Diamond in the Forest Episode 3 & 4

Nike mother was advising Nike
on how she will behave when
she gets to the palace
“I’m glad you made it among
the four maidens to work in
the palace for the princess,
remember all I have told you,
when you get there, don’t let
that omo iya Aje (the daughter
of a witch) order you around,
you are suppose to be the one
in that her position as the
princess personal maid, is a
very big offer if you
understand it, Aje omobirin
(that witch girl) is practically
heading you, she has more
power over you in that palace
and you shouldn’t let that, do
everything you can to over
throne her and take her
position, she will hold it for
three years and if she serve the
princess well she will keep her
for another three years
depending on the agreement,
now the benefit is that her
mother will be well known and
also respected more than me,
the kingdom will be paying her
mother some certain fee, and
giving her new wrapper, all
this good thing was suppose to
be mine but they use their
witch power to take it and that
girl has a higher rank more
than you, you are under her
because she is close to the
princess than you are so Nike
you have a lot of work to do…
are you listening to me Nike…
“bẹẹni iya mi (yes mother)
“Good, I don’t want to hear
that she is my sister or she is
my friend, that girl is very
dangerous…I have seen that
already, I tried different things
on her but it all failed that was
why I call her aje, (witch) she is
a witch, and you should be
careful with her, don’t go there
and start doing sister or friend
“kii se ebi tabi ore mi, (she is
neither my sister or my friend)
mokorira e gidigidi (I hate her
so much)
“yes, iyen dara (that is good)
hate all of them all with
passion, ṣe o mọ pe o rewa
julo, (do you know that you are
more beautiful than her) don’t
let her intimidate you, be a
good pretender, stab them
behind and laugh with them in
the open, be smart Nike, I
know you are just like me, be
very smart, who knows you
may become the next queen, if
Leja refuses to still look at you
then focused your target on
the prince, even if he later pick
interest in you deal with him
but your main target should be
the prince, if you ever need me
am here for you, just rush
down here and I will empower
you if things get complicated…
Remi was with her grandma
that morning
“Nigbawo lomawa si ààfin?
(When will you finally leave for
the palace?)
Ọjọ mẹta si oni awọn ẹṣọ yoo
wa fun wa … Mo lero bakan
nipa gbogbo ohun yi … sugbon
inu mi dun lopolopo (Three
days from now the guards will
come for us…I feel somehow
about the whole thing…but
“O kojo eni ti inure ndun
lopolopo si gbogbo ohun yi,
kosi omidan tikoni dunnu si
eto bee (You don’t sound
excited to me, every young
maiden will be so excited to
jump at this very offer), most
people want to be just a
servant, cutting grass and
cleaning floor all that matters
to them is just to be in the
palace but here you are…you
are going to be the princess
right hand lady…well I see this
coming and I feel the need to
ring this again to your ears, rii
daju pe o bori korira pẹlu ife
(make sure you overcome hate
with love), you will be pushed,
they will get to your skin, you
will be hurt but
Oluwaremilekun, mi ti o dara,
(my good grandchild) don’t
allow them to bend you, I see
anger and revenge in your
eyes, don’t let it pull you down,
you are stronger than you
think you are, you are going to
the palace to serve so make
sure you serve with all sincerity
and never indulge in anything
that will stain your name, don’t
try to compete with anyone
that’s not the reason you are in
the palace…you will always be
a winner and will excel
because you have the ear of
the gods, don’t let them bring
you down…
“Gbobgo won (all of them) tani
awon yi (who are this people)…
who are “them” you make me
feel going to the palace will be
a bad idea…what exactly is it
Iya…I don’t understand, ko ye
mi …
“ yoo ye o nigba ti akoko bato.
(you will understand when the
time comes)…don’t be afraid of
the future because whatever
that can’t kill you will only
make you stronger…is an old
adage we use back then, those
days a man can marry five
wives and there will still be
understanding among them,
anyone that causes trouble will
be chased back to her father’s
house, despite evil was in the
land but it could be hardly
seen, sisters and friend remain
true, despite there was still
enemies but it wasn’t so much
like this days, the hatred, strife,
ilara ati ojukokoro (envy and
covetousness)…” is the other of
the day, everyone want to get
ahead of the other, don’t be
like them my child, stand out
and the gods will keep blessing
you…two will want you but
only one will have you…
“awọn ọkunrin meji, tani ati
tani” (two men, who and who)
…will I marry Leja just like you
got married to grandpa who
was ones a guard and later
turned into hunting, you told
me the other day that I share
same fate with you but in a
different way…I thought of all
you said but couldn’t make
sense out of it…so Leja is a
guard is he the man I will end
up with…
“far from that but time will
tell…we may thread a similar
path but our destiny lies in the
hand of our maker…is not
because you are a good dancer
that made the land to chose
you to serve the princess is
because it has being
predestined to happen, I was a
good dancer in my own time
too…I have one old picture that
“awon onihinrere ya aworan
wa (missionaries, they took
picture of us) , wọn kọ ile-iwe
fun wa ( they built school for
us) but they chased them out
of the land, nitori Ọba lerope
won mu igbagbo ajoji wolewa
bawa (because the king said
they brought a white man
believe to us and wanted to
corrupt the land) about your
question if you will marry
Leja…hmm, jẹ ki ife awọn oriṣa
ṣe (let the will of the gods be
“hmmm, I was told that it was
the old obas that built the
school, I don’t even know the
full story except now…. iya..
