Angela Episode 3 & 4

(The Garden of thorns)

writer: *Cristiana Crisella*
Angela said nothing as she walked away.
”come on guys, you don’t even know her, you’re
not even sure if Fiona was telling you the truth,”
said Chris walking more faster than them.
”come on dude, so what did you mean by that?
Greg asked.
”nothing, but what you said sound bad to me, i
guess she’s hurt by that, well let step aside from
that issue,” Chris concluded as they kept quiet
until they reach to the computer lab.
Angela sat down alone as she wept so bitterly.
Immediately after school fro the day she
hurriedly left without waiting for Elsa. She took
her bath and change into something casual as
she lye on her small bed lost in her own thought.
”why Angela! why me? why will my life has to
turn out this way, why must i have to suffer this
way like this, i guess Fiona was right, maybe am
actually a prostitute, but what else did the want
me to do, i thought am buying the idea of using
what you have to get what you want and that’s
what am doing i have to use that dance and be
paid for, and how has that even make me a
prostitute, gosh! what actually did the world want
me to do, steal? just commit suicide and die? or
hawk? but then if i hawk what about my school,
what the plan for my future, please God don’t
make me cry because i have no one to wipe
away those tears,” she said to herself already in
”mommy where are you? dad, relatives, where
are you? am i really alone in this world please
God i really need someone by my side,” she
pleaded on her knees still crying.
**The next evening at the club**
”go Ange.. go Ange…” their was a loud noise and
everyone was amazed by the performance
Angela did on stage.
She danced perfectly well with her team and still
dance alone.
”this girl must be a talented dancer in the whole
of Montreal,” one of the guy said.
”she’s also hot and sexy, i think am gonna have
her for myself,” the other replied smiling.
Angela and her team were done at the stage as
she took their seat. Angela enjoyed the evening
but quickly went home to avoid much trouble
with anyone especially some of the boys
approaching her.
Angela arrived home very tired with just a bottle
of wine she brought and drank it till it got empty,
it was really drunk and later fall in a deep sleep.
The next morning Angela woke up at eight
o’clock and was shocked to see that, she was
already late for school and she don’t want
additional punishment. She hurriedly took her
bath and wear her uniform as she ran out for
”Thank goodness i’ve arrived at last as she pack
her hair to one side of her shoulder since she
have forgotten to pack it in a ‘ponytail’.
As usual she went for her punishment but notice
Fiona has not been doing hers.
”i guess i need to warn Fiona to stop painting
me black in this school,” She thought to herself
as she hurried and meet Fiona with her friends
gisting at the reading area.
”oh poor thing! hope you’re enjoying the
punishment,” Fiona laughed as she eyed her.
”how dare you,” Angela slapped her so hard.
”what the hell was that? huh? Julie was shocked
by that.
”Angela, are you sure you’re actually okay? Lisa
asked surprise as she held Fiona who was
already fuming in anger still holding her cheek.
”i hate you, you poor slut,” Fiona yelled at her as
she raise her hand to slapped her but Angela
quickly grabbed it and pushed her down.
”I’ve had enough of this,” Fiona stood up as she
try to fight Angela but her friends quickly held
her back.
”this will result to another issue if the school
authorities heard you’ve fought with Angela again
just after three days of your last fight,”, Lisa held
Fiona so tight.
”yea calm down babe, we gonna deal with her,”
said Julie as she turn and eyed Angela who was
still standing in front of them.
”they next time you try to mess up with Angela
you will forever regret it,” Angela warned her
then left.
”gosh! just let me go you good for nothing
friends,” Fiona freed herself from their grip and
insulted them.
”you saw her pushing me, she even slapped me
but you kept quiet and watch her to do. You’re
all pathetic,” She yelled at them with much tears
in her eyes as she walked out of them in anger.
Later during break Angela was glad to see Elsa
as they walked to the Cafeteria together.
