Princess Rishi


(Season 2).
Episode 31.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Six Years Later=Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace).
Rishi tied her hair up. No make up, in a royal saree and no vermilion on her forehead. She walked down the walkway in distress, shouting their names. She bumped into Kushi on the way, she was also looking distressed.
'' What is it Kushi? Are you okay? ''.
(Kushi looked around to make sure no one was listening).
'' Rishi,you know that you and Shiv are all I have got ever since my mother passed away. But I am feeling very scared now ''.
'' Is everything alright? You can tell me ''.
'' I think someone has being spying on Shiv and I. You know that,Faruk hears about this,he will kill him! ''.
'' Calm down,this is not the place to talk about this things....we will talk in my chamber, but have you seen Meerah and Marish? ''.
'' I think,I saw them going to the kitchen side ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' I also didn't understand....
'' Please help me look for them ''. She held Kushi's hand and they both started their names,walking down the stairs.
(Royal Kitchen).
The two innocent devils got to the kitchen and bowed down to the maids.
'' you need anything? ''. Priya asked.
'' Is breakfast ready? ''. Marish asker,looking into the foods.
'' Yes. We are serving arranging them on a tray to go and serve...aww, you pretty angels,you must be very hungry aren't you? ''.
'' Very hungry aunt Priya. Can I please help you carry the foods? ''. Meerah asker innocently.
'' Oh no...that is the servants job to do. And besides, the foods are heavy ''. Avni answered and carried Queen Dorah's breakfast on a tray.
'' Yes Meerah,come,I am taking your mother's food,come...let's go ''.
(Avni walked passed Priya with Queen Dorah's breakfast. Marish stood at the door and stretched her right leg on the way,making Avni trip onto the floor,with all the foods falling and getting destroyed on the floor).
'' Oh goodness! Priya placed her tray of food on a table and tried helping Avni up. '' Are you okay Avni...
'' Don't touch me! ''. She said and angrily got up on her feet and starred at Marish with anger. Marish looked up at her and winked at her,then smiled at the corner of her lips. '' You little...
'' No no don't talk to a child like that. And especially not her. You have to go an change your uniform, come back and serve and Queen Dorah another food and go and serve her. You know what she will do if you delay with her breakfast ''. Priya said. '' And make sure,after serving the breakfast, you will come back here and clean this mess up. I don't want the royal kitchen dirty ''.
'' Whatever ''. Avni said angrily and left.
'' Okay...let's go girls! ''. Priya said and walked passed them.
(Meerah quickly threw a small wrapped paper over to Marish, Priya nearly realised it and turned her back. They both smiled widely, putting their hand behind them innocently).
'' What are you girls up to this time? ''.
'' Nothing! We are just admiring your beauty aunty Priya ''. Meerah said.
'' Yes. You are very old and beautiful. No wonder you are the leader of the maids ''. Marish said happily.
(Priya laughed and stepped out. Marish quickly went closer to Queen Dorah's bowls of food and opened the wrapped paper. There was a white substance in it and she quickly poured it all into the juice and stew,she quickly starred it and rushed out with Meerah. They kept giggling when following Priya. Then they met Rishi and Kushi on the way. Meerah and Marish opened their mouths in surprise when they saw their mother. Marish quickly his the paper in her dress and started acting all innocent with her sister).
'' You two! I will teach you a lesson today! ''. Rishi shouted. '' Did I not tell you to clean your mouths and bath before stepping out? ''.
'' We did mother! Right Meerah? ''. Marish asked Meerah who was looking scared.
'' No we didn't! Sorry Marish. Okay,we shall go and take our bath and clean our mouths now ''. The two girls run fast passed Rishi, leaving the three women laughing.
'' You two are not going to eat until you are done! ''. Rishi shouted in laughter. '' Oh goodness... I knew this was Marish's plan to let them get out. What were they doing in the kitchen Priya? ''.
'' I have no idea your highness. Please, your breakfast is ready ''.
'' No problem, let us go ''. They all walked back to her chamber.
(Mumbai City=Jimmy's Mansion).
It had being years fine now,he had already had two children with Charu,but through all that,he was never really happy after loosing his best friend. He never spike about it,but Charu knew that she was partly to blame for not agreeing to take Jeed back to Ujani for the ritual. They sat at the dinning table eating with the children. Jeed had grown to be one handsome young boy. And it was not surprising, everything about him was Faruk. From head to toe, he took Faruk's eyes,nose lips,hair and everything. That was one of the thing which scared Charu most,but when they went to bed the last night,she took the situation into consideration that,is it weren't for Majid as we'll,then she and Jeed would be dead. She cleared her throat at the table and cleaned her lips.
'' Jimmy, do you think it's too late? ''.
'' I don't understand ''
'' I know it ha being six years now,but is it too late to change my mind and take Jeed to Ujani for the rituals? ''
'' Wha....huh? You accepted it now? After six whole years? ''.
