Author J
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Episode 11(semi finale)
Jade pov
Soon i reached her house i got down from the cab paid him and walked to kiki mansion ,when i reached the gate the gateman told me she was not arround but i told him i will wait ,i went inside the compound and sat down at the balcony waiting for her
Minutes later the gate opened and her car drive in ,it stopped and her guard opened the door for her,he stepped down walking like a born model that she is but something is worng shes not smiling ,,,i kept looking at her till she got to my front
Hi kikina
What do u want she said coldly
I..I came to tell u something i replied
I dont want to hear anything please leave
Wow what did i do,if is about the kiss today am sorry please you have to hear me out
So now you want me to hear your secret ,when you didnt tell me before, well right now i dont want to hear it just get out before i loose my temper
What secret are you talking about i have no idea i said looking confused and fustrated
Kikina didnt reply instead she walked inside and slammed the door i stood there for minutes trying to figure out what just happened ,what secret is she talking about am so confused right now but that not important the most important thing is how do i tell her what maddie and her co are planning shes in great danger and now she refuse to talk to me ,i turned my back and left
kiki pov
I watched as he turned his back and left ,i know what i did was bad but i cant risk brenda putting a fake news to world ,i just have to let him go so that no one could get hurt,but am still curious on what he wanted to tell me ,,i should have just let him say it
Following day
I woke up with a bad feeling,like something bad is going to happen today ,i dont know why or is it because of jade ,,i just waved it off ,took my bath when a call came in
📞Helo maddie
📞Morning ma
📞How are you
📞Am fine ma
📞there is something i will like you to see ma but please come alone as soon as possible to the company
📞OK maddie am coming
maddie has been my pA for a long time and i like her but for her to call me i know this is very important but why will she tell me not to come with my guard,maybe what she wants to tell me is private
I hurried up and went to the closet ,picked my clothes and wore them,am so hungry maybe when i get to the compay i will order for some food ,,i miss nana so much she said she coming back during the weekend ,,,,,i hurried up took my phone and bag then something dropped out of it ,wow it was the pretty bracelet that jade gave to me ,,should i throw it away ,let me just wear it for today since it matches the cloth am wearing ,i put the bracelet arround my hand and locked it and walked out i went downstair collected the car keys from my driver and drove off
After some minutes drive i noticed a black car have been following me since but am not sure ,so i decided to take another root the car still followed me Omg am doomed ,i quickly increased the speed and trying to loose the but they were really behind me i heard a gun shot from the back and my car loose control,it like the hit the tire ,i was able to stop the car i opened the door and ran as fast as my legs could carry into the woods the were still running behind me ,,suddenly i heard a gun shot and felt a sharp pain in my leg i looked down and saw blood coming out ,i fell down and black out
Author J
Episode 12(Finale)
Kikina pov cont
I opened my eyes and felt a sharp pain on my leg ,i looked down and a bandage on my legs it hurts so much ,,i looked arround a saw i was in an empty room ,i tried standing up but my leg hurt so much so i limped to the door i tried opening it but it was locked
I started crying
Who is behind this ?
What do u want from me?
Is this what jade tried to tell me ?
Is this why maddie called me to the office ?
There were many things running through my mind at the moment
Jade pov
I went to the office hoping kikina would come to the office so that i can talk to her or maybe applogise ,,i decided to check on maddie and see what shes up to ,i go through the messages and saw something that caught my eye
📱Ma we got the girl but we shot her in the leg
📱okay make sure shes treated and keep an eye on her ,i will be with you soon
Omg kikina is in danger
I remembered the bracelet i gave her it has a tracking device in it ,,i just pray she put it on because thats the only thing that can help us right now ,,i got to my computer did some stuff and traced the location of the bracelet am happy it is not in her house the bracelet is somewhere else that means shes with it ,i took all the evidence i need and went straight to the police station
Anna pov
I have been trying to call kikina since morning but her number isnt reachable ,i went to her house shes not there,i went to the company shes not also the worst part of it all is that she went out without her guards and i cant file a missing report until its 24hours ,i am so worried ,,wait jade ,i need to call jade
📞Hello jade ,its anna
📞yeah i need to tell you something
📞Wait,have you seen kikina?
📞I think kikina is been kidnapped ,am at the police station now jade replied
📞Omg ,i am coming right away
I quickly took my bag and went out entered my car and told my driver to take me to the police station
*i just remembered what brenda told me when she called
📞hi brenda
📞Hi anna ,i didnt call you for much talk ,,i have found the people behind the death of your parents and i have evidence ,i have sent the girls to bring it for you ,send me my balance
📞wow,,thank you so much brenda ,i will send you your balance immediately
Cuts call
omg am so happy right now ,i cant wait to tell kikina what happened ,she wil be very happy ,i was about to call her when my door bell rings it must be the girls brenda sent
I went out and my quard gave me a box ,i took it inside and opened it,i was very right mr brenda and maddie are behind the death of our parent ,i cant believe maddie ,Kikina pA shes soo innocent ,,
I arrived at the police station and met jade and he told me everthing that happened ,am so scared right now i just hope shes okay ....
😔kikina pov 😔
the door opened and a huge guy walked inside the room ,he brought food and dropped it on the bed ,,
Why am i here please,who are you guys,what do u want I asked
Am sorry but am only doing my job,so just eat and gain more strength the guy said coldly and walked out of the room and locked the room ,,am so hungry but thats not whats on my mind ,,i just need to leave here ,and with the way am injured am not sure i can walk
Maddie walked in
Maddie thank God you are here please get me out of here i said
Not so fast miss,,you have to give me the document nana gave you she said
So you are behind all this maddie after everthing,,,i even trusted you
Am doing it for the money so answer my question or your nana will be dead,,my men have eyes on her
Please dont hurt her i said crying
We wont if only you coperate
I cant give you the document,,
Then i will have to kill you she said and cracked the gun and pointed it to my face
Drop the gun ,and hands behind your back we heard a voice saying
I looked and saw it was the police my joy knew no bound
Maddie was hand cuffed and one of the police carried me outside,,i saw jade and anna outside anna rushed to me and we hugged and made way for jade but before i could apologise he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me...