eyesoro ni àdììtú,koni sewu
(grandma, stop speaking in
riddles, I will be fine)
“Mo mọpe konisewu sugbon
ridaju pe ohun se abewosimi
lorekore laafin (I know you will
be fine, don’t fail to visit me
while living in the palace, i will
really miss you my child)
They talked deep into the night
before Remi left
After three days, the guard
came for them, Remi and Nike
left for the palace
They arrive and has to go
through cleansing and
changing up to their provided
palace attire.
Leja was looking for
opportunity to sit and talk with
Remi who just newly resumed
her duty with the princess who
seem to be taken with her
The prince did not want to rush
things, he was given Remi time
to settle in very well before he
approaches her
Nike was trying to get Leja’s
attention but he was not
interested in her and he made
that clear through his actions
towards her, Nike and three
other maiden where servants
in the palace, Remi was always
with the princess, running
some personal errand for her,
some times she will assign any
of the four girls to do some
minor stuff just as the princess
The prince called Leja as he
watch from his open chamber,
Remi and the princess walk
round the large compound
talking and laughing at
something, the prince watched
Remi closely and has to call
Leja who was also keeping eye
on Remi, the prince asked him
to come and he quickly did
“mo feran omidan odo aburo
mi obirin yen (I like that my
sister’s maid) kini orukọ rẹ
lẹẹkansi (what is her name
Leja looked at the Prince and
eyed him, he stammered
through words, jealousy was
written all over him but he has
to respect the king’s son
“orukọ rẹ ni Remi ọmọ-oba
(Her name is Remi, my prince.)
“she is a beautiful maiden) do
you know that she was among
the best dancer in the last
festive dance, let me say she
was the best among all the
maiden, strong and bold, I like
her and I’m just waiting for the
right time to approach her
Leja started coughing
continuously, he wanted to
distract the prince from saying
another thing about Remi, he
couldn’t bear to hear another
word from the prince
concerning the woman he also
want, so he suddenly came up
with the fake cough
“are you alright Leja, go and
take water sorry, go and take
some water
Leja quietly left the prince,
when he was out of sight he
stopped the fake cough and
gave a heavy sigh before
walking away.

Episode 4.

Remi has seen the Prince
looking at her severally, she
was wondering why he looks
at her the way he did, today as
she was out spreading the
princess cloth on the hang line,
she felt like somebody was
watching her from somewhere,
so she turned but did not see
anybody, she went back to
what she was doing and
suddenly hard a strong voice
behind her which startled her,
she quickly turn and saw the
Prince standing very close to
her, she knelt and greeted him
and he asked her to stand up
she did and stood still with her
head bend
“Bawo ni o wiwa awọn ààfin
lẹwa ọkan (How are you
finding the palace beautiful
Remi thought within her why
the prince addressed her with
“beautiful one” he could have
called her “omidan” (Maid)
which seem to be a normal
way they address female
workers in the palace and
some use their names if they
know the name
Gan daradara omo-oba “(Very
well my prince), I’m glad to be
here, picked out among many
to be the princess personal
maid…please what can I do for
you my Prince…
“Don’t rush my dear…relax and
look up at me…I don’t
bite….see me as one of your
friend…am only here to say
hello, you don’t have anything
to do for me, you belong to the
princess not to me…maybe for
now.. my sister owns you for
the period you will serve her, I
have being seeing you around
and looking for an opportunity
to talk with you, you are
always with my sister and she
seem to be so fond of you, she
always want you within her
reach…you are enjoying the
role of serving the princess…
“bee ni, you are right…i feel so
privileged to work here
“Iyen dara, (that’s good) you
are beautiful Remi…and also a
good dancer, I watched you
dance at the festival, whining
your waist and throwing your
legs with so much energy…
Remi looked up to him, she
was surprise that the prince
called her by her name and it
sound so sweet to her and also
the way he compliments her,
she smiled and the prince
“Who do you take after in
looks and strength, iya rẹ abi
baba (your mother or father)?
