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{That changed everything ✓}
“Wait, why are you asking me all this?” She asked and turned to me.
“Do you not like the path am treading?” I asked back.
” It seems a little personal.” She stated.
” That’s the point! I like the fact that you’re not comfortable with how I was talking about your issues. I see you don’t like it and so do I so please with all dignity, i plead that you put a stop to what you started today. I really didn’t like that you told my mom about him but I understand you did it because you care but that’s it. I’m not a baby, I can take care of myself and you were not employed to babysit me. I’m eighteen so therefore I have the right to decide for myself. I know what I want also and that’s Novan. Please do not judge him and don’t say mean things to him either. In all, what am trying to say is that mind your business! This is the last time we will be having a discussion on this so take notes and do not repeat it again.” I walked to the fridge and grabbed an apple then began to walk out but stopped.
“One more thing, please organise a dinner for three or four. Thanks.”
I got into my bedroom and tidied the place.
I called Novan after I was done but he couldn’t pick so I called Toby, my granny. It’s been a while since I talked to him. I wonder how he’s fairing. I would FaceTime him instead.
“Hi Toby.” His face appeared.
“How are you dear?”
“Am fine Toby what of you? Have you been taking your medicines ?”
” Yes I have.”
” Great, I really miss you Toby.”
” Yeah I can see that but you look like someone who got a boyfriend and now I can’t tell who you’re really missing. Me or him?” Toby lift his brow and his lips curl up teasingly.
I looked away from the screen to hide my flaming cheeks. How did Toby get to know? Is it perhaps written on my face that I got a boyfriend?
“Chill Mariana, I was only kidding but call me a prophet if what I said is true.”
” You’ve become really smart Toby and for that I call you a prophet.” I see no reason to lie to him. He’s my grandad and even though it’s not biological, I stayed with him for ten good years.
“Oh my goodness! You really got a boyfriend?” His aged face broke into a bright smile.
“That’s what i meant Toby but please do me a favor and not tell this to anyone. I want to announce it to them myself.”
” Only on one condition.”
” You’re not bribing me Toby.”
” Then am calling your dad right away.” He threatened but I didn’t believe.
” You won’t do that..”
” Pablo.” He called and I heard my dad’s response.
” Really Tobias? Okay it’s a deal. What’s your condition?” I give in.
” You want something?” My dad asked and I could see him standing behind Toby.
” Your daughter wants to say hi to you.” Toby muse and dad walked in then bend to face the screen.
” Hello princess.”
” Hey my King.” I smiled genuinely. I really love my dad.
“How have you been?”
“I got you so am good.”
“Yeah sure. I will leave you with Toby. I’m running late.”
” Okay” I wave him. He straightened and went out.
” That was epic.” I rolled my eyes.
“You know better now than to dare me again in the future.”
“Yes yes. Now will you tell me your condition?”
” You’re going to gist me every little detail until you get married.”
“Hey, I didn’t expect that. By the way why do you want me to share?”
” It’s only a means to talk to you frequently plus am bored out here and your little love escapades will do good in getting rid of my boredom. That’s not all, I will be giving you advices here and there.” He persuades.
” Did you look around before talking?” I asked him and giggle.
“No why?” He snapped his head back too quickly and i laugh.
“You should get a girlfriend too Toby.” I tell him and he frowned.
“You were supposed to agree with my condition.”
“Yeah I know.”
” Then?”
” Okay fine. It’s just unfortunate that you found out the day after I decided to date.” I groaned.
” You don’t mean it.”
” Yes Toby. That’s why I want it to remain a secret for now.”
” Yeah I understand.”
” Okay thank you. Talk to you later.” He smiled with a nod and I hanged up.
I relaxed on my bed and texted Novan.
TO NOVAN: hey, when are you coming?
I sent it and waited patiently for him to reply. After five minutes and he hasn’t reply, I place the phone down and lie on my back.
A sudden buzz of my phone got me up and I checked. Much to my dismay, it was just my usual bank alert messages.
Why’s Novan not replying? He hasn’t even called me back. Has he changed his mind already? He told me once that I am not his type of girl. Has he realized that he made a mistake? Is that why he’s avoiding me?
Gosh, if this is the case then it’s going to be tragic.
I much rather not think about it. Novan is probably busy and he’ll call back. Maybe I should take a nap so I won’t have to be checking the time.
I closed my eyes and can’t stop imagining the future with Novan and I. I will complete college and work temporally at a publishing firm, become an author then take over my family business after that Novan and i will take our relationship to the next level then we’d get married and have children if he wants. It’s going to be a happily ever after for us.
I know it’s too early to think about a future with Novan but i can’t help it.
I woke up due to the annoying sound of my alarm. When did I even set it?
I snooze it and checked my phone.
My heart leapt when I saw Novan’s reply.
FROM NOVAN: I’m sorry, when do you want me to come? ”
TO NOVAN ” Now? ”
I sent it and after a minute without replying, I walked into the washroom and had another shower for the second time today.
I stepped out of the washroom with a towel wrapped around me then i went to my dressing room and pulled out three dresses.
I got out and stood in front of the mirror then picked a dress and placed it in front of me.
The first one was a strapless purple dress with a slit. It was gorgeous but I needed something simple.
I placed it back and picked a black maroon dress. I put it to my chest and smiled at how it looks on my tanned skin.
Black reminds me of Novan and I foolishly shut my eyes and began to replay how I felt when we kissed yesterday after we confessed our feelings openly to each other. My eyes opened and met with a pair of hazel orbs staring directly at me through the mirror.
I hope am not imagining. I closed my eyes for a moment then opened them back. I wasn’t imagining, he was actually here and standing at the door post with hands buried in his pocket. He still was in his usual black shirt and jeans but looks perfect every single day.
“Are you going to some party?” He moved from the door and came to stand behind me.
Once again am standing with him almost unclad for the second time today but I was a bit okay compared to the previous. The only difference is that he was close and I was finding it difficult to breathe while my brain has completely stopped working.
He leaned and nuzzled his face into my neck then his hands came around me and stopped on my tummy.
“You haven’t answered me.” He breathed into my neck and i felt a shiver ran down my spine, forming goosebumps on my skin. My eyes closed on it own and I lean into his touch.
“No.” My voice came out as a whisper.
“Then?” His tongue pressed against my nape then he trails it to my collarbone. The cold metal on his tongue got my knees weak and warm all over. This is new.
His tongue moves to my breastbone then back to my neck where he sucked gently.
His hand moves to the hem of my towel slowly then he slipped under and trails his fingers to and fro enticingly on my bare thighs. I went blank and i felt myself drowning in to him, into his touches.
I turned around, dropping the dress and claimed his lips. He didn’t wait a moment before deepening it and that was all it took to set my body on fire and get my hormones to revolt against my senses. My hands snake under his chest and I ran them on his perfect hard abs. His hands were on my butt, pressing me to his front. I feel my towel beginning to loose on me but I was too carried away to care about it. I was warm and every touch and squeeze Novan implement on my body leaves the spot burning and craving.
We stopped to catch our breaths but it wasn’t long before he resumed kissing me again and I returned it with similar fervor. He bit my lower lips slightly then nibbled on it before kissing my full lips then repeating the whole process again.
Once my towel drop to my waist, we snapped back to our senses and he turned around that instant.
I tied the towel back. “Stay that way let me wear the dress okay?”
“Mhmm.” He hums.
I slipped the black dress on before realizing I didn’t wear a bra.
“Done.” I said and he turned. The look on his face was the evidence that he hasn’t recovered from the euphoric state we both were.
His dark eyes sweep over me then lingering unusually on my chest especially.
“You’re done?” He run his tongue over his already glistening lips in a seductive way and I gulped. That was sexy.
“Your..” he point to my chest. “They’re showing.”
” What?” I bit my lips. I’m glad I wasn’t shy but just flustered. My body was tingling and screaming to be touched again.
“Forget it.” He turned away and I missed how his eyes on me was having effect on me. I almost scold him for that.
“A minute.” I said quietly and disappeared into my dressing room. I pulled the dress over my head and wore my bra and panty.
I breathed into my palms and got out.
I didn’t scan the room to look for him because I felt his eyes on me the moment I stepped into the room. I loosed my hair on top of my head then run my fingers through it before tucking a strand behind my ear.
“You came earlier than I expected.” I said and got my phone. I realized I missed a call from Marion.
“I was just around.” He got his phone out and began to type.
“Oh.” I sat beside him and dialled Marion’s number for a video call.
He picked on the first ring and I fixed my earpiece in and stick it in to my ear.
“Hi sis.” He was walking on the flight of stairs.
Novan glance at me before moving his eyes back to his phone.
“Wanted to introduce you to someone.”
“Your boyfriend?”
“How did you know?” I asked in awe.
” You didn’t get the camera I installed on your door off.” He said and I remembered. I should’ve taken it off, how did I forget?
“So who’s he? I was just going to tell mum about it and you called. I told you I want to be the first to hear it but you’re just delaying. You should thank your stars.”
He turned and the next minute I saw him in his room.
” Let me see him, I want to pass my comments.”
I moved the camera to Novan but he didn’t notice as he was still focused on his phone.
“Is that not your frenemy? The last time I checked you guys were on bad terms so what happened? And you also said you dislike him. Do you love him now?
“That’s sudden, he’s hot but..wait what are those on his face? Is that piercings? Let me see, he has a metal on both eyebrows then a nose piercing then… that’s all I can see, tell him to look at me so I can examine him probably.”
” Why are you noticing that now?” Marion has seen him before so I don’t get why he’s just noticing his piercings.
Novan slipped his phone into his pocket and his eyes meet the screen.
“Doesn’t he smile? He seem a bit serious with that frown on his face.” Marion comments.
I looked at Novan and Marion was right. I expected him to smile at my brother but he didn’t. He’s behaving as if he’s never met Marion before.
“Is that a tattoo on his hand?” Marion ask with full interest.
“Yeah. You have a problem?” I raised my brow.
