Queen Meerah

(Season 2). 
Episode 13.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(In the kingdom=Meho's house).
As a sign of respect, after his death,Bhavna decided to stay in her matrimonial home again and Radah her friend did not leave her alone. She came and live with her so every morning, they both walked together on the road to Radah's sowing shop to work. They were getting ready and
Radah stood outside to wait for Bhavna to finish her dressing up so they could leave. Seven priests entered the compound and Radah quickly bowed down and touched their feet's in all smiles. Bhavna got out from the house and locked the door and she stepped into the compound and also touched their fees and put her hands together.
'' Good morning priests ''.
'' Good morning good maiden of our Lord ''.
'' To what do I owe this pleasant visit from the great priests of Ujani? ''.
(All the priests looked at each other run surprise).
'' Bhavna,are you saying you don't know the purpose of our visit? ''
'' Well....
'' Bhavna dear,you are a widow now. And our customs do not accept that widows leave among us in the kingdom ''.
'' What? ''.
'' We all know that,apart from the royal family, everyone else is ordinary in the kingdom. And as a woman,when your husband dies,some rituals are made on you and you shall be taken to the mountains to serve the greatest priest of Lord Hanuman forever. There are so many widows there ''.
'' But priest... Bhavna is partially, a part of the royal family. You can't treat her like a commoner. Her daughter is married to the crowned Prince ''.
'' It doesn't matter. She is not the one married to the Prince. It is her daughter so there is nothing we can do...get ready Bhavna. We shall come for you tomorrow ''.
(Tears run down Bhavna's cheeks and she shook all over her body).
'' Priest Chanakher... Please say something ''. Radah begged.
'' I am sorry Radah. I wish I could help. But I am only following rules from my head priests. Have a nice day women ''.
(The priests turned and went out of the compound and left. Bhavna break down into tears on the ground).
'' Oh my misfortune! They are going to take me away from my daughter forever ''.
(Radah went down and consoled her).
(In the palace=Prince Majid's chamber).
He layed on his bed like a dead body. His face was dried up and fresh because he had washed his face with fresh cold water from the bathroom. His eyes touched the glass roofing of his chamber and he felt empty and alone. His phone rung loudly and he sat up on the bed and answered the call.
'' What do you want? ''.
'' Majid I am serious. I heard something strange about your family in the public yesterday. About some secret they are hiding. That is why I have being calling endlessly my love. I am sure you would want to hear this news. I went to the market yesterday and I heard some men who had gathered drinking, talking about it ''.
'' About my biological mother? ''.
'' Oh my God Majid! I thought....
'' I just found out the whole truth today so don't bother yourself ''.
'' Ma...Majid I am so sorry baby ''. She sobbed pretentiously.
'' Is that all the reason you called? ''.
'' Majid...are you okay? You don't sound all right at all ''.
'' I have being made a fool out of,for twenty five yea and you are asking whether am okay? ''.
'' I am sorry. I just thought maybe it is not right to be alone right now at this moment ''.
'' How did you know I was alone? ''.
'' I know you even more than my own self. And you sound lonely... Do you need anything? Tell me,I will serve you ''.
'' I need you to leave my life alone Cindy ''.
'' No!!! I will not do such a thing. Majid you threw me out. You kicked me out of your life. Saying that I did something wrong, now you see what your own family did to you? The people you trusted? ''.
'' Shut up Cindy. You should be ashamed for calling me. I don't need you or anyone else! No one! ''.
'' No one? Does that mean your wife also knew the truth? ''. She asked and Majid break down at once. '' And she never told you? Oh my God Majid! Now between she and I,who is the worse now? ''.
'' Cindy...
'' I was trying to fight for my love. Whiles her,she claimed to live you but his such a bug and dangerous truth from you. She was going to watch you pay homage to an imposter for the rest of your life Majid. And you are saying I should be ashamed of myself? I hate you Majid! I hate you right now! ''. She cried and hanged up.
(Majid dialled a number on the phone and placed it on his ear).
'' Hello? ''.
'' Hello sir,Mumbai airport at your service, how may we help you please? ''. A female voice came through.
'' Majid Samrat ''.
'' Okay sir. Majid Samrat... Oh goodness! Tue future king of the great Ujani kingdom. We are at your service my Prince. What do you need? ''.
'' I need a VIP plane to fly me out of India. When will the next flight to London be available? ''.
'' Do you want to be the only one in the plane my Prince? ''.
'' I don't know. We might be three or four. All I need is for the plane which is tagged as a VIP. I need privacy in it. It should wait specially for me ''.
'' Yes my Prince. Please wait for a while... My Prince, the newest plane which is tagged as VIP will be available in three days ti!e please ''.
'' Okay cool. Make that available for me. I hope it is going straight to London ''.
'' Yes my Prince ''.
'' Good. Thank you ''.
'' Thank you for working with us ''.
(He hanged up and threw his phone aside. Sushim entered the chamber and bowed down. His face down,he couldn't look straight at Majid's face as he also knew the truth).
'' What do you want? ''. Majid asked coldly.
'' My Prince, Queen Sheena, she...
'' What did I tell you to do Sushim? ''.
'' Not to let anyone inside the chamber ''.
'' Good. You may leave now ''.
(Sushim turned and left the chamber without a word and Majid got ti his feet to open his wardrobe. Queen Sheena barged into the chamber, looking more serious than sad. Sushim stood behind her with pleading eyes).
'' My Prince, I..I..I told her...
'' Just leave ''.