'' I know! ''. She cried. '' I was scared for the safety of Jeed. You know Faruk will kill him if he was in front of him! But I regret not taking him sooner. I have being a disgrace to Ujani, Prince Majid saved Jeed and I when Dasthan tried to kill us at the hotel,and I forgot that soon. But now,Jeed no longer suffers from anaemia, and he is grown to be strong and brave,I think taking a little blood from him wouldn't hurt ''.
'' Hmm ''.
'' But do you really think Prince Majid is alive? ''.
'' I don't know. Lakshmi said it was the priests of the kingdom that said so. And also,they saw a sign that he was alive ''.
'' Then we should leave tomorrow. I will start packing some things and we will go back to Ujani tomorrow. So they can take Jeed's blood to free Queen Meerah, so she will bring Prince Majid back to take what is his ''.
'' Are you serious? ''. Jimmy asked in tears. '' You can't imagine how I miss my friend Charu....if he is truly alive then,I will be thankful forever ''.
'' Don't worry, I believe in the Lord. And I believe he is alive. And he will come back to us again. Faruk's reign over the throne is but a short time ''.
'' Mother, where are we going? ''. Jeed asked.
'' We are going to see your uncles and aunties and grandmother soon Jeed. Are you happy? ''.
'' Yepee! Yes. Will there be chocolates there as well? ''.
'' Of course. Lots of them...
(Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace=Majid's chamber).
Rishi stood there, starring at Majid's portrait on the wall. A chain flower was hanged on it to signify that he was dead. Tears rushed down her face as she touched his fave on the portrait. She no longer had hope or happiness. Her only happiness were her girls now. As she thought deeply on how to compose herself in front of Faruk,she heard a loud scream outside. She quickly rushed out and saw people rushed all around Queen Dorah who was vomiting and releasing horrible gas everywhere. Rishi was astonished. She went closer to check. Faruk commanded for the royal doctors to quickly come and check on her. Rishi saw Meerah and Marish besides Kushi, laughing their heads off. They gave themselves high five and continued laughing. Kushi saw this and laughed silently as she knew those two were responsible for that. Priyanka, Faruk's daughter got to their side and joined them in laughter. The royal doctors quickly took Queen Dorah into the royal treatment room as everyone departed. Faruk saw Rishi standing there and frowned. He quickly went to her side and folded his arms on his chest.
'' I told you to come and see me in y chamber, didn't I? ''.
'' I was busy ''.
'' What is more important than me? ''.
'' Majid is! Majid is my real husband! He is the love of my life! And there is nothing you can do about it! ''.
(He slapped Rishi hard,making her fall. Marish frowned afar and took a sharp ribbon out of her hair. Meerah held her back and shook her head. But Marish pushed Meerah's hand away and rushed behind Faruk. She used all her strength to stab him from the back. He groaned in pain and turned his back).
'' Don't ever touch my mother! You monster! ''.
'' Marish...oh goodness! You little rascal! Like father like daughter! ''. Faruk shouted and grabbed Marish's hair. Rishi loosed it and slapped Faruk across the face, then she pulled her daughter to her.
'' Don't dare! You can do whatever you want with me...but don't involve any of my daughters! ''.
(Meerah, Kushi and Priyanka joined Rishi).
'' that so?? Guards ''.
(Three guards arrived there and bowed down to him).
'' Your highness ''
'' Take her to my chamber now! ''. Faruk said and angrily, pointing at Rishi.
(They obeyed and grabbed her. She didn't try to resist because she knew she wouldn't win. The children tried to stop the guards but Kushi held them back. As they took her,Faruk followed in laughter).
(Far Away=Krishi Tribe).
The small town had improved along the years. The hard works of the tribe's name to many kingdoms wanted to know more about their precious stones and silver which made them very rich and prosperous. The time of the year had arrived when their rivers would produce precious stones in them for the men to go and collect. Bright in the morning, the men of the tribe removed their clothes,leaving their shorts on and rushing to the river. Ashok went into his father's house quickly and reached Majid's bedroom. He layed down in his deep in his sleep and Sindoora sat besides the mat,starring at him.
'' Sin...what are you doing? ''.
'' You are here ''.
'' I am coming to call Abhi, so that we go and collect stones. Besides, what are you even doing here,huh?! When will you accept that this man here has no feelings for you? And sooner or later, when he starts to remember things, he will go back to where he came from ''.
'' I don't think he will remember anything. It's being six years ''.
'' No one knows what will happened later ''. He said and went closer and tapped on Majid's shoulders. He opened his eyes and sat up. '' Hey brother, you told me to wake you up when its time to collect the stones ''.
'' Oh...sorry. I think I slept deep ''.
'' You can sleep more if you feel weak ''.
'' No no...I can't leave you guys to work alone... Sindoora, you are here too? ''.
'' Well,I just came to check if you need anything ''.
'' What? But,I was asleep...anyway, thank you. I don't need anything. Ashok, shall we? ''.
'' Let's go ''.
(He got up and walked outside with them. The say light hit his fave and skin. Followed by Ashok and Sindoora. Most of the children rushed towards him and held his hands in playful mode. He had being a good man and a great help to the tribe ever since he arrived there. The men carried big nets towards the river, as if they were going to catch fish. Majid pattered the children and took to his heels with Akshay towards the river. Sindoora took a deep breath,standing at the door. One of the maids of the house arrived there with a tray of grapes).