” No, it’s cute. I’m thinking of getting one soon.” He showed me his arm and lift his brow to where Novan’s own sat on my thighs.
” What!” I scream, getting Novan’s attention.
” Why are you freaking out? You wouldn’t go for someone with a tattoo if you didn’t like it. So I can equally get one”
Oh no!
The fact that my boyfriend has it doesn’t mean my brother has to do it.
” Yes but you’re too young to think of that.” I tell him.
” That’s why I said soon. Anyway am not a kid.” He rolled his eyes.
” Yes you are.” He’s just ten yet act like someone who’s twenty.
” I won’t argue with you about that. Now let your boyfriend talk to me. And he should smile, tell him that” he instructs.
” You like him?” I ask and put my hand over Novan’s. He smiled and put his head on my shoulder.
” From the first time I saw him. I like his family too.” He said the last part quietly but I heard.
“Nothing. I just said I don’t have a problem if you like him.”
“That’s better. So you mean..you don’t have a problem right?” I ask again. I won’t have a problem if I get Marion on my side. If he likes him then my family will too.
” I said I don’t have a problem sis. I knew all along that this constant fighting will result in this so am not amazed it did. I’m actually glad. He was friendly when he came to our house and that does it for him. ”
Wow.. little bro is all grown.
” Now I am relieved.” I smiled and got the earpiece out.
” Are you done gossiping about me?” Novan said when I shift the camera on him.
“Would you have ditched my sister if we did?” Marion blurt.
” My love is not that weak, young man.”
” So you won’t hurt her then?” Marion asked.
” Break my bones if I do, I know you can.”
” Yeah you better not because am not forgetting this ever.”
” Okay,so Marion this is it, I love him so you should accept and respect him as my boyfriend… and please do not mention this to anyone yet. I want to be the one to tell them.”
” I understand, you only told me because I demanded to be the first to know and for that am honored. I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want me to. Just don’t let it stay a secret for too long. Rumours spread fast.”
” Thanks for that!” I almost rolled my eyes but I know he’s right. I should tell my family about him but I just think it’s too early and i still feel all this is not real. So until am sure about this, am not telling them.
“Why don’t you want to tell your parents about us?” Novan asked after I’ve dropped the call.
“Don’t you think it’s too early?”
“I don’t think so.” He shook his head from side to side.
” Okay but let it set in first. We shouldn’t rush it, we can tell them anytime but I want this to register first. I want us to be hundred percent sure.”
” What more do you need? Do you not believe me.” He sprang to his feet and I pray I didn’t piss him.
“Don’t say that Novan. I believe you but this is just how I want it. What if something happens and we have to break up suddenly then…”
” Positive. This won’t work if you’re not being optimistic Mariana. I don’t even know what the fuck you’re worried about.”
” Seriously? You don’t know what am worried about? Is that what you say?” Am flaring and I am trying to stop myself.
” And what do you mean?” He turned to me. Anger was visible in his tone.
” You want me to tell my family about us yet I don’t know what relationship you have with Aria and if you have cut ties with her or not. I don’t know what you actually want.”
” So this is it. This shitty attitude is all about fucking Aria right? Are you not satisfied that I’m here and we’re dating? Why the fuck are you still worried about her?!” He was shouting.
” You think you being here and acting like a boyfriend is enough? Is that what you think? ”
” Yes. You’re fucking so insecure and it’s so damn infuriating. Must you always be like this?”
” You may be right. Yes I’m insecure. I am insecure because I fear you’ll go right back into her arms right after here. Am not a lucky-go-lucky girl Novan so don’t expect me not to bother.”
“And you think this will work if there’s no trust? You’re sadly mistaken” He eyed me.
” You always go to her Novan and it hurts.” My voice sounds pathetic.
” So? How in the fucking hell am I supposed to know you were fucking obsessing over me before I even approached you? Anyway, you deserve it for always pushing me away. The fact that I can’t have you doesn’t mean I can’t be with anyone. You’re sadistic! You like me but you pretend you don’t like some spoiled bitchy brat!” He yelled and I blinked back my pending tears.
That hurts.
I can’t believe we’re fighting after everything. I knew it, this is too good to be true that’s why I didn’t want to push my hopes and get it high.
Why would he say all this to me? I’m not a bitch, not a brat too and definitely not a sadist.
“You should stop cussing at me. It’s the truth that’s why it hurts.” I’m surprised at my calm tone.
He huffed and moved about my room, his boots digging into my polished floor.
“Mind you, I never liked you at first and am not obsessed. You keep coming to me so you’re the one obsessed. You don’t get the hint, you just keep coming and coming and you’ve successfully got into my head and made me fall in love with you. Is that not what you wanted? What at all do you even want from me?”
” Call me a fool for always coming but hey, I might not come again if you keep putting up this attitude of yours.”
” That should do both of us good. I don’t even know what in the world you want from me.” I’m exhausted.
” Fuck everything in your little annoying world up and ditch you probably.” He said coldly and stormed out of the room. He left but unknown to him, he left with a part of me he has illegally snitched.
I couldn’t hold my tears anymore.
This must be some joke. Novan and I didn’t just fight did we? He didn’t leave right? He will come back won’t he? Or is all this over already?
I wiped my tears. I’m not going to shed a single tear over this even though i already did. Well not anymore. I anticipated this and it has happened. Before we even became this friendly and being lovey-dovey, this is what always happen. We fight and he says mean things and walk out.
But what was my offence this time, I just want to know what was actually going on between him and Aria. He hasn’t said anything to me that will keep me rest assured that he won’t go back to her. That’s not all, I practically knows nothing about Novan. I don’t even know where he lives or the simple basic things every girlfriend should know.
I looked at the door and my eyes burned with more tears as I tried to swallow the huge lump at the back of my throat.
Must he always leave anytime we have an argument? This time to am I the one who pushed him away? Did I ? Am I at fault here?
I refuse to let him escape this. He has to tell me what he has going on with Aria and if he has any intentions of hanging around her still. If yes then he has to choose. It’s either Aria or me because I can’t have him and still be seeing him with her.
He said he’s the only one who comes after every fight but that tradition ends now.
Things changed and i love him now, I can’t watch him walk away from me and not do anything.
I picked my purse and stuffed my phone into it before picking my car key from my dresser.
I opened my door and there he was sitting beside the door and hugging his knees to himself with hands on his head.
His head snapped up and he looked around before raising his eyes to meet mine.
“You’re here?” I looked everywhere but him.
” I never left. Not again, not now and not in this lifetime. Please would you forgive me? I love you.”
His words took my breath away and when i stare into those mesmerizing eyes of his, i realized I love him regardless. He really has fucked up my world and managed to break all my resolve and now I can’t see me without him.
“Come here.” I beckons him over.

{That changed everything ✓}
“Come here.” I beckons him over and he hesitated before dragging his foot towards me.
” You don’t think before you say anything Novan.” I put my hands on his shoulders and traced my hand on his round neck.
” That’s your problem.” I tell him and smiles.
“I’m trying. ” He defends himself.
” Yeah you are but please think henceforth. Your words hurt.” I tried not to remember all that he said.
” Don’t remember them, am sorry.” He put his hands on my waist.
“Yes but you have to leave now.” I watch his face fall sadly.
I held his face and brushed my thumb on his left cheek. “I need you to go and do a critical thinking about me.. us. We’re dating, we can’t keep fighting like before.”
” But I want to be here ” he groaned boyishly.
” You will. It’s just for now, for today.” I pursed my smiling lips.
” If you say so.” He kissed my temple and hugged me before leaving.
I watch him leave and I instantly felt lonely as a wave of nostagia clouds me.
“Did you guys fight?” Amandla asked when I walked into the kitchen. I think she’s dumb.
“I’m hungry, you should be more concerned about that.” I snapped rudely.
” Yes madam.” Her voice was teasing.
“Don’t madam me.”
“I’m sorry okay? I think we can actually be friends. After what you said earlier, i decided to comply.”
” Good for you then.”
” What will you eat?”
“What do you have?” I asked instead of answering.
” I made a fruit salad. It’s in the fridge ”
“What else did you make? You know I didn’t have lunch.”
” Thought your boyfriend make you something.”
” Excuse me?”
” Nothing, here’s your fruit salad.” I took it and stared daggers at her.
I picked a fork and jumped onto the counter. I dig the fork into the salad and munch on it quietly with my eyes on her as she move about.
“We can actually be friends Mariana. Please do not look at me like that. That boy was here in the kitchen this morning when I came so..”
” His name is Donovan, call him that.” I cut her off.
” Okay? He’s lucky to have you.”
” We’re lucky to have each other.” I correct her.
” You were single until Betsy and Megan pulled that stunt on you and you fell for it. Who knows, it was his plan all along. He got your friends on his side and you don’t even realize it.”
” Watch where you’re going Mandie, you might fall.” I warned her.
” Am sorry, I just can’t help it.” She shakes her head and put a pan on the fire.
” What are you preparing for us?” I asked.
“You’ll get to know when I serve them. Just make sure you eat what I put in front of you alone.” She smiled, revealing her dimpled cheeks.
She’s joking about poisoning the food except mine. Should that mean she actually do not like Novan? Well i didn’t mention to her that Novan will be up for dinner.
“That was not funny Amandla.” I said and dumped the plate into the dishwasher.
She chuckled.
I took my phone out to dial Morgan’s number but before I could the phone got snatched from me.
I looked up to see Morgan looking down on me with a cheeky grin.
“Hi Amandla.” He said and moved moved in between my legs then placed his hands at either side of me.
“You’re here already? Where’s Betsy?” I looked around and my eyes met Amandla, she was staring at our position.
“She’s busy digging into your wardrobe.”
” For what? Where’s she going on a Saturday?”
” Who stays at home on a Saturday? It’s only you Mariana and that’s why we’re taking you out today right after dinner. Is is even ready yet?” He looked back and Amandla nodded with a smile.
“I..” I want to say something but he interjected.
