Diamond in the Forest Episode 25 & 26

The prince woke up amidst
sweat and breathed heavily,
this is the second time he was
having the same dream, he
wondered what the dream
could mean, he try to sleep
again but couldn’t, sleep has
disappeared from his eyes, ,he
stood up and walked to his
chamber window, everywhere
was dark outside, dawn was
still far.
He stood there for sometime
before returning to his bed
He shut his eyes and tried to
force himself to sleep again but
his mind was occupied, all he
could think off was just one
person, the lady he has seen in
his dream with a child, the
prince started talking to
himself just to ease off the
burden that has weighed him
down for long
“Remi…ohhh…the gods she is
dead by now, hmmm…I pray
the gods accept her soul, she
was indeed a beautiful maiden,
I have loved her and wanted
her ever since she stepped into
the palace, my feeling for her
grew by the day, I loved that
maiden I wasn’t going to deny
that fact but she was in love
with Leja, Leja was her man, I
never knew and when I found
out I felt stupid…yes…I really
felt a punch on my face, loving
Leja’s woman…I have tried to
wave off this feeling but I don’t
seem to be doing so well with
that…I wished I have made
love to her that night…I just
wish I laid with her maybe in
that way she will have my
child…not Leja’s child, well…she
was pregnant for Leja before
being banished…how I also
wish father has listened to me
and send her faraway to
another kingdom… not into an
evil forest…not totally
banishing her… sending her off
to die was so cruel…why will
she even try to poison father…I
see her as somebody who is
not capable of such…why will
she want to do such evil and
where did she even get the
poison…oh…Remi…how I wish
you have lived, how I wish you
were mine…how I wish it was
my child you carried, you tried
to lie to me that the pregnancy
was mine…I don’t know why
you will do such…your lover…
Leja was angry and said
something that made me have
doubt in you…why do you
seem to fill my dream with a
child in hand…nursing a child in
your arm who’s body seem to
be transformed like that of a
diamond…it shown forth and
covered the whole place with
it’s light…I don’t understand…I
wish I do…I wish I understand
what this terrifying strange
dream means…Remi is dead
and all I want to do is to put all
that behind me…Olorun sa nu
mi (God have mercy on me) mo
fe run re (I loved her) I really
do but…she is gone…killed
with baby in her womb…too
cruel yet she brought it on
herself…I couldn’t do
anything…I wish I have the
power to change her
judgement…hmmm…why is
she occupying my mind…I
don’t have a hand in her
death…so why do I see her
even in my dream with a baby
in her arm…who shown so
bright like a diamond…what is
wrong with me…why can’t I
think straight and leave the
dead alone….i feel she is alive
yet I know that she can’t
survive the forest…she is
dead…what do I do to move
past this feeling…
The following day it was hard
that the Oba fell ill and couldn’t
get up from his bed, the native
doctors and medicine men
came to administer different
kind of medicine to him but he
did not get better.
Nike dressed so fine, she
checked herself to make sure
everything was in place, she
pulled up her ankara skirt to
her laps and wore a top that
exposed some part of her
b—-t as she walked to the
Prince chamber that evening,
she knew that the Queen
mother was attending to the
sick Oba, the princess has gone
for a walk with her husband to
be Tunde, the prince recline to
his chamber more than before
Nike tapped on his door gently
and she hard when the prince
asked whoever it is to come in
Nike went in and saw the
prince resting on his bed, he
look troubled
The prince looked at Nike from
head to toe, she dressed as if
she has come to seduce him,
and such dressing was not
allowed in the palace, how
could she dress like this to his
“Why are you dressed like this
in the palace…do you
understand where you are…
this is not the normal uniforms
you are given to wear…and
what do you want?
“I’m sorry my prince…I was so
busy I couldn’t wash all my
maiden cloths on time…so I
just washed them today… not
quiet long and this was the
only cloth left for me to wear…
sorry about this…you looked
troubled are you okay..
“don’t ask me unnecessary
question…what do you want
and please immediately you
leave here go and look for the
right cloth and wear, cloths like
this are not allowed in the
palace…you should have being
told of all this..