”so order for anything am gonna pay for that,”
said Elsa smiling she seems to be in a good
”thank you so much Elsa,” she smiled.
”well I’ve told my mom she’s was so happy
about that, so how much did you need to be paid
for teaching me that? Elsa asked as she sip her
”huh! come on Elsa, it for free,”, said Angela who
was busy eating.
”no Angela, have you forgotten you’ve told me
you dance for money with your girls, Angela i
know you need this money to help yourself out
and my mum is ready to help out just say the
amount and she is willing to pay without
bargaining,” Said Elsa as she held her hand.
”no Elsa i can’t collect money from you as a pay
back i want to teach you for free, just because
you’re my friend, i really mean it,”
”oops! Angela you can’t..
”Elsa just forget it am not collecting anything
from you, well i confronted Fiona today, i gave
her a heavy slap that must have twist her dull
brain,” she said then burst out laughing.
”really! she deserve more than that, i really like
the way you’re handling Fiona, i guess she will
soon stay clear from you, but you need to be
careful i don’t want your punishment to be worse
when she reported you,”
”who cares Elsa! Fiona is such a foolish girl i
wonder why Chris of all people should fall for
her,” she said almost shouting.
”calm down Angela, and how did you know she’s
his girlfriend? Elsa asked.
”i don’t know but i saw them together happily
”oh really and you concluded he has fallen for
her, well Chris doesn’t love her, she’s just forcing
herself on him, you know Chris is really a good
person he don’t like treating girls anyhow unlike
his friends Greg and Leam who are so rude to
any girl, all those girls you see around Chris are
not his girlfriend and am not sure if he loves
anyone of them, they’re all gold-diggers,”
” so you mean Chris is not a player? or
why will he play along?” Angela asked.
”who knows! our food is getting cold let eat and
get out of here,” said Elsa.
”okay,” Angela replied smiling to herself.
Angela return back to her punishment but this
time Elsa decided to help her since she’s not
having any class.
Angela quickly arrived to meet her girls, they
were already done with their rehearsal and they
were invited to a very big show to dance.
”look girls today’s night will gonna be he sexiest
and hottest night ever, after our dance am gonna
meet with so much people and have fun, get
much money,” said Suzan smiling.
”Suzan can you just shut up, we’ll only go their
and dance but we’re not a prostitute, i really
don’t know how to convince people that we’re
not a prostitute,”said Angela feeling so sad.
”shut up Angela! We are bar dancers and
specifically me am a sex worker i need to earn
much money,”
”gosh! aren’t you ashame of saying that,” Jane
and Karen asked in unison.
”ashamed!, Suzan laughed out so loud as she
eyed them.
”we’re all he same since we all dance at
parties,” she said trying to defend herself.
”it okay girls whatever, you can be a prostitute
that’s your own life but beware when nemesis
will frown on you, am not a prostitute am only
doing this to earn a living, life has left me with
no option than to do this,” Said Angela wiping the
tears from her eyes.
”well enough let dress and be on our way,” Jane
Angela and her team already arrived, it was
indeed a big show, Angela was so much praised
by lots of people, people love seeing her on the
stage dancing. Immediately after their dance
they sat to enjoy the party.
”i will be back,” Angela smiled as she stood up
and went to rest room and cried.
After she’s done with that she washed her face
then went out but suddenly heard a tapped on
her shoulder she was shocked to see Chris. ”he
attend parties too? she asked so surprise.
”Chris,” she smiled. ”has he been following me?
She asked herself.
”you look so beautiful,” he smiled as he moved
closer while Angela keep moving backward until
her back touched the wall behind her.
”i love the way you dance you know,” he smile
as he tucked her hair as the back of her ear.
”okay thanks let me go,” she smiled, but Chris
pull her back he seems to be so drunk.
”look Chris you’re so drunk, see you in school
tomorrow,” She said trying to leave but Chris
moved closer trying to kiss her, she quickly
landed three heavy slap on his face.