(Sushim bowed down and left. Then Majid continued touring in his wardrobe, acting like Queen Sheena didn't exist).
'' Majid look at me. Do not disrespect me. I am standing right here and I have something important to tell you ''.
'' I don't think I held your mouth. You can't hold me responsible for your own silence ''.
'' This is about Rishi ''.
'' Oh...your accomplice? Okay,am all ears ''.
'' Majid stop acting childish because you are not the first person this has happened to,and you won't be the last ''.
(When she said that,Majid totally loss his mind and left the wardrobe. He held her hand tightly. She could she into his eyes how hurt and hateful he had become. He started walking her out in anger).
'' Rishi is pregnant Majid! ''. She shouted and he left her hand. His face looked shocked and surprise at the sake time. And Queen Sheena smiled and thought the good news was going to work magic. But there wasn't an ounce if happiness in Majid's eyes. His facial expression had not changed. And he was just shocked that he was going to be a father from the woman who he hated at the moment.
'' Wha..what? ''. His voice shook and he choked. He quickly poured a glass of water and drank it at once. With his back turned to Queen Sheena.
'' Yes..yes my son! You are....
'' Do not call me your son,you liar! ''. He angrily shouted and turned to face her. '' You were just my mother's servant! ''.
(Queen Sheena raised her hand at him and slapped him hard across the face and his hair fell back).
'' But I raised you too! ''. She snapped angrily. '' That is what your mother would have wanted. I couldn't watch you without a mother.. I was loyal to her and she was also good to me. Our only mistake was not telling you. But we dis all that to protect you and the kingdom because...
(He grabbed hold of her hands and rudely walked her to the door. He opened it and pushed her out. Some servants who passed by,just stood there stunned).
'' I do not care about you... Or your royal nonsense. I have heard and seen enough ever since I got here. You wanted a future king? Let your partner in crime give birth and use her baby as your king. Because I am not interested in the throne of lies and deception! I am going back to London soon. Got that? ''. Majid said and slammed the door inhwir faces.
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
She arranged for a small drink partly in her chamber to celebrate her close to victory with Faruk. And after the drink had being served, they cheered in the chamber and celebrated in happiness.
'' Now the next thing is to kill your father. Because with Charu and Majid out of our way,it's left with your father to die for you to sit on the throne. And we can't wait for his natural death. We have no idea when that's going to happened so,we have to take care of that ourselves ''.
(Faruk cleared his throat and looked afraid and uncomfortable).
'' Mother? ''.
'' Faruk,why are you looking tensed? We are close to our ultimate goal ''.
'' It is about Charu mother. She is not deaf mother ''.
'' What? What nonsense is this Faruk? I showed you were she was hiding ''.
'' I sent my men mother. But as usual,they were so incompetent and ruined everything! They said they went to the hut to execute everything but then...they never layed eyes on her ''.
(Queen Dorah couldn't control herself and just slapped Faruk).
'' Anytime I feel like my victor is near,you just find a way to ruin it right? You fool! You will be getting married to Princess Ragah in less than two weeks. And if the Jhansi kingdom finds out you are having a child elsewhere, they will turn against us and kill you. It's against their tradition! ''.
'' I am sorry mother ''.
'' am confused. I don't know were to even concentrate. Your father or Charu? ''.
'' Just look for her again mother. And I promise that this time,I will find her and end her ''.
(She looked at him with distress)...
  UPDATE 11 July 2019

(Season 2).
Episode 13 continuation
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Royal check up room).
Rishi was conscious now and Kushi had joined her in the room. Trying to console her but it was just out of hand. The maids had gathered around her by the order of the Queen mother to serve her food but she refused to eat while touching her stomach. Queen Sheena entered with a blank face and Queen mother met her besides the beds.
'' I told Shaker about Rishi's pregnancy. We have told the announcer to go give the news to everyone in the kingdom ''.
'' I have told Majid ''.
'' Rishi... eat something please! For your baby sake! ''.
'' No! I just want Majid here....mother please take me to see him. I just need to explain things well ''.
'' Majid doesn't want to see anyone Rishi. He threw me out of his room ''.
'' What? ''. They were all astonished.
'' No,what about me? Doesn't he want to see me at all? Didn't you tell him about..about....
(She break down into tears and touched her stomach).
'' He didn't care. Today,I didn't sew Majid. I saw a monster ''.
'' How did he react to the news of the pregnancy? ''.
'' He threw me out mother. And said he wanted nothing to do with any of us ''.
(Rishi buried her face in her hands and wept bitterly and tried to get out from the bed buy the doctors wouldn't allow her).
'' Just let me go and see him myself mother. I promise that i will do all I can to convince him I am begging you. Staying here will not do me any good ''.
'' I think we should leave him alone for now Rishi. He did s too angry and not thinking straight ''. Queen Sheena said.
'' I can't live my life like this Queen mother, you can't stop me from going to Majid now. I am pregnant. This was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives right? What just happened? ''.
'' I have being thinking. How on earth did Majid get hold of that book? It has being hidden in the royal library for ages. In a secret locked room. We only open that book if there is going to be a war or anything serious. So how...
'' Queen Dorah? ''. Queen mother walked closer to Rishi and placed a hand on her shoulder. '' Like Queen Sheena said,I don't think this is the right time. You are carrying the future of Ujani in your womb right need all the rest you can get...
'' Please....
'' Listen! I know Majid. And I am telling you,this is not the right time. Give him some time to think of everything. The news was too big for him,he needs to be alone to absorb it. Kushi....
'' Yes your highness ''.