Nike saw that the prince was
not even move by her dressing
which she has intend to use in
seducing him, she romanced
her laps and touched her
b—-t stylishly while moving
closer to him
The prince watch her as she
move touching every part of
her body, he waited to see
what she was up to as she
move closer, the Prince sat up
from his bed with hand akimbo
frowning as Nike came to
stand beside his bedside, she
bent to touch the prince
shoulder with a tone to show
that she cares about him and
the prince hush her angrily
which made Nike to run far
from his bed side
“if you dare touch me with
those wretched hands of yours
I will cut them off and send the
pieces to your mother….are
you out of your mind, how
dare you straight those filthy
hands towards me…I asked
you what are you doing here…
Remi your sister was not so
undisciplined like you are, Remi
can not come into my chamber
dressed like a village harlot…
At the mention of Remi Nike
became angry
“My Prince Remi is dead you
still have her name on your
lips…she is long gone and
forgotten, she was my late
sister and it saddens me to
remember how she died with
her unborn child, she tried to
kill your father, the Oba of this
great kingdom…that is
unforgiven crime…and she got
what she deserve…please don’t
mistake my statement in
thinking I don’t love my sister…
I do…but her sin was not only
to the Oba but also to all…the
entire land and anyone calling
her name is just like inviting
the wrath of the gods to their
selves, she is dead and we all
have move pass that…she has
different crime pointing right
at her, she did not only lie that
she was pregnant with your
child she also tried to blackmail
you into settling with her
because she wanted to be the
Queen by all means…I warned
her severally but she didn’t
listen…I told her to change her
evil ways but Remi has always
being an evil stubborn child
right from birth, she never
listen to anyone and she got
exactly what she deserve…
“Why are you here…I did not
ask you to give me details of
what Remi did…I asked you
what you came for…what do
you want?
“I’m pregnant…yes…I am…and
you are responsible my
Prince…the night you were
drunk and ask Leja to bring me
into your chamber and he did
and you laid with me…that
was the night I took in for you
“hmmm…something is
definitely wrong with you…you
are a crazy maiden…this
reminds me of Remi…yes
Remi….she came here not so
disgustedly dressed like you
are, but she came anyway
calming that I’m responsible
for her pregnancy and the
truth was that Leja was her
Lover who got her pregnant…
does this lies run in your
family….lying, manipulating,
tricky, seductive and dangerous
does it run in your family… I’m
beginning to wonder how you
got to work in this palace, how
did they chose you without a
proper check up….you don’t
deserve to work in the palace…
you in particular…
“I’m sorry my prince, I don’t
mean to offend you and I am
never like Remi, she was a liar
all through her stay here but
I’m real, I did not plan for this
to happen but when Leja came
to wake me up that you are
asking for me and I obeyed…
who am I not to anyway. I
came here and you make out
with me and I was shock when
you wake up in the middle of
night surprise to see me, you
can’t remember what
happened between us again…
but it truly happen…I am not
lying…I can swear it…please
believe me..i am carrying your
child…a son and a true heir for
you…I can’t lie with such heavy
thing…I understand the
implications of such so I can’t
do that…believe me, Remi lied
to you and try to get you with
those lies but she is long
dead…I am carrying your child
my prince…
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“hahahaha…you are carrying
my child…very funny, I
remember everything that
happened that night, right
from when Leja kept on filling
my cups until I couldn’t take
anymore drink, I fell asleep
with my cloths on and woke
up without them, I remember
everything that happened,
what do you take me for …a
fool, I may not have remember
what that transpired between
me and Remi the night with
her…during those party days, it
was as if my memory of that
night was wiped off but I
remembered everything on the
night with you, I know and I
am very certain that I did not
touch you… alright…you said I
laid with you right…that is
fine…how long is your
pregnancy…how long have you
“I am thirteen weeks gone my
prince….thank you for believing
me…this means a lot to me…I
am carrying the future heir to
the throne…thanks the gods
that you believed me I was
almost afraid of your tone,
now I’m relieved…I am thirteen
weeks gone my prince…
“yea, you are thirteen weeks,
you are carrying the future heir
indeed, fantastic…that is like
three months and one week,
the last time I caught you in
my chamber naked was over
five months now, you should
be smart enough to know
this… you are three months
and a week, how
possible….you must be out of
your mind to come here with
such blunder…is being over five
months and you are just three
months gone…you are really
crazy…go and find who is
responsible for your
pregnancy…just as Remi found
out hers…from now onward
you have being suspended
from this palace for one week,
if you ever come back here
with such news I will finally
throw you out of the palace for
good…and on your way out
ask Leja to see me
immediately…leave right now,
tell the Queen mother that I
sent you home for one week
suspension and if she ask you
what your offence are then you
should have a better answer
for her, pick up your things
today, this evening and leave
the palace immediately…next
time you want to lie… try and
be calculative and smart with
it…but if you are caught doing
such then you will have a lot to
answer…get out…out of here
now and out of the palace too.