'' Grapes? ''.
'' Keep it in the room for Abhi. He will need all the strength in the world after collecting the precious stones ''.
'' You are still thinking about him? ''.
'' How would I stop Tani? How? ''.
'' But he has already made it clear to you that he had no feelings for you. He only sees you as a sister? And your father has also taken him as a son ''.
'' The only way he will fall in love with me,is by seducing him ''.
'' Huh?! You are going to go that far? ''.
'' I love him Tani! Why does no one in the tribe understand! The Lord knows why he brought him here! It is because I have being waiting for my one true love all my life! Listen, make sure you keep that big mouth of yours shut on what am planning to do tonight okay? I will go into his room tonight and wait till he arrives from the river, and he won't be able to resist my body...just sign it on the wall ''. She said with determination.
(At the river).
All the men had gathered themselves together in the water,swimming here and there,surrounding the entire water. They were thirty men,including Majid was shirtless, his body was so manly and the wound of the knife on his chest had completely healed. His hair had grown half way long to his neck and he looked strong and healthy. He swam into the water with a net in his hand,he saw precious stones, lined up,deep into the water, he collected some and placed them into the net. He swam deeper and deeper into the river and there was a dark view which had being caught by the precious stones. He needed to catch his breath. He swam up the river and took a deep breath,he saw some of the men also catching their breath. After he breath in,he swam back into the river and went deeper and deeper and saw a view. He swam down to the river grounds and took the precious stones from the view and took the cloth. It was a dress. He was shocked when he realised it a traditional wedding dress. He took it in his hand and something fell out of it,he looked down and saw an elephant necklace. The net slipped from his hands and took the necklace into his hands, he starred at it for a long while in the water and he was loosing his breath. Flashes of thunder and lightening clouded his view and his memory was blur. He saw a beautiful woman wearing that necklace in a water with him. He was shocked and he started swimming up. He got to the surface of the river and held his head tightly with a painful groan. He held the necklace in a strong hands and starred at it closer. The memories came again, he saw himself in a beautiful room,wearing that necklace, and saw that same woman wearing the same necklace, but he couldn't see her face properly because it was blurry.
'' Wha....
'' Abhi! Have you collected any stones? ''. He heard a voice shouted from far behind.
'' Who was that? I don't understand...
(The memories came approaching fast and he saw himself in bed with the woman, wearing the necklace and he quickly swam out of the river, he got to the river bank in dizziness. The other men saw this and also started swimming to the bank. Majid held both the necklace and the dress in his hands and he fell on one knee. The memories came fast into his head and he couldn't control the confusion as he saw himself removing that same old dress he held from the woman with the necklace's in a water. Ashok got there and grabbed hold of him and knelt before him).
'' Brother! Are you okay? Say something! ''.
'' I...I saw her. I don't understand what I saw ''.
'' What did you see? Where did you get this things from? ''. He asked, trying to take the necklace but Majid held it tight and pulled it.
'' Don't touch it! It is mine! ''.
'' But you came here with nothing brother. Where did you get this? ''.
(Majid got up on his feet,still holding his head and the necklace).
'' I am sorry, I can't collect any more stones...maybe another day ''. He said and walked away to the chief's house.

(Season 2).
Episode 32.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Ujani Kingdom=Evening=Royal Palace=Queen Rishi's chamber).
She sat on her grand bed,weeping while Kushi comforted her. Meerah and Marish angrily his behind her door,watching and listening to her cry. Kushi opened the drawer and took out a tissue.
'' What happened Rishi? What will you tell the girls if they saw you crying now? ''.
'' Faruk,he...
'' Oh my goodness! Please tell me it is not what am thinking. Did he dare touch you? That beast! ''.
'' No he didn't! He tried to rape me. But luckily for me,there was a small knife near the drawer and I threatened him with it ''.
'' Oh thank God. That's good. So then,why are you crying? ''.
'' He has threatened to execute Queen mother and Queen Sheena tomorrow ''.
'' No....
'' He has no consideration Kushi. He said he has deaired me for six years and I have rejected him. He said I am his wife now and it is my right to treat him like I did with Majid. And said if I didn't accept to spend the night with him this evening then,he would surely execute Queen mother and Queen Sheena tomorrow in broad day light ''.
(Kushi covered her mouth with both her hands in fright).
'' And...oh Lord,why are you letting all this happened to us? What did you say? ''.
'' I can't watch him kill the only two people I have left in the palace as mothers since he has forbidden my mother to come and visit me ''.
'' Rishi? What is that supposed to mean? ''.
'' I am going to betray Majid ''. She said that with a lot of pain and sorrow. '' I have asked him to set Queen mother and Queen Sheena free tomorrow. And I promise him if he does that,then I will give...I will give myself to him ''.
'' I...
'' He said he would do that tomorrow morning ''. She said and faced Kushi. '' If Faruk ever touches me Kushi, I would die. I swear I will kill myself! ''.
(The two friends embraced each other tightly).