'' Take Rishi to her chamber to rest now ''. She said and Kushi took Rishi away.
(Mumbai city=Diamond Hotel).
Jimmy arrived at the reception with Charu and Raj's aunt by his side and they both held big shopping bags and two luggage. Charu dressed up in a fine Indian traditional saree and she looked healthy and beautiful. She stood behind Jimmy while he took care of things.
'' Jimmy Washington? ''. The receptionist asked,looking in her books.
'' Yes miss ''.
'' Oh,you came here the last time to book a room for two? VIP suit,for a young lady ...Chary Nigam and Subhrasi Rajveer? ''.
'' Yes,there they are ''.
'' Okay. How long are they staying please? ''.
'' Possibly...ten months on the count. I will come for her after ten moths. But I will pay for all the months she will stay in other for her to get her peace of mind ''.
'' Should the hotel serve her till then? ''.
'' Yes. Only healthy foods served to pregnant women please ''.
'' Okay..checked. This are the keys sir. Please enjoy your stay ''.
'' Thank you very much. I will make the payment on my way out ''.
'' No problem sir ''.
(Jimmy helped Charu and Subhrasi up the stairs and unlocked the room 4 door. They entered and the room was already breathtaking with two different beds and a wardrobe with an air condition and everything they may need in there. They dropped e shopping bags and the luggage on one bed and Charu sat down,touching her stomach).
'' I am very hungry ''.
'' I am so sorry we didn't get something on the way Charu ''. Jimmy said. '' But there is a small restaurant I saw opposite the hotel. I can get you any good you want ''.
'' No Jimmy. .after suffering and bringing us here? I will get the food ''. Subhrasi said. '' What do you want to eat dear? ''.
'' Anything aunt. I just need something small ''.
'' Okay dear ''.
(Jimmy took money out of his purse and handed it to Subhrasi who walked out of the room. Jimmy cleared his throat and got ready to leave).
'' I should get going back to the kingdom now Charu ''.
'' So soon? ''. She got to her feet,facing him a little closer.
'' Well..yes. You don't have to worry. I will come here next week to visit. I promise. You will be taken care of by the hotel. I have paid for everything ''.
'' Okay. But...I thought next week was too long. I..I will miss you ''. She said and blushed lightly, looking elsewhere.
'' You will? ''. Jimmy was surprised but happy she said that. '' I will..miss you very much too Charu. In fact,I wish I didn't go ''.
'' Then stay here for a while? Please? ''. She said and couldn't control herself. She embraced him tightly.
(Jimmy looked like he was dreaming. Was Charu also having feelings for him and hiding it? He embraced her back and even tighter).
'' I really need to tell you this Charu. It is now or never. I love you Charu...I really love you ''.
(Charu pulled away from him and tears streamed down her eyes).
'' But my pregnancy belongs to....
'' I don't care who it belongs to. I love you and whatever your child turns out to be,I will love it as well. Prince Faruk doesn't deserve your pain...
(He went closer to her and pulled her to him. She panicked but later felt protected in his arms. They locked lips and kissed passionately).

(Season 2).
Episode 14.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(In the kingdom=In the palace=Princess Rishi's chamber).
She opened her wardrobe and took out Majid's sweatshirt and pressed it against her chest. She faced Queen Meerah's portrait and tears drowned her face. She break down and went on her knees,weeping. Kushi knelt behind her and held her tightly. Rishi took off Majid's necklace from her neck and wept in it. Kushi pulled her up and made her sit on her bed. She went aside and poured her glass and water but Rishi refused and her eyes were on Queen Meerah's beautiful face on the portrait. She kissed the sweatshirt and buried her fave in it and wept more. Kushi made a serious face and made Rishi face her.
'' You are stronger than this Rishi. What are you doing? Are you going to punish your baby for our mistakes? ''.
'' Kushi..Kushiii ''. She embraced her and wept on her shoulders. '' Majid will never forgive me,will he? ''.
'' I... ''. This made Kushi also break down into tears. '' Rishi don't give up like this. I need you to stay strong so we could plan together ''.
(Rishi got on her feet and and faced Queen Meerah's portrait and put her hands together).
'' Please help me ''. She choked and coughed. Kushi gave her the glass of water and she drunk it this time. She gave the glass back to her and continued crying to Queen Meerah's portrait. '' Help me mother. He is your son...I live him more than anything in the world. I can't live without him Queen Meerah. I.. I didn't mean to hide the truth. I didn't want to. This is not supposed to be happening to us ''.
(She felt weak and sat on the bed. Memories of Majid's happy side and silliness with her flashed in her fave and she cried harder. Kushi sat besides her and took her hands in hers).
'' I can not tell her about Prince Faruk's plans for Prince Majid's plan. She is too weak and pale and I don't think she will be able to handle it. I should take care of this on my own. Maybe with the help of Shiv ''. Kushi thought.
(Rishi layed down quietly with the sweatshirt touching her stomach).
(In the evening=Queen Dorah's chamber).
She had her magic crystal ball in the middle of her room again and with her door locked, she chanted with all her might,mentioning Charu's na!e. She wined her hands over the crystal ball and opened her eyes widely and Charu's face appeared in the ball. Then she saw her in a distinguished room. But she had no idea where exactly she was and she did all she could but couldn't find the place
'' This is beyond my powers father. Please help me. We are close to our goals so we cannot let this maid destroy it ''. She said and pulled the ball under her bed and got to her feet. '' Charu is too poor...and the place I saw her,looks more like a palace chamber. Where is she? ''.