Nike walked out in shame, her
plans has failed her, she bite
her fingers in anger, she never
thought that the prince will
have time to start calculating
the period she was in his
chamber naked, she has not
thought of that and the truth is
that, the pregnancy did not
enter on time as she kept on
pressuring Leja to lay with her
even after the night in the
prince chamber, she and Leja
has being on it and even when
Leja do not want to do it she
will force him or threaten him
and when she confirm she was
carrying a child she waited for
another month to be very sure
before going to the prince with
the news, and now the prince
knows the truth and she
doesn’t know how to convince
him again, she will go home
just as the prince as suspended
her for a week and she will tell
her mother, she would have
asked her mother to come and
see the Oba so that the Oba
will make the prince take
responsible of her pregnancy,
Leja will bear a witness to
them confirming everything
but now the Oba is so ill and
will not be able to see anybody
Nike was sad as she picked up
her things, she will think of
another way to get the prince
to claim the pregnancy, she
will certainly become the
future Queen, she will talk with
her mother and they will come
up with a better idea.
Remi sat with Sipah close to
the fire place, while Mikia
carried the baby, Ore was with
Mikai and the baby, as they
play around, Remi watched
them and smile as the monkey
kept on jumping to touch the
baby but Mikai held the baby
so high preventing Ore from
touching the baby, which made
Ore to cry out in frustration,
Remi laughed out before
turning to Sipah who was
fanning the coal…
“you should have allowed me
do the cooking today…you are
spoiling me too much Pah, you
and Mikai, I can’t even do
anything…maybe tomorrow I
will do the cooking while you
Sipah turned and looked at
Remi, he looked out at Ore
who seem to be complaining
of something but in a funny
way, he looked at Mikai as she
cuddled the baby in her arm,
he muttered something to
“Emmanuel…God is with us…
“What…you said something…I
did not hear you Pah…
“a name for the baby…aside
the one you gave him…I called
him Emmanuel…and it means
God is with us…
“uhmmm…that is a strange
name but is fine…the name I
gave him is just the first name
that came to my mind when I
thought of a name for him
“Ademide” which means my
crown has come.
“that’s good…your dialect
sound so sweet to the ear…you
will get to teach me some of
it…I know Ore means friend…
and Ore mi means my friend
and few others…but I will like
to learn more…will you teach
Remi looked at Sipah with a
smile on her face, and he was
also looking at her with a
smile, she blushed and looked
“what is it…is there a problem…
the way you looked away…I
totally understand if you can’t
teach me your fine dialect…
Yoruba dialect…as much as I
would love to learn but I can’t
push it…don’t feel bad about
“no…no I am not feeling bad…I
will teach you…our class will
start anytime you are free in
the evening or any day you are
home…I will love to teach you
and Mikai…
“thank you…and as for spoiling
you too much…you deserve it…
pushing out that cute baby
without any complication, I
know is not by your power but
from the power above… being
strong enough to carry him in
your womb even after being
banished…you deserve to be
loved and cared for…and don’t
worry I will let you cook
tomorrow so that I will sit and
watch you…I will love to watch
you cook…
Remi looked at him again as
Sipah looked at her eye balls
which was filled with
happiness, Remi breathed
deeply before looking away.