(On the walkway).
The two sisters walked slowly in anger and faced each other.
'' Dis you hear that Marish? That big bad uncle is going to hurt mother! ''.
'' And we can't allow that to happened! ''.
'' But what are we to do? He said he will kill grandmother and great grandmother! And what will father say when he comes from his journey? ''.
'' That is why we must teach him a lesson! Come with me ''.
(The two girls held hands and walked down the stairs,towards the royal clinic room).
(Far Away=Krishi Tribe=Chief's House).
Majid was in a sack shorts after taking his evening bath. He entered his room and sat on his cushion mat. He use a small soft sack cloth to dry of his body,then he turned over his pillow and took a deep breath,wondering what to do. He looked over a small bag and took it closer. He took out the clothes in it and took out the small knife which was given to him by the chief,telling him it was stabbed into his heart when they found him. He starred at this two items in his hands and closer his eyes silently as if he was meditating.
'' I believe these things has something nti do with my past ''. Suddenly, some images of different faces appeared in his vision and he clearly saw Faruk's face,stabbing him in the heart. He opened his eyes in shock. '' Faruk? ''.
(Sindoora entered the room and closer the door behind her. Majid placed the necklace in his neck and tied it up,then he placed the knife under his pillow. Sindoora looked seductive and appealing. She walked closer to him and he adjusted well to the mat).
'' Hi ''
'' What are you doing here in the night Sindoora? Aren't you supposed to be in bed? ''.
'' You are more important Abhi. Look...
(She sat on the bed near him and touched his hand cunningly).
'' I really love you Abhi. I do,don't understand why he rejected me. Am I not beautiful? ''.
'' Sindoora, keep it in mind that I can't remember my past. Whether I have a family or not. Whether am married or not. Or whether I have children, so you can't expect me to give into you. If I do that,what would you do when I regain my memory? I want to remember my past as soon as possible and go back home...
'' If you had a family, they would have searched and found you by now Abhi ''. She said and tried seducing him.
'' Sindoora...
(She was about kissing him when the necklace burnt his chest painfully, he pushed her away and touched it in shock).
'' You should leave now Sindoora. Please. Just leave ''.
'' Abhi please...
'' You are a woman. Do not embarrass yourself any further. Go ''.
(Sindoora angrily got on her feet and stormed out of the room).
'' Who is Faruk? I heard the name so many times. Oh Lord...I don't know whether I was close to you in my past life. But please help me remember things fast. How did I end up here,I have spent six years here. I don't want to spend any longer here. Help me remember ''.
(Next Day=Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace=In the dungeon).
Some maidens arrived there with foods on a golden tray,followed by Lakshmi. The guards bowed down and opened the dungeon, letting Lakshmi and the maidens inside to serve Queen mother and Queen Sheena. After serving, the maidens bowed down and left,Queen Sheena and Queen mother started eating. Lakshmi got to her feet and turned to the guards.
'' What are you both waiting for? Leave now! ''.
(The guards bowed down and left with the maids).
'' How are you mother...grandmother? ''.
'' I am not really feeling okay. I think I am drawing nearer to my ancestors ''. Queen mother lamented and coughed.
'' No grandmother! You can't give up yet,you are our rock ''.
'' It is easier said Lakshmi. Faruk has kept me and your mother here in this dungeon for six do you think our conditions would be? But I curse him! Faruk will die a miserable death ''.
'' I am beginning to loose faith in the Lord. She gave us a sign that Majid was alive six years ago,what have we seen? Nothing! Faruk is still king,ruining lives ''.
(Lakshmi looked around the dungeon and bent down to the both of them).
'' We still have hope mother! I have a good news. Charu and Jimmy has arrived in Ujani early this morning, Jimmy sent a message through Raj to me. Grandmother, we can make the ritual to finally free Queen Meerah's spirit tonight ''. She said cheerfully.
(Both the faces of the Queens lighted up with joy).
'' Oh thank you Lord. He answered us after many years of praying...but who will accompany them to the mountains... Lakshmi, will you go? ''.
'' I wish you could go with us grandmother ''.
'' I want to. But I am locked up here ''.
(Three guards arrived there in a haste and quickly unlocked the dungeon's gates. Then they bowed down).
'' Queens! His highness, the king says that he is freeing both of you today ''. One of them said.
'' What did you say? Faruk has asked you to come and let us out from the dungeon after six years? ''.
'' Yes ''.
'' What happened? What changed? ''.
'' We don't know ''. They said and left.
'' Oh God mother! This is a great turn around! A great miracle! ''. Lakshmi jumped in happiness.
'' Yes it is a miracle, paving way for the legit owner of the throne to come and take his crown. After tonight, everything will fall into place ''. Queen mother said,smiling at the corner of her lips.
(King Faruk's chamber).
There was no one in the chamber, except for Shiv who stood at the door,guarding it. Meerah and Marish arrived there,looking all good and innocent.
'' Hello there uncle ''. Meerah greeted.
'' Okay,any time I see you two,only two words comes into my head ''.
'' And what are those? ''.
'' Bad News. What are you two doing here? ''. He asked.