”next time you will not gonna mess up with
Angela,” she fired as she turned to leave but
bumped into Greg.
”did you just slapped him? and it looks you’re
here for the party so Fiona was right about you?
he asked as he take a look at her from head to
toe, he couldn’t believe she could be this hot and
sexy. Angela said nothing to his question as she
push him aside and left.


(The Garden of thorns)
writer: *Cristiana Crisella*
Angela quickly rushed back home feeling so tired
and angry with herself, she wonder why she have
to slap Chris at that time and she regretted doing
that, she was just lost in her own thought not
knowing what will be his reactions towards her
when he saw her the next day at school.
The next day, Angela was done with her work for
the day, she was glad Mr. Matt was very
understanding and helped her atimes.
She went to her locker and keep her pick up her
”Hey Angela, aren’t we going to the sport field,
you know today is games,” said Elsa.
”really!, okay then,” She smiled as she dropped
her books and they went out to the games field
which was very large and beautiful making it
more appealing for
strolling all the sporting facilities needed are
intact. They sat down somewhere on a bench
close to the basketball court, Chris was their
with his friends and other student playing
”i think i need to apologies to Chris for slapping
him yesterday i was so pissed of by his attitude i
guess he was drunk that’s why,” said Angela so
”really? and where did you meet him yesterday?
Elsa asked.
”at the party, and i just hate that Greg or
whatever he calls himself,”
”Greg is kind of bully i also don’t like him,” Elsa
”Chris, you know i really have a crush on him,”
She smiled staring at him from the basketball
”really, he’s so cute you know but Chris
sometimes think so highly of himself, i really
don’t want you to get hurt emotionally. Angela it
will be better if you just
forget him,” Elsa cut in.
”okay then, but i hope he’s friends won’t get
mad at me for slapping him. But Elsa i didn’t
force this feelings to myself, i really like him, i
love everything
about Chris but… i.. guess you’re right he’s
actually not my type, atimes i dream too big,
who will ever like to love a poor girl, a bar
dancer like me” She concluded with sad face.
”Come on Ange’, am sure he also like you, all am
saying is just becareful i really don’t want to see
you get hurt,”
”thank you Elsa,” she smiled.
”oh mehn here is she,” Greg quickly sight Angela
and point at her.
”She’s just something else, she fought with Fiona
and now she has the guts to slap me,” Chris
moved closer to her until their chest touched
while Angela moved a little bit backward but he
pull her closer and grabbed her dress by the

”the next you try this to me, believe me i will
make sure you suffer,” he yelled and pushed her
to the ground but Elsa was quick as she held her
supporting her from not falling down.
”Angela is such a stubborn person,” Greg glare at
her while Leam was laughing.
”this just a warning,” Chris concluded then
walked away.
. ”are you sure you’re doing okay? Elsa asked so
”am fine,” Angela smile back as she hurriedly left
to class.
**A week later**
Angela was done with her punishment, that was
really relief for her because she has a tough time
throughout the two weeks she appreciates Elsa
effort to help her out.
It was weekend, Angela was dressed and was
already at Elsa’s house to start the rehearsals.
Elsa’s mother was glad to see Angela and
appreciates her for helping her daughter out.
When Elsa and Angela were done with the
dancing they played and had so much fun. Later
in the evening they had dinner together before
Angela later return back home.
Angela was still in the class feeling so
uncomfortable by the way Fiona was staring at
”what that look for huh? She asked aloud.
”really! are you talking to me Angela! the battle
has been drawn between the two of us you
know,” she smirk at her.
”oh..that will gonna be interesting, then am ever
ready to fight you,” She laugh as she walked out
of the class.
”gosh! this Angela is something else,” said Lisa
with a frown face.
”Fiona will gonna deal with her,”.
”we gonna help you put Angela in her right place
Fiona, so no need to worry,” Lisa assured her.
Early in the morning, Angela woke up and got
dressed immediately as she walked to the
riverside and sat down all by herself.
