staring at me. I stopped
staring back at him. The boy
should be around 11 to 12 years of age. He looks so dirty
and rough. He can’t possibly
see me except if he’s a ghost. I
wonder if he saw me or was
just staring at something
else.”Can you see me?”I asked him. He wasn’t responding all
he did was kept staring at me.
I moved closer to him and
bent a little to look at him
closely”can you really see
me?”I asked waving my hand before his eyes. He blinked
and stared off. “Yes I did. And
so?”he replied.
He can really see me? Why? Is
he a ghost? An alien?. What
exactly is he?” I thought to myself looking at him
strangely. “Wow. You saw me.
You really saw me. Am so
happy you saw me.”I said
smiling and jumping up
happily. He looked at me and made a dull face”yes I can see
you because am a ghost
also”he said looking at me. He
started moving leaving me

I stood there staring at him as he left”what the hell was that?
I was happy for no reason.
He’s a ghost too. Am older
than you. Don’t be so rude to
me like that”I said looking at
him as he left. “Yeah it’s normal for ghosts to
see ghosts. But why can’t a
single human see me? Why? I
thought some human has the
ability to see ghosts. Why is it
so hard to find one? Where are they all hiding?”I said sadly
looking around. “Why am I still
on earth? I should disappear
from this world if I have
nothing to do with this
humans. I got so lonely and sad everyday. What’s my
purpose for still staying on this
lonely earth? Someone should
tell me from up there”i yelled
on top of My voice looking up
at the sky. Thunder struck from the sky with lightning
like its going to rain soon. As i
heard the sound of thunder
from the sky, i quickly bent
down dodging beside a
bench. I peeped slowly looking up to the sky”wow
that really scared me. was i too
loud? Was he angry at me?
You guys have to go easy on
me. You can’t kill me twice
OK?”i said looking up. After a while, i stood up from where I
dodged then continue
walking heading to an
unknown destination.

John’s POV I was taking pictures of a pretty model artist. She was so
hot and beautiful. I promise
myself to have her pin after we
finish shooting all the
pictures,Then hook up with her later.
From my personality and attitudes towards ladies, You
can call me a player. Am so
handsome and smart. Ladies
of this company were dying over me
because of my
amazing good looking face and body. Because of my look
and appearance, I took the
advantage to play with ladies
all I like. Every girlfriend I have can only
last for a week or less
than that. No matter how pretty she is. After playing with
them, I dumped their a-s off
and go for another new hot
girl. After shooting for 30minutes, I
asked for five minutes break
before we resume back. “Let’s take five minutes break”I said
leaving the scene while
handing over the camera to Sam, my
personal assistant. He
viewed through the pictures I
have taken and smiled at me raising his thumb finger at me.
That shows a sign of an
excellent job. Tina brought a bottle of
water to me with a
face towel to dry my sweats.
“Here sir”she said stretching them to me. I received the
bottle water and drank from it,
leaving the remaining on the table by my
side. I kept staring
at Debbie the model I just
finished shooting her photos. She caught my eyes and was
smiling in a seductive way. I
smiled back winking my eyes at her. She
smiled more
covering her mouth with her
fingers. “Wow. You fell for me already? I think that makes it
so easy for me”I thought to
myself smiling at her. After I finished all
the photo
shoots, the director and
everyone started to round up everything to leave.
Tina came to me and started
drying my sweats with the towel she was
holding. “That
was a perfect job. You’re the
best”she said smiling. “Of course I am”I said still staring
at Debbie. Tina traced my gaze
and smiled. “You like her too?”she asked
as she
withdrew the towel from my
face. I looked at her not replying.
“Go to Sam and help him pack
up OK”I said smiling while holding her
shoulders. I left
her and moved to where
debbie was standing. Immediately Debbie saw me, a
smile formed up on her face. I
got to her smiling also. “You look most
beautiful of all
woman today.”I said looking
at her. “Really? Wow am so happy to hear that”she said
smiling. I can see she’s
blushing by now. “It’s time to leave”a lady
looking at us from afar. “Oh so
sad I have to leave now”Debbie said looking at
me. I dipped my hand into my
pocket and brought out a pen. I took her
hand and wrote my
phone number on her arm.
She smiled looking at me shyly. I kissed her soft lovely
hand and left her to go. “I
promise to call you soon”she said before
leaving to meet
others. I was staring at her
sexy back view as she walks. the fitted gown she wore
glued to her body showing
her amazing curve. Her hips swayed to
each side as she
walked. I kept staring at her
smiling to myself. “Let’s see how long you’ll last.”I said and
also left the scene.