'' Oh,just aunt Kushi looking for you. And she asked us to come and call you ''.
'' Oh really..hey,keep your voices down. You two know that,no one is supposed to find out about Kushi and I else the bad man will hurt me ''.
'' Oooh, that's true. We are sorry. You know,you have to be fast ''. Marish said,pushing Shiv away from the door. '' You know aunt Kushi does not like waiting ''
'' But the door...
'' We will guard it for you till you arrive... Go go go ''. Meerah said and pushed him away.
(As soon as he was out of sight,the two girls used all their strength to open the grand door and Marish entered while Meerah looked out. Marish quickly removed a small red substance from her dress and sprinkled it all over the room. She quickly removed another white powder and poured it into he king's cooler of water. She covered her nose and quickly rushed out of the chamber and closed the door. They saw Shiv coming towards them with a frown and they adjusted themselves well).
'' How dare you two deceive me like that? ''.
'' can you allow yourself to be deceived by two little girls? ''. Marish mocked him and they both took to their heels,leaving him speechless.
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
She angrily threw her golden glass of wine against a wall,while Faruk stood there like he didn't care about her anger.
'' Is this how you are reigning Faruk? What nonsense is this?! ''.
'' I would do anything for Rishi mother. She is my wife now ''.
'' She is not your wife you fool! She is still Majid's wife! The ritual to break her ties with Majid was never performed, you married her with force,even though I had forbidden you ''.
'' Whatever mother. Whether she is Majid's wife or not,she will be mine tonight. She will be my woman. You have no idea how much I have craved for her all this years. That made me crazy over her,madly in love with her ''.
'' Can't you see she is deceiving you Faruk, can't you? You shouldn't have listened to her. Now you are setting Queen mother and that stupid Sheena free because of her! ''.
'' That is the only way she accepted to spend the night with me so I had to accept it! After all,what harm at all would those two expired women do to me? Am the king now! Am the king of kings. And better still,Rishi is vulnerable now,she is under my control,I want a son from her. Ragah is nothing to me,it is Rishi I want. And when she becomes pregnant, I will Mary that friend of hers as a third wife ''. He said in laughter and left.
'' I am wondering what plans Rishi has made with Queen mother and the others to deceive my son like this. No. I won't allow them to break my hard work down,I have to find out what is going on ''.
In the middle of the day,Faruk threw a big party for the people in the palace to enjoy. Everyone was surprised because this ha never happened before. He threw this feast because Rishi had finally given into his demands and he was going to enjoy her in the night. He sent some maidens to hand over an expensive light romantic saree to her chamber, with jewelries as well so she could wear it in the night. Queen mother and Queen Sheena had properly taken their baths and dressed properly and went to Rishi's chamber, and that was when they learnt that,they were only free because Rishi agreed to sleep with Faruk either for their lives or their freedoms.
(Evening Time=In the kingdom=On the Mountains).
The weather was cool and windy,and finally, everyone was assembled on the mountains. Bhavna, Chanakher, Queen mother, Lakshmi, Jimmy and Jeed. Bhavna and the priest had made a round ritual fire,chanting with all their might. Poor Jeed cried the whole time as he had never seen something like that before, he went under his mother's saree and closed his eyes while she held him tight. The cage with Queen Meerah inside had now become old and she was difficult to be seen inside. After the chanting, Bhavna got to her feet and faced them.
'' It is time ''.
'' Please...will it hurt? How will you get his blood? ''. Charu asked.
'' I know how you feel dear. Do not worry, Jeed will not feel any big amount of pain,we just need a drop of his blood to fall on Queen Meerah's feet,and that would be all ''.
'' So,how are you getting it? That's what I want to know ''.
'' Bring his hand ''.
(Charu stretched his hand to Bhavna and she took out a small pin from her hair. Jeed opened his eyes widely in shock. Bhavna pinned his thumb and he screamed in pain. Bhavna placed her thumb under his and three drops of blood fell on her thumb. She tore a part of her dress and handed it over to Charu).
'' Tie it to his thumb to stop the blood. He will heal any moment from now ''. She said and turned to the priest. They both walked closer to the cage and Bhavna stretched her thumb of blood to Queen Meerah's foot in the cage. '' I hereby from this moment, Queen Meerah, set you free from the chains of bondage,come our,and avenge your death! Come out and save your children from the claws of slavery! ''.
(The blood on her thumb fell on Queen Meerah's foot and the cage quickly disappeared. A gash of wind blew them all onto the ground and thunder stroke loudly. The stone break from Queen Meerah's body and she opened her eyes. They were blazing with fire and anger, but as soon as she layed eyes on Queen mother, the anger in her eyes disappeared).
'' Oh Lord...Meerah. My Meerah ''. Queen mother sadly break into tears.
'' Mother.... ''. Queen Meerah's voice shook.
(She tried to touch Queen Meerah but she couldn't. Her body was transparent. They all bowed down).
'' Forgive me dear. I was not there when...
