My πŸ‘» Ghost Admirer Episode 4 || 5 || 6


Episode 4
I stood there staring at the
picture. After a while, I
remembered I have to be with Mr
handsome. I looked back and started searching for
looking around
the place. I saw him
standing among those people,
holding a camera in his hand. I
walked slowly towards him
smiling. I stood beside him as he walks around
from one place to
another. “Is this where you
work? Wow it’s so pretty and
cool here.”I said looking around.
: Few minutes later, the photo shoot
started. The lady looks so
beautiful as she did different
poses in different fashion of
dresses and shoes. I was
standing beside Mr handsome looking at him as he
taking the
pictures. By looking at his
face, I could tell he like her by the
way he smiles while taking the
pictures. “I can see you had a
crush on her. It’s OK you’re also a man you can fall
her. You can’t hide
that”i said looking at
him. He looked at me then
concentrated back on the
camera. Wow. He could hear that
of all what I’ve been saying to him since. I thought
myself folding my
arms together.
“Well. She’s so pretty. Am so
jealous of her”I said nodding my
“Good thing you’re not blind”he said under his
thinking I won’t
hear him.
After the the photo shoots, he
went to sit down on a chair. And
I followed him standing beside
the table. A girl brought a bottle water and a towel.
received the bottle
from her and opened
the top. “You did a great job.”she
said smiling. “Oh thanks. You
guys should rest also. I have to
meet someone by 12pm so, I won’t be around
then. You
guys should
finish the rest OK?”he said
standing up from the chair. “Yes
sir”the lady replied.
He went to the other young guy
and whispered something in his ear. He nodded his
in agreement
saying OK.
Mr handsome left the studio
walking down the passage. I
followed him gently without his
knowledge. When he got to the compound, before
could get to his car,
he pressed a remote to
unlock it. He opened the door
and sat down pulling out the seat
belt. He stopped and was looking
around. He peeped through the window then looked
behind him. I can tell
he was looking for me. I
was at a corner looking at him as
he does all this. When he couldn’t
find me, he took a deep breath
wiping his face with his palm. I smiled to myself
at him. “Don’t
be relieved. Am not gone
yet”I said smiling. When he fasten
the seat belt, and was about
driving, I disappeared from
where I was hiding and reappeared beside him. He
stepped on the break
looking at me in shock. “Ooh.
You really scared me”he said
looking at me.
“Were you looking for me? Why? Do you miss
me?”I askec
looking at him.
“What? Stop popping out
like that scaring people around
with your ugly face OK”he said.
“You don’t have to be scared. It’s
not you first time seeing me. Are you really scared
ghosts?”I asked
looking at him. “What’s
she saying? Am not scared of
them. I just don’t like seeing ugly
ghosts popping our of nowhere.
They’ll look like a demon to me.”he said as he
drives the
car slowly
out of the compound.
“Really? So you’re not scared of
me?”I asked. “Am not. I can’t be
scared of you. You don’t even
look scary”he replied. “That means am not an ugly
then? Since
you’re not scared of
me. Am a sexy ghost not an ugly
one”I said smiling. On hearing
that, he started laughing out
loud. I wonder what he’s laughing about. I didn’t
funny. “What’s she
saying?. Sexy ghosts?”he
repeated and continue laughing.
He almost bump into a car but
quickly turn the staring to avoid it. “You have to be
careful if you don’t
want to end up with other
ugly ghosts”I said looking at him.
“So you mean there are sexy
ghosts? That’s so funny. I have
never heard of that before. You’re not even a pretty
ghost”he said
still smiling. I feel
good to see him smile. He looks
so cool and calm.
John’s POV As I was still talking and laughing at
the ghost Girl just said, a
call came in and I took it. My
expression changed immediately
I saw the caller. It was my dad. I
first hesitated to pick it but I took the call and
placed the
phone to my ear.