“See ,the food is also ready and now all we have to do is look for something to wear, eat and go dress up. It’s gonna be fun and I really can’t wait.” He gushed exitingly like a child whose mum has promised to take to the park.
“Where are you taking me?”
“We’re going clubbing. Come let’s get you something to wear.” He lifts me off the counter and carried me to my room.
There was a collection of clothes spread all over my bed. I recognized some to be mine while others were not. In front of the mirror, Betsy was trying on a tight glittering spaghetti strap dress with a slit on the thigh.
” Is that my clothes or you brought them?”
“It’s funny you don’t even know what you have in your closet. Here’s an idea, I think we should be going out more.”
” It shouldn’t be a club. We could go to the mall, the park, an aquarium or something else. Parties and clubs are out of it.”
” Don’t be boring Mariana. Get some life. Who goes to parks in this century when you can club and party? ”
” I will only come if it won’t land my ass in trouble. ” The least I want is to get in trouble while clubbing. The police can storm there and arrest us.
He’s even underage.
” Not all, am here so you shouldn’t worry. ”
” How are we going to get in? You’re not yet eighteen.” I told him absentmindedly.
” I have my ways and even if we get in trouble, my dad is there. Your dad is there too and even our moms.”
” We’re not taking advantage of that.”
” Really?”
” Really.” I crossed my arms on my chest.
” I’m not backing down, i already made up my mind. Right babe?” He wrapped his hand around Betsy’s waist and stare at her through the mirror.
“How do i look in this dress?” She asked and Morgan stepped back three feet and took in her figure.
” You always look good in whatever you wear but this is a banger. Damn! My baby is so cute.” He jogged to her then swept her off her feet above him in a whirl. Betsy’s giggle filled the room and I could see the love they have for each other right in their eyes.
“Ok put me down. I actually don’t like the dress but since you do then I will wear it, for you.” Betsy said and she was brought to her feet.
” Get something for Mariana to wear. Her outfit should be a killer, she going to murder all the men in the club today.”
” You can trust me with that.” Betsy assured him.
Morgan went out and Betsy pulled the dress she wore off and hanged it.
“You won’t mind some tights right?” Betsy asked and showed me a collection of it. There was a fishnet, floral tulle and more of it. I hate tights and I think people who wears it are immoral. I can’t see myself in them.
“I will wear jeans and some shirt.” I told her and went to get them.
“That’s lame Mariana. How can you wear jeans to a club when you can slay in one of these gorgeous dresses?”
” Get a decent one instead because am wearing no tights.”
” What about this this? ” She raised a short blue strapless dress and I waved it off.
“Check this one too.” She raised a red bodicon dress and it was beautiful but very short and the back was too open.
She kept bringing out clothes and I reject them either because it’s too tight, short or way revealing.
I could see she was getting exhausted so I told her to pick a dress of her choice but it shouldn’t look slutty. She beamed happily and I dip my hands into my pocket for my phone.
“Do you mind if I ask Dylan and Lenna to come with us?” I asked.
” That won’t be a problem. Novan can join too.” Betsy replied and I smiled gratefully.
I couldn’t find my phone so I remembered Morgan took it from me when i was trying to call him.
“I’m coming.” I told her and got out.
I didn’t see Morgan in the living room so I went to the kitchen. I saw him with Amandla and she was feeding him the fruit salad I just took.
I could see they were both having fun with the smile on their faces.
“Where did you put my phone Morgan?” I asked.
” Here.” Amandla gave it to me and i thanked her before casting my eyes on Morgan.
” I am calling Lenna and Dylan over. Hope you don’t mind.”
” Who’s Dylan?”
” A friend.”
” Okay.”
I dialed his number and he picked after the first ring.
“Up for a club?” I asked and bit the insides of my cheeks.
“No way. I’m sorry.” He said and I understood so I didn’t push it.
” Hope you are not mad?”
” No am not. I’m just going to call Lenna.”
“You’d be doing her a huge favor.” He laughed and hanged up.
Lenna agreed very quickly and within 20 minutes, she was at my doorstep with a bag slang on her shoulder. She wore a jean trouser with a red top and a cardigan tied around her waist. She looked like someone going for an evening class.
“Hope you know we’re not going to learn but club?” I teased.
“Yeah I know and am up and ready for the night.” I smiled and walked her into the room, leaving Morgan and Amandla in the kitchen.
I called Novan to inform him but his number went straight to voicemail so I leave it.
Betsy announced that she was done and we all went to have dinner. It was fun eating together with all of them. Even Amandla joined. The food was great and we all couldn’t stop appreciating her.
“We’ll be going to a new club in town Amandla. I think you should join us. ” Morgan told her.
” I’m not in the mood. Invite me some other time.” She replied as she packed the used dishes.
“No problem. Take my number from Mariana and call me anytime you’re up for for partying or clubbing.” Morgan said and I could see Betsy glaring at him.
Amandla smiled sweetly at him but somehow I found it flirty.
Morgan winked and I heard a kick from under the table then Betsy got up.
He run after her while Lenna and I shared an amused look.
I can see Morgan and Amandla are really getting on pretty well. I must say it’s a bit disturbing to see Betsy reacting to it negatively.
Lenna and I got up and walked to my room.
We stood at the door when we saw Betsy and Morgan making out. I thought I’d see them shouting at each other but I thought wrong.
“Thank God you don’t have a boyfriend otherwise I would have felt left out.” Lenna whispered into my ear and I smiled without saying a word.
If only Novan’s line was going through then I would be kissing him too.
“Okay that’s enough.” I shout and got into the room fully.
“Where’s the dress you got for me?” I asked.
Morgan disappeared into the washroom while a flustered Betsy showed me my dress.
I picked the fabric up and examined it. It was a sleeveless satin midi dress with no slits. It’s simple too, just my taste.
“You like it?” Betsy walked to me.
“Yeah.” I nod.
” I knew you would.” She boasts.
“Sure you did.” I snort
“What are you wearing Lenna?” Betsy asked and threw a dress at her.
” I wanted to go for a tank top and jeans but this dress won’t be bad.” She smiled.
“Okay ladies, I will be waiting outside.” Morgan stepped out of the washroom all dressed and looking incredibly great.
“Don’t eye rape him. He’s your boyfriend.” I whispered to Betsy and she nudged me but that didn’t stop her from drooling till his back disappeared.
After so much twisting and turning of my hair, Betsy was finally done with it and my make up. I told her my make up should be light and decent and I was glad she did when I stared at my reflection in the mirror.
The light fabric i was wearing defined all my curves and contours and the way it hanged on me made it look like a second skin. My arms were bare so I decided to take a jacket. I took my necklaces off and replaced it with a diamond which matched with the purse I decided to take. Everything was on point and I loved the way my wavy curled hair was let down and how it bounces when I take a step. The hairdo made me look wild, beautiful and different. I’m pleased.
The heel I wore increased my height and am sure when Novan and I stand he won’t tower over me. How I wished he’d be here. I took my phone and called but it still went to voicemail.
Betsy looked sexy in an open back strapless black dress with a slit at the thigh. She wore a blonde wig over her hair then knee high boots. She did more make up and painted her lips bright red. She look smoking hot.
Lenna was no less. The deep v neck satin backless pleated red slip dress looked perfect on her as if it was made just for her alone. She held her hair high then leaving loose curls to fall on her pretty face.
“Let’s take a selfie.” Betsy took my phone and we began to snap.
I thought of Novan and decide to take a picture of myself alone for him.
“Send them to me when we get back.” Lenna said and I nod.
” Ladies?” Morgan tapped on the door impatiently.
I turned the knob and we trouped out.
“Wow! Wow! Wow! All these ladies for me? I’m so fortunate.” His eyes danced on us. But am not a fool, his eyes were on Betsy most of the time and both were smiling secretly at each other with locked eyes.
“It seems you’ve already chosen your lady so let’s go.”
” I can only take one and that’s her. Sorry to disappoint all of you.” He made a sad face and went for Betsy’s hand.
I was the last to go out and I tell Amandla to lock the door when she’s leaving.
“Don’t forget to share the details to me tomorrow.” I rolled my eyes and hear her laugh as I got out.
I smiled and shake my head when I was finally out. It was dark already.
Morgan’s expensive machine in the name of Car was parked in my lot. It was a white 2020 Rolls-Royce phantom.
“How much did it cost?” I asked him and sat at the back seat with Lenna while Betsy sat beside him.
“Not much!” He muttered and shrugged.
” You must be kidding! This will cost a whole lot of time fortune enough to feed a nation for a year.”
” Go on, keep on exaggerating.” He smiled and pulled out of my lot into the street.
A popular Justin Bieber’s song filled the space in the car and Betsy began to whine her waist to the beat. Morgan sang the lyrics and keep stealing glances adoringly at his girlfriend and I just prayed he doesn’t get us killed.
Lenna was almost like Betsy because she was busy singing and twerking wildly. I laughed and tapped my heels and nod to the music. I missed Novan. I called him but he still hasn’t picked. I wish to spend the night with him.
After I left Mariana’s apartment I drove to my own apartment which was out of town.
I couldn’t stay after an hour so I drove back to town to meet with my friends at our favorite bar. I really don’t know what she wants me to think about. I’m really trying to keep my anger in check and to stop snapping at her. I don’t want to say hurtful words to her but it’s the only things that come into mind when she’s busy being difficult.
It’s true I don’t think before I throw words at her when am angry so I’d try to think henceforth. I’m ready to be what she wants me to be, what she expects of me and what she deserves.
I know I don’t deserve her but am too selfish not to have her. I’ve already made up my mind about her and no matter what am not leaving her, not for anything in this world or some slutty Aria.
I regret the times I spent with her just to spite Mariana. I wish I never did but am glad it worked. I never knew it has been affecting her all along until today.
I knew I would see them when I drove there so I wasn’t surprised when I saw them gathered around a chess table. Nina and Ronnie was playing.
I looked around and when I didn’t see Aria among them, I walked towards them.
