Married to the Prince Season 2 Episode 37



(Season 2).
Episode 37.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Royal Clinic).
Avni layed there helplessly and in pain as she breath heavily. The royal doctors had done whatever they could and she was still not comfortable. They had no idea what had happened to cause her beautiful face to swell up so big with wounds all over her body. They got annoyed of her bickering and put off the lights. Priya entered the room with some water and food for her. She went closer and sat on a chair near the bed. She served the food and placed a spoon in it. Seeing that Avni's face had swell so much that it had covered her eyes,she decided to help her by feeding her.
'' Open your mouth Avni ''.
'' this? Who is it? ''.
'' Priya. Look,I have to go to bed early today okay so please help yourself ''.
'' I am going to die Priya. Queen Meerah will not spare me ''.
'' Queen Meerah? I don't understand anything you mean Avni. How can Queen Meerah who had dies thirty four Yeats ago kill you? ''.
'' Because.... I accomplice to Queen Dorah when..she killed Queen Meerah in the labour room ''.
(Priya shook her head in shock).
'' So,all this while....
'' Please, tell my husband to take care of our children ''. She said and coughed.
'' Avni... Calm down. Tomorrow will be another...
(She then realised that the swelling on her face started becoming bigger and bigger all of a sudden. Priya quickly got away from her in fright. She quickly opened the door and shouted her help. Avni's face swell up so big that the veins in her face appeared,and just like a bomb,her face blasted out,with blood spreading everywhere).
'' Oh Lord! ''. Priya quickly rushed out. The doctors and servants arrived there late and there was nothing they could do.
(Next Day=Entrance of Ujani).
Sushim started the work of spreading the news of Majid's arrival to the trusted soldiers and they were more than willing to help in any way possible. They saw Faruk sitting on a horse and coming towards the kingdom with three of the trusted soldiers behind him. They adjusted themselves well until he reached their side.
'' What are you doing here Sushim? ''.
'' I came to meet you. You told me you would arrive here this morning ''.
'' Yes I did. But what are you really doing here? It's being five years and you have never stepped a foot in this place due to some past experience remember? You said this entrance reminded you of my brother ''.
'' I came mainly, just because I wanted to meet you and tell you that,Queen Dorah is in a very critical condition ''.
'' What?! ''. He didn't hear another word and rod fast into the kingdom, followed by his guards.
(In the kingdom=Royal Palace=Queen Rishi's chamber).
She tied Marish hair up nicely after Marish and dressed them beautifully like the little princesses they were. All the Queens and Princesses Lakshmi entered in smiles as they faced the little girls.
'' What is going on mother? ''. Meerah asked.
'' Are you ready Rishi? ''. Queen mother asked.
'' I think so ''.
'' Why have you dressed us up in royalty today mother? Are we going to an occasion? ''.
'' No girls. It is just about someone we want you two to meet today. But hey..we need you both to promise not to say anything about what we are going to show you to anyone... Promise? ''.
'' Why? Who is the person? Is it a special person? ''. Meerah asked.
'' Are you going to promise or not? ''. Lakshmi asked.
'' Well...okay ''. Meerah said.
(The adults then leaded them out of the chamber).
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
The royal doctors had cleaned her up and made breakfast for her,and after eating, she layed on her bed with her eyes opened but she wasn't moving. She looked sad and paralysed. One of the maids entered and packer the bowls and plates and turned to leave.
'' Why didn't Avni come to serve me today? ''. She asked and coughed. '' That idiot! She is my servant! ''.
'' Avni is dead your highness ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' She died last night ''.
'' How?! ''.
'' She had a big swell on her fave after an unknown attack your highness. Yesterday in the kitchen, she acted strange and was calling Queen Meerah's name. Then...
'' Get out! ''.
(The maid quickly left the chamber. Queen Dorah moaned painfully as she forced to sit up on her bed).
'' Meerah has decided to kill me slowly. But I will not allow that. Bit what is going on? Is she fighting on behalf of her granddaughters or the throne? I mean,Majid is dead. Right? There is something strange going on and I must find out. Majid not..dead??? ''. She got up and started preparing herself to go out.
(Palace Garden).
The Queens walked the girls into the garden with their eyes closed until they reached the middle.
'' Can we open our eyes now that we stopped walking? ''. Marish asked.
'' No..not yet. I will tell you when to open your eyes ''. Queen mother said.
(Majid entered the garden and he tried to control his emotions on meeting his children after so many years. He walked silently and stood in front of them. He quickly removed his disguise and nodder to Queen mother).
'' Okay girls. Are you ready? ''.
'' Yes...can we now open already? Our eyes are tired! ''.
'' your eyes ''..