(Her father's spirit appeared in a black robe with a small black bottle in his hand).
'' The city ''.
'' Mumbai? But how did that poor rat...
'' She is getting support from the foreigner. But no matter what,she will be a danger in our success. That bastard she is carrying will one day grow up ad ask her about his father. And she will have no choice but to send him back here to meet Faruk. And guess what the Jhansi people will do to Faruk ''.
'' I will take care of it father ''.
'' My powers limited through the years and I don't have many insights in this things. So go take care of all this. I will always be here to guide you. We are just a few steps close to our goal my dear. Now that Majid hates everyone, take this ''. He said and handed the black bottle to her.
'' What is this father? ''.
'' I am going to take care of the pit containing Queen Meerah's soul. Now,you take care of the king. This bottle contains the poison meant for his food. It is a slow poison ''.
'' Yes father ''.
'' Make sure to be careful of Queen mother and the others. Toy must not make any mistakes ''.
'' Yes father ''.
(Next Day).
The palace was busy as usual with everyone going up and down. The weather was cool as if it was about rain. Majid walked out of the building dressed all flashy and sexy. In his favourite colour blue. He wore a blue blouse,a white jeans and a blue sneakers. He waked to the compound and got closer to his new car. Rishi came out of the building in a beautiful sea blue and shiny saree. She walked faster towards him,crying his name. Majid wore dark shades and turned his back. She reached his side and quickly opened her arms and wrapped them around him tighter than ever in a sad embrace. She wept in his shirt and wouldn't let him go. The royal family and some servants with a few priests stood in front of the building's compound watching them from a little far distance. Queen Sheena couldn't control her tears while Queen mother had the corner of her eyes set on Queen Dorah who kept smiling and obviously enjoying the painful moment. But she had not heard the news of Rishi's pregnancy. Apart from her and Faruk,everyone else looks humbled and destroyed. Majid removed his dark shades from his eyes and his eyes appeared to be tired. Like he had not slept the last night and just stayed up crying. His eyes looked red and sleepy. He threw the dark shades through the car window and it fell on one chair at the back seat. Majid placed his strong hands around her arms and started pulling them away from him but she tightened her grip. He got mad and user a little strength to pul her off,holding both hands. They looked into each other's eyes with so much intensity. Majid's breath hit Rishi's face and her tears kept streaming down. He starred down at her lips and they were shaking. She was shocked to see a different an from what she saw the last day's morning.
'' I am sorry ''. She whispered sadly. '' Please just...
(He pushed her away from him and she was lucky not to have fall. Queen mother's heart sipped a beat. Majid turned to his car and opened the front door but Rishi quickly got to him and knelt down,hugging him on his waist from the back. She wept mile a hungry baby and some servants even teared up. The king felt upset and walked back into the building wo the priests. Majid turned to her and bent down,facing her and pulled her away,grabbing her tightly like he did to Cindy).
'' If you ever...Rishi, if you ever..get close to me like this ever wouldn't like me ''. He said with a heavy voice and a threatening look.
'' Do whatever you want to me,I don't care Majid. I just need you here please. I swear,I didn't want to lie,I swear,I swear...ask everyone Majid. Don't hate me,I can't stand it please ''. She just cried uncontrollably.
'' You spent every second with me. Showing me,stupid and senseless deceitful love. The only difference between you and Cindy is.. Cindy did something bad to be with me. Whiles you,you just kept the biggest secret of my life. I was paying homage to an imposter and you were watching me do it. And dis you ever stop to think of how I would feel if I found out I actually didn't have a mother? She is dead! ''.
'' I tried my best Majid. What should I say Majid? Oh Lord...I curse the day I learnt the truth...Majid they told me to keep my mouth shut but I swear I tried to tell you. Please remember... the day...
'' I don't want to hear anything! I don't trust you,or anyone else. Is that clear? ''.
(He threw her aside and Queen Sheena quickly got there and held her so she wouldn't fall. Majid opened his car and entered. Queen mother got to the car and opened the door and pulled Majid out then gave him the most painful slap across his face).
'' Have you completely lost your senses? You just maltreated your pregnant wife! ''.
(This news hit Queen Dorah and Faruk like a bomb).
'' Majid please... ''. Queen Sheena placed her hands together in sorrow. '' Punish us all you want,but please leave Rishi out of this. I completely take responsibility for her silence. Don't punish her like this...she loves you too much Majid,and I know you can't without her either ''.
(Majid rolled his eyes down to Rishi on the floor who had her face downward and sobbing. He starred at her for a little while and starred back at Queen mother who was facing him).
'' Don't ever lay tour hand on me again Queen Gayatri. I have being cursed to be in this family. At least,you hurt me once by making me marry her ''. He said,pointing at Rishi. '' It didn't hurt as much,as I told her I trusted her. She was my other half, I thought I could trust my life in her hands ''.
'' Majid why are you doing this to me? Can't you see that our live should be able to stand this? ''. Rishi got up and went closer to him. She took his hands in hers. '' Majid we are going to have a baby. Majid,it's our baby...don't do this to our child. I will do whatever you want. But don't treat me like my father did...I would just die. Apart from my mother,I have taken you aw my everything Majid. I swear I didn't want to hide anything from you about Queen Meerah....
(Majid in a pit of rage raised his hand and was about to hit Rishi but held himself back and controlled his emotions. He then pointed a finger at her).
'' Don't you ever,ever..mention her name. You are not worthy ''.
