Angela Episode 5 & 6

(The Garden of thorns)*
writer: *Cristiana Crisella*
”just let me go,” she freed herself from his grip
and left, everyone was surprise by her action as
she hurriedly picked up her bag and rushed back
She dress up and quickly went to her dancing
”girls, no show tonight,” She asked as she sat
”not really, but a friend of mine will gonna
celebrate her birthday, a very grand one she
invited me over with all of you guys,” said Karen.
”wow, soon we gonna be famous,” said Suzan
”Suzan, you’ve just turn into something else,”
said Angela looking at her which makes her feel
so angry.
”just let me be, well I’ve been hearing of this guy
Chris peterwerth, and i was just told today he’s
from your school, damn it! she threw the
cigarette on the floor and smash it with her legs
as she pick another one and lit it.
”sure, and what about Chris?” Angela asked.
”i love that guy, i just wish am in your school,
believe me am gonna have that guy to myself,”
she smiled.
”sure, I’ve heard about him and sees some of his
pictures, i wish i will be one of his girlfriends i
will give him whatever he want,” Karen said
”come on girls, i know every girl will like to have
Chris as his own but that doesn’t mean you will
gonna make yourself this cheap, you know he
even try to kiss me last time at the party but i
slapped him,” said Angela in a low tone.
”what! you’ve fuck up Angela, look Angela you
can dance, you can seduce because you’re hot,
sexy, having a full and sweet body why not use
that to get what you want , you’re such a foolish
girl,” Suzan fired so pissed off.
”no Girls, am actually not enjoying what am
doing, if only i have a family to call my own i
wouldn’t be a bar dancer, respect is everything,
therefore i will respect myself and keep my
dignity, am not a prostitute and i can never be
one,” she said while they all laughed at her.
”i trust you Angela, i pray you make it at the
end,” said Jane.
”if i were you, i will actually be on top, believe
me i will have a thousand boyfriends,” Suzan said
Angelasaid nothing as she glare at her.
”well we can do the rehearsals tomorrow,”
Angela assured them as she left.
Angela was just coming out from the library
when she bumped into Chris with his friends.
”hey sexy,” said Greg staring particularly at her
body from head to toe.
”look Greg my name is Angela, just stop calling
me with that name,” She warned.
”why would you have to walk out of me,” Chris
”just because i feel like doing so,” She replied as
she quickly left without waiting for his reply.
”glad i saw you,” said Angela to Elsa.
”am just practicing this new dance you know, but
i don’t have a team am having a feeling Fiona
will gonna win this dancing competition because
we don’t have anyone to back us,” Said Angela
so worried.
”don’t worry I’ve got two of my friends believe
me they can also dance, Angela we can do this,
you can even do it alone,”.
”i don’t know what would i have ever done
without you,” Angela hugged her passionately.
Later in the evening Angela and Elsa went to
their club meeting. Everyone was seated as they
watched Chris sing. Angela was seated at the
back sit as she gaze at him and really enjoyed
his song, she stare at his soft lips, she just
imagine herself kissing him, dancing with him.
She really wished this will happen someday.
When he
was done with singing their was a thunderous
clap and some girls were called out to dance.
Although they did well but not as Angela.
Elsa suggested to the patron they call Angela, as
she walked to the stage and danced a ballet
dance everyone was left speechless and amazed
by her dancing, she dance with so much passion
and she’s so flexible. Chris was surprise to see
her dance like that, that was such a good
performance, she’s so talented” he thought.
Everyone was appraised by that.
”i guess Angela is just one in millions”, Chris
found himself thinking about her that much.
”that was good dear,” said Elsa clapping Angela
sat beside her, while Chris turn to her and give
her a charming smile while she smiled back. She
felt so happy deep inside her.
Immediately that evening Elsa and Angela walked
towards the gate gisting and laughing.
”did you see the look Chris gave you that was so
romantic i think he has fallen for you,” Said Elsa
”not really, Chris is just something else. Well
Fiona will gonna put to shame,”.
”sure, i pray you win the competition i really
don’t want that Fiona to win,” said Elsa.
”believe me Elsa, Fiona will gonna cry begging
for my forgiveness,” Angela replied smiling.
Fiona paced up and down at the class while her
friends stood behind her.
”i can’t believe that bitch could dance like that,”
She yelled so angry.
”have you forgotten our plan, Fiona you worry too
much,” said Julie already angry.
Angela lye on her bed, her eyes were close but
lost in her own thought as she remembered what
Suzan told her the other day.