She don’t know why she feel
this way with Sipah, he looks
at her and she feel like melting
inside, Sipah has being great
both to her and everyone here,
he cares deeply and always so
protective of them. She
thanked the gods for him
Sipah put some hot soup in the
plate with lots of bush meat
and vegetable and gave Remi
“eat everything in there, the
baby is eating from you
remember, so eat up so that he
will suck it out from you later…
as Emmanuel is sucking out
from you I will be here making
sure you don’t lack vitamins,
minerals, protein and
carbohydrate which the plants
and herbs gives us, I will be
filling you in with enough
Remi laughed out so hard and
Sipah joined in.

Episode 26.
“Where do you get those oso..?
“From your backyard Iya…I
climbed up the tree and got all
“I never thought there was still
more fruits in it…the leave are
too crowded…one won’t easily
know there are still big
oranges in there…peel and
bring some here for me…
Dami quickly peel the oranges
and gave it to his grandma.
Who was throwing corn seed
to a hen with its chicks…
“Here is the orange Iya( Grandma)…you
will over fed that hen…and it
will become so fat and lazy to
go and find food for her
children… if you keep feeding it
all the time…she won’t have
strength to even protect the
little chicks from the yellow
eye hawk…
“hahahaha…what do you even
know…the hen reminds me of
your sister…she is being taking
care of, well fed, supported and
loved by total strangers…and
the seed of crown is growing in
good hands…
“Iya( Grandma)…do you see all this things
while sitting here or the gods
reveal them to you while at
asleep…because I don’t even
understand most of them…
Remi being cared for by a
stranger…do the stranger live
in the forest or is he a hunter
who took her home…and
allowed her to…
“shh shhh…don’t say a word…
Dami kept quiet, he continued
with his orange as he watch his
grandma shut her eyes and
raise her face upward…a
strange wind blew and
suddenly stopped. Dami felt
cold and the orange in his hand
fell to the ground, everything
suddenly became normal
again, he felt his normal self
and started peeling another
orange, he was use to his
grandma strange behavior, she
sees and hear things from the
gods. Dami wondered what
she was seeing or hearing
again this time
Grandma return back to her
orange, after sucking off the
juice she started eating the
inside of the orange, Dami
watched silently, he wanted to
speak but doesn’t know if is
okay for him to talk now, but
he spoke out anyway
“Iya ( Grandma) there are still more
oranges here…just in case you
want more…
“I know…I’m fine with this my
child…hmmm…ose gan( Thanks Alot)…
“So…what did you see or hear…
that made you to hush me to
be quiet…
“All I live for… is for you and
your sister…my being alive is
mostly because of your sister…
she has a diamond…
“Really…is that what you saw…
real diamonds…wow…if she
sell it she will become
wealthy…are the diamond
much…do they grow in the
forest…aaah…Remi is so lucky…
but is unfortunate that she
can’t sell them…nobody will go
to the evil forest to go and buy
a diamond…
“The Diamond I’m talking
about is her child…I told you
the day Remi gave birth…it
was same day that the Oba fell
ill and I doubt no medicine
man can cure him…most of
them know this, they are
aware that the medicine they
are administering to him does
not have any effect on the king
yet they keep on doing same
thing all over because they
don’t want to be the one to
give the sad news but just to
be around the Oba( King)… the truth
will be out soon because many
will fall sick…not just the Oba( King),
the Oba’s cabinet men will start
falling sick one after the other
and many other will follow, the
kingdom will be torn apart and
the prince will be heart broken
and confuse, and they will
come running…then he will
“running to where and he will
remember what exactly Iya?