(This was the most shocking and saddest moment. All the servants had their hands on their mouths as they thought Majid was about to slap Rishi. Majid entered his car and drove speedily away. Queen mother and Queen Sheena turned to speak to Rishi but she turned her back on them and walked into the building with Kushi and everyone).
'' I understand her actions. We have destroyed her marriage mother ''.
'' I know Majid loved her. He is going to go back to her ''.
'' How? We have no help from anywhere. And Majid has threatened to go back to London ''.
'' He said that? We can't allow that. After everything was going on so well ''.
'' The day after tomorrow is fasting day. Do you think Majid will be willing to break Rishi's fast for him? ''.
'' I don't know. With what is going on, I think it will be better for her not to participate ''.
(In the court).
The king had finished the meeting and Queen mother and Queen Sheena met him. Princess Lakshmi later entered.
'' What happend now? ''.
'' One of the protective guards of the kingdom came here and said two people from the ends of the kingdom died this morning for drinking from the Sanjak river ''.
'' Oh goodness. Not again. Shaker,this ia getting out of hand ''.
'' It is the same poison problem from the river of the Jhansi kingdom. Now people are angry and planning a demonstration against me. I can't sit for this to happened. I have Majid's problem to think about and now this mother? ''.
'' What do you plan to do now? ''.
'' Simply have a serious meeting with Siamak after the wedding between Faruk and his daughter. He must check his people well ''.
'' Your highness, will this not bring a heated argument between you and King Siamak? ''. Queen Sheena asked.
'' I will take that risk Queen. I can't choose my friendship with Siamak over the lives of my subjects ''.
'' They sent a letter. Since it's just less than two weeks to the wedding, they will be arriving in the kingdom tomorrow to live here until the due time ''. Queen mother said.
'' Okay no problem. How is Rishi doing? Keep an eye on her mother. I will speak to Majid when he gets back and makes sure he understands everything ''.
'' Why are all of you hiding things from us? I woke up one morning just to learn Majid is only my half brother? ''. Lakshmi said in anger. '' It's not fair! My relationship with Raj was kept a secret and when you all found out,you treated me like a stranger because I had fallen in love. Not knowing, your secrets were even bigger than us. Now Majid wants nothing to do with any of us...see? ''.
(She said and walked out of the court).
(In the kingdom=At the river side).
His car speedily arrived at the river's road. He parked near one coconut tree and got out. He stood by the door for a while taking the fresh air in. Some of the subjects passed by and bowed down to him and left. He walked down the sand slope with a bottle of water in his hand and walked straight to the river, standing on the sand and breathing in deep the air that came with the roar of the river. As he closed his eyes and felt the breeze, he couldn't stop thinking of Rishi. Remembering their first kiss and touches and the sweet fragrance from her hair and body. And it hurt him more that she knew about the secret and his it from him. He felt a gentle touch on his shoulder and he opened his eye and turned back. And there she stood,the smiling extravagant Cindy. She had left her hair dangling down since she knew it was Majid's favourite style. And she wore a transparent sea blue short dress since she knew that too was Majid's favourite colour. The wind blew between them,Majid tucked his hair behind his ear and faced her with a confused face. Wondering how she got there. She got her hand off his shoulder and stepped a little closer and Majid stepped backwards.

'' What are you doing here? Are you following me? ''.
'' How can I follow you? I was around the area. Looking around the place, touring...
'' Touring huh? You are now touring the place you want to leave soon? ''.
'' I wanted to leave Majid. The way I came...and I came with you. And if I am leaving, I have to leave with you ''.
'' Whether we leave together or not,nothing will change. We will not get back together ''.
'' Majid... I was going to tell you about Mr Raul's plans if the plan itself became successful. But I never thought you had fallen in love with her. I wouldn't have agreed to the plan. You know,all I care about is your happiness ''.
(Majid turned his back at her,starring at the river with so much mixed emotions. Cindy walked to his front. Turning her face into the most innocent).
'' I can't trust anyone anymore ''.
'' You can trust me. Because I will never hide the truth about your mother ''.
(Tears fell out Majid's eyes as he looked down at her and imagined it to be Rishi).
'' I will be leaving the day after tomorrow. Back to London, wanna come? ''.
'' Oh no. This is what I have wanted all my life. To leave this godforsaken place and go back to our lives with Majid. But my father is also arriving tomorrow. And he says I should stay here and help him take everything from Mr Raul. Who do I fucking choose? The love of my life,or the lover of my life? ''. Cindy thought.
'' What are you thinking? Ain't you interested in London anymore? ''.
(She pretentiously turned her back at him).
'' What is the use of being in one plane with you if you don't consider me as the love of your life anymore? I don't want to go if you dont love me anymore. You can leave me here ''.
'' Are you going there again Cindy? Because you know I can actually leave you if that's what you want ''.
'' I don't know how to make you understand this Majid. I love you. And I don't regret anything I did to that idiot! After all, she deserved it anyways...who knows she was such a traitor? Day and night with you,cuddling you,but she knew your mother was another woman and was dead Majid ''. She said and turned to him.
(She could see he was weak and tired. And she thought this was the perfect opportunity to take back her rightful position in his life again).
'' After finding out,what happened? ''. She asked softly. '' How are you feeling? ''.
'' I can't explain. All I can think about is,dis my mother ever hold me in her arms? Did she... ''. His voice break and he cried in his palms.
'' Have you hugged anyone lately baby? ''. She opened her arms and embraced Majid. He tried to resist at first but then late melted in it as well. It was a warm and sweet hug and he really needed that from someone. He break down and they went on their knees together, embracing gracefully.
