THE DRAGON KING EPISODE 41 || 42 || 43 || 44

PHYSIENTS:Episode 41

(return from the underworld)

Her explanation sounds cold to him, he was confused and weak.. ‎
“But why are they after me? I just save them from the hands of their enemies ” Ajadi muttered
“Calmdown! They said you might turn out to be a great threat for them if they keep you here” she explained
“OK! What about the portion you went for?”
She pulled out a reddish flower and she gave them to ajadi.

“Take! When you get to the sea shore Chew every bit of it lay your leg into the water and your will be transported back to your land”
Ajadi collect them from her when he tries to chew them ,he saw some armoured men approaching where they are ,immediately he took the flower from her and run towards the sea, he saw arrows and fire stone flying across the sky but he wasn’t affected, he keep running until he got to the shore, he remove the flower from his pocket, he close his eyes and he shew them for once.

A great wind overtook him and he evaporated into the air..

Zillar was sitting all alone beside the lifeless body of ajadi, he stared and watch the cold wind brushing his naked body, he brushed his hand over ajadi’s hair and tears fly with full force out of his eyes, he remove his hand from ajadi’s head and head straight to the door as he pulled the irony lock of the door, ajadi jumped up from the bench breathing like someone who just had an encounter with a hungry lion. Zillar freeze immediately but he never turn, his thoughts about ghost won’t just let him.

As He fearfully try to push the door open ajadi called him.
“Zillar.. !” his cold voice sent a harsh message towards zillar’s ear, he turned panically to see what was going on, but his mouth became wide opened as he saw ajadi sitting on the wooden table all alone, he wrapped his hands all over his body trying to cover himself from the coolest touch of the weather, Zillar quickly rushed towards a black robe made of wolf skin, he reached it to him and he quickly wrapped himself with it.

As this was going on, marvel and lazar and the two other illers entered. With eyes full of surprise they rush towards ajadi and gave him a warm hug..
“Lovely friend. We miss you ” billar whispered into his ear. Ajadi smile in response to his words but he never utter a word.
“Tell us. How is the underworld?.. ” marvel asked
“Yes! Tell us, is it a beautiful place to be? ” jillar added
“Can someone please explain to me what’s going on?” ajadi screamed in response to their question.

Silence graced the room immediately after his question, they all stood mute and utter no word,
“The last thing I could remember was when ogidan stabbed me three times, I should be dead by now, what’s going on?” he said touching his injured spot.
“Yes! You were dead a three days ago, and we did our best to resurrect you.. ” marvel explained
“Does that mean you can’t remember anything about the underworld? ” zillar queried
“Yes! I remember nothing, not just a single thing “ajadi replied

“Try and remember something, the god of light has a reason for bringing you back to like, you must be able to find a solution to defeat loki and his men” Lazar begged
“I remembered nothing, I have told you all I could recall ” ajadi replied ‎
“That’s strange, how could he not remember a d–n thing? ” zillar whispered behind him.
“Where is my dragon? ” he asked!
“No one knows, since we lost you,the dragon was no where to be found ” billar replied

Episode 42

(the bloody message)
He stood mute for a while and he ask
“Any news about my mother’s well being ”
“Not really, but she is surely in Good condition “billar replied
“How about my father? ” he asked again
“We lost him in the battle field.. we are sorry, it’s all our fault ” jillar begged
“Where is the body?” ajadi asked as tears gush out of his eyes.
“We’ve buried him” replied marvel.

“Take me there ” he order as he stood up they quickly get him some his clothes, he put them on and head straight to the door..‎
“We also have a good news for you my lord” marvel announced!
“And what could that be..?” he replied
“It’s ogidan! Loki’s right hand..” replied billar
“What about him?”
“We have him tied in our store room” marvel replied
He halt immediately turning his back against them
“Take me to him ” he said and he walk out of the room holding his injured spot. He was accompanied by two of his men as they guide him into the store room, he stepped closer to the tied man and he kneel beside him.

“Hello Mr. I have been waiting for long for such day to come, and finally it’s here.. now let’s see who wins “he whispered into his ears.
“It’s nice you are back, I wish you see how your mother scream whenever I satisfy her c–t with my long c–k” ogidan said mockingly

Ajadi stared at him and he utter no word while he rise up
“Bring me my sword! “He said stretching him hands in anticipation for the sword.

Immediately zillar reached him the sword he chopped off ogidan’s head, leaving everyone in the room with a big surprise.. he move closer to the two other men.
“Now listen” he said pointing his sword towards them.
“I will give you both the chance to live because you both are just servants who are following orders.. take your horse and his head with you and tell your lord loki, that I am back and the next time he will see my face will be his last day on earth.. by for now ”

Immediately he complete his statement, the two men quickly wrapped ogidan’s head with a cloth and they rush out of the room, they took their horse and ride away with high speed..
“It’s okay, calm your nerves “Marvel path him and walked out of the room.
“Don’t you noticed some changes in him?” billar whispered to jillar as they sat alone in their room
“Offcus I did. He looks tired and annoyed” jillar replied
“I see nothing wrong with his action, if the dead where given the chance of second living, they will probably be after their killer in no time ” zillar said

“But he sounds very confident, when he asked the boy to deliver his message to loki, I think there is something behind it” jillar thought out loud
“That’s because He has nothing to loose, he already lost his family, his right and his life.. even if loki defeat him, he still has nothing to loose “zillar replied holding a bowl filled with wine within his palm.
As the conversation was going on, zillar stood up and walk out of the room, he saw ajadi sitting all alone in the cold weather.