He said he wants us to
meet me at his office right now
because he wants to have a
meeting with everyone. I
dropped the phone beside me after the call. I hate
down and
talking with him. I don’t like
him and I don’t feel happy
anytime we’re together. But since
it’s a family meeting, I have to
show up. I was not the his first child. I have step
and I have
sisters also. He got married
to three wives. Nathan was his
first son. He’s two years older
than me. While am three years
older than Mary his younger sister. And Julie was
youngest wife’s
daughter. She’s
just 16 this year. Nathan’s mother
was the first wife he married. She
made life like hell for me and my
mother when I was still young. She’s so scary and
Even when
father married the
youngest wife, she hired gang to
beat her up and destroy the
pregnancy she’s having. She was
rescued before they could do anything worst to her.
though my
dad knows she was
the one who did it. He never
confronted her or make any case
on it. She’s so scary than demons
or ghosts. I blamed my mum for getting married to
dad. But what can I
do about it? It’s done
already. Am one of Williams
family. I don’t like engaging
myself with family issues or about
his companies. I like living a simple life and free
from their
He has the biggest
company in the state. He has so
many companies and houses. But
I disguise myself from Williams
family. No one knows am Williams in my company.
when I
was still in school, no one
knows am James Williams son.
I hid my identity from people.
Unlike my other brother Nathan.
He boast about it and spend money like s--t when
he was
in school.
We’re not close at all. We
hate each other ever since we
were kids. We never act like real
brothers even though we still
have the same father. Mary was the only one who
close to me. She
likes me and love
hanging around me everything
in school. She once told me she
wished we were not siblings. She
would have love to have me as her boyfriend. I took
as a joke the
day she said that.
Back to my car.
I frowned my face on hearing
he’s having a meeting with us. I
have to go just to avoid his nagging. I made a U
turn and
went back
heading to the
When I got there, I packed my
car at the garage then got down
and walked towards the door. I entered the big
and make my
way towards his office.
“Why are you not looking good?
Are you angry at something?”the
ghost girl asked following me
behind. I ignored her heading to the elevator. When
I got
to the elevator, I
pressed the button
and it opened. Who I saw there
left me with shock and surprise.
But I hid it not letting it show on
my face. He smiled nodding his head at me. But I
kept on
the straight
face looking at him.
“Long time no see”he said
putting on a fake smile. We both
were staring at each other
awkwardly while I still stood at the entrance
blocking the
elevator from

Episode 5
“Aren’t you getting in?”he asked
looking at me. I looked behind
me but I can’t find the ghost girl
again. I wonder if she left already. I looked at
Nathan and entered
the elevator. It closed
gently until it was locked finally. I
think he just arrived back from
America. I was told he left
country three years ago”How have you been bro?”he
asked placing his
hand on my shoulder.
I looked at his hand and
removed it from my shoulder
looking at him. “Why do you care
about my well being?”I asked looking at him. “Why?
Can’t I asked my
brother how he has
being doing?”he asked smiling. I
laughed a little on hearing him
say that. I looked at him putting
on a straight and serious face. “That’s what am
saying. Why do you
care? Stop acting like you do
when you don’t. I hate seeing
you look at me with that face.
Don’t fake yourself it doesn’t suit
you”I said looking at him. When it got to our floor,
the elevator opened
and I went out leaving
him behind. As I was walking
down the passage heading to the
office, the ghost girl appeared
beside me. “Why is your expression like this? Do
you fight with
someone?”she asked
walking beside me. “Where did
you leave to?”I asked looking at
her. Were you worried about
me?”she asked smiling. “Why would i be worried
about a ghost? I was
just asking”I said
not looking at her. “Hmm hmm
just say you do”she said smiling.
At the meeting… We were all seating round with a
table in the center. Mrs Olivia
(the first wife) was sitting beside
father. I was opposite to Nathan.
Mary was sitting beside me while
Julie and Roseline(the last wife) was sitting beside
each other. Mr
Raymond(his PA) was standing
beside him. While three other
men were also standing by each
side of the office. I wonder why
they are here with us. I thought this a family
meeting not a conference.
Why so much people
staying here with us?”I thought
to myself.
After some minutes of silence, he
began with his speeches. “I welcome you all for
leaving what you
were doing to attend
this meeting. It’s good to see you
all here together in a long time.