'' I don't know who to trust anymore. We are not many but I can see how they all have betrayed me at once. I can't see eye to eye with anyone in the palace. Making it difficult to live there ''.
'' Majid, you can trust me. My love I would never think of hurting you like that. We have being in a relationship for seven year and you know me well. It will hurt if that ended because of someone who ended up betraying you right? ''.
'' It already ended Cindy ''.
'' It didn't end for me ''. She said and took his face in her hands. Touching her forehead to his.
'' Cindy sop ''. He whispered.
'' Stop resisting me Majid. We both want this so give into me baby...I love you ''. She threw herself on him and their lips touched in a long kiss.
(Majid's back touched the sandy floor and Cindy layed over him with her arms around his shoulders, kissing him seductively. She kissed him so deep,his lips begun to hurt. He pulled away and got to his feet,his hair and face were full of sand. Cindy pointed at it and laughed at him).
'' It feels just like old times baby. Like when we were at the beach in London, remember? ''.
'' I guess...I just need somewhere quiet to clear my head ''.
(She forcefully embraced him).
'' Let me be here for Majid. I won't give you a reason to complain. I will be with you if you need anyone to hug,or talk...even in the bedroom ''.
(Majid laughed at this funny gesture and studied Cindy's body language. And she also acted sincere in other to be noticed. She smiled widely).
'' I am glad I could at least make you laugh ''.
'' Yeah thank you ''.
'' I have to put more effort in the act so he can see am serious ''. She thought to herself. '' Let us go back to London and get back to our old lives and forget we ever came here ''.
'' I want to...but it's hard...
'' I will help you sweetheart ''.
'' Yes. I wonder how my mother's face looks like. I am going to the palace to search for her image ''.
'' I wanna come. Please? ''.
(He starred at her for a while).
'' Okay. I am really gonna need you Cindy... I really need you right now...
(She didn't let him complete the sentence and jumped into his arms and embraced him)

(Season 2).
Episode 15
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Next Day=In the Palace=Princess Rishi's chamber).
After her normal morning routine, she stood in front of Queen Meerah's statue and placed her hands together. She raised one hand and touched Queen Meerah's face while the other hand touched her stomach.
'' Bless me and your grandchildren Queen Meerah. Tomorrow is the fasting day,please make Majid forgive me before then ''.
(Kushi entered the chamber with a gloomy face. She gently placed the tray of break fast on the table and faced Rishi).
'' Kushi,I have to give the pregnancy news to my mother. I have to ask for permission from Queen mother to leave the palace. Will you go with me? ''.
'' That is why I am here Rishi. Look, sir down first ''.
'' I don't want to eat here. Mother will cook for me when I reach the house. I miss her food ''.
'' Rishi listen! You will not find aunt in the house okay?! ''.
'' What..why? Kushi what is going on? ''.
'' Your father died Rishi. That means, your mother is now a widow ''.
'' What? ''
(Rishi realised everything and break down. She sat in the bed and held her head with both her hands. She started choking and poured for herself a glass of water).
'' No...
'' The rituals to take her to the mountains is being held today Rishi. The news came to the royal family just this morning and...this is a sacred secret ritual which occurs between the priests and the widows alone ''.
'' Mother I am so sorry ''. She put the glass down and wept her heart out,holding her stomach. '' Not when I needed you the Kushi why is all this happening to me? My mother is getting they are going to keep her in the mountains to serve,all for the sake of my prodigal father who does nor deserve to be remembered! ''.
(Kushi went closer to her and sat besides her and wrapped her in a hug).
'' We only have each other now ''. She wept. '' We shall go and visit her as soon as the ritual is over okay? Everything would be okay ''.
'' I am left stranded. I thought this would be the end of our sorrows. I wished for my own downfall when I wished to marry the prince. Kushi... I will die if all the people I live leaves me ''.
'' I am still here okay? And I am not moving an inch from your side. We shall conquer this fight together. I promise ''.
(Rishi break the hug and faced Kushi).
'' I miss him Kushi. I really need him. Why can't he see that he is the one hurting me right now by ignoring me? ''.
(Kushi threw her face aside with the impression of guilt written all over it. Rishi searched her face and realised something wasn't right).
'' What happened Kushi? Why are you...
'' Queen Sheena told me not to tell you this but...I just can't hide it from you! ''.
'' Oh my goodness... What is it Kushi? ''.
'' It is Majid. You slept early yesterday Rishi,so you didn't see what happened. But Majid came back to the palace..and he wasn't alone ''.
'' What are you saying? ''. She asked in confusion.
'' I am saying... Majid came to the palace with the foreigner! ''.
'' Cindy? ''.
'' Yes yes..whatever her name is. That witch has make sure to get Majid back in her life. And Majid didn't seem bothered about what people said at all. In fact,they spent some time in Tue garden and later went into his chamber. When it was getting really dark, then he ordered Sushim to take her back to where she came from ''.
(Rishi touched her chest as she felt a very sharp pain it it. She deeply closed her eyes and imagined all she was going through was just a dream. She opened her eyes and wiped her tears away in confidence).
'' Majid cannot fall out of live with me Kushi. I..I know I made a mistake of hiding the truth,and I know he is just mad at me. He will soon come back to his senses,because I will not give up trying to win back his trust. And not even Cindy will stand in my way. Majid is mine. Mine alone ''.
'' Yes! That is the spirit girl friend! We cannot allow the enemy win at all. You have to start showing Majid what he's missing ''.
'' What do you mean? ''.
