Chapter 34
I didn't come easily and I kept thinking of how
beautiful tomorrow
will be, how amazing it will be to finally call Crystal
my wife. I know I
have to bring up the possibility of her turning, but I
want to do that
after the honeymoon. I'm in no hurry for her to
change, I love her
just the way she is. I was lucky Jasper didn't
release any of his
venom when he drank from her. After about any
hour of laying there
thinking about tomorrow and our future, I finally
managed to fall
***CRYSTAL'S P.O.V.***
My morning was great. I got a manicure, pedicure,
and a facial with
a few of Casper's cousins and aunties. They all
seemed like great
ladies, and I knew I didn't have to worry about them
hurting me.
After all soon they will be my family as well.
After our little pampering session, we went and did
a little shopping.
His aunties and cousins had great fashion tips, and
I let them
choose a whole new wardrobe for me. Casper gave
me a card and
told me to buy what I liked, and when they found
out they all
couldn't wait to hit the shops.
“You're going to be queen, you need to dress like
one.”, his Aunt
Victoria said.
“You mean I can't wear jeans and singlets?”, I
“No of course not! It's all going to be pretty dresses
from now on.”,
replied Casper's Aunt Kerrie.
“Great I'm never going to be comfy again.”, I
By the time we finished shopping it was getting
late, and I didn't
want to think of all the dresses and heels we got.
So I had them
sent straight to the palace. I was staying in a hotel
tonight with a
few of his aunties and cousins, and the rest were
going back to the
We went back to the hotel and changed into
something a little more
comfy so we could go dancing. By the time
everyone was ready it
was already really late.
“Okay it's eleven pm, and I think we should hit a
club now.”, said
Brooke. She was one of Casper's cousins.
We all agreed. “At least I get along with his family,
they all welcomed
me with open arms. I was afraid that they might
hate me because
I'm human, but it turned out I didn't need to worry
about that at all.”,
I thought.
We walked down the street to this pretty little club,
and from what I
could tell it seemed like a Vampire club. There was
a huge line but
we walked straight up to the bouncer, and he let us
all in.
“What kind of club is this?”, I asked.
“It's a Vampire bar.”, Casper's cousin Kayla replied.
Just as I thought, the others must be humans trying
to get in. Once
inside we went to a V.I.P section.
“Are we meant to be here?”, I asked unsure.
“Of course! Your are the future Queen.”, said
Casper's Auntie Valarie.
“They don't know that though.”, I said.
“Yes they do dear, all Vampires know who you
are.”, Victoria said.
I didn't have a chance to reply because a waitress
came over to get
our drink orders. His aunties and cousins had some
sort of Vampire
cocktail, and I ordered a blueberry blast. I have to
admit that I was
pretty excited when I saw that on the menu.
“I'll be back in a minute with your order ma'am.”,
said the waitress
as she walked away.
“Why did she call me ma'am?”, I asked.
“Because at the moment you're not Queen, but
you're more than just
a human so she'll call you ma'am to show her
respect.”, Valarie said.
“I still have so much to learn, and this is so much
to take in.”, I
thought to myself.
I finally got the chance to look around the club. It
was very nice
inside, and the music wasn't loud either. I guess it's
because most of the people in here are Vampires.
The tables were
black marble, and there were tons of red decor
through out the bar.
It wasn't like any other club I had ever been to.
The drinks arrived and I noticed all of their were in
different glasses.
Probably so they don't get confused with human
drinks I guess. The
drinks kept flowing, and before I knew it I was on
my fourth cocktail
and feeling a little drunk.
“That's enough for me.”, I said a little too loudly.
“Okay sweetie we can go if you like.”, one of the
girls said (I have no
idea who).
I checked the time, and saw it was already 2 am!
“I think we should go it's getting late, and I'm
getting married
tomorrow.”, I said.
“Sweetie you're getting married today.”, Brooke
“Shit! I'm getting married today!”, I shouted
“You sure are.”, Brooke said.
“Oh my god, I'm getting married!”, I shouted in my
I knew the day for me to get married was coming,
so why did I feel
so nervous? I really think I need sleep, then maybe
I'll calm down.
“Come on let's get you back to the hotel.”, Victoria
“In less than twelve hours I'll be married.”, I said
out loud.