'' There is no time for regrets mother. My son is alive and am bringing him back. And after am done with Dorah and Faruk, you will never know pain in your life. I am going to spare Faruk's offspring...after all is due,you will be able to touch me,and say our last goodbyes. Go back to the palace mother. It is time for action ''. She said fiercely and disappeared with fire,leaving everyone amazed.
'' Let's go grandmother. Jimmy, you should take Charu and Jeed and go back to the city. When Majid returns, I will send you a message to finally come back ''.
'' Okay ''.
(Far Away=Krishi Tribe=Chief's House).
Majid was deeply asleep in his room with the necklace on him. Thunder kept striking and it started raining. Men from the tribe woke up in the night to hunt for crabs and snails. But the chief's house was quiet and sober. Majid slept straight with his face facing the top,shirtless and looking hot. Sindoora quietly entered the room slowly and closed the door. As it was raining hard and her footsteps wasn't heard. Queen Meerah appeared at the left side of Majid. Sindoora untied her hair down and started removing her clothes. Queen Meerah went besides Majid's head and touched his forehead and closed her eyes.

'' Remember your wife and children my son. Go back and possess your possessions Majid! Go and make Faruk pay! Wake up Majid... Wake up!! ''. Her voice echoed loudly in his head.
(She disappeared and Majid quickly woke up screaming).
'' Mother! ''. He was sweating intensely, Sindoora quickly dressed up. Majid sat up the mat,panting helplessly. Tears run down his cheeks and he turned to see Sindoora. '' Who are you? ''.
'' What? Abhi...what are you saying? ''
'' Abhi? No...what are you saying? My name is Majid! ''.
'' Father! Mother...everyone! ''. Sindoora opened the door and shouted for everyone.
'' Where am I? Who are you all? Where is wife? I don't understand! ''.
'' Oh goodness... I think he got his memory back father ''. Ashok said happily.
'' are you feeling...what is your name? ''.
'' My name is Majid. Majidarth Samrat. King of Ujani and Jhansi ''.
(They all covered their mouths in shock)...
(Season 2).
Episode 33.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace=King's Chamber).
Faruk counted thirty gold coins and handed them to Shiv.
'' You can go to bed now. I shall have a word with you tomorrow ''.
'' Yes your highness ''. He bowed down and left.
(Two maidens arrived and bowed down).
'' Where is my Queen? ''.
'' We have prepared her and she is ready in her chamber your highness. She told us to come and ask you whether she could come here or not ''.
'' Ah...but of course! I am ever ready for her...go and bring her to me ''.
'' Yes your highness ''. They bowed down and left.
'' will not be your night Rishi. But I am sure you will also fall in love with me after tonight. I am a man of my word,so you also have to be a woman of your words. You have closed those legs of yours for far too lon. Six years after my brother's death...I think it's time I also enter there and see what made him fall out of love with a damsel like Cindy ''. He said and laughed. He opened the door and entered his chamber. Dizziness took over his head and he was suddenly weak. '' What is happening? What is that scent? ''.
(He went closer to his bed and fetched water from water from the cooler and drunk it).
'' How am I suddenly feeling diii....
(He fell on his back into the bed and entered into a very deep sleep. Rishi was walked to the front of the chamber and they bowed down).
'' You two may leave now ''. She said and they left.
(She took yummy in that beautiful saree and jewelry. She took a deep breath and touched the door's handle, Meerah and Marish rushed to her side from nowhere and pulled her away from the door).
'' Mother...don't go in there! ''. Meerah shouted.
'' What?! What are you two still doing awake? Did I not warn you not to...
'' Mother stop complaining and let's go back to your chamber ''.
'' You don't understand...
'' If you go there you will also faint! ''.
'' ''. She starred at them and they scratched their heads. '' What have you two done this time huh? ''.
'' Were.. Well....
'' Tell her Marish! ''.
'' We went to the clinic and took sapona power and sleeping powder, then....
'' Oh Lord! ''. She exclaimed and bent down to their level. '' What have you two done?! Didn't I tell the both of you never to mess with Faruk? Not to her involved with those people? And you Marish,you as the eldest one,didn't you reason?! How many times have I warned you? But no,since you are just as stubborn as tour won't....
'' Mother? Are you not supposed to be thanking us than scolding us? We can't allow that be uncle hurt you, we heard everything you said to aunt Kushi! ''.
'' You two are just six! How many times should I warn you not to eavesdrop on elders? ''.
(The two girls his their hands behind them with shameful faces. Rishi starred at them quietly but she couldn't hide her smile. She break I to laughter out into laughter and they laughed as well).
'' Come you two,let's go ''.
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
She looked worried about Faruk's decision to free the Queens and she couldn't control her anger. She wore her slippers and stepped out in the dark to go and investigate things on her own. She walked down the hallway towards Queen mother's chamber and the candle lights in the pillars suddenly went off. She stood there and turned her back but there was on one there. She took a deep breath and turned to her front only to receive the most painful invincible slap of her life. She was raised up into the air and threw to fall hard on the floor against one of the pillars, hitting her head very hard on the pillar. She groaned in pain and screamed out loud when blood started rushing out of her nose and mouth. She was shocked, he opened her eyes but her vision was blurry. The royal family and some guards arrived there in a haste and were shocked to see her in that state. Queen mother,Queen Sheena and Lakshmi starred at each other with a silent grin.