”i guess Suzan was right…but.. i can’t.. do that,
”She quickly jumped from her bed and went
outside to enjoy the fresh air, but was disturbed
by the mosquitoes. Their a lot of mosquitoes
around the slum area due to the poor street and
dirty water over their, Angela quickly went back
to her room and slept off with mixed feelings on
what to do.
Angela sat the school park, still lost in her own
thought, when she felt her uniform was already
drenched, she quickly stood up and saw Lisa and
Julie, Fiona’s friend.
”what! you just mess up with my uniform,” she
”and we gonna do more than that,” Julie poured
more drink on her white uniform which stained it.
”you girls will gonna pay for this,” She blurted out
so angry as she hurriedly left.
Angela was in the library throughout she didn’t
attend her lessons because her uniform was
already mess up and she couldn’t think of what
to do. While Elsa was so
worried searching for her, Later in the evening,
Angela picked u her bag and wanted to leave
immediately so that no one will gonna notice her
mess uniform, she hasten her speed but heard a
voice called her from behind.
”Angela,” Chris called as he moved towards her.
”what the hell did you want from me? do you
want to insult me again? what wrong have i done
to you? She asked already in tears.
”what happen to your uniform? who did this to
you and I’ve been searching for you throughout
the whole day even Elsa was damn worried?
”’i have to go,” she said in amidst of tears as she
turn to leave.
”today will gonna be the final rehearsals i wish
you’ll be here, cos am sure you will gonna win
”I’ve quit this, i really don’t want to dance
anymore, i don’t want my reputation to be ruined
i can’t believe Chris of all people will refer me as
a prostitute, i really want to quit the school, i
just want to quit everything in life,” she yelled
still crying.
” sorry Angela, I know you must be
passing through a lot about this, hope am
forgiven? he asked looking so worried. But
Angela said nothing.
”please say something Angela, you can’t give up
just like that, Quit is only for losers and i don’t
think you’re a loser, you have to try it am sure
you can do
this i was surprise to see you dance so well
yesterday and that means you’re a good dancer,”
he smiled.
”thanks,”She smiled back as she wipe her tears.
”come on, you need to change this dress, please
just a minute,” he excuse himself as he went to
his locker and brought a white t-shirt and at the
back of the shirt
”CHRIS” is boldly written on it.
”you can wear this,” he said giving it to her.
”thanks a lot but i can’t accept this, i guess
everyone known this as yours because your
name is boldly written on it,”
”sure but i still want you to have this, please you
go and change then we can go for last
”thanks a lot,” Angela collect it and smell the
strong perfume spray on it as she went to the
female toilet and change it quickly.
”you looks good in it,” he smiled.
”thanks a lot,” Angela smiled as they walked to
the huge hall and all eyes were on Angela and
Chris who just walked in, the students around
Can’t believe he gave her his most expensive t-
shirt he love most for her to wore. Fiona was
already angry she felt like squeexing Angela at
that time.
The rehearsal was still going on when Angela
stood up and quietly went outside to check on
Elsa, Fiona saw her when she left outside so she
immediately walked in a hurry and followed her.
She her dragged her back.
”now remove this shirt,” she yelled at her.
”for what! Fiona aren’t you tired of tormenting
me in this school am your mate not junior so
don’t try to bully me, it was same you that send
your friends to pour
juice on my uniform now that Chris has decided
to help! you still don’t want it, it all your fault i
miss my lessons throughout the whole day all
because of you,” she said so furious.
”don’t talked to us that way,” Lisa shouted at
”and mind you Chris was so clever, we
intentionally stain your uniform with the drink
and Chris intentionally give you his T-shirt so we
can deal with you this way,
it actually a set up and you’ve fall for it,” Said
Fiona laughing.
”he did? Angela asked very surprise but before
she could say anything Lisa slapped her while
Julie pushed her down and they beat her up.
Fiona tore the shirt
leaving her almost naked with the pieces of the
torn cloth on her body, Elsa was shocked when
she reached their, it was a very quiet place and
no student was found over their she quickly
rushed and called the people in the hall to
witness what happen. Angela was lying in so
much pains and wounds she sustains all over her
soft skin, she has already fainted their.

(The Garden of thorns)

writer: *Cristiana Crisella*
Angela slowly opened her eyes and found herself
at the hospital with a drip connected to her,
tears stream from her eyes and as she sat up
and saw Elsa beside her.
‘Elsa, she call out slowly,”
”you need some rest dear, just lye down, those
bitches will gonna pay for this,” said Elsa in tears
as she held her hand softly.
”thank you Elsa, what about Fiona? what has the
school done to her? Angela managed to ask.