“In less than fifteen hours, you'll be Queen,”, said
I couldn't speak the rest of the way home. I was in
shock after these
past few weeks, it's all starting to sink in and I'm
getting more
nervous. I'm getting married and becoming the
Queen of Vampires!
We got back to the hotel and made our way to the
rooms. Once in
bed I laid there and starting think about everything,
about how
things were changing so fast.
“I'm going to be married, and I'm going to be
Queen.”, I said out
loud and fell sound asleep.
My eyes flew open and I sat straight up in bed.
“I'm getting married
today.”, I whispered.
“How am I meant to make it through the day?”, I
asked aloud as I
sank back into my pillows. I could already feel the
butterflies in my
stomach, and I was starting to get nervous again.
If I continued to lie in bed, I knew the butterflies
would get worse
and I would start thinking of all the things that
could go wrong. Just
then I heard the bedroom door start to open.
“Come on sleepyhead! You can't stay in bed all day.
It's time to start
getting ready!”, Brooke said as she came into the
I didn't want to get out of bed so I pulled the
covers up over my
head, in hopes that Brooke would just leave me in
“No, I'm sick!”, I grumbled through the covers.
“It's just your nerves, once you see Casper at the
altar they'll pass.”,
she said kindly. She then proceeded to rip the
covers off of me.
I lay there in my pajamas looking up at her
worriedly. Somehow I had
managed to get changed this morning. I gave her a
roll of my eyes
and a dramatic sigh, as I drug myself out of the
bed. “I miss waking
up next to Casper.”, I thought.
I put on my dressing gown and walked out towards
the living room.
The best thing about this hotel suite, is the three
adjoining rooms.
“About time! I thought you would never get up!”,
Valarie declared.
“Sorry, I just couldn't seem to get up.”, I replied
feeling a little
“Come on, you should be excited. You marry the
Prince of your
dreams today.”, Brooke said as she gave me a
small hug.
“I'm scared shitless! My whole life is changing!”, I
“What if he doesn't show up? What if I chicken out?
What if I fall
face first while walking down the aisle, in front of
the whole court? I
had all these questions running thorough my head, I
had thought of
them all while I was lying in bed. Hell, no wonder I
was scared
“Everything will be fine, Casper won't let anything
happen to you. We
will also make sure everything is perfect for you.”,
Victoria said.
I walked straight over to the cart holding our
breakfast, giving them
a shrug in response. I put a pancake and fresh fruit
onto a bone
china plate. I picked up a crystal glass of orange
juice, then turned
and sat my ass onto the palatial couch and dug into
my breakfast.
“You do know your food won't run away.”, said
Marry said with a
“I know.”, I mumbled finishing the last of my food.
I looked at the time and couldn't believe it was
already 10 in the
“Oh my god! There's only fours to go.”, I said. I
started to panic and
I'm sure you could see it on my face, as well as
hear it in my voice.
“Ssh sweetie, there is plenty of time.”, Victoria tried
to reassure me.
“No! There is not enough time for me to do
everything!”, I cried out
in defeat.
“I need to take a shower, do my hair, my make-up,
get dressed, plus
everything else I have to get done!”, I ticked off my
fingers as I
waved my hands immediately..
Chapter 35
“Honey, that's why we are here!”, Victoria said with
a dramatic wave
of her arms.
I stood still while trying to take deep breaths to
calm my racing
heart. I wonder if every Vampire near me could hear
my quickening
heart beat as I panicked. Would someone tell
Casper? Would he
come rushing to make sure I was alright?
“It's okay. Calm down, you can do this. I'm
marrying Casper, the
man of my dreams and he loves me”, I thought. I
started to take
three deep, calming breaths trying to slow down my
heart rate.
“This is my day, the day I've dreamed about since I
was a little girl. I
didn't think I could be so scared.”, I said to the
girls in front of me.
I slowly walked around the room, gently running my
fingertips over
every surface I passed. Whilst trying to get a grip
on myself, and
trying to burn every detail about this day in my
head. I have no
reason to be worried, Casper loves me and I love
him. There is no
way that he won't be at the altar waiting. I can
almost picture him
standing there at the end of the aisle in an amazing
suit, his
beautiful green eyes staring back at me. I can also
picture that
amazing smile of his, flashing across his face as I
walk towards him.