'' Show him that skinny bones is not your level. You are his first Queen after all,you have all the rights in the world to have his time and attention. The Jhansi royal family will arrive here at any moment. I am going to call Priya and we are going to transform you from head to toe Rishi. You will look so beautiful that Majid will regret ever getting angry with you ''.
(They both laughed but ?Rishi wa too burdened. After tear flowed her eyes for her mother. But she took courage and wiped her tears away).
(Prince Majid's chamber).
He dressed up in a hot white shirt and knickers with a sea blue slippers and checked himself in the mirror. His phone rung loudly in his bedroom and he walked there and picked it up. It WS from the Mumbai airport and he answered quickly.
'' Yes...tell me ''.
'' Sir,the plane you requested will not be arriving at the exact same date we planned. We are very sorry for the inconvenience sir ''.
'' What the fuck? I wanna leave India tomorrow! ''.
'' We are sorry sir. Almost all the VIP planes has being used and requires special adjustments and repairs to it before it can fly again ''.
'' I already told you before... I needed a plane which has never being used! I wanna be the first person to use it. Jeezzz, why can't you guys follow simple instructions? Almost all the service here is fucking poor. You're gonna get fired if I don't get out of India tomorrow ''.
'' Please sir...I am begging you..I..I...
'' Do you have a private jet available then? Where private jets are sold? ''.
'' We decided to sell some a year ago. The renovations for the yare in which the jets will be kept will be completed next week on Friday. So that means,you can get tour won licensed private jet by next two weeks time sir ''.
(Majid angrily threw his phone against the wall and groaned in rage. He held his waist,wondering what to do. Hw turned his back to sir on the bed and saw Faruk standing just some few inches away from him. They eyes each other pensively for a while. Majid's heart was beating so fast with anger and Faruk looked relax and innocent. Majid shook his head and looked away from him. He stepped far away from him and got closer to his window. He opened the windows and raised the fresh cotton curtains up and the wind blew in his face,raising his hair backwards. He turned back to Faruk who smiled at him and walked closer to his side. He placed one hand on Majid's shoulder).
'' You are planning to go back to London brother? ''.
'' How did you enter my room Faruk? I asked Sushim not to...
'' I am tour elder brother. You cannot keep me away from seeing you ''.
'' I have the right to my privacy. And I have the right to choose the people I wanna see...and people I don't wanna ''.
'' Why would you not want to see me Majid? I haven't done anything to you! ''.
'' Oh really? Okay ''. He said,looking relaxed but suspicious.
'' Hey...if you are referring to the news about your biological mother, then no. I never knew until the day you announced Majid ''.
(Majid suddenly seemed shocked and took a step away from Faruk. Making his hand slip from his shoulder).
'' And I am supposed to believe that,right? ''.
'' Yes. Because it is true. I swear that I never knew your mother was of Queen Sheena. She acted like a real mother to you Majid ''.
'' Yes but she is not! ''. He angrily started walking to and fro in the chamber. '' How could they think it was cool to give me a new mother? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. And that mother's handmaiden? I wonder how my mother would be feeling right now. They cleaned her name from everyone's lips...just so what? She will be forgotten and Queen Sheena will think she has taken her place? ''.
'' I am truly sorry brother. Apart from me,you and Lakshmi, everyone knew about your mother. Queen Meerah ''.
(Majid break down and sat on his bee,burying his face in his hands).
'' But you cannot punish the rest of us for our family's mistakes. I am very angry at my mother right now...for hiding this truth for so long. She doesn't have any better explanations for me,so I just left the room. Now that you want to fo back to London, who will be my right hand on my wedding day? ''.
'' What? ''.
'' I am getting married in less than two weeks. To princess Ragah. And I will need all ye support I can get Majid ''. He held Majid back on his feet. '' Majid please, think twice. You are the future king after cannot leave your kingdom because of terrible people like grandmother and the rest. And more so,I am going to need tour support on my wedding day. I hope you think this through ''.
(Faruk turned and walked out).
(The city of Mumbai=Doctor Malhotra's hospital).
UPDATE 16 July 2019
(Season 2).
Episode 15 continuation.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(The city of Mumbai=Doctor Malhotra's hospital).
Jimmy took Charu to see the gynaecologist. He spent the past two days with Charu and gave an excuse to Majid that he was just exploring the city. The doctor arrived in the ward with a nurse and switched on the monitor and for his equipments ready. Charu wore a blouse and a long skirt. She layed on the bed with the help of Jimmy as her stomach was out and couldn't do it on her own. The doctor smear a slimy liquid on her stomach and she held Jimmy's hand tightly. They both looked on the monitor very closely while the gynaecologist checked her pregnancy health.
'' There it is ''. He said and pointed at the monitor.
'' Oh god...that little thing ''. Jimmy said. '' Can we know whether it is a boy or a girl? Well..because she is eight months now ''.
'' Well of course sir. Let us see...
'' I am so nervous ''. Charu said.
'' Don't be. If the doctor is happy, then that means the baby is fine. Right doctor? ''.
'' Yes..yes of course. The baby looks absolutely healthy and the heart beat is perfect and accurate ''.
'' See? ''. Jimmy said,squeezing her hand gently.
'' Okay..are you ready for the,it is a boy ''.
(Charu placed her hands over in tears of joy and pulled Jimmy closer for a tight hug).
'' It us our baby boy Charu. You are not alone anymore ''.
'' Yes. Our baby boy. And he is going to get all the love he deserves. I can't believe this little angel will soon come and join us here ''.
'' We should start planning a name for him ''.
'' Yes. You are right. We will plan that ''.