“Hey man! Did your girlfriend lock you up in a basement?” Nina said when she saw me. I smiled at her. She’s one of my favorites. She’s almost like me.
“He just got released am sure.” That was from Ronnie.
” The girl must be the possessive type. A psycho even.” Nina said and drunk from her blue cup.
I took it from her and gulped it down.
“They all are possessive even his toys because of his handsomeness and how good he treats them behind closed doors. How much more a girlfriend? She would kill for him.” Ronnie tapped me on the shoulders.
“You don’t even know her.” I said and they all turned to me with shocked expressions.
“Holy fuck! ” Nina shrieked.
“When did you get a fucking girlfriend man?”
” This is a fucking news. We were only joking and it really turned out to be true. So this dude actually got a girlfriend and didn’t tell us.”
“No it’s a joke! We partied on Friday and those bimbos were all over him then on a Saturday he said he has a girl. That’s fishy. He said he only loves one girl and that girl doesn’t even look at him so who did he fall in love with and so quickly.” Nina raised her brows suspiciously at me.
“Who’s the lucky girl? Tell us.” They demanded.
“I won’t. ” I tell them and went to the bar for more drink.
” If you don’t fucking tell me now, i would go out there and start fucking any girl I see and who knows, she’d be part. ” Ronnie said and I dropped my cup.
My eyes narrowed on him and i began to imagine his hands on my Mariana, a pang hit me and in one instant I was up. I would die if someone touches her but I would make sure to kill the pervert first. I think I have to start marking my territories .
“You won’t do that Ronnie.” I point my fingers at him and stormed out.
“You’re whipped Novan. Anyway, Come back here there is a new club in town for us to storm. You’ll love it. ” Ronnie shout after me.
I know of the club but it’s a VIP club for the rich brats and i don’t want to mingle with them. I hate rich people but I don’t know why i managed to fall in love with Mariana. The girl is wealthy and doesn’t even know it. She doesn’t even show it to intimidate or underestimate anyone. She treats everyone equal and that’s one out of the million reasons why I keep falling for her everyday.
My mind replayed what Ronnie said and i balled my fists.
I will kill him if he goes on with his plan but I trust my Mariana though. She doesn’t mess around like the other girls and with her status, no guy can approach her. Maybe I shouldn’t really be worried. She said she loves me so I should believe her. Yes.
I got my phone out to call her but my battery was down. I decide to go back to her. It’s not like I have anything better to do and today is Saturday.
I better spend time with her than suffocating myself in some fucking club with cheap whores lurking around every corner, calling for attention.
I decided to text her with the little power left on my phone.
“Sweetheart.” She replied immediately. She hasn’t called me sweetheart before except for Novie. That’s strange.
“What are you doing now?” I sent it.
“Just sitting around. Come let’s cuddle.” Sje replied.
“Really? Won’t you study?” I ask.
“No, I will be waiting. ”
” I can’t wait. I grinned.
” How long till you’re here? ” She ask.
” 20 minutes. Don’t go anywhere, am coming. ” I put my phone into my pocket and jumped into my car.
I already have a duplicate of her keys so I barged in and the first person I saw was the annoying pretty Amandla.
I forced a smile at her and got into my girlfriend’s room, expecting to see her on her bed with a novel but I saw no one.
I rushed to her study and once again I expected her to see her sitting behind the desk, books surrounding her and a pen between her teeth or even sleeping like the last time but I didn’t see her doing any of that.
I went back to her bedroom and that was when i noticed how messy it was. There was clothes, bags and shoes everywhere. Did she move out?
I called out her name and went to the washroom then her dressing room but still.
“Where’s she?” I asked Amandla when i got out.
” She went to club. ” She answered.
” This is not the time to joke Amanda. ” I hope that’s her name.
” You don’t believe me?”
Why would I ? Mariana doesn’t club. I doubt if she has ever been there before.
” She must’ve went out. I will wait.” I went to sit.
“Don’t waste your time around here. She went with one crazy friend and another called Dylan. You should’ve seen how she dressed. I’m sure she’s going to be the center of attraction at the club. Every guy would like to woo her and you won’t be able to do shit!”
At the mention of Dylan I was up.
That bastard.
And other guys? Did she really go to the club? She’s so gorgeous, I know guys will try to talk to her, get her attention and try to touch her. Oh God!
” What are you saying?” She told me twenty minutes ago that she’d be waiting for me so where would she go? She couldn’t have gone out with pretty Dylan?
“She left with a pretty decent boy. I think the little voodoo you worked on her has weared off and now she’s back to her senses. “She smirked with hands on her waist.
She knows my weakness so she’s busy exploiting it.
“Let me make a guess, she told you that she’s waiting but left with your exact opposite hence making a big fool out of you. I told you, i told you this wouldn’t work. See where it landed you. She went out with someone better than you..”
” Enough! She loves me okay.” I said but it felt like i was reassuring myself, convincing myself that she does really love me but this is the reality. I’m no good for her. But i won’t give her the chance to discover that.
I don’t understand why she’s so nosy. She’s just a fucking cook for goodness sake!
“She didn’t do anything like that, i trust her. Just wait and see how she’d run into my arms when she sees me tomorrow. I’d make sure you don’t fucking miss that scene. ” I stepped out of her apartment….
To find her.
★★….. ★★

{That changed everything ✓}
“How long till we get there?”
“Exercise patience Mariana. Let the men live a little because once you set your foot in that club they’re dead.”
I rolled my eyes and looked out of the window. I watch as we speed pass tall building and how they blurs quickly. My favorite were the trees, it was a nice sight to behold but then it was also a reminder that Morgan was speeding.
I looked at my phone screen for anything at all from Novan but there was nothing.
I decide to call him and when i did and it was going through, I squealed internally as I waited to hear his sultry voice but he didn’t pick up.
I called again but he still didn’t pick up. I wonder what is wrong with him. He couldn’t be ignoring me intentionally right?
Our car pulled over into the VIP parking lot of a tall building and Morgan shouts, telling us to step out.
“Are you going to stay in the car all night?” Betsy as she got out.
I opened my side of the door and got out with a sigh. The night air was comforting so i didn’t bother to take my leather jacket.
“Is your boyfriend coming?” Betsy asked.
“I don’t know.” I answer and looked at my phone.
“Don’t worry, just relax and have fun. You’re fortunate, I wish I had not come with Morgan.” Before her words could register, Morgan spanked her butt before taking Betsy’s hand and they both catwalked like the perfect couple they are towards the entrance.
From outside faint music and the voices of clubbers could be heard. I’ve never been in a club before so I really don’t know what to expect.
There was guards at the entrance checking for IDs before allowing folks to enter. Our case was different because once they saw Morgan and I they made way for us to enter. I stood some feet from the entrance and looked around. A few eyes dart to us but that was all. Everybody went back to doing their bussiness.
The music was deafening and the coloured lights were blinding. It will be difficult to spot someone you don’t really know . Though the crowd was large, the hall was incredibly enormous so it was hard for one to be brushing another with their sweaty bodies which am glad about. I just hope we’re the last people to get in so that the hall doesn’t fill up. I like the distance between everyone except couples.
Unlike the hall, the dancefloor was filled with drunk sweaty bodies of adults grinding into one another and singing crazily to the lyrics of the song blasting through the speakers.
On the couches around, girls in scanty clothings were busy straddling boys in a heated make out session. My stomach churned inaudibly when I saw a boy’s hand under the skirt of a girl who was straddling him and she was busy grinding on his fingers. I was disgusted so I looked away only to see another couple doing same shit.
This is too much. Everywhere I turn, i see people doing immoral things, things I’ve never thought of doing.
Maybe I shouldn’t have come. I should have stayed at home and it will be worth it.
This is absolute madness. Who comes to a club and make out with random strangers?
The interesting part is that most of them are familiar not because most of them are in my college but because they’re the children of both my mum and Dad’s bussiness partners. I see them anytime dad takes me to bussiness functions or if we host one. Looking around, all I see is rich kids doing their own things. I should be happy that am among them since nobody will be staring at me like they do at our normal frat parties. I should feel like I belong because we all have status and class and though I fit in, I rather go to a frat party mixed with all classes than some club for only the rich. I should’ve realized this when Morgan invited me because he doesn’t come to those college parties. I actually fit in but I wish i didn’t come. Maybe it’s not too late because I was still by the door. I began to take slow backwards steps until someone grabbed my hand and walked me inside fully.
“Let me go Betsy.”
“I won’t. You were just about to sneak away.”
“I don’t like what is happening around here Betsy. I feel like puking.”
” You didn’t have to watch. We didn’t come for sightseeing but to have fun. Here you get drunk dance and let the music take over your senses. To enjoy you have to loosen up. Stop staring at people and do your own shit. ”
” You don’t make sense Betsy. Are you drunk already?”
” No, am about to.” She grinned.
She let go of my hands only when we walked towards a group of people sitting around a table filled with varieties of alcohols and red cups in everyone’s hand.
I recognized most of them from our charity events.
“Guys look who I brought today!” Morgan shouts over the music and i took a seat beside an unfamiliar guy, the others had girls propped on their laps.
They all turned their eyes to me and I smiled softly at them.
“Beautiful serious Mariana!” One out if the seven people hollered. Of course they all know me.
“I hope you are aware we aren’t here to talk about our parents boring businesses.” One of them said and they laughed. That wasn’t funny but their obviously drunk so everything is amusing.
I looked among them and saw Lenna giggling to something a guy was whispering In to her ears.
Betsy was plunged on Morgan with legs at either side of her while his hands rubbed teasingly on her butt, squeezing and fondling it while her face was buried in his neck and her hands tangled in his hair.
Great! Those I came with are all occupied and now am left alone except that there’s someone seated among the group shooting me familiar stares at me. He was just staring and not looking away and i think he’s familiar but i can’t place the event I saw him at.
“Want some drink?” The guy I sat beside asked with a genuine sweet smile. His hair was clean-cut and his face was handsome. That’s all I could make out since everywhere looked almost dark except for those annoying discotheque lights.