Snapping out of my metal images, I told the girls I
was going for a
quick shower. I turned on the hot water and got
undressed. The hot
water felt really good on my body, and helped to
relieve some
tension in my muscles. After washing my hair and
body, I then made
sure to shave everywhere I needed to. After all my
would begin tonight, and I wanted to look my best.
After rinsing my
hair and body, I shut the water off and got out to
dry myself. I then
put lotion on to make sure my skin wasn't dry, then
I grabbed a robe
hanging in the bathroom and put it on. I walked out
into the main
room to see all the girls getting everything set up
to do my hair and
“Take a seat hon, and I'll get started on your hair.”,
Valarie said
I walked to the chair she was standing behind, and
sat down in front
of one of the largest mirror I'd ever seen. I
explained to her that I
really wanted my hair pinned up elegantly on my
head, with a few
loose curls hanging down to frame my face.
“Your hair is so beautiful.”, Valarie complemented
“Thank you.”, I said smiling at her.
It took a little over an hour, to get my hair to look
the way I wanted it
to. It took all my patients to sit still the whole time
while my hair was
pulled, curled, pinned and finally sprayed.
“All done Crystal, what do you think?”, Valarie
“It's amazing! It's like a work of art, I love it!”, I
gushed at her with a
huge grin on my face. I then stood up and gave her
a hug, while
thanking her again for doing such an amazing job.
“I'm so glad you like it.”, Valarie replied with a
small squeal.
“Okay! Break it up, enough chit chat. It's my turn
now to do her
make-up.”, Brooke said. She then pushed me back
down in the chair
to get started.
Sitting in the chair looking at my reflection in the
mirror, I waited for
her to start while trying not to fidget.
“I don't like a lot of make-up.”, I told her.
“Hush I know what I'm doing. Just trust me you'll
look amazing!”,
she reassured me with a wink.
By now I knew better than to argue with a Vampire,
so I clamped my
lips shut and let her get on with it. I closed my
eyes while she
applied my make-up, so I had no idea what I
looked like. I wasn't
really sure if I should totally trust her, but I guess I
don't have much
of a choice.
Start from the beginning
I peeked at the clock which was hanging on the
wall beside where I
was sitting.
“Oh shit! There was only two hours and twenty
minutes left, until I
would walk down the aisle. Shortly after Brooke was
finished with
my make-up, and I was still watching the clock
hands tick by.
“All done!”, she announced with a smile.
I was afraid to look in the mirror, because I was
afraid that she put
too much make-up on me. It had taken nearly an
hour for her to
finish, so I had to be wearing a lot of it. So I finally
got up the nerve
and looked in the mirror, and I immediately froze.
The face looking
back at me was flawless and so beautiful, that it
literally took my
breath away. There is no way that the reflection in
that mirror is my
own! I didn't even know what to say, I was
speechless. Brooke and
all the other girls in the room were smiling at me.
My skin look like
porcelain but had this beautiful glow to it, and my
cheek bones had
a touch of light rose blush swept across them. A
light silver was
swept across my eyelid, accompanied by a gray to
give me a light
smokey eye. My lashes were thick and dark, and
my eyeliner was
very minimal as well. The final touch was the light
shimmering pink
lip gloss added to my lips. I looked just like all the
flawless Vampires
I've seen, I was just as beautiful as they were.
“What do you think?”, Brooke asked.
“It's beautiful.”, I whispered in awe.
I continued to sit in the chair and stare at my
reflection, and I
wondered if this is what I would look like if I was
Carefully I stood and took another look at myself in
the mirror, and
still couldn't believe that it was really me. It didn't
look like me at all,
I looked so elegant. I looked away as it was now
time to get my
dress on, and I could feel my heart start to race.
“It's okay Crystal, just calm down. We've told you
that everything will
be perfect.”, Victoria said.
I've been told so many times to calm down, I'm
sure they were all
nervous on their wedding day.
“If you don't get dressed now, you're going to be
late.”, Valarie said.
So I turned and walked into the dressing room, as
Brooke slowly and
carefully took my dress out of the cover. It was a
beautiful white
dress with a low cut lace backing, and it puffed out
slightly from my
waist then flowed to the ground. The front was low
cut, but not too
much just enough to tease. The dress designer did
an amazing job,
and made it just the way I asked.