….will the Oba ( The King) die…and why…
why did the Oba ( King) become sick
on same day that Remi put to
birth…is strange Iya( Grandma)…and you
said more people will follow in
the illness…why is that…will
the Oba die…
“Just ask one question at a
time my child…The Oba will
not die yet…not now…the
diamond in the forest will
come to him and he will see
the seed of crown…
“I don’t understand Iya…
“you should understand
because I am not speaking
latin to you…I speak in a clear
and a very understandable
tongue…try to clear your mind
so that it will be easy for you
to understand certain riddles
and few of my saying, you are
growing into strong man with
a strong mind but not so
strong like your sister…you are
smart, strong and has a good
heart for mankind…Damilola,
your future lies in the heart of
the forest…
“Iya( Grandma)…if I say I don’t understand
again you may start
complaining but I serious
don’t…I sometime get scared
from this riddles…my future in
the forest…how is that
possible…my future is here…
right here in this kingdom…I’m
not going anywhere…I don’t
want to go and live in the
forest…no Iya( Grand Ma) , I’m not at strong
as my sister…if I’m sent out like
Remi I will just die even before
I get to the forest…at the
mention of forest I have great
fear because I will remember
egbo mi (elder sister) but you
said that she is happy and she
is well taken care off with her
child and that alone is all that
matters to me, just for her to
be fine…but my own future is
right here please…
“hmmm…nobody is sending
you out of the kingdom…your
sister was chosen by the gods
and that is why she in the
forest, you have no business
going there but you still have
business there… when the time
comes my child you will love
everything from the forest…
“I will love egbo mi ( My Elder Sister) and her
child… then the bush meat and
fruits that I have not tasted
before…that is the only thing
that will interest me there
nothing else…I wish egbo mi( My Elder Sister)
will return back now with my
nephew…so I will teach him
how to climb tress and swim in
the river, I will teach him how
to make ridges and how to be
a great farmer…
His grandma laugh before
asking Dami to go and fetch
firewood and he left

Nike did not see Leja, she was
told he went out, but as she
got to the gate she saw Leja
coming in, she pushed Leja to
one corner
“I have being suspended…so
I’m going home right away…I
will be away for one week…
“Suspended by who and what
was your offence…what
“Omooba( the Prince) …he gave me one
week suspension…and he said
you should report to his
chamber immediately….i went
to tell him about the news of
being pregnant but it didn’t go
down well because he
calculated from the last time i
was seen in his chamber to the
present day, he added
everything up and it did not
make sense at all…I never
thought he will have time to
start calculating all that and I
was surprise when he brought
it up Leja…I don’t even know
how to convince him, so you
can try to do that because
everything lies within this child
I’m carrying…i will discuss with
Iyami ( my mum) and know what to do
next….the Oba( the king) is critically ill
and can’t attend to anyone…I
would have suggested that me
and Iyami( my mum) come down to speak
with the Oba if he will listen to
us but as the whole thing is
now we have to think of
another way to get the prince
into this…is the future I’m
carrying here, I know is your
child but the prince has to
believe is this otherwise we are
“Omooba( the prince) is not foolish Nike…if
he can remember what
happened the night he caught
you in his chamber then there
is nothing I will say or do that
can convince him…
“Don’t say that Leja, the prince
trust and believes everything
you tells him, you are the chief
guard here too also the Prince
right hand man….only you can
convince him, make him
believe that this child is his…I
don’t know how you will do it
but do it anyway you like…all
that matters is for him to
believe you…Omooba has no
doubt in you…he trust you…
“yes, he trust me and I have
betrayed him severally already,
I took his trust for granted…I
wish I can get off this, I wish I
never even get involve with
this whole mess….the fact is he
will not believe me and I don’t
want him to start suspecting
me in anyway…I will try to
clear my head and…
“clear which head…your head…
hahahaha…you are a joker Leja,
mind whatever you say to the
prince before it backfires…clear
your head and also clear mine
because I am carrying your
child, you can’t get away with
this…the pregnancy did not
enter when it was suppose to,
and you contributed to it…I
will make a solid plan you will
scatter it…what is wrong with
you…if you have laid with me
continuously like I asked and
wanted you to… the pregnancy
wouldn’t be this late, I have to
force and kept on disturbing
you just for us to get here
finally now the ball fall back to
you…play it well Leja…play it
well and don’t try to be smart
with me…remember we are in
this together…we have gone
deep and can’t get out until the
purpose is all achieve…think of
what to tell Omooba so that he
can believe you…
Ope saw Leja and Nike
whispering something to their
selves close to the palace gate
as she tries to spread the
princess wear, she wonder
what they were always talking
about in a whisper, she
watched them for sometime
and felt anger building up as
Nike talked with Leja, Ope
frown as she stood at a
distance watching them, Nike
looked like she was pregnant
and Leja is responsible no
doubt, maybe the queen
mother found out and sent her
home because she looked like
she was going home, Ope
thought within her as she
turned and walked away with
some of the princess dry cloths
She breathed deeply as she
thought of Remi, she really
missed her and it saddens her
that she is no more, Remi has a
warm presence, beautiful and
hardworking but Nike was
always jealous of her and she
succeeded in making the Oba
to banish her.