I wanted to refuse but he already poured me one and placed it into my hands. I couldn’t refuse anymore so i brought it to my lips and take a sip. It burnt my throat and i almost gagged.
“Haven’t taken an alcohol before?” He was leaning into me so his warmth breath fans my neck and I shudder slightly.
“Not used to it.” I answer and take another sip.
“Let’s play a game then.” I turned to see his lips wide in a smile revealing his gap teeth. He’s cute.
“Yeah, just you and I.” He said with his face few inches away from mine.
I looked around and for once am glad that no one is looking at me except for that guy of course. Morgan was only exaggerating when he said i was going to get everyone’s attention.
I need a distraction and a game won’t be bad. He doesn’t give me creeps like I imagined so i nod and he began to arrange cups on the table then filled them to the brim.
His actions caught the attention of the all those sitting. Betsy got off Morgan’s laps and the others eyes were focused in my direction.
“What are you up to Tyler?” The starer asked.
” About to play beer pong with Mariana.” He shout over the music.
” We are not playing! This is not some fucking house party.”
” Not your business Ed. Besides I never called you to join.” The guy whom I’ve discovered as Tyler said.
” Don’t go ahead with it Mariana, he’s an asshole. He just wants you drunk so he can have his way easily. ” Ed sneers and the others laughed.
” Don’t mind Ed Mariana, he’s been crushing on you for long and now he can’t stand Tyler getting close to you. Who gets jealous over sometime that’s not his? ” Morgan laughed.
” Only Ed of course. ” They all respond loudly.
This is new. He’s never talked to me before only…. that’s it. He’s one out of the many familiar faces who i constantly notice staring at me at the functions. He never spoke to me before but just stares all the time. I never knew he had a crush on me and now they’re all teasing him over it.
My heart went out to him when I caught his face fall from the corners of my eyes. He stood up and walked away.
I scold Morgan with my eyes and he just smiled in a silly way without a care.
Now that I know someone is crushing on me and they all seem to be aware, i felt like escaping.
“I’ll be back.” I got up with my cup and followed Ed.
I didn’t realize the whole place has been filled up so I missed Ed.
I made my way back where the rest sat but am met with Betsy and Lenna. They grabbed both of my hands and walked us towards the bar.
“And what are you girls up to?”
“Just to have a drink.” Betsy shrugged.
We sat on the long stools and I was the one in the middle.
“Sex on the beach for us.” Lenna ordered and i gawked at her.
I was about to ask what she meant when they drop three glasses each for us on the table.
“It’s nice, just relax.” Betsy removed the straw then emptied the cup in one gulp.
Lenna did same and i felt challenged. I sipped mine and it tasted wonderful like a cocktail despite the slight bitterness. I put the straw aside and gulped it down.
Lenna and Betsy gave me an impressed look and ordered another glass.
“3,2,1..and 0.” I find myself counting and we gulped the other glass.
I started feeling tipsy and giggling unnecessarily but it was fun.
We kept drinking glass after glass until I lost count of the number of glasses we had.
I could barely stand on my feet talk of my heels when we got down from the stool. My head began to swim I felt like storming the dancefloor.
We staggered towards where the rest sat and in my attempt to sit at my previous position, I end up falling onto Tyler’s lap.
“Whoa! Are you okay?” He asked and his fragrance filled my nostrils.
“Very. You smell nice.” I loop my arms around his neck.
” You’re stunning.” He returned my complement and i blushed.
“And you’re handsome.” I giggled and wrapped his hair around my fingers.
“Are you aware you’re drunk?”
“I’m not drunk. I just had a lot to drink. Can you stop asking questions now and let’s hit the dancefloor?”
” Am up already.” He got up and brought me onto my feet.
” Can I share a secret with you?” I asked and looked around like a gossip.
He brought his ear to my lips and I whisper. “My boyfriend hates to be asked so many questions.”
He frowned but smiled when I giggle.
My giggles turn into laughter as I took the lead to the dancefloor but not without grabbing an alcohol filled cup.
This is silly. I’m behaving childish but it’s fun. I’m sure it’s the alcohol having it effect on me but I can’t seem to stop having it.
The next song turned out to be my favorite and in a second I was in the middle of the dancefloor grinding onto the the immediate guy I saw. Now this is what I call craziness but I can’t help it. At the moment it feels like the best thing to do.
I lost contact with the person and it was replaced by someone else. I turned and saw Tyler.
“Hey!” I shouts.
He smiled and grabbed my waist then turning me around to grind on him.
This doesn’t feel right. I know but I can’t stop.
He turned me around and pulled me into his chest. He locked eyes on me and leaned his face down to mine. Our foreheads touched.
“Am going to kiss you now hope you don’t mind?” His hands wrapped tightly on me.
I gulped and stared at his lips, they look kissable. I can have a taste.
‘you have a boyfriend.’. My sensible subconscious reminds but I snubbed it.
I shook my head sideways, “I don’t mind.”
His eyes lit and his nose brushed against mine.
Before his lips could touch mine, he was pushed roughly from me as a hand grabbed my wrist too tightly.
My eyes meet a pair of angry hazel eyes boring into me.
What is he angry about? I didn’t kiss him did I? And even if I did is it a big deal?
” She’s my girlfriend, come near her again and I will disfigure your beautiful face!” Novan warns before dragging me out of the dancefloor.
“Where are you taking me? Leave me!” I struggled to break free but his grip tightened.
“Where’s that fucker who brought you here?!” He yelled and kept dragging me forcefully.
” Mind your tongue.” I warned with a huff.
“Oh, so now you’ll defend him.” He stopped abruptly.
” I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
” The fucker you left me for. You came to party with him after telling me to come. What in the hell do you take me for?” He yells and I’m glad the music was loud else there’ll be a big scene.
I crossed my arms over my chest after he let go and stare at him. He still wore a black shirt but this time he had a jacket over it. His hair was messy and he looked angry but handsome as hell.
“You’re handsome but I miss Shane.” I pouts and watch his eyes soften a bit.
” How much drink did you take?” He asks and keep looking around.
” Just a little.” I raised my pinky.
“How many guys did you kiss?” My eyes widened but I giggle.
” A dozen!”
He looked horrified and i laughed.
His frown deepened as he grabbed my wrists again. “Take me to the fucker who brought you to this party.”
” I told you to stop calling him that.”
” Why should I? Show me where he is else when I see him on campus I will break his bones.”
” Okay fine. You don’t have to break anybody’s bone.” I lead him to the place where we once sat but there was no one present except my crutch.
“Well dodge.” I whistled and clapped my hands together.
He eyes me before going for my purse then shove it into my hands.
We turned to leave when i heard Morgan yell my name.
I turn and saw him coming towards me alone.
“This is who I came with and he’s not a fuck.. whatever.” I said to him.
” He brought you? ” He asked and I nod.
” Where’s Dylan? ”
” What? Dylan? He didn’t come. ” I told him.
” Let’s get out of here. ” He took my hand.
” No!” I screamed.
” Don’t be stubborn, you’re wasted.”
” No am not.” I looked to see if Morgan was still coming but I didn’t see him.
Before I could protest any further, Novan had me on his shoulders and moving through the crowds.
Who does he think he is? I haven’t drank or danced enough yet and I can’t leave my friends behind.
Once he dropped me down, I fake a wince and bend to check to check my supposed hurting toes and took to my heels towards the entrance of the club when he bend to have a look.
“You won’t go back in there Mariana!” He yelled and ran after me.
I was on heels so I couldn’t make it before he got ahold of me and carried me to his car.
He got me in and closed the door.
He thought I would leave again but am too exhausted to do so. How wrong he was.
I got in beside her and stretched a water bottle to her.
She stared at it strangely then began to count them.
“Why would you bring me a lot of bottles Novan?” She bit her lip.
” How many do you see?” I bit my lips to stop myself from laughing. She’s really drunk.
“Wait let me count.” And seriously, she began to count them.
” I see eight bottles but I think they are more. They just keep increasing in number.” She replied with a sad face.
Drunk Mariana is my next favorite thing.
“What did you take?” I asked and watch her intently.
She smiled. “A little beer and a lot of sex on the beach.” She demonstrate with arms spread apart like a kid.
I choked on my spit and stared at her.
Sex? Who gave her that?
“Have you had sex on the beach before?” She asked
I shake my head sideways.
” Sorry, you know we could always have sex on the beach together but you wouldn’t pick my calls.” She began to cry.
” Do you even know what you’re saying?” I placed my hand under my chin and stared at her rare beauty. Despite her drunken state her makeup and everything were perfectly in place unlike the other girls who I saw with their mascara and eyeliner everywhere making them look like zombies. Her dress was way too short and tight for my liking though it looks perfect on her. Amandla was right she really do look sexy and I can’t stop thinking about the amount of guys who touched her. I can’t believe she was about to kiss that douchebag and if I hadn’t not reach there on time then it will happen. I hope that was the only attempt. I don’t want to think that someone kissed her tonight at this foolish club.
“Of course I know what am saying, i drank sex on the beach and you thought I had sex right?” She poked my chest and chuckle.
I thought she was crying.
” Have you stopped crying already?”
“My act didn’t pay off.” She bit her lips and spread her hands on her bare thighs. She looked exhausted and her eyes were heavy.
“I thought you’d console me but it didn’t happen. You turned out to be unromantic.” She emphasized.
I laughed and shift closer to her then placed her head on my chest.
“Did that guy kiss you?”
“Almost, you really know how to pick your time Novie. ”
” You don’t see any thing wrong in kissing someone else? ”
” Nope.”
“Really? How many guys have you kissed so far?”
” What do you mean?” She raised her head and peered at me.
” You heard me. I can see you’re fond of kissing anyone you come across.”
” Excuse me!” She looked like she was never drunk at all. She blinked and wiped her tired eyes.