And for the person that’s not
here today, may her gentle soul rest in peace.”he
said looking at
everyone. The person he was
talking about was my mother.
My mother’s death was a mystery
to me. She was missing for two
days and the next we heard about her was her
corpse was found at a
sea shore. That day
was the most saddest day of my
life. I cried like I never did. I
wonder what got her to the sea.
Investigations were carried out but nothing was
found behind her death.
I know and believed
the death was not a natural one. I
always believe she was
murdered. After she was buried, I
didn’t go home that night. I cried and longed for
her to come back to me.
The world seem like it’s
coming to an end that day. I slept
at where she was buried. But
when I slept, I dreamed she came
back to me smiling and hugging me in her arms.
By the time I woke up, I
was not able to find
her. I stood up and started crying
calling her name. It was so dark
and silent. Only the voice of my
cries could be heard. “Mum don’t leave me. Please
don’t leave me here.
Come back or take me with
you”I cried walking around the
dark burial ground. As I was still
crying, I noticed someone tapped
my shoulder from behind. I turned to the person
still sobbing and my
face soaked in tears.
“Mummy!”I called running into
her arms. She strolled my hair
gently kissing my
forehead.”you’re so fearless. Crying alone in a
graveyard. Your voice
was so loud I couldn’t rest
properly. Don’t cry again am here
beside you.” She said patting my
back. I raised my head up
looking at her face”I know you won’t leave me. You
can’t leave me
right?”I asked sobbing. I
brought out the golden medal i
won in high jump three days ago
and showed it to her. “Mummy. I
won a golden medal again. I know you would be
happy to see it. You
told me am the
greatest son in the world right?.
Lets go home now uhm. I
promise not to bother you
anymore. I’ll try my best to be a good son from
now on. I promise I won’t
stay up late at
night playing video games
instead of studying. I will try my
best to impress you from now on.
So, Mummy please let’s go home”I said crying. She
was also crying
patting my head. “That’s
good of you. Now stop crying it
will ruin your handsome face”she
said crying also. “Mummy let’s go
home. Am scared of this place”I said crying. “Am
so sorry son. Mummy is
so sorry. I promise to
protect you from any harm. Am
so sorry to leave you so
early”she said crying. She
hugged me tight sobbing”Mummy why are you
sorry? You
didn’t do anything
wrong.”I said. She released me
still holding my hand. She
stepped back a bit crying silently.
She waved her hand in a sign of good bye with
tears on her face.
“Mummy. Where are you leaving
to. Please don’t leave me. You
promised to always stay with me.
You told me I’m your only hope
in this world. Why? Mummy please!”I said crying
out more louder. She
disappeared into the
thin air without a trace. “Mummy!
Mummy please dont leave me!”i
cried more kneeling on the floor.
Everything seems like a bad dream to me. I wish
someone could wake
me up from the long
The following morning, dad sent
his body guard to pick me up
from the graveyard because I never wanted to
leave. I was forced in
the car and taken to
him. He comforted me and
promise to look after me in place
of my mother. But all was false.
The first wife made life hard for me when he
noticed the special
treatment I was receiving from
him. She planned different tricks
until she succeeded in turning his
back on me.
Even since I left the graveyard, I started seeing
strange things people
can’t see. At first I was
scared and always scream every
time they appear. But when time
goes by, I got used to it. Until a
day I was able to see my mum. I was so happy but
it didn’t last for long.
She used to visit me almost
everyday and I was happy I
could see ghosts at those
moments. She told me to forget
the past and move on with my life. After some
times, I was not able to
see her again but I could
see other ghosts and evil spirits.
When dad said that, it reminds me
of the painful memory. He gave his speeches
talking about the company
and others. “Since
Nathan is the first son, I assigned
to the post of this company
president”he said looking at
everyone. His PA handed him a file and he wrote
something on it. “And
john would be the vice
president.”on hearing that, I
almost laughed but I controlled
myself. So, he believed I could
work in his company? Never.”I thought to myself
looking at him badly.
He assigned Mary to his
other company. And promise to
do the same for Julie when she
After the meeting, we all left the office. I planned to
call father and tell him
am not interested in what
he offered later when I get home.