”she’s just on two weeks suspension without any
punishment just because her parents came and
am sure they must have bribe them and she’s
purposely on suspension because they don’t
want anyone to complain of been being so
partial,”’ Elsa explained.
”what! i can’t believe this school could stoop this
low to collect bribe from her damn parent for
hurting a poor orphan like me.”.
”Angela, you need to rest, you don’t have to talk
too much just let it go, let God led,” Elsa advised
while Angela lye back on her bed still in tears.
The door went open and Chris entered as he
moved close to them.
”Angela, am really sorry for what happen? Chris
apologies as he caress her hair softly.
”just leave Chris, i knew that was what you’ve
always wanted just leave..She yelled.
”calm down Angela you need to rest,” Elsa said
so worried as she turn to Chris. ”i guess you
have to go i wonder why you have to do that to
my friend,”.
”okay then i will leave, but Angela i gat nothing
to do with this, get well soon,” he winked at her
then left.
”he’s so annoying, i can’t believe he’s siding with
foolish Fiona and her damn stupid friends,”
Angela yelled so angry.
”Ange’, even on sick bed you still talk too much,
just rest a little,” Elsa sighed.
Angela dancing team all came in group on their
way to her ward they saw Chris who was just
walking out and Suzan mouth flew opened.
”wow!, i guess you’re Chris Peterwerth,”Suzan
asked smiling at him.
”sure, he replied, he was surprise to them
dressed so Roget and wonder who’ve they come
to visit, as he left.
They walked in straight to Angela’s ward and
was surprise to see her in such painful condition.
”gosh! these girls fuck up, and we have a show
to attend tomorrow night that means we can’t
dance without Angela,” Said Karen feeling so
”gosh! who even has the gut to touched Angela,
our dancing leader, who the hell did those rich
kids think they are, well we gonna show them
anyone mess with you also mess up with us you
are the main source of our group we can’t dance
without you and you know tomorrow show will
gonna be a great show, i mean it be gonna be a
grand party,” Suzan said almost loud sounding so
”girls, you can dance without me, believe me am
gonna be fine soon,” Angela assured them as she
”just Shut up Angela, we can’t dance without
you, just tell us straight who did this to you,”
Jane asked.
Angela was quiet and couldn’t say anything but
Elsa quickly speak up for her.
”it Fiona and her friends,” Elsa answered them.
”Fiona! Girls i know her too well, well Ange take
care will gonna make sure we put her in her right
place,” Suzan assured her as they all left.
Elsa watched them leave and felt so worried.
”The really care so much about you, but i guess
this not the kind of people you should keep,
they’re so Roget even by their dressing,” Said
”No Elsa, they are good people, i have no option
than to keep them because we all grew up in the
street together without families and no one to
cater for us,that how we all grew up in pain,”
”but you are quite different from them Angela, i
mean you are unique, you’re focus in life,” Said
”i don’t think that’s true,”
”Angela, i have to leave you now maybe you can
rest,” said Elsa as she stood up to leave.
”please stay with me, i just need someone by my
side,” Angela held her hands tight.
”okay then, you have to keep your mouth shut or
sleep, agree? she asked.
”sure,” Angela nodded as she lye down to sleep..
Fiona lye on her bed so angry with herself, she’s
actually on two weeks suspension and today is
just the sixth day, which remain eight days for
her to resume back she really miss school and
want to go back even for the sake of Chris, she’s
want to do everything she could to be his she
just hope he won’t fall for Angela. She quickly
picked up her phone and call Seth one of her
male friend at school.
”Seth, how is school? what about that poor thing,
have she resume? she asked in a low tone.
”not yet,”
”thank goodness, so what about my Chris,” she
smile biting her lip.
”trust me he’s doing fine, i miss you so much
Fiona,” he said.
”miss you too, don’t worry i will be back to
school by next week and that won’t stop me
from dealing with that Angela again,” she
laughed as she hanged up and taught of what
next to do to Angela.
Chris came to Fiona’s place to see her at their
house she was glad on seeing him as she hugged
him their.
”i can’t believe you’ve come to visit me,” She
smiled trying to hug him but he push her back.
”what the hell did you tell Angela, i don’t
understand you? he asked very angry.
”oops! don’t tell me you’ve actually come
because of that thing,” Fiona laughed.
”you know what you can go ahead and spoil
others reputation but not mine, why will you have
to lie against me? he asked so furious.
”i didn’t, Chris so don’t accuse me because of
what that Angela told you just leave, She yelled
at him.
”really Fiona, i will go but i want my name clear
out of this because i know nothing about it,” he
yelled as he left in anger.