Episode 43
“Is there something bothering you and you are scared of sharing it with anyone of us?” zillar voice summoned ajadi’s thought back to life, he quickly turn facing him as he stood a bit far from where ajadi was. He kept mute for a while until zillar move closer to him and he sat beside him.
‘‘I know why you are here.” ajadi whispered
“Yes! For a brief discussion, you should have let us interrogate ogidan before you take such harsh decision, he is loki’s right hand, he knows most of his secret.. maybe we may have used him in getting your mum back ” zillar replied

“Yea I understand! But am not ready to loose any man for now, no man is worth shedding blood for. ”
“So what are your plans to get back your dragon? Time await no one”
“I have the dragon blood in me, you know that. I can trace my lineage back—” ‎
“Listen ajadi, I know it’s not an easy thing to visit the underworld and return without any experience.. but whenever you feel it’s time to share the experience with anyone, we are ready to listen and we are always at your service ” he took a bow and walk away..

(city of ayetoro)‎
The sky rumbles with cold air sending a harsh message towards their body as they rode with great speed descending towards the huge irony gate which sit before them. In few minutes time the gate was widely opened to grant them free passage, they head straight to the palace and the two men rushed in with fear .
On getting in the two palace guard blocked them from entering .
“Where are here to see lord loki ” the first man who look twice older than his second, announced!

“Sorry lord loki and his top officials are busy for now, you can check back on them later ” one of the guards replied
“Are you blind! Can you see we are knights of this great city? ” the younger one screamed
“Well said ser knight, but you can’t enter for now, now take your leave or we show you the way out” the second guard threatened
“You dare threatened a knight of this city?” the older one quickly remove his sword stretching it towards them while the guards reciprocate the act immediately.

loki sight them for afar and he quickly wave his guards to let them in,immediately the two men were allowed to walk in.
“Can anyone of you explain what is going on to me?” loki asked
Immediately the two men fell on their knees and they threw ogidan’s wrapped head on the floor..
“My lord! Ajadi is not dead, he is alive! He killed lord ogidan and he asked us to bring his head to you. ” the younger one announced

“He also asked us to inform you that he is back and the next time you will see him will be your last day on earth ” the older one calmly added
Immediately loki’s eyes become pale and red he stood up with great anger and he move towards the window, zico also stood up he stare at the lifeless head of ogidan with pity..
“Take your leave now and get ready for a greater battle.. and you (he point at the oldest one) take the head to my room”
but he utter no word.

“What do we do? ” zico calmly asked
“We get ready to face him. Summon the next person in command and inform him to get his soldiers prepared, get me his mother also, if that is what he want then we send his mother’s corpse to him” loki replied and walk away

Episode 44
(the escape) ‎
The cloud looks a bit blurry, from the palace of ayetoro down to the city square..
Two soldiers appeared to the scene and they began to pick their way down to tinuade’s room, one of the palace maid saw them coming and she quickly rush to inform tinuade about what’s coming for her..
“My lady! They are coming for you ” she threw at her the cold message ..
Tinuade stood up with fear and she went ahead to peep from the door, she saw them edging closer to her room, she quickly rush back to the maid..

“Why are they coming for me?”
“I overheard some soldiers discussing about the return of your son, they said he sent ogidan’s head back to loki as a message. So the king has order for your arrest… you can’t stay here, you need to run for your life”
” where do I run to? It’s been long since I have been allowed to chat dose area. Please help me out ” she cried!
“I don’t want to get myself implicated, but I will show you the way out”
She grabbed tinuade and they ran out from the other door.

The soldiers got to her room, they knocked but no one replied which made them brake the door. On getting in, they saw no one, after searching the whole room they noticed that the room has a secret door. They quickly follow the door and they started chasing her .
Tinuade and the maid ran as fast as they could until they got to the secret exit of the city.HHHHH

“I guess I have to go back, please take good care of yourself, and don’t forget me when finally you gain your city back” she said and return back. As tinuade quickly rushed into the dark forest..

After searching for a long time, the two soldiers return to loki with the sad news that tinuade had escaped long before they got to her room, loki ordered them to summon zico and they both left immediately. In few minutes more, lord zico the great wizard appeared to the scene in full haste .

“My lord! I think I have found a way to capture Ajadi and his men” he said as he walk into loki’s room
“So what’s the plan? ” loki asked
“We get our men ready and we attack them when they never expected ” replied the great wizard

“What do you mean by never expected? “Loki asked with a confused look on his face.
“We attack them now? ” loki’s cheek became green after he made this statement
“Now? Are you drunk or what?.. how do you expect our men to get prepared is such an unannounced war?”
” don’t worry my lord! Everything is in order, we will attack them with few selected men ” zico calmly replied
“We already lost adigun and ogidan, who else do you think handle this battle? ”

“They call him ‎Black killer, he commanded one thousand bows. but he had grown wiser in exile. He has just ten soldiers who are fully trained on how to attack with bows. In its own way, the arrow was as deadly as the sword ” zico explained
“Sent for him immediately, inform him that I am willing to pay any price if he get me ajadi alive ”
“I have already sent for him, he will be here in no time, and we will carry out our plan tonight ” zico assured
“Am impressed! ” loki stood up and fill a golden cup with wine and they drink along.


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