'' Dorah...oh goodness, what happened to you? ''. Queen mother shouted.
'' Mother, please come...I will call the royal doctor now! ''. Ragah said,trying to help her out.
'' Leave me alone! Don't touch me...don't dare! Go away from me,all of you! ''. She said in anger as she tried getting up. '' Faruk! Faruk!!! ''.
'' I think Faruk is asleep Queen Dorah, what happened to you? We heard you scream ''. Queen Sheena said.
(Queen Dorah finally got to her feet and the guards started leaving. She turned her back to leave and there standing in front of her was an angry spirit of Queen Meerah, her eyes blazing wit fire. She grabbed hold of Queen Dorah's neck,and only Queen Dorah could see her).
'' Long time no seen Dorah,did you and your father think you could keep me hostage forever? ''.
'' No...impossible..this is impossi....
(Queen Meerah tightened the grip on her neck and she coughed out more blood and held her own neck. The others were surprised and didn't try going close to her).
'' I am not going anywhere again Dorah. Your father is no longer here to help you,and tour magic has become too weak,let's se how it feels,having the throne to yourself and suffering as well ''. Queen Meerah said and disappeared.
(Queen Dorah looked around her and rushed I to her chamber while the others also left to their chambers).
(Next Day=Far Away=Krishi Tribe=Chief's House).
Most of the people in the tribe had gathered themselves in the chief's house after hearing Majid had regained his memory and after telling his story to them,they were all amazed. And they also told him everything that happened and how they found him. He break down into tears after leaning that he had being in the tribe for six years.
'' We are very sorry for the terrible story your highness. Our tribe is also under the leadership of Ujani. But we had being so forgotten because of the far distance ''. The chief said.
'' I need to fo back. I can't be here any longer uncle. If Faruk is now king,I wonder what has become of my babies. They must be big girls by now ''. Majid said in tears.
'' If your brother has done this to you and believes you are dead,do you think it is good to just appear in Ujani just like that? You must have a great strategy to go back,and I have a great plan for you son ''. The chief said.
'' What do you mean? ''.
'' Going to take what rightfully belongs to you from an enemy is the most difficult thing in the world. It is greater than a war. So you need a perfectly planned strategy to be able to attack him when he least expected ''.
'' But how do I do that when I have no army? I have no one uncle. God I miss my wife ''. He said painfully. '' Six years? Lord let me go and see them alive. Grandmother, mother, Lakshmi...
'' We will help you your highness. We are at your service. We don't have war soldiers, neither are we warriors. But we have fought many battles against other tribes who tried to take our tribe for their own because of our precious stones ''.
'' You will? ''. Tears rush down Majid's eyes and he embraced the chief. '' Thank you sir! You don't know how much you have saved me ''.
'' I will gather some men today. Go inside and prepare your clothes, your body,heart and mind Majid. You will be going back to Ujani tomorrow. Then the step to take back your throne will start from there ''.
(Majid got to his feet in front of the chief's building and looked towards the far away river and the mountains behind them and inhaled deeply).
'' I will not spare you this time brother. I will not spare you,nor your mother ''. He said and scooped some sand into his hand and let it go slowly. '' So help me mother ''.
(Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace).
Everyone was busily doing their duties a usual. Rishi stepped out of her chamber and walked towards the temple in fright to go ad pray because she was afraid Faruk might wake up and created chaos because nothing happened between them last night. She took both Meerah and Marish along and suddenly met Faruk in his kingship royal attire, happily walking towards her with jewelries carried by maidens. The maidens bowed down to Rishi and Faruk grinned.
'' Your highness, you...
'' You have made me happy my Queen, and I have decided to reward you for that. In front of everyone ''. Faruk said happily.
'' Me? What did I do?! ''. Rishi asked in surprise.
(Faruk went closer to her and whispered in her ears).
'' Last night was the best night of my life dear. I have slept with women,but you are the real woman Rishi ''. He said and bit his lips.
(Rishi was totally confused. Queen mother and Queen Sheena walked out from the temple, going closer to them. The maidens bowed down and stretched the tray of jewelries to Rishi).
'' I..I...
'' Accept them my Queen, there is more to come,when you finally give me a son ''.
(Suddenly there was a very loud scream from the palace building. They all turned their focus on the building and Avni rushed out from the building in sweat).
'' Your highness... Your high....
'' What is it? Who was that?! ''. Faruk asked.
'' Queen Dorah your highness... She...
'' My mother?! ''. Faruk was astonished and he took to his heels into the building, followed by Avni.
'' Take the jewelries to my chamber girls ''. Rishi said.
(The maidens left with the children).
'' What happened Rishi? ''. Queen Sheena asked.
'' I am the most confused person in the world right now mother. I swear,nothing at all happened between Faruk and i last night, so I don't know why he's acting like something happened ''.
'' Meerah's handwork ''. Queen mother whispered to herself and smiled. '' Don't worry Rishi. If Faruk thinks that something happened, then just play along, don't be scared. It is Lord Hanuman working on our side ''.