..”gosh! i can’t believe Angela caused all these,
how dare she made me look like a bad person to
everyone even Chris,” She was so angry.
Chris and his friends were done with playing
basketball at the court, as they sat down on a
bench enjoining the fresh air.
Chris picked a bottle pf chill water from his bag
and pour it on his body, he removed his shirt and
sat down on the next bench.
”so what about Fiona, i guess her suspension
will be over tomorrow, that means she will
resume to school on Monday, that good,” said
”who cares, i wonder why she keep on hurting
Angela,” said Chris.
”and i also wonder why you have to get so
worried about Angela this way,” Greg cut in.
”am only worried, we all know Fiona is such a
bad person,” Chris quickly said defendly.
”have you forgotten what Angela did to you at
first, she’s just full of herself and moreover a
prostitute,” Greg replied back.
”i guess we have to stop this here, Angela is not
a prostitute you’re just mistaken her for that,
said Chris so pissed off.
”of course she is, Chris i don’t know why you
keep on defending that girl, she’s a bar dancer,”
Greg yelled.
”enough guys you don’t need to argue over
Angela who don’t even like you, let just forget
about her because i can see you guys are all
angry with each other,” Leam scolded them.
”well who cares,” Chris stood up and drank a
little water from the bottle then turn to leave and
was surprise to see Angela back in school, she
has actually recover so soon.
”Angela,” He quickly walked towards her and
”i hope you won’t blame me for what happen,
Fiona is such a bad person,” he said.
Angela stared at him, then at his muscular firm
chest. ”he looks more handsome,” she thought.
”what are you staring at? so you like it? he smile
then wink at her.
”huh? like what? she asked
”my amazing chest,” he smiled.
”gosh! damn it, Chris just let me be,” she yelled
at him and walked away.
They settled at the class and Elsa brought out
popcorn from her bag.
‘let enjoy ourselves,” said Elsa smiling. ”but you
should have listen to Chris, you know Fiona is
capable of doing anything,” Elsa suggested.
”i love Chris, i love him so much right from the
first day i saw him in this school my hear beat
for him, and only you know about this, i just hope
you will gonna keep this a secret, just that am so
mad at him if he side with Fiona to beat me up,”.
”come on Ange’, you know Chris can’t do that,
just try to be nice okay..
”i really don’t want to force myself on him, if he
don’t love me then fine i will try so hard to forget
him, ..gosh! but no matter what i can’t take
away the thought of Chris from my heart, well let
just forget about him for now. I really want to
deal with that Fiona but i don’t know how, she
made me hate her so much,”.
”Fiona will gonna regret this, she always thinks
money can save her from everything but she’s
Angela went to check on her dancing team on
Saturday evening and saw their was a
celebration and they were all happy.
”what the occasion girls? She asked as she sat
”Mission accomplish!, said Suzan laughing.
”job well done,” Karen laughed
”wait girls! which mission, i hope you’ve not
steal or do something bad? She asked and her
heart was beating faster.
”well you should be more happier because your
enemy was put to shame today,” Said Karen as
she sip her drink.
”what did you mean girls, which enemy? Angela
asked still confused.
”Fiona of course, thank goodness we beat the
hell out of her with her two friends, they nearly
die, we make sure they bleed all lover their body,
in fact i suggest we kill them but this girls
refuse,” said Suzan smoking cigarette.
”what!.. but.. why?.. you shouldn’t have done
that they might thought i send you girls,” said
Angela holding her head.
”shut up Angela, you fear too much, no one will
suspect us neither you, we’ve beat them so
badly, no one dares to touch our leader,” said
Jane laughing as she hand over a glass of wine
to Angela.
”girls let celebrate, cheers! now am sure no one
will try to touch you Angela again.” Suzan smiled.
”okay.. girls, this really a good idea but a bad
one also well thank you guys but please don’t do
it next time i don’t want any of you to be caught
by the police,” said Angela.
”Angela the good girl, remember we are all here
to help each other, i guess that Fiona will have
to add additional one month for her to fully
regain back herself and go to school,” said
”thank you girls,” Angela smiled as she sip her
drink. they played music and dance to the full
while Angela watch them smiling, with tears in
her eyes. ”this the kind of life i live, am the
most luckiest among them because only i gat
the opportunity to be in a very quality school, i
can’t denied the fact we all are ‘BAD GIRLS’
since we all are bar dancers, we grew up
together, hawk when we were kids, they were
they only one i had and from their we form a
dancing group and i teach them how to dance.
Life has been so unfair but yet we never let our
happiness to depend on anyone.. Angela
watched them dance and she smile to herself
with tears streaming down her cheeks.
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