When it’s 7:30pm, I prepared to leave the
company to my
After I finished viewing through some pictures and
making an adjustment were
they went bad, I stood up from the seat
taking my car
key with me. I left the office
and headed to my car in the compound.
I was driving on the highway feeling
happy about today’s
work and thinking about my
next target Debbie. I was smiling happy while driving. I
noticed my car was acting
strange. I decided to pull over and check
what’s wrong with
it. After pulling over, I came
down from the car to check what’s wrong with it. I opened
the bonnet although I have no
idea of what to check or where to touch. I
shut the it
angrily which caused a loud
sound. “What the f--k is wrong with you? Why do you have to
do this to me now?”I said
looking at it. I checked my wrist watch
and saw the time
is almost 8:00pm. It’s dark and
getting late already. I took my phone and dialed Sam’s
number to come and pick me
up from the place I told him the location
and described the
place. Immediately I told him,
he said he’s on his way. I got a bit relieved and started
walking from end to end
waiting for him to arrive. :
Stella’s POV
I was walking down beside
the road roaming about as usual. I saw a guy standing by
a red spot car. He looks amazingly good
looking. From
his facial expression, I can see
he’s bothered by something. I
stared at him for a while admiring his handsomeness.
“Don’t be a stupid girl. Snap out of it.
You’re a ghost not a
human. He can’t even see
you.”a voice said in my head.
“Yes. Who cares if he’s bothered or not? Let me just
go way and ignore him”I said walking
towards him.
But he stopped as I got closer.
I wanted to go to the other
side through him, but he moved to the sideavoiding me.
I stopped and looked up at him. “Why?
Can you see me?”I
asked looking at him. But he
was not looking at me, he was
staring at somewhere else. I moved to his front and tried to
go through him again. He moved to the
side avoiding
me. I did it again and he
avoided me again. I did it over
and over and he also repeated the same thing. I looked up at
him wondering what he’s doing. Does he
see me? Why is
he avoiding me? I thought to
myself looking at him. I
decided to touch his face maybe he can notice that too. I
raised my hand up slowly looking at him.

He stood still
not looking at me. When I
almost touch him, he looked
down at my face angrily”why do you guys like doing this to
me? can’t you just leave me alone and
go your way!”he
yelled at me in frustration and
anger. I got so shocked and
surprised looking at him. He can really see me. He just
spoke to me. For the past three years,
someone just noticed
me. “I thought to myself as he
was staring straight into my
eyes with his bright charming eyes.

Episode 2
I kept staring at him not knowing
what to say. Am happy he can
see me but one side of me was
sad because he’s mad at me. I don’t really care
about that. All that
matters to me was that a
human just saw me for the past
three years. It seems so shocking
to me. I moved back a bit facing
him”you saw me? You can really see me. Am so
happy you do see me. I
don’t know what to do
right now. You’re such a special
being. It’s good to meet you”I
said smiling happily. He doesn’t
look good staring at me. He places his hands by
his waist staring at
me badly. “And so? So
if I can see you what does that
have to do with me? We have no
business together so disappear
from my sight”he said in a little harsh voice. I felt
so bad by what he just
said. He moved from my
sight walking out on me. I tried
to touch him although I know
that’s not possible because I can’t
touch human but when I tried it, I can really feel his
body with my hand. My
hand touched his arm
lightly but he already walked
pass me. I looked at my hand
then looked back at him in
surprise. I can touch him. I can feel it with my
hand. Could this be real? I
asked myself looking at
him. I want to try it again maybe
it was real. So I walked behind
him and placed my hand on his
arm. To my surprise it works. I can feel his warm
body with my hand. I
thought to myself smiling.
He turned and looked at my hand
then looked at my face. “Who the
hell do you think you are to place
those dirty hands on me?”he said looking annoyed.
Why is he so angry? I
never done
anything wrong to him. Why is he
treating me like a trash?”I
thought to myself as I withdrew
my hand from his arm slowly. “Am sorry for that.
But why are you
treating me this way? Did I
do anything wrong to you?”I
asked looking at him. He moved
closer looking straight into my
eyes. “Because I don’t want to see you. I want to
live a normal life. Must
I see you ghosts
everyday. I mean why must you
disturb me? why me of all
people? I don’t want to see you.
Get lost!”he said looking so annoyed and angry. A
car horned from
the road side
which got him to looked back at
it. A young guy came down from
the car and started walking
towards us. He got to us and started looking
around in confusion. “I
thought you were
with someone. Why were you so
loud? And who were you talking
to?”the guy asked still looking
around. “It’s nothing. I was talking to someone on
phone”he replied
raising his phone up.