'' But Queen mother...
'' She is right. Only the Lord knows why Faruk is acting that way. Let us go inside and check what is happening to Queen Dorah before they say we are conspiring against them ''.
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
Only she could see darkness all over her room even though it was broad day light. Her door was locked and she could hear multiple voices calling her to open the door but she couldn't go close because the door was burning with fiercely fire. Queen Meerah blew an enormous amount of wind towards her bed and there appeared thousands of bees. She jumped out of her bed,screaming in agony and tears whiles the bees stings her. Her face and hands begun opening up with wounds and she begged her. Faruk was already sick and tired and asked the guards to open the door with force. They break the door opened and saw Queen Dorah lying on the floor in the scattered room with wounds all over her body. She was looking like a living dead. Ragah covered her daughter's face and took her away from the horrible sight. Faruk bowed down in front of her and tried touching her but the wounds looked scary and painful. Queen mother and Queen Sheena starred at each other with a smile.
'' Oh goodness! What has happened again with Dorah, oh Lord! ''. Queen mother exclaimed.
'' Does this not look like a bad omen mother? Oh Lord! ''. Queen Sheena said,putting her hands on her mouth.
'' Are you okay mother? Talk to me ''. Faruk asked in a worried tone. '' Who did this to you? ''.
'' Wa...water..wa...
'' Carry her to the clinic and get her some water immediately! ''. Faruk ordered the guards and it was done. '' What do I do now Rishi? ''.
'' Me? But why are you asking me what...
'' You are my wife and I want to get closer to know your ideas. Is that bad? ''.
'' Well...
'' Please help me. What do you think is wrong with my mother? ''.
(Rishi rolled her eyes to Queen mother who winked at her silently, then she looked down for a while and back at Faruk's face).
'' Tomorrow is the stream wishing day your highness. I think it's good for us to go and....
'' Have you forgotten it is forbidden for the Queens to go to the wishing stream? ''.
'' You asked for my ideas. It is what I am giving you. It is also forbidden to performe black magic in Ujani but you passed the order, didn't you? We all need the betterment of kingdom,sources says that,Queen Meerah once went to the wishing stream to wish for a son,that is how she became pregnant ''.
'' And her son died! ''. Faruk said with a frown.
'' He didn't die! You ruthlessly killed him! ''. Rishi was about to loose it when Queen Sheena held her back. '' It is up to you if you want your mother well or not,I have given my suggestion. Come and give me the permission if you agree,and we shall all go to the stream to wish for Queen Dorah's well being tomorrow ''.
(After saying this straight away,she walked away with the Queens).
'' She is still in love with Majid! ''. He said in anger. '' Look at how she was about to pounce on me when I said Majid died. Maybe if I accept her wish to go to the stream, she might at least see some good in me,she has to see me as the best man in the world ''.
(In the temple).
Meerah and Marish sat in front of lord Krishna's statue, holding Majid's picture portrait and caressing it. Marish lighted a candle and sat besides Meerah.
'' Marish,I don't think father is coming back,mother lied to us ''.
'' Are you calling our mother a liar? ''
'' But ever since we grew up, all she told us was that,father had traveled, does it mean,father traveled ever since we were babies? ''.
'' Let's pray he comes soon ''.
'' Marish, I heard the bad uncle saying our father died in a war! ''.
'' Huh?! That is not true! Our father has traveled! That is what mother said,and I don't believe mother is a liar ''.
(Rishi stood at the temple's entrance in tears, listening to her girls arguing about Majid. They saw her and she quickly wiped her tears away. They rushed to her side).
'' Is father dead,mother? ''. Meerah asked.
'' Tell us the truth now! ''.
(Queen mother arrived there quickly).
'' Your father has traveled girls. Go and play now ''.
'' But grandmother!...
'' Go now! Don't be stubborn ''.
(They both left while Rishi faced Queen mother).
'' Queen mother, how long will I lie to them? What should I do now? ''.
'' It is good you are playing along with Faruk dear. Keep playing with his head,we are close to our victory. A very big surprise is installed for you ''. Queen mother said with a smile and left,leaving Rishi confused.
(Evening=In the kingdom=On top of the mountains).
Bhavna knelt down in front of Queen Meerah with offerings in happiness. Queen Meerah stretched her hands on her head.
'' Bhavna, it's being thirty four years since I last saw you,I haven't forgotten the goodness you did me ''.
'' That was nothing ''.
'' Who would have thought, our children would be married, and given us two beautiful granddaughters?Majid and Rishi were wished on one coin, they are destined to be together and no one would separate them. Rishi would be Majid's one and only wife. He will not marry any more wives again ''.
'' But the tradition....
'' I have changed the tradition. There will no longer be any multiple marriage for the king. It would be their own decision to make. I know my son wouldn't want to marry any other woman,else history will repeat itself. Which I don't want ''.
'' Glory be onto you your highness ''.
'' Majid is returning to Ujani tomorrow. The time has come for the real war to begin ''.

(Next Day)...



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