The princess was suppose to be
getting married soon but since
her father is ill they have to
postpone the wedding until
the Oba ( the king)gets better.
Ope has become the princess
personal maiden, the princess
chosed her and asked her to be
her personal maiden in place of
Remi, and she has tried to
serve with all her heart just as
Remi had done, she is taking
Remi’s step to serve the
princess wholeheartedly.
Ope knew that she will never
be able to fill the gap or the
emptiness that Remi left in
everyone’s heart.
The prince walked along the
corridor and Ope who was
carrying some of the princess
dry cloths ran into the prince
unknowingly and quickly knelt
down to apologise
“ejoo…I mabinu omooba…(I’m
sorry my prince)
“kosi wahala… (No problem)
you serve my sister now?
“ben ni, (yes, I do)
“Good, and hope you serve
well just as Re…Remi when she
was here. Be sincere in your
dealing and also be
trustworthy and you will win
the princess heart…by the way
have you seen Leja around…
“Yes, my prince…he is at the
palace gate side…talking with
“Nike, the maiden I sent for
one week suspension?, what
are they talking about…go and
call Leja immediately…and tell
that Maiden to leave the palace
at once…
Ope dropped everything in her
hands and ran off to the gate,
she wondered what Nike did
wrong for the prince to send
her home on suspension, she
was glad that Nike was sent
on getting there, Nike pause
from what she was saying to
Leja to face Ope…
“Witch…what do you want
here…what are you looking
Ope decided to drop few insult
for Nike first
“Getting pregnant for Leja is
that the way you intend to
become the next queen, you
told me that I should watch
out and you will become the
queen of this kingdom…and I
am still watching and all I can
see is that you are pregnant for
Leja and the prince sent you
home on suspension…what a
“You are an idiot Ope, who told
you I’m pregnant for Leja, I’m
proudly carrying the Prince son
in my womb, and I am not
going on suspension but to
visit my mother as the prince
asked me to…deal with it
jealous fool, because I will
become the Queen of this great
kingdom and people like you
will become my footstool, I will
banish you from this kingdom
when the time comes, just like
Remi was banished…enemies
like you are threat to this great
kingdom, you are meant to
become food for the wild
animals in the forest…that is
where you will belong…is a
matter of little time and it will
“hahahaha…may the gods
curse that your lying mouth for
saying you are carrying the
prince child, the prince said it
himself that you are on
suspension and I should tell
you to leave the palace at once.
Leja, he asked you to report to
him immediately…so Nike, go
home and serve your
punishment and all your evil
deed will catch up with you
one day, Remi deserve to be a
Queen, she was truly carrying
the prince child just as the
princess has even testified but
you feigned her up and got her
banished with a child in her
womb…you are so heartless,
and mind you…the gods
maybe crazy but they are wise
and they will bring judgement
to you and to the womb that
bore you…Leja the prince is
watching and he wants you to
report to him at once and he
said you should push Nike out
of the palace, push her so hard
or better still drag her out of
this gate before going to
omooba( The prince)…Leja do it…the prince
is watching you now…
Leja got scared as he hard that
the prince was watching him
which wasn’t true. He turned to
Nike and asked her to leave,
Nike slapped his hand off her
“so you want to push me out…
you are crazy…can’t you see
I’m pregnant with the prince
son and this evil witch is so
bitter because of that fact…she
will die of jealousy…don’t
touch me before the gods
strike you down…
“Nike, just cooperate and
leave…the prince is watching
us…don’t make this more
complicated than it is already,
just leave at once as the prince
Nike quietly started walking
towards the gate as Leja
followed her to make sure she
was out, Nike pause at the gate
to look at Ope angrily from
head to toe, she gave a heavy
hiss before walking out.
Ope started laughing at her as
she walked away.
Leja went to see the prince
while Ope went back to the
princess chamber.
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