This discussion won’t go down well if i don’t end it. I don’t want to have her screaming at me in her drunken state and am sure she’s going to push at my buttons and i would get mad again and say things I don’t intend on saying. She has a whole lotta explanation to give me. I don’t understand why she’d ask me to come over only to go clubbing. Then when I arrived to get her, i saw her about to kiss some guy. That was the worst scenarios of my life and I’m grateful it didn’t happen else I don’t know what I would’ve done to that guy. Why did she even think of kissing him when she knows we’re dating? I’m really upset and angry but I can’t unleash my anger on her in this state. I will take her home and wait patiently for morning to come and it’s then am going to blast her for everything. She’d have to explain everything to me then am going to give her my piece of mind. She can’t go about kissing anyone drunk or not.
“It’s nothing, am sorry for saying that.” I apologized.
” You should be because I don’t kiss anyone. It’s just you and..” she stopped herself and took the water bottle.
“Finish what you were saying Mariana.”
“Take me home.”
“You won’t dodge my question.”
” Okay fine I’d tell you but take me home. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. I also want to know why you didn’t pick any of my calls.”
” Come sit at the front then.” I said to her and got out.
I sat behind the wheel and she managed to sit beside me.
I fastened her seat belt then raised her legs to my laps.
“Are these not hurting your toes?” I point to her heels.
She shakes her head but I take them off anyway.
I really thought it was Dylan she went with but am glad it was Betsy’s boyfriend. I should’ve known better than to trust anything that Amandla girl says.
{That changed everything ✓}
My eyes opened begrudgingly and I closed again. The migraine was expected but i didn’t know it will be worse than all the ones I’ve experienced.
I stretched my hand to the top of the small drawer attached to my bed for my phone.
I took it and checked for any missed calls and sure there was one. I missed 7 calls from Novan but it was when I was at the club.
Mum called this morning as well as granny.
It was late morning already so I put my phone back and replayed all that happened at the club.
Novan brought me home but I wonder where he is now.
I got up and almost stumbled because my legs were wobbling and my head was banging. I managed to get to the washroom and stared at my sick reflection.
My hair was held with a hairband so it wasn’t really a mess but apart from that, i look like a zombie.
My makeup was everywhere and my lipstick was smashed across my face.
I was still in my dress so I took it off and every of my clothing. I wiped the remainder of my makeup off and got under the shower.
I scrubbed my body carefully to get rid of every dirt I accumulated at that club.
I let the water rinse me thoroughly but then my headache didn’t disappear.
I decided to take a bath rather.
I prepared it and waited for it to get ready before I lay inside. My eyes closed as I take in the warmness of the water on my skin. It was relaxing and comforting.
I didn’t know how long I spend in there but when I was out my headache reduced a bit.
I picked a towel and dried myself before walking to my dressing room. I’m glad Amandla did my parking for me else there would’ve been a lot of clothes lying about. I blow dried my hair and held it in a ponytail.
I wore a hoodie and a denim bum short before getting out.
“Hi Amandla.”
“Hey, how was your night? Did you have fun at the club? ”
” Yeah. Any breakfast for me? ”
” Yes. ” She gave me a tray filled with food then made a cup of coffee for me. I thanked her and moved to the living room.
After eating I went back to put my tray back and I noticed what she was wearing.
She wore a white jean with a familiar black top. My eyes spark in recognition.
It was the same size and type of shirts Novan always wear. It was also the same shirt I own.
“How did you get that shirt Mandy?.”
“I stained my white shirt so I came to look for a shirt to wear in your closet and i found this.” She explained.
” Couldn’t you get any other shirt apart from my boyfriend’s?”
“Well, I didn’t know.”
” Now you know so take it off.” I commanded.
” What?” She exclaimed.
“I said take it off!” I yelled. I’m the only one who gets to wear his shirt nobody else. She could’ve taken any other dresses or shirt and I wouldn’t mind but Novan’s shirt is out of it. I’m sure she saw that it was a man’s shirt but still went ahead with it.
She was staring at me unbelievably so i yelled “Now!”
She scurried away and i take in deep breaths.
How dare she?
I went to the living room and waited for her to change into something else. She can wear any of my clothes but I can’t bare to see her in Novan’s shirt. Never.
The knob turned so I raised my head up and saw Novan coming and at the same time Amandla coming in out of my bedroom in another shirt but not Novan’s this time.
I got up and went to meet Novan. I then hugged him. It feels like forever since I saw him.
“See?” He muttered but it didn’t look like he was talking to me.
I saw Amandla brushed past us and Novan laughed.
“What is it?” I asked.
“Nothing. Have you taken something already?”
I nodded.
“Okay, let’s get inside.
We got in and he locked the door. If he wasn’t my boyfriend, I would fear he wants to do something to me.
“So girlfriend, why did you go clubbing after telling me to come?” He crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned on the door.
” What are you saying?” I sat on the bed, facing him.
” You went to club after texting me to come let’s cuddle. What was the meaning of that? Did you seriously take me as a fool.” He raised his voice.
I hope it’s not another fight popping.
” I don’t understand, I never texted. I only called and called but you never picked.”
” I didn’t peg you to be a liar Mariana. How can you tell me you know nothing about the texts?”
“You must be sick seriously. I was calling you but you didn’t pick and you’re saying I texted you? Is that what you’re saying?”
” Do you think I will lie about that? And why would you go to a club in the first place without me or telling me?”
” Excuse me, do I have to take your permission before I go out now?”
” No but you can at least inform me. Not make me look like a fool in front of that maid of yours when i came. ”
He was serious and i just stared at his annoyed face, speechless. I don’t remember texting him before leaving or maybe I did at the club?
“When did we text? I mean what time?”
He brought his phone out. ” Almost seven in the evening. I got here around eight.”
” I didn’t have anything to drink at that time so you must believe me if I say I didn’t text you. I actually called you but you weren’t picking.”
” If you didn’t text me then who did?” He asked and left the door.
” I don’t know. Can I see the text if you still have it?”
He nod and gave me his phone.
“Sweetheart .
“What are you doing now?”
“Just sitting around. Come let’s cuddle.”
“Really? Won’t you study?”
“No, I will be waiting. ”
” I can’t wait. ”
” How long till you’re here? ”
” 20 minutes. Don’t go anywhere, am coming.
I looked up at him in puzzlement. I shook my head and reread the conversation.
“I never text you this Novan. You can check my phone.” I pass him my phone.
“Did you drink before going to the club?”
He showed me my phone and I was beyond shocked. I shake my head once more when I saw the doubts and anger in his eyes.
“You have to believe me Novan, I never texted you that. I didn’t.” I tried to remember if I was drinking before we left but there was nothing like that.
“Then I did. You still think am lying?”
“No. You’re right but I didn’t…” I trailed off when I remembered that Amandla gave me my phone when I asked for it. Could it be that she did this? But why?
First she reported me to my mum, then eavesdropped on Novan and then she tried to tell me that he wasn’t good for me as if that was not enough, she wore his shirt. I’m sure she knew who the shirt belongs to. And now this? What does she seek to achieve in this?
Okay, she hasn’t really done anything much but create little problems between Novan and I. I won’t have more of it.
“You have every right to be angry at me for this but I didn’t and you have to believe me. I’m sure Amandla was the one behind this because my phone was with her yesterday.”
” If you think she’s responsible then why not fire her? Haven’t she done enough already? She’s clearly overstepping and you’re tolerating it. She even told me that you were out with Dylan yesterday but it was false.”
” What? She told you that?”
” I won’t lie.”
I brushed past him to the door.
” And now where are you going?”
“To get rid of our problem.” I replied and stepped out to look for her.
“Amandla!” I yelled her name.
“Why are you yelling? Is anything the problem?” She appeared with a duster in her hand.
” You’re the problem Amandla so now tell me how I should fire you.. ”
” Wait wait. What is all this about? ”
” Did you tell Novan i went out with Dylan or not? ”
” I did because that was what I thought. ”
” Before you say anything to someone make sure you have your facts right. You can’t go about saying anything. And now did you go through my phone or not?! Don’t dare lie to me!”
” Hell no! Why would I ?” She lied and it was visible on her face.
” That’s what I don’t know and don’t want to know. You clearly don’t know your limits and am tired of trying to remind you of it…”
” So you’d fire me?” She cut me off.
” I’m sorry, but it seems like the best thing to do now.”
” Let’s call your parents first and tell them then.” She brought her phone out with a smirk.
“I see you want a bad review that’s going to ruin your career. Go on with that call and am going to call your agency now and tell them how irresponsible and unprofessional you have been. Trust me, you won’t scale through it easily and in the end you will be the one losing not me.”
” Are you threatening me now because I was doing my work?”
” Am not. Just go on and call my mum or dad if you even have their contact.” I smirked at her. There’s no way she would have my parents number.
I heard Novan chuckle behind me.
“You were not like this until this boy Mariana. What happened to you?” She put her phone back into her pocket.
” You were not this nosy so what happened to you too? You were not like this? ”
” This is who I was Mariana, I never changed but you’re suddenly blinded by him to notice. ”
” He didn’t blind me Amandla, he made me see who you truly are instead and now I don’t want to waste another more moment talking to you. I just want you out of here ”
” Yes I will go but then your parents will employ someone else and you’d be surprised that the person will also tell you that dating this boy is really not the best. Until you believe that you’ll keep changing cooks or cleaners all the time. I really don’t wish bad for you. I am just concerned and want to save you from making a mistake that you’d regret later. You obviously think I don’t like you or am jealous that you’re dating him but no. It’s sad that you’re not seeing or getting what am trying to tell you. He’s trouble and really not your type of guy to be with. Do yourself good and stay away from him Mariana trust me, you’ll thank me later ” She breathed heavily after her speech and I just stared at her.
I understand Novan is not my type just the way am not his type but I think that’s why we’re good for each other and yes we’re different but the same in so many ways.