As I walked towards the elevator,
Nathan got to me. He stood
before me smiling. : Stella’s POV.
I reappeared before Mr
handsome and saw a guy before
him. He was also handsome but
his face looks scary. “Who’s he?”I
asked Mr handsome looking at the guy.
Immediately I said that, he looks
at my direction with a shock
expression on his face.
“Why? Can he see me?”I thought
to myself staring at him in surprise. Mr
handsome was also staring at him.

Episode 6
He diverted his attention back to
Mr handsome smiling. “It will be
good to see you around. So let’s
be good to each other from now on OK?”he said
stretching his hand for a
shake. Mr handsome
was staring at him with bad
looks. “It’s so painful that won’t
be possible because I refuse to
work here. I have my own job am not interested in
what he said earlier.
So, stop every naughty
thoughts you have in your
head”he said looking at him. The
guy laughed out looking at him.
“Why? Are you afraid of anything? Come on Bro.”he
looking at him. He moved
closer to his ear making a serious
face. “I’ll also be happy if you do
that. Live like this for the rest of
your life”he said almost in a whisper. “What an evil
guy.”I said looking
at him badly. I could see how Mr
handsome tightening his fist in
anger. The bad guy tapped his
shoulder lightly with a smile on
his face”goodbye bro. We’ll meet again”he said and
left. I moved to
mr handsome side feeling pity for
him. “How could he say that to
you? He’s really a bad and evil
human being. Don’t be annoyed
by that OK?”I said feeling bad. He didn’t say
anything to me or did
as if he heard me. He walked
towards the elevator still looking
“He’s not in a good mood again”I
said looking sad also. I disappeared and followed
John’s POV
When I got home, I called father
and told him am not interested in
the post he gave me. I told him am OK working and
living on my
own. But he refused to agree
with that. He nagged and
shouted on phone. He said i can’t
live my life the way I want it if I
can’t live as his own son. He can never let any of
his child look like
beggar. He even threatened to
destroy the company am
working for if I continue acting
on my own. I told him I don’t
care whatever he’ll do I can never work in his
company. He
got more angry and his noise
became louder on phone. After
the call, I was so down I don’t
know what to do next. He’s
capable of doing all what he said on phone. I don’t
want innocent
people suffering just because of
But I never want to depend on
his money or engage myself with
his companies. I sat down on my bed looking
annoyed. I threw the phone on
the bed beside me. Few minutes
later, as I was about standing up,
a call came in again. I saw it was
roseline, the last wife calling. I picked it and places
it to my ear.
She said dad called her and told
her everything I said. Since she’s
the closest to me ever since my
mum died. So dad told her to talk
to me about the matter if she doesn’t want to see
me regret it
later. She asked us to meet up at
her place which I told her it’s OK.
She hung up the call after we
finished the. Conversations.
I dropped my phone beside me looking more angry.
“How could
he tell her about it so fast? I don’t
have think it’s a must I work for
him. Why is he threatening me?”I
thought to myself. I stood up and
picked my car key heading out of my room.
Immediately I got out,
the ghost girl appeared beside
me. “Where are you heading to?
Should I follow you?”she asked
walking beside me. Due to my
anger, I was not able to reply or look at her. I went
straight to my
car and unlocked it. I sat down
and fastened the seat belt. She
also got in, sitting beside me.
At Mrs roseline house. We sat down opposite to
other in the living room. Julie was
not back from school yet. Mrs
roseline sat in way she was
crossing her legs with a glass of
wine in her hand. “Am so happy you came. Thanks
for the honour
and respect you showed me”she
said placing the glass on the
“Why do you reject the offer? You
know I always support you in everything you do but
this time, I
can’t accept this”she said looking
at me. “I know. What I want is
freedom. I want to be free from
my father’s shadow. Am happy
living alone all by myself. Entering the company
could take away
the little happiness I have now. I
don’t want to end up like my
mother. I have to protect myself
and live freely as she taught me”I
said looking at her. She laughed heuristically after I
said this. I
wonder why she’s laughing. She
stopped and looked at me. “My
dear you’re funny. You’re still
behaving childish. That’s not a
good reason. You have to stop acting weak. I
expected you to
fight for your rights and position
as the second child of James
Williams. I know it’s a battlefield
that’s why you have to face the
worst parts of it just to win and get to the top.