“ni mi iya iya, (is actually my
grandmother) I look so much
like her when she was at my
age…and she was also a good
dancer in her own time
“ I see, it runs in the blood, you
are very special for the gods to
have blessed you with your
grandmother’s nature and I’m
happy talking with you…finish
up with the cloths, I will sit and
wait at the royal shade, come
and sit with me when you are
done…I will like you to tell me
about your grandma…she
sound like an interesting
woman and I will like to hear
more about her…hope you
don’t mind…? Will my sister be
needing you…what is she
“She was having her siesta
before i left to do her laundry..
“Good then…so will you sit
with me for a while…please…
Leja came out and saw the
prince talking with Remi, he
got angry and decided to hide
and watch them, he watch as
Remi laugh over whatever the
Prince said, his stomach
tightened and he tightened his
fist, he wish to go there and
drag Remi away, he gets angry
at every passing minute, he
watch Remi and the Prince talk
about something and laugh
out together, he wondered
what they were talking about
and wish he can eavesdrop on
there conversation, Leja was
thinking of how to distract
them and take Remi out but no
Idea came, he was deep in
thought when he hard a voice
behind his ear, he turned and
saw Nike
“why are you hiding and
looking at the Prince,
hahahaha…you look so funny
hiding here and watching the
prince talk with that cheap
good for nothing girl..
“Don’t call her names….Remi is
the woman I love but the
Prince want to take her away
from me and I won’t let that
happen…do not say anything
bad about her… I thought she
is your sister…
“I don’t have a sister…am the
only child of my mother…so I
don’t have a sister…I thought
you are smart, you think Remi
will leave the Prince and follow
you, you are day dreaming
Leja. she will do everything she
can to have the Prince, you are
just a guard to her and she will
never have anything to do
with you…don’t you know she
is the daughter of a witch, she
is evil and will have anything
she desired to have…well I
showed interest in you but you
refused to reciprocate so I
moved on…if this is how you
will live the rest of your live
then continue…but it won’t
end well with you because that
girl is capable of doing
anything, her target was on
the prince that was why her
witch mother worked it out for
her to be at the palace…
“She was the best dancer…she
thought you how to dance and
also pleaded that you will be
chosen to serve in the palace if
she wins, she is a good girl and
dances so well more than you
and was also very smart and
intelligent that was why she
was chosen to serve the
princess, nobody work
anything for her, the kingdom
chose her…
“Who run the kingdom…the
king and the queen then you
and I, don’t say the kingdom
chose her just say her witch
mother did everything possible
for her to be here… don’t give
her credit for my effort, I
danced my way into the palace
and not only that I am very
beautiful and smart too and I
got to work in the palace
because I deserved it…she
didn’t teach me anything, I can
dance very well even from my
mothers womb… I can help
you get her out from the Prince
on one condition…
“How do you intend to do
that? And what is the condition
“Don’t ask how just agree
first…do you want me to help
you or not? The condition is
that you will have to pay me
“Okay…go ahead. I’m
“I will go over there like a
good girl that I am and tell
Remi that the princess is
looking for her so that she will
disappear from the prince…
Leja gave her a go ahead and
she went over to where Remi
and the Prince were sitting and
talking, she knelt down and
greeted the prince before
saying that the princess was
looking for Remi.
Remi quickly stood up and bow
to the Prince before running to
the princess chamber, when
she got there, the princess was
still sleeping, she wondered
why Nike has to come and lie
to her that the princess was
looking for her
She stayed in the chamber and
did not bother going out again,
few days later she ran into Leja
and he dragged her into a
“What is wrong with you Leja…
why are you dragging me?
“Talk quietly, somebody maybe
passing… Remi..you have being
talking with the prince of
“Is there anything wrong in
talking with the Prince…he is a
good man…and he has being
nice to everyone not just me…
“ooh…I see, he is a good man
right…? You act like you don’t
know what the prince want
from you, I wanted you first…I
made my intention so clear to
you…you told me that you
don’t want to have anything to
do with men because your
mother has not approved of
that…you saw the prince and
now you want to have
everything to do with men…
aren’t you a hypocrite and a
“I don’t have anything to do
with the prince, I talk with you
sometimes too..
“you talking to me ever since
you came to this palace has
only being just greeting, good
morning Leja, good afternoon
Leja, well-done Leja” and the
rest…you have not sat with me
and talk or laugh at anything I
say just as you were laughing
with the prince the other day….
“I see nothing wrong in talking
with prince, opportunity hasn’t
come for me and you to sit and
talk, and that’s why it has not
happened yet, you are always
busy so am i…the prince asked
me to tell him about my
grandma whom I love talking
about and I did..