” Okay thank you so much for your lovely and kind advice but don’t expect me to put it into use. We’ve had enough of this conversation already and don’t think am telling you to leave because he told me to or I hate you. If that’s what you’re thinking then you’re sadly mistaken. I still like you but am not comfortable with how your meddling in my personal life and that’s the only reason why I don’t need your service anymore. I don’t even need another helper around here. I’ve been managing pretty well before I chose to get a helper and if you leave now, I don’t think I’ll go for another person. Forget about what i said that I’d give a bad review,am not doing that so you can go.”
” Yeah, maybe I didn’t go about things the right way and for that am sorry. Wish you all the best.” She hugged me briefly and gave me the keys before leaving.
I felt sad. I didn’t really wish for things to happen this way but it will be good for both of us.
“That was epic.” Novan sighed from where he sat on the couch.
“You see? She’s gone and now we’re free.” I said to him and turned.
“Yeah but am sorry about that. However, I couldn’t be more glad to see the back of her though, good riddance I say.” He smiled.
“But am sorry though.” He repeated.
“You shouldn’t be. It’s not your fault.” I walked to him about to take a seat beside him but he stood up.
“Where are you going?”
“Nowhere. I just don’t want you near me for now.”
” What, why? Did I do something?”
” I want to know something. Last night you told me you don’t see anything wrong in kissing someone else. Do you not see anything wrong with it now that you’re sober?”
” You should know that I don’t go about kissing anybody. You shouldn’t take what I said when I was drunk serious.” I rolled my eyes.
” Okay but you were going to kiss that asshole before I came there. Did you forget that we’re dating?”
” I’m sorry. I wasn’t myself.” I apologized and hoped he’d bring an end to this.
” Fine but I hope am the only one you’ve ever kissed. Am your first right?”
” Yes but..” I bit my lips. Morgan kissed me too making two people and now he’s asking if he was the only one.
” But what?” He was close to me, looking annoyed.
” If you were the only one then we wouldn’t have been together now.” He backed away and glared hard at me in utmost annoyance.
” And what do you mean? How many people have you kissed so far?” He growled.
Is that jealousy am sensing in his tone?
” Two.”
“Who are they? Do I know them? Tell me Mariana.” He probed.
“Just you and Morgan.”
” Was he not supposed to be your friends boyfriend? Have you been fucking him behind your friend?” He was looking at me in a disgusted way and I felt nauseous.
“Stop jumping into conclusions Novan. Do I really look like that type of girl to you?He only kissed me to prove something and that’s why we are both together now. Why would I do that with him in the first place? He’s like a brother to me and when he kissed me i didn’t kissed him back. You’re the only one I’ve ever kissed and that’s all. ”
” I’m sorry.” He walked back to me. ” May I know why he kissed you?” His voice was a bit calm.
” You don’t wanna know.”
” I want to.”
” Okay. He kissed me on Friday night and Betsy saw it. Shit went down causing Betsy and i to break up. I tried to explain but she wouldn’t listen and she kept saying I love Morgan which I do but not in the same way I do you now. Betsy wouldn’t believe that and in the cause of trying to convince her that I had nothing to do with her boyfriend , I made an unguarded confession, surprising myself and everyone.”
” And what was that?” He asked and i raised my gaze to meet his.
” I love you.” I pulled him by his shirt and kissed him. My insides lit and I felt the butterflies forming as he pulled me in for more. I pulled away and he groaned but still held me close and my hands were splayed on his chest.
“You were my first and I can’t think of kissing anyone else Novan. I’m sorry if I made you think or feel that way. It was the drink I took. What was the name..” I tried to remember the drink i had.
” Sex on the beach ?” He chuckled.
” Yeah that was the name. Silly right?” I smiled.
” It was. So tell me what happened next after the confession?”
” I told her it was you that I love and not Morgan and it registered that I’ve always loved you unknowingly and it explains why i don’t like to see you around any other girl. I didn’t know what I was feeling for you until that kiss. Everything happened right here and I left to look for you right after that. I came to that party in those clothes to tell you but I couldn’t and then you came later and that was it.”
” Interesting. So what happened next?” He rubbed circles at my back with a pleased smile.
“I went to apologise to them yesterday and you were the one who dropped me remember?”
He nodded.
” It turned out that it was just an act. They planned everything together just to help me get to the bottom of what I was actually feeling towards you and it did worked. I think I’ve always loved you before we even met. I just didn’t realize it on time and all along I thought I hated you but..”
” THE KISS CHANGED EVERYTHING including your mind and now we’re together.”
” Yeah, it did changed everything.” I nod in agreement and wrapped my hands around his waist.
” But that doesn’t mean I won’t beat his ass for kissing my girl..”
” Novan!”
” What?” He laughed and I joined.
” You’re not pissed at me anymore right?” I asked when the laughter died down.
” Yeah am not but I just have to give you a few rules. You’re bad than I thought with a relationship.”
He sat on the couch and made me sit on his laps sideways so that my feet was on the couch.
” What rules Novan?”
“Number one rule is that, you won’t kiss anyone no matter what. Drunk or not you can’t kiss anyone. Even if we’re fighting or we break up someday, you won’t kiss anyone. I repeat, you can’t kiss anyone except me.”
” What happens if I kiss anyone then?” I giggled.
” You don’t want to know.” He eyes me playfully yet seriously.
” Go on. Or that’s it?”
“No. Secondly, you won’t touch or hug anyone except me or your brother of course. You can hug a girl but not a boy you hear me?”
” You’re impossible.” I chuckled.
” Thirdly, I don’t want you to stand close to any boy. There should always be a gap between there two of you. If it would’ve been possible I will tell you not to speak with any of them..”
I looked at his face but he wasn’t smiling.
” Fourthly, I’m the only one who can touch you, hold you, kiss you and love you. Don’t give anyone a chance to begin to love you. If they show some kind of interest tell them point blank that ‘I have a fierce psycho boyfriend and I love him.’ the moment you say that they’re feelings will vanish along with them. Trust me, it will work.”
I couldn’t help but laugh. ” Is it that you don’t trust me?”
“I trust you babe but am aware how of a rare gem you are. You’re so beautiful and every boy will try to come close to you, to talk to you and convince you to forget about me or stop loving me with their handsome faces. I’m deeply scared that I will lose you to them. Never leave me Mariana, else I won’t survive…”
” Where will I go Novan? Tell me what to do so you’ll know that I would never leave you?”
” Adhere to those rules.”
” Those rules seem like you’re trying to possess me Novan, like you want to own me.” I frowned.
” They aren’t. You’re already mine… I mean my girlfriend. I don’t need to act possessive. The truth is that this is the rule every boyfriend give their girls when they start dating until they’re married. This rules are not new Mariana, I didn’t make them. It is just there and your mum probably follows it too.” He rambled. I know he’s taking advantage of my lack of knowledge in relationships.
” Really?” I bat my lashes at him in amusement. I can picture my mum kissing cheeks and hugging bussiness associates and my dad is always with her. Why doesn’t my dad create a scene?
” Yes, just follow them because every girl in a relationship also follows this same rules…”
” Okay that’s enough Novan. I might be naive and a novice when it comes to dating but that doesn’t mean am a dumbo. Stop fooling me because I know there isn’t such rules.”
” Why do you say so? ”
” My parents doesn’t follow those rules but they love each other we can be like them.”
” We can’t. We’re different and that why you need to follow those rules.”
” What of you? Are you going to adhere to them too or is just me?”
“Both of us. I’m all yours and you don’t need to worry about me. You’re the one I should be worried about.”
” I see.”
” Yes. Let’s just follow our special rules and everything will be fine ” he grinned.
” You and who’s special rules?” I tried not to laugh. Novan is insane.
” You and I ” he smiled and applied pressure at my sides.
I jumped off him but he pulled me back. “So are you following my rules?”
“Give me time to think about it.”
“How many minutes?” He asked.
” I’m not thinking about it today Novan.”
” Why not now?”
” Amandla has left and I need to think of what to do now.”
“You don’t have to think about doing anything. I’m here.”
” And what does that mean?”
” Let’s share the chores: I will cook for us and you’d do the cleaning. I can help with the cleaning sometimes too.” He suggested.
” No, I’d cook so you do the cleaning.”
“You know I hate cleaning so cooking is for me.” He said.
” Okay fine but what will I tell my mum because I don’t want her to send another maid.”
” Just tell her you don’t like Amandla so you replaced her. She won’t say anything else again.”
” That’s brilliant.”
” I’m brilliant.” He boast and brought me closer to him then leaned his back into the couch.
” So what’s next?
He got his back off the sofa and moved his long slender fingers on my bare thighs teasingly and I felt my body heating up.
“What are you up to?” I asked.
His hand moved to my face then he stroked my cheeks gently and lovingly.
“You said I’m unromantic yesterday so I just want to prove you wrong.” He whispered and rub his thumb behind my ear.
” I did?” I adjust my butt on his laps and I hear him intake a sharp breath.
” Straddle me.” His voice was low and hoarse as he stared at me intensely with partly dilated pupils.
★★…. ★★
{That changed everything ✓}
I hesitated a bit before getting onto his laps and straddling him with my wrapped around his neck.
“You have an amazing waist.” He held my waist through the hoodie i was wearing.
“How’s it that you think it’s amazing?” I played with the hair at the back of his head.
” Here.” His hands crawl under my hoodie then hold my waist in his hands.
I gasped at the sudden contact of his hand against my flesh. His touch burns and it spreads a foreign warmth in my body.
“Wow.” He gushed in wonder. “It’s so small and it fits into my hands perfectly as if it was made for me.”
” I was made for you.” I told him and he looked up at me to meet my gaze.
“Yes, thanks.” A lone hair fell on his face and i brushed it back.
He squeezed my waist and jerked, he did it again and I writhe on him. His thumb rubbed on my navel then to my abdomen. Chills speed through my veins and I shudder as goosebumps formed on me.
“That’s nice but ticklish and strange.” I grabbed a fistful of his hair.