”What the essence for me living, who am i doing
all this for? even if i eventually made it who will
celebrate me, just because am an orphan no one
really want to hear from me, the fact that am an
orphan doesn’t mean i don’t have the right to
talk .. She was so lost in her thought until she
later realise it was already time for school as she
quickly dressed up and left.
Throughout the day lessons Angela has been
sleeping in the class.
”Angela you look so moody today, are you sick?
Elsa asked.
”sick? no of course am just thinking about
someone,” She said as she stood up.
”someone? is it Fiona?
”Fiona! i gat important people to think about not
that brat you know, am just feeling so sleepy, i
just hate my life you know, i wake up with this
feeling.. this feeling i can’t even explain i feel
like am a bad person,”
”of course you’re a terrible bad person, going
around dancing with good for nothing boys all
round the club and parties, you are nothing but a
prostitute,” said Fiona as she walked to the
”okay Fiona, let see who is the prostitute
between Angela Scott and Fiona Morgan,” Angela
replied smiling.
”let get out of here Elsa,” she said as they left
Fiona still standing their.
Angela sat down almost in tears.
”why is Fiona just like that, why can’t she leave
a poor child like me,” she said almost in tears.
”come on Ange’, don’t tell me what Fiona say
will gonna make you cry, i thought you’re use to
her by now,”.
”use to her insults! i can’t tolerate that, am just
tired am gonna quit,” Angela said.
”Quit is only for losers you’re not a loser Angela,
i thought you’re strong,”
”haven’t i been strong enough! tell me Elsa what
else did the world want me to do, i.. can’t ..
”Angela you’ll never reach your destination when
you stop and throw stones at every dog that
barks, you don’t need to talk all the time…
”No Elsa i won’t let anyone take my silence as
my weakness, i guess Fiona just want to ruin my
”well i have an idea,” Elsa thought for a while
then whisper something to Angela.
”are you sure this will gonna work? Angela asked
so surprise.
”trust me, no on will dare try to mess with
Angela,” Elsa replied smiling.
”thank you so much Elsa,” she smiled back.
”i have good news, their will be dancing
competition by next week in the school Fiona will
also gonna contest with her team, and not only
that every student is expected to join a club. We
gonna join music and dancing club,” said Elsa.
”really! i love that, we need to register our name
”sure, we have to do that immediately,” Elsa
Angela and Elsa was done with the registering, it
was already club time. Angela and Elsa moved to
her club too, their were too much people in
music and dancing club but what surprise Angela
most is that Chris is also part of the club, he’s
their president and their patron was Mrs. Willa.
Angela was also surprise to see Fiona and
her friends they club is filled with naughty people
but she was glad Greg wasn’t in the club.
Due to their population the patron suggested to
share them in four group and after that they
group was been announced, Chris and Angela
were in the same group with twelve others while
Fiona belonged to second group, and Elsa to the
third group.
”At least am free from that bitch,” said Angela to
herself referring to Fiona.
Fiona saw Angela as she give her a look as she
moved close to Chris.
”too bad we are not from the same group, but
that won’t stop us from been close,” she said
”sure,” he smiled back.
Angela sat down with the others student waiting
for Chris to say something as the president of
the club.
”gosh! how am i gonna cope with this Chris who
don’t even love me? she thought to herself.
”and you,” Chris pointed at Angela from where
she was sitting.
”you seems to be absence minded, we don’t
need people like you who can’t concentrate or
are you thinking about your damn good for
nothing boys at parties you’ve been attending,”
He said while everyone laugh.
”enough of that Chris,”, she muttered slowly to
herself as she stood up to leave.
”and where the hell are you going to? no one
walked out of me like that,” he yelled at her.
”then Angela Scott will be the first person to do
so,” she said so angry as she turn to leave but
Chris pull her back and grabbed her by her
what did you think of Chris and Angela being in
the same club??
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