“hmmm really…you love
talking about your grandma so
tell me about her…I also want
to hear about her…
“Leja, this is not a good time,
the princess need her dinner
and I want to make sure that is
ready…how do you want me to
start talking about my
grandma…with a whisper and
also we are standing…we will
talk next time…now is not a
good time..
Nike who has being listening
to their conversation came out
from nowhere and started
abusing Remi…
“so now is not a good time
because Leja is not a prince…
you cheap w—e…you are here
to use your charm to get the
prince to yourself but your plan
won’t work, my eyes are on
you…you and your witch
mother will be exposed and
disgrace In this kingdom let’s
watch and see…witch
Remi tried to leave but Nike
pushed her back, telling her
she wasn’t done talking with
her, Leja who was still angry
with Remi just stood and
watch Nike insult her, Remi
tried not to get angry with all
that Nike was saying, Remi
knows that anger is her weak
point, ones she is angry she is
ready to tear down the person
no matter who he or she is and
she has tried to keep her
emotions in check and harken
to her grandmother’s advice
but Nike insulting her and her
mother was like pushing her to
the wall.
“Nike, let me go…you are
looking for my trouble…I was
talking with Leja and not you…
leave me alone…stop calling
me names….i am warning
you…this is not home… this is
the oba’s palace…respect
yourself and the environment
that you are into..
“or what…what will happen…
what will you do Remi, witch
and useless fool, show me your
power and I will render you
powerless…I have being
waiting for this kind of
opportunity and I thanked the
gods is finally here, show me
your witch power…what can
you do…you are taking all the
strong and good men to
yourself, I told Leja that you
are a cheap w—e but he
won’t listen…now he has seen
it all…show me what you can
do…if I won’t give you an
everlasting mark on your
body…try me and see…witc…
Before she will say another
word, Remi pounced on Nike
like a prey and threw her to
the ground with so much
ease…she sat on her and
started beating her, no matter
how Leja pulled at her she was
so angry, anger consumed her
as she kept punching Nike like
a punching bag, strength she
did not know where it came
from descended on her and
even Leja couldn’t pull Remi
up, Nike was shouting and
crying for help but Remi was
not letting go, Leja was shock
as he realised that he couldn’t
pull Remi up, he called other
guards and they all came and
lifted Remi from Nike who has
already fainted.
They started pouring water on
Nike and also fanning her, the
Prince was informed and came
to the seem so also the
princess, Remi was breathing
heavily as she watch the palace
worker gather to revive Nike
Leja stood and was looking at
Remi as if she was a ghost,
Remi bent her head and
walked away, she went outside
to a quiet place to cool off, she
did not even understand
herself again, it took time
before she was calm enough,
she knows fighting in the
palace is prohibited but she felt
at peace with herself, Nike’s
cup was full and she needed to
teach her a lesson.
She wasn’t afraid of whatever
the outcome will be she was
ready for anything.
The King hard of the fight and
summoned Remi and Nike, and
they were suspended for three
The princess likes Remi and
knew that she was a good girl
and Nike must have done
something bad for her to be
beaten up by Remi, the
princess did not want Remi to
go but she must obey her
father, Remi and Nike need to
sort their selves out, three days
is not much, she will patient
manage with her other
maidens until Remi Resume
back, it was a normal
punishment for a law
As Remi picked up her few
things she saw the prince
looking at her from his
chamber as she stood outside,
she bowed to him before
walking out of the gate
The prince was not happy that
he won’t see Remi for three
days, he wish she has not
engaged in a fight, he doesn’t
know what caused the fight
between her and her step
sister maybe he will find out
from Leja,
The prince knew that three
days is few days from now but
it seem like a year of not
getting to see Remi but he will
Nike’s face was swollen and
her body was filled with
bruises, her hands had a
fracture, she couldn’t even
walk properly, it seem like ten
hefty men was beating her up
but it was only Remi, now she
has no doubt that Remi is not
an ordinary person, she can’t
wait to go home and tell her
mother what happen so that
her mother will deal with
Remi intend spending her
three days off at her grandma’s
place, she knows her mother
will be very angry with her, but
Remi was happy for the three
days off, she will get to see her
grandmother who she has not
seen for four weeks and if
Nike’s mother attack her or her
own mother she will give Nike
another dose of beating.
is high time they stay on their
lane and leave her and her
mother alone.
Leja was confuse, if he knew
that a fight will break out for
the two sisters he would have
stopped Nike from insulting
Remi but he was angry and
jealous, he wanted Nike to
insult Remi but he never knew
that Remi has so much power.
the way she handled Nike was
as if Nike was ordinary feather,
he doesn’t know if he still have
a chance with Remi, maybe it
will be better to go for Nike
who has being dying to have
No matter how he thinks of it
his mind was still on Remi, it
was at this time that he got a
message from another guard
that the prince want to see

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