“Alright. Let’s leave this place it’s
late and cold. Am scared a ghost
might pop out to us”the young
guy said rubbing his shoulders. He left for the car
while the handsome
guy walked behind
him. When he got to the car and
was about opening the door, he
looked back at me with an
unknown expression before opening the door. The
car drove down
the high way. I stared at it
till it was out of sight. I sighed to
myself looking around the dark
area. “What should I do now?
Since he’s the only human that can see me, I need
to be around him
maybe he can help me find
the cause of my death. I really
need his help but he’s too hard to
talk to.”I said looking sad. I
looked at the red sport car and smiled to myself.
“Looks like am gonna
see him again.”I said
smiling. I moved to the side of the
car and went inside through the
door. I sat down on the seat
comfortably leaning my head back with a smile on
my face. :
John’s POV.
Sam was driving the car while I
sat quietly not saying a word
since we left the scene. My mood
was ruin because of the ghost girl I saw earlier.
Sam noticed this
and asked what went wrong
with me. “Why are you so Moody
and sad? Do you have a bad
conversation with the person
you called? It’s rear to see this expression”Sam
said. “I also
don’t know why am like this. I
just felt bad for no reason.”I
replied not looking at him.
“That’s so strange”he said
looking at me. “You’ll have to to pick up my car
morning after the repair”I said.
“Alright”Sam replied.
After 10minutes drive, we got to
my house. I got down from the
car and waved him goodbye. “Drive carefully and
don’t forget
to come early tomorrow. We’re
having another photo shoot by
8am tomorrow.”I said looking at
him from the window. “Okay.
Goodnight”he said. I left after he drove our of my
compound. I
headed towards the gate and
unlocked it. I got to the living
room and went straight to the
fridge to drink some water. My
living room was not that wide. It looks so neat and
well set. The
walls were painted with my best
colour Pure white. While the
couch, center table, rugs, cottons
and the rest were in blue colour.
I walked to the fridge and took water from it. After
drinking, I
threw the bottle in the waste bin
beside the fridge and headed
straight to my room.
I got to my room and laid tiredly
on the large sofa. My room was a medium size
room. It has pictures
and some stickers on the wall. It
really looks like an high school
student room by looking at it. It
looks so rough because I was
too lazy to tidy it up this morning. Clothes and
underwear were
flung at each angle of my room. It
looks messy and rough.

My mind flashed back to when I
saw the ghost girl. The more I
look at it, she looks so familiar to me. Who’s she?
I think I have
seen that face somewhere
before. Where is that?”I thought
to myself looking so worried and

Episode 3
The more I tried to remember, the
more I got more confused about
it. “Well I might have seen her as
a ghost somewhere before. Let’s just forget about
her and get some
sleep”I said turning to the
other side.
I was already dozing off when
the ringtone of my phone pierced
so loud into my ear. “Ooh seriously who is calling
by this time?”I
asked reaching my hand
for it by my side. I brought it
close to my face and saw an
Unknow number. I guess it must
be Debbie. I answer it and placed it to my ear. :
Stella’s POV
I was walking up and down
around the car waiting for him to
arrive. I waited and waited but he
didn’t come for his car. After a while, a car packed
by the road
side. I was so happy he showed
up at last. I waited patiently
looking at the door expecting
him to get down. But to my
disappointment, it was a man that got down from
the passenger
seat. After he got down, the
young man I saw yesterday also
came down from the driver’s
seat. I moved to the car and
stated peeping through the window maybe Mr
handsome is
still inside but no one was their. I
moved to them looking
sad”where’s Mr handsome? Uhn.
Why is he not coming?”I asked
looking at both of them. “Here is the car”the young
said to the man. The man went to
the car and opened the door. He
started the engine. After a while,
he got down from the car and
faced the young man. “There’s nothing wrong with
this car. It’s
working perfectly”the man said
looking at him. “Really? This is so
strange”the young man said
scratching the back of his head. ”
I thought he said it was acting bad yesterday”the
young man
said looking confused. “Nothing
is wrong with it.”the other man
said. “OK thanks. Sorry for
stressing you”the young man
said looking at him. “Oh am ok. Bye”the man said
smiling. He left
with the other car while the
young man was still looking at
the car. I moved closer to him
looking sad. “Hey. Where’s Mr
handsome? Why’s he not here? Please I need to
see him”I said
looking at him. He did notice me
so he couldn’t hear any of my
words. He wanted to go to the
driver’s seat but I followed him
again asking him all sorts of questions even though
he can’t
hear or see me. “Please just hear
me out this once. I need to see Mr
handsome.”I said following him.
When he was about to open the
door, I moved closer to his ear and blew soft air in
his hear. He
jacked back touching his ear.