(Ujani kingdom=The royal Palace).
A largish car entered the grand compound and everyone walking out there watched in surprise. The car parked near the three cars of Majid and in just a second, Cindy and Natalya stepped out in short revealing foreign dresses. The wind blew over their side and they opened the back seat. Cindy removed her luggage while Natalya removed hers. They happily closed the door and turned to the building's entrance. The murmuring of the servants were becoming louder and drew the attention of the royal family. They stepped out and met Cindy and Natalya on the way inside. Queen mother raised her hand and two guards stepped in front of Cindy and Natalya, blocking their way from entering.
'' Who allowed this? How dare you step a foot in my palace?! ''. The king asked angrily.
'' I am not going to answer to you king ''.
'' How dare you?! Thus is the king if Ujani and he can behead you right now ''. Queen mother shouted.
'' I don't think Majid will allow that Queen mother. None of you...has the right to talk to me until I meet Majid ''.
'' You ate not going to stay in this palace foreigner. Over my dead body ''. Queen mother said and stepped in front of her.
'' Is that so? Then you will surely die for me to stay here ''. Cindy said arrogantly.
(Queen mother loosed her cool and raised her hand into he air to slap her but her hand was stopped in mid air. Everyone was shocked. Queen mother turned to the other side and saw Majid holding her hand. He pushed her hand away in anger and stood in front of Cindy. Everyone starred at them as he took Cindy's hand in Hus and the looked stunned. He starred at his family and the servants behind them. Cindy smiled confidently and Queen Dorah couldn't stop thanking her stars).
'' Majid! What is the meaning of all this? ''. The king asked.
'' What do you think? ''. Majid said.
'' She is not staying here Majid! You cannot bring any other woman here because your wife is in there! ''. Queen mother said,pointing at the grand building.
(Rishi was beautifully dressed then she and Kushi arrived at the tall balcony because of all the noise outside. They looked down on the compound and saw Majid, holding Cindy's hand. Rishi's jaw dropped, her mouth opened, she felt a shock in her heart and held her stomach as they looked down).
'' Last time I checked...your tradition, gives me every right to take any woman I want. I am married because you forced me! I am going to do things on my own terms now. Cindy is going to live here whether you all like it or not ''.
'' Majid,you are making a very big mistake ''. Queen Sheena said.
'' You make me angry more than anyone. You are not even related to me ''.
'' You are my son Majid. Hate me all you want. But I am honoured to have raised the son of the most wonderful person in the world! ''.
'' What is your main reason in bringing this girl here Majid? To hurt us? ''.
(Rishi and Kushi stepped out of the building at once. Majid rolled his eyes to the entrance and saw her. His eyes showed no signs of emotions towards her).
'' Cindy is here. Because we are back together. And she is going to be my second wife ''. He said with his eyes on Rishi.
(Kushi held Rishi from the back. But Rishi gathered her strength and walked towards them).
'' What? ''.
'' Majid don't do this please. Tradition demands...your first wife must put to bed before you can marry a second wife ''. Queen mother cried.
'' It is either I marry Cindy...or I leave the kingdom. And if I swear,if anyone tries to stop me,you will all die together with me. No one should interfere in my life....because I have taken charge ''.
'' Majid ''. Rishi whispered and he turned his face to her. '' I am sorry,please....
(He walked away with Cindy and Natalya and the enter the building. Rishi walked away towards the entrance, followed by Kushi. The Jhansi family arrived in the palace in their palanquins and the king and Queens went to meet and welcome them).
(Prince Majid's chamber).
He entered his chamber with Cindy and he was not looking like himself. He was exhausted and hurt after quarreling with his family. He sat on his bed and Cindy dropped her hand bag,admiring the chamber and its new decoration.

'' Oh Majid, how I miss this room so much. Things has changed ''.
'' Cindy, can you leave me alone for now? I would love to rest ''.
'' Not a choice. Not while I am here sweetheart. You will no longer be alone ''.
'' I just need to clear my head alright? ''.
'' Then clear it with me ''.
(She cunningly raised her right leg which was half naked to the top of the bed,near Majid's nose and he looked up at her while she smiled and winked at him).
'' I am not in the mood for this Cindy. I am serious ''.
'' For now Majid,I promise you that this is the only thing which will cqkm you down.Trust me ''.
(She lowered her lips down to his and kissed him passionately but he didn't respond to the kiss as he showed no sign of emotions. She awam her arms down his jeans and grabbed his crouch and he pushed her hand away from there).
'' Cindy stop. I don't want to do this ''.
'' You have to. I miss you so much. You said it yourself, you are going to marry me right? ''.
'' I said that to annoy them okay...
'' What?! ''. She got away from him. '' So why am I here Majid? Are you just me or what? To forget her? ''.
'' Cindy calm...
'' Do I mean nothing to you? I can't believe this! ''. She break down in tears.
(Majid started feeling awful and got up then held her tight to carress her).
'' I'm sorry...hey,it's fine. Don't feel that way please. I just wanted to be alone. I said that out of frustration. Sure we will get married. But not here. We will go back to London after my brother's wedding ''.
'' Promise? ''.
'' Sure I do ''.
'' Then make love to me Majid. Prove to me that you still live me ''.
'' I...I am tired Cindy ''. He said slowly.
'' problem. Come,I will give you a massage you can fall asleep and wake up strong ''.
(She late him down on the bed and he took a deep breath and closed his eyes while Cindy massaged him softly. Opposite the bed,the invisible one appeared. Queen Dorah's father. And he was ready to take action)....
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