Many challenges
will come your way but you have
to overcome it. Am telling you
this just because I cherish you
like my real son. John it’s time to
break out of your weak shell. Do you plan to live
like a beggar for
the rest of your life? It’s time to
wake up from those false
dreams. It’s time to stand up and
fight for yourself.”she said
looking serious. I was short of words, I don’t know
what to say
anymore. After some minutes, I
finally replied to what she said. “I
understand how you feel. And I
know what am saying. Maybe I’ll
think about it and give you feed back later”I said
looking at her.
She smiled nodding her head in
agreement. “I’ll take my leave
then”I said standing up. When I
turned to leave, I saw the ghost
girl standing behind me. She heard all what we just
said. With
the looks in her eyes, I could see
she felt pity for me. “Drive
carefully”Mrs roseline said. I
walked towards the door
ignoring the ghost girl. When I got to my car at the
garage, she
popped out from nowhere and
stood beside me. “Am sorry for
listening to your
conversations.”she said. I
ignored her not saying anything. “But I think what
she said is
truth. By looking at her, I could
see she want the best for you.
You have to follow her words,
And for the lost of your
mother…..” “Did I ask of your opinion? Why
does it have to concern you?
Don’t butt into my private life. You
don’t have the right to pity me
OK?”I said looking at her.
“I know you don’t need my opinion but I just feel
like telling
you this. I think you have to
follow her advises. If you
continue acting stubborn, it
might hurt people close to you.
You have to obey what your father want if you want
to keep
everything you have”she said
with a serious expression. “You
don’t know anything about this
so don’t just open your mouth
and say whatever you feel like. I know what am
saying, I know
what am avoiding. I feel happy
living on my own without being
bothered by anyone. I have to
avoid some things just to live a
longer and happy life.”I said to her. “Fool! How
could you say that? If
you keep avoiding it, it will hurt
you more. you might end up
regretting your actions later in
future. You have to face it just to
overcome it. Stop being a coward. If you continue
like this,
your mother might curse you
later in her grave. You’re acting
childish as she said earlier. Your
father want the best for you” the ghost
girl said looking at me. I was so angry to hear her
that. I think she went too far with
her words. I was staring at her
badly. “Get lost!”I said looking at
her angrily. “I know that’s the worst you
could say. But it won’t change anything at all. I just
pity for you that’s all”she said
again sounding more annoying
to me. My temper was becoming
uncontrollable by now. “I said get lost.
What right do you have to pity me? I don’t need that
you OK? You look more pitiful
than I because you’re nothing
but a ghost. Go away from me.
Why do you follow me around saying
rubbish with that mouth? I don’t want to see you
again. So,
Stop hunting me. Was I the one
that killed you?”I asked looking
at her angrily.
She stared at me for a while with an
unknown expression written on her face. “That’s
true. You
were not the one that murdered
me. I think you could say that
because you don’t know how
valuable it is to be a human. You were
seen by people you love and they could also see
and talk
to you. You were never as lonely
as I am. The reason I was
following you was because, I
thought you were the right person to
save me from my lonely days. I came to you
because I thought you could
help me.
Do you know how hurt and
lonely it is to walk alone not being
noticed by people for three years? You never
that because you’re still using
your chances as a human. Have
you forgotten you would also
end up like me one day? You don’t have
to judge me badly because am a ghost. I was once
human like you. I was saying all
that to you because I care and I
want the best for you. But it
seems like you’re not ok with it. It’s OK.
I’ll get lost just like you said. I won’t bother you
from now on. I think I was
mistaken for me to think you can
help me.”she said looking sad. I
felt really bad after hearing all what she
said. I now feel like a bad guy by her words. I think
went too harsh on her. I felt so
sorry towards her because I
never knew she was this
miserable than I. Before I could say a
word, she disappeared into the thin air. I
started looking around hoping
for her to come back.

. Do u think she will come back again???