“What was that? It felt like
someone just made a cold breath
in my ear”he said looking
around. I was standing before him but he can see
me. “Here. Am
right here. Please look at me”I
said jumping up and waving my
hand before him. After he looked
around for a while, he opened
the door and went in. “Ooh. Please don’t leave
me.”I said
looking at him through the
window as he started the engine.
He drove the car slowly then
moved to the highway. “What
should I do? I have to see Mr handsome”I said
impatient. I closed my eyes and
disappear from where I stood
then reappear in the car sitting at
the back seat. The young man
was playing a song which was so loud. He was
driving and singing
along with the music. “Oh my ear.
It’s so loud. Please lower the
volume”I said blocking my two
ears with both hands. But he
kept moving his head to the beat of the song
singing excitedly.

John’s POV
30 minutes before the photo
shoot would start, I was in
Debbie’s car. Only the two of us. The director and
others were at
the studio doing whatever they
have to do before we’ll start the
shoot. She looks more pretty this
morning. “You look like an angel.
So beautiful like a queen”I said in a romantic voice.
She smiled on
hearing that. “Thanks for that.
You’re also hot. So charming and
romantic”she said smiling. “Wow.
It’s first time a lady would tell me
this. You’re so special from all the woman I know.
You’re the most
pretty girl In the world to me. Am
telling you the truth right now”I
said smiling. She laughed a little
looking at me. “Am so happy to
hear that. You’re so cute”she said hitting my
shoulder lightly. I
looked at her face for a while
smiling at her. “Your eyes looks
pretty. Your nose looks so
perfect. And your lips….”I
stopped looking down at her glossy pink lips. I
used my thumb
to wipe the corner of her lip”the
lips gloss is too much. Should I
reduce it for you?”I asked in a
romantic voice. Her cheek turned
red as she continue smiling. I looked at her eyes
then looked
down at her lips. I smiled to
myself and leaned closer to kiss
her. She was also ready for it that
she closed her eyes slowly
expecting the kiss from me. That gave me more
chance as I leaned
more closer to her lips. Our lips
hardly crushed when the ring
tone of my phone distracted us
from the kiss. I quickly went back
to my seating position and took my phone. I
looked at her
face”Answer it” she said smiling.
It was Sam. I think he’s here
already. I thought to myself as I
took the call. “Hello. Am
here”Sam said. “OK. I’ll join you now”I said to him.
I hung up the
phone and slipped it into my
pocket. “I think I need to go for
now. I’ll call you after the shoot.
Can you hang out with me
tonight?”I asked her. “Hmm. Let me check the
remaining of my
schedule for today. I’ll call you
when I do that.”she replied. “Ok
bye”I said smiling. I got down
from her car and headed to
where sam packed the car. When I looked at him
from afar, I can
see he was not alone. A girl was
standing beside him looking
I got to them and saw it was the
ghost girl. Immediately I saw her, I pretended as if I
didn’t see her.
“Oh you’re here so fast.”I said
looking at sam. “Yeah. He said
nothing is wrong with your car
so I brought it back”he said
looking at me.”Really? OK. Thank you”I said. By
now, the ghost girl
was before me “hy. Please I need
your help. Can you hear me out
for once?”she asked looking at
me. “Let’s go”I said to Sam. Me
and Sam started heading towards the studio.
“Please stop ignoring
me. Hear me out please. I promise
not to disturb you”she said
following us.

Stella’s POV I was pleading him to give me
audience but he refused to look
at me or do as if he can hear me.
“Mr handsome can you hear me
please?”I asked walking behind
him. After a while, I followed them to a place. The
place was beautiful. It
looks like they were about to
shoot film or shoot some photos
their. People were there doing
different kind of things. Two ladies were
putting some makeup on for a lady. I guess
she’s a model by the way she
dressed. I moved around the
place looking at some things and
others. As I moved about looking at the
place, I saw a picture on the wall and stopped. The
more I
look at it,my head started
spinning like I want to remember
something by looking at the guy
in the picture. I placed my hand on my
forehead as my head started acting strange. a
flashed into my head.
“Please spear me I promise not to
tell anyone about this”a girl’s voice said.
“It’s too late dear. Maybe that will be your next life.
Am sorry OK. I love you bye”a
guy said. He stabbed the girl with
the dagger he was holding and I
head a great plash of water. *reality*
I came back to my senses wondering what just
The faces were not clear. The
memory was so blur that I was
only hearing there voices. “What just
happened? Whose
memory was that? Who are they?”I said looking
This never happened to me for
the past three years I’ve been
wondering about in this world. I felt really
Could that girl crying be me? Was I murdered?
Who’s the guy that
stabbed the girl?”I asked myself
many questions I was not able to
Would she be able to find the answer???

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