I went into my room to put on the stick on bra,
since I couldn't have
any straps showing. I then put on some sexy white
lace panties, and
white thigh- highs with a garter belt. Once I had
everything in place I
walked back into the dressing room, all the girls
looked at me with
smirks on their faces. I couldn't help it if I wanted
to look sexy on
my wedding night, I was going to need all the help
I could get
convincing Casper it would be okay.
“Okay sweetie, time to get this show on the road.”,
Victoria said.
I couldn't say anything as I was still too nervous. I
walked towards
Brooke and she helped put my dress over my head.
Once the dress
was pulled down with everything in place, Victoria
stood to the left
of me and zipped it up on the side. The material
felt amazing
against my skin, it was like Casper was touching
me all over. The
material was every bit as soft as his hands, it was
wonderful. Finally
they helped me put on my white satin heels with
intricate lace to
match my dress.
Carefully Valarie placed my veil on my head, and
pulled it back so it
wasn't in my face. I felt someone grab my hand,
but I didn't pay any
attention to who it was. The next thing I know, I'm
standing in front
of the full length mirror in the dressing room.
“You sure do look like a Queen.”, Brooke
“Crap, who is making sure things are ready at the
palace?”, I asked a
little worried.
“It's okay, the rest of the family is doing that, and
I'm sure Casper is
helping as well.”, Marry said.
She seemed to be one of the quieter ones, as she
really hasn't
spoken much to me over the past 24 hours. I was
glad she was here
though, because she was the one making the calls
to make sure
everything was running smoothy.
I didn't have much time to stand and look at
myself, because we
received a call that the cars were downstairs
waiting for us. We
slowly made our way down to the main entrance
and everyone
stopped and stared.
“Are they staring at me?”, I whispered.
“Of course they are.”, Brooke replied.
I tried to hurry even more at that point. I hate being
the center of
attention, but with this dress it was a little hard not
to be noticed.
We finally made it to the limos, Brooke, Victoria,
and I were in one.
Valarie and Marry were in the other one.
My hands started to become sweaty, and I felt like I
was sweating
away all my make-up.
“Is my make-up coming off?”, I asked.
“No, why would it?”, Brooke asked.
“Because I can't seem to stop sweating.”, I replied
as I grabbed a
tissue to wipe my hands.
The drive to the palace wasn't very long and before
I realized it, we
were pulling up to the main gates.
“It's time, are you ready”, Victoria asked.
“Can I say no?”, I asked.
“Come on, smile dear this is your day!” Valarie
As we drove to the front of the house, I could see
people standing
around. Once they saw the limos, a guard ushered
the guests back
to the garden. That's where the ceremony would be
taking place, it
was so lovey and the perfect spot to have a
wedding. I always
wanted an outdoor wedding and with it being in the
garden, Casper
could feel as though his mum was somehow with
him in a way. I
had asked to have it near the roses and fountain
she had in her
garden here at the palace, since it was so similar to
the one back at
our house I knew it would be beautiful.
The cars came to a stop and we all got out. As I
stepped out of the
car, the guard who was giving me away walk
towards us. His name
is Lucas, he was the one who carried me out of the
cave. The same
cave that Jasper tried to kill me in.
“You look breathtaking.”, he said.
“Thank you.”, I said. I couldn't help but feel a little
I stood there thinking about walking straight, and
trying not to fall
“What if I do fall over, or trip? Then everyone will
laugh at me.”, I
thought to myself.
“It's time to start.”, Brooke said.
We slowly and carefully started to walk to the
garden. From what I
could see so far, everything looked amazing. I
could only see the
path in front of me, but it had beautiful maroon and
white roses
mixed together in bouquets all up and down the
aisle. I could tell I
was getting close, because the smell of all the
flowers became more
prominent. Finally I saw what I was looking for, the
white silk laid
out on the ground to from the aisle. I wasn't game
enough to look
up yet, just in case I fell. My heart was pounding in
my chest, and I
seriously thought I would have a heart attack. “Oh
my gosh, this is
taking forever!”, I thought. This was one of my
favorite songs, and I
was so glad when Casper said that he loved this
song too. I instantly
knew that this was the song I was going to use.