” Should I do it again? ”
I nod shyly and he smiled. His hands began to move tentatively then gradually gained momentum. His touch grows confident and void of hesitation. Slowly and teasingly they move. The feeling was new, strange, nice, sweet and addictive. I don’t want him to stop.
But wait. What is he doing? I never anything like this until now.
His hands underneath my hoodie pressed me down onto him and the next thing was his breath fanning behind my ear then I felt something cold at the back of my ear and I shudder vigorously.
He pinned me down in place as his tongue work wonders, sending spirals of thrills on my neck, then spreading into my entire body. The coldness from the metal in his mouth as he sucked on my earlobe then on my collarbone blends with his warmth breath and the combination was mind blowing. I arched my back as I lean in for more from his amazing lips. His mouth is so wonderful and intriguing.
I began to grind into him slowly and he moved his hips to meet mine in a rhythm. It feels too good, I can’t keep my eyes open.
I pulled his head from my neck and a groan left his lips as he raised his now dark eyes and dilated pupils to meet mine. His hair poured on his face and he looked incredibly wild, raw and sexy.
In an instant I was kissing him and he returned it fiercely, the kiss was rushed with intense passion just as an inferno.
His hands pressed against the small of my back, bringing our chest together to create more contact that i could feel the beat of our hearts harmonizing in a melodious manner.
“Oh wow! What’s happening here?”
A groan escape our lips at the sudden intrusion but we didn’t pull away from each other. Novan kissed me softly then pulled back with his forehead resting on mine as we both catch our breath from the high that we were.
His hands slipped from my hoodie then smoothened it to bring the hoodie back to how it was on me.
“Must she come here now?” He muttered silently through gritted teeth.
I snort a giggle and moved from his laps.
Betsy batted her lashes at me continuously. “Are you guys like fucking already?”
Betsy’s foul statement worsened my already flushed state and I facepalm.
“Shut up, Betsy. Why are you here?”
“Sorry for interrupting. You left the club suddenly and I just came to check if you’re alright but I can see you’re doing more than fine.” Her eyes danced between Novan and I .
I looked over at Novan and he was still propped on the couch in the same state he was when I got up. His perfect face was wearing a slight frown and a little annoyance.
He got up when he noticed I was staring and i looked away.
“Am I still interrupting? I can go..”
“Yes fuck off.” Novan snapped.
Betsy laughed, a reaction I didn’t expect.
” Okay am leaving. Someone is being grumpy.” She chuckled.
“Don’t go.” He said and stepped closer to me. ” I will.”
He brushed his lips gently on mine then without pulling away, he whispered against my lips. “I love you.”
It hit me just like the first time and I got the familiar butterflies.
He enveloped me in a bear hug briefly. “Later.”
He didn’t waste time as he was already gone shutting the door behind me and i was left alone to deal with Betsy’s sudden frivolous behavior.
She walked to the the couch Novan just stood up from then scrunched her nose up, “Get me a disinfectant. You guys just messed up the couch.”
” Betsy!”
She laughed and dropped onto the couch.
“Where’s Amandla? Am hungry?”
“She’s no longer here.”
“What do you mean?”
“I fired her.”
” What? On what basis?”
” She wouldn’t stop interfering in my issues.”
She nods. “Tell me more.”
I took my time and explained everything to her.
“If you had informed me earlier she wouldn’t have spend another second after telling on you.”
” That’s why i didn’t tell you.”
” But am concerned about my stomach. Who would clean the house now?”
” Novan and I ” I blurted.
” Don’t tell me you’re playing house like kids.”
” I don’t have time for your frivolities Betsy.”
“Alright but am really hungry.” She whined.
” You said you’re hungry but you haven’t visited the kitchen, Betsy. Are you just in the mood to tease and bug me?”
” You got a boyfriend.” She said cheekily with a sheepish smile.
“Seriously?” I walked to my bedroom and began to select what i will wear to school tomorrow.
I parked the dirty clothes into the hamper after choosing what to wear.
I took my planner and cross checked it before proceeding to parking my notes and other things I will be needing.
When I walked out to go to my study, I saw Betsy eating and chatting at the same time.
I went to my study, sat beside my desk and on my laptop.
I checked my emails first then went through the updates my parents sent to me on all the businesses.
They seemed to be handling everything very well and the business just keeps booming.
I scrolled down and went through the current deals they strike and the number of partnership they got.
Among one of the partnership my dad had was one of American’s sensational bussiness tycoon and popular architectural by the name Dave Anosova. From the information provided by my dad, he has 5% share.
He got the looks, the brain and the money to. I wish to meet him in person one day but it shouldn’t be through bussiness.
I checked through the new partnership proposals from M.D jewelries and declined all of it.
The people look a little too fishy. I don’t wanna put my business into jeopardy.
My phone began to ring and I knew it was without looking. Of course I just declined a partnership so she has to ask why I did.
“Hello mum. I think I know why you called.”
“You may but now entirely. ”
” Okay, you called because of the couple of partnerships I declined right?”
” You had it wrong. You own MD sweetheart so clearly my opinions do not count that much and that’s not all, I trust you to make the right decision. I also sensed something fishy and I’m glad you realized it too. I got a message from the agency that Amandla is back. That’s why I called so tell me why you send her away?”
” I have no problem with her mum but I just didn’t like how she was behaving.”
” How was she behaving?”
” Trust me, you don’t wanna know.”
” Okay so tell me, should I get someone else for you?”
” Thanks mum but I already replaced her.” This is probably the first time am lying to my mom. I hope it’s the last.
“Really? That was quick.”
“If you say so. We will talk more about this new person you employed later and I also haven’t forgotten about the boy that said he loves you. Don’t think I did. I’m much smarter.”
” I know.” I bit my lips.
” Okay honey, I need to attend to something. Call me if you need anything. Bye.” She hanged up.
I sighed and turned my laptop off and began to learn.
Some hours into the learning and I hear Betsy shout from the sitting room that she was leaving.
I shut my phone off and buried my head in my notes for an intense learning. Exams is lurking around the corner and I need my As.
When I raised my head again, it was almost dark and i was famished.
“Amand..” I stopped myself and went to the kitchen. There’s no doubt that I’m used to Amandla and I kinda missed her.
I prepared a cereal and on my phone before I began to eat.
I phoned Novan and put it on speaker.
“Hey.” He said.
“What are you doing now?”
“Nothing. Just hanging out with my friends. Want to come?”
” Nope but you should introduce me to them soon.”
He went silent for a minute.
” Okay, if that’s what you want.”
” Not what I want Novan. I think it’s a must.”
” I see you don’t want to tell your family about us but you want me to tell my friends about you. Wow, Mariana. Just wow.”
” Are we back to this?”
” We didn’t get to the bottom of everything did we?” He snapped.
“Seriously, I thought we could have a civil conversation. After so much studying, I thought calling you will cool me off a little but you’re just getting me stressed .”
” Oh really? Maybe you should just tell me you’re ashamed of me, of letting people know about us.”
Wow! This is not happening. I dropped my spoon and got up.
“What are you saying Novan? I love you so how can I be ashamed of someone that I love? How can I ? And why would you say that? Did you think I didn’t think about everything before going ahead with you? I love you Novan.”
” I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I think I drunk too much.”
” Don’t lie to me. You’re not drunk, this is actually what you think. I just can’t believe you think am ashamed of you.” I wiped a lone tear that dropped onto my cheeks.
” I’m sorry please. I just thought that was the reason why..”
” Enough Novan!” I shut him down.
” Okay but am sorry, am coming over. Can I ?”
“Don’t come, Novan. I don’t want to see you.” I said and I meant it.
” Please.”
” No, Novan.” I regret calling him.
” I said am sorry.”
” Okay but please do not come. I mean it. I’m hanging up Novan.”
” No please don’t. Mariana..” I hanged up.
I suddenly lost appetite so I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.
Can’t we go a day without fighting over trivial issues?
When I woke up the next day, I got a lot of voicemails from Novan and missed calls as well as messages. I deleted it all and went into the bathroom.
I wore a checkered miniskirt and a plain shirt which I tucked in. I wore white sneakers which matched with my bag.
I let my hair fall on my face after curling it in thick curls.
I looked just as I wanted, extra young, smart, simple and perfect. I looked like a highschool school girl too.
I put a dark shade over my eyes and set a headset over my head.
I got my car keys and walked out.
I passed the popular coffee inn and grabbed a cup before driving to campus. Novan’s calls keep coming but I ignored it all until I got to class and switched it off.
I met Dylan at the entrance of the class and we walked in together after exchanging pleasantries.
“You always look good but today is spectacular. You look totally amazing.”
” Thanks for your nice words Dylan. You don’t look bad yourself.” I smiled and we took the front seats.
The professor arrived and we did a general discussion on our novels. It was fun and I learned a lot. Almost everyone said their views and I was glad to record all of them into my novel.
The class came to an end and so does the rest and soon I was walking down the stairs with Dylan and Lenna to my car.
Lenna excused us to the library and it was just Dylan and I now.
“So how was the party? I mean the club?” He asked.
” If was great. You really should’ve come.” I told him and stared at his cute face and curly hair.
“I will give it a try.” He said when we finished the last stairs.
We faced each other and he smiled at me then tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “It’s a stubborn hair. It doesn’t want your beauty to show. I think it’s jealous too.”
I laughed and walked away.
I turned to leave and that’s when my eyes met a pair of hazel ones. It was Novan and he was looking at me intently.
I instantly felt guilty.
He told me to stay away from Dylan or keep a safe distance.
Am I adhering to those rules?
No right?
So I shouldn’t feel guilty. Yes.
I tried to walk past him but he grabbed my hands then quietly took my bag off my shoulder and put it on his.
“I told you to stay away from him but you clearly don’t listen.”
” You can’t tell me what to do.” I snapped.
” Yes I know and now you’re avoiding me. I told you am sorry.” He was still holding my hand.
I didn’t say anything.
He tugged me along with him”Wanna take you somewhere.” He whispered and smiled.
I nod and returned his smile.
It’s not like